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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    MelanieScribblesMelanieScribbles Posts: 161 Member
    Ooh boy, it has been en eventful day in my game today! I spent part of the day playing a Sim in Henford-On-Bagley, since I just got the Cottage Living pack. I mainly got it for the rabbits, since those are my favorite animal: my Simself was VERY happy to get to find one living in her garden, and even happer that she got to hug it. That animation is just too cute! But I also decided to play the Pancakes household for a while to work on my storyline.

    So I sent Bob on a date with Ginger to the new and improved Sand Bar in Sulani, since I thought it would be cool to have the Pancakes family have a bit of a thing for the islands.
    I mean, food is an important part of their culture, there's pretty much a generally laid back attitude over there, and I included island music as one of Bob's likes. I mean, the welcome wagon literally brings drinks to welcome you, and have you seen how often neighbors drop by with extra food? It's honestly a perfect match for the Pancakes lifestyle. I'm sort of going to have several generations of the family hop by Sulani on special occassions every now and then: depending how things go, a few might even end up living there. But either way, I'm thinking it should be a permanent destination for any special events in the family that I don't want to organize in Willow Creek. I even converted an unfinished spa I was building in that world into a restaurant: Mt. Komerebi already has a spa next to the onsen on the mountain itself, so I already have a destination spa for my Sims.

    And big news: Bob proposed to Ginger today! Looks like someone's been working on their confidence.

    And that sure looks like she said yes...
    After the proposal, I wasted no time moving her in to Pique Hearth. I'm planning a summer wedding for them, and it's currently winter in my game, though. So I have plenty of time to cross off most goals on Ginger's Soulmate aspiration: I'm considering completing the same one on Bob for the reward trait while I'm at it. He's currently still working on Master Chef, though, so I'm probably going to have him throw a dinner party to celebrate his engagement (he has to plan one at this stage of it, and it definitely fits the storyline).

    Ironically, he did already celebrate with a drink at the bar before he went home.
    I didn't have him figured for a Ridgeport kind of guy, but that's what he autonomously ordered. And he socialized with the locals a bit while he was at it: turns out that Pakua, working there as a bartender, had some drama with the entertainer of the place, Hal'a (sitting to the right). I was looking under the fix bad relationship social, and she was under there: looks like some workplace drama to me. Anyhow, Bob really seems over the moon about the engagement, and I don't really blame him! He really seems to be getting back in his element without Eliza: he's about to get promoted as well. Good on you for getting your life back on track after that nasty divorce, Bob.

    Well, Ginger is already making herself at home.
    She went into the kitchen for a snack, and couldn't help but be a little impressed at how well-equipped it was: what did you expect when you started dating a chef, girl? :D
    Bob decided to do some gaming, and he realized how much better off he is with Ginger. While Eliza always complained the moment Bob picked up a controller, she decided to actually join him in his game of Party Frenzy!
    She might not be as good at videogames as he is, but good enough to not be a complete noob. They both got the winner moodlet, so I like to think they won because they teamed up. I dunno, I just thought that was kind of cute.

    She's also planning to re-do the garden once it's spring: you can just see the gears turning in her head.
    She has a few plants in her inventory (some flowers, veggies and herbs), and I haven't gotten around to redecorating that area yet. I can't see the terrain paint under the snow, though, so that's going to have to wait. And with both the lottery winnings and Bob's upcoming promotion, they should have more then enough money for what I'm planning. So I'm definitely going to be placing a few planters: it seems appropriate for them to have fresh ingredients growing in the backyard. I'm keeping the umbrella table and grill, though: the grill is about the nicest one you and get, and I just think the table is cute and fitting for the rest out the house. Might recolour the umbrella table, though, but I'll see once spring rolls around: the snow is completely covering it up at the moment. And for some reason, Ginger had a cooking skillbook in her inventory (the second out of the 3 books), so I had to get the couple a bookcase to store that in. I have to say that the Dream Home Decorator pack was a good buy, because it saved my butt on trying to fit an impromptu bookcase into that living room.
    Thank all that is holy that I went for a more modern look in that house: I honestly just grabbed a modular shelf from the pack that would fit the wall, placed a few cute interactable items in there, and called it a day. I did decide to buy Bob the rest of the skill books: His fridge is already going to be stuffed thanks to the daily task of his career, and this gives him another way to level the skill for promotion tasks after he finishes the daily task.
    Since Bob still had a day left where he didn't have to go to work, I had the Pancakes couple take a trip to the Von Haunt Estate. I'm actually planning to hold the Waffles wedding there: I mean, it has a wedding arch in the gardens, a fancy atmosphere, and I made over the 3rd floor into sort of a party space. I also put a few appropriate lot traits for social events on there, so it seemed perfect. If they cater the wedding in advance, itshould be easy enough to score gold with the Party Place lot trait. But back to Bob and Ginger: while they had fun on their day out, they don't seem to be big fans of the kind of lifestyle the lord and lady lived.
    You can practicelly SEE Bob thinking 'Man, I feel bad for those servants that they had to work in this mess of a kitchen.' Ginger just seems to be wondering what must've been in the fridge, though: No wonder that Lady Mimsy was so eerily thin! According to her, the lady could've definitely done with a sandwich. But they couldn't help but be a little impressed at the dining room: Bob could picture himself sitting in those chairs for hours! He found the decor more to Eliza's tastes, though.
    And they finished their tour in the lord and lady's living room: Ginger found herself wondering how anyone could sit on those couhces for longer... And on the chairs, Bob couldn't help but notice those uncomfortable, un-cushioned armrests: how does one even lean on that? Didn't they poke the lord's sides AND forearms?
    And well, there wasn't much to see around the gardens in winter, and they visited during the evening. Ginger was getting a bit spooked out around this time because of the rumors of the place being haunted, so they headed home.
    Well, guess I have a Sim wedding to plan! Tomorrow, I'm just going to play the Waffles family for a bit while figuring out the details. Reese got promoted to Regional Manager, but for the rest, there's not a lot of insteresting events to write about on that family. I honestly don't know what to do with them yet: them focusing on status and prestige is a good theme to work with, but I can only build locations looking like Trump's living room for so long. I frankly already struggled with giving Umbrage Manor a makeover! Making some over-the-top gaudy mansion decor look remotely decent is a challenge, and I just generally have too much to do before I'm going to have anything interesting to post about Eliza and Reese. Both families really need to start meeting other Sims though, because I don't really have a lot of people to invite to either wedding yet.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Yay! Joshua Parker mastered Rocket Science! Only the second Sim of mine to do so. He’ll be able to go to Sixam! I’d also like him to master Handiness so he can go to Forgotten Grotto which I’ve not done before.

