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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    And it's done. All my merfolk have updated outfits and, for the most part, the clubs are set up. It should be much easier to manage the merfolk outfits.

    I also noticed that the lot challenges have changed the lot traits in Sulani. So, I need to update the lot traits because I no longer need to use a lot trait slot for volcanic activity.

    With fewer merfolk, I finally have one thing checked off my check list.
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Currently dealing with probably a mod causing a random non-played Sim's energy bar to plummet through the floor randomly. If anyone else is getting this and knows what it is please tell me because I have way too many mods to be doing the 50/50 method. lol

    I also restarted the university save again, this time everyone's separate and we'll get them married to each other and whatnot through gameplay I guess. More tedious and time-consuming but it does end in stronger romances overall. Currently playing Tess, Ezio, and Morgyn in Del Sol Valley and I stg I've been there before, it looks so much like Mesa, AZ it's stupid. lol

    Did you know the three starter area lots in Del Sol are 50x40 and two 40x30s? How freaking r u d e. lol

    Ezio started a garden in the... giant... back yard, for 1, money, and 2, food ingredients because I also got SCCO finally and anything besides fruit salad is over $50 to make for 8 servings and that's n u t s so... growing most of the ingredients required for cooking sounded like a good idea. But this is kind of nice because it gives gardening a freaking purpose. lol

    Now I'm playing with the Goths in a save started with no CC to see if I can 50/50 out what the heck is causing this glitch.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

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  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,057 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Unfortunately I have to wait a little longer to play again. My hopes of having a new laptop were shattered once again due to stock shortages in the UK. May have to look at another laptop brand instead.
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,141 Member
    I think I'm going to take a longer break from sims. In my game, new npc popped up without a family name. I thought that this would be mod related, but other players without mods have this too. In my game I was able to give newly born sims their name, Unfortunately I can't remember if it was a seperate mod or something in mccc settings. So, it's kind of annoying to give names without knowing the family name, not knowing their origine. I wish you all the best. See you soon. :)
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    If you look close, you will see Geoffrey Landgraab and Lily Feng having a private conversation in this alley. Should we be worried?

    I've always been sure Sai Savalani was non-binary. When Salim Benali first met them as a child, I was legitimately unclear on their gender. They were a delicate child with a wispy haircut. I was not prepared for them to age up into a FRICKIN' TANK.

    I guess that's what I get for giving them a soccer ball?

    Sai looks great in the feminine jackets and many of the non-tank dresses. They are figuring out their unique style as a teen. I enjoy them so much. They are currently going through a geeky teen phase of being obsessed with all things Komorebi. (Geek trait + Mt Komorebi Sightseer aspiration. Thanks, new system of random rolling 3 options and then having to choose. No, actually this was a pretty fun choice and I never would have thought of it on my own.)

    I adjusted the decor in Sai's room accordingly.

    This is Sai's new friend Anas. He is looking gloomy and carrying around a spoiled siaopao. Sai's mom and stepdad are suspicious.

    Sai still hangs out with their best friend Billie Jang all the time, even if she is a little younger, they still connect perfectly.

    Mom, can I choose option #4, "I just went to Billie's house after school and I'll be home for dinner" ?

    Sai has another outlet for their hot-headed feelings: angry paintings

    Our stylish ex-model Tanvi, seeking direction in her life, is trying out being an interior decorator! Her first gig was a room renovation. The family had a teen boy but only a purple child's bedroom. So obviously that was the room that needed renovating. The teen, Oliver, loves black and storybook decor.


    The teen loved it!

    The mother did not! Whatever, it isn't her room!

    And Tanvi got a good reputation boost plus a phone call from a referral to another family. And a promotion. Cool! She only has to get to level 3 in this career and then I get the feeling her renaissance sim aspiration will call for some other career...

    This is Salim and Tanvi's daughter together, baby Laila Benali. She has become an adorable toddler. Those pink boots are part of every outfit except sleep and swimming.
    Laila is wild.

    Her obsession is the superhero Purple Protector.

    Salim has now authored a number of books. He's really hit his stride with romance novels. They sell really well. And he has a constant source of inspiration in his lovely bride. Still, in a small apartment with a wife, stepchild and daughter, sometimes this is the only place to read

    Sai was stoked to head to the Festival of Snow and do all the Komorebi things

    And met a Komorebi girl

    They talked in the park, listened to music at the bar (she's a music lover), and swam in the river at 1am.

