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    sunblond wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice I one tried a supernatural game, I just had vamps, ghosts and aliens, but I ran out of steam, I could never think of what to do with them. Imagine me running out of ideas! Anyway, I just wanted to say that you have made mermaids so interesting. I am a bit miffed that the twins got killed off though, sigh. I had gotten to like them. But that new sim Reef, he's a hottie!

    I'm happy you find the story so interesting. I wish merfolk had more in the sims, and I've had to use elements from multiple packs to fill the void.

    And don't worry about Dylan and Zephyr, they'll be back. I admit that Damion took them down rather quickly, and I understand the speed at which they died would probably come as a shock. In all honesty, they get a happy buff from being near each other. The only way for them to get overtaken by extreme emotions is if they are separated. Otherwise, their positive emotions would counteract the negative. In a way, Damion needed to strike fast while they were split up to get the upper hand.

    In a fair fight with Dylan and Zephyr against Damion, I have no doubt that the twins would win, even turn their enemies into friends. Unfortunately, Damion didn't fight fair.

    Edit: I forgot to add that I've been trying to follow your stories. I just haven't had a lot of time to read AND reply. I think I may have liked or awesomed a few. Death is a difficult thing to deal with. Most of the people in Sulani were their friends, so a lot of sims were mourning their loss across the islands even if they didn't witness their death. Their absence was felt.

    In your stories, I'm sure your sims experienced something similar.

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    Morning came, and the teenagers gathered at the restaurant. They ordered some coffee, although the service was somewhat slow. Perhaps it was because several spellcasters didn't return home or to the magic realm after going to other towns and countries. Saoirse mentioned a dream, and the other teenagers were interested in hearing every detail.


    "In the vision, I saw dark clouds. Thunder and lightning filled the sky. Then I saw a crowd of men and women in gangster outfits approaching," Saoirse said.

    "Was Cyrus leading them?" Luna asked.

    "Yes. Oh, and apparently he has gotten a son."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I looked up the San Myshuno news. Cyrus turned a rich young heiress into a maid, and he wants her to be a compliant housewife who doesn't have any backbone. The heiress is carrying his child."

    Shawn shook his head as he listened. "Men such as him don't know how to respect women. He doesn't deserve a wife."


    Zelda decided to chime in. "Sounds as if Cyrus wants a servant for a wife."

    "Those criminals in San Myshuno are insane," Luna said.

    "True. I feel bad for the heiress. She's being forced to live in fear for her life and is being told what to do every minute of the day. The kid would think it's okay to abuse someone who is weaker."

    "Or, it could become afraid of Cyrus and his temper."


    "Considering that Cyrus could weigh three hundred pounds, I doubt the heiress could survive more than ten years being married to him. She could get hurt really bad," Rhydian pointed out.

    "I remember a story of one of my relatives from the third generation. Rosalie. Her first husband was awful to her," Zelda said.

    "Let me guess. She remarried after not taking it anymore."

    "Yes. Her first two kids were from him, and the other two were from her second husband."


    Laurent leaned forward. "How did this turn to another topic? I thought it would focus on Cyrus' evil plot. Keep in mind that I believe in magic."

    "Sure you believe in it," Saoirse said. "It's still about Cyrus."

    "Is it a gossip session, then?"

    "No. His choices were sometimes shared on the news. But people believe he isn't doing anything harmful."


    Meanwhile, Stella and Liam approached the entrance. She said, "Cyrus would look everywhere for the tome. I blocked the entrance to the magic realm so he wouldn't try to get in. Oh, and the Sylvan Glade has a barrier now."

    "He'll go crazy," Liam said.

    "He already is. He reminds me of Ganondorf."

    "Maybe they're the same person?"

    "Perhaps. And the heiress doesn't realize she is being used as a vessel for Cyrus' unborn child. I have a feeling she'll be cast aside or something. Cyrus and his minions have to be stopped before it's too late."
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    @AlwaysAsking Back to Dash and Max, I think the Renegades and Max might be the good guys in Windenburg. Even though their club starts out set up to be the bad guys, I see it as a way for a broken family to get close again and mend broken bonds. I can see their club easily turning into a force of good as Max gets older. On the other side of things, the Paragons present themselves as good and the example for others to follow. They always try to recruit sims like Dylan and Zephyr purely for their looks. It's written in the language from the message.

    When Damion goes around declaring enemies and creating an atrocious reputation, the Paragons want him in their club. It's like his infamous reputation is what attracted their attention. I think the Paragons could turn into a mean club that is overly critical of other sims and how they look. I mean, what Damion did to the twins, it was enough to make Vlad question associating with him, but I think the Paragons would still accept him as a member of the club.
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    This update is about Nayeli and Terrence who is the between family's I play but first comments!

    @sunblond Thank you for liking my sims! I been meaning to say how much I love your new format in your stories and the stories themselves I I am engrossed keep up the updates when you can! :)

    @Metior_Ice Hello! I love your set up for the legacy! Oooo I love how Reef Kailani:is rooted in logic this will be interesting watching he learn to believe in his ancestors and bloodline gift.

