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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @Brd709 It's from NynaeveDesign and it's called Lyne Curtains on tsr. Unfortunately not all colors appear after the download. But be prepare for long waiting time if download from tsr, the sims ressource is very unforgivable and hassle to use if you don't set them on the white list or register there. They overdo it a bit too much in my opinion, which quenches me to search in this website or create an account there. But these curtains are my favorites, I use them almost everywhere.
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    Hey :) In my game, single mum put on a birthday party for her daughter, and suprised her with a puppy! :)

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    @TheBristolSimmer - Cute family! They look like they belong in the desert.
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    @ironknight35 RIP to your other sim lol! I think James will do much better ;)
    Everything seems to be good at the moment. I'm enjoying playing James a lot more!

    Update- No one probably cares, but I do have screenshots that I'll post tomorrow. Too tired to post them right now. :)
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    I have a Cowplant! Not actually had one before. I'm a little bit worried that it'll end up killing someone... :# I'll have to make sure it won't!

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    @TheBristolSimmer - Cute family! They look like they belong in the desert.

    Thankyou :) The Brand Family is one of my favourite households to play! xoxo
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    In my current household, Priya is studying hard to get that distinguished degree in Bioligy. She's currently applying to nearby hospitals for her internship. She's also started taking on programming side jobs to bulk her pay that she gets from her Barrista Job in the cafe below her. Paying the bills on her City Apartment is a struggle right now, but hopefully once she gets going with her career as a Doctor, things will be better. As for her lovelife.. Two failed relationships so far. Maybe she's happier alone?



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    @Lucy_Henley Congrats on the cowplant, they are the weirdest pets!

    If you don't want any cowplant essences or deaths, it can be helpful to fence the cowplant in with a locked gate. Unlock when you want to feed or play with it, then lock again afterward.

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    Part 3 of my Beach Bum

    Didn't have much time for game play this weekend. After grinding on skills and aspirations Lance decided to just have some fun for a while. A lot of swimming and some snorkeling, even tried some free diving. Did some socializing at the beach and was actually introduced to several locals, didn't build much relationship with anyone and it'll all probably deteriorate away to being total strangers again. For a while Lance has noticed a couple of jet skis just sitting out in the water and found himself tempted enough to try one out despite instincts not to mess with other people's stuff. Tempted to buy one of his own.


    Did manage to finish the gardening related aspiration though I had to cheat its completion because growing the cowplant and evolving plants didn't register probably due to growing the garden on a lot he didn't own. With the points I got him the reward trait Hardly Hungry, so now he doesn't have to eat as often.
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    @Lucy_Henley Congrats on the cowplant, they are the weirdest pets!

    If you don't want any cowplant essences or deaths, it can be helpful to fence the cowplant in with a locked gate. Unlock when you want to feed or play with it, then lock again afterward.

    Yeah, I’ve done that!

    I also got another one in a different save. I have a lot of Sims with the Freelance Botanist aspiration! For a long time I didn’t really bother with the gardening skill in Sims 4, now all my saves have at least one household with an extensive garden.
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    I did a little name swap for some of my sims. Cyrus, the eldest of the Cole children, is now Ryan(Ryan is now Cyrus) and Jessa Parker is now Katherine Parker-Cole. She and Ryan got married and recently spent a week in Mt. Komorebi for their honeymoon. Ryan's brother Dylan is also a young adult and married a girl named Alexandria Richards(daughter of Gavin Richards and Zoe Patel) I took almost 50 pics so I'm not going to share them.* Oh! Ryan's youngest siblings- the triplets- are teenagers!
    *You can see them in two posts (labeled part 1 and part 2 respectively) on the facebook page in my signature.
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    @vancanuckfan86 Because Damion and Sarah were bitter enemies, Damion had the option to engrave her Urn with Rest in Pieces, lol. I didn't use that engravement.
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    Meet Faith Romeo, her grandparents are Sergio Romeo, Siobhan Fyres, Alexander Goth and Luna Villareal


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    Dylan and Zeph are now married to their girlfriends Cecelia and Sefina. Their romantic relationship will come to an end eventually because of the inevitable that comes with immortals dating mortals, but Cecelia will produce the founder for a Zalrian Legacy because Dylan is the oldest twin. This legacy will be a Twin Legacy in which the heir will be the oldest twin.

