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  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 700 Member
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    Hello everyone this will be a continuation of my Hazel and Rainbow Meeting story!

    Requested mentions: @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30

    Previous Parts
    Part 1 H&R Meeting
    Part 2 H&R Meeting
    Part 3 H&R Meeting
    Part 4 H&R Meeting
    Part 5 H&R Meeting

    A beautiful sad dream... that is what Hazel called her dream last night, about her mommy, Hazel wished she could be here and meet Rainbow and Mr. Stone.

    Declan reassured her that mommy would have loved too, but Aubree is also happy, Hazel is so happy.

    This assurance cheered Hazel up and she declared she was going to keep having lots and lots of fun!

    Boy does Declan look smug self satisfied are what? Take it easy, one talk does not fix it all, but good start keep it up.

    Gosh, this picture got me! They are both looking so adoringly at Aubree's pictures and you can see so much wanting in Declan's face, please Dec try and take Max's advice it is not too late!

    This is the wall of Aubree, that picture at the top is Aubs as a child, I wish I still had her in game, I wanna see up close how much Hazel looks like her! But I think she got culled.

    The two of them share a nice cuddle together really soaking in they still had each other.

    Hazel plopped down at her drawing table to draw out some of her feelings plus, she felt very inspired to make something.

    Pictures Photoshoot
    The girls got dressed up and they and their dads went over to a local photo gallery to get pictures taken together and a few with their dads.

    Incoming picture dump!

    Hazel's first picture with Declan her dad.

    Rainbow picture with Max her daddy~

    Play Venue

    The dads let the girls play and idk what is happening with Rainbows hair lol CC try to ignore it!

    "I used to have a doll house like this, I think, I think I remember it."

    Hazel said this quietly a little unsure of herself.

    "Wowie, you did? What happened to it?"

    Rainbow asked impressed, wondering if it got broke or left, Hazel had told her she thought she lived in a different house before the one she had and the trailer.

    "Yes and I used to play with it, a lot with daddy... mommy and I think grandma and grandpa... but I don't exactly know but I think so."


    Rainbow went into thinking mode.

    "And you say your daddy does not talk much of your grammy and grammypa?"

    Rainbow's Thoughts: I never had any of those but I know why, daddy told me why, mom made a huge mistake not getting to know us and daddy's mom was very mean and awful, plus they both passed on due to their horrible choices.

    "Yes that is right, I think it makes him sad."

    Hazel answered confused.

    Hazel's Thoughts: Talking about mom makes him sad yet he does it. Why not them?

    "Oh we can't have that...."

    Rainbow says quietly thinking still.

    "Okay I have an idea!"

    The red head finally announced,

    "You should ask someone that won't get sad or very very sad."

    "Know anyone Hazelnut?"

    The burentte thought this over,

    "I think I do yeah...."

    They let the conversation drop there in favor of dolls.

    They moved on from the house to a castle playing out an adventure with one another.

    Rainbow created the first part of the story off of one of Lilith's books but was not a hog, she shared the story letting Hazel add ideas and plot twist.

    From one adventure to another being cow girls on the run in the wild wild west determined to clear their names and save the ole town from the dastardly Landgraabs

    Then donning their chef's hats they cooked up a delicious lunch for themselves and of course their dads!

    The chicken nuggets were cooked far to long in the microwave but both dads powered through they were not so bad!

    They made a great use of the ketchup provided! xD what troopers though!

    Then Rainbow really wanted to show her violin playing to Hazel, she talked about it so much and now she wanted to walk her talk.

    The face of a very, very proud dad! <3

    Both Hazel and Declan were extremely enjoying and thrilled at her progress on the violin, they clapped and cheered her on!

    Such a proud papa of seeing his daughter reach all the creative pursuits she desires but he still will watch her close to make sure she is not getting overwhelmed.

    Hazel came over to Max to ask how Rainbow got so good?1

    Max told her lots of practice, of course he kinda thought she had some gifted talent but even so it had to be nurtured with practice.

    Hazel wanted to try her hand at some music.... maybe she give it a try?

    After the performance, they all sat around and played a friendly and child friendly game of cards!

    The look Rainbow is giving Declan is hilarious! xD

    The way they look at each other <3 my heart, my favorite daughter and dad pair ever! <3

    Also were they in cahoots because Max won the first game and Rainbow the second lol.

    The Movies
    They made it to the movies on time! It was a new space movie out by Plumbob pictures it says to feature some star wars crossover with sixam turned out to be pretty okay.

    Also I love how Rainbow had to go to the bathroom real quick during the movie have been there!

    Hazel was very into the movie as well it was pretty captivating!

    Ha looks like Dec had to go as well to the bathroom!

    Rainbow came back and got distracted by tossing popcorn in the air! xD

    Hazel quietly but enthusiastically caught Declan off on what he missed.

    The ending took Rainbows breath away and Hazel was simply delighted!

    Until next time :)
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  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 558 Member
    My sim's date reached a new level of celebrity disguise and turned invisible.
  • SepiaSepia Posts: 81 Member
    The Spivey-Jones kids are back hanging out with the Hargroves.

    Soraya Hargrove leads the Kids Rule Club, a cute little group of girls to play in parks.


    They finally got enough club perks to open up their ranks for two new members, Gabrielle and Kyra Spivey-Jones. Kyra was eager to join, but Gabrielle was in a bit of a funky mood and declined. Lol, very unlike Gabrielle.


    Luckily, Soraya worked her charm and got Gabrielle to reconsider. Kids Rule now has two new girls.


    The next day, the girls and Julian Spivey-Jones hung out at the Hargroves’ again. They played some video games.


    Soraya then put on a puppet show for her new friends.


    Later, Kasey Spivey-Jones came over to chat with Kaylyn.


  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,383 Member
    I am switching between saved f=games.

    Today I started a game where I will focus on my go-to spellcaster Household Sam Astral and brothers Jason Mandrake and Alexander Nightshade. What inspired their creation are the songs Strange Magic by ELO, Magic by Elton Newton-John, The comic strip Mandrake The Magician and other influences.

    Sam Astral

    Jason Mandrake

    Alexander Nightshade

    The 3 of them are world-renowned stage magicians. To non-occults, they are engaging a must-watch either in person at one of their shows or on TV. They are the kind of magicians that could fool Pen and Teller every time or last least make them believe real magic exists. They once made Windenburg disappear in front of a live televised audience. Demons have broken into their shows to reap Havok and the audience didn't realize it was real magic they were doing and thought it must have been part of the show. Their shows are always over the top and they defeated the demons keeping their audience safe.

    Like any good stage magician what show would be complete without the lovely assistant. In this case, their lovely assistant is Belit Kishar. Sam and Belit have known each other since Sam was a High Priest of Marduk back in Babylon and she was a priestess of Enki God of Magic. Sam and his brothers had been around before Babylon. Sam and Belit have had a long on-again-off-again relationship since then. They've been married and divorced many times in the past. Having powerful children. Even though it was love at first sight. He never felt worthy of her. Even now he still feels as though she can do a lot better than him and unworthy of her. It's those feelings that always break them apart in the end. He is a famous magician. She has had his back in some of the fiercest battles he and his brother have seen. Like Sam, she is a fighter and sometimes goes on jobs with him to hunt down threats to spellcasters and other occults.

    Belit believes one day they will be together and he'll overcome whatever holds him back. Like Sam, she is an ancient spellcaster. Unlike Sam and his brothers, she doesn't have as many secrets she keeps.

    "It's not that Sam, Jason and Alexander are secretive my dear it's that there are things they've been sworn to secrecy even though those they made such a promise to are long gone and forgotten. For as long as I have known them for as flashy showy and ostentatious as they can be they are also very private and extremely honourable."

    Belit Kishar... I've been going back and forth with her hair. I've kept the outfit. Though I might change her hair to white. The heterochromia eyes are a result of her magic as an ancient spellcaster. Some of the ancient spellcasters have unusual eyes or odd markings or something utterly unique that is passed on through the bloodline. For her, like Sam and his brothers, it's the eyes. Though some look like modern spellcasters. They are all presumed immortal by other spellcasters.

    To other spellcasters, they are best known for once teaching and training other spellcasters before The Last Occult War. They are the ones who specialise in warrior magic and protection and defensive spells and potions. They are the ones you call when the poop hits the fan. They are the kind of spellcasters other spellcasters are at least aware of if not friends with. They are ancient spellcasters nobody is really sure how old they are or too much about them. The secrets they hold and the knowledge they have are great. What they do know makes them honoured to call them their friends and allies. They occasionally teach and train spellcasters still but they rather leave that to The Sages.

