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[no longer updating] Broken/Updated Mods (not CC), June 2 patch + Dine Out GP

luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 34,123 Member
edited October 2016 in Gameplay Mods
After seeing someone hunting for a thread like this, I decided to start it. Please note that this topic is only for mods (for custom content, see @gramatique at, is only for mods broken June 2 and 7, 2016, and is based on reports -- I'm not testing these mods myself. If you see anywhere a mod was reported as fine and it's a mod that might have been obviously broken by this particular new content (retail-related, UI-related, gender/pregnancy-related), I'm happy to post here; if it's not obviously related to the updates, let's not clutter. I will, however, include mods that patch over new bugs introduced June 2 and 7. I cannot include mods that raise the game's T rating.

Brew single cup of tea of coffee (plasticbox)
Call Anytime + Relationship Mod (scumbumbo) - see below for a partial update
CC Wrench Icon Overrides (plasticbox)
Community Pool (Zerbu) - assume on hold while Zerbu steps away from modding awhile
Customizable Career Outfits (Zerbu) - assume on hold while Zerbu steps away from modding awhile
Desserts Are Baking Recipes (r3m) - not compatible with Dine Out
Door Locks for TS4 - Version 3c (scumbumbo) - not compatible with Dine Out
Evolve All Plants (Scumbumbo)
Faster Gardening (Scumbumbo) - gardening reported to be faster in-game now anyway
Faster Skills (Shimrod) - try this instead for now: - MC Command Center also has a faster-skills option
Gender Filters for Club (r3m)
Janitors on Community Lots (weebesu)
Keep Books After Publishing (scumbumbo) - try this:
Less 'Musical Chairs', No Group Chat (Shimrod101) - okay with patch, interferes with Dine Out
Lipstick Equality - no longer needed anyway
Never Weary Un-Nerfed v2 (scumbumbo)
Number of babies odds modifier (pekesims) - alters alien abduction scenario
Persistent Testing Cheats - Cheats Always Enabled (TwistedMexi) - feature available in MC Command Center
Pregnancy Mega Mod (java7nerd & Scumbumbo) - MC Command Center can be used
Project More Sims in the World (Arkeus17) - MC Command Center can be used
Put Away Items Fix (bobdbg) - MC Command Center has a "put away books" feature
Reset Bathing Outfit (lynire) - MC Command Center can be used
Shop from fridge and recipe overhaul V.2 (graycurse)
Toilets Clog Not Spew (Scumbumbo/Dr Chillgood)
Unlocked Swamp Pack (bakiegaming)
Teen Careers for All Ages (Plasticbox)
Turbo Careers (Zerbu) - assume on hold while Zerbu steps away from modding awhile

Default skins are generally likely to be culprits, as is any mod that changes how CAS functions.
MC Command Center's no-aging flag is a bit messed up; see @egwarhammer 's description of that here:
Faster Sim Spawning: weerbesu says this is working

see for updates to Madame Butterfly's mods
15 hours active careers day (mummy1969):
A set of "Fisherman's Friend" tuning mods (coolspear1):
All Beds Same Energy & Comfort (Shimrod101):
Call Anytime + Relationship Mod (scumbumbo), partially updated by claudiasharon (call anytime and chat longer plus gain or lose relationship while chatting):
CC Wrench Icon Hiders (AOM):
Child Prodigies - School, Art and Uniforms (coolspear1):
Debug Cheats Enabled (updated by weerbesu):
Expanded Physique Range (Evol_Evolved, updated by SoyAndrew): (bottom of the page)
Espresso_machine give more energy:
Experiences (Zerbu):
Faster Homework (Simstopic/devilgurl):
Free retail perks (mummy1969):
Fridge Stores All Harvests (egureh):
Grocery Store Mod (SMagGeorge):
Impeccable Quality for ALL recipes! New Ideas for Drinks! - Foodie sims rejoice! (coolspear1):
Instant Upgrades now for All Objects (coolspear1):
Junk Mod (Cinderellimouse):
MC Command Center:
More Clubs per Sim (Neia):
More Columns in CAS (weerbesu):
More Than 8 Club members (zerbu):
New storage and functions for many, many objects (coolspear1):
No Brain Freeze(Neia):
No ingredient needed for any recipes (mummy1969): OR cyberops:
Politics (Zerbu):
Puddles evaporate quicker. (coolspear1):
Retired Scientist Reimagined (coolspear1):
Scientist Career Reimagined (coolspear1):
Set of No Autonomy Mods - Base Game and various EP/SP/GP (coolspear1):
Tuning mods to keep certain handy items in sims inventory (coolspear1):
Venue List Mod (Zerbu):
UI Cheats Extension:
Use Jedi Dish Trick at home! (coolspear1):

Bug Covering
To cover the bug on doctors resetting, see MC Command Center:
To cover the bug on the appearance of female Elders' faces: (Thanks, @SimGuruModSquad !) no longer needed!

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