    I will allow methods for having multiple births. The other catch is that this legacy will be mortal and will not include merfolk. I'll have to use cheats to remove the mermadic trait.

    If I had enough available played sims, this legacy would be immortal. I really don't like watching sims die, unless I already planned their demise. This will be hard because Dylan and Zeph will live to see Cecelia and Sefina die from old age.

    Edit: After Zalen has a toddler playdate with his Uncles, I'll finally have my next update. I know it isn't impossible in real life, but the idea of Zalen having Toddler Uncles is kinda weird. I guess that's to be expected with immortals. (Just for those who don't know, my mermaids and mermen are played with aging turned off. They are effectively immortal.)
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    @Metior_Ice @haneul @sarabeth2984
    Thanks for the comments. Yeah, Axel cracks me up. This reluctant hero vampire thing just keeps happening and at this point it’s like he has some sort of love-hate thing with it. Just can't help but do good deeds while grumbling about it. Well, his autonomy/whims tend to give a lot of mixed messages in general (being both evil and cheerful), so I find this fitting lol.

    @sarabeth2984 Really liking your vampire household. Gotta relate with the MCC storyprogression shanenigans. It can be so great but so aggravating at the same time. I currently have it turned off as well but sometimes you gotta appreciate the surprises it can provide. Like in your case how you ended up actually loving the relationship between Abelard and Adelynn.

    @haneul This one made me blink because it just has this very life-like feeling. At first glance one could mistake it for a real photo.
    haneul wrote: »

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    Hello simmers some comments
    @sarabeth2984 I always love seeing your sims, enjoyed this batch, I love all of their names beautiful and so are they, I am so happy the Harvestfest turns out okay even with all the bumps, until next time!

    @haneul Thanks for your comments back! And thank you, I had a good holiday! Cheers to the new year! Yes, I change of hair can do wonders for a sim and the tree was perfect heh, I forget what it comes with but it was awesome!

    Whoa, breathtaking are your holiday pics! :)

    For Your Blog:
    For your story so well written and whoa I feel so much for Adelise! She is brave and bold, someone that no matter the fear will answer someone even if they asked or did not -referencing to her calling at Asher about Lavender. Asher, I feel so much for him too, after seeing how he once was, I guess a strange mix of hope, relief and a admirance to change no matter how long it took but to change himself.

    This was so excellent to read, I could not stop, it shows a rollercoaster all right, and a slow, slow bumpy shaky ride up to that 123rd floor, do you think they have made it there yet or ever will?

    @ Everyone else, lovely stories, gameplay written or with pics, this is my favorite thread on this forums to settle down with at night and have a good read!

    Here is the next installment of my simming story :)

    Vanessa delivered a few of her Winterfest gifts early.

    They were flower arrangements.
    Daniella was in love with her gift, she put it right on her new dresser in Caroline's house. It symbolized new beginnings and friendship.

    Vanessa gave Caroline one too, it symbolized intelligence and determination and the sweetness Carol gave to others.

    Vanessa gave on to Amelia which was wild yet gave a blessing for good fortune for her incoming baby.

    Beckett too, he never turned his nose up at flowers or said 🐲🐲🐲🐲 no thanks (Like Nick did).

    Vanessa knew she had chosen the right flowers for him,

    Dedication, affection and loyalty, these things waved off him, making her completely melt into him, the fire roaring behind her no contest for his warmth.

    A Bit About Beck
    Beck was full of spirit after putting the lovely flower arrangement next to his bedside, he started to decorate while Nick and Amelia put their input in but were more into the red velvet cupcakes Nick had crafted yum!

    Amelia against her twin's wishes ask Nick to give Beck some tips since her would be more or less alone with Vanessa at some point on the trip~

    "Really, Ame, ugh, seriously!..."

    But he came along with Nick with a sigh.

    Nick chuckled,

    "Sorry about her, dude, well you know all about it, but these hormones, you just don't say no, not outloud."

    Beck had to nod in agreement,

    "So we don't have to talk about things, but it is gonna be pretty romantic up there in Mt. Komo."

    Beck could not help but flush a little and smile dopey.

    "Well um, I really wanna show her... how much she is cherished, you know a wow thing, got any tips?"

    Oh did Nick ever! After all, he had did many lovely surprises and dates for Amelia really satisfying her romantic side.

    Nick really got into explaining some, gesturing quite a bit~

    "Whatever you do man or don't, remember to check your senses too not just your desires, ya know, make it count that is what matters, even if you are just cuddled on the couch."