    As ancient spellcasters, their eyes are a family trait. It's a physical trait that is passed on to the children and descendants usually in their teens. When not it's because the magic is very strange or because they had kids with another ancient spellcaster be it through magic or birth.

    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players.[/img]
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,599 Member
    edited March 20
    @sarabeth2984 I loved your update about Griffin. I adore Griffin and find him a really interesting sim - it makes a lot of sense that you have built him up over a long time. (my sim Jessica is like that and had many relationships and skill building hours before she ever met Bjorn). I wonder if he really loves his new wife as she grounds him and makes him see the world new again through her eyes as I imagine you could get a bit jaded after being alive for so long and so many generations. Actually speaking of Bjorn - he was the added bonus in this update. Your remark about Griffin parenting Bjorn made me laugh out loud, it was definetely Jessica's experience too. LOL but that is kind of why I like him and over and over again I wonder what brought Bjorn and Clara together and why they stay together as they are clearly opposites (and not as in the good opposites attract way). It is nice to see Joanna is recovering and has found some new interests (Guidry among them LOL).

    Quin and Rohan
    previous update

    It is so many pages since i have written about these two and so many since I even was in this thread. When it speeds up its impossile to keep up!

    When I built this breakfast nook I wasn't sure if the sims would use it as they have the large dining room and the kitchen bench but they seem to love sitting here the most. It makes me happy. As a bonus - 90% of the chairs and the table were built by Rohan. SO it feels extra special in context.

    Beowoof is as cheeky and adorable as ever

    Quin said the magic word ................. BATH!!!
    Ewww wet dog splatter

    Life as usual
    I have never had two sims who are as autonomously nice to each other as these two
    Rohan is working very hard to get the final promtoiton in his career and has been very tense lately
    Quin knows what to do..
    As the promotion is so near Quin says they need to start talking about where to go for the honeymoon...
    They each have some suggestions but then Rohan says he has something which may give Quin a big hint about where he would like to go
    He goes and gets changed - Quin hadn't thought of Mt Komorebi but Rohan soon sells him on the thought of hiking and skiing and rock climbing (not to mention hot chocolate and curling up near the fire)
    and so the decision is made

    The dog park
    The day arrives when Rohan announces he has the promotion
    Before they leave Quin wants to show off what he has been teaching Beowoof
    He is proud and excited about all Beowoof has learnt
    For a trouble making stubbon doggo - he enjoys and is good at the agility course.
    A treat for a good doggo
    Unfortunately, the paparazzo that attacked Quin in the bathroom is there
    Beowoof makes one little mistake on this object
    and Quin reacts like this - so incredibly out of character (I hate how this guy gets under Quin's skin)
    He continues to make inappropriate comments to Quin as he has in the past
    and takes photos of his distress

    The dog park part 2
    However, he hadn't paid careful enough attention as Rohan is soon right there to defend Quin
    Whatever Rohan said - it was enough to scare the guy off.
    Much to Quin's relief - a nice "my hero" moment for Rohan.
    The woman in green is actually my sim Minty (from an old failed attempt at NSB) who is married to Morgyn in this save - she has high mischief skill and just loves drama (apart from disliking Quin intensely because of Morgyn's feelings for Quin) she loved being right in the centre of the drama going down.
    Yes he peed and is rolling in it. Even the other dogs are judging him.
    This just proves that Quin REALLY loves Beowoof because ewwww gross

    Off on honeymoon
    Soon they were in Mt Komorebi
    Of course Beowoof came too
    They got started on some traditional honeymoon activities
    They couldn't wait to go hiking and explore
    Then back to their rental for some of Quin's delicious cooking (Mt Komorebi style of course)

    Some final derppy moments...
    Rohan and Quin aren't always perfect - Rohan got a bizarre walk as his bladder got low
    and Quin just got weird as he sometimes does (you need a break from being beautiful sometimes)
  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 169 Member
    Mornings around some of the Reaper households:

    Hades starts the day with some magic practice & a quick work out. You never know when a combination of fitness & minionise might come in handy for a political career.




    Meanwhile over at Inanna and Delilah's apartment, it's Delilah's turn to cook breakfast whilst Inanna quickly finishes off the last touches of a work project. They make time for a nice Aunt & Niece chat though before Inanna has to rush off to work.




    At Grim and Aislinn's place, Grim's in a 'finger painting flowers' kind of mood to start the day. (spoiler cut for loading this time, not Grim out of uniform)

    Erlik and Akasha are too engrossed in Party Frenzy to notice that they're about to be running way behind schedule any moment now.

    Akasha manages to just finish a book for work with the help of her now non floral focused father.

    And Erlik decides to model the latest in personal training body building fashion as he heads off to work.
    I had one of my Sims marry the Grim Reaper & now they have a lot of kids.

  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 700 Member
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    Hello everyone here is more continuation of Hazel meeting Rainbow.

    But first some comments.

    @Becka28 I just love Rohan and Quin, never get tried of seeing them <3 They are basically your own beautiful version how Alwaysasking has Ian and Lawrence~ There little pupper is true doggo babie, love him pee and all~

    @GrimlyFiendish Loved the update, I have not tried out the fingerpainting option yet that came with DU but watching Grim sure makes me want too that sure is a pretty pic!

    Requested Tags @RedDestiny92 and @Silverofdreams30

    Previous Parts
    Part 1 H&R Meeting
    Part 2 H&R Meeting
    Part 3 H&R Meeting
    Part 4 H&R Meeting
    Part 5 H&R Meeting
    Part 6 H&R Meeting

    "See there? That is me lots of picture as a toddler."

    "And see that side? That is my mommy, Aubree was her name."

    Hazel said this quietly, sadly yet fondly, proudly yet wanting.

    Rainbow pulled her bff into a secure caring loving hug,

    "She is so gorgeous Hazel, I think she looks a lot like you."


    Hazel asked with a smile snuggling into the hold, Rainbow was good with hugs that was for sure, they made her feel better.

    "I wanna try an instrument, I remember mommy playing lots of them and she sounded good."

    "That is a good thing, but don't feel bad if it is not your thing, that is what Aunt Kenna told me, everyone has their niche and your mommy will be happy whatever yours is."

    "Thank you, Rainbow, so much, you are so kind, warm, wise, I am really glad you are my friend."

    "heh well then ditto and back atcha you know?"

    They held each other a little more before breaking apart.

    Then a need for energy to run and tag at each other and tickle too burst forward!

    Somehow they ended up bouncing on Declan's bed singing at the top of their lungs twinkle twinkle little star.

    More Adorable

    Both males said in a pretty in-sync unison up the stairs

    "It is bedtime soon so lets use our nighttime and inside voices."

    Max told up to them.

    "And are you jumping on my bed? Please don't do that."

    Declan said shaking his head at the antic.

    "Right, it can mess up the springs and be dangerous, Rainbow, you know better."

    It was a rather light scold but still one.

    "Er you too Hazel."

    Declan added in trying to stay on the same level as Max, she knew right? Yeah Nessa (his step cousin) would have told her something like that.

    Both girls scrambled to sit down,

    "Sorry daddy!"

    They both called down in their own intertwined voices.

    "W-we are sitting now."

    Hazel said meekly.

    "Uh-huh and singing quietly now."

    Rainbow sounded about the same.

    Soon after singing, going down for juice, then telling stories till they fell asleep, the two just too over Declan's bed.

    Scouting Exercise and Breakfast


    Both dads stared at their exercising uniform cladded daughters.

    "We are training in our scouts uniform to give us more llama power!" Rainbow cheered before doing another push up.

    "Yeah, we are come join us!" Hazel offered the invites doing her best to do another sit up.

    Max blinked and could not help but laugh,

    Max's Thoughts: She must have snuck her uniform in, oh sly little gal what do I do with her?

    The fond but somewhat worrisome thoughts of a father~

    "Well, let's join them, we only have PJ's but lets train too."

    Max decided and offered the invite to Dec again who nodded in a dazed sort of agreement.

    The four of them exercised for a while longer then Hazel glomped, Declan in a sweet embrace!

    Hazel felt so much better! She had a plan to help her remember things about her family, without hurting daddy! She held him tight silently telling him it was gonna be alright.

    "I love you to Hazel."

    Declan muttered gently and hugged her back.

    Maybe being around Max was becoming a good thing the longer they shared some time?

    How encouraging and open Max keeps being?

    And how he is way more attentive and caring Dec has been trying to be with Hazel, it showed him how much it meant to her, how much she craved and needed it from h.i.m.

    Meanwhile, Rainbow was trying to stage a take down of Max in favor of having pancakes for breakfast!

    "Give em up with lots of maple syrup and gummies in them too!"