    He was the one who got all A+s in his first term. Sadly he didn’t maintain that for his second term. Well, I say “sadly”, three A+s and one A is still good going.
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    Yay, I made it to the climax of the Apocalypse storyline!....But at what cost?

    Another beautiful morning at Camp Murder! Where everyone's getting ready for that whole "Murder" thing.
    Darrell's pretty bummed that Chief Manslaughter recruited him to take part in the siege on The Blood God's compound.
    Then thanks to that mod I have that allows Sims to murder each other, Darrell suddenly started going off on the Chief for killing that one badguy the other day.
    Manslaughter: "Pfft, you really think I'm bothered about you criticizing me for killing someone?"
    Oh looks like Luna's still here, and she's spending time on the swing set with her little sister.
    Sonya: "So you going to join us in killing the Blood God tomorrow? I know you were pretty excited about it earlier."
    Luna: "Nah fam. You guys have fun with that, I'll have fun watching you from a safe distance."

    Time to make the perilous journey to the Blood God's Compound!
    So since this could be their last night together, Anakin decided to have a few drinks and have a nice heart to heart with Blanca.
    Anakin: "So you're going to hate this, but I need you to stay home with Juniper tomorrow."
    Blanca: "Me? But I'm a cop, a cop that's actually taken part in chasing down and apprehending perps! You want me in battle with you more than you want Darrell!"
    Anakin: "Yeah, but if the IRS still operates in the Apocalypse then the DCFS most likely exists too and is just ready for you to leave Juniper unattended in the wasteland."
    Blanca: "That's so stupid but you're right."
    So the Reapers went off to enjoy the rest of their night.
    While Sonya got a little more practice in before the big day.
    The next morning, Juniper woke up before the rest of the adults.
    You know what this means? Yes, destroying the whole place.
    Oh this is a terrible day to wake up with morning sickness.
    Manslaughter: "Alright everybody, is everyone ready to go kill that Blood God?"
    Man: "You bet!"
    Anakin: "Who are you?"
    Man: "Let's sit down and I'll tell you."
    Man: "Name's Kirk Dirkenson. I'm a Man of Action, I travel around the Wasteland looking for people who need an extra set of strong hands to take part in a big battle of sorts because I just love destroying evil! I'll gladly join you guys in the fight against the Blood God!"
    Anakin: "Well since my wife can't join us, we'll need all the strong hands we can get! Welcome aboard, Kirk Dirkenson!"
    Several hours later after trekking through the wilderness.
    Anakin: "So where do we go now?"
    Manslaughter: "Well luckily it's not much further from here. Once we get past this clearing we should only be an hour away from The Blood God's compound."
    Anakin: "Whoa look out Kirk, you got spiders dropping down on you!"
    Kirk: "Ah don't worry about me Anakin, I'm sure these spiders aren't dangerous."
    12 minutes later.
    Manslaughter: "Well we're not even at the Blood God's compound and we're already down one man."

    Let's hope the infiltration goes better than the journey.
    Behold, The Blood God's Compound!
    Darrell: "Man, that place looks so much better than Camp Murder."
    Manslaughter: "That's what happens when you download a lot off the Gallery instead of letting DoodlyDoofus build a lot!"
    Darrell: "Alright, I don't see an opening anywhere. How are we going to get in?"
    Manslaughter: "You realize we have two people here who can teleport right? We'll just have them get in there and open the gates for us."
    Manslaughter: "You guys get that?"
    Sonya: "Yeah yeah we heard you. Let's get magical in here!"
    Anakin and Sonya: "Alakazoo!"
    Anakin: "Place doesn't look THAT bad."
    Sonya: "Speak for yourself, I feel like getting a tetanus shot just standing here."
    Anakin: "Oh hey, a wide open entrance for Darrell and the Chief right here."
    Manslaughter: "Looks like we didn't investigate this place well enough when we got here."
    Anakin: "You know, we've been here for a solid five minutes and haven't encountered any guards."
    Manslaughter: "Don't know how many people The Blood God has left since they've all been showing up at Camp Murder the last how many weeks.
    Oh, spoke too soon.
    Darrell: "Y-y-y-y-yikes! It's the Blood God guards!"
    Anakin: "Dude chill out, we have two Magical Jedi's and a gun. We'll take these guys out no problem."
    Manslaughter: "No time for that! You guys go ahead, I'll hold these guys off!"
    Anakin: "Hey Chief, I know you want to be heroic and all.......But we outnumber them, and three of us are quite strong. We should be able to handle them together."
    Manslaughter: "No, I need you to go stop the Blood God! I'll distract them for as long as I can!"
    Anakin: "Okay fine, if you REALLY want to be that way, we'll go."
    Sonya: "Bye Chief, you were fun to have around!"
    That's when Chief Manslaughter unleashed his inner blood rage to help him in the battle.
    Manslaughter: "Alright nerds, you can take my life but you'll never take my spirit!"

    A valiant sacrifice indeed.
    Inside this building Anakin and Sonya can hear The Chief shout his battle cry.
    Anakin: "Think he'll be fine out there?"
    Manslaughter (Outside): "AHH, RIGHT IN MY SPIRIT!"
    Sonya: "No he's dead."
    So the survivors headed downstairs, because of course The Blood God will be in a basement. You really think someone would call themselves that and live upstairs?
    Sonya: "Ooh I like this place. The Blood God has nice taste."
    Darrell: "I disagree."
    Anakin: "Whoa whoa, you two shut up for a second. The Blood God"
    Nukemall: "PRESIDENT NUKEMALL!!!!!"
    In case you needed a refresher, He nuked the world.
    Sonya: "Actually I saw this reveal coming from a mile away."
    Anakin: "I know, I was thinking the person who wanted to nuke the entire world would have to have some sort of plan for after everything gets nuked."
    Darrell: "Hey, I didn't see it coming!"
    Nukemall: "That's right, it was I all along! I nuked the world so I could rule the nuclear wastes!"
    Anakin just took a deep breath.
    Anakin: "You were the President. You were essentially the ruler already."
    Anakin: "You didn't need to do any of this. Now instead you're the ruler of an irradiated rock, and you're not even doing a good job at that since we've been killing all your people since then."
    Nukemall: "Well I guess when you say it like that, I certainly didn't think every part of my plan through."
    Sonya's just enjoying the argument.

