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    Hey all!

    Once again I’m going to try to pop in and be part of the group again. I see so many new people and that’s super exciting!

    I've decided that I’ll try to do one page of comments when I pop in. Much easier than paging back and forth. So these will be comments from page 884. So if you’ve written something since then, I haven’t seen it yet (except where I got a mention, lol)


    Holy cow! When I started reading your story I had no idea it would go where it went!

    What an imaginative story line! I love it! That’s such a twist, that the intimacy will cause him to lose Mariela so much faster! Wow I hope the relic can be found 😯
    Ah, okay, that explains it.
    Thank you for the sentiment. I like taking a single throwaway thing and turning it into a major plot point in my playthroughs (like the "Wish for Love" from the Well). I guess I'm too much my own fan, as I tend to enjoy seeing just where one topic, one item, one question, or one answer will take me.
    Check out my 'Simming Tips' for detailed tips and tricks (TS4).
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    Nice to see you! And ty! ( Yay for fixed marriages! And that's a very neat swimming spot. )

    Del Sol Valley's very modern bustling city. Less weird up in the Pinnacles where the rich folk are but the houses up there are mostly modern style too. It'd be better in Forgotten Hollow because FH is Victorian styled.

    The good thing about FH and Glimmerbrook for that matter is that there aren't background buildings in those worlds that aren't editable lots, so you can make the overall world style whatever you want without the backdrop skyscrapers and antebellum houses throwing off your groove.

    Like realistically Newcrest is a crud world for building because it's sort of locked into a handful of styles that won't look weird with the house shells around it and the backdrops unless you can overlook that they don't match.

    BUT unfortunately the lot I built it on is a 50x50 and FH and Glimmerbrook are lacking a lot big enough for it. So I'll have to rebuild it probably. Hahahaha. Yay me. xD But I thought I might for the Morgensterns, they're on the big lot in Glimmerbrook, which I think is 40x30.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    I think I'm going to move forward with the household despite my little mistake. I'm going to try and resurrect Afu.

    I'm debating on whether or not I should do something with ghosts and a haunted house. At least, bringing Afu back should have some kind of consequence.
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    Reality Kings Season 5: Episode 15

    It's still Summer.

    Back home in Windenburg, it was the day of Jordan's movie shoot. In the morning, he baked meat pie (which he had first tried in Henford-on-Bagley) with his wife while Markus made a pitcher of lemonade. The family butler was still asleep.

    They had a nice breakfast together.

    Show spoiler to find out who Jordan's co-stars were and how his movie shoot went.
    His co-stars were Mick and Julia Ann. He went straight to the dressing room to change into his costume.

    And then he rehearsed some scenes with his co-stars before telling the director they're ready.

    Jordan first did his solo singing and dancing scenes.

    And then his romantic scenes with his (older) leading lady Julia Ann.

    And then finally, his scenes with Mick. Gold as usual, and finally Jordan is now a "Silver Screen Icon."

    Jordan invited his co-stars and the director to Stargazer Lounge where they grabbed some drinks together. There were paparazzis as usual.

    During the summer break, Markus and Jordi went for a jungle adventure in Selvadorada with Justin, Malcolm, and Codi. They had some food and purchased some supplies in the marketplace first.

    Show spoiler to see how their jungle adventure went.
    After eating, they headed to Belomisia Jungle. Markus cut the woody vines blocking their path using the machete that he got earlier. But the machete got lost after he successfully cleared the path.

    The path led them to the area in the jungle where the waterfall can be seen.

    With no more machete to use, Markus cleared the path using his bare hands as he was the one with the highest Gardening skill (Level 3) among the five teenage boys. Codi was attacked by bats, and they didn't have the right repellent.

    Markus successfully cleared the path even without a machete. The group was led to an area with more than one paths ahead. They chose the nearest one. Markus cleared the path with his bare hands again. It led them to the Omiscan Royal Baths.

    They swam around the pool and became energized.

    After swimming around, they set up their tents in the nearby area and roasted some food. It started to rain when they were roasting, so they had to take turns adding logs to the bonfire. They went to sleep in their tents after eating.

    The next morning, they went to the Alam Museum of Archaeology before going home.

    Manuel's dad (Have I ever mentioned that his dad's name is Samuel?) visited his sister Sarah (Manuel's aunt and the twins' grandaunt) who lives in the village of Finchwick in Henford-on-Bagley. Sarah is a freelance digital artist who also makes a living out of chickens. She is in the beginning of Adult life stage and still single. Aside from chickens, she also has a dog named Lycanroc Rocky. Manuel was not busy (while Summer was), so he decided to come with his dad and bring along his twins.

    Show spoiler how Manuel's visit to Henford-on-Bagley went.
    The twins enjoyed seeing live chickens for the first time, and they both became friends with Rocky.

    Manuel went to the grocery shop and tried chocoberry for the first time. Some villagers swooned at the sight of him.

    Manuel had a Henford Heart-to-Heart talk with the grocery shop owner Kim, and then he offered her some help. Even though he's already rich and famous, Manuel is still always happy to help others. She needed assistance in taking orders from villagers and something to eat. She also asked Manuel to deliver a rose to the Creature Keeper in Bramblewood. Manuel took grocery orders from Cassidy (the wife of Jordan's father), Simon, Agnes (who was angry as usual), and even Lavina the mayor. They all wanted eggs. However, Kim's store was short on eggs, so she asked a dozen more from Manuel.