    "You're home late."
    "Her name is Miki..."
    Currently doing no gaming and only minimal web browsing due to a hand injury. Hello to all and enjoying reading when I can. :)
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    I will probably start playing TS4 again, but I need to update my Simming Moments thread with game play updates.
    I've notice that my thread has become less about simming moments and more about experimenting with the latest pack. :p
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    Since the Capp family (the one with all the kids) has Miranda now as an adult, I decided to continue her story in the new neighborhood, Henford-On-Bagely.

    Given that she's now too old for her childhood sweetheart, Akira, I decided to set her up with someone who she had relationship points with, JJ Evans from Good Times. Dynamite!

    For fun, I added a chicken coop.

    After Miranda and JJ got married, she is now pregnant with triplets and I was forced to give the house to another family and move them to another, slightly bigger home. I plan to remove the dresser and put in a bunkbed.

    I'm planning on naming the kids: James the III (since JJ is a junior), Millicent and Penny. (After the little girl JJ's family took in on the show.)
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 240 Member
    edited August 2021
    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 16

    In the Magic Realm, Manuel's obsessed admirer Sophie was building her spellcaster skill. She's having a hard time beating other spellcasters in duels. Jordan's half-sister Hazel, who has strong bloodline, managed to beat her with ease. Hazel has a purple cat familar who makes her even more powerful. Her mother Morgan is also a spellcaster but Henry isn't. Sophie's not giving up. She's very determined to learn the magic potion that will make Manuel fall in love with her.

    Bruce visited Nina who starred with him in a TV show before. From San Myshuno, she moved in to Willow Creek with her new husband Jenko (a 3-star celebrity working as a Stand Up Star, Comedian Level 9) who was formerly married to the current National Leader. Their house is just opposite the Goths' mansion. Jenko went fishing shortly after meeting Bruce. Now, Bruce and Nina were alone together.

    Show spoiler to see what happened next.
    Nina kissed Bruce. It wasn't her first time having romance with a much younger guy. She had a fling with Erik before.

    They went upstairs after the kiss which both of them enjoyed. Bruce saw the portrait of a much younger Jenko and the couple's wedding portrait. Bruce and Nina continued romancing each other.

    They went to the couple's bedroom where they did the you-know-what. Bruce always enjoyed doing it with an older woman. They weren't caught by Jenko who was still busy fishing.

    Cherie had a TV shoot with her ex-boyfriend Johnny. Jordan came to the studio after the shoot, and they mingled with the crew. Johnny's new girlfriend Bridgette also came. She recently left her husband Steve Fogel. Jordan, Cherie, and the crew witnessed Johnny proposing to Bridgette.

    Jordan returned to Henford-on-Bagley to visit his father Avery. This time, Jordan came alone. He met his father's new pet dog Leafy and the golden chicken which was not there during his first visit. Jordan also noticed that some of the animals were now wearing clothes.

    Show spoiler to see what happened during the rest of Jordan's visit to Henford-on-Bagley.
    The Finchwick Garden Fair took place in the afternoon. Avery submitted a garden entry (a perfect Growfruit) while his wife Cassidy, who is a "Caterer," submitted a pie entry (an excellent Pumpkin Pie). Jordan's half-brother John came to the fair still wearing his scout uniform. He had a scout meeting earlier. Maira Watson recognized Jordan and asked for his autograph.

    Jordan met Cecilia again. This time, Cecilia was with a toddler. Jordan found out that he got Cecilia pregnant when they had a fling and did it in the animal shed. Jordan and Cecilia agreed to keep it a secret because it might ruin Jordan's reputation.

    They enjoyed the rest of the fair. Jordan took the opportunity to hold and snuggle his daughter. He also promised to visit her regularly and help Cecilia with their daughter's needs. Avery and Cassidy both did not win. Maybe next time.

    -To be continued-

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    @AlwaysAsking Yeah you got them mixed up. It was Erik who got promoted to "Superstar" :)
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    Another text update:

    It just occurred to me that the Turei Household is my last Sulani Household!

    I also decided that I have enough room to do a couple different types of Legacies in one save. Lir is the White Tail Merman Elder Heir, and the Heir to my Merfolk Legacy that will be centered around the creation of a new club.

    For 7 cycles, Lir will recruit into that club the other Elder Heirs: Dylan, Zephyr, Alen, Aiden, Jason, Akira, and Jack. So, the heirs are already created and each get their own rotation. The challenge comes from recruiting the other mermen. I'm going to utilize fame and their merform as a way to make it harder to approach them and restrict when they can be recruited. Most of the worlds do have swimming spots that attract merfolk, and it's by visiting these places and befriending these mermen in these places, it will become possible to recruit them. I won't allow any cheesy methods for building friendship. Their friendship will need to be sincere before they can be recruited.