    Well time for the battle.
    Anakin: "Now thanks to you, everyone I know and love are dead!"
    Nukemall: "Hey, everyone I know and love are dead as well!"
    Nukemall: "That's it, I don't have time to keep arguing. Let's end this!"
    Anakin: "Oh AND you're a Sith too?! Do I even need to ask who trained you?"
    Nukemall: "No you certainly don't."
    Nukemall: "Many years ago I was just a simple boy with simple dreams. Until I was approached by your father."
    Grim: "Hey how's it going? So I'm training my son to be a Sith Lord to take over when I die but it looks like he's getting cold feet. Wanna be trained in the power of darkness?"
    Nukemall: "Can I nuke the planet?"
    Grim: "Of course! Genocide is a common practice of the Sith!"
    Flashback over.
    Nukemall: "And now I have achieved my dream!"
    Anakin: "Shut up and fight me."
    Anakin: "You don't know what it was like to be me! You might've been trained by my Father, but I actually had to be RAISED by him and it was truly awful!"
    Nukemall: "Yeah well, I was bullied as a child!"
    Anakin: "Probably because you went around telling everyone you're going to nuke them!"
    Nukemall: "Yeah well, it was still mean!"
    Sonya: "Isn't this exciting? We get to be front row for a lightsaber fight!"
    Darrell: "I know, the fate of the world has never been more exciting!"
    40 minutes later.
    Sonya: "Seriously, this has gotten boring."
    Darrell: "I know, I didn't think a Lightsaber fight could just consist of two guys swinging at each other talking about how awful their childhoods were."
    Anakin: "And when I was 12 my dad made me and my Sister fight to the death for his affection!"
    Nukemall: "Yeah well, when I was a kid my dad made me eat rocks!"
    Anakin: "No he didn't, that's stupid!"
    Nukemall: "Oh yeah well, my childhood is still worse than yours."
    Anakin: "Oh you take that back!"
    Darrell: "Seriously something exciting needs to happen already."
    Anakin: "Ah my stomach."
    Anakin: "Ah my throat!"
    Sonya: "Thanks a lot Darrell."

    To be Continued.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
    @mia_noelle97 I like that this is Morgyn's adult way of expressing himself
    And it was also time for Morgyn to age up into an adult

    @haneul goodness, Asher is getting dark these days...

    Don't buy broken stuff
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    cazzizzlecazzizzle Posts: 3 New Member
    My male Sim gave birth to an alien baby.. I kept thinking he was eating too many donuts lol he's a senior detective, I played so much today my little alien baby is now a toddler and he's absolutely adorable! A beautiful blue colour.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    @mia_noelle97 I like that this is Morgyn's adult way of expressing himself
    And it was also time for Morgyn to age up into an adult

    That's actually just Morgyn's default hot weather outfit. I thought about changing it when he aged up but decided not to.

    Now for today's update. I took a small break from the Covingtons to start on lilsimsie's shell challenge. Here's what I have so far. I originally made it a completely different style because I want to use it for my legacy but I didn't like it so I bulldozed it and started over. And I had such a hard time with the roof.

    I still need to do a bit more landscaping, decorate the yard, and furnish it. I may still use it for my legacy. I built it in Brindleton Bay because the style doesn't really fit Windenburg but since my legacy family lives on the island and are pretty isolated from the other houses there it probably doesn't matter if they match their neighbors or not.
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    ReaperElinReaperElin Posts: 2 New Member
    Oh boy! I made a new family today, usually I would progress my main family when I have a new idea but this did not fit their story at all.
    I suppose I should put a trigger warning, it's messy. (murder, mentions of child abuse)

    So I made a family with Grace Westfield as my main character. I made her rich parents and all the grandparents, whom I killed immediately. They lived out their lives in their mansion but perished to old age when Grace was a child.
    Her parents, Robert and Diane, seem to have the perfect marriage. (not so great behind closed doors...) Their teenage daughter is doing well in school and Diane is pregnant with twins. Robert is hoping she will finally give birth to a male heir after years of miscarriages and still borns. Grace is a little more sinister and wishes for them to never be born at all, or at least be girls so she can inherit the big estate and all the money.
    Unfortunately the twins boys, Sebastian and Christoffer, are born healthy and with no complications.

    During a twist of events, Robert is cough cheating with the beautiful maid. This makes Diane crazy, threatening to kill the baby boys as revenge. As she is rushing towards the baby room Robert catches up to her and kills her. The poor maid has seen everything and has die as well, the familys reputation can't be blemished.
    The police is not even contacted and their bodies are buried in the garden.

    The father gets a taste for blood, which seems to have been in the family DNA. The gravestones are piling up, some put there by Robert, some Robert's father, some are even older than that.

    However Grace saw her father dragging the bodies and is now kind of freaked out to say the least. She tells the butler, who has worked in the family since before she was born and thus is like a father figure to her. He wants to contact the authoritys but she forbid it. She can't have her father in prison if she want to marry the man of her fionce, Morgan Landgrab (the new and improved version because EA:s is kinda weird looking). Behind the butlers back she poisons her father's food, and then persuades her butler to help her bury the body. The butler is now in to deep and agrees to help, even though he is now scared for his own life.

