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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    Asher Cole aged up to young adult yesterday and he looks a lot like his late-grandfather, just with darker hair and fairer skin tone <3
    The young lady with him is named Marlee Matherson, by @CameronLineage <3


    Sadly Asher and Hadley's grandparents passed away yesterday within a day of each other. They had the honor of meeting two of their great-grandchildren though.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
    @MelanieScribbles I like your Pancakes and Waffles story very much!
    @sunblond Danny's focused expression as he prepares to destroy that plate of cake is amazing. And I like that your Salim is bi, and the friends are confused, as does sometimes happen. That was a fun way to play that bit of game (er, mod) randomness.

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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    Hey everyone!! ITs been a really long time since I posted last. I’ve been busy with work and my YT channel! And now that Dune is out on HBO, I have probably seen it 4 or 5 times now lol. I am watching again while typing this lol!
    First some comments:
    @metior_ice Thank you for liking my ranch!! I am glad my aliens have given you ideas! I personally love the alien forms. In my head cannon, they have been immigrating from Sixam for better opportunities for some time. The fact that other non-alien sims react badly to them really bothers me (like they're biased...if you get what I mean). I know some alien sims are afraid to reveal their true forms for fear of how human and other occult sims would react. But my aliens prefer not to and don’t hide their true form. They want to be accepted as they are.
    I really like the makeovers you gave Zephyr and Dylan
    @sunblond Happy birthday to Danny!
    @blueseawaves Thank you for your lovely comments! I just read your post where Neyla meets up with her old flame Wally again. I don’t blame her for trying to keep it friendly only. Something about Wally seems fishy...but he seems like a good dad!
    @haneul Yes! It does seem that my sims’ camping trips involve massive storms and fire lol. I haven’t played much with the Henford-on-Bagley households yet. I was surprised when I found out Cecilia was noncommittal! I hope she doesn’t break Knox’s heart. I dipped into her household and one of her whims was to break up with him. Oh well. There’s plenty of fish in the sea! Thank you for liking my ranch! It took me forever to build:)
    And as far as Asher goes. I am glad that he wouldn’t cross those lines without some retribution. I am glad that Adelise likes him now but that must have been quite a journey...or process...for her to take.
    Wow! Dawn’s wedding looks amazing! I absolutely love her dress and the venue looks awesome! I was chuckling at Asher freaking out at his daughter growing up lol.
    @auricio288 I am so sorry!! I just realized I didn’t add the link to my Ranch house!! Here it is!
    Sorry I did not see your message sooner! And thank you so much for the lovely comments! I appreciate them so much!!
    @daravi Thank you for the lovely comments! I appreciate them so much!
    @melaniescribbles Congrats to Bob and Ginger on their engagement! And Bob did a good job on the location! I definitely think Ginger is a much better match for Bob than Eliza ever was:)
    @doodlydoofus AHHH!! You left us on a cliffhanger lol!!! XD That duel was awesome
    Ok just saw the last showdown and I was in hysterics. Buff Reaper lol! Was that a mod or did you give him the reaper trait? :)
    @mia_noelle97 I love your Covingtons’ Legacy house! Its beautiful! :) And Morgyn and Astrid make such a cute couple. I like the change you made to Morgyn’s hair. Clara and Simon are such cute kids!
    @reaperelin That’s quite a plot line you have going there! Must be fun to play lol!! ;)
    @simily4 Hana Cho sounds like a really cool young lady! I love the wardrobe you selected for her :)
    @lucy_henley I am glad you got your neighborhood in the green mode. That’s awesome!
    @beardedgeek Your builds are always so pretty and I love the lighting!
    @hillybeth Asher aged up to a handsome young man!

    Ok here’s what’s been going on in my game
    First some news:
    And my Affluista Buttes Ranch that my favorite Fontenot family live in got a Maxis Fave! I was so surprised and happy when it happened! It made my whole month!!

    And I have been working on my Sims 4 YT channel
    Its got some building tips videos with lots more to come so check that out if you want
    And I have a Halloween theme going on
    Learn about creepy halloween creatures like the Banshee and Bigfoot
    Ok now my YT Channel plugging is over lol

    Now what happened in my game ;)
    So this time I decided to hang out with the patriarch of one of my vampire families, Harold Morecombe and his wife Maribelle.