    She tried to push over the man with a lot of lean back effort! xD

    Max chuckles and zipped her upside down, jiggling her around a bit which elated laughs and playful complaints to stop that were not really serious.

    "No, no, no enough natural energy does not need more sugar now go get dressed and I will make us bacon and eggs."

    A pouty whine but when let down, the two did their normal morning hug and kiss before Rainbow ran upstairs with Hazel.

    They both got on their clothing and went to feed Hammy and give the hamster some water too and kisses~

    They all had their breakfast which was delicious and in the middle of cooking, Max leveled up his cooking skill more and flavored up the food.

    Art Museum!!!!
    Both girls loved art, Hazel from just a natural interest of scribbling then coloring as a toddler to a child.

    Rainbow from her interactions with Juliana (Max's girlfriend) showing her all about the arts.

    They went to an art museum/gallery having a look around!

    "Let's go explore1"

    Roger Rainbow!

    They had looked at many different pieces of art!~

    Upcoming span of arts and decor!

    The girls were both really fascinated by the type writer! xD

    They had looked at many different pieces of art!~

    The lightening gets weird here because of the lights used sorry!

    Dinner and Arcade
    After the art gallery they went to a restaurant and arcade place!

    Max and Declan ordered for the girls to the hotdog costume man on what everyone wanted.

    Max and Dec's thoughts: I hope it is not to hot in there poor sim, they both felt for the sim!

    Declan challenged Max to a friendly game of fooseball and of course Max accepted!

    The girls played a battle space game helping each other fight the evil mother plant before it fell to the sim world below.

    Meanwhile these two were caught up in their game, it looked like Dec had Max on the run for a time but!

    Dec lost and he got really upset and angry jeez calm down it is just a game, ya know? Relax!

    I am glad Max was focusing on his winning shot, to see the look on Dec's face....

    The meal came soon after and everyone came over and ate.

    After dinner, the girls played a game of don't wake the llama, I love the faces Rainbow is making trying so hard to scoop out the right one xD

    She came into this so confident but, Hazel was not so sure

    But awww she was mistaken and woke the llama aww she looks so embarrassed too about it!

    The girls held no grudges or gloating victories and just giggled laying together on the ground to share their knowledge of learned stars.

    Most they knew together and some they taught each other~

    What a beautiful night to view such lovely stars in the sky.

    They both happily went home, one daughter high on shoulders playfully playing peek a boo, thankful there was nothing to run into!

    The other daughter holding a warm attentive hand, Hazel wished these moments would not end for them, while she poured out each detail of her wonderful time, knowing, Declan, Daddy was taking it all in.

    It was such a gorgeous night, somehow not very cold in the early winery weather so they took their time walking to the parking lot to get in Max's borrowed car.

    Everyone was feeling great, peaceful, happy, what a night to remember for sure.
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  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 169 Member
    @Lyrie The funny thing is I don't have DU as pack, and Grim just started finger painting of his own accord. He had the brush to start of with, and then randomly put it away and started using his hands to paint instead. I'm assuming a happy glitch. :)
    I had one of my Sims marry the Grim Reaper & now they have a lot of kids.

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 918 Member
    I haven’t played for a while because I wasn’t feeling too great :( but I feel better now so I’m ready to play again. I’m also seriously considering getting a desktop with a great graphics card. My laptop still runs fine, but I’ve had it for years, and desktops are better at running Sims 4. I’ll have to look into how to transfer saves from one device to another, of course.

    @Lyrie like everyone else says, Rainbow and Hazel are so cute!
    @Becka28 Beowoof is an awesome dog name! And wow, those ears are HUGE!
    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 700 Member
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    @GrimlyFiendish Wow! That is neat hey, he is the Grim reaper heh mystic other pack painting powers of death heh, that is a cool glitch :)

    @Lucy_Henley Thank you, they are my favorite sim girls <3 I am glad you are feeling better! I do very much enjoy your post you share love both your families and the new style you write it in :)

    I'll have an update later on today/tonight :) Been playing my NSB Challenge Gen Gray.
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 643 Member
    After I did binge-watched Dr Gluons Sims4 Housflipper rags to riches LP, I have created my own version of a trashy starter home, which costs exactly 20.000 Simeleons. My progress is good, after a couple of hours, I'm almost done with this house, only the ground floor and garden need to be styled, then I can "sell" it to a "potential" costumer. :D

    So far made my Sim really good progress, she had reached level 6 or 7 in the ecologic science branch or whatever it called in english and she has opened her own second hand shop. Only problem, she is always tired, stinky and very hungry. :D
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 558 Member
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    Discovered I had some old comments I never got around to answer to. I am fine, just constantly getting distracted by online classes and playing the game. Having a baby and vampire boom at the moment, so it´s a wild ride.

    @Becka28 (pg.837) Having five toddlers (plus one very energetic dog, can´t ignore him either) at the same time is indeed quite a wild experience. Having magic to teleport from one side of the house to another and scruberoo away the mess surely helps. And oh, did I mention that they are also living in a haunted house?
    (pg. 838) I spent the ages between 4 and 20 watching soap operas at daily basis, which may have permanently warped my brain. At this point, I am not even planning for the majority of weird stuff that happens in my game to happen, it comes naturally.

    @sarabeth2984 (pg.837) I have since then gotten single and loving it for several sims, but not for anyone I wanted to have it. Several of the people who got it were actually in a relationship the whole time, so I guess it´s yet another bug.
    Wow, you have a pet lizard! I have wanted one since I was a kid, but my mom says that they give her creeps. Perhaps in the future, when I have a place of my own. Stupid question, but how do they get along with cats?

    @Lucy_Henley (pg. 841)
    The only people in my game who get invited to the Island Bluffs are vampires who can´t go out during daytime. Sometimes I wonder if their friends secretly (or not so secretly) want them dead.
    The child who kept calling on daily basis to hang out at nightclubs is now a teenager and no longer wants to go clubbing. Must not be that exciting anymore, now that she is old enough to get in.

    @Metior_Ice (pg.844)
    It´s worse, because unlike the Mayor, who, being a cat, is unable to financially support his family, Thorne Bailey is rich and famous enough to not need outside help.

    I love what´s going on in everyone´s game, keep going.
  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 700 Member
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    Hello everyone! Here is another updating on Hazel and Rainbow Meeting!

    Getting down to the last day or so now!

    Requested tags: @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30

    Previous Parts
    Part 1 H&R Meeting
    Part 2 H&R Meeting
    Part 3 H&R Meeting
    Part 4 H&R Meeting
    Part 5 H&R Meeting
    Part 6 H&R Meeting
    Part 7 H&R Meeting

    "Good morning baby,"

    Max said softly because it fit the mood of the morning.

    "Good morning daddy."

    Rainbow smiled softly and giggled as he bopped her gently on the nose.

    They snuggled up together of course and just enjoyed that time together, both were so happy to be here but...

    "Daddy? Do we have to leave tomorrow?"

    "I'm sorry to say but yes, baby, I have to get back to work and so does Declan and you and Hazel back to school."

    "But I am online so I can stay maybe?"

    "No baby you have to come back with me."

    "But, but they have a laptop...."

    "Oh Baby-bow, we will visit again, I promise a lot more sooner and perhaps frequent does that help?"

    "A little, daddy, I do love you but I will miss Hazel and she me."

    "I never doubted it baby, I know you both will, but there is still phone and video chat."

    "Okay... I'm gonna go say morning, to Hazelnut."

    More Under The Cut
    Hazel had cuddled up with her daddy too to sleep but when she woke up when Rainbow came in, he was gone already up.

    Hazel was a bit embarrassed to share her dreams something to do with art and animals maybe helping animals and then painting them? Something like that!

    Rainbow talked about how she was also gonna help animals especially cats, own an ice cream shop and be an adventure, also maybe a musician!

    Hazel was impressed but not doubtful she thought the world of Rainbow and felt she was bright and shinning enough to do it all, just like the sun!

    Also, I was trying out a mod that lets you say good morning and night how cute~

    Bowling Time!
    The last place on the list, was some good old retro bowling!

    Max was up first, he always has this cute little smile but kinda unsure face it is adorable no matter how old he gets, he is a YA but moving closer to adult!

    There he goes!

    I believe he got about 5 down!

    Rainbow is up next! She looks pretty eager to give it a shot~

    She let the ball whizz down the alley and hoped for a good hit.

    She did pretty good for a first timer~

    She knew it too and was very pleased with herself :D

    Up next was Hazel!
    She slipped a little but was still thinking it was a great shot.
    I think she did rather well too for a first timer~
    She seems very surprised and also very self pleased, you go girl! :D

    The next shot from Rainbow was a gutter ball oops! She was a little embarrassed aww!~

    Hazel got off with a very bouncy ball and thought it would not do much but!
    She got a split!!!!!! Woot!~

    Declan for one reason or another did not want to join in, he did clap and cheer for all of them though.