    Grace knows the butler won't tell, and he is making her life easier so he is still alive today. Although I am not sure how she will handle the boys, who are to inherit everything while she gets nothing. They are children now, not very nice ones, and acting like boys do. She also know that if they grow to big she will not be able to "handle" them very easily...
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Romance in the castle ruins!
    Princess Roddy, Sophia, Hamish, Benjamin and Shine headed over to The Bramblewood. Benjamin and Shine went over to the castle ruins and had some time together:
    Princess Roddy received a Finchwick Favour from Michael Bell:
    Afterwards, Shine received a loving hug from Hamish:
    The group then chatted. Then they went back home to Dianthus Hall.
    Playtime with Amy Lyles!
    Princess Roddy and Shine went over to Serene Hearth in Oasis Springs. Once inside, Princess Roddy went upstairs to Amy Lyles's bedroom. He then played with Amy:
    Afterwards the pair chatted. And then Amy played with her toy telephone:
    Later, she played with her toddler makeup set:
    'Look mummy! I'm wearing makeup, just like you!' Amy said, as Regina came in. Regina burst out laughing! Amy Lyles's face was covered in makeup!
    'I think you need a bit of practice, sweet pea!' Regina said. 'Come on, I'll clean you up and help you to put on your tinted lip balm.' she added. After giving Amy a bath, Regina helped Amy to put on her tinted lip balm. Amy was happy. She went back upstairs to her bedroom and gave Princess Roddy a hug:
    Amy then sweetly kissed the princess's cheek. Princess Roddy chuckled. The pair then played with the telephone toy:
    Afterwards, Amy went downstairs and gave Regina a loving hug:
    It was then time to go home for Princess Roddy and Shine. 'I had fun, little Amy Lyles!' The princess said, cheerfully. The toddler giggled and gave him a big hug:
    Amy sweetly kissed Princess Roddy's cheek. 'Bye bye, Princess Roddy!' she said, smiling. 'See you again, Amy!' the princess replied. Downstairs, Regina chatted to Shine:
    And then Shine said goodbye. She and Princess Roddy went back to Dianthus Hall.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Simily4Simily4 Posts: 61 Member
    edited October 2021
    An affable, intelligent, and knowledgeable petite young lady—Hana Cho—has brought her A game, ditching city life for greener pastures, in Henford-on-Bagley! She's got fashion sense, but what would the people of Henford and their "simple life" think of her? Too flashy? Too lavish? Will she last in the countryside? #Simily4 #HanaCho #Korean #pretty #lovely
    • Name: Hana Cho
    • Traits: Animal Enthusiast, Family-Oriented, Proper
    • Aspiration: Country Caretaker (+ Collector trait)
    • Likes: Brown, S-Pop Music, Cooking, Gardening, Piano, Wellness, Modern Décor
    • Dislikes: Purple, METAL MUSIC, Basics Décor
    Check her out! Hana Cho on The Sims™ 4 Gallery
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    MelanieScribblesMelanieScribbles Posts: 161 Member
    edited October 2021
    Trigger warnings: Body shaming

    Well, last time I had some work in build mode to do for the Waffles family: they have a wedding venue, but since the Pancake family have a world they like to frequent.. I had to give Eliza and Reese the same kind of treatment. If the Waffles value status, prestige and success, then it makes perfect sense for Eliza to have a thing for Del Sol Valley: it's basically a THE center of celebrity culture, luxury everywhere, and let's not forget about the mansions in the Pinnacles the family can look to for inspiration.

    For the Soulmate aspiration, I had the couple do a few test dates at Orchid A Go Go, just to see if things would work out mechanically. Things went well, apart from the usual socially inept townies hassling my Sims during the date for no reason. But the place could definitely use a glow-up (and a few helpful lot traits for what the Lounge is intended for) before I actually start taking storyline screenshots.
    I also re-did the interior, but I'll show that off when something interesting happens in the storyline.

    Before things progress with the Waffles household, I decided to work on the 'getting them some friends' item from my proverbial to-do list. What's a big, fancy wedding without guests to invite, right? I actually had made a sim to cause some drama in a celebrity household called Heather Knightly, but she never managed to get her fame high enough to move into the mega-mansion the celebs live in. I dunno, somehow, the girl starting drama in reality shows is ALWAYS named Heather, so I named her that just to be silly.
    That's Heather on the left. I never got around to deleting her though, and good thing I didn't: she had the perfect traits to be friends with Eliza. She has Materialistic in common with Eliza, and then she has Self-Absorbed and Mean. Heather's priorities always lie with Heather, so she definitely wouldn't mind some friends with both social and material wealth. And Eliza just feels like she has that one friend that makes you look better by comparison, so them being friends just works out in a weird way. Somehow, they even ended up being besties!

    And to rustle up some more friends, I sent Eliza and Reese out to Discotheque Pan Europa, which I gave a makeover as well (though I didn't neccesarily do that for the storyline: the aesthetics of the Maxis version just irked me a little). I'll just put everything that happened there today in spoilers, because boy was this night out ever a night to remember!
    Another Sim of mine happened to be there: Marco Bradford, one of the henchmen of a James Bond-esque supervillain I made (that's Marco in the leopard jacket in the screenshot). He's basically the muscle of the group, and is known to start fights... But him knowing some more 'upstanding' Sims couldn't hurt if he gets himself into trouble yet again, and Eliza doesn't know he's in with the infamous Vincenzo Heinous himself...
    And whoops, looks like someone just found out about his Evil trait. Sorry, Eliza, you're in too deep now.

    Some celebrities were out and about as well: Izzy Fabulous dropped by, and one of my Sims: Milo Milo the beauty influencer. I dunno, I thought it would be funny to imagine his fans going 'Ohmygawd it's Milo Milo'. :D I guess there weren't only starts in the sky, they were in the club as well. Eliza did attempt to introduce herself to Izzy, who I've given a little makeover as well.
    ...It didn't go that well: he couldn't hear her over the music and his fans cheering.
    Eliza also autonomously introduced herself to Joaquin Le Chien as well, so I thought: 'Sure, let's go with this, maybe I'll have them befriend J Huntington as well'. This time though, Eliza was smart enough to ask him what he does for a living first...
    She also got along well with Jade Rosa, and I ended up having Reese introduce himself once the couple headed home. Reese also knew another Sim of mine from work, so the couple is really starting to make some connections.