    The next Legacy will be an Elemental/ Spellcaster legacy.

    And because I'm very particular about how I want to kill my sims. There will be three households at the end of every cycle that will help cull sims based on their good/ evil reputations. Death by Drowning, Death by Cowplant, Death by Morbius (because he's his own death type), and Death by Retirement.

    Edit: The retirement household would actually be a fourth household, but that household doesn't exist in game yet.
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    Capp/Evans: JJ and Miranda are enjoying their new home and because I know what a pain in the keister raising triplet toddlers, I aged them up to children. (I only do that for triplets.)

    While JJ doesn't have a job, he does make a good living painting.

    Here are Millicent and Penny.

    And James the III.

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    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    @rjssim I love that lot. The only thing that could make it better is if sims could swim in the ponds!

    For my sim story, I'm still building the world. I, at least, have one Newcrest Neighborhood finished.

    The clubs are working better than I thought. I made the club activities: Swimming, Diving in the Ocean, Being Friendly to Anyone, Singing, and Listening to Music. This has caused more autonomous singing and autonomous merfolk behaviors.

    For the Mua Pel'Am Pod, I restricted: Being Mean, Scaring other sims, being mischievous, fighting, and sabotaging objects. I'll let everyone know if this impacts Goofballs Pranking Toilets.

    For the Darkfins, I think I'm going to have them do all the negative interactions, or, at least, most of them.

    So far, I have a few more households to go before I start playing the other six Merman Princes, for that's their human equivalent to their title as Elder Heirs.

    On another note, I am feeling a bit more creative, so I may make updates to the book I'm trying to write. I've had a lot happen during the past few years that made it hard to focus on writing a mord creative story. I enjoy my mersim story, but it's not the same level of creativity I put inyo other writing projects.

    I am still building the worlds as well. The chapters before in my Sim story mostly focused on Willow Creek, some of the mainland of Windenburg, and some of Brindleton Bay. The new chapter goes back into the far past in a different dimension and consists of fantasy elements. Windenburg Island and Henford-on-Bagley. So far, the story has been mostly modern with some interesting mysterious things, but it;s going to be fun writing more fantasy based stuff.

    Also, congrats on completing your merfolk. I have some of the new characters made for the new chapter of my story. So far, I have a centaur, a sorcerer, and a demon as the new characters.
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  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Found it. bienchen's less idle chatting conflicting with chingyu1023's smarter social, specifically the relationships settings bit which makes no sense and also worked fine together before this patch but hey.

    I also ended up taking SCCO out because $54 for a meal when that's half your take-home from working is a bit ridiculous and just kind of made feeding your Sims way more work than I was willing to put into it. I also took out all of brazenlotus' custom harvestables that I'd downloaded because the bugs started driving me batty.

    Back on the road to university glory I guess. I actually like Del Sol Valley, I find, I may use it more. Both Morgyn and Ezio have put in their applications and now we can get past Thursday night again. -eye roll- I had it pull the energy bar crash right after a save so I decided to quit without saving repeatedly to test the mod conflict and hopefully I really did find it and didn't just minimise its occurrence rate or something.

    The last 12 hours were the most grating of my entire life. Sigh. So now that I've wasted an entire day on hunting down a mod conflict...

    The twinning is Strong.

    Ezio's also developed a love affair with his garden, he keeps autonomously going to go check on it. lol Valid.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    @rjssim I almost didn't see your mention because I wasn't tagged.

    I look forward to seeing more of your story.

    And yeah, my Sulani almost has all its venues set up. I created my final venue today. I don't have a ton to share as far as screenshots are concerned though, but, for the new people, I may share a story summary when I update my story index.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    One of my future updates may need a trigger warning. You see, Rangi Turei, it turns out, is an incredibly toxic sim that autonomously gave himself a bad reputation. He's been marked as a Death by Morbius. This is the first time where a sim has developed into something so evil in my game. He doesn't even have the evil trait. I made him pursue one of the criminal aspirations, and let's just say, I had to use cheats to accomplish some milestones because his mean, well, it's actually pretty bad.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    On a side note, I actually got a phone call from Dylan to Afu to try and pull his merbrother out of that mess. It's like Dylan could sense the cancer forming in their household.
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,179 Member
    Still at Sonya's wedding.....
    Blanca: "So you say this isn't Sonya's first wedding. How did that one go?"
    Luna: "32 of us were invited, 8 made it out alive. I still have nightmares of that day."
    Aw man, Ghost Tex came to visit. I miss him, he was a great quirky character.
    Alright, time for the newlyweds to have their first dance.
    Unfortunately EA hates the idea that romantic couples would know, show affection by dancing together.
    So unfortunately it's a dance battle instead.
    At least it looks like Mario's dance moves are winning Sonya over.
    Ghost: "Can I come to your wedding too?"