    This pics speaks of a clear winner and two very sour not winners! xD <3

    Also yes, these two swapped outfits for the day minus shoes, it was their idea to do so~ <3

    They did calm down after Max gently reminded them the point was to have fun, they had fun right?

    No disagreeing there and back to smiling faces!~

    Dec had wondered off and kept staring at the bubble blower, I kept cancelling him out of it, hoping he would get some common sense and not do this here, not now, not after giving back so much hope to Hazel.....

    Karaoke Time!~
    Instead the dads sat to watch the girls sing karaoke songs together~

    Well you know the drill, picture dump of cute singing girlies!

    "You did great!"

    "Well you did greater!"



    Giggles and a big hug!~ <3

    The waiter came to say their table will be ready in about five minutes, it actually said be checked on, how nice!

    Which meant there was time for a few more songs

    This one was solo by little Rainbow herself!

    I will never get tried of saying how I just love and adore this sim, she has stolen my heart~

    Of course she coaxed dad up on stage with her to sing!~

    They are super-duper cute~

    I love how Max let's Rainbow take it away while the little girl sings her heart out <3

    Dinner and Rest Of Night
    Finally the waiter led them to their table too eat.

    LOL Hazel is all the way up there!

    They were served very fast and all of them enjoyed a delicious cream soda to drink!

    Then my stomach flipped and flopped seeing Dec down a the bubbles taking it in.

    Max had sat down to text and call his siblings Mckenna (elder twin) and Lilith (little sister) to check up on them.

    Then he called Juliana (his girlfriend) to make sure she was alright, she kept feeling nausea lately and he made her some light soup with plenty of leftovers before leaving on this trip.

    So of course Declan did do it and got this moodlet, oh Dec, why?

    Despite everything at least you had not done anything but now....

    Thankfully Hazel was far off and did not recognize "weird daddy" (yet) she was happily getting her ice cream to eat for dessert.

    Of course this ice cream fiend was already enjoying her cone!

    How cute! I never seen a sim rub their tummy in pure satisfaction and make happy noises~ <3

    That is all for now~ :)
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    I think I have to start a new game again, I've used an old savefile for my new rags to riches play which is obvisiously bugged. It becomes very annoying when your sims barely get any energy from sleeping, even in an fully ugraded bed, which lies in the middle of the price range, and after 12 hours of sleeping, while being all the time hungry (okay foodie) and needed to pee. The lottery doesn't mention the winner.There is something wrong. Since it was an old savefile where my playground for new builds have lied, I don't need to be pity about it. :)
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 683 Member
    Hey all!! I hope your weekends went well and that everyone is doing ok and staying safe. I have enjoyed everyone’s posts:) First off some comments and replies…
    @lyrie Ahh the reunion between Hazel and Rainbow is precious! I am glad they finally get to meet in person!! Your comment made my day! I love seeing your sims too:)
    Wow. Max left Dec with a huge comment to digest over. I like Max’ outlook on his past mistakes and working on his current and future relationship with his daughter. Would Dec consider therapy? Does he have the jealousy trait?
    @metior_ice Thank you for liking my update! Oh yeah the wishing well twins lol. Back when Joanna’s husband Vincent was still alive, they were both throwing whims to try for baby. I had them try for baby constantly, but nothing was taking. It turns out it was due to a mod conflict with MCCC. I can of ran with the story and treated it as infertility issues. I have the Romantic Garden pack which comes with the wishing well. I plopped one down in the Magic Realm lot. I know your sims can wish for several things including wishing for a child. I had both Joanna and Vincent wish for children at the same time. Joanna got the best outcome and Tristan climbed out. Normally the child will inherit features of both parents, but if you have a mixed occult couple (and especially because Vincent was an alien and Joanna is a witch/vampire hybrid and technically a glitch) Tristan’s skin appearance was random. He has the genius trait. Vincent wished at another well for a child at the same time and he got the “Death” outcome...i.e. a ghost child crawled out of the well The Ring style. That was Valyria. She’s actually a sweetheart and has the goofball trait. She was listed as having dying from laughter. I had her live as a ghost for a awhile but all the hauntings and breaking of stuff was getting on my nerves so I revived her. They are also both spellcasters. I like calling them the WWT or Wishing Well Twins since they were both “born” at the same time. I always think of Tristan as an elf changeling since he looks kind of like an elf.
    Then of course right after the WWTwins happened, Jo and Vincent got pregnant right away lol! XD
    @drakharis I will check out their CC! Your new spellcaster family looks amazing. I love their back story too!
    @daravi Congrats on the marriage of Annamarie and Hans. I wish it could have been under more “romantic” circumstances. Its insane to think of how difficult life was in Post War times!
    @haneul Oh I love Dysis! That child is really pushing herself too hard. I am so glad that Rashad is there to show her how to relax ;)
    @mercuryfoam That colosseum has no CC?!! That’s impressive!! Thank you for liking Joanna’s new style! I was trying a new look for her. I feel she’s trying to reinvent herself in a way. Yeah Guidry has that “ethereal” way about him lol! ;)
    Her bro Griffin is definitely a “beast” lol. Its very rare that another vamp can defeat him. Although an aged Jacques Villareal that had been turned into a vampire did give him a run for his money one time. I cannot wait to see more of your couple in theu future. And can I say wow! That picture of Curtis!!! He’s stunning
    @angeliqueadelaide Not fair!! LOL! How come Thorne won the lottery twice!! Its a conspiracy!! XD
    Uh oh. Sorry I included a long paragraph on how awesome Bearded Dragons are...
    Yes! Get a bearded dragon lizard! Especially a rescue! They are amazing. I have wanted one for the longest time. I am on the north side of 35 and was acting like a kid when I got her. She’s a rescue dragon from my cousin who runs an exotic pet and wildlife rehab center.
    Esme had some damage to her lower jaw due to an injury that got nfected and was underweight from her last owner when my cousin received her. She began Esme’s aftercare. Esme had mouth rot which can be deadly. It requires medication and specific feeding techniques.. When Covid happened, a lot of people began giving up their reptile pets to rescue centers so my cousin got a bit overloaded. I adopted Esme and finished out her rehab. She’s now got a little scar on her chin and is fat dumb and happy.
    Temperment-wise Bearded dragons are basically cats shaped like lizards. They will demand food as well as being picky about food. They also demand attention and will promplty let you know when they are done with you petting them. So far Esme enjoys being out of her cage. I let her sit on my shoulder and watch tv or stalking the Sims on my laptop screen. I have 3 small dogs in the house. She tolerates them but I never ever leave them unattended with her for fear of them hurting her. She does not actively attack them. Most beardies are chill and will only bite if annoyed. Believe me they will let you know before they get to that point. That being said, I would not leave them unattended. Her terrarium is in the same room that my dogs spend and she enjoys watching them run around.
    Esmerelda is hoot. I call her Esme for short. By the way, her previous owner named her Esmerelda. I knew it was fate then. If your Mom thinks lizards are’s a screenshot of Esme dressed as an elf for Christmas (I spent Christmas alone due to Covid and got REALLY bored) 4MLScuz.jpg
    And as a dragon. Don’t worry Esme got lots of blueberries for tolerating my shenanigans 1XWq7Qa.jpg

    @grimlyfiendish I absolutely love how you decorated Innana’s “Craft” room.
    @darkangel1994 I need to catch up on your series!
    @sepia Your sims are absolutely gorgeous. I really enjoyed seeing the children spend time together.
    @becka28 Thank you for liking Griffin! I enjoy seeing your Jessica. She’s beautiful and talented. I can see why you played her for so long! Griffin was the same way for me. Griffin hasn’t quite tied the knot yet with Hillary, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t happen soon. I am kind of on the fence about it. I sort of want to see Hillary break away and experience life on her own for a bit. She’s that kind of sim. I imagine her just blossoming. But they are devoted to each other. Griffin definitely suffers from they Eternal Sadness problem. I can see him becoming jaded about life in general. I have always found Griffin is happiest if he has a girlfriend or wife to dote on. But he is truly in his element as a father. He automatically switches into dad-mode without me ever prompting him. He really does throw up the “try for baby” whims all the time (even with his girlfriends). He’s practically despondent if he doesn’t have a kid or 3 to take care of. Hence all the baby-mamas lol! XD Although, its heart breaking when his kids grow up, age, and pass on...
    Bjorn supplies plenty of entertainment for me (and Griffin’s clan in general). I am totally with you on Bjorn and Clara! They seem so different…I often wonder what brought them together. They are currently divorced in my wife. Clara settled down with Geoffrey Landgraab.
    Ironically Bjorn always hooks up with Bella Goth...I intend to duplicate that relationship in this save…
    Can I say how precious Beowoof is! And his name is awesome:) Quinn and Rohan are so adorable. I love seeing them interact together. They are so supportive of one another:) I am looking forward to seeing more screenshots of their honeymoon!
    And their derpy screenshots of their hike had me laughing!! XD
    I was about to ask who that cool looking green sim was but you answered it! Minty looks awesome. I tried the NSB challenge too but I hated it. My sim was so horrible to her husband and child I had to delete the save :(

    Ok now on to what happened in my game! I decided to check in on Simeon Silversweater.