    Yay! Z is back! Even as a ghost good to see him! I can't wait for more!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you! <3

    @ryttu3k I just wanted to say hello, love your amazing decorating skills! :)

    @Koteyka Loved the perspective switch of the update very unique! I can't wait for more! :)

    Yay Lawrence got into Uni! Good on him! :) Ian seems very proud!

    Let me know how Uni goes, I plan to use a test sim when I get DU to learn the ropes :)

    I had to figure out how to do print scene as well in order to get some pics, it is a bit of a hassle huh?

    Rest in spoils~
    Ooooo, no I don't remember getting that link!

    I will read it :blush: I took a read at Chapter 1 and remember parts of that first meeting from this thread, I will read more eagerly!

    I hear you, I hear and agree, Dec needs help, I've been thinking of a way for it to happen and I keep coming to he has to hit a rock or a point where force is helped, I think I have the way for it to happen, but it is rather dark.

    I was thinking for a while the only way was to axe Dec off, but I always liked your rehab idea better, I am going to move more hat way and see what happens.

    Hehe, you are right about Beck and Vanessa taking in Hazel and having their huge family, she already has a decent relationship with both Beck and Amelia. For another option I was thinking of Yu and Brandie taking care of her, since she is super close with their family, Yu is her second cousin, and Illana and Jesse are her best friends sides Rainbow!

    More on Vanessa and Beck, yes they are cute and yes, it is sad watching them be so sweet and cute together yet thinking of maybe doom. Heh, they are taking their time like Max and Julia yes, I kinda like slow burning romances the game of will they won't they, butttttt Beck is shy and Vanessa is overcome by attention and feeling loved but conflicted. It is still up in the air, will have to see!

    I agree about Nessa though with the burn out, she can only go on for so long, but I think being with Beck kinda revives her if thaqt makes sense to keep going on, still not the best situation but helpful?

    Haha! Amelia is the one that throws the parties Beck just has to deal with his twins antics! xD Yes Amelia is quite wild in a sense, good on Nick for keeping up with her and batting her down a feel pegs sometimes xD They bantered and flirt like mad trying to playfully one up each other! They are a really great match <3

    LOL yes Nick is the teen that would always be shirtless as much as possible, he has grown up, now a respectable Chef to bad not a model! xD

    I was worried about Tucker and Rachel too so I went over, Rachel was angry and humiliated for a while and Tucker was upset and sorry, but they worked it out pretty easy, they were flirting again in little less then a week.

    Heh-heh yup I think Beck was laughing at both of them and how bad they sounded :lol:

    MCCC made me think them together (or maybe it is an in game feature) because they were good friends after only being antiquates and then they kept visiting each others houses and had a small silver of pink bar.

    I love that Rainbow and Hazel keep mentioning each other in there lives, planning a meet up with them eventually~ <3

    Alright onto the update! :)

    Terrence Gheada and Nayeli Norman are two young adults in love~ They had always been apart of the same teen group as Amelia, Beck, Vanessa, Nickolas, Pinky and more.

    They fell in love around their late teens but it took them a while to really get together, after a few mutual break ups they gravitated back to each other and finally began dating.

    Like most of the teens in this friend group, Terrence had a rough life, his mom was addicted to woohoo and he was dragged from home to home wit her from marriage to divorce.

    He finally ran off at 15 and stayed with Pinky and Nayeli in a foster home/orphanage.

    He was one of Aubree's best friends and they had a very deep bond with each other.

    Terrence from his past is a little hot headed but never shows it much especially around friends or Nayeli. He is also self-assured having to rely on himself a lot, his last trait is a mixologist always having been one of his dreams he works as the head mixologist.

    Nayeli loves the outdoors and wanted bees so she got them, she also has a genius side and so she got a chess table, her last trait is fun loving to go to Amelia's outings/parties and watch Terrence play video games.

    The two are very sweet and have a good balance of romance and casual talking while they do daily things.

    In The Bathroom? In The Spoilers :neutral:
    Nayeli can't wait anymore, she wants Terrence for a life time so she proposes to him~ Aww.

    He ACCEPTED!!!!!
    He is sooooo happy, he was going to do it himself, after a romantic trip to Windenburg's island, but hey who cares? He was so happy!

    Nayeli is over the moon, she hardly realized to proposed in a bathroom, she does not seem to care, love is love, I guess so! XD ugh sims.

    They share a passionate kiss as newly fiances

    Of course they celebrate in the way of woohoo!~

    Since Terrence is a mixologist, they have a lot of drinks so that he can practice his skills not that these two mind, they also host sipping parties.

    LOL~ xD I think this pic speaks for itself! xD

    More On There Day In Spoilers
    Well, someone is not happy about their hangover and have been committed to a odd job, not my fault!

    Terrence wakes up with a hang over two and Declan comes knocking so they have some lunch together.

    Then they divulged in hours upon hours of video games until Terr has to go to work.

    The precious thing is about their relationship is they never used to be close then Aubs passed on and the memory and time with her brought these two together.

    The following day, Jameson, one of the huge teen group friends, asked to come over and they plays games while Nayeli happily watched!

    They talked excitedly about their engagement party coming up next weekend.

    The day finally came! (This is also a mod event called Engagement Party).

    Nayeli came out in her stunning deep blue dress with the cake she ordered.