    Oh we forgot one last guest to the party.
    Oh snap, he showed up very late but it's Santa!
    Sonya: "Boy Santa, I sure am glad you could make it!"
    Santa: "Oh I wouldn't miss your 6th wedding for the world! Mostly because you would hunt my jolly 🐸🐸🐸🐸 to the ends of the Earth!"
    Guys please, can you all have some respect for the dead? Mario wants to mourn in peace!
    Chief Manslaughter said just because they got married they can make love in his tent. JUST TONIGHT THOUGH.
    It's romantically disgusting.
    Boy, Blanca's looking about full term here.
    Darrell: "Guys, Anakin needs to stop burning all of our money. The IRS wants what they're owed."
    Meanwhile, Darrell does the only thing he's trusted to do, throw out the trash while Blanca makes some Mutant Burgers!
    Oh those are some good looking Mutant Burgers today.
    Nice to see everybody agrees.
    Anakin: "What are those?"
    Manslaughter: "Mutant dogs, I wanted to change it up a big and found a way to ground the mutants up into sausage form."
    Anakin: "Those any good?"
    Manslaughter: "Not in the slightest."

    Looks like we're getting a new friend in the Camp!
    As you can see here, Anakin and Blanca walked in on Sonya sunbathing.......Naked.
    Hey, she got rid of those distracting tanlines. Who's the loser in this situation now?
    Sonya: "Now we must fight!"
    Anakin: "I don't think I've recovered since our last duel!"
    Anakin: "Just no killing blows okay? Those are particularly difficult to block and-."
    Blanca: "Alright Mario, you look downright pathetic so I think I should train you in the art of swordfighting."
    Blanca: "Excellent block Mario, with more practice you might be as good as me!"
    Big words coming from this woman.
    Oh wait, what's this?
    Blanca: "Ah, that is inconvenient."
    Mario: "I am actually quite skilled in this, I live by the sword and I'll die by the sword."
    Blanca: "Fair enough."
    Blanca was jealous of Sonya having fun in the Graveyard/Dancefloor. So she wanted to dance on the graves as well.
    Dang, she's actually pretty good.
    But you know what she's NOT good at? Playing the guitar, especially when she uses a knife as a guitar pick.
    Anakin: "Gee Blanca, you look like you can give birth any day now!"
    Blanca: "Oh I'm sure that day won't be for a long while."
    And that's when Juniper Reaper was born!
    A sleepy bed.
    Manslaughter: "It is 3:30 in the Afternoon, some of us are trying to sleep! Get that crying baby out of here!"
    Blanca: "Where else am I supposed to put the baby?!"
    Manslaughter: "My Throne Room is alright, at least I don't sleep in here."
    Anakin: "Hey Chief, can I see my daughter?"
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member
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    Episode 2

    Conversation Overheard in The Shrieking Llama
    Travis and Akira go for after work drinks.