    Beck's whole face lit up, that is how he kinda did things already,

    "Thanks, Nick, really."

    Beck never thought ill of Nick or anything, but he always saw him in a certain way especially as teens, but now living with him, seeing the way he treated his twin, how he treated him, Nick was more than just that popular guy he knew in high school.

    Vanessa saw the normal sweet and thoughtful text from Beck when they did not have time to see each other in person or talk on the phone or video chat.

    Vanessa knew her neat freak trait was coming out, they had planned, gave out plans to parents, revised, etc did all the preparation and Vanessa seemed to keep talking about it.

    Beck got a text from Vanessa.

    He chuckled and wrote back that was fine, meet him in the evening around 7pm. He did not mind her tendentious, they really did not cause any harm just a bit of extra work, and he was happy to do that with and for her.

    Nick looks pretty pleased with himself!

    Check In Before The Snow Escape Vacation
    Beck sat down before Vanessa showed up to make sure he had enough work done before the trip so he would not have to work all that hard after the trip and the rest of his break.

    He checked lessons plans, graded homework that was before holiday break and then answered back emails from students and parents on the special school forum.

    At the twins house, Beck spent some time bonding a bit more with Jesse and Illana, he knew them pretty well but still.

    Vanessa was talking with Brandie and Yu who trusted her completely just as she did with them.

    They basically raised Hazel all together.

    Next they went to the Peter's and told the parents of Paisley all the revised and still the same information, again giving directions on where to drop her off tomorrow and they discussed some more about clothing items to bring.

    The father had to keep working but had one ear open, he asked all the more direct questions and made sure Beck and Vanessa had all the contacts he listed down.

    Beck greeted Daniella with lots of love.

    He was so happy for her getting away from Julian, she seemed brighter already, still sadness in her eyes because she was a romantic at heart wanting to find her soulmate but despite that, she was much better than before.

    Daniella was happy Matt was able to enjoy this trip, he deserved it for everything he has been so good through.

    But she was also nervous, that is why Caroline was there to assure her, telling Vanessa and Beck, Daniella would not have time to worry, she'd be enjoying her own spa day trip together~

    That got a smile and a laugh from everyone.

    Last stop was the Stone's residence, both Beck and Vanessa had to stop and admire how decorated the house was, they must really love Winterfest!

    Max was happy to touch base with them again and just in the spirit of being jolly!

    He loved the revisions and agreed to have Rainbow at the house within the couple of hours block to drop her off, so everyone could catch their flight.

    This amused eyebrow raise was because Beck turned to Vanessa and caressed her cheek as if calming her down.

    Max found that very interesting because Vanessa as close as they had become, never told her about being romantic with Beck~

    Max caught her eye with this look.

    Vanessa could only blush but smile about it and give a little nod and a mouthed "Okay, okay tell you more later."

    After getting back, Nick had left them with Winterfest pudding (CC food from cook book )

    They enjoyed it while Nick had to go to work, he was really busy this time of year cooking for fancy family reservations and events this time of year.

    Amelia demanded Vanessa needed a good massage before she went off to babysit all the little ankle biters.

    Laughing since Ame would have her own child soon, Vanessa could not refuse and she felt amazing afterward.

    Beck did not mind cleaning up, he knew he had a turn next with his sis, charge free which she did give to Vanessa, that or a discount.

    He was excited and a little nervous, six kids were a lot but he could barely wait for their snowy escape!

    That is all for now :)