    Sims were still arriving and were also mingling with drinks made by Terrence who was also greeting guest and thanking them for coming.

    It was a really great time and everyone devoured the cake and the other snacks around for the party,

    Terrence was having a grand time serving up drinks to everyone and chatting with everyone.

    So was Nayeli~
    50182173011_1c843acb84_h.jpg19. TXN by Lyrie Creesen, on Flickr

    More on the Engagement Party! Spoilers~
    Aaaaaah I just love seeing everyone together it warms my heart!~

    I sent Nick to make another cake, and he did it perfectly.

    Nayeli did have some wine and cake, I promise she just scraffed both items down like they were going out of style! xD

    The main goal was to share a kiss, so that is what the two did, look at all these wild young adults! xD

    Beck is dancing, and I spy Amelia and Nick (they are both sitting at the black and glass table).

    They all went upstairs to calm down from the excitement, food and drinks with a nice movie one of Terrence and Nayeli's favorites.

    Oh my, these two are getting a bit spicy, I know it is not going to end in just some cheek kiss, they are both extremely in love, never afraid to express how much and they are both juiced!
    See? See? I know these two! xDDD

    Vanessa and Daniella snuck down for more cake xD

    But I think they are having a girl heart to heart about what Vanessa should do about Beck, she spent time with him this evening but what if to many people notice and she has to break it off?

    How can she make things work?

    Daniella tried her best to help and even if she could not, she still supported Vanessa as a friend. (Daniella is also Matt's mom the little curly haired boy that has a crush on Hazel).

    After the guest left, Terrence and Nayeli took some time for themselves and enjoyed a final glass of nectar together lol Nayeli gulped hers xD

    The following morning, they invite pinky out for breakfast, as mentioned before all three stayed in foster care/orphanage together, so they both told Pinky she would play an important role in their wedding.

    Pinky of course is super excited about that and accepts.

    She is also looking like she is questioning the quality of the food (I think it was poor boo!)

    A Little More On TXN
    This is Nayeli tending to her bees, she is sooooo cute, like she was a baby of two townies who just grew up! <3

    For now, I can't decide what to do with Nayeli for career so she does odd jobs and since Pinky does not work until late and her son is in school, the too hang out and play chess a lot!

    The last pic is of Terrence going a "gig" I have a mod for that let you ten bars and get paid so I call them side gigs, he made around 800 pretty good deal!

    Not sure where I will go next? Show Nickolas, Pinky and her son? Show Brandie, Yu, and the twins (Hazel's best buddies). Or go back to The Stones, idk lol!

    That is all for now :)

    Request tagging @AlwaysAsking @mercuryfoam @RedDestiny92 @Silverofdreams30
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    Responses to stories:

    @haneul poor Deli, I feel so bad for her :( I almost felt the hurt in her smile when she just listened to Cabe. She's stunning and gorgeous, that guy has no right to criticise her! Plus he's clearly only interested in the money. Good thing Dyna didn't fall for him!

    @Daephene oh dear, that's quite some drama there! Poor Brent and Brant :D My sims suffer a lot from autonomous flirting as well and since I also have the SoL mod installed they actually get sad "remembering being cheated on" buffs... It's so annoying. By the way, Brent looks exactly like this :sweat_smile: emoji on that picture where he's snuggling near the fire with angry Brant! He clearly knows what he's done. Also I love the way he looks in glasses, I should get my Brent some too!

    @DarkAngel1994 oh my, what a fire! :open_mouth: Good thing everyone are okay! Tristan is adorable <3

    @Lyrie Hazel is such a sweetie, I love her! R.I.P Hammy :( Good thing Dec got a new one before Hazel found out, he's really trying to be a great parent. My dad always used to joke that "people who get a cat want to love, people who get a dog want to be loved, and people ho get a hamster want to teach their children about death". Since I had 9 hamsters during my childhood... yeahhh, I could relate :sweat_smile: I also love the picture wall above her bed!
    Terrence and Nayeli are adorable! I adore their story, they seem to fit each other very well. And what an original way to propose :D

    @AlwaysAsking aaah, congrats to Lawrence! Also this is totally random, but Ian reminds me a lot of John Barrowman for some reason, especially now that JB stopped dyeing his hair and is keeping it naturally gray...🤔 He's just giving off those super cool vibes, haha😁

    @ryttu3k I absolutely love your builds! My favourite one has to be Johnny's trailer, I love all of the little details :blush: And I literally watched Shining last week so that reference was very appropriate :D