    AKIRA: So Jeannie, she’s like a really good friend of yours and all, right? That means you can totally hook up a buddy with the 411. (hiccup)
    TRAVIS: I’m not sure how much help I could be, Akira. I mean, I have no ideas what kinzs of guys she likes or stuff like that. It ain’t that kind a’ stuff we talk about, you know?(burp)
    AKIRA: But still, you know a whole lot more about her than I do. Ser-io-usly,(hic) I’m totally inta her. Every since we met that night at the bar, she’s been on my mind, ya know? She’s exactly the kind of girl I go for, red hair and freckles, that big bootie, mmmmmm, plus, (hic) she’s smart. I realllly like smart chicks. And she’s into some of the same stuff as me too, like singin’.
    TRAVIS: Well, I think maybe not callin’ women ‘chicks’ would be tha place to start. Liberty and Summer hates guys that talks like that, they say it objecti-(burp)-fyes wemmen or somethin’.
    AKIRA: Yeah, yeah, I know, but it’s just us guys right now. And this guy needs his friend, also a guy, (hic) to help him move out of the friend zone and into the “woohoo!!” zone. I’m just sayin’, you got two chicks on the line right now and I’ve had a loooooong dry spell. (hic)Take some pity on me, dude.
    TRAVIS: Dry spell? You totally hooked up with Miko that time. And she’s really hot, that pink hair and all, (burp) so’s your idea of a dry spell and mine are waaaaay different.
    AKIRA: That don’t count. Me and Miko are just roomies, we was just two juiced up lonely people celebrating after a big Karaoke competition. Miko’s a great girl and all, (hic)I’m just not into her like that nomore, and she totally knows it.
    TRAVIS: Does she? (pause, Akira squirms under Travis’gaze) Why don’t you just invite Jeannie over one night and sing to her on that karaoke machine you have settin’ in the middle of your livin’ room floor, that’ll prolly (burp) totally make her wet herself. You can sing some romantic ballad to her and boom, she’ll spread em’ for you. And, make sure Miko and Darling is there too, so’s you don’t come off as sleezzy. (burp)Seriously though, guys that looks like you never ends up in tha’ friend zone for verry long.
    AKIRA: Yeah, well, tha’ thing is, (hic) I can get girls in-ter-rested, but then I kind of messes things up. (hic)Look, just between you and me, Ok? (Travis nods) I had a rough childhood, so I got…uh..issues, see?(again Travis nods) I had to get some help, like, I been seein’ a therapist for over a year now and I had ta see one as a kid too. (hic)
    TRAVIS: Um, OK…. when you says issues….what kinds of stuff exac-ticly does that mean?
    AKIRA: I mean, (hic) that I getz really clingy and stuff. Like I was afraid,…really worried that my girlfriends would cheat on me, see (hic) or leave me, or fall out of love with me. And the thing is, they always did. But it was like a self-fulfilling proph-esy, (hic) I’d get really anxious over stuff, then tha’ girl would go off a’ me cause I was so crazy about things like other guys talkin’ to ‘em and stuff. (hic)That’s what I learned in therapy. Anyways, I’ve learned to keep myself in check a whole lot better now and (hic) I wanna’ fall in love and get married and have kids and a white pikket fence. (hic) I don’t wanna be single my whole life, I wanna have a family.
    TRAVIS: Sure, I want ta get married and have kids……someday, (burp). But, A-kira, you kinda have to wait till you meet the right girl. You can’t just pick some random girl you hardly know and decide…Imma, marry her. Like, sometimes things jus’ don’t work out, even if you really like her at first. (burp)I mean, you have ta get ta know ‘em and see where it takes you. Jeez, I sound just like a wo-man now. Plum!(burp)
    AKIRA: No, I know that. It’s just…it’s been a long time since I met a woman I was really attracted to. Not just that I wanna’ woohoo, I mean. Who I feel a much deeper attraction to, see?(hic)
    TRAVIS: Holy Watcher, are you sure you aren’t a girl? That sounds suspic….i..ously like that mushy stuff women saiz about love, soul mates and all that kind of romantic gushy stuff.(burp)
    AKIRA: No, I’m all man and totall-e100% straight, believe me, (hic) it’s jus’ that I am in touch with my feminine side, I’m woke, see?(hic)
    TRAVIS: Whatever, anyways, you don’t need me to be your wingman with Jeannie. If you and her are compatible, you should just be yourself, sure, (burp)maybe be your best self with her. Like avoid being a normal gross pig of a guy around her, I mean. That I know from livin’ with two women.(burp) It ain’t the same as livin’ with guys, lemme tell ya.
    AKIRA: Ser..i..ously dude, remind me to never be roomies with you, jeez.(hic)
    Akira shares some very personal things with Travis (and apparently the bartender).

    Conversation Overheard at 701 ZenView

    JEANNIE: This is a lovely apartment, and I enjoyed meeting your roommates Miko and Darling very much.
    AKIRA: Well, they really liked you, I can tell. But then, so do I, Jeannie.
    JEANNIE; Yes, well, um, did I understand that Darling’s in High School? That can’t be right?
    AKIRA: Yeah, she’s an emancipated minor. So, like, she’s all on her own.
    JEANNIE: Oh dear, that poor girl, it must be very hard for her to be on her own at such a young age. She’s lucky that you and Miko have made a home for her. How did that happen?
    AKIRA: Plum, I didn’t want to get into this yet. I wanted you to get to know me better first, but…..
    JEANNIE: Akira, I’m so sorry, it’s none of my business. You absolutely do not have to tell me anything about your living situation until you feel comfortable or never, if that's what you choose. I can be a bit of a budinsky, I just blunder in sometimes. Opens mouth removes foot.
    AKIRA: No, it’s ok, really. See, I spent some time in the system, I had a pretty plummy childhood. So, Darling’s Social Worker knows me, and he got us together when me and Miko was..were, looking for a roommate. Also, so I can kind of watch out for her too, I guess.
    JEANNIE: Oh, I am so sorry, I feel just awful. Please forgive me for intruding into your personal life, Akira. But, can I just say, how admirable that the Social Worker sees you as a positive influence.
    AKIRA: No, it’s better it all came out now, really. I really want you to know all about my private life, Jeannie.
    JEANNIE: Yes, well, maybe I can try out that karaoke machine over there, I’ve been dying to get my hands on it since I got here.
    AKIRA: What’s say we sing a duet together, I know just the song?
    Akira and Jeannie sing a romantic song together.