    And ooh boy, turns out that Eliza left some things at Pique Hearth... Let's hope Bob and Ginger aren't home.
    This is where the trigger warning comes in: if body shaming and body checking triggers you in any way or can impede a recovery process, then this is the spoiler to skip.
    Reese didn't have to go to work today, so he's just here to help haul some heavier stuff. Well, you know where this is going: Ginger and Bob both had a day off work as well. And you and me both know that there's no way this is going to stay peaceful.
    And Eliza ran into Ginger (Bob's new fiancee) along the way. Some nasty implications about her weight were made (specifically, a comparison to cows), and Ginger just instantly made this perfect 'excusemewhut?' face. I don't blame you, Ginger, that was just way out of line.
    Being raised better then to start drama, Ginger decided to head into the kitchen for a minute to cool off: she wasn't under any obligation to sit and listen to this kind of disrespect.
    And while she was on her way out, Bob walked into the room. Of course, he didn't take this kind of treatment of his future wife lying down! He knows exactly what Eliza can be like, and there was no way he was just going to let this kind of rudeness just go uncontested. He was quick to pont out that Ginger pushed him to be a better man, but Eliza was quick to fire back with a 'Well, I can clearly tell she dressed you. And not my fault she let herself go like that!'
    And things devolved into an argument from there, just like old times. I mean, there's a reason Bob didn't exactly complain when she served him the divorce papers... But Reese was quick to try and defend his lady's honor, by claiming that the Pancakes just chose to read into Eliza's words wrong. Well, it did catch Bob off guard a little...
    Bob was quick to explain in grave detail how the divorce went and how he wasn't exactly the one filing for it, but that only made things worse since Eliza felt really called out by that.
    Bob eventually stormed off to try and calm down, leaving Elizxa and Reese sitting flabbergasted on the couch. Meanwhile, Ginger was taking out her frustrations on baking something: it turned out to be a white cake. Well, it seemed to be working quite therapeutically.
    Things seemed to finally settle down... until Eliza checked the kitchen to see if she left anything there. Ginger still tried to smooth things over, but Eliza wasn't having any of it: ths is where her her exact issue with Ginger came up. I man, you can clearly tell that Bob has a thing for redheads... And Eliza couldn't help but take the opportunity to tell this girl: 'You think you can replace me!? Don't flatter yourself!'
    Poor Ginger, not even safe in the kitchen... Reese honestly just walked in to tell Eliza her stuff was all packed up and they could leave, but things devolved into more arguing before they eventually made it out the door with Eliza's things packed into a truck. Oof, could that have gone any worse? Once Reese and Eliza made it back to Umbrage Manor, she definitely needed some time to process everything.
    Even Reese needed a minute to take some deep breaths: he finally understands why Eliza left. He already wasn't too fond of Bob to begin with (he thinks Bob's lifestyle is more messy then laid-back), but this whole ordeal really cemented his dislike of these people. And if you ask him, then he'd say that Ginger really needs a better taste in men.
    But he had to keep his cool: there were some reports and e-mails to clients with his name on it, and he felt that this whole business shouldn't get in the way of actual business.

    Well, the argument between the Waffles and the Pancakes was kind of an impromptu thing today, but the angry moodlet that High-Maintenance sims like Eliza often get did help maintain that disliked relationship I have going on between everyone. I have had everyone declare enemies, but they don't run into eachother often enough to argue enough to sustain that red relationship bar. So I actively have to make sure that they seek eachother out to start drama. Anyhow, with the feud part of family feud out of the way, it's time to get into the family part of that: tomorrow, it's about time I get a proposal done for the Waffles family. In my game, the next day is Love Day, so I'm definitely taking that opportunity.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    I got my Sim’s home neighbourhood to go Green! Yay! Never done that before. What helped was going into every other lot and adding solar panels, dew collectors and wind turbines in build mode. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a “cheat” way of doing it, but hey, it worked. One of my Sims is a Green Fiend so she’s happy.
    They live in Old New Henford, which starts off as Green when you first move in apparently. It quickly went back to Neutral, but now it’s Green again. Not sure how long it’ll last, though. I’ll need to manufacture plenty of eco upgrade parts to upgrade all appliances with green upgrades, not easy when the fabricator loves going rogue and pulling my Sim inside… :|:D
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Genetics are so interesting. My Sims Joshua and Emily have two sets of twins (I know, I often have twins in my game, but there is a storytelling-related reason for it!) The older set of twins inherited Joshua’s brown hair and brown eyes. The younger set inherited Emily’s light blonde hair and her green eyes. Other twins I’ve had have sometimes inherited one parent’s eye colour and the other parent’s hair colour, or one twin looks like one parent and the other twin looks like the other parent.
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    Simily4Simily4 Posts: 61 Member
    edited October 2021
    Simily4 wrote: »

    I had to reupload this due to a hiccup. Yikes! Sorry, guys. :(
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    Simily4Simily4 Posts: 61 Member
    I uploaded one of my old and almost forgotten sims. Actually, I think she's the only one I forgot to upload. This was back in July, during Sims Sessions, I believe. Sorry, Hope.

    She cooks, she sings (sort of), and she loves the colour green; she is Hope Masen. Hope wishes to follow in her older brother's footsteps, who was the family's breadwinner before he left and went to college. But unbeknownst to her brother Andrew, their parents died of old age and Hope was the only one to see them bedridden. Hope has made it her mission to find out where her brother is, but breaking such terrible news to him would be a whole new challenge. #Simily4 #HopeMasen #beautiful #romantic
    • Name: Hope Masen
    • Traits: Romantic, Family-Oriented, Good
    • Aspiration: Friend of the World (+ Gregarious trait)
    • Likes: Green, Pop Music, Cooking, Dancing
    • Dislikes: Mischief
    Check her out! Hope Masen on The Sims™ 4 Gallery
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    Alright so, I'm just putting ALL the pictures in this update under a spoiler tag just because I don't like the more "graphic" deaths (I mean, I don't show much, but they're definitely not as tame as the "crawl into a fettle position and die" animations in the base game that everyone's used to) being shown off to the world since I know everyone's not into that.