    Manuel's aunt Sarah had lots of eggs in her fridge, and Manuel asked for a dozen as needed by Kim. Manuel also grabbed a serving of gourmet fruitcake (which was just given to Sarah). She can't eat it anyway as she is lactose intolerant. Manuel gave a serving of gourmet fruitcake and a dozen eggs to Kim at once.

    Manuel was not yet done with the errand when the Finchwick Chicken Fair began. Manuel decided to attend the fair before going to Bramblewood. Samuel, Sarah, and the twins were already there when Manuel came. Thomas Watson asked for his autograph. Sarah submitted one of her hens (the one with clothing) and an excellent chocolate egg as her entries for the fair. Her hen won second place while her egg did not win even third place. Rocky, being aggressive, attacked Sara Scott.

    After the fair, Samuel and the twins went home to San Myshuno while Manuel went to Bramblewood to finish the errand. While waiting for the Creature Keeper near his cottage, Manuel met and befriended a wild rabbit. Finally, the Creature Keeper Michael Bell arrived, and Manuel delivered the rose from Kim. Michael asked Manuel to give his regards to Kim. Manuel bought some animal clothing from Michael and dressed the rabbit that he befriended before saying goodbye to it.

    Manuel went back to Finchwick to meet up with Kim and gave Michael's regards. (I cannot find the option to give the items from Michael to Kim though)

    Manuel also returned to his aunt's house to give her some clothing for her chickens. And then he went home to San Myshuno.

    -To be continued-

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    @sunblond Jordan is already a "Global Superstar" while Bruce is still a "B-Lister" :) Let's see if he'll get there in any upcoming episode :)

    @AlwaysAsking Welcome back! Bruce is not yet a "Superstar" :) And yes Erik wrote the forged breakup letter :lol:
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    Well, the non-occult playthrough didn't last long, but I like the new twist to the Turei's story. I think it will give more depth to Dylan's powers as an Elemental of the Sea. Granted, these "Powers" are more of a story telling thing than actual in game abilities.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    Well, I almost burned Cale alive after having him touch a lava bomb. I forgot that only Children of the Islands can touch them. Anyways, I should be ready to make an update soon.
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    @Metior_Ice Loner sims are a hilarious and special breed. Try dates at one or the other sim's home or at community lots where random townies don't go onto the lot, like the Bluffs or San Myshuno's center park.

    @AlwaysAsking yeah, I'm feeling very ambivalent about Miko and Akira's future, totally undecided as to what they will do. Maybe they will decide for me? Miko only has to be that flirty because of the serial romantic aspiration. Because she's also Good, I feel like (at least in my game) she's someone who has been kidding herself as to the impact of her actions on others. She has to get herself to believe that what she's doing is okay, but in reality it's hurting someone's feelings or at least confusing people. The breakup with Akira, plus the "boundaries" conversation with Sierra, are the beginning of her getting to a place where she can be more honest with everyone and truly be responsible for her actions. She hasn't finished the aspiration so she is still gonna keep being flirty for some time to come, just in a more ethical way.

    I never ever need to do the 100 baby challenge. Do you know why? Because I have now played the Raj Rasoya Has 3 Toddlers Challenge.

    "Please, please help me..."

    What really caused the challenge is that Geeta Rasoya died, leaving Raj on his own with Breana, Jenifer and Paola. Obviously Geeta was going to be the first death of a San Myshuno premades rotation, but that didn't make it easy. I added a cemetery to Myshuno Court. They held a funeral.

    And a funeral lunch, of course.

    Grief calls for pie in both hands

    And panic about suddenly being the only grownup taking care of 3 little girls

    Paola was on her last day of babyhood when Geeta died-- she kept crying and I couldn't figure out why, she'd been fed and changed and cuddled and all-- then she aged up to toddler and had the Very Sad mood from a death in the family. Babies are so object-like I didn't realize they would feel sad and cry a lot from the death of a caregiver :(

    Breana had a birthday. She is my first toddler to ever max all her skills. (I have only played on normal lifespan so far.) Here she is.
    And I had to decide how I was going to handle traits and things in this save. I like the Pinstar legacy challenge's trait generator since it has an inheritance mechanic, but clicking on all the little dropdowns is a little annoying, so I decided to come up with a faster way to do it.
    For the toddler trait I'm rolling randomly, only once.
    For all future traits I'm rolling 3 times. If one of the rolls gives a trait that a parent has, that trait automatically wins. Otherwise I choose which of the 3 traits fits the character best. If both parents share a trait, I roll 3 additional times to give that trait a chance to appear. If it does, it automatically wins, but I can't use any other traits that appear on those additional rolls.
    For the child aspiration I'm choosing based on what toddler skills were highest. Or whiz kid if I have any more little prodigies like Breana.
    For the teen aspiration I'm rolling 3 times and choosing the one that fits the character best. For any future aspirations I'll choose manually.
    Upon aging up to child I'm rolling a random number to determine gender identity, and upon aging up to teen rolling another random number for sexual orientation. I decided I wanted my born-in-game sims to surprise me in that regard, at the ages when young people generally start to be aware of these things.
    Everyone will get one reward trait upon aging up to young adult, and another upon aging up to adult. Those I'll choose based on their life experiences so far.

    Anyhow, Breana has rolled Outgoing and cisgender. Here she is with her buddy Arjun, who also loves mental pursuits.

    Oh, we had a birthday party for Breana at this venue that minisprite created. It's called KIDLAND!!!!! and it's based on minisprite's recollections of all the kid birthday parties she ever went to. I think she did a pretty good job. Breana met a best friend Maki at KIDLAND!!!!! too; it's classified as a park, so more kids show up there of their own accord.

    Some more shots of KIDLAND!!!!!