    Conversation Overheard at Crick Cabana

    LIBERTY: Me and Jeannie belong to the Avant Gardes together, it’s a book club, are you in any clubs Akira?
    AKIRA: No, I mean, I take yoga classes and me and my roommates go to karaoke bars a lot, that keeps me pretty busy, that and working on hacks, plugins and apps, in my spare time. It’s a good way to earn extra simoleans.
    LIBERTY: Travis says the same thing, but he has yet to earn any simoleans as far as I can tell. It’s always his next whatever that’s going to be a big windfall.
    AKIRA: It only takes one. One big break, to bring in major bucks.
    JEANNIE: Well, I think it’s good to have aspirations like that. And optimism is a very good outlook to have.
    LIBERTY: Maybe, anyway, I guess all programmers want to create that big app or whatever that will take the world by storm. Must be an occupational hazard.
    AKIRA: Hey, nothing wrong with dreams. Every great man started with a dream, Liberty.
    JEANNIE: That’s right, as an educator, I like to think that part of my job is to instill optimism in my students, so they can someday fulfil their dreams.
    AKIRA: I wish I had a teacher like you, all my teachers seemed pretty unwilling to instill much of anything in me.
    LIBERTY: Well,, my dad always had big dreams. Nothing ever came of it - except we were broke a lot. Just saying, I like to think I got my feet firmly planted on solid ground.
    JEANNIE: What an odd phrase to hear from someone who works in the space program, Liberty.
    (everyone laughs)
    Akira drops by while Liberty is visiting Jeannie.

    AKIRA: That spaghetti was delicious Jeannie.
    JEANNIE: It was just bottled sauce, Akira, I did doctor it up a bit though.
    AKIRA: Miko can cook some, me and Darling are hopeless though. Us two eat out a lot.
    LIBERTY: Yeah, Summer can cook, it’s her job, so me and Travis eat good, uh, well most of the time. Unfortunately, neither of us can boil water.
    JEANNIE: My mother taught me, they’re treasured memories now that she’s gone, she loved to cook, and she learned from her mother. I have recipes that have been passed down to me over several generations.
    AKIRA: Wow, that’s like something out of a TV show or book. Secret family recipes and all.
    JEANNIE: Oh, I don’t know, I think a lot of families have things they pass down through the generations.
    (Liberty and Akira give each other a puzzled look)
    LIBERTY: Um, that may be how you grew up, but not in families like mine and Akira’s. I forget how lily white you are sometimes, Jeannie.
    JEANNIE: Watcher Liberty, what a thing to say!
    AKIRA: Me and Liberty, we’re from immigrant families. So, our childhoods were way different from yours, Jeannie.
    JEANNIE: I’m sorry, I guess my white privilege is sometimes an ingrained thing, something I take for granted. I apologize if I was insensitive. I seem to blunder into saying inappropriate things to you a lot, Akira.
    AKIRA: Jeannie, nothing you ever said to me was inappropriate… unfortunately.
    (Liberty coughs, Jeannie blushes)

    @AlwaysAsking I can’t abide premades with bad relationships or all bad traits either. In my new Game save, Max Villareal is mean not evil and Lilith Pleasant has two good traits, for example.
    As to your questions, no, I did edit Jeannie’s traits and aspiration, because townies have rubbish traits. I gave her the traits and aspiration that I felt suited her. The mention of Marcus being a farm boy, was indeed a reference to Cottage Living, but I don’t own it. The only pack I’ve bought since the first couple years the game came out is DU. As to the jealous trait, I hate it too, but they did tweak that trait and others last year and I have a mod “Less Jealous by Biechen” that tones it down. So, I thought I’d take a chance, honestly, I have never romanced Akira in any game before because of it, fingers crossed.
    In your last post you got the Cottage Living couple to build a better relationship. I’m with you. I cannot stand playing couples like that, I never play the Pancakes. Loathed the Pleasant sisters in Sims 2 also. It’s why in my new save I’ve started editing the premades a bit. I never did that before, but why not? Malcolm Landgraab is no longer Evil, he’s good! He still is a snob and aspires to be mischievous, I thought that made him way more interesting. His dad is a snob now too, but no longer good, because a good person shouldn’t disown their child, that never made any sense to me.

