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The Poetry/Song Lyrics Illustration Challenge

PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
I thought about this challenge a while ago, while reading snippets of stories by other simmers in the Sims 3 forum. A few people were incorporating quotes from song lyrics into their stories, and it was fun to see which songs different people chose, and different ways in which the lyrics corresponded with the pictures.
The challenge is: choose a poem or a song, and make a series of Sims screenshots to illustrate it.

- any Sims game or combination of Sims games can be used
- each screenshot should stand for one or two lines of poetry
- either illustrate a whole poem/song, or a section of a larger poem which can be read alone.
- if you are using song lyrics in which some lines are repeated (as they usually are), you don't have to repeat them, but you can if you want to.
- use of all mods and cc is fair game
- editing your images with various filters is okay, but photoshopping objects into the picture that weren't in the original screenshot isn't (Edit: in response to a question, this rule is amended a little: combining two or more Sims screenshots into one is allowed, but objects or scenery that are not from the game aren't!)
- post your work in a separate forum thread or on a blog (please, don't post it in a forum thread if it breaks the forum rules) and post a link in this thread. I will copy them all into a masterlist in the first post.
- the text of the poem or song can either be posted -- broken into lines -- before each picture, or if you prefer it that way it can be photoshopped onto each picture.
- it's okay to use a song or poem someone else has already used (your vision of it will probably be completely different!)
- please participate as many times as you like!

I think this covers all aspects of the challenge, but please tell me if the rules as I've written them are unclear and if you have some additional ideas! I don't want this challenge to seem complicated, because I would love as many people as possible to participate. It would be so interesting to see which songs or poems people will choose and how they will choose to illustrate them. With dramatic interactions between characters? Or just with pictures of flowers, or a gloomy cityscape at night? Everything is fair game.

List of completed works:

Song to a Seagull (Joni Mitchell) by @PalmArrow
Young and Beautiful (Lana Del Rey) by @rednenemon
I'm Sorry (Roxette) by @mastressalita
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