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The Sims 4 Dine Out Giveaway x2! **NOW CLOSED, & WINNERS ANNOUNCED**


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    Angelchauntae91Angelchauntae91 Posts: 2 New Member
    Please count in! Thank you so much!!
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    mrnhmathmrnhmath Posts: 750 Member
    Entering :)
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    urygauryga Posts: 559 Member
    I'd like to enter plz
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    DavidMak89DavidMak89 Posts: 105 Member
    Count me in, please!
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    ladiieashladiieash Posts: 108 Member
    I'm in. You are really nice for doing this !
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    LolaLuvsSimsLolaLuvsSims Posts: 1,829 Member
    You are such a sweet person. I would love to win this giveaway as I am trying to save money
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    SimplyobsessedSimplyobsessed Posts: 315 Member
    I'd love to enter, and you're so nice for doing this! I've just got back into the Sims after a long break.
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    xxLeilaaxxLeilaa Posts: 57 Member
    It is so nice of you to do this! I'm not the type to get so lucky but here's my comment to enter. Thank you for the opportunity :)
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    sumthinspecial31sumthinspecial31 Posts: 15 Member
    Hello, Please enter me into the drawing for a wonderful chance to win The Awesome Dine Out Game pack! Have a wonderful Simful Day!! o:)
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    dragon114dragon114 Posts: 1,203 Member
    would like to enter. Thanks for the giveaway.
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    iriefthiiriefthi Posts: 1,073 Member
    Thanks for doing this! :) I would like to enter! :)
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    dadnboydadnboy Posts: 323 Member
    I don't remember if i entered in the other giveaway, but I'll enter this one just to be sure i guess
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    crystaldacitycrystaldacity Posts: 79 Member
    id like to enter please :)
    Hello! I'm Crystaldacity. I love the sims! <3
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    simlishtrsimlishtr Posts: 1,405 Member
    I would like to enter :)
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    elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,626 Member
    Thank you @luthienrising and @ceejay402 - not sure if the thread I entered before is the one you are talking about, so I'm just slinking into this one in case you don't have me listed :)

    Good luck, everyone!
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    fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    Was I in that other thread? Please count me in for this one too!
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    ejf92114ejf92114 Posts: 1 New Member
    Memememememememememe!!! *Raises hand violently and smacks self in lip with said arm* *ahem* I would like to enter, please...
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    luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 37,632 Member
    marcel21 wrote: »
    Hi! I'm giving away a copy of Dine Out. If you already posted in the original (now deleted) thread The Sims 4 Dine Out Giveaway - Enter Now, I've got you entered here ;) Please re-enter if you don't remember if you did, though! I can check that you aren't double-entered :)

    I'll keep entries open until late Monday, and I'll do the giveaway announcement before the end of Monday my time (Eastern time zone) so you know before Tuesday, when the game is released. Then I'll get the winner a code as soon as I can get one to pass on.

    Also, it's totally ok to enter multiple of these :) Just if you win a second one, let the giver know they should roll a new winner!

    UPDATE! This is now TWO names being drawn, thanks to @ceejay402 :smiley:

    How do award a prize please?

    I want to set up a building contest like the sims 3, but without a wish list for store content, I wonder how your do it with the sims 4 and if it's possible to use the same method in a building contest thread I want to host for the sims 4!

    Cool! So, mine's a random draw not a judged draw, so I'm saving all the names on a list in Word, alphabetizing it then reading through to check for duplicates ;) , then copy-pasting it into an online randomizer, like or something similar. For the code itself, you need to buy from a non-Origin site. I'll sort through my options for that tomorrow when I see where it's for sale :)
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    IceDrizzle27IceDrizzle27 Posts: 648 Member
    Why not...I'll participate. Thanks in advance ;)
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    kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,338 Member
    I don't remember if I entered before so I'm entering!!
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    rtuckerrtucker Posts: 199 Member
    edited June 2016
    I would love enter too. thanks
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    YouMeAtSixYouMeAtSix Posts: 460 Member
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, I'd love to enter :)
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    Heavensent2010Heavensent2010 Posts: 167 Member
    I'd like to enter! thank you for hosting!! good luck everyone
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    mikeslovemikeslove Posts: 74 Member
    Me, me! Please enter me!
    Happily Simming since 2008.
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    vv8288vv8288 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to enter please! :smile:
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