    @Keidra I play on “View Distance Low”, so I never see those fake buildings around in the neighborhoods, I can barely make out the ones that are livable. Having an old PC has so few perks, give me this one! Lol
    I thought of you the other day, I had a new DL I wanted to look at to replace the Landgraab mansion, I can’t stand that modern house in the middle of those Mediterranean styled ones. Unfortunately, it uses packs I don’t own and the entire side of it was missing except for a pillar and a roof, some sort of outdoor lanai, I guess. After an hour of fiddling with it, well, I just deleted that whole outdoor area. I was wishing you were there to fix it for me, to be honest.

    @mightysprite I once had a sim with two toddlers, she married a single dad with, you guessed it, a toddler. I swore that I would never ever do anything like that again. I admit to a lot of yelling (OK screaming too) and four letter words as I played that game for a while.

    @Metior_Ice Oh dear, I really like that Afu. Through trial and error, I discovered that setting outfits for the clubs requires you to use only the 5 everyday outfits. You can change the tags and create any type of outfit there that you want though. Specifically, I have a CosPlay club that uses 5 different consumes for men and women, that gives my gatherings a lot of variety. For my played sims, I also create a separate outfit in the warm and cold outfits, since I don’t have seasons.

    @Daravi Yes, I have been noticing quite a few people with the missing last name bug in Discord chat since the patch. I, still have not patched, wonder why?

    @Lady_Earth Well, the ears are certainly dead on for J.J. Evans! I do hope the children don’t inherit them. Alexander Goth just became a teen in my game and I just had to do a tiny bit of editing to his ears.

    Post edited by sunblond on
    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
  • Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    @sunblond I guess we'll see if that happens when I come back to them again.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    edited August 2021
    @sunblond Afu was originally a townie generated at the beginning of the game. He's awesome! He's got the good trait, he's outgoing, and he's adventurous. He's got a great personality and seems to only like stuff. He doesn't develop dislikes.

    Shayna was also originally a townie that was generated at the start of the game. She's family oriented and a caring mother. Her career is painting. I made her Afu's mother, and I made Rangi her husband. I noticed Shayna had an interest in Helios, but I didn't know why she was hot and cold with Rangi until I played the household. Despite despising Rangi and Divorcing him, she actually still cares about him. It shows in her profile. She does not actually feel like she despises or hates him in spite of everything deep in the red.

    Rangi is a neat, squeamish, and paranoid sim. He was developing a bad reputation long before I played the household, and now, everyone hates him. He's an abusive husband and accuses others of spying. He gets sick from dirty surroundings, and the combination of his traits almost keeps him in a bad mood all the time. He's frequently afraid when people, including his own family, have conversations he's not a part of. He lost his job by blowing the whistle for business misconduct, and he stays at home while his entire family works to pay the bills. In his pursuit of whims and accelerating the development of his established bad reputation, he criticizes Shayna's parenting and hates his son, Cale, because he frequently makes messes. Rangi is sleeping in the master bedroom, and his wife is sleeping on the couch.

    I will share update with a trigger warning, only because it's to be honest about him as a character and explain why he's going to get a Death by Morbius, a death reserved for truly wicked sims.

    Cale and Kyra were created by playing with genetics between Shayna and Rangi.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    @sunblond in regards to club outfit, I gave my merfolk a variety of outfits. That's part of why it took so long. I had to remove their occult attire and create multiple variations of their occult attire.

    As for another update on Rangi, Afu's Father, one of his whims was to discover vampires, and I think that will help play into him merting Damion Morbius, the only sim capable of killing Dylan and Zephyr with cheats.
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 240 Member
    edited August 2021
    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 17

    On Souls Day, Bruce visited his mother's grave in the Newcrest Cemetery with his father and Jessie.

    The following day, he was invited by Nina. (For the mansion, CTTO) He found out that he got Nina pregnant, and he got the chance to hold his first baby. They decided to keep it a secret (that Bruce is the father and not Nina's husband Jenko who was busy watching TV).

    The following morning, Bruce was set to do a movie shoot. Before going to the studio, he successfully made a prank call to his enemy Johnny which boosted his confidence.