    Life as Usual
    He’s doing great. Although he still misses his wife Rachel terribly.
    He’s raising their 3 kids. Picard loves story time. And Outpost popcorn apparently because he scarfed that down. 3okdhQJ.png
    His comic book store is doing well! And very busy! yJolRMu.png
    He’s also keeping up Rachel’s old garden. Especially since he needs the produce in a lot of his ingredients for his potions pSt0HeR.png

    Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Go figurine?
    Simeon, of course, is/was the Mage/Sage of Practical Magic, but he’s decided he wants to master all 3 schools of magic. He’s been studying diligently. He’s almost mastered Untamed Magic! qOL6aIF.png
    He has had one potion in mind he wants to concoct. He has all ingredients but one. We spent lots of time digging. Looking for treasure and fishing.
    He resorted to scouring the Flea Market in San Myshuno for it. He brought Kirk along. No luck...but he did find an awesome leather chair for the living room! kqti1yS.png
    We finally found one! Guess where it was….
    His comic book store XD VFBE1sH.png
    Its the Morcobus MySims collectible:)

    Simeon decided it was high time to start working on his next potion. Kirk decided to watch his dad work. Besides, he will be old enough to soon start learning spellcasting “Ok son..this is how you properly add the powdered ingredients. Don’t forget to stir thoroughly after…” E6qxqZW.png
    Wait..what’s that smell? 524wGxN.png
    OH NO!!! a7A9zrY.png
    It failed!!
    And he’s down for the count. I love how Kirk is like “Peace Out Dad! Good luck with that mess. I’m going to go watch tv.” XD zh7FSFQ.png
    Thankfully Simeon recovered without picking up a curse. I had him take a break. He had a crying toddler and baby to look after anyway. 8Xvviml.png

    If at Once You Fail, Try Try Again! Forever...
    Once he was rested again. Simeon was back at it xRCPkqD.png
    Finally. Success!! UO5uXA9.png
    So what did he make? Simeon drinks directly from the cauldron OqncTOt.png
    Looks like something is happening… HfnQCgn.png
    It worked!! Simeon successfully made a batch of Immortality potion!! Now he will never die of old age. vEDSER6.png
    He bottled the rest of it for posterity WTMPv7w.png
    I didn’t have time for him to find all the ingredients or make a batch of Rejuvenation Potion. So I had him buy the Age of Youth potion from his awards store instead. He had enough aspiration points built up. That reset his age back to 0 in the adult stage :)nRAvC1m.png
    Next to become the MASTER OF UNTAMED MAGIC!
    Till next time!
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    edited March 31
    Hello everyone this is the final part of Hazel and Rainbow Meeting! Sorry to kinda spam just got excited to show and kinda round this out.

    @sarabeth2984 Wooot go Simeon! Heh, I did a jig in my chair~ xD but after losing Rachel, I am so happy Simeon can stick around! I remember how Rachel use to help him out of his gloomy spells, how is he doing now with this and 3 small kids? I love the boys and can't wait to eventually see the new toddler!~

    About Declan, he used to have a needy trait which was CC and very much jealous and kinda attention seeker, he also had slow learner, those traits broke, and I gave him new ones that fit, some hopeful ones, I forget their names now, but his last and only in game trait is family orientated. I tried so hard to have him go to therapy, it seemed to work, but then he slumped down again, back and forth, better, then worse, he kept rolling whims to go out, to be out, the whims for his Hazel kept not popping up (I have a whim mod that makes them better) the only thing Dec would do is look at her birth certification and roll whims to tuck her in when she was far lost in sleep.

    I sent him to his friends, he only used them for getting free drinks (a couple were mixologist) he became mentally drained when interacting with Hazel or Vanessa (SOL but I go off of things loosely and take it as signs).

    He'd come back dazed or sad all the time and Hazel started to notice realize, Vanessa keeps worrying but she is so soft towards her family (Dec is her step cousin somehow lol) she has always been that way and can't really stand up to him to say enough is enough with this. Also Vanessa and his friends are too scared to rock the boat with him... what if he runs off and leaves? That be worse for Hazel right?

    I just got some new traits CC, and I had to give him pessimistic, detached, and jealous because he got upset hearing info about his friends moving on, getting married becoming pregnant etc.

    I hate that is came down to all this, but I think loosing Aubree just effected him that badly and despite all the reasons to go on, he does not have the will, he just keeps going down. I think even though he is around 26 by now, he is stuck at 18 grieving and angry and hurt trying to forever numb his pain, never moving forward.

    I never knew how much Aubree meant to him, well more was his whole world, the person he staked his self worth on, I think, it is really so sad yet frustrating because Hazel is hurting and Aubree never would want Hazel to hurt like this.

    Sorry lol, I get way too into my sims :3 I dunno what future plans are for Dec, just have to wait and see.

    Requested tags: @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30

    Previous Parts
    Part 1 H&R Meeting
    Part 2 H&R Meeting
    Part 3 H&R Meeting
    Part 4 H&R Meeting
    Part 5 H&R Meeting
    Part 6 H&R Meeting
    Part 7 H&R Meeting
    Part 8 H&R Meeting

    "Hey Baby, sweetie, time to wake up, come on, I want to go cook a good breakfast for everyone."

    "That is it, hello baby good morning."

    Rainbow gave a more groggy answer but no less they did their morning affection natural routine.

    Then it hit her, they were leaving today, this afternoon!

    "Daddy promised we come back soon, we can even stop by near Winterfest or Winterfest eve ...I got gifts to give you, you know."

    Rainbow smiled gently with a good optimism.

    "Maybe I can also come see you in the spring at your house then...?"

    Hazel was trying to keep a positive attitude though she felt a sense of dread,

    "Maybe Nessa can bring me? Daddy was a little odd yesterday."

    "Oh really? I did not notice that from him.... my daddy acted normal though"

    "Yeah and he called Vanessa."

    "Whoa he did?"

    More Under The Cut
    "Yes, because I asked him too, then I talked to her too, it was late and you fell asleep, bow-bow."

    "Oooooh makes sense!" Rainbow nodded, "What happened?"

    "They talked serious and then Nessa asked me if I was okay, I guess I am... but I feel sad about daddy."

    "Sorry, my daddy won't leave you and your daddy alone until a good help like Nessa comes back."

    "I know, he promised and I knew he would keep it, problem is, I am sad Nessa has to come from Amelia and Beck's,"

    "Beck is her boyfriend and Amelia her best friend, i know Nessa loves me, but I want her to be happy with Beck too."

    Rainbow snuggled closer to Hazel,

    "I'm sorry Hazelnut this is a lot and I don't wanna leave you with all these feelings."

    "I know..... if Vanessa does not come over, I know Yu or Brandie will come over,"

    "Honestly, that is like my second home, they take good care of me, I even have my own bed. I would not mind staying with them, Nessa can be with Beck, while daddy gets some more help... if he does."

    The reality all the grown ups in her life were trying to keep from Haze,l the girl had discovered all on her own, made up her own mind of what was best, while they all were too afraid to talked about it with her, concerned about breaking the poor ten year old after losing so much in her life.

    But she was steps ahead.

    "And Nessa would come and visit you a lot right?"

    "Of course she would, it be different but I'd not mind, plus I would be like illana and Jesse's sister and Hammy could come too, then I could visit daddy and not feel so not good inside around him, I love daddy, so much but he also scares me a little."

    "That sounds really good, no one needs to be scared,"

    Rainbow said softly huggling the girl at her side,

    Rainbow's Thoughts: Scared of her daddy, oh poor Hazel, I can't ever dream, imagine or think of ever, ever being scared of my daddy..

    "I will still come and visit you and I would meet them and play on all their cool toys!"

    Hazel cracked a happy smile,

    "Heh-heh yeah it will be fun then when Daddy gets all better maybe he could move in with us again so Yu and Brandie can care for him too or something, oh, oh and Nessa and Beck could have a baby!"

    "Wow how cute and I could come and see the baby too?"

    "Yeah and we could both take turns holding the baby."

    "I like that a lot!"