    Harry and Maribelle

    I absolutely love this couple. They’re insanely romantic with each other and I don’t think they’ve ever had an argument. HCX4cRb.png
    They live at the Hound’s Head House in Brindleton Bay on that big 64x64 lot. I so would love to have their bedroom. Harry is an ancient master vampire. He bought the estate when he moved to Brindleton Bay from Windenberg over 200 years ago. I just started renovating the house but I wanted to keep the old New England coastal shingle house vibe. I imagine it has a lot of his old furniture he brought over when he moved. WwpQM2J.png
    Harry loves Brindleton Bay. It reminds him of Windenberg.
    Harry has been a best selling author since writing was invented. I don’t know if I’d classify his novels as classics but he’s certainly writes entertaining ones lol. Maribelle is an artist.
    They are both free spirits and are into yoga and wellness
    And alternative forms of entertainment and relaxation. Their house reeks of patchouli to hide the smell lol ;)

    Planning For A Night On The Town
    Harry’s clothing aesthetic has been stuck in the 70s lol. Bell bottoms anyone? Anyway, today he decided to hang out in Maribelle’s greenhouse and still-room. Its a recent addition to the estate:)
    Maribelle is a witch if you can’t tell. I’ve actually been working on her powers. She’s a virtuoso now and knows all the spells and alchemy. She recently ingested a youth potion and the immortality potion. I cannot imagine this couple apart from one another. I’ve played them since before I switched to PC from console. I usually have Harry turn Maribelle into a vampire, but she has such witchy vibes and always did. I just had to make her a witch. I was so happy when Realm of Magic came out T6hGuyv.png
    He does like to pester her while she’s working lol
    Maribelle is making a big batch of plentiful needs potions. They have a big night planned out! Finally its done! She tries some out to make sure it tastes ok. NvzHMzl.png
    He takes a sample too. That satisfied his plasma need. Must be handy being married to a witch:) VrvXR9v.png
    Guess its ok! She bottled up 11 servings! nrFWEPV.png
    He’s constantly trying to decipher her spell books but can’t make heads or tales of the magical runes. QZHVG0C.png

    The Foster Kids
    Since their job allows plenty of time off and they make a boatload of money, they have opened their home to orphans, neglected or abused children, and kids with behavioral issues and run a foster home. They have their hands full with 6! 4 teens and 2 children. With their current work schedule, there is always an adult in the house.
    Maui Opunui
    Maui Opunui is nearing legal adulthood! He’s originally from Sulani. Harry and Maribelle picked him up while on vacation there. He was a hot mess. He had failing grades and had a tendency to fight. But Maui has come so far! Although not in the grades department. He’s actually a randomly generated sim created by my game. Maribelle found out Maui has a passion for cooking. She taught him how to cook and lets him take over meal prep from time to time.
    We are still working on his grades though. Harry took over that project. And his aggression issues. He offers advice all the time and tutors him on homework. Maui’s made progress! He’s no longer fighting with other teens and his grades have really improved. He’s still a B student though.
    Leroy Mosely
    Leroy was another randomly generated teen. Leroy had an an atrocious reputation and was a member of the Renegades club, which is bizarre the game added him. I noticed that has been happening lately. He’s a really interesting kid so I just had to add him to the household.
    He’s unflirty and an insider. I imagine Leroy was in the Renegades gang. He’s really bonded with Maribelle. She made sure he dropped out of that group.
    You're a Wizard Leroy!
    Leroy was also generated with a spellcaster aspiration. You came to the right place Leroy!
    Maribelle did the honors and instilled him with magic.
    She even traveled to the Magic Realm for some shopping. She got him the basics, a wand and broom. Plus she picked up some supplies.
    She’s taken him under her wing. First lesson. Lets learn how to make the plentiful potion.
    She took him out to her still-room and brought up a batch with him following the recipe.
    It didn’t end well. I always laugh at the mushroom cloud lol :D
    Leroy was down for the count lol.
    Maribelle figured it would be better to practice spell slinging instead lol.

    The other foster kids.
    Lan Fen The only girl in this group. Her father and only relative, Professor Fen, of Britechester passed away from a sudden heart attack leaving her an orphan. Lan’s a jewel. Straight A student. Typical teen girl. Loves fashion, video games, and playing the violin. Nuf said.