    Responses to mentions:

    ayyy! I saw that you already got TL, going to get any other packs?
    Naaah, DU isn't really my thing, I'd only be getting it for the bikes, Realm of Magic - I'm happy with my vampires and aliens, don't think I'd play with spellcasters too much (but I want Morgyn :weary: maybe I'll get it on sale). EL doesn't seem to do much, Star Wars... We shall not talk about that pack :D The only pack I'm looking at is Nifty Knitting but I'm waiting for it to go on sale.
    Also, regarding the twins, does Sarah have Turner syndrome? AFAIK that's one of the few times you can have male-female 'identical' twins - the ova is fertilised with an XY... I don't know if I can say the word here, a male gamete. During cell division, only the X part is duplicated in one of the twins, resulting in a typical XY boy, and a girl with Turner syndrome (45,X, so basically she only has the single X chromosome instead of XX). Genetics are fun.
    I honestly don't know... I mean I could try to pull that off (although knowing the sims and its unfortunate exclusion of any illnesses or disorders I bet it's close to impossible) but currently I just blame it on the magic essence Sulani and the randomness of the Sims 4 XD Jamie and Sarah were actually born months ago because I wanted Steve's children to appear in the afterlife but I still wanted their amount and gender to be random (so much work just to give Jamie an early cameo lol). When Peggy gave birth to two kids and when I checked how they look as adults in CAS they turned out to be very similar... so I changed Sarah's gender to male just to make sure and as males they looked exactly the same. So... yeah, I basically just rolled with it :tongue: I actually never had identical different gender twins in the sims before, and I had lots of babies. They're a weird anomaly.
    Ooh boy Ianto is gonna be a handful XD;;
    The game is literally on the same team with me here, he is such a needy baby :joy: He's always so unhappy, it's kinda sad :(
    ...Timeskip! :o "Eventually it evolved to my mother giving birth in a completely unsanitised ocean within dolphins and sharks and me being swept away by a wave right as I was born, with my godfather, Thor, saving me from my inevitable perish." Oh my god XD
    It might've been a pool. Or not. His parents are storytellers, no one will ever know :D
    "And I mean... the fact that I'm here, talking to you, just proves it, doesn't it?" Ohhh boy I have a bad feeling about this XD;;
    Wonder who's he talking to 👀👀👀
    Thank you! <3

    wow. First the ultrasound tech criticising Peter and Gwen for being irresponsible... now their own son? When I saw the ultrasound-with-Ianto post, I was somewhat critical of the tech; I thought it was rather rude of her to make that kind of judgment on a couple she doesn’t even know. But Ianto actually knows them as a person... Peter grew up pretty well given his past, and I don’t know much about Gwen, so I’m intrigued now.
    No one's going to be the bad guy in this story but Ianto... lets just say he has his reasons to say the things he's saying.
    Thank you! :relaxed:

    I'm very curious what you're doing with Ianto now. What is he going to become?
    Certainly a very interesting person...
    Thank you! <3

    I love that you have those navigation links in your posts, I should learn to do that. I am enjoying your flashbacks a lot.
    Thank you! It was quite a lot of work setting them up but it's definitely worth it :)

    @Lyrie just saw your comment, thank you! This update will be a general one but the next one will be Ianto-centric as well :relaxed:

    "See ya!"

    "See ya..."

    "Aaaand cut!"

    "Ouch, hey, stop!"
    "You started it, Tony..."
    Welcome to the Bridge to Terabithia DVD specials!
    More under the cut:
    "Hi, I'm Tony Stark and I play Jess Aarons."
    "Hi Tony! This is your first role in a big movie, isn't it?"
    "Yeah. I'm very excited, I'd never even dream to be in a place like this."

    "Tell us about your character!"
    "Jess is this kid who doesn't really fit anywhere, I suppose. He lives in a poor family and his parents don't have much time for him, his classmates bully him and he's not doing great at school. It's like he can't connect to anyone. But then he meets Leslie and they... they connect."
    "And were you able to connect to his character?"
    "Yeah, we have a lot in common! Like, a lot... so um... it was pretty easy playing as him."

    "So tell us, Tony, do you and Anne who plays Leslie actually have a bond on set?"
    "Yeah, totally! She's my best friend. And Bailey who plays May Belle is actually like a little sister to me. We hang out together all the time."

    "Perhaps there's even something like a teensy crush going on?.."
    "Anne will kill the first boy to have a crush on her so no, definitely not."

    "I like Tony because we're best friends and he always comes up with the best jokes!"

    "We love playing together and having fun and playing even more..."

    "Tony definitely got a big future ahead of him. He always knows everyone's lines and gets every scene right from the first take. I'd love to work with him on other projects!"

    "Antony is very... promising. Everyone on set will tell you that. He's very new to acting and definitely needs to improve but there's just something very raw and real in his performance that even makes the director wipe away a couple of tears. He's a future legend, I'm telling you."

    "Tony, tomorrow the movie will hit the theatre's and every single kid out there will know your face. What do you think of that?"
    "I think it's AWESOME!"

    Steve grabbed the remote and quickly turned the tv off as he heard footsteps behind him.

    "Hey, Peggy," he sighed.

    "We're planning to go on the beach. You coming?"
    "I guess..."

    Peggy smiled, giving him a soft embrace.
    "This is probably the tenth time you watched that, you know," she gently said.
    "Oh, it was way more then that," Steve sadly chuckled.

    "I never... really... watch any of Tony's acting stuff. He was always different in front of cameras. Nick's work. But here... He's actually Tony here, you know?.. I guess you can't really force a kid to be different..."

    "I know. And I think the kids would love to see what their grandpa looked like when he was as little as them. But you only ever watch it in private, like you're afraid of something..."