    Rainbow cheered especially because Hazel seemed a lot happier with that plan.

    Rainbow's Thoughts: And we al have the right to be happy.

    "Uh-huh, it is a hopeful dream and wish of mine."

    Hazel said softly and leaned forward.

    "You wanna know a secret?"

    She watched Rainbow eagerly nod.

    "I have Winterfest gifts for you too~"

    "One more thing, bow-bow."

    Hazel took the hand into both of hers.

    "Can we make a promise? That we will always be friends forever?"

    Hazel's Thoughts: I don't just want to hope and wish, I want a permanent friend in my life, i know I can have Illana and Jesse but I really would like Rainbow as well.

    "Heh, well Hazelnut that is the meaning of BFF but I wanna make your feel assured like how I always am by others."

    Her thoughts go to her daddy, Lilith, Matty, Juliana, Angel, even aunt Kenna always means what she says!

    "So lets make it better then a promise, a vow with our pinkies, a pinkie vow."

    "I Rainbow Stone, will always be Hazel Adler's best friend forever and ever and ever no matter what, we will get through it because that is what friends do."

    The sincere serious way it was said stole Hazel's breath and set her heart fluttering and beating.

    "I Hazel Adler also vow this with my pinkie, forever and ever and ever, we can work through our issues if any."

    They had not really had any really, nothing more then a small disagree here and there but nothing friendship ripping.

    The two got dressed and then did one more support hug before they went downstairs together.

    Rainbow took Hazel's hands in hers,

    "It is sad but that is alright and it will be alright, we have your promise right?"

    "Ri-Right we do."

    If there was anything to cling onto, Hazel would cling to that.

    They all sat down to a lovely pancake breakfast, but only three started eating.

    Hazel stared quietly, she was hungry, they smelled great but if she ate, that would mean it was closer for Rainbow to really go.

    But with some gentle coaxing from Max and Rainbow and a few words from Dec, the little girl did start to eat.

    Speaking of Dec, he was peachy this morning seeming fine as could be, Max was pondering of they had gotten something wrong/ But knew Hazel knew better then he did, that is why he called like she asked like night to Vanessa.

    Vanessa came back home from Amalia and Beck's but she stayed in the background cleaning up so they could have their moments of goodbye.

    "Come on baby it is alright, we will be back."

    Max tried to assure the little face looking up at him with all the hesitation in the sim world

    Last Few Pics
    Hazel looked down and held her arm, she felt a swarm of emotions bubbling up.

    She could not see them leaving towards their car but she could hear the crunch on their feet on the light snow.

    It did not take long for those feelings to explode.

    Hazel started shaking and not from the cold, she trembled and cried wanting to bad to run after them, with them, but she stayed put and just sobbed.

    And DECLAN did nothing on his own! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Of course at the first crying sound of her bff, Rainbow turned around fixing to run back.

    Max new this would just cause more turmoil so he scooped her up and then into his arms.

    "Bu-bu Da-addy Ha-Ha."

    Rainbow started to cry reaching outward.

    "I know, baby I know but listen, angel, her daddy has her and so will Vanessa, it will be okay, I promise."

    It was the steepest promise he ever made, the most unsure but his little girls soft sobs of distress for her friend was killing him.

    Rainbow only burrowed into Max and kept sobbing softly, she gave a weak nod to his promise, he never broke one before.

    Declan finally found some sense and lent down hugging Hazel close, he really did not have any words but he tried muttering particularly nothing but it sounded comforting.

    He carried her inside from the cold once the car drove off.

    Declan laid Hazel down and kept smoothing her until she went to sleep, a bit of a fitful sleep but sleep no less would help ease her from all that crying.

    He does care for her but.... is it enough to improve?

    I guess we will have to see.


    Thanks for reading this, I had so much fun putting it together and playing through it finally with these two meeting~ <3:smile:
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    Taking a break from my Cole legacy. I made this gorgeous young lady and she lives in Evergreen Harbor as a Civil Engineer(I think? I can't remember, but it's one of the Eco Lifestyle careers)
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
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    @Daephene (p842) The camping site you set up in Granite Falls is so nice. Billie's dates are rather eventful. She experiences some romance, saves someone on fire, and is even willing to woohoo by/in a dumpster. If she ends up with triplets… :o I prefer it when my sims have one baby at a time.

    (p843) Max is such a thoughtful father. He let Rainbow indulge in sugar, but made sure she didn't run into the street. And yet, poor Hazel must parent her own father… if he gets weird, she has to run for help. Anyway, I'm glad Rainbow's sweetness and her happy spirit put Hazel at ease. The touch of Hazel having a picture of Rainbow on her wall is nice. If only Declan can stop with the self-pity and also let the pills/bubbles go.

    The photo of the fathers carrying their daughters melts my heart too. Love it. <3 Also the photoshoot! The girls are adorable. Rainbow's rainbow dress is so fitting. I like how you have them doing so many activities. It was so nice to vicariously enjoy Rainbow's holiday.

    Seeing Hazel and Rainbow always makes me want to post more about my children sims, but I have to get through posting the toddler bit first. My sim children aren't as sweet as yours though. Mine are a bit weird, spoiled, and some are kind of feisty.
    Ooooh it nice to see a look into Dysis life!~ and uh-oh Rashad you sly man did you coax that "relaxing" on in the sauna? xD Either way, I am happy Dysis got to relax and hopefully feels refreshed to tackle her busy, busy life! And wondering if a new life was added?
    Thank you. No new lives were added, though. Not yet. They did that autonomously, but a baby isn't a good idea when she's already kind of overwhelmed and I hope that their sim AI somehow knows that. :)
    When I wasn't paying attention, my main couple did just that though. That's how they got Elmire.

    @Becka28 (p843) So sorry you have lag and that you weren't able to max parenting during the grey generation. :( Once you learn the system, it's not really difficult to max all the good values. Some values are much easier if they get a good start on them as children whereas others come naturally if they consistently do their homework or take out the trash. Anyway, I'm glad Quin and Rohan are having a honeymoon in Mt. Komorebi.

    I moved Griffin and his family in there to playtest it. It was a cool build! But way too big and clunky. It took them forever to get from point A to point B. I know his girlfriend fell asleep on the floor before she made it to bed from the kitchen many times lol.
    Big builds can be rough. I had to lay mine out very carefully with multiple staircases and important rooms close together, and still I think it only works for me because two of my sims can teleport so they can have their things in the most inconvenient locations and move quickly if something needs to be done ASAP.
    Correction: It seems that Griffin is PARENTING Bjorn. Even though he’s a grown-plum man with an YA daughter he still has the maturity of a 12 year old boy.

    (p845) I'm glad Esme's jaw/mouth is better. She's cute. I'm also glad to see that Simeon is doing well even without Rachel. Spellcasting looks dangerous, though.
    @haneul Oh I love Dysis! That child is really pushing herself too hard. I am so glad that Rashad is there to show her how to relax ;)
    Thank you! I have an attraction mod and Dysis and Rashad have always found each other irresistible. He doesn't really ever go home.

    Another Day in the Red, I guess turning a profit is a work in progress. I may need to increase the mark up or figure out a way to make more sales.
    Do you have many expensive items in your store? I love how you have it set up and it's cool how you can see sims coming in and checking out different clothes. But when I ran stores, they only worked well from a financial POV if my sims had mostly expensive things to sell. :(

    Anyway, I like how colorful Kemps and Isla's merforms are. Their date was also sweet. Can you get a coffin for Jade? It's weird she won't sleep in a bed.
    @haneul I've made it to the vampire population control. I'm surprised Asher didn't hunt the merfolk too.
    I'm not good enough at time management. The house was so full of sims that I couldn't give them all a ton of attention (especially with all of them in university and aging on). I kept their needs up, but I couldn't really explore the worlds with each of them. I've actually never seen a mermaid in my game. :O

    I really like how you play all of the occults and it inspires me to want to have more in my game, but I naturally like it very subtle (I think I would be overwhelmed with many at once) and so far I've only had vampires. But my vampires are very vanilla. They don't have dark forms; they generally don't attack people. I also want to keep the occults special. I'm trying to create a little more drama now, but my sims are going to have a long stretch of vanilla/happy times first.

    Fier Legacy <3
    Intro & Past Posts in Spoiler
    The Fiers are a vampire family led by an arrogant and socially awkward megalomaniac named Asher who, among other things, hopes to have 100 children. As of now, he's had 17. The youngest five (minus #17) recently became young adults and are discovering the perks of university, so Asher's ready to move on from the life he's built with them in Sulani. Even though everyone is into pursuing an eco lifestyle and protecting the environment and even though Asher employed some draconian conservation policies while working as a top-level conservationist, he's done with that kind of tiny living stuff and had a (gaudy flamboyant) palace built in San Myshuno, where he recently relocated his family and where he intends to raise the next generation of his children.