    Jacoby Montano.
    Jacoby is a cute little kid. I found him wandering the streets of Strangerville alone while playing another household. He looked utterly miserable. I transferred him over to Harry and Maribelle. Upon opening the household, his hunger need was in the red and he was desolate and lonely. No parents or family. Good grief. He’s good now and a straight A student. He follows Maui around as if they were brothers. They love to pester each other
    Max Villareal
    Yep, its Max Villareal! Max’s dad Jacques Villareal was turned into a vampire a long time ago. He turned out to be an even worse person as a vampire. He was trying to move in on another vampire’s turf back in Windenburg, Griffin Morecombe (Harry’s oldest son) many years ago. Griffin is an alright guy but does not tolerate other vampires in his territory that challenge his authority. Griffin defeated Jacques in a nasty duel, which happened at sunrise. Jacques didn’t make it once the sun came up. Griffin took the 3 orphans to his dad and stepmother to care for. His household was pretty full, and Jacques had been a terrible father anyway so it was inevitable they’d wind up here. But the Morecombe Vampire Clan took responsibility for the orphans. Harry and Maribelle raised the 3 Villareal kids who are now doing wonderfully. Hugo took a chef course. He is now married with a son and owns a successful restaurant at the docks in Brindleton Bay. Luna went to college. She graduated and now works as a teacher. She actually married Maribelle’s son, Oscar, by a first marriage. They have a daughter together and live right down the highway. Well back to Max.
    Maribelle gave Max a retraiting potion. He’s no longer evil, but I did replace it with gloomy. Max is in the Scouts now and a straight A student. He adores Maribelle and wants to be an artist too.
    Braden Finley
    The latest addition to their brood is Bradon Finley. His parents were killed in a random animal attack...Oops….I saw the new death that came with Cottage Living and had to try it out. I didn’t realize they had a kid. They were an ok couple but were sometimes annoying and I never played them. Basically background characters.
    Sorry Braden.
    They helped him through the grief process
    He’s since settled in well and made great friends with Jacoby.

    Back to the current events
    Family Visits
    Harry and Maribelle have 1 daughter together, Joanna Morecombe. She’s a witch/vampire hybrid. She dropped into say hello to her mother! Y’all have probably seen her a lot because she’s one of my favorite sims. She’s in a relationship with Simeon Silversweater and they are raising their combined 6 kids. Harry and Maribelle raised their daughter along with other foster kids and she hopes to follow their example. She’s already adopted 2 kids she’s picked up along the way, plus her own 2 natural children. Now you know why.
    And Hugo stopped by to visit his foster father Harry. I love the fact that with the parenthood pack, sims recognize unrelated caregivers as “family.” They don’t have official family ties, but have special interactions unique to “family.” Harry gave some useful family advice.

    Night Out on the Town!
    Finally the kids get back home from school. They have been working so hard on their school work. If they aren’t A students, they are close to it. They have also been working on their personal skills too. Harry and Maribelle wanted to celebrate their achievements with a night out on the town. Time to load the group up in the van and head to San Myshuno!
    They got to the spice district just in time for the Spice Festival!
    They sampled some new dishes
    And took part in the Spice Challenge. Jacoby found out he loves spicy food and Maribelle found out she doesn’t lol
    Same for Harry. Also Harry is a vampire with a withered stomach and kept throwing up and eating anyway lol
    They let the teens imbibe in some more mature habits. But only once and with supervision
    Not a big fan of the hookah.
    But they did enjoy trying out “juice.” I know that teens can drink juice...cough...alcoholic beverages, but I normally don’t let my played teens drink them.
    Harry needs to practice his mixology skills lol
    It was getting late so they loaded the clan back in the van and went back home. Movie night
    Guess its a horror movie. Zombies anyone lol? tvsUrml.png
    The kids went back to bed and Harry and Maribelle finally had a romantic moment together
    That’s all. Till Next Time!
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Still playing with the Covingtons. I'm enjoying this save so much that I think it might become my main save and my rotational save will be more of a side save for when I get bored with legacy play and want something different, but we'll see. I might end up changing my mind eventually but for now I'll probably mostly be playing with the Covingtons.

    Astrid helped Simon with his homework after he aged up.

    She also showed some flash cards to Alice
    Simon made a new friend and brought him home from school with him. His name is Juan, and I believe he's the adopted son of Candy Behr and Duane Talla. Juan is a little older than Simon, closer to Clara's age but he and Simon seem to get along well.

    Also, Mia is expecting kittens! Or rather, a kitten since the household already has 7 sims.

    Astrid played some chess so she could get the logic skill for work

    Pretty soon, it was a Friday, so Simon and Clara went to the park after school. Simon brought his other new friend Robin along, too. Juan was also there but I didn't get a picture of him.

    That night, Astrid got invited to have a duel in the Magic Realm, and she won!

    The next morning, Mia gave birth to her kitten. It's a boy, and his name is Grover. Grover ended up looking more like Salem than Mia.

    Clara loves Grover already

    Simon invited Robin over later that afternoon

    Simon, Robin, and Clara had a water balloon fight

    That evening, after Robin left, Morgyn watched a movie with the kids. Astrid couldn't join because she was at work.

    Robin came over again the next day. She invited herself over this time. She didn't stay for long because Simon was busy working on his aspiration but I'm glad that Simon has a friend.

    Morgyn played with Alice

    The next day, it was time for Alice to age up into a child.

    Here's what she looks like
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited October 2021
    @sarabeth2984 I love your approach to Aliens, and I love how you think about them! I'm an expert on merfolk, but I have a lot to learn about Aliens.

    I might copy you a little if that's okay.