    "I just don't think they'll find it interesting, that's all," Steve nervously said. He didn't really think any of the children would be interested in their deceased grandpa at all. Why would they? Most of them never even got to see him in person. Even Morgan barely mentioned Tony anymore. It'd just be too much unnecessary trauma for them.
    "You'd be surprised... C'mon, we need to wash up the twins before we go."

    The twins and their bathtime.



    You can tell they're gonna grow up to be the best siblings possible... Anyway, if we talk about actual best siblings...



    "My heart is melting."
    "Same here..."

    "I almost like him when he's not yelling all the time."
    Time to head to the beach.

    "Ocean, Ianto," Sarah sweetly said, dangling her little feet in the air. "Look, ocean!"

    Ianto looked like he could care less about the ocean. His face was red, dry and he had funny rough cracks on it. Peggy said that he needs more vitamins but Sarah didn't understand much of that. After all, she was only nearly a year old.

    All she knew was that Ianto looked funny, needed a lot of attention and cried all the time when he didn't have his pacifier.

    Her brother, Jamie, was building a sandcastle with Rhi. Rhi was their niece which was really funny because she was bigger then them.

    The adults were having fun too. Well, at least some of them. Like Peter and Gwen. Peter was supposedly their big brother and Sarah found that even funnier because Morgan was their big sister and he was bigger then Morgan.

    Other adults, like Mommy and Daddy, were having boring fun. Just sitting and talking doesn't look like fun. But they laughed so it was probably fun for them.

    "There he is, my little peanut... The youngest of us all."

    "Ain't he just precious. eh? This little one is certainly a special one..."

    "Oh dearie, I love him already!" Mele smiled. "Look at those tiny little fingers!"

    "Honey, I think we need another baby."

    "I'll think on that," Lani chuckled. "When are you presenting him to the island?"
    "Oh, I don't think the family will like that. They're all a bit ah... conscious of this little one..."

    "But he shall see incredible things, I can give you that! Things out of this galaxy!"

    Ianto didn't seem to want incredible things. He just wanted to be put down.

    "Hi hi Ianto! Hi!"

    "Mo'gan? Why don' he talk?"
    "Well he's a baby, Rhi, babies don't talk..."

    "Hey girls, smile!"
    "Daddy, eebie not girl," Rhi giggled.

    "Gimme eebie."
    "What? No, you can't hold him, you're to little."

    Rhiannon shrieked.
    "I want eebie!!"


    Rhiannon was determined to hold her baby.

    "Gimme! Gimme!"

    "Fine but if you drop him and he dies I'm telling Pa!"

    Didn't seem like Rhi actually cared about that.

    "Just be very careful, alright?"

    "I be ca'ful..."

    Peace at last.

    "Hey Rhi, do you love your little baby brother?" Peter chuckled behind the camera.

    Of course Rhi did. He was her Ianto.

    Meanwhile, Morgan wen't to hang out with her friends. They did some swimming and splashing and tag and now they were figuring out what to do next.

    "Hey Morgan, as princess of Sulani, can you get us all out of school?"
    "It doesn't work that way, Kristian..."

    "In fact, I don't think I have any privileges. Which is such a shame. Imagine how awesome would it be if we could get a ton of free ice cream or something like that."

    "Technically, we can, we just need to ask Mele very nicely," Kalani winked.

    "Yeah! Me and Kalani did it like twice lat month at it always works like a charm. I'd do it more often but our dad is like "nope, you can't eat too much ice cream, it's too unhealthy!" sooo annoying..."

    "Yeah, parents are so annoying!" Morgan laughed. "Pa won't let me do anything exciting if it has even the slightest bit of danger involved... But at least Peggy understands me."

    "Is she cooler then your old dad?"
    "My old-" Morgan paused.

    "Makani you are STUPID! Dad is not my old dad, he's STILL my dad! Now SHUT UP!"

    "But I just thought-"

    "I don't care what you thought!!" Morgan yelled, feeling like tearing up. She didn't even remember that much of her dad, most of her memories were from stories Pa told and pictures she saw. She barely even remembered what he sounded like.
    "You're dumb and stupid so get lost!"

    "Way to go, Makani..."

    "Way to go."

    "Mommy? Why eebie making funny noise?"

    "He just caught a little cold, that's all. At least he's asleep..."

    "I wan' to play wit' eebie!"
    "Oh honey, he's still too tiny... go play with your uncle and aunt instead, hm?"

    Exactly what Rhi went to do.
    "Hey, is that Morgan?.." Steve squinted.


    "Hey Morgan, what's the matter?"
    Morgan sighed.

    "I don't remember Dad anymore."

    "Oh, baby..."

    Steve didn't know what else to say. Except that perhaps Peggy was right once again.



    It was pretty late when they got back.

    All of the Starks were gathered up for a family movie night.


    "What we watching?"

    "Something very important."

    The movie began.

    "Wait, are we watching 'Bridge to Terabithia'?" Peter whispered, looking at Pa - he never actually saw it either. "That's where Dad played as a kid, right?"
    Steve smiled and slightly nodded.

    Morgan's face lightened up. She looked at Pa and smiled widely - and then back at the screen, almost afraid to blink.

    It was Dad.