    But anyways, the Thrilling conclusion to The DoodlyDoofus Post-Apocalypse Extravaganza!
    Anakin's very dead. (Told you, pretty rough to just start a new update with this)
    Darrell: "Zoinks, Anakin's dead!"
    Sonya: "Wow I was not ready for that. I don't know how I feel about this."
    Sonya: "Mostly because he's still just like.....laying there."
    Darrell: "Sonya, don't you see what this is?"
    Darrell: "You're mourning, after neglecting the dozens of kids you have had over the course of your life, you have finally found a proper parental connection with Anakin while you've been training with him in the apocalypse. Now that he's dead, you're finally feeling sad while watching a loved one that you helped raise die in battle."
    Sonya: "Nah, pretty sure that feeling is just gas. Now move out of my way while I kill this guy."
    Sonya: "Guess what, Mr President. You're going to die in a few seconds!"
    Nukemall: "Oh really? And what are you going to do about it, Sonya?"
    And that is when a dark abyss formed around President Nukemall as he's slowly engulfed by the darkness.
    Nukemall: "Yeah well I still killed everyone so I still win!"
    And like that, President Nukemall is gone.
    Sonya: "That's right, I can open a portal to the dark abyss and send the unfortunate there for a horrible untimely demise."
    Darrell: "You could've done that this entire time?! Why didn't you do that earlier, The Chief and Anakin would still be alive!"
    Sonya: "Hey, I'm Pregnant AND you guys shouldn't count on me to fight all your battles for you."
    Luna: "Alakazoo!"
    Octavia: "I'm here too."
    Luna: "So how did the battle go-Oh."
    Darrell: "Hey Sonya, Anakin's still breathing. If you want you can have a final moment to say goodbye to him before he dies."
    Sonya: "Nah, I've felt enough emotions today."
    Darrell: "Fine, I'll do it myself."
    Darrell: "He was so beautiful, so young, why did he have to die in the prime of his life? Why? Why?! WHY?!"
    That is when a familiar puff of dark clouds ascended from the ground. It couldn't be Grim, Grim is dead! Then who could it be?
    Whoa whoa, that's one Buff Reaper.
    Sonya: "I'm not the only one distracted by Grim's well toned muscles right?"
    Octavia: "Don't you guys see? This isn't my Husband Grim, this is my son Gil! He didn't die from the nukes, he just took over the Reaper position from his father. Isn't that right, Gil?"
    Gil just sat there in pure always.
    The Bulk is quite undeniably Gil, that's for sure.
    Octavia: "Make sure to say hi to your father and siblings for me."
    Gil just waved his family goodbye as he took Anakin's soul in silence, in the typical Gil way.

    Alright, let's wrap this up.
    So the survivors of the battle (with Luna and Octavia) returned to Camp Murder.
    Darrell: "So how should we tell Blanca?"
    Luna: "We should at least be sensitive about it."
    Sonya: "Hey guess what girl?"
    Sonya: "You're back on the market!"
    Blanca: "Wait, what?"
    And so they had a proper burial for Anakin (in the middle) and Chief Manslaughter (To the right).....Then who's to the left?
    Darrell: "Did we seriously have to dig up Mario to bury him next to these guys?"
    Sonya: "Hey, he deserves to be buried anywhere besides the mass grave over there."
    Darrell: "I mean, you could've buried him here in the first place, but whatever."
    Octavia: "Hey, so I heard Anakin say something right before he died but he was just too quiet, did you hear what he said?"
    Darrell: "He just said to keep Sonya away from Juniper. Guess he doesn't want her being a bad influence."
    Sonya: "Ey yo this child is adorable."
    Well Anakin's final wish has been broken.
    Meanwhile, Blanca just couldn't stop crying over Anakin.
    Manslaughter: "Hey guys, I died too. At least shed some tears for me."
    Luna: "Hey if it's any consolation, I'll miss messing with you."
    Manslaughter: "Oh thanks Luna, that means a lot."
    Luna: "You're still a NERD!!!"
    Later that day, the survivors had a meeting to discuss the future of Camp Murder.
    Darrell: "Huh, this is a real structural hazard."
    Octavia: "So what's the plan for this place?"
    Sonya: "I'll tell you what we're going to do!"
    Blanca: "Well I mean, we could at least put it to a vote instead of you just deciding what we do."
    Sonya: "We will rebuild this place from the ground up!"
    Sonya: "Make it into a very shining beacon of the Apocalyptic Wastelands!"
    Sonya: "And after years of hard work and dedication..."
    Sonya: "This camp will soon be the capitol of a new nation! A nation built by the survivors of the new world! We'll call it, The United States of Sonya!"
    Everyone just stood in complete silence.
    Octavia: "You know what, that's amazing! We wish you guys great fortune and luck in this new world!"
    Octavia: "Oh those poor souls, they'll all be dead in a week."
    Sonya's first order? Make Darrell rebuild everything himself......He has no idea how he's going to do that.
    Meanwhile to cheer up Blanca, Sonya decided to swing around with her on the swing set. Doesn't look like that'll work though, not after your husband gets killed and all...
    Oh wait, son of a gun, Sonya was right. That cheered Blanca up right away.

    Now let's have a moment to say goodbye to everyone we lost in the apocalyptic wasteland.
    Just to add some mood music to this, let's listen to this song as we remember those we lost.
    The Chef
    Dragon Blade
    This Serial Killer Clown
    The Chief's Wife
    Grom Reaper
    This Poor Girl Who Was At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
    "Super" Mario Bailey
    The Christmas Wizard
    Chief Tony "Manslaughter" Jones
    And finally........Anakin Reaper
    Rough childhood being raised by an evil Sith Lord.
    Well I mean, it was always going to be a rough childhood when your Grandfather is the Grim Reaper and Satan's your uncle.
    But you survived that part pretty well, and found love at least.
    I mean, still rough since you were forced to fight your sister to the death.
    But you became a real man and got a real job....unlike your Dad.
    You didn't live long enough but you got the family you deserved and you died fighting for a better future. We'll miss you Anakin.
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    MelanieScribblesMelanieScribbles Posts: 161 Member
    @DoodlyDoofus Okay, the idea of a buff reaper is just too funny. :D I really enjoyed following this storyline when I sort of stumbled into it, gotta love a good apocalypse.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Another short update today. I played with the Covingtons because I didn't feel like trying to finish the shell challenge today. I definitely will soon, though.

    Astrid experimented on the cauldron

    Morgyn helped Clara with a school project

    It was also time for Simon to age up into a child

    Here's what he looks like

    Also gave Astrid a little bit of a makeover. Not much changed, I just gave her a new hair, a couple of new outfits, and finally gave her a wedding ring.
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    Haven't played much.
    Moved to another neighborhood, Old New Henford, got a haircut, preparing my pumpkin for the big pumpkin showoff...

    The new cottage, on 4 Olde Mill Road is a mix between old and new; traditional materials and style with some obvious modern elements like big panorama windows in places.