    Next time will be Hazel and Rainbow meeting up again with their friends and going on a snowy adventure!
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    Bees, Cows and Chicks
    Picture only section!
    A visit to the Ward Den!
    Princess Roddy headed over to The Ward Den in Del Sol Valley. He knocked on the door. Judith Ward answered. 'Come in, darling!' she said, warmly. And so the princess did. The pair went into the reading room. 'How are you, Princess Roddy?' Judith asked. 'I'm doing well, Judith, and so is the rest of the family!' Princess Roddy replied, smiling. 'That's good to hear, darling!' Judith said, cheerfully. She made a great, big kissy face at the princess, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    She also gave him a great, big, loving hug:
    Afterwards, she gave the princess a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    The pair then chatted and caught up with the various goings on around Simsonia:
    Later on, Princess Roddy said goodbye and went back to Dianthus Hall for a quick rest.
    Visiting the Adventure Duo and smooches from Pearl Victoria!
    After his rest at Dianthus Hall, Princess Roddy headed over to the Adventure Duo's house. Pearl Victoria was waiting. 'Hello, Princess Roddy!' she said, warmly greeting the princess. 'Hello Pearl Victoria!' Princess Roddy replied. They entered the house. Grace Valencia was playing a video game, but she waved hello to Princess Roddy. Pearl Victoria went into one of the bedrooms, and Princess Roddy followed. 'How are you doing?' Pearl asked, smiling. 'I'm doing fine, Pearl!' the princess replied. 'That's good to hear!' Pearl said, cheerfully. She applied her shiny, bright red lipstick and made a very great, big kissy face at Princess Roddy, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave the princess several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    Princess Roddy went bright red and giggled. Pearl had covered his face in several very great, big, shiny, bright red lipstick smooches:
    The princess used one of his makeup removal wipes to remove the lipstick smooches from his face:
    Pearl Victoria smiled and gave him a great, big, loving hug:
    And a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    She cuddled the princess tighter:
    Pearl then planted a very great, big, loving smooch on Princess Roddy's cheeks, nose and forehead. Then she gave him a very great, big, long, loving smooch on the top of his head. Princess Roddy smiled warmly. The pair chatted for a while, and then the princess said goodbye and went back to Dianthus Hall.
    Knitting and Love!
    After a rest, Princess Roddy did some knitting:
    Meanwhile, Tiffany and Wendy were having some time together:
    And they woohoo'd:
    Shine trimmed her bonsai bush:
    And then she typed up a new children's book:
    Shine enjoyed typing up children's books.
    Movies, popcorn and ice cream!
    Princess Roddy sat down with a bowl of popcorn and watched a classic romance film, Roaring Vice. He loved his romance films:
    Shine made some twin rose ice cream:
    Which she ate:
    Another round of Animal Husbandry!
    Picture only section, again!
    Happy New Year, Furystrykar Household!
    It was New Year's Eve, and the Furystrykars were gathered around the outdoor projection screen:
    Shelly Heart was also watching the countdown:
    The countdown started:
    And then: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Brindleton Bay's lighthouse's foghorn sounded. It echoed across the whole of the town. A new year had started! After chatting for a while, Shelly Heart went back home to Azalea Abode.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    I updated my Austenbonte' household.
    I decided to play the "Love after a breakup" scenario with a Jane Austen's Pride & Prejustice story.
    I so had to give my Cathemarjane Austenbonte' sim the new SXD dress in white; the style so reminded me of the ladies Regency dresses regardless of the big ribbon & tassel.
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 3,455 Member
    I'm very late but Happy New Years everyone! My new year already started off to a rocky start at work, had to cover multiple shifts. Hopefully everything sails smoothly from here on out.
    @sarabeth2984 Dinner was fun despite everything that happened :) p.924 That's awesome you have a laundromat. Lol Cecelia had a close call with the murphy bed, I'm scared those will kill my sims. Aww Barnaby fixed it right away, what a guy. Simeon does make cute kids, Kirk and Picard look adorable. Valerias pose <3 p.927 LMAO I love the confetti passing through the walls for the pregnancy test :D Cornelia is hyped for a sibling :D Love how excited Harry is for a new grandchild. Nice new apartment! but the tremors. Cute moment of Cecelia telling her late mother the news <3 Oooo the babys a boy, Noel nice name.
    @mightysprite Wally has no shame indeed, we'll see how it goes with him. p.924 I loved the whole conversation when Aadhya got caught stealing :D Oh man, those murphy beds are out to get everyone. Aww Marco looks adorable! Honestly, I'm not a fan of the bowl cut irl but in sims its so cute. p925. Love this update with Raj's daughters. Congratulations to Breene for the deal! p.926 Laila room is cute, shame the toy house got ruined. That shot of Penny is amazing! p.927 I love this story of Adeline, her mothers reaction when she got home late on a school night, its perfect :D Awh the kiss after the party. Junichi Kibo looks adorable! and Aunt Darling <3 Oof that gnome army. Lmao her bathroom got broken too :D Harvestfest was indeed awesome. Awesome for Billie Jang getting accepted with 5 distinguished degrees. p.928 Asami is erractic? I've been wanting to try out an erratic sim. I love this Party Arty household. Nice grades Billie, but Miki oof. I love this line, "You're not just my spouse-- you're my snow bro!" :D
    @haneul Yeah Wally is setting off some alarms. p.925 Wow congratulation to Darius for a perfect GPA, it can hard to get. Awhh the graduation pictures are perfect, really gives fun vibes. This line had me laughing, "Darius: Please don’t interrupt. Anyway, now that we have reached the final scene" this really is how it is with siblings :D Awesome new apartment 😎 p.930 Those holiday pictures look amazing, the birdseye view of the dinner table is niceee. OOOooo Interesting backstory, can't wait for some more updates.
    @Lyrie p.925 Thank you, glad you're enjoying the story. p.927 Lol Rainbow trying to distract her dad for treats. Aw everyone looks cute all dressed up, Rainbow looks cute as a helper elf <3 tree decorating with the family was fun. The tree you placed after looks great. Awesome tree in the Adler household. p.931 Lmao Becks face while asking for tips :D Great update
    @GracieO312 Amazing mechanic shop build!

