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Have a story blog or fan-site?


  • Themummyof4Themummyof4 Posts: 53 Member
    I just set up a website to write a book about my Sims Mobile family. It begins nice and sweet, but the second generation finds life a lot harder... is the website, Vicarious Living, and my facebook page with regular updates,

    I just love it that there are so many other writers around!! So excited!!
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    oops, I just realized I was in TS3 forums by mistake, but not sure how to delete the post now. My apologies.


  • simouldersimoulder Posts: 4 New Member
    Hello everybody! I'm simoulders and I've just started writing a [i]Seven Deadly Sins Legacy[/i] challenge! It's half game-driven and half story-droven so it should be interesting!

    I'm totally new here and I can't post links yet but


    Here's a not-link link to my blog! I hope you'll check it out and give me feedback on it!
  • BABYxTHExLUXEBABYxTHExLUXE Posts: 162 Member

    Its a 100 Baby Challenge. I'm already way up to the second gen starting but hadnt had much time to do the whole blog thing. Now I do and I have up to part 8 created now to keep a regular update schedule and with that, I fully intend to catch up with all my other challenges too.
  • NaphtaliNaphtali Posts: 39 Member
    I will be posting my first Sims 3 story soon. I want to make sure that a) I keep it up and don't abandon it. b) Its not too amateurish. It will be about a family of witches that move to Sunset Valley and get up to all sorts of mischief.
  • MadMuffieMadMuffie Posts: 47 Member
    Got a full week up on my new blogsite, doing a Sims 4 settlers challenge with the Sims 3. The Watched Ones Going to try and post another story I still have the pictures to up there as well when I get the time, that one is a runaway teen challenge which was pretty fun until I deleted the save file thinking I wouldn't want to keep working on it.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 256 Member
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  • BABYxTHExLUXEBABYxTHExLUXE Posts: 162 Member
    Hi there! I just updated Eve Ames 100 Baby Challenge!! You can find it here:

    Also, Follow me on twitter: Xyelloww .. I post an extra picture there with each update :)

    Have a nice day and happy simming!
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,088 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    Some pretty darn good stories over here:



    @emorrill Amen!!

    Wow I'm just seeing this thread and realizing it's still active. :) See my siggie.
    The Sequel: Part 3 Prologue

  • FawnFoxFawnFox Posts: 360 Member
    Hey guys! I have just started a brand spankin new legacy which can be found via my signature ˆ_ˆ
    I've been playing since the ancient days of The Sims 1 but this is the first time I've ever posted my shenanigans on a blog. I hope you'll check out the Greys and follow along with the nonsense they get up to! Much love.


  • MorningstarMorningstar Posts: 282 Member
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    I've started the Build A City Challenge and am writing stories following the Sims involved:

    Edit: Relaunched in October with a different format & new screenshots :smile:
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    From the town's first community lot to each household and rabbit hole, watch the stories unfold...
    Rebuilding Appaloosa Plains
    Prologue & Chapters 1-17 out now!
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  • MarshMarsh Posts: 47 Member
    I don't even have the first chapter yet but I've had a story in mind for ages here. If you like vampires, drama, and lgbt relationships then you might like it.
    Marshall. California. Been playing since 2004!
  • SylvereSylvere Posts: 32 Member
    @Marsh - Intriguing concept. I can't wait to see what you come up with. :smile:
  • comasyouarcomasyouar Posts: 23 Member
    Almost 10 years after the Sims 3 came out, I've started a blog about the lives of the default families in Sunset Valley. I've given all Sims and most of their houses a makeover first, but they're still the same Sims. I will blog about their lives and work my way up to the storyline of The Sims (25 years later) and The Sims 2 (50 years later). Enjoy:
  • elizacat26elizacat26 Posts: 2 New Member
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    Honestly, this thread is so long I don't know if posting on it will actually help me get any traction but here goes nothing!
    Hello! My name is Ce (pronounced like sea). I'm genderfluid so she/her or they/them pronouns work just fine! ;) I'm obviously still in high school but I'm very passionate about my writing. I'm new to this whole sims story so some of the screenshots I have aren't 100% and I'm still getting the hang of balancing writing with images.
    At the moment, I only have one story but I'm hoping to make more soon! I'm based on WordPress on a blog called Sweet As Stars ( ) that is kind of a legacy kind of not. It's more so just going through the motions and drama of my sims lives! I put a lot of work into what I do so I hope you check out my story and enjoy!