    And even little Ianto woke up without a fuss.
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    Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great and safe weekend! Here's my latest gameplay:)

    @reddestiny92 I enjoyed seeing Laurel. She’s cool! I enjoyed reading of her adventures in Batuu
    @kotekya Thank you for liking my Thud!! I love the CC items you incorporate with your sims. They always look fantastic! The Nifty Knitting pack is awesome. My favorite part would have to be the onesies but the heavy metal music station is a fun addition too :)
    It was so sweet to see the reunion of Peter, Steve, and Gwen and the kids!
    @alwaysasking I am so sorry about your news! Please please take care of yourself. Its not good to be stressed out. Take some time to rest and recover!!
    I am so happy Lawrence applied for university! I think he’s a great candidate and he’ll do well no matter what degree he goes for. I have had sims go to university from home and its awesome. They basically just leave for class like they would for a part time job or odd jobs so you don’t even have to visit the campus. Just make sure he keeps up with his homework, term papers, and presentations.
    Thank you for liking my update with Rachel and Rosie’s grandparents! They are such a fun couple to play. I was laughing so hard at all their shenanigans
    Yes the enchanting introductions are so annoying. I don’t know why they are doing that now!
    Roseanne is working on some toddler onesies. I think its weird they don’t have legs, but I just have them wear tights underneath so it looks like they are wearing pants. Thorne dropped down to 4 stars but he’s happy at least.
    Thorne is fun to play! I maxed his piano skills (it makes sense right?) and I have so much fun watching him play blues. Rebecca his wife has high singing skills so, I like to have her sing the same jazz/blue songs while he sings and plays the same songs on the piano. They aren’t quite synced but it sounds cool with that style of music:)
    The star wars post was fun to play! I think your sims are given about 50 credits when you get there and you get more as you finish missions. The lightsabers duels are so fun. I think Jo lost that one between her Kylo but they are almost besties so it was all in good fun:)
    @hillybeth OH no! Rest in peace Katherine Cole
    @metior_ice It looks like the twins had an eventful camping trip!
    @darkangel1994 Yeesh. Forest fires are terrifying. And the heat and high winds just make it worse. I am glad they are contained around you and I hope they stay that way! I am glad Autumn and her cat made it through their own fires ok! And congrats on baby Tristan!
    @daravi I have always loved your builds! They are beautiful. I am sorry that Karl had to be sent home due to injury, but at the same time, I am happy is out of the combat and at home.
    @lyrie Thank you for liking Granny Rose and her General! They are fun couple to play
    I really enjoyed reading about Amelia and Beckett. They are nice set of siblings and I am looking forward to seeing the next double date!
    @blueseawaves Thank you for liking my family! Granny Rose and the General are so fun to play lol! Not going to lie they do remind me of a couple I know lol! Oh yes, the feathers come from the Cats and Dogs pack. You can send your pets out foraging or hunting and they will bring back random feathers they find. You can “mount” them on the wall like a fish. I love it as a decor item! I am sorry that Owen was so hurt about Jade running around him but in all honesty, what else did he expect? He wasn’t faithful himself and its never good to play games with relationships. At least he has the boys to bond with.
    @daephene Thank you for liking my Star Wars post! I loved reading about your Alien Save. I remember Klaatu!!
    @ryttu3k Thank you for liking my Star Wars update! I had fun playing it but all in all. No the pack is not worth it in my honest opinion. At least, the way they have it set up. You are so right, the programming is so weird!! But, I will admit, playing Kylo, Rey, Lt. Agnon, and Joanna as a sort of funny room-mate sit com has been a blast.
    Wow! I loved your house build for the dad and 2 kids! It looks fantastic!
    @haneul I never thought of the cold weather messing with the outfits!! That would totally explain it! I have the temperature effects off but sometimes sims will still change their clothes.
    Myron and Delaney are really liking their new place! I set their inheritance at 20,000. Simeon and his wife a really well off but they have 5 kids they need to plan.
    Um. Cabe can just walk out of Deli’s life as far as I am concerned. How dare he say that to her! She deserves so much better :( I seriously hope she finds a new love interest

    Hey all! Here’s my latest playthrough with the my Silversweater Legacy. This is a casual fun save I like to play and I have decided to focus on playing Myron and Delaney’s household. I fell in love with this couple. They are so cute together and I’ve had a lot of fun playing them. I know Myron is the second born son but I’ve decided he’ll be the “heir” that I follow mostly. No worries, I will still keep an eye on his other siblings and involve them as much as possible
    Anyway. Here’s what happened in my game today :)
    Myron’s really enjoying his new house! He and Delaney are slowly saving up their money and remodeling as they go. t9pDuqF.png

    Myron is super excited today because its Halloween! Being spellcasters, Halloween is a very important holiday. Normally they’d throw a big party but, they recently remodeled an outbuilding and converted it into a magical workshop and redid their bedroom and we are down to 2 grand. So, its just going to be the 2 of them today. Myron digs what decor he could find out of their attic stack box TL5UHRA.png
    Sorry about the background. For whatever reason, my windows and doors aren’t showing up since the last patch. Its really annoying.