    Last I left off, Barbara and her fiancé Cedric were about to be married. I thought I had taken alot of photos of everyone at the wedding but I apparently did not. The couple exchanged their vows and rings as their guest looked on. svk4avj.png
    pDhznwh.png3CxOXsy.png Despite the wardrobe malfunction, the wedding was perfect. Hh1zWpw.png Wally invited Neyla to dance but she wasn't interested at the moment. PIBuA8x.png All was going well until a certain sim I left unnoticed started getting in the way. The same sim who would shower in the rain at the restaurant and flirted with Wally sneaked into the venue. I noticed her early on but didn't think she would interfere. gEYJKku.png The cook baked a cake for the newly weds, and she entered the kitchen and grabbed a slice! Girl! You work at a restaurant, grab a plate over there!1A77O8p.png The chef that was hired turned out to be Wally's father, So Wally went to chat with him, and inside found her. From the look on his face he didn't mind seeing her, neither did she. gi4x1BK.png He did a bold pick up line on her and just as he did, Barbara walked in, most likely asking what's taking the cake so long. 6wKhB2r.png Barbara having heard it, quickly yelled at him. Wally's father didn't seem to think he did anything wrong. The sim took it as her cue to leave as well. FrFdFOC.png While Wally was getting yelled at, I looked around to find Neyla. She was enjoying the music being played but had her focus elsewhere. She was staring off into the distance but at close look, she was keeping an eye on Junior. The boy really stole her heart. rbSzspp.png She helped him climb the slide kROAYw5.png But back with Barbara and Wally, he was getting chewed on. He cleverly acted as though it was misunderstanding but she was skeptical. To avoid more problems, she asked him to leave.QGka0Nz.png