    Nui and Gui wanted to use the Pollination Technology to have a family. Nui's parents did not approve of his husband or how they wanted to have a family. Helios and Kalama left Sixam with their brother when their parents kicked him out. It was a slow burn up to that, but I like to think there is some friction between different Sixamians.

    Nui, Kalama, and Helios are Blues while Gui is a Purple, the same color as a pollination tech.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
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    @sarabeth2984 Congrats on the fav! I love your foster family too! I haven't had sims get added to the existing clubs, so that's an interesting discovery!

    Leroy looks awesome, and he seems like a fun character!

    I feel bad for Braedon, but I also understand the frustration with annoying townies. I tried out that death with cheats and accidentally killed Afu. He was supposed to be in my human Sulani Household, but that changed quickly...

    I'm looking forward to being able to share my next update after reading everyone's updates. I've been leaving awesomes. I'm just heading home after attending a Celebration of Life, aka a funeral, for one of my family members. I have a lot of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and other extended family members I got to see. The sims wouldn't be able to handle my family tree. lol.

    To be honest, I even get confused by it, but I don't think of family in terms of Cousins once removed or whatever. My extended family are usually just Cousins, Aunts, or Uncles.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
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    Painting and mud baths.
    Tiffany Furystrykar went into her art studio and started painting:
    A few moments later, she had finished:
    Princess Roddy decided to have a mud bath:
    And Shine checked on Little Simzee:
    The cowplant was getting on in years, so Shine made sure to make its last few days comfortable.
    Bed time for the Furystrykar household!
    Princess Roddy finished his mud bath and got changed into his feminine sleepwear outfit. He then climbed into bed and fell fast asleep, entering the Dream World:
    Sophia put her glasses on the dresser beside her bed and fell asleep:
    Hamish changed into one of his pyjama sets. He climbed into bed and fell fast asleep:
    Shine and Benjamin changed into their sleepwear outfits. They shared a kiss and then fell asleep in their bed:
    Chloe also went to bed:
    And lastly, Wendy and Tiffany went to bed:
    The family were comfortably in their beds. An owl perched on the branches of the oak tree where the gravestone of Pixel Furystrykar was situated. This owl was a friend of the Furystrykars and kept a watchful eye on the house.
    Getting ready to visit Jessica Lacey!
    Princess Roddy and his family woke up. The princess got changed into his feminine cold weather outfit. Then he touched up his makeup, starting with his lipstick and lipstick sealer:
    And ending with his blusher:
    Princess Roddy then set off for Rustic Residence, the home of Jessica Lacey and her family.
    Arrival at Rustic Residence!
    Princess Roddy arrived at Rustic Residence. Penny and Matthias Lacey welcomed him in. 'Roddy!' Jessica Lacey squealed with excitement! 'Jessica!' the princess squealed as well!
    Jessica Lacey gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving hug:
    Then she gave him a great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Princess Roddy giggled. The two sweethearts then chatted to each other:
    Princess Roddy then said goodbye, blowing a kiss towards Jessica Lacey, which landed on her cheek. Jessica also blew a kiss, which landed on the princess's cheek. Princess Roddy then went back to Dianthus Hall.
    Yay, a visit to Azalea Abode!
    Princess Roddy had a rest. Then he changed into his masculine cold weather outfit and set off for Azalea Abode. A few minutes later, the princess arrived safely. He was welcomed in by his favourite aunt, Aunt Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy went upstairs into his Azalea Abode bedroom. Later, Shelly Heart came in and gave her adorable nephew a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    'How are you doing, my adorable little cutie pie?' Shelly asked, looking fondly at the princess:
    'I'm doing well, auntie Shelly!' Princess Roddy replied, cheerfully:
    'That's good to hear, Roddy!' Shelly said, warmly. She gently picked up Princess Roddy and gave him a great, big, loving snuggle. Shelly then carefully put her adorable nephew back on the ground and applied her shiny, bright pink lipstick and giggled.
    It's smoochfest time!
    Shelly Heart batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at Princess Roddy, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave the princess several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    Princess Roddy went bright red and giggled. Shelly had covered his face in several very great, big, shiny, bright pink lipstick smooches:
    The princess used one of his makeup removal wipes:
    Shelly Heart smiled and blew a very great, big, loving kiss towards her adorable nephew, which landed on his cheek:
    She gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving hug:
    And a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    Shelly cuddled the princess tighter:
    She then planted a very great, big, loving smooch on Princess Roddy's cheeks, nose and forehead. Then she gave him a very great, big, long, loving smooch on the top of his head. The princess giggled and gave his favourite aunt a loving kiss on her cheek.
    More affection from Shelly Heart!
    Shelly knelt down in front of Princess Roddy and gave him a very great, big, loving hug. She then looked fondly at her adorable nephew:
    Shelly batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at the princess, which made him giggle:
    She then gave Princess Roddy a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Shelly blew a very great, big, loving kiss towards her adorable nephew, which landed on his nose:
    Shelly Heart gave the princess another very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    She then gave him another great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    Shelly cuddled Princess Roddy tighter:
    Then she planted a very great, big, loving smooch on the princess's cheeks, nose and forehead. Shelly gave her adorable nephew a very great, big, long, loving smooch on the top of his head. Princess Roddy felt happy. Afterwards, he said goodbye and set off back to Dianthus Hall.
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    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    University Life.
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
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    @sarabeth2984 THANK YOU. The "unfortunate truth" is that the key to beautiful lighting (indoors) is to not do what 99% of builders do and put 1351235 ceiling lamps everywhere ;)