    Another Fire
    Delaney decided to serve up eggs and toast for a nice breakfast. Or tried to
    Uh oh. I spotted it before they did. She and Myron were having a nice conversation
    When Delaney burst into flames! F2Henww.png
    Thankfully Myron got to her pretty quickly HRxvxcB.png
    Sigh. Glad you’re ok Delaney VBX82NW.png
    Delaney cleaned herself up and promptly applied a ton of aloe vera while Myron made repairs and cleaned the kitchen.

    Pumpkins and Tobias visits
    Delaney took some candy from the trick or treat bucket. NJxUiR8.png
    Myron managed to scrounge up some decor. Meanwhile they had fun carving pumpkins and watching Moonlight Massacre on tv. uYOBzVy.png
    Delaney had fun carving hers but she was concerned about the mess 4g3qfey.png
    Meanwhile, the doorbell rang. Delaney answered the door and its Tobias, Myron’s big brother!
    It was so nice of him to visit! She asks how he was doing EpIwDll.png
    Fine apparently. Myron rushes over to greet his brother. He asks his Tobias about his wife and new baby daughter Miranda. iW9Vook.png
    “They’re good” Tobias replies
    Myron brings up an embarrassing moment from childhood. Hey remember that time you peed your pants in class lol!! XD KMtbVTM.png
    “Dude why’d you have to bring that up?” i192cau.png
    Delaney heard that and moved in to intercept before the conversation turned really sour. Mryon has a questionable sense of humor lol. She talked about the latest Witcher videogame. RtvzBLH.png
    The guys move into the living room and talk about their parent’s new restaurant they purchased in Oasis Springs E19QKtg.png
    Tobias went home after that

    Costumes and Trick-or-Treaters
    The first trick-or-treater came to the door. It was Gideon Harris from Evergreen Harbor. He was dressed as a skeleton lf6GFga.png
    Myron went as a space ranger ok7IOtx.png
    And Delaney dressed as a smuggler c6l6Gre.png
    They settled in to watch tv. When their second trick-or-treater came. Or make that the same one lol! Gideon Harris came back dressed in another costume. I was rolling on the floor laughing.
    That’s never happened before. This time Myron gave him a piece of candy ZPBFvky.png
    Myron and Delaney live in at rustic residence out in the middle of nowhere so I doubted they would be getting anymore visitors. So they decided to do some experimental brewing
    Exhausted, they went to bad after about an hour
    It wasn’t even 9:30 pm XD !!!
    Wow y'all are such party-goers
    Till next time!!
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    @sunblond I like the way you tell your story, diary-entry style.
    @Koteyka I didn't think there'd be any baddie in the story, and I know Ianto must have a reason for saying the things he does. You set things up so well! I'm definitely intrigued to find things out.
    Rhi is so cute with her "eebie"! <3
    Poor Morgan with her feeling like she doesn't remember Tony much. I'm sure her friends didn't mean any real harm, it must be hard for them to understand her situation if they haven't been through what she has.

    I said this in the Sims 3 version of this thread, and I'll say something similar here. I've been tempted to write Simlit in the past. It makes sense, as I love writing and I love playing The Sims, so it seems a great idea! But trying to actually recreate it with my Sims would be a little difficult. Things often pop up unexpectedly, and it makes me rethink things and incorporate the consequences into my story. I could write a separate story including my current characters - as an example, I've been thinking of possible storylines involving the Masterson kids - but I may not be able to properly incorporate the story events into my gameplay! I could make up a story involving totally new Sims, but then I'd want screenshots...
    There isn't really much of a point to this, I'm just rambling :D

    About university... I've realised that, although it's useful in some ways that Sims have the option to live at home for university, it's made me realise that the university experience takes up most of the Young Adulthood stage. If you take the option of 4 credits each term, then that's 15 days of classes, not including weekends. For Anne and Lucy, it'll be even more than that. With Sims 2 and 3, they went to a sub-hood and didn't age. It's also annoying how there's no performance meter in Sims 4, like there was in 2 and 3. There's no way of me really being able to tell how well a Sim is doing. I could only guess on why Lucy failed one of her classes, but I wish there was more info in the degree panel. All it says is stuff like "take final exam!" and "do homework" as the daily task, but I wish it had stuff like "achieve Level 5 logic skill" or whatever. This is still the first time I've used the university function with Sims 4. I could always turn aging off, I guess...
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    The Kailani Legacy

    Reef returned to the Caldora Eco Center and climbed the stairs until he reached a room in the middle of the museum. Island Music filled the almost empty room. In the center of the room, an urn sat silently.

    Reef thought: "Could this be the thing he said he was trapped in?"

    [img][/img]50343893472_414f66a4e5_h.jpg13f7a0c0-f6c4-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef went down to the basement lab to think. The summer heat could still reach the lab deep underground. After all his hard work, he convinced his boss to include a simple couch that could help ease the extreme tiredness he felt at work. It didn't take long before Reef started napping.

    Reef dreamt of a strange ruin. The walls had algae covering them. The images blurred and cleared. He saw through the eyes of an individual running down wooden stairs. He felt a sense of panic, a strong sense of urgency. A human shaped shadow with orange eyes stopped him in his tracks with unnatural speed. He felt himself get lifted off the ground. He couldn't hear what the shadow said, but shortly after, everything went dark before a coldness loomed over. Then, nothing but darkness.

