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[Story] White Lies and Half Truths [on Hiatus]

CementCement Posts: 3,403 Member
White Lies and Half Truths by Cement
[ Status: Ongoing ] | [ Updated: September 2019 ] | [ Current Chapters: 18/--]
Update Schedule: on Hiatus
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Drama

[ Synopsis ]
When a man without any sense of responsibility makes a decision to keep a baby on a whim, what will happen? Lyle Hurd listlessly lived his life as a runaway until he met Danna–A baby girl mysteriously left in his shoddy apartment. His life changes for the better as he goes through the trials of raising a child he bore no relation with; But what happens when the child that gave him his purpose causes a chain reaction of problems that only grew deeper with lies?

Warnings: Minor language, one-night stands, and philandering parents (gasp!)

White Lies and Half Truths
Prologue: Dear Royce


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White Lies and Half Truths, a mystery thriller with a touch of romance


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