    Making childhood memories with Maki

    Breana: "My dad is a chef. I'm totally sure this is Baconis Bicarbospicis. Which I have had a million times and it doesn't affect me at all."
    Maki: "Riiiiiight."

    Geeta's room has become the big girls' room. Breana keeps a photo of her toddler self with Geeta on her desk, alongside a photo of herself with Maki, of course.

    Dad? Something smells.

    Thanks, cottage living patch, for letting this food-loving family cook together! I redid the kitchen a little.

    Things might be hard sometimes but we have lots of love too

    Thanks, nanny and maid, for helping Raj hold it together!
    "What we doing now, nanny Brantley?"
    "We are watching the game."

    Finally, Jenifer aged up too! She got dad's slob trait XD

    I think we'll keep the nanny for a little while longer. Turns out he's helpful at teaching Jenifer piano.

    And Geeta is still part of the family although I find this weird

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    @AlwaysAsking Well, I’ve already given up & decided to make a house for my sims with everything in it, lol! :D
  • angelbearangelbear Posts: 151 Member
    My save glitches somehow. So I had to restart my Farming Rags to Riches. Spent most of my day having her earn money in order to buy her lot again
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    The Island Elemental Twins Index:

    The Islanders of Sulani: Rumors of Magic

    The Turei's are your average Islander Family. They enjoy kava parties, work, and attend Island celebrations.

    Legends say that the Islands within the World of Sulani are a place of warm sunshine and bright radiance. The Islands are at the heart of spiritual magic and the home of beings that can bend the forces of nature to their will. The Elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water hold special significance to the Children of the Islands. The Elementals are said to dwell within four domains of the Island, the Volcano, the Sky, and the Sea. Each Elemental acts as a pillar that upholds the natural order and Sulani's Radiant Light. Sulani, the Brightest of Worlds, is also a place with the most ancient magic. Without the Elementals, the world of Sulani would be consumed by the Shadow of Morbius and know only darkness and suffering.

    It is said that the Light of Life first came from the sea, and that, should someone be denied life by death, the sea can grant new life with a new form.

    Kyra invited Gemma Charm from high school. Gemma tried to tell her that her home had the presence of magic, but Kyra didn't believe her.

    Gemma's thoughts: "It's a shame she doesn't believe me. I'd love to show her some spells."


    Shortly after, Afu was approached by a strange man covered in fishing nets and seaweed.

    Calum: "How are you doing? Are you moving in?"

    Afu: "Yeah, we've lived in one of the smaller houses and decided it was time for something bigger. The former residents moved to the World of Newcrest."

    Calum: "Well, I just wanted to welcome you all to the neighborhood."

    Shortly after, the strange man left.


    Walking along the street, a young woman caught Afu's eyes.

    Afu: "How are you, player two?"

    The young woman smiled, unsure of what to make of the introduction.


    Afu: "Does player two have a player one?"

    Confused, La'ei replied: "No."


    Slowly, Afu won La'ei over.

    Afu: "You know, my day is a little brighter with you in it."

    La'ei: "My day is a little brighter with you here too."

    Cale looked up to his older brother and asked him for advice often. Afu was happy to give it.


    That evening, Afu caught up with La'ei and asked her out on a date.

    Afu: "I heard you don't have a player one, so player two, your player one is here."

    La'ei: "I don't know."


    La'ei swam out into open water to snorkel. Afu was already tired, but he wasn't going to give up.

    La'ei: "What's with that smile? You aren't much of a drama llama, are you?"

    Afu: "I don't know how to be a drama llama, but I wanted to know if you'll go on a date with me at the Sand Bar?"


    Afu sat with La'ei and flirted. She was totally digging him.


    Afu went in to make a move, and La'ei looked over her shoulder a bit skeptically. La'ei thought he was cute, and despite her loner tendencies, she was warming up to him.


    They looked into each other's eyes and couldn't pull them away.


    The Turei's live a simple lifestyle and off the grid. Whatever used to power the house was taken when the Eons moved out. Afu was the pillar that held up the family, and they depended on him to prepare meals and maintain the house. He was also the one that bought them most of their appliances and furniture. His mom and dad helped by providing the Simoleans to pay for everything.


    Cale was caught cheating, and Afu told the school to punish him. This angered cale and he came home in a rage. Kyra had a mood swing and was mortified by her simple living.


    Afu was about to join the festivities when La'ei asked him out on a date in the World of Del Sol Valley.


    "Why are you raining on our date?" Afu said as Thorne walked slowly to the chair.

    Thorne: "I like to think I'm a ray of sunshine on the stormy day."


    La'ei's thoughts: "I'm totally bored?"

    (She had the bored moodlet for the entire date and while Thorne was there. :D )

    Afu: "You know that chair is for my date, right?"

    Thorne: "It can be mine as long as you don't tell my wife."


    In a monotone voice La'ei said: "Oh look, Thorne Bailey just stole my chair and is chatting with my date."


    Afu reassured La'ei: "Don't worry, I'm committed to you."

    La'ei in a montone voice: "That's great."

    Thorne slowly got up from the chair.


    And Kalamainu'u sat in it to geek out about Thorne.


    Thorne became the center of attention and posed for pictures by his fans.


    Afu moved to the side and tried to invite his date to dance, if only to salvage the date. Everyone was geeking out over the celebrity appearance and all hope seemed lost. Everyone was so focused on the celebrity that they didn't notice the odd appearance of the merboy, Lyric Kian.


    When Afu returned home from his date, Rangi stepped up and lectured Cale about making messes. He told him to clean it up.