    [EA_Lanna: Age removed. Please be mindful of the forum rule posting personal information for again :)]
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  • circa1986circa1986 Posts: 104 Member
    I make legacy stories with my Sims. I use some rules of legacy and other challenges, but not all the rules. Some elements of my stories are plot driven, but a lot are driven by my Sims. Thanks for checking out my blogs!
  • Sims111Sims111 Posts: 21 Member
    I have just started a legacy blog https / sims. food. blog 🙂
  • Sims111Sims111 Posts: 21 Member
    Sorry couldn’t post a link
  • TenaikaTenaika Posts: 20 Member
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    I've just started a story about my teen sim whose name is Hana (which means flower in Japanese).

    Here's where you can find my story
    Feel free to comment and give your opinion about it.
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  • SummerRoxySummerRoxy Posts: 73 Member
    Main Sims 3 blog
    Family Man Challenge

    Currently playing: the Knight Legacy, the Family Man Challenge, minor saves to explore the EPs and worlds.
    No full-fledged stories at the moment, just commentary about how my sims are doing. I'm thinking of writing a short story in the future though. :D
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 1,301 Member

    I've got a current story/legacy I am doing. The link is in my signature. It is called the Ultimate Sim Challenge and was created by @Llandros2012 with rules posted here on the forums.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,393 Member
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    I don't actually write stories about the sims now - I make videos of them and post them to YouTube. On my YouTube channel I have several play lists, each of which is a continuing story.

    This link my YouTube channel. Go to the playlists page to find the playlists.

    I started with The Isla Paradiso Bunch Part 1

    This began as an attempt to get the badge for having sims make 300 elixirs. I've completed this task on several occasions and never had the badge trigger. After satisfying myself the badge wasn't going to happen this time either I decided to continue playing and record videos of the game and use them to learn about YouTube. I posted my first video on 1/1/2016.

    In the Isla Paradiso Bunch Part 1 playlist I have 28 videos in which the household explores Isla Paradiso. The household initiallly consists of a witch, 3 genies, 3 humans. They explore Isla Paradiso and Sam completes the Seaside Savior lifetime wish.

    In the Isla Paradiso Bunch Part 2 playlist (38 videos so far and still growing) the crew explores the World Adventure worlds with detailed walk throughs of the tombs. They still live in Isla Paradiso and have started having babies so toddlers are involved. Genies, plant sim and mermaid toddlers to be precise.

    Caroline and Friends began as a result of the failure of the Isla Paradiso Bunch to get badges to trigger in spite of completion of the stated requirements for the badges. My research found a single sim household was required for most of so far incomplete Isla Paradiso badges to trigger. Caroline began as a lone sim and stayed that way until all but one of the Isla Paradiso badges had triggered. She had her first friend join the household and together they got the 5 Parties on a Houseboat badge. That completed the Isla Pardiso badges for me.

    In the new episodes of Caroline and Friends, the household has taken on the 40+ badges I still need to get from University Life Expansion. Several others have now joined their household.

    The McFluff Story - this is a bit supernatural and totally unbelievable but it is the Sims so ...

    While searching for interesting new custom skins for my Sims I came across a site with skins that made sims look like they had the skin and fur of cats. This discovery got me thinking and for a long time I pondered what I could do with them. They were obviously made for some TV show that I don't watch so I had to come up with something a bit different. In the end I decided to go with this...

    Old Gertie is a witch. She accidentally turned 15 of her human friends into cats. She lives with 15 cats. To her horror she discovered the spell was irreversible. She then devotes the rest of her life trying to work out a spell that will turn cats into humans. Unfortunately it is a very difficult problem to solve and it takes 5 generations of her best friend's family before the spell is finally perfected. In the beginning the story starts with Generation 0. It will end when Generation 5 finally perfects the spell. Currently the video series is at Generation 1.

