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[Story] White Lies and Half Truths [08/16/2018 Update]

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White Lies and Half Truths by Cement
[ Status: Ongoing ] | [ Updated: August 2018 ] | [ Current Chapters: 17/--]
Update Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday @ 8:05AM EST
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama

[ Synopsis ]
When a man without any sense of responsibility makes a decision to keep a baby on a whim, what will happen? Lyle Hurd listlessly lived his life as a runaway until he met Danna–A baby girl mysteriously left in his shoddy apartment. His life changes for the better as he goes through the trials of raising a child he bore no relation with; But what happens when the child that gave him his purpose causes a chain reaction of problems that only grew deeper with lies?

Warnings: There will be minor language, violence, blood, one-night stands and philandering parents.
(I'll make changes to the warning tag as the story moves along :s)

White Lies and Half Truths
Prologue: Dear Royce



Hello, I'm Cement. :) Thank you for checking out this topic!

White Lies and Half Truths is primarily based on my gameplay, bad jokes, and weird backstories my brother and I made up.
The story is very game-driven, with only plot elements added in the story in order for my Sims’ decisions to make some sort of sense (since normally, I play my Sims games with the focus of having children, regardless of whose.)

This is a story that is based on the first two generations of my first Sims 4 in-game family and their relations with townies. I don’t exactly want to exactly say it’s a legacy story since I don’t have a way of determining an heir, nor do I have any requirements for an heir. It’s literally just whoever gives me a kid the fastest. LOL. Almost everyone in this story were original townies I played with in 2014-2015.
I decided on writing it out since the posts on my blog and my Sims 4 related Twitter posts currently focus around a day-to-day life of their children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren, and there are no real “beginnings” of where they came from. Since I was very attached to the sims I started with and what happened during that time, I decided to write this.

I learned how to use Blender for poses since I could never find the ones I’d imagine my sims in. I wanted to originally write this with only in-game interactions, but it was just so impossible when I started Chapter 2: My Little Girl. There were so many things that I couldn’t reflect without it, even with tricky camera angles and extensive Photoshop. :joy: Now recently that I've done my chapter overhaul, I've retaken a few posts and changed up the amount of text per chapter. Although my chapters are still very long, they're now in fun bite-sized pieces. ;)

I hope you enjoy it <3

[ July 10th, 2018 ]: Ayeee kids I'm back with Chapter 16 fam. Slow and steady wins the r-race?

[ June 24th, 2018 ]: White Lies and Half Truths becomes 2 years old!
I'm still on hiatus as I'm working on fixing some issues :pensive: You can read a little more on this here on WP :)
Since I can't take any screenshots, I drew an anniversary milestone picture instead LOL <3 <3 <3

[ February 14th, 2018 ]: aaaa hiatus again
Sorry for going on hiatus again but at least I'm around for the holidays right
(Why yes, I did unfortunately waste time making more)

[ December 25th 2017 ]: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays <3 :joy:

[ December 18th 2017 ]: So "short hiatus" from me means 2-3 months *dry laugh* Regardless, my hiatus is over and I'll be alive until winter break dies and I'll show you guys how great of a magician I am by disappearing for another 2-3 months ;)
White Lies and Half Truths will be resuming tomorrow and will hopefully update (maybe) 3x a week to finish off the current chapter. But let's not kid ourselves, I'll probably stick to 2 days a week again
Have a shot of young Lyle (or Peter, really) playing guitar until I actually update tomorrow. LOL.

[ September 6th 2017 ]: Short Hiatus!
School is cutting into my writing time so I'm going to lay low for a while. (More info here.)
Sorry, and thank you!
For readers and lurkers in Florida, stay safe!

[ August 4th 2017 ]: I'm back (for now) and Chapter 15 is in full swing.
I still have a few things to do for school, but I've got two weeks of freedom! And a new note, White Lies and Half Truths will be updated every Tuesday and Friday! Yay schedule!

If you're still interested in reading other related White Lies and Half Truths things, I've joined the Pen Pal Project with Cornelius! He writes replies to his current three pen pals and they do touch up on little things about their Willow Creek. Read his letters here!

[ June 24th 2017 ]: White Lies and Half Truths turns one year old today!
Yay, milestones!

[ June 18th 2017 ]: Happy Father's Day! My chapter overhaul is finished and everything should be smooth sailing :)

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