    Haven't done much this week but some highlights:

    First price in the oversized crop fair! Not exactly surprising, look at the pathetic competition... ;)

    Celebrating the win with an old friend! (Yes, Agatha is now one of Brigittes closest friends!)

    First day of snow, teaching the mailperson how to knit (and let her take a break from running around in the freezing cold!).
    (Also, she is a VERY cute randomized townie. One of the few I have ever seen!)

    So... Love is in the air. Officially this time, no sneaking around being The Other Woman.


    ...Also, Winterfest!!

    Brigitte introducing her boyfriend to everyone!
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Grover aged up into an adult cat. He looks pretty much exactly like Salem. I think I might make him be Clara's familiar but we'll see.

    Clara and Simon were not in a good mood when they got home from school
    Alice used the laser pointer with Grover

    Astrid practiced some more magic because she was really close to ranking up

    Later, Astrid made dinner with Clara and Simon

    I rarely ever have my families eat dinner together unless it's Harvestfest or Winterfest but I thought it would be nice to have a family dinner on a random weekday.

    After dinner, Morgyn and Astrid helped Simon with his school project

    The kids went to sleep and Astrid and Morgyn had some alone time together. They're still so in love even after all this time.

    It's their couch now

    The next day was Astrid's birthday, and since she and Morgyn hadn't had a date night in awhile, they went out to eat to celebrate.

    The day after that, Simon decided to go to Robin's house after school.

    He attempted to introduce himself to her mom but I don't think it went over well

    Judith made eggs and toast and then autonomously called everyone to the meal, and in true Sims style they ate it standing up in the kitchen instead of at the dining table. Also, yes, that's Michael Bell from Henford on Bagley. He's married to Judith and is Robin's stepdad. It's one of the weirdest pairings I've seen MCCC do but they seem happy together.

    Simon played some chess with Robin after dinner

    The next day, it was time for Clara to age up into a teen

    Here's teen Clara. I've decided for sure that she's the heir and now I'm just trying to decide what I want her to major in at university.
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    Dust_Bunny2010Dust_Bunny2010 Posts: 163 Member
    I'm still sane, thank God! Anyway, here you go guys...
    Nikoline was no fool. She was crafty enough to take advantage of Jayden's infatuation, while keeping some distance to make it seem as though he kept thinking he had a chance, while outsiders looking in thought of her as no more than a new addition to his buddies' ragtag group. She didn't know them; she didn't want to know them. It pays off sometimes, like when Jayden asked her out on another date to the bar of his old college town.


    Universities tended to have larger databases than what's available on public records. She intended to milk every single drop of knowledge she could retrieve from the town's library. But first...

    ...she had to go along with this play, at least to keep up pretenses just in case. She certainly won't attract the attention of police, but an angry mob of weird friends descending on her for Watcher-knows-what isn't much better. 'I have to cut ties with this guy, and soon. He won't be useful for my search any longer anyway. If he had any connections in the military, that'd be great, but it sounds like his girlfriend is one of those 'stick it to The Man' people, and to that I say, I wish I still had my M-77 Paladin replica...or at least a bayonet. Still...Jayden does have a physics degree despite being a muscly lunkhead. Who knew?'

    Some hours after she and Jayden parted ways, she stayed late at the college library, and read up really weird papers that somehow caught her eye, like...

    "How to not get pregnant after being probed by aliens."

    'Hmm...come to think of it, wasn't Luise's thesis about infamous disappearances around Simcity? If I remember correctly, she was focusing on some sort of alien abduction case that plagued Pleasantview for decades, including the prime suspect who also disappeared five years later. What were their names again? What if Luise was abducted by aliens herself?...not possible. We'd have serious diplomatic issues with the Citadel.'

    "The existence of supernaturals and why human rights laws do not apply to them."


    "Parallel worlds and how we could enter them in five hundred years or less."

    'Parallel worlds...I wonder what a parallel Luise would be doing now. I know there's a 95% chance Luise is dead...but it'd be nice to think, what if she lived on?'