    Brigitte's new haircut is really cute :)

    The new cottage is on the gallery both as an old fashioned variant and with modern windows.
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Joshua made it to the Forgotten Grotto! Now to explore…
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    One of my Sims just got abducted by aliens! That’s never happened to me before. I’ve had Get to Work for ages, too.
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    MelanieScribblesMelanieScribbles Posts: 161 Member
    So it's Love Day in my game, and I still had some work to do on my storyline in the Waffles household. I had Reese ask Eliza out, and he planned to take her to a fancy restaurant owned by some of my other Sims: Le Smug. It's supposed to be that 'no way I can afford to eat here ever in my life' kind of restaurant, and it has no qualms about flaunting that in everyone's face.
    It's owned by the prestigious Smogsworth family: they were made for the release of the Eco Living pack, and they're basically the reason why their neighborhood in Newcrest doesn't have a green footprint yet. Their storyline involves ONE rebellious Smogsworth son with an eco-friendly attitude, though. Anyhow, that family's general colour scheme is black, grey and brown, to fit in with smoggy sort of colours. In that context: what better place for the Waffles to grab a bite then the most fancy restaurant on the Magnolia Promenade? Reese pretended they were going to grab a regular old breakfast there, 'just too see if they're up to our standards'. The place has a formal dresscode, so I'm happy to show off that outfit category on them for a bit. I'm not sure if Eliza suspected anything, but she seems to like the place already.

    He definitely 'forgot' to mention that he bought a ring with a giant diamond during dinner... She ordered some of that experimental iceberg lettuce, and he ordered the experimental meat platter (neither of it actually arrived in-game, but we're just going to pretend it did. That's the Dine out pack for you :# If any pack is in need of a refresh...).
    After they finished eating, he popped the question.

    And yes, it was a classical 'Eliza, will you make me the happiest man on earth' kind of proposal. I guess she didn't have a clue, because she sure looked surprised. She did say yes, though!
    Good thing too, because they're on that phase of the Soulmate aspiration where they have to marry their best friend. I've just been so lucky with successful proposals in this save: I honestly expected someone to say no at some point, but I'm grateful that everything seems to be going my way so far. After dinner, the couple returned home and some celebratory woohoo has been had. And I'm just going to leave them to enjoy their engagement for a bit to do some work on their garden: Umbrage Manor didn't exactly have a manor-worthy garden. Romantic Garden pack, don't fail me now! I also deciced to smooth out a few details on the outside of the manor while I was at it.
    What's a big, in your face sort of mansion without a fountain and a big gate, after all? I also decided to add some spandrels and replace some columns. I've also decided to play the Pancakes family for a bit today: Ginger already has some friends, but Bob doesn't have a lot of people to invite to the dinner party I'm planning to celebrate their engagement. But that's all going to be in the spoilers.

    Bob was making Ginger some comfort food after that nasty fight: he was autonomously cooking when I booted up the household, and I thought that was just so sweet: I definitely understands what she sees in him.
    Meanwhile, she was giving herself a little pep talk upstairs before she smelt a delicious aroma coming from downstairs.
    That meal did manage to cheer her up a little: he reminded her that he feels that his ideal woman has curves. Natural curves. What, did you think that Eliza naturally looked like a trophy wife? That tidbit of info sure got a chuckle out of Ginger, but she did consider ripping Eliza's extensions out next time she saw her.
    Bob managed to calm her down, though. She did decide to introduce him to some hew food for the dinner party, though: Ginger often went out to try some food in San Myshuno, and she learned quite a lot of the City Living recipes in the process. And Bob couldn't help but be a little curious: what culinary adventures lie beyond Willow Creek and Sulani? So I sent them to the new and improved San Myshuno park, since there are a lot of food stalls there.

    While they wanted for the food stalls to open, they had a water balloon fight.
    Ginger started things off with some well-known burritoes before she suggested more outlandish dishes. Bob definitely seemed to like them, but he knew exactly what kind of spices to use to give these some extra 'oomph'. His favorite has to be has to be the ones with the tomato wrap.
    He definitely has to get used to spicy food, though. Since the day was starting to come to an end, I just sent them home to teach Bob the other recipes that Ginger already knew. Neither of them know all 27 City Living recipes yet, though, so they'll definitely be visiting San Myshuno more often.

    And since Bob and Ginger are still at the part of the Soulmate aspiration where they still need to do a few dates, I decided to playtest a new restaurant I built in Sulani. It's a seafood restaurant, of course: if it's this close to the ocean, then the fish couldn't get any fresher if it tried!
    Well, it took one small tweak to the host station on the spot, but the restaurant functions. I named it Suamalie Fine Dining: suamalie means either sweet or selicious in Samoan, depending on the context. I dunno, Google translate just spit that out when I tried translating the word delicious, and the Samoan word sounded almost like Simlish to me. So I thought it would make for a good name.
    I have the host and waiters walking around in traditional Sulani garb, just for the atmosphere. I might tweak the female waiter outfit, though: it looked good in CAS, but a it looks a little weird in context.

    I also saw Nancy Landgraab sitting in the background, and I honestly forgot how much of a Karen aesthetic I decided to give her.
    I mean, tell me you can't picture her yelling at some unfortunate service worker. I pity them and the manager already. :D She ordered some experimental dish: I think it was the berry cake. And lo and behold: the food actually arrived this time! I could finally do that final task to earn gold on a dinner date, it's a miracle.
    Bob had to go to work near the end of the date, so I had to cut it short. But hey, I earned gold on it, and the reward to go with it. So I'm not even mad. I did smooth out some smaller details on the restaurant after taking these screenshots, though: I felt the porch looked a bit bare.

    For the rest, I just generally had the Pancakes meet some people from both Willow Creek and Sulani. I need a bit of a break to decide what to do next, so I'm not sure if I'll be posting tomorrow. I'll mainly be planning out some stuff for the family's future children (For example: what traits do I have planned, which career should they have once they grow up, which of the two universities are they going to, etc.). So I'm just going to work on some relationships for both families while I decide where the storyline is headed next.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    So, I gave my Twins another update to their outfits. I feel like these are the outfits that I'm going to keep.

    I put Dylan and Zeph side by side for each screenshot. Dylan is on the Left and Zephyr is on the Right. Like with all merfolk in my game, their natural form is their merform. Their human form is simply a disguise similar to how Aliens disguise themselves.

    Dylan and Zephyr have a couple titles in my Game. They are the Sapphire Princes and Elementals of the Sea and Sky.