    Cale happily agreed to mop up his mess.


    Despite the date's failure, La'ei still wanted to come over.


    Afu used this opportunity to catch up with La'ei and rebuild their romance.


    Suddenly, La'ei started getting upset: "What's with that look?"

    Afu's thoughts: "How did I get myself entangled with this sea monster? But, I'm committed to this relationship!"


    La'ei left upset, but Afu was still enamored.


    Shayna: "I don't see anything. Are you sure there was a monster under the bed?"

    Cale: "I swear I'm telling the truth. There was a monster under the bed!"


    To escape the family and get some rest, Afu went to the Ohan'ali Surf Bar. He dozed off on a recliner. The smell of the salt air and the sound of waves against the ocean had a calming affect on him.



    Because the stress of home life started wear down Afu, he decided to host a Kava Party. Once again, he worked on his relationship with La'ei. Despite the hot and cold nature of their relationship, he still liked her and they were good friends. She liked him too.


    Afu made a toast to long, and hopefully steady, relationships with everyone's significant others. La'ei felt the gesture was the kava talking, but she admitted that it was sweet gesture.


    As the sun rose, Afu saw a large blue fish tail kick out of the water. Naturally, Afu went to investigate, but he ended up finding a strange blue-haired young man. Afu thought he drank too much kava when he noticed his pointy ears.



    Afu: "And that's when a crab pinched my dad's finger."

    Dylan curled his tail and recoiled as he felt the pain from the words alone.


    Afu: "I have to ask. Are you a merman?"

    Dylan: "That's a strange thing to say. What gave you that idea?"

    (Author Commentary: I don't know Dylan... Maybe, your sparkling, bright-blue scales from your waist down gave it away?)


    Afu was drinking Kava with his mom when a strange force began roughing him up. It took Shayna a while to realize that this wasn't acting.


    Afu tried to crawl free of the rouge earth elemental, but his efforts were in vain. He suffocated under a whirlwind of sand.


    Shayna tried to plea for her son, but Death wouldn't have it.


    Calden hosted a club meeting when Afu's Spirit was sealed within an Urn. The Elementals of the Sea and Sky saw his body vanish in a soft cloud of sand. They swam off to join the other young mermen swimming, but they didn't forget what they saw. Zephyr could feel his twin's sorrow. The sky grew dark as clouds rolled in. The calm before a storm.


    At home, Shayna placed Afu's Urn in his room and engraved it.

    Shayna thought: "He was taken too soon."

    Shayna felt a presence near the sea and went to investigate. There, she met a young man. His eyes were filled with sorrow by the injustice.

    Shayna: "I tried to plea for him, but my words fell on deaf ears. I watched my son vanish in a cloud of sand, and now, all that is left of him is an Urn. I want him back, but I can't wake his spirit from the sleep of death."


    Dylan turned away and felt tears run down his cheeks. In his sorrow, he felt a power he didn't know he had.


    As an Empath, Dylan could feel all of Shayna's pain and stayed by her side while she cried.


    Dylan's eyes flashed with a torrent: "Sometimes the universe isn't fair and we lose the ones we care about long before they even have a chance to achieve their life's aspirations. And sometimes, Death refuses our pleas to bring them back. This injustice can't go on without a response."


    Dylan's voice softened: "Life isn't a game, and it isn't right to normalize death when it could have been prevented."


    Shayna: "I hate to be a drama llama, but once a life is gone, nothing can bring it back."


    Dylan: "I need to go, but I hope you know that Death is not the end."


    And so Dylan walked into the sea, as he waded deeper into the water and felt closer to his domain. He felt that power he didn't know he had grow stronger. When he changed into his natural form, he unleashed a wave of energy that opened a gate between the Netherworld and the Turei's home.



    Shayna mourned for her son, unaware of the overwhelming spiritual energy flowing through their home.


    That night, the first of the many spirits passed beyond the netherworld and entered the Turei's home.


    Cale went to Afu's room to play on his gaming matt, but this didn't help him feel closer to him. Cale subconsciously reached out to the spirits, trying to reach for his brother and role model.


    Cale could hear his brother call from beyond the grave, but he struggled to accept what he heard.


    Cale spoke to the specters long after the sun rose. The spirits were friendly and offered Cale some comfort.



    Later that morning, Cale started chatting with his brother. He didn't hear a response, but he felt some comfort talking to his brother. He had a sense that he was being listened to.


    A being of shadow tried to invade the Turei home, but the specters responded with rage. A Shadow of Morbius was not welcome.

    (Author Commentary: I wish I got a video of it because the second the vampire approached the front door, the angry specters spun out of the ground and chased off the townie vampire. I was like: dang, those spirits are actually putting the fear of Sulani into a vampire. And, the vampire was flying around in bat form trying to evade them.)


    While angry specters chased away shadows, spirits of light emerged throughout the house, offering comfort to the family.


    Eventually, Afu appeared. He felt a little embarrassed by his own death.


    Shayna was surprised to see her son and gave him a hug. When Afu appeared, it triggered a surge of energy that washed into him.


    And to Shayna and Afu's surprise, Afu regained a mortal form.


    Afu: "I'm sorry I scared you, but this isn't over yet. I feel a call to the sea. There's something I need to do or the spirits won't stop flooding into our home."


    And so, Afu entered the ocean and felt himself become reborn. He felt a vortex of energy spiral into him and the doorway to the netherworld close as he gained a new life and a new form.


    Oddly, Afu felt stronger and more powerful in this form. It felt so natural, like it was how he was always meant to be. He did notice that his new form had some similarities to the strange fish he saw the other day.