    The family was at least having fun. I don't think I've seen Nando this happy before. rVDpDHM.png
    Wally went to find Junior to go back home, he was hoping to just slip away but now had to come up with an excuse when he saw Junior with Neyla. afion0n.png Neyla had a hard time believing his excuse, he claimed he received a call from work and it was urgent to take. U8Fr9q2.png Junior didn't want to leave so soon either. So Neyla convinced him to leave Junior with her. She'd keep watch over him and take him back home when it was over. nzwtxo7.png Wally was reluctant but agreed. He just wanted to leave before Barbara could tell Neyla anything. But Barbara wasn't going to say anything. She didn't know if she should, nothing really happened she wanted to think. In the meantime her husband was enjoying himself, he even invited Neyla and Junior to dance. dBIFhT1.png The sun was setting, and that meant the party was just about to end. Neyla thought it'd be best to get him back home, so she went to grab him. iUImqCY.png Before heading back to Wally's home, she stopped back home to change first. When she dropped of Junior she asked Wally how his call from work went. Wally was a bit nervous but said, he told his boss his arm was getting better so he could go back. mSFwJPy.png He asked her to go back with him and JuniorsXgeVwR.png
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    Barbara and her husband had gone on their honeymoon so they would be away a few weeks. It was just Neyla with her brother and father. She wanted to tell her sister about Wally's offer, but settled with telling her brother. Ben asked if she accepted, but Neyla said she wasn't sure if she should. Ben noticed her smile though. He thinks she most likely made up her mind already. jsW82xb.png
    They went back inside and Ben asked her if she was going to leave. spAA41n.png She admitted that she did want to, it would be exciting to go somewhere else that wasn't Henford. O5qAa5B.png But she was considering not going as well, she knew their father didn't like Wally and he would be furious if she told him. Ben told her to just ignore him. 6BWjdYj.png She went to visit Wally and Junior later in the day, he asked her if she made her decision, she had not. kDA7pzH.png Inside Junior greeted her, he showed off the toy she made for him. AtJUpW5.png Wally told her they were leaving in a few days, so he was hoping she'd make her decision soon. By the next day Ben kept asking her if she made up her mind. She just told him to be careful, their father could be in the next room. What if he heard them? se5SHrf.png Ben simply told her, he didn't have to know. It was her decision, not his. If she wanted to leave, she should just leave without saying anything. 7ZEvnd7.png Neyla however said, she didn't want to leave on bad terms with her father. Ben reasoned that their father hadn't exactly been on good terms with her lately, and if she told him, they both know he would never allow her to leave. He told her to just act normal and leave a note or something. NDIe4g2.png She figured, why not. She went on with her day as if nothing was going to happen. Ben found her in the living room. "Easy peasy, right?" he told her. She accidentally poked herself with the needle. sm2RBaO.png
    Neyla didn't want to leave without saying anything to her sister but she was still away. She hugged her brother and asked he give her regards to Barbara when she returned. sevwNsA.png
    Wally was happy she decided to join him. FxfPyZl.png They arrived hours before the dawn in Strangerville. The house was small and it looked depressing outside, but it was home. Inside she looked around, it was empty. The house only consisted of a kitchen, bathroom, and a hallway at the entrance that led to a bedroom. "Where does Junior sleep?" she thought. Inside the bedroom she found out. In the corner was his bed, this house was incredibly small she thought. 6L9vZGW.png By the next morning, Neyla woke up to find Wally gone, he was already at work. Juniors bed was empty as well, she found him playing with the toiler bowl water in the bathroom. UE4znz7.png She got him cleaned up and made some breakfast. 7XGf3ZM.png While Wally was at work, Neyla would take care of chores at home. It was difficult doing that and watching over a toddler. Throughout the day Neyla found many things that she wanted to bring up with Wally, but when he came back, he seemed to be stressed. Probably best not to mention anything. sObIXDc.png Junior made habit of waking up every morning to make messes. kcYlIeX.png Neyla would keep Junior under control by teaching him words. uqlSELW.png Time has passed since she moved in but Neyla was getting homesick. The house was small and depressing, she would go out for walks at night to clear her mind but it didn't help. AZbLsxS.png When she returned home Wally was outside waiting for her, asking what she was doing out so late. She went to bed. ZlkJwjd.png
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    Today my sim Aaliyah threw a small birthday party for her two toddlers, Anne and Jacqueline, who just aged up into children. Meanwhile Aaliyah's sister, Marci bought a penthouse in the city. Marci also adopted two children, Shelby and Daryl and two dogs named Maggie and Chester, who are simply adorable. I'll probably post pictures of them once I become a member.
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    Here's a look at the Cole family tree. It's getting huge!!!
    Ryan is now an adult, Katherine not far behind, and his siblings are all either married with kids, newly-married, or just single. Ryan and Katherine are married with two kids and four dogs <3
    Ryan, Katherine, Adeline, and Benjamin <3
    Photo taken during Ryan and Ben's birthday, as they aged up the same day
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    Marci joined the acting career today and is going to audition for a commercial later. She has been trying to get her acting and fitness skill up so that she can pass the audition. Today she also had to take Chester to the vet because he was sick.
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    Here's an update! Katherine celebrated her birthday, then she and Ryan took Adeline and Ben to Mt. Komorebi and they had a blast!
    Post-birthday CAS pics for Mom, Dad, and Ben(he and Dad had their birthday the same day)

    Ben and Addy sledding <3

    Dad tearing it up on the slopes! Not bad for a man in his 30s ;)

    Mom having fun with the kids while dad nursed his sore body
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    Marci had her audition today and it was a success! While she was at her audition the her kids played basketball and played with the dogs. (Also, sorry for the really bad picture quality. I play on a console so I have to use my phone to take the pictures.)




    After her audition she took her kids to GeekCon to celebrate making the audition.




    After GeekCon ended Marci decided to throw a house party to celebrate some more.





    The next day Marci had to do her commercial.


    When she got home her boyfriend proposed to her and she said yes!
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