    Fier Legacy Introduction

    1. Teenage Lifeguard (Delmarya)
    2. Living Her Best Life (Adelise)
    3. Night on the Town
    4. Day of Fier P1
    5. Day of Fier P2
    6. Happy Birthday P1 (Dawn)
    7. Happy Birthday P2 (Dawn)
    8. A First Kiss (Dawn)
    9. Conservationism and a Death Flower for Deli
    10. Vampire Population Control (Asher)
    11. Happy Birthday (Delmarya)
    12. Merry Winterfest
    13. Ambitious Dysis
    14. Gen 4 Enrolls in University
    15. Relaxation? Before University
    16. New Year's Eve
    17. Sulani Bonfire
    18. Midnight Encounter (Delmarya)
    19. Deli Strikes Out (Delmarya)
    20. One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)
    21. Lovestruck Procrastination Queen (Dysis)
    22. Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)
    23. Saying Goodbye P1
    24. Saying Goodbye P2
    25. Forcing Fun at Foxbury (Dysis)
    26. First Impression = Great, Second Impression = Trash (Delmarya)
    27. Asher's Incompetence (Asher)
    28. A Productive Day
    29. A Day for Love P1 (Dysis)
    30. A Day for Love P2 (Delmarya)
    31. Asher's Advice and Planning a Date
    32. Only the Ice Cream Was Pure Perfection? (Delmarya)
    33. Debating Firsts (Darius)
    34. Limited Romance at the Romance Festival (Delmarya)
    35. Happy Lunar New Year P1 (Delmarya)
    36. Happy Lunar New Year P2 (Asher)
    37. Aster's Past (Delmarya)
    38. Reservations About Everything (Delmarya)
    39. Moving On (from Sulani to San Myshuno)
    40. First Days in San Myshuno
    41. The Spice Festival is too Hot
    42. New Life on the Way
    43. First Fourth Generation Fier Graduates
    44. Enjoying Change & Anticipating More
    45. Joie de Vivre (Delmarya)
    46. Things Are Still Great?
    47. Dysis' Graduation
    48. So Pleased to Meet You
    49. A Park Outing and a Secret Date
    50. A Tale of Two Toddlers
    51. Workaholic Dreams of Becoming an Angel (Investor)

    Asher Fier had been working with his youngest daughter, Elmire, trying to teach her everything: logic, the basics of communication, how to use her imagination effectively, movement, music...

    He was currently working with her on potty skills, which he didn't enjoy (but it was something fundamental she needed to master).

    Elmire had just about had enough of him. She was an independent baby, with her own plans. She wanted to play with her doll house, listen to music and climb the stairs a thousand times. In her opinion, this was a waste of time—she had a diaper that she could use instead of doing this.

    Meanwhile, Deli's crush Cabe called to ask her younger sister, Dyna, to come over and hang out at his house as a date. The townie had been creeping on Dyna since he first saw her. Apparently, she was his type, but she refused because he was a mean <3<3<3<3.

    In the music room, Dysis and Rashad exchanged love poems. Dysis wasn't especially creative, even though she was genuine and well-intentioned, so her lines were repetitive, but earnest—I want you you you you~, just only you you you you~...

    At Dysis' words, Rashad, an unwavering romantic, felt free to unleash the corniest, sweetest lines he could think of.
    When I see you, there's a spark! in my heart
    I don't even realize that times flow
    Everywhere, every second, I think of you
    I'll give you my everything
    Surely you're my destiny
    Because I feel our future shining so brightly in my heart
    Even just imagining it is so sweet
    This must be what thrill feels like...

    These two are honestly so sickeningly sweet all the time. Rashad took a lot of his inspiration from a song titled, "Heart Attack" by Chuu.

    ANYWAY, Elmire had Asher a bit stressed out, so his wife, Adelise, offered him a massage.

    The rest below the spoiler cut:
    Then, to continue relieving stress, he kicked a ball around indoors with Dyna, with no care about breaking anything.

    Adelise spoke with Elmire, asking her to please not yell at her father. Elmire agreed that yelling was not nice and she wouldn't yell anymore.

    But also, NO THANK YOU to learning more animals' names and other words right now.

    As for the only son in the house, Darius, he'd been spending a lot of time with Dawn and they'd been quite productive: cooking, conducting research, meditating, etc.

    His grades for the semester came in and they were all A+s, but he still loved to take the occasional selfie for Simstagram.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 773 Member
    @sarabeth2984 I love that origin!

    @Lyrie I'm enjoying your Hazel and Rainbow updates!

    I don't have an update ready yet, but I'm enjoying a lot of the stories. So far, the most I've done is an update to the merfolk pod's home and update the occult attire.

    I've made it a priority to try my absolute best to balance representation of many different ethnicities, sexuality, and genders. I'm creating a merfolk culture that is 100% made up, but I feel limited with the island living content. I've gone so far as to blur the lines between feminine and masculine clothing, effectively making my merfolk a little non-binary but not quite.

    If I had more than 150 sims I could use in game, I would definitely create more merfolk to represent different people. Anyways, it's still a work in progress deciding on how I want my merfolk to dress when they are wearing merfolk attire. I'm struggling the most with mermaid occult attire.

    Mermen could use more skirts, reason for skirts is because it's more functional when you have a tail in the water. I imagine that merfolk could still wear a skirt with their tail, so they might prefer something they can wear as they enter and leave the water. I imagine that pants would be ripped apart upon transforming back to their natural merform.

    Mermaids lack a lot of tops that I feel work in human form.

    Both mermaids and mermen in my game are essentially topless in the water. Mermen in human form wearing merfolk occult attire don't wear shirts because they generally don't have a lot of stuff to choose from.

    The merfolk clothing I'm looking for is a combination of Islander and objects recovered from the sea. I imagine fabrics as the sails from ships that are dyed and fashioned into garments. I'm avoiding anything that might be too human and require more than what can be made from stuff found in nature, specifically the sea. Polyester found in wetsuits is not a material merfolk would be able to obtain from the ocean. I don't like the seashells and coconuts, too cliche.

    Anyways, I've just been developing the merfolk in the pod. Relationships are getting harder to figure out, and Dylan and Zeph only have girlfriends because the game generated them. The merfolk I created pretty much have their relationships established, leaving little room for me to create merfolk for more relationships. Most merfolk in my game are related by blood, married, or friends. Everything feels like it's coming together.
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 558 Member
    edited March 23
    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide information. It´s one thing to read from the web, but another to hear from people themselves. Love the pics, she´s so adorable! I don´t think I have ever seen a bearded dragon in real life, the pet shops here seem to prefer iguanas (who are also adorable!) I used to be obsessed with commodo dragons as a kid and may have scared my mom off with videos about them.
    Immortality looks good on Simeon! Does he have any plans to bring his dead wife back with magic, or has that ship sailed?

    Not the most interesting update, just catching up with what others were doing while Ellyn and co were attending university and having babies.
    After her return from Strangerville and ending the relationship with Morgyn, Christine and Pascal Curious dated again for a hot second, before saying goodbye for good. He has since then moved on with his life and married Dina Caliente of all people. Not sure what do they have to talk about with each other (aliens, perhaps?), but they look disgustingly happy every time I see them around town, so good for them.
    Christine, meanwhile, went on a date with Salim. UF3epaA.png
    Sadly, it became clear within minutes that no matter how hot she finds him, being dumped by Morgyn Ember is not enough to build a relationship on. Their date was apparently so boring that Salim fell asleep. xYQIxIm.png Christine: "I got dressed and cancelled my plans with Paolo Rocca for this"?
    Needless to say, they decided that they are better off as friends.
    Life continued as usual. Fixing robots both inside Qx8cDqz.png
    and outside the hospital, ecnaRmv.png
    diagnosing vampires with being dead cduXKKe.png
    and hanging out with her friend Sergio, whose third marriage was starting to fall apart because his selfish ways. Some things never change. 0ZBfPuV.png

    Chrissy took a trip to Sulani to visit family. Jolene was busy holding court, NLE7hca.png Emmanuel was taking a nap after a long day at work Oh6tq1a.png and Kurt was in a bad mood, udJSncQ.png because his co-worken had been bitten by a vampire and had developed an allergy towards sunlight as a result, while their other co-worker was an erratic old lady prone to wander off to who knows where, all which had left him doing the work of three people.
    Kurt wasn´t joking. Makoa, what have you gotten yourself into? X62vhGQ.png

    Having learnt from her recent mistake of trying to mix vampires and spellcasters, Christine started a new club, gathering solely to vampires. CLJq1kt.png
    Very cultured stuff, playing chess and discussing literature classics, Esme would die of boredom. GNpvGLn.png
    Poor Makoa learnt that it will be quite some time before he´ll be able to return to the beach without the danger of painful death. Teaches you to do your research before. 7SKQTG1.png
    Gunther got turned into a vampire by Alexander. r0TFzUZ.png Honestly, he got what he was looking for: who wanders into the meeting of a vampire clan, uninvited, in the middle of a night? As he lives at Forgotten Hollow where the sun never shines too brightly, has a vampire witch for a wife and a supply of plasma fruits nearby, he´ll be just fine.
    Adelise got some new pets TQbAYQT.png
    fF1aNxY.png (She named the cowplant Inez, after her sister-in-law. As a sign of fondness or to express that she thinks that Inez is a cow? That´s up for discussion.)
    (Sadly, she was not able to bring the crocodile home with her, as it did not fit into a suitcase.)