    Cale also felt a surge of power. His veins burned like fire. He went outside to unleash the fire within.



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    I barely had the energy to finish that long post. I think I caught a cold so I'm going to try to get some rest now.
  • ArcaArca Posts: 183 Member
    I have a big trouble now...
    It seems that I have deleted Johnny Zest by accident :'( Just discovered it last night
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,181 Member
    So Sonya and Anakin went out Mutant Hunting (I pray for the poor souls who saw this post before any of my millions of posts here) and of course Sonya is really grilling Anakin about this. When you're Mutant Hunting you can't drop your guard for an instant, it's kill or be killed.
    Anakin: "Gosh, I think I know what I'm doing, I've accidentally killed a Mutant before."
    Speaking of which, here's a Mutant texting away on his phone. Poor guy, Radiation must've really gotten to him if he thinks that phone still works.
    Anakin: "Alright Mutant scum, it's time for you to die!"
    Anakin: "I just want you to know, I fight DIRTY. I will kick your groin, I'll scratch your face and eyes!"
    Mutant: "But Anakin, you don't want to fight me."
    Mutant: "I'm your Uncle Grom!"
    I can confirm, that is most certainly Grom with a new hairstyle....and he's green too.
    Anakin: "Uncle Grom? How'd you survive the nukes?"
    Grom: "Fallout Shelter.....not a particularly great Fallout Shelter, lots of cracks in the wall. Mutated pretty quick."
    Anakin: "Well snap, since you're alive and well this means we don't have to resort to violence."
    Grom: "Oh no, I'm still going to kill you and wear your skin like a mask to make myself feel normal."

    Hoooo boy how is Anakin going to get out of this one?
    Not very well obviously, that's a LOT of oxygen being cut off from his brain.
    Oh wait, it's Sonya, she left specifically so she can do a cool super villain landing.
    Grom: "Oh joy it's my Aunt Sonya! I can wear her skin to feel pretty!"
    Sonya: "There's only room for ONE mass murdering psycho and that's me."
    And so Sonya flew up into the air and found a helicopter......Question......HOW did she find a helicopter?
    Well anyways, she chucked it right at Mutant Grom.
    Now Anakin might've been getting choked out by Grom, but he's still a good guy and will check up on his Uncle.
    Later that day back at Camp, Blanca was wondering if it was safe to drink while pregnant.
    In reality I'd say it's more dangerous to drink while carrying a knife everywhere you go.
    Oh no, Darrell lit on fire!
    Well good news is everyone went out of their way to save him.
    Darrell: "We don't speak of this again."
    Blanca: "What's wrong Anakin, you've barely touched your breakfast."
    Anakin: "I just can't believe Sonya would kill Uncle Grom like that."
    Sonya: "He literally said he was going to eat your skin."
    Anakin: "No, he said he was going to wear my skin like a mask."
    Sonya: "That doesn't make it better! Now shut up and finish your Gromburger."
    Anakin: "Why does Uncle Grom have to taste so good though?"
    Blanca: "You should look on the brighter side of life, at least you still have your health....Unlike Mario over there."
    Mario: "I've seen better days that's for sure."
    Sonya: "Oh he's so cute when he's suffering from multiple illnesses."

    Looks like Love is in the Air.
    Sonya: "Hey guys, just gonna add some more graves to the cemetery. Same deal as before, don't ask where I got them from."
    Oh boy that's a lot of graves.
    Sonya: "I'm just going to laugh at Grom's grave over here."
    Oh boy guys, looks like there's going to be an apocalypse wedding tonight! Wait, who's getting married?
    Well it's Sonya and Mario of course!
    Chief Manslaughter: "Well I'm just glad we were all able to save our best formal wear before the bombs fell."
    Anakin: "Speak for yourself, I should've bought a new suit before the apocalypse. This just doesn't suit me anymore."
    Darrell: "Wait, we were supposed to save our formal wear from before the nukes? Oh, NOW You tell me."
    Anakin: "Boy Sonya, I sure am glad you're getting married.......for like the 6th time now."
    Sonya: "Well I'm just glad because this is the first wedding I've had where someone hasn't died."
    Sonya: "Yet."
    Anakin: "Am I in danger?"
    Looks like Octavia is here. Doesn't sound pleasant to be walking through the desert wastelands in a formal dress.
    Sonya: "Hey Octavia good news and bad news! Good news, your son, Grom survived the nukes!"
    Octavia: "That's wonderful, when do I get to see him?"
    Sonya: "Bad news, never because we killed him."
    Octavia: "Wait what?"
    Anakin: "And then we ate him!"
    Oh looks like a random survivor has found the Camp!
    Uh oh, we know what happens when Sonya smiles like that.
    Survivor: "Sweet Supervillain landing!"
    Sonya: "Go Go Sonya Acid Attack."
    Octavia: "Yeah this is usually why I don't go to Sonya's weddings. SOMEONE always has to die."
    Luna: "Aw man, did I already miss the murder?"
    At least Luna won't miss the ceremony.
    Even though there are certainly enough chairs for everyone to sit down....
    Aw how cute, Sonya and Mario are finally tying the knot.
    Sonya: "How nice, you're the Sixth person to put a ring on this finger."
    Sonya: "One of them was a robot so you're my second favorite husband by default."
    Mario: "I'll take it!"
    I now pronounce you, Mr and Mrs Bailey....What did you honestly think Sonya would take Mario's last name? Ha ha ha, don't kid yourself.
    Blanca: "I just want you to know, I'm nauseous because I'm pregnant, not because I'm disgusted by you guys."

