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A Simple Story Collective

TheoriesOfHappinessTheoriesOfHappiness Posts: 1,126 Member
hey there! since i have so many stories going, i felt it would probably be the most productive if i created just a group thread for all of them. the only stories that won't be listed here will be stories under my "Short Stories" tab on my blog, as they are individually wrote and independent stories.

each time one of my main stories is updated, this thread will be bumped with an alert that they have been updated! just to let all my readers know, i provide warnings on the chapter list of each of my stories if they contain mature content or if they are PG. at this time, all of my stories are considered "mature" for different reasons. i encourage any new readers of mine (or old ones who do not venture on my blog due to the M rating) to not let the "mature" label dissuade you from reading a story that sounds interesting to you. it's rare when i believe that the story genuinely needs the disclaimer, i just put it there to protect my hide.

due to personal experience, i want to also take the time to state that none of my characters are based on people in the real world. each character, event and story are based on my own imagination and created solely for the plot and story they are currently a part of. if you are offended by something in my story, please talk to me privately, as i am sure i can clear the air and leave both of us walking away happy. :)

mature / PG-17+ stories:
Blood Brothers; updated at random
O Death; updated at random
Burn After Writing; updated at random
We Are Young; updated at random
What Was Left Behind; updated at random
By The Moon; updated at random

co-wrote stories:
Garden Of Shadows (w/ sweetnightingale); updated every thursday

Resonating Ghost; updated daily (if schedule permits)
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