    The Story of Oscar and Louise In September 2017 I got a new computer. I had previously tried to make Base Game Only Sims to load to my Studio so people could use them but found it impossible to guarantee a sim is base game only once other content has been added to the game. So when I got my brand new computer I installed my Base Game onto it. It is pre 2012 as I got the game on release - so I installed the disk version without Origin. I patched to 1.55 as I wanted to try for a few badges that had been broken after that patch. Then I made about 8 Base Game Only sims and loaded them to my Studio on the Exchange.

    I decided to start a game with two of those sims. I chose Oscar and Louise. This pair were never meant to go together, but I plonked them into a fresh game in Hidden Springs and started playing them. After a few weeks of game play I realised I'd spent so much time laughing, occasionally with tears included, that I just had to start a new video series on them to share their antics with everyone. I play on high free will so unexpected things were happening everywhere. They had lots of children and I included two more of the 8 new Base Game sims in their household as live in babysitters.

    Thus the story of Oscar and Louise began. But - I found the children they'd had so far were all starting to look the same. So, I have mods, and set the possibility of inheriting from grandparents slightly higher and started with a short back story for each of Oscar and Louise.

    The first 3 episodes of The Story of Oscar and Louise is about Oscar and why he wants a huge family. The next 4? chapters are about Louise's childhood and why she is happy to have lots of babies with Oscar. Then I had two young adults but at the point where I was to introduce them to each other I was stumped by the fact that Oscar didn't have any actual parents. I'd talked about his parents but he didn't have any. This could reduce the genetic variability for any future children Oscar and Louise may have.

    In the end I made a very short video, less than 2 minutes long, in which I had a child version of Oscar (I aged him down), and his parents and siblings living in Erewhon (by @Silverdrake ). I got lots of feedback from people on the forum and this led to a whole new series of videos - Oscar's Childhood.

    There is now a playlist for Oscar's Childhood and it has become very popular (for me) on YouTube - even with non-simmers. On the whole my videos don't get many views and I don't have many subscribers but the subscribers do keep on growing slowly and I'm learning lots about making videos and putting them onto YouTube.

    I had been watching a Perfect Genetics Challenge by another simmer on YouTube but she abandoned it just as the second heir had been born. I waited for many months to see what happened next and eventually decided if I was so interested in it I should just make a Perfect Genetics Challenge series of videos for myself and that's what I did. There is a playlist for my Perfect Genetics challenge too. It is still on the founder's generation. The videos are mostly around 15 minutes long but the one I posted yesterday goes for 20 minutes as there was a lot happening. I try to have one special event for each episode. The first few episodes are a bit slow (not much progress in the challenge but fun things were happening) as I had problems getting my initial couple together but eventually they did get married and start their family. Their courtship was done mostly by love letter and a few meetings in person. I try to get a special event such as birth or birthday in each episode.

    Then there is the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt. This is turning out to be fun if you like families. I have almost no confidence the badge will trigger though - but I'm giving it a go.

    There are a few other videos involving mermaids and things.

    Plus a playlist on Tutorials including - getting tails onto mermaids; fixing the original 4 Isla Paradiso mermaid tails to their original colours; build a dive lot; decorate a dive lot; build a house into the side of a hill; dormer windows; staircases down to a basement and inside a foundation; plus others.

    I googled how to make a dive lot in Sims 3 recently and was shocked to see my video on that subject popped up at the top of the list. No wonder it's had almost 400 views now and I only made it in 2018. I'm currently working on another Tutorial on how I get venues, houses or households to show up in my Library if they go missing from it after I installed them. This isn't a problem I have a often but it has happened and I've seen many people post about having the problem. Previously I would reinstall everything, but this method I have worked out just requires me to install the one venue, house or household. It's a bit fiddly but is much faster to do than a full reinstall.

    I hope this info is of some assistance to someone. Happy Simming.

  • DancingstarDancingstar Posts: 31 Member
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    I finally managed to set one up!!!
    Hello, I'm Dancingstar. I run a Sims 3 blog!

  • ArchivistArchivist Posts: 4,135 Member
    ARCHIVIST COMICS! A series of absurd Sims 3 comic strips:


    I've had this blog for years and have been updating again since I came back to celebrate The Sims 3's 10th anniversary. Lots of new comics, many more in the works, a backlog of comic strips dating back to 2009, potty humor, a baby who hates everyone, vampire wannabes who cage townies just to watch them die for fun because they don't actually eat people but want people to think they do, and more silliness. <3
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