    And now it's time to say goodbye to a friend....for real this time.
    Oh weren't the heir so obviously you weren't the favorite.
    But you were the best dressed kid out there so we gotta give you that.
    And at least you lasted longer than your little sister right there......Oh boy did you live longer than her....Man, she stood no chance in this world.
    But you will always be the best little brother for going to Batuu with Grim....You were quite eager to go to a lawless planet that's for sure.
    You didn't become a Jedi like your brother, but you were the best Stormtrooper the Empire could ask for.
    And then you just sort of......disappeared and stopped showing up to my parties I threw all the time.....Except for this one where you just stood still in this T Pose for like 6 hours, not even blinking. You were kind of weird man.
    Rest in Peace Grom Reaper.
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    edited July 2021
    Morgyn always seems so happy with her. So even though I continue not to get it... I still pair them together. lol

    Edit: Sooo... I was recording a video for my YouTube channel and Morgyn and Libs went off to woohoo autonomously... and then Morgyn did the pregnancy idles.
    God rest my soul.
    Post edited by Keidra on

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    I'm trying to update my club outfits post-patch. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to solve my games problem with picking a club uniform in the swimwear section. What did end up fixing it was completely recreating the Merbros, Calden's Club and the family he made because he's an orphan.

    So, the Merbros is a club of wayward yound mermen that are brothers even though they aren't related by blood.

    This club includes:

    Dylan and Zephyr: The Blue Tail Heirs and the Spirits of the Sea and Sky

    Juniper: The Child of the Sun and Spirit of Plants

    Lyric: Calden's Step-Brother

    Helios: The Alien Merman

    and now: Afu: the Human Reborn as a Merman

    Calden has a way of finding those odd merfolk and letting them join his family.
  • IrishSimmer21IrishSimmer21 Posts: 464 Member
    edited July 2021
    I built this creative studio type thing for my sim, Piper. She is married to Akira Kibo and has two children with him. I haven't played with them since 2018 so I decided to use them to try out Cottage Living. I know it's not very good and it's only a square box but I'm not a builder so I'm quite pleased with myself :D She was level 10 in the gardening career but I made her quit. She will spend the rest of her life looking after their animals, flower arranging (she was doing that on the side before they moved to HoB), beekeeping, knitting, gardening, juicing and whatever else she wants to do. She might take up painting as an elder. Akira is level 9 in the tech career and will stay in it until he is an elder.
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  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member

    Ok, this is just a post to answer mentions, and give quick advice to someone! I will be working on the next page of updates (885) in a while. So if I didn’t comment on your post here, it’s because I didn’t get to this page yet, lol

    Oh gosh! Unfortunate, but you can easily get him back! Either go on the gallery and search Johnny Zest. A million will come up. Look at them until you see one that looks like the original Johnny, then read the description. If it says he’s the original, you’re all set.

    The other option is to open a new save in your own game. Save that save’s Johnny into your own library, and delete the extra save. Then you’ll have him in your own library and you can put him in the save where he’s missing!

    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    @AlwaysAsking I'm sorry if this double tags you. Anyways, I'm crying while laughing... The idea of a killer rabbit reminded me of Monty Python. I need to take a break and decide if I'm going to continue this household. I know how to turn ghosts back into mortal beings by inviting them into your household. It was an epic Kava party.

    Also, this is a vanilla feature with cheats active. I think Cottage Living comes with a new death. :D:joy::sweat_smile:
    Oh man! I’m laughing too 🤣 Especially at that picture of his mom 😂 “neat, a rabbit is slaying my son.” It really does look like she’s saying that. I can’t believe that happened. I mean, I’m not gonna say Thorne had something to do with it … but, you know, that dastardly trait can be a problem. I’m sure I’ll find out what happened with the situation soon. 😊 but what a mess. Naughty vanilla game. (I always have toggle.death turned on, no one can die in my saves 🤣)

    Ah, okay, that explains it.
    Thank you for the sentiment. I like taking a single throwaway thing and turning it into a major plot point in my playthroughs (like the "Wish for Love" from the Well). I guess I'm too much my own fan, as I tend to enjoy seeing just where one topic, one item, one question, or one answer will take me.
    It seems like very cool way to build a story! And from your response I assume more has happened in the story, I’ll be watching for it!

    BUT unfortunately the lot I built it on is a 50x50 and FH and Glimmerbrook are lacking a lot big enough for it. So I'll have to rebuild it probably. Hahahaha. Yay me. xD But I thought I might for the Morgensterns, they're on the big lot in Glimmerbrook, which I think is 40x30.
    Oh man, lol, I shouldn’t laugh, but it sounds like something I would do, and have done. Lol I hope you can shrink it a bit, to make it fit. But I was thinking, from what you were saying about buildings in the background, that Brindleton Bay and Windenburg could both work. If you placed it way out in the outer area. Like the Delgato’s place, or Fyres.

    Welcome back! Bruce is not yet a "Superstar" :) And yes Erik wrote the forged breakup letter :lol:
    Well I’m not surprised that he wrote it 😂 And oh, ok. I must’ve read it wrong.

    yeah, I'm feeling very ambivalent about Miko and Akira's future, totally undecided as to what they will do. Maybe they will decide for me? Miko only has to be that flirty because of the serial romantic aspiration. Because she's also Good, I feel like (at least in my game) she's someone who has been kidding herself as to the impact of her actions on others. She has to get herself to believe that what she's doing is okay, but in reality it's hurting someone's feelings or at least confusing people. The breakup with Akira, plus the "boundaries" conversation with Sierra, are the beginning of her getting to a place where she can be more honest with everyone and truly be responsible for her actions. She hasn't finished the aspiration so she is still gonna keep being flirty for some time to come, just in a more ethical way.
    Lol, ok, I totally get where you’re coming from. She’s been fooling herself. I have to marvel at the mastermind who set that up. Give her the serial romantic aspiration, and say she’s in love with a jealous man. The thing is, once she finishes the aspiration they will be fine together! He’ll never be jealous of her flirting with someone ever again. It’s just getting to that point that is pretty darn complicated.