    'Eww ew ew ew ew ew ew ew these people are so gross! Just ignore them, Luise. Just. Ignore. Them.'


    'Oh thank Watcher! I can't believe they did that in public, and in a dumpster!'


    After a bit of daydreaming and more researching, Nikoline snapped the current book she was reading shut and sighed. 'I really need to get some shut eye. Searching on low stamina won't do me and my brain any good.'

    That's all for now. I also managed to build a cabin/"vacation home" for Nikoline. It kinda serves as a foil for Luise's own tastes, as while both cottage core and neoclassical are old and traditional, it's pretty much telling how different these two can be despite how similar they were raised.


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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    First, let me introduce the new look for the Abalone Prince and his Dads:

    Lir Kailani: The Abalone Prince

    Everyday Outfits


    Other Outfits in the Spoiler
    Formal Outfits


    Active and Party




    Swim, Hot, and Cold


    Kylen Kailani: The Kailani Noble Heir

    Everyday Outfits


    Other Outfits in the Spoiler
    Formal, Active, and Sleepwear


    Party and Swim


    Hot and Cold


    Aaron Kailani: Artist Extraordinaire

    Everyday Outfits


    Other Outfits in the Spoiler
    Formal, Active, and Sleepwear


    Party and Swim


    Hot and Cold


    Alani Look: Parenthood: White Tail Arc Part 1


    The rooms in the spoiler






    Alani Look: Island Living: Blue Tail Arc Part 1: Before Picture

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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
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    Decided to turn aging off and do a bit of story progression for the townies and premades that my San Myshuno sims are close to.

    Goths: Bella had called Penny and Bess to ask if she and Mortimer should try for another baby at their age. She was indeed pregnant, and I hung out with them until she had her baby. It is a boy, named Theo. Alexander applied to university. Cassandra met and fell in love with frequent San Myshuno busker Jamal Carlton. She introduced him to Mortimer and Bella. Cassandra is also an aspiring violinist. Mortimer was a bit doubtful about their future prospects until Jamal took him aside and explained the financial reality of being a frequent busker in a large rotational game. Mortimer peeked at the figure Jamal had discreetly written down, and realized it was larger than the Goths' entire holdings. Cassandra and Jamal married with the Goths' blessing and moved into the large Uptown apartment with the pool. I won't be playing them but perhaps their child will get to know some of the next generation of my played sims ;)
    Mortimer retired from his job as a writer, and almost immediately received a somewhat shady job offer... from Bess?! who is supposed to be just a regular civil designer? I figured, well, Bella has some secrets of her own, so this could be interesting... he took the offer.

    Greenburg: I have no idea where Blossom and Mary's urns are. Knox met a random walkby named Natalie who just happens to be a green fiend. Knox decided to get over that two-night stand with Diego Lobo. Knox and Natalie are together, and expecting.

    Tinker: Olive applied to university.

    Fyres: This one is a hot mess right now due to a bug (?) with Infamous clubs where, if you don't play them for a while, relationship culling makes the club members forget each other. Then when you call a club gathering, they meet each other and immediately hate each other on all sides, since they're all members of an infamous club... We will see what happens.
    Don't buy broken stuff
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited October 2021
    @mightysprite it seems like you have a lot going on. I'm interested to see the hot mess that is your infamous club. I didn't know that the clubs did that. I want to hope for a bit of quirky humor when they meet up again.

    Congrats on the new addition. It'll be interesting to see how Theo turns out.

    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Legacy of the Sea and Sky
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    So, as for Kylen and Aaron's future, this might be a nice hint. They had the whims at the same time.



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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    edited October 2021
    Finally finished lilsimsie's shell challenge. It took me ages and I'm not sure if I even like it that much. I ended up turning the house around because I was struggling with the floor plan and it helped. I did also change the color of the windows and columns and used different bricks than what I originally had so it could look like I house I saw on Pinterest that I liked.

    Under the spoiler are pics of the interior. It's not my best work and I made a couple of mistakes that I didn't see until after it was on the gallery. I do still like some parts of it, though. I also didn't take any screenshots of the bathrooms because they're pretty boring.
    Right when you enter the house there's a sitting area and a fireplace. This room looks a bit blank but I think it's mostly the angle I took the screenshot from. There's art on the other walls.

    Next to the sitting room is the TV room. I had such a hard time getting everything placed since this room is diagonal. And the wall art behind the couch is clipping slightly into the ceiling which I didn't notice until after I put it on the gallery.

    Here's the kitchen. It's simple but I really like it. I finally gave in and bought the country kitchen kit because none of the other counters really fit what I wanted for this house.

    Dining area and little coffee bar.