    Profile Pictures
    Human Disguise


    Natural Appearance


    Their Ears are naturally pointed


    Everyday Outfits
    Their Standard Attire


    Merman Attire in Human Form


    I created these outfits to better reflect their individuality


    Formal Outfits
    Standard Formal Attire


    Sulani Formal Attire


    Merman Formal Attire


    Standard Active


    Sulani Active


    Human Sleepwear


    Merman Sleepwear


    Party Outfits
    Party Outfits that reflect their individuality


    Elemental Attire (Elementals Are Summoned in their Party Outfits)


    Sulani Party Outfits


    My Twins actually chose this as swimwear. It was a moment where they were wearing something I didn't make for them.


    Merman Form



    Hot Weather
    Standard Hot Weather


    Sulani Hot Weather


    Hot Weather Outfits that Reflect their Individuality


    Cold Weather
    Standard Cold Weather


    Outdoorsy Cold Weather


    Cold Weather that Reflects their Individuality. Dylan is wearing an outfit from the Seasons Pack and Zephyr is wearing an Outfit from Spa Day. The pants come from the Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack.

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    sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member
    edited November 2021
    Episode 12

    Conversation overheard at Riverside Roost
    It’s Danny Kibo’s birthday party!

    MIKO: OMG, he’s getting so big, I can’t believe he’s old enough to talk and everything already. (sigh)
    LIBERTY: I know, it seems like it’s been no time at all since he was born.
    TRAVIS: That’s ‘cause being married to me makes it seem like time stands still, Babydoll.
    AKIRA: On that note, maybe we should wake him up now, I don’t want him to nap too long.
    JEANNIE: Yes, go bring him in here anyway, so he can get used to everyone before we have him blow out the candles.
    DARLING: Get used to us, that boy is plenty used to having lots of attention and visitors, if you ask me.
    JOAQUIN: Now Darling, are you saying Danny is spoiled?
    SUMMER: Well, if he’s not spoiled rotten yet - he soon will be. Us “Uncles” and “Aunties” can’t get enough of him. He’s such a little doll.
    JEANNIE: You wouldn’t say that if you were the ones trying to get him to sleep and potty training him. He can throw the biggest temper tantrums. And, I know he did not get that from me.
    AKIRA: Why are my ears burning? Anyway, here’s the birthday boy. Say “hi” to everybody Danny.
    ALL: Awwwwwwwwww!
    The birthday boy.

    Mommy and daddy let Danny have a second piece of his Birthday Cake.

    And they pay dearly for it when Danny throws a temper tantrum from the sugar overload at bedtime.

    Every morning is potty training time, as a result, one of his parents never gets to eat breakfast.

    Manny Nanny Brooks likes to find teaching moments when he’s with Danny.

    Chompy the Monsta is Danny’s favorite toy.

    Manny Nanny Brooks tells Danny the movie plot, albeit edited quite a bit.

    Danny is quite pacified with his new tablet, at least for the time being.

    Jeannie becomes friends with Siobhan Romeo.

    Jeannie gets a congratulations hug from Akira, she is the new Dean of Admissions.

    Mommy and daddy take turns eating dinner now, wonder why?

    Conversation overheard at Riverside Roost
    The mail brings some shocking news that overshadows Jeannie’s promotion.

    AKIRA: That’s what the card says, it’s an invitation to a dinner to celebrate the marriage of Salim and Gunther Benali!
    JEANNIE: So, they’re already married then?
    AKIRA: I guess, I mean it says Gunther Benali, I don’t think he would change his name beforehand.
    JEANNIE: Well, I never, what’s up with this rash of weddings lately, first there is the inappropriate…..
    AKIRA: (Interrupting) Now, let’s not rehash all of that, please?
    JEANNIE: All right, you win. But still, how in the world is this a complete surprise, no, a shock? I mean, I literally had no idea, and I’ve seen both Gunther and Salim at our club meetings together and everything.
    AKIRA: Well, I knew Gunther was, um, that way, but that Salim, he was one of your old flames, back in the day so, there’s that.
    JEANNIE: Hardly, thank you, we never went beyond “friends” although I did find him to be an extremely interesting man, to tell the truth. And the word is “gay” Sweetheart.
    AKIRA: Uh-huh, still, Salim never came across, you know, like say Gunther or Darling does.
    JEANNIE: Well, Sweetheart, not everyone is “obvious” I mean, some people don’t have an outward appearance that indicates a same-sex preference. There was one girl in my dorm, she was as feminine as they come, then one day she introduces a girl with piercings, lots of tattoos, and wearing men’s clothes, as her girlfriend. The whole dorm was floored, none of us had the slightest idea and….
    AKIRA: Yeah, I get it, still, I mean, like, I heard Salim talking about how beautiful you and other brides were and stuff. He wasn’t interested in the grooms, if you ask me.
    JEANNIE: Salim said I was beautiful?
    AKIRA: Let’s just stay on point. I just think there should have been some sign or some way we would have suspected, that’s all I’m sayin’.
    JEANNIE: Well, it does seem to me that this did come quite “out of the blue”.
    AKIRA: That’s what I mean, you’d think something would have clued us in that he was into guys, you know?
    JEANNIE: Yes………
    Even little Danny has an opinion on his “Uncles” marriage, even if it’s just, “A-bou, A-bou”.

    On the pretext of seeing newborn Carlie Zest, Akira later visits the Zest household.

    Where at the very first opportunity, he spreads news of the Benali marriage.

    Akira and Johnny certainly get a lot of mileage out of the gos….uh, news.

    (NOTE: I had no plans to have Salim be gay again but MCCC married him off to Gunther, so it was fated, I guess.)

    @Lucy_Henley Omar from my last story was the first sim I sent to Uni and he also got all A’s, his lowest grade was one in a parenthood course, lol.

    @mia_noelle97 noelle9 Congrats on finishing the Strangetown mystery!

    @haneul What a beautiful wedding gown, I really like the groom, Antonio, he has an interesting face. I find I have to supplement weddings in my game with some CC too, can’t have every bride and groom wearing the same clothes can I?

    @DoodlyDoofus And they probably did not all live happily ever after either I imagine!

    Post edited by sunblond on
    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    I'm so close to getting all of Lir's Character Values in the Green. The only one left is the Empathy Character Value and it's halfway there! There are only 3 Days before he ages up!
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    @sunblond Oh don't say that......there's at least a 40% chance of them living happily ever after........Maybe......Possibly.

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