    I played as Penny Pizzazz trying to get that trait, and one of her lovers was obsessed with her. So I kept taking her to the most remote destinations to do the flirting and interactions needed for the aspiration, but about 2/3rds of the time he’d find her anyway. He was jealous And hot headed 😆 so he’d stand there raging and crying in equal measure. A hot mess. Lol

    SimDork23 wrote: »
    @AlwaysAsking Well, I’ve already given up & decided to make a house for my sims with everything in it, lol! :D
    Lol! Ok, that’s pretty funny. And I don’t blame you! 🤣

    Ok, I hope I didn’t miss any mentions! I will keep an eye out for them, or if I did miss you, just give me a shout out and tell me where I missed it 😊

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    @AlwaysAsking So you got to see Thorne interjecting himself in the date? I'm not crazy thinking that his focus was on Afu, right?

    I had to look up the death cheat to bring Afu back. Since resurrecting sims enters occult territory, I went all out. Kyra might become a spellcaster. I don't know.

    I am slowly removing the merfolk attire from my sims and restricting it to club gatherings of merfolk. I can never make up my mind about that, but I know that, if I do attempt a non-occult family again, I don't want my merfolk looking so obviously out of place. Unless, of course, the merfolk are gathering in Sulani.
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,595 Member
    Had moved my family the 'Staffords' into Henford since they had ran a farm of sorts in Bridelton Bay, so it was time for a change of scenery. Though, with the first week of summer in Henford the first four to five days were nothing but thunderstorms. :s
    Hard to garden and care for animals when that's going on, but it didn't stop Bonnie (youngest daughter of Betsy) from trying and the results were not so good...perhaps even shocking? :#
    Welcome wagon certainly didn't hang around long. Meredith slipped twice due to mud puddles in the worse spot so everyone was pretty unlucky.
    The weather wasn't enough to deter these two lovebirds for sure. Guess it just sets that kind of mood? That and Meredith seems to have went to window shopping. Probably for a new dress due to getting it dirty.
    Not too much to do with gardening and the like and animals spent most of their time in their sheds, so Clay (oldest son) decided to play his guitar while Bonnie worked on her cross stitching. Gonna be a lot of that being stuck inside.
    FINALLY, the weather cleared up and it was mostly partly cloudy. Everyone had gotten up early. Betty dig so rather begrudgingly, since she hasn't gotten up this early in years since the kids were much younger. Had gotten up to clean up the animal shed, but Bonnie had already beaten her to it and was already loving up on their cow Butters. Clay had took Marley out on a walk on the town after he felt the need to bark at the cow who seemed pretty uninterested in him, so that meant she could start prepping for breakfast. Bonnie had some spare time on her hands after milking the cow to help out with that too even if she had a pretty low cooking skill. Still it turned out well enough. Clay kinda bailed after eating to go garden and left his sister and mom to the rest of breakfast.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,866 Member
    @Keidra Exciting! Would love to meet the Morgyn-Liberty nooboo when it appears.

  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    It's taking me a while, but I created a club called the Mua Pel'Am Pod, and I'm making Kemps the Leader of the 3 clubs. I'm then making custom merfolk attire for the club uniform and removing the merfolk attire from the merfolk.

    The goal is to restrict merfolk attire to club gatherings and consequently minimize the amount of time my merfolk spend in their occult attire.

    I want them to have outfits that reflect their occult origins, but I don't want them using those outfits everywhere at any time.
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Ugh I hate the way I talk, like wow this week's video is really bad for it, real nice example of everything I hate about my voice. Woo hoo. But this week you get to meet my poly-partners' Simselves so I guess that's rad.

    Also figured out how to make default and non-default eye colours and heterochromia, and I can paint, so... if the Simsverse starts getting a bunch of hand-painted eye sets from me, I'm not sorry. ( You're welcome, really. ) I also figured out quite a few weeks ago how to make 3D eyelashes, so that might also be happening. Skin detail eyelashes that don't conflict with rings or bracelets??? For sure!!!

    I'm sure we've all done it at some point lol.
    And yeah, I built my Simself one of these up on Hound's Head and that works Okay, I wouldn't say it looks fine but the houses around it are far enough away I can just meh at it. Windenburg would also probably be okay.
    Thing is though these places are C O L D lol
    But actually the OFAF crew move into Hound's Head in the story at some point or they did in the second iteration ( I'm writing the third now so I have no idea how that'll go ) BUT, if we get the same outcome with that and they move there again I may give them the unfurnished version of my Simself's palace/chateau/manor/thing... and furnish it for them. Bc honestly, it's the iteration I'm most proud of. The towers! The bridge! The maze! The caryatids! It's exactly how I envisioned a build like this. Yibs yibs yibs-yibs-YIIIIBS!!!

    Their first kid was adorbs as heck so I expect this little monster to be really cute too. But it'll take some time bc I just apped them both into uni, and while I Can do uni and nooboos at once ( see Eisenstern legacy ), I don't want to. xD So I paused it with MCCC, and I'll resume it when Morgyn graduates in a few game weeks.
    Blegh I don't even know where to put the kid's bedroom loool.