    Show spoiler to see who Bruce's co-stars were and how the shoot went.
    Bruce's co-stars were Mick and Jordan. Of course, Bruce and Mick already knew each other for a long time. Bruce has met Jordan several times before, but they haven't really talked before this. Bruce rehearsed with his co-stars after getting into costume. He was the protagonist while Jordan and Mick were the villains. Bruce was annoyed by Sophie's presence, so he did mean interactions to her. His enemy Keiran was also there and the two got into a fight (also witnessed by Keiran's ex-wife Puma) before Bruce told the director they're all ready.

    Bruce did his solo scenes first.

    And then his scenes with Mick.

    And finally, his scenes with Jordan. Bruce got gold as usual, and he got promoted to "Seasoned Thespian."

    Bruce mingled with his co-stars and the crew after the shoot. He and Jordan got along.

    It was Harvestfest the day after the movie shoot. Bruce visited his father and had a grand meal (Tofurkey dinner) with him.

    Meanwhile in the Magic Realm, Sophie continued building her spellcaster skills so that she could bewitch Manuel. Apparently, half-sisters Angela and Venessa are both spellcasters too (their mother is a spellcaster while their fathers are normal Sims). Sophie had a duel with both of them (they both have cat familiars). She lost to Angela while she won against Venessa.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Season 3 Episodes
    Season 4 Episodes
    Current Season's Episodes
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    Episode 9
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
    Episode 13
    Episode 14
    Episode 15
    Episode 16
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    edited August 2021
    I made an interesting discovery, in large part thanks to @Daravi, I think. Vampire/ Merperson Hybrids are stable without mods. They do not get a merform, so no tail, but the catch is that you want to equip all the vampire powers before turning them into a merman or mermaid. The Vampiric powers are still usable, but the sim also gets mermadic powers.

    To be honest, I think this would make Damion Morbius too powerful. He has virtually no vampiric weaknesses and almost all of the Vampiric Powers. Giving him the the power to control the weather and more abilities for manipulating another sim's emotions would be too much. I think the Sulani Mana trait would only make him more powerful because he would be able to make fire rain down from the sky and pass judgement on mortals.

    Anyways, his only true weakness would be something that comes from mermadic powers. Damion's weakness is in the spoiler:
    . I have to give Dylan and Zephyr some kind of means to defend themselves from the only thing that can kill them!

    Edit: He has vampiric weaknesses, but I don't consider them to be true weaknesses. Plus, he's almost immune to as many potential deaths as the Twins.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    edited August 2021
    One more update: It is possible to undo the hybrid status with Traits.remove_Trait Trait_occultmermaid. This will turn the Vampire/Mer Hybrid back into a normal vampire. From there, you can use cheats to equip vampire abilities.

    The cheat: traits.remove_trait trait_OccultVampire will turn the hybrid into a mer, but the game will still think the mer has vampiric abilities that can't be used because they don't have vampiric energy.

    The hydration need does not change back.

    I also confirmed that merfolk can be turned into spellcasters with a functional merform.

    With this in mind, I think I'm going to turn Dylan and Zephyr into spellcaster/ merfolk hybrids.

    Edit: Unfortunately, their merform becomes their only form, and they will begin swimming through the ground. I thought I was onto something. It appears that the only stable hybrid is a Vampire/ Merperson. So, I'm not turning Dylan and Zephyr into spellcasters.
    Post edited by Metior_Ice on
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    I'm a farmer at heart you guys, I really am.
    ( Can't wait until CLV isn't so expensive. )

    Omg I'm honestly flattered lol I hate how I build so it's always so weird to me when people compliment my building >.< I honestly think I'm really bad at it.
    I could technically still fiddle with it for you if you wanted lol

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,141 Member
    @sunblond Yes, it's probably better not to update if you don't must. I'm a perfectionist and kind of very buerocratic, so the situation was driving me crazy. It has basically to do with giving name situation in germany. Names in germany aren't germanized anymore. People who come from all over the world mostly keep their name traditions. I guess, you will barely find a family with a turkish background in germany where the children have only typical german names. Although the name changed a lot through the decades, todays they have two syllables and end with an a for girls, for boys it's a little bit more mixed, but also have one or two syllables. People who moved to germany do this for job or study reason, they don't expect to stay here forever and want to return one day and they do care about the future their children. A name can open or close a door to a succesful future. I think that is valid for most of the countries.

    But, luckely after a long research, I've found the solution in the mccc settings and changed the birth notification from all to my played sims. Well this won't me help the forgotten names of fresh spawned npc's, but this I can tolerate ... hopefully.

    @Metior_Ice I really do wonder what did I wrote, which brought you a discovery?

    @Keidra Your latest builds a gorgeous, so the compliments are well deserved. That a builder thinks, he/she could it make better is just natural. ;)

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