    Upstairs there are three bedrooms. Here's one of them, which is for two teens. Since I'm probably using this house for my legacy when Clara becomes a young adult, Simon and Alice will probably end up sharing this room until they age up and move out.

    The next bedroom, which I think will be Astrid and Morgyn's room. It's a bit plain but at this point I was getting tired of decorating.

    Little computer nook in the upstairs hallway since there's not an office.

    The last bedroom is for Clara and her future spouse.

    Here's part of the backyard with a grill, gazebo, and picnic table. I put a cauldron in the gazebo for now but I might change it out for a wedding arch when it's time for one of the kids in my legacy family to get married.

    Back deck and little garden area

    There's also a pool

    Overall, I think I do like how it came together in the end. It does look a bit plain and I probably could have decorated more, but that can be difficult since I don't usually use MOO for anything except the landscaping. I know this is a shell challenge and a lot of times those builds aren't functional but since I want to play in this house I didn't want to overdo it on the clutter. I did also forget an outdoor trash can and didn't realize until after it was on the gallery but there is an indoor one luckily.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
    edited October 2021
    Thanks @Metior_Ice
    I made a bug report about the infamous club thing.
    Basically, the Renegades gathered for the first time in this save ever, they had to introduce themselves to each other, and all hated each other on sight.
    The same thing happened with Darling Walsh's infamous club that she had towards the beginning of this save. People that she met, had a couple of conversations with, and invited them to the club for one gathering, they forgot about each other while I was playing the rest of the rotation. Then I tried gathering them again the next time I played Darling, and everyone hated each other except for Darling's best friend Yuki Behr- they had a strong enough green bar that culling didn't eliminate it.

    @mia_noelle97 I like that house a lot, especially the interior. The simple uncluttered look is lovely!
    Don't buy broken stuff
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    Next up, I'll be playing the Zalrian Household again. I'm going to try and focus on Ember for the Summer Month, and for the Fall, I'll be giving Jade and Juniper the spotlight. Naturally, I couldn't play the Zalrian Household without spending time with Dylan and Zeph, so I'll play them for the Winter and Spring.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    @mightysprite I meant to say this, but I'm going through something similar with my current households. I have a bunch of teens that I need to age up. I need to progress their stories.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    @mia_noelle97 The house looks really nice. You aren't the only one to make mistakes before uploading the build. I had Holiday Gnomes spawn when I uploaded the build. I tried to delete them, but I overlooked one. Lol. Imagine trying to find three gnomes that teleport around a 50x50 lot with two floors. :D
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    I just rebuilt Zalia Shores, the Zalrian Home. It looks so much better, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. The Lot itself is worth 450,000 simoleons. :D

    The biggest change I made to the home was the creation of bedrooms for my sims. Most of the Zalrians are merfolk, so I used a pool instead of a bedroom. Now, they have both to choose from.

    I also aged up the Goths, and now, I'm double checking the Zalrian outfits and updating whatever needs it.

    For those who don't remember, Alexander is a potential love interest for Ember.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    @mightysprite @Metior_Ice thank you both!!!

    on to the update:
    Since Clara is a teen now and is definitely going to be the heir, I'm trying to figure out what she's going to major in at University. Since she's a snob I thought she could go into the critic career, but I can't decide if she should be an art critic or a food critic.

    Morgyn gave Clara some magical training since she's a teen and can now use her Spellcaster abilities.
    It was also Harvestfest the day Clara aged up, so she and Astrid cooked the grand meal.

    Everyone sat down to eat the grand meal. Simon looks mad but he was just lecturing the cat because it was begging for food.

    Clara practiced some violin. It's one of her hobbies but I don't think I want her to go into the entertainer career because I play that career all the time.

    Catnap on the couch

    Clara got a bad moodlet from cleaning the barn since she's a snob but she still loves Bluebell. She tried to use Scruberoo on the barn but it failed.

    Simon's friend Juan aged up into a teen, so he and Clara hung out since she doesn't really know any other teens. Since he's closer to Clara's age, I thought about having them date but I might not, we'll see.

    Clara brought Juan to the café so they could do their homework together, but Clara did hers kneeling on the ground outside while Juan went inside and ordered food.

    Later, Clara brought Simon and Alice to the park in Del Sol Valley so Simon could hang out with Robin.