    Speaking of their house...


    This is the entry way.

    Living room/great room. Whatever you wanna call it. Drawing room. Parlour? That. lol

    Other side of the living room, faces the entry.

    The dining room.

    Other side of the dining room.
    Really wish that poster was in Simlish but wygd. Do it yourself later.

    The kitchen.

    Other side of the kitchen.
    I keep forgetting a lot of my CC chairs are broken and using them and then wondering why my Sims don't use the tables.

    This is the stairwell and the back hallway.

    Upstairs hallway.

    Charity's bedroom. Charity is Liberty's little sister.

    Morgyn and Liberty's bedroom. There are books *everywhere*, but tbh there are books all over this house. Charity's a bookworm too, so... yeah... the nooboo better like books. xD

    The magic room.

    Ground floor.

    Upper floor.

    This is worth 142,500, features 3ba and 2bd, technically 3bd if you convert the magic room into a bedroom.
    Wonder if toddlers can use staircases again...

    The CC in it is a mishmash of stuff by peacemaker_ic, Harrie, felixandre, Ravasheen, Strange Storyteller Sims, TheJim07, MLys, CosmosOwl, BrambleFinch, Jomsims, me, amoebae, ATS4, spaceroxy, and probably a bunch of others I don't remember off the top of my head.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
  • rjssimrjssim Posts: 1,339 Member
    I'm still preparing for the next chapter in my Sim story, but I'll be getting back to writing soon. Here are some images of an important place that will be a part of the new chapter. I've been working on a custom reshade setting to make the world in the new chapter a brighter and more colorful place.



  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    edited August 2021
    @rjssim I love that lot. The only thing that could make it better is if sims could swim in the ponds!

    For my sim story, I'm still building the world. I, at least, have one Newcrest Neighborhood finished.

    The clubs are working better than I thought. I made the club activities: Swimming, Diving in the Ocean, Being Friendly to Anyone, Singing, and Listening to Music. This has caused more autonomous singing and autonomous merfolk behaviors.

    For the Mua Pel'Am Pod, I restricted: Being Mean, Scaring other sims, being mischievous, fighting, and sabotaging objects. I'll let everyone know if this impacts Goofballs Pranking Toilets.

    For the Darkfins, I think I'm going to have them do all the negative interactions, or, at least, most of them.

    So far, I have a few more households to go before I start playing the other six Merman Princes, for that's their human equivalent to their title as Elder Heirs.

    On another note, I am feeling a bit more creative, so I may make updates to the book I'm trying to write. I've had a lot happen during the past few years that made it hard to focus on writing a mord creative story. I enjoy my mersim story, but it's not the same level of creativity I put inyo other writing projects.
    Post edited by Metior_Ice on
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    edited August 2021
    Setting up three clubs seems to be taking longer than I thought. Anyways, I ended up deleting some extra merfolk. I have, currently in my game, 40 or 41 merfolk, 38 or 39 pure-blood merfolk. I can't fit the entire pod inside 3 clubs. I guess this works out because it makes room for other families.

    I'm thinking of turning Zephyr's girlfriend into a mermaid. I don't want him to outlive her.

    I'm thinking that, any merfolk added from the 100 merbaby challenge will end up as townie merfolk.

    I decided against adding Serene and Merman Alexander Goth to my main save.

    As for Juniper, I can see him as a Fairy if they get added. He has an impish face, and I truly believe that his status as an Earth Elemental would be better represented by a Fairy instead of a Merman. I probably won't add him to the pod clubs just in case. The clubs are for merfolk only.

    I'm so worn out. lol. My Mua Pel'Am Pod is one giant merfamily, and I did make them brothers, sisters, cousins, husbands, sister's in law, brother's in law, and etc.

    I wanted to keep all the premade merfolk and incorporate them into the pod, but I don't think I have a place for Ukupanipo and Panipo in my save.

    I shared Ukupanipo and his twin brother, Panipo, to the gallery. I created his twin after misspelling his name with the name of a vegetarian dish.

    The Darkfins, Afu, Helios, Iona, Makoa, and 5 of the 8 Merman Princes will also be excluded from the Mua Pel'Am Pod Clubs. Most of these other merfolk aren't directly affiliated with the pod, were cut off from the pod, or left the pod.

    So, the final verdict for the merfolk in my game will be:
    Kemps Zalrian
    Isla Zalrian
    Calum Zalrian
    Arihi Zalrian
    Dylan Zalrian
    Zephyr Zalrian
    Reef Kailani
    Sara Kailani
    Kylen Kailani
    Rylan Kailani
    Aaron Kailani
    Lir Kailani
    Andria Kian
    Fin Kian
    Lyric Kian
    Calden Azure
    Maria Eldora
    Sefina Ka'ana'ana
    Cecelia Lahela
    Hana Savea
    Haych Savea
    Anas Mahi'ai
    Nalani Mahi'ai
    Hawea Savea
    Jason Galen
    Alen Finley
    Aiden Sol
    Akira Ningyo
    Jack Galleon
    Afu Turei
    Makoa Kealoha (Townie)
    Kalamainu'u Iona
    Helios Eon
    Eos Eon
    Archer Darkfin
    Freddy Darkfin
    Nyx Darkfin
    Sarah Darkfin
    Flaira Darkfin
    Volcana Darkfin

    And breathe. Every time I edit outfits, I edit all of these merfolk.

    Edit: I also set up the clubs to meet at the beach. So, every time my sims visit the beach on Mua Pel'Am, merfolk should appear!
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