    Lyanna and Lyarra aged up. I could´ve sworn that I had pics from their birthday, but apparently not. By the way, they are the first set of non-identical twins of same gender ever born in my game 84Qy2CV.png
    They have very different personalities too: Lyanna (in grey) is active and adventurous, Lyarra (in green) is a cheerful foodie.
    Loras aged up. Actually found a birthday pic for him, lucky him m3qxZ7D.png
    He looks a lot like Morgyn, if Morgyn were pale, blond and blue-eyed. opnHhlG.png

    Speaking of Morgyn, he and Adelise striked up a courtship via writing romantic novels to each other, book nerds that they are qGacsda.png

    After some discussion, they decided that the best thing to do is get married again, but continue living apart, Morgyn at Willow Creek and Adelise at Windenburg. That way, neither of them will be forced to give up the lifestyle they prefer - Adelise her solitude and Morgyn being surrounded by family and friends. Thast´s what had gone wrong the first time around - both of them had tried to be someone they are not. This time they are smarter.

    So I present you, Morgyn and Adelise, 25 years, 6 children and a divorce later: TFgXb45.png
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 4,056 Member
    In Chapter 6, the Nightblaze family takes Ayame's urn to Sulani, where her husband Kalani and her son Makoa live.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 918 Member
    These are from a while back, but still...

    The Bridge Family

    When I had a spare moment, I was able to work on my robotics skill for work. Although it was fun, it wasn't much fun injuring myself with the tools, and occasionally getting electrocuted.


    Boogie time!


    After much discussion, Martin and I had decided to adopt a new family member...


    .. and so, I was excited to bring home little Freddie, named of course after his late paternal grandfather. Louisa was keen to meet him.


    Naturally, with work and three kids to look after, I didn't often get the opportunity to meet up with my siblings much. Oscar was a member of Geeks Unite, which was cool, although I hadn't seen Kirsten for a while. I knew she'd love to meet my kids.


    It turned out that putting wooden flooring in the twins' room was a good idea...
    "Louisa, honey, please don't make a big mess on the floor. If you want to do some painting, I'll give you some paper to use."
    "OK, Mummy," Louisa replied, looking at me. I knew she'd probably make a mess again in the future, but that wasn't my top concern right now.


    No real caption, just Julia and Louisa talking to each other! Toddlers always sound like they're having such serious conversations, it's so cute!


    Freddie as a toddler. I don't remember what trait I gave him :#


    Soon, it was Spooky Day, and time for people to come over and ask for a treat. (Of course, sometimes they came when it wasn't autumn, but that's by-the-by).


    It was pretty lucky for me that the twins were independent, as they could easily amuse themselves. Louisa was a little spooked (ahem) by the ghost light show at first, but soon realised that they weren't going to hurt her.


    Not long after, it was time for the twins to grow up. Where did the time go? Oh, I'm starting to feel old...


    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

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    edited March 24
    Masterson Family

    It was Spooky Day, and I decided to dress up as a pizza delivery woman. (I don't know why I put flippers on, don't ask!)


    With little to do, given that we had a day off school, my siblings and I collectively decided to head over to the spa in Newcrest. Wellness and wellbeing was a big craze at school, and we thought it'd be fun to investigate a yoga class.


    In the end, we were the only ones to participate.


    And stretch...


    And chillax.


    That evening, I was invited over to Alexander's place. Some trick-or-treaters popped over, and I was the one to greet them.


    When you're a Spellcaster on Spooky Day, why not dress like one?


    The next day, I decided to hold a "The Secret Society" meeting, now that Artemis and Apollo were old enough to be members. Alexander was happy that another guy was in the club.


    Noticing that our stereo wasn't working, Alexander autonomously decided to repair it. I was a little worried, as I had no idea of his handiness skill level, but he fixed it with no problems.


    A couple of days later, it was Harvestfest. After successfully pleasing one of the gnomes, Mum and I shared what we were thankful for.


    There was a storm raging outside, and poor Heidi was terrified! I didn't blame her. I wasn't able to fit under the bed, or I might have taken her lead...


    That weekend, my parents decided to take us all to Mount Komorebi for a couple of days. That's right, ALL of us, including the cats.


    Xanthe and I decided to go and hit the slopes.


    "Oh man, this is so fast, Erytheia, I'm scared!"


    And... wipeout!
    "Ooh, my butt hurts," I groaned.


    Xanthe and I ended up sharing a bed, but that wasn't a problem. After all, we did once share a womb...


    The next day, I decided to try out skiing on the bunny slope. Given that I'd wiped out after simply sledging, I was a little apprehensive, but I also wanted to make the most of the Mt Komorebi holiday.


    Woo! It was awesome!


    And I wiped out again. Ugh.


    I then decided that it would be a lot safer to build a snowpal.


    Later that evening, I noticed that the Festival of Snow was on, so I went to investigate. I was intrigued by the cool lighting.


    I tried to get something from the vending machine, but unfortunately it got stuck; I gave it a little nudge, which worked.


    Other Family Happenings:

    Caroline in the pool at the Island Bluffs.


    Artemis and Apollo mixing up a potion.


    That's a little steep, don't you think, Peter?


    Apollo seemed REALLY excited about being in Mt Komorebi.


    Artemis skiing. I don't remember if she fell over at the end or not.


    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

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    Ugh, I got caught up with my screenshots and now I actually have to play the game to post here. Well this is literally the first time in a long time where I can say one of my posts contains screenshots from today so it's technically the first time I've been "On Topic" here. Anyways....

    Grim sent the kids off to school and was expecting a normal old ordinary day when suddenly....
    His baby brother, Gil came to visit!
    Oh it's always great to see Gil come around.
    Grim: "So Gil, what brings you here today?"
    Gil sat there in complete silence as always.
    Grim: "I see what it is, you're here because you sense that I'm planning on taking over the galaxy and you're gonna try and stop me! Well I'll just say I won't go down without a fight!"
    Grim: "And by go down without a fight I mean my clone will do the fighting. I wouldn't dare fight you myself. Now go kill for me, my clone!"
    Clone: "Yeah."
    Grim: "Ah I love being powerful."
    Clone: "Ah, what a wonderful day to die."
    So Grim's clone and Gil prepared for their epic magic battle to the death.
    Ooooh, pretty lights. I think Grim's clone has a good chance of winning this-
    Ah no there he goes.
    Rest in Peace Grim Clone. 9:30AM-9:34AM
    Grim: "Alright, you might've beaten my clone but I'll have you know, I am a sore loser!"
    And with that, Grim sliced Gil's head off......Pretty dark, not gonna lie.
    Grim: "Alright, now no one has the power to stop me....Well I mean, except for Sonya, but that's beside the point."
    Oh ho ho, what's this? Gil also had a clone fight Grim's clone. What a sneaky sneaky man, well time to summon more clones to fight.
    Grim Sr: "Oh come on, what's going on now?"
    Grim Sr: "Alright, I'll just let them fight it out, surely they'll tire themselves out eventually."
    3 hours later.
    Grim Sr: "Seriously, you two have messed with the natural order of things for long enough! I'm okay with murder, but don't create clones just to murder them as well!"
    Needless to say, Grim Jr wasn't ready to see his dad so angry. Usually he's pretty chill, but I guess the Mrs told him to get sober and now he's just a little moody.
    Grim: "Alright so, let's just say that we're evenly matched and this ended in a draw. Now let's go get a drink."
    Grim Sr: "Seriously, I'm going to be here all night processing these souls."
    Never a good time for the kids to show up after a massacre has ended.
    So Grim and Gil settled their differences at the nearest bar....where that other massacre happened.
    And also their Grandmother was there.
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    @DoodlyDoofus so many urns... and then the random gnome in the background :D
    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

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