    Alice also managed to get Thorne Bailey's autograph

    Simon and Alice played some chess together when they got home

    Clara practiced some magic

    A few days later, it was time for Simon to become a teen
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Cowplant time!
    A picture only section!
    The grand meal!
    Princess Roddy helped Shine to prepare the grand meal. During the Christmas/Winterfest season, The Furystrykar Household would eat ham, so that is what Princess Roddy and Shine were preparing:
    At last, the grand meal was ready. Shine put the ham on the dining room counter. 'Grand meal is ready, folks! Come and get it!' Shine said, calling everyone to the table:
    Every member of the household grabbed a plate and tucked in:
    'Fantastic meal as always, my fair maiden!' Benjamin said, complimenting his wife's cooking skills. 'Thank you, honey!' Shine said, cheerfully. After everyone had their fill, Sophia came and took the empty plates away:
    She then put them in the dishwasher. Afterwards, she went up to her room for some reading.
    A beautiful view and knitting!
    Princess Roddy headed for The Bramblewood after a rest. He looked around. Everything was covered in snow, and the pond was frozen:
    Princess Roddy sat down and warmed himself up with some spicy mushroom soup:
    When he had finished his spicy mushroom soup, he stood up. At that moment, the sun rose over the castle ruins. It was a spectacular sight!
    Princess Roddy did some knitting as he listened to some Winter Holiday music:
    When he had finished, the princess turned off his wireless earphones and put his folding chair back in his inventory. Then Princess Roddy headed back home to Dianthus Hall.
    Time for another lot of animal husbandry!
    Yet another picture only section!
    Time for some sibling affection!
    Princess Roddy was relaxing in his bedroom. He decided to change into his royal dress. Hamish knocked at the door. 'Come in, little brother!' Princess Roddy said. 'Hello big brother!' Hamish said, warmly. He decided to wear his new party outfit. The pair then chatted to each other. Princess Roddy touched up his lipstick and lipstick sealer afterwards:
    Then the princess gave Hamish a loving hug:
    Princess Roddy gave his little brother a loving smooch on his cheek:
    Then the princess gave Hamish a loving smooch on his nose:
    Hamish smiled and lightly kissed his big brother's cheek. He loved his big brother and sister a lot. Hamish then chatted with Princess Roddy. Afterwards, he went upstairs and had a nap.
    Visiting Kelly Brook!
    Princess Roddy and Chloe Furystrykar went over to Rio Verde to visit Kelly Brook. Kelly Brook gave the princess a great, big, loving hug:
    Then she gave Princess Roddy a loving smooch on his cheek:
    Kelly gave Chloe a hug:
    Then she, Chloe and Princess Roddy chatted to each other:
    Afterwards, Kelly gave the princess a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    As did Chloe:
    After chatting some more, Chloe and Princess Roddy went back home to Dianthus Hall.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    Somehow, I managed to make Calum and Arihi young adults again without losing their status as the Parents of the Elementals.

    Calum is immortal because he's a pure-blood merman. Out of all my sims, it feels the most awkward making him blend in with humans. I imagine that Calum would have difficulties blending in with humans. His whole life was either in the sea or close to it. He only moved on land because of his wife Arihi. Calum was a Child of the Islands and the Sea. He had a connection to the land, but his home was always in the sea. Eventually, his family became more important to him than his Island Connection. Calum is the Merman Poet. His poetic use of words can capture the Essence of Life itself. He created various tomes for each of his Elemental Children.

    Arihi is immortal because she's an Elemental. She ate mermadic kelp and became a half-mermaid. Arihi is a Child of the Ocean, and her connection to the sea helped to bring Calum and her together. She's the Matriarch of the Elementals. Zephyr, in particular, is very close with her.

    Dylan and Zeph were the first two Children of Arihi and Calum. The Twins were born pure-blood mermen with the Blue Tails that mark them as the Sapphire Princes. Dylan and Zephyr's grandmother was the Sapphire Queen, but their grandparents had long since perished at the hands of the Darkfins. Dylan and Zeph are the only children to inherit their grandmother's tail because they are the only natural born mermen. Because their mother was an Elemental, Dylan and Zephyr are also the Elementals of the Sea and Sky. Dylan and Zephyr's tail color is different from their father's because of their Elemental Heritage. Dylan and Zeph's tails are most like their mother's.

    Ember is the third child of Arihi and Calum. As a Fire Elemental, she did not inherit her parents mermadic nature. Still, Ember has the power to ignite infernos, summon lava bombs, and should a spell fizzle, it might start its own fire. Ember's childhood friends are Alexander Goth and Lucas Munch. When Ember's power manifested, she gave spirits a way into the mortal world. Both Zalia Shores, the Goth Estate, and Munch Home are now Haunted. Ember is the Elemental of the Volcano.

    Jade and Juniper are the final two children of Arihi and Calum. The Earth Elemental Twins are the Spirits of the Land and Plants. Jade was born a Vampire, and Juniper was a Plantsim. Juniper's Plant-like Nature wore off when he became a Teen, and after eating mermadic kelp, he became a half-merman. Juniper inherited his father's tail similar to how all merfolk normally inherit their father's tail. Jade is an aspiring snow boarder. Mountains call to her, but that might be because of her Earth Elemental Nature.

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