    The dream changed, and he saw the sea and looked down below his waist. Instead of legs, he saw a tail with a unique red and blue coloration.

    Words whispered in his mind, familiar words: "You're a Child of the Ocean. You never lost your connection to the sea even though you lost your roots to the island. Recover your family's connection to the sea. It'll help you do what must be done."

    Reef woke up: "Ghosts were one thing, but he knew he wasn't a merman. No one in his family was a mer-anything."

    [img][/img]50343734731_54683706f6_h.jpg9f91f8d0-f6c7-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef returned to work. As part of his promotion, he got to write conservation articles to bring awareness to the delicate environment of Mua Pel'am.

    He tried to push the dream out of his mind. Merfolk and ghosts were just too much to think about. And, everywhere he went on land felt so wrong. He needed reason to ground him.

    [img][/img]50343054428_93668acafb_b.jpg6390e100-f6c9-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef left the Eco Center and started cleaning things up around the island. In spite of the thriving environment, there was a lot of work that still needed to get done. The heat from the lava reminded him of Alania on the main island. The place he now calls home was a Volcano like Pel'am. The nightmarish ideas of his home falling into a pit of lava crept into his mind.

    [img][/img]50343893297_3198ea9bcd_b.jpgd825d980-f6c9-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The strange tiredness he felt on land was getting to him this late into the night. His feeling of exhaustion overriding any potential tension from the major eruption. Four lava bombs hit the side of the Eco Center as he walked. The eruptions seemed to only get worse. He collected from the lava bombs some crystals and metals for study. He still needed to get to the beach waterfall and collect more samples.

    [img][/img]50343893402_3ce6734b64_b.jpg1002d830-f6ca-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Around the same time as the eruption, Zephyr was playing his video game. He saw fit to drop four meteors on his virtual city.

    [img][/img]50343893327_d88aff12bd_h.jpgd4cba010-f6cb-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    After managing to escape near death from multiple eruptions, Reef thought going crazy and seeing ghosts was the least of his worries. He returned to the Eco Center with his samples, and he could sense a spiritual presence. Something told him that the volcanic bombs weren't an accident. He also figured that his survival wasn't an accident. He figured that he should probably talk to this ghost.

    Reef: "How are you? What's your name? The urn is unnamed."

    Zephyr: "I'm good now. My name is Zephyr, but you can call me Zeph."

    [img][/img]50343734696_06d7bebcfc_h.jpge575d480-f6cb-11ea-b436-02b1b53df25a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef: "I have so many questions, but I'll start with a few. What's it like as a ghost? You're very existence shouldn't be possible. How did you get here?"

    Zephyr: "I'm not exactly an average ghost. I'm an Island Spirit, and in this form, my elemental powers are much closer to Sulani's Heart. Me and my brother could feel the Island's Heartbeat in ourselves. I can feel it stronger in this form. As for how I got here, a demon trapped me here against my will. Once you arrived, you could say my prison got a little bigger, but only during the darkest time of night."

    Reef: "I don't understand. I mean, I don't understand magic. Demons and the Island's Hearbeat are foreign concepts to me."

    Zephyr: "I'm kinda happy I get to explain things instead of my brother. He's creative, but he can be a little dense."

    [img][/img]50343054598_7513b646c6_b.jpg07150200-f6cc-11ea-b220-066dca9f8100 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr: "There's a quiet struggle between the islands and the demon. The fog is the result of the struggle. I tried to figure things out when I first noticed the changes. I made the mistake of leaving my brother alone, and the demon slowed me down when I tried to get back to him. He can sense power, and he sensed our power."

    Zephyr took a deep breathe: "If I made it back to my brother, we might've been able to stop this monster together, but he got to Dylan before I could. He attacked swiftly. Inside our temple, even a vampire will have trouble traversing the lava tubes. Despite being a poor swimmer, he managed to slow me down long enough to travel through those tunnels and back. An ordinary human could easily drown before making it through. He captured our spirits, but he can't control us."

    [img][/img]50343054803_88eb181fa8_h.jpg1ecb1b50-f6cc-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef: "So I was right, Mua Pel'am thriving spite of such a sickly fog isn't normal."

    Zephyr: "You know, I thought that should be obvious, but some humans get so caught up in magic and curses that they forget about logic and reason. It can still help, even against magic and demons."

    Zephyr looked down and muttered to himself: "Dylan would probably tell you that music and art has its own useful role in all this."

    Zephyr looked up: "Anyways, there was one artistic element to everything. Dylan was the one that did something with them, but there are tomes written by our father. It was a moment of inspiration that made him write them, but they will make all the difference later. There are books bound to us that Dylan hid. These books have the power to set things right. It'll take someone with special qualification to make the most of reading these books, but if you care about the islands, you should make sure your descendants are well equipped. I doubt things will be set right in a single life time."

    Before Zephyr vanished: "The demon left our urns unnamed. I guess he thought it would weaken us if people eventually forgot us and our names. You can't touch it now, but I feel... I believe that you will one day hold my urn. When that time comes, I want you to bring me home to the temple, and if possible, I'd like you to return me to the Crescent Moon Shrine. And for your descendants, put my name on the Urn."

    [img][/img]50343893397_8c16d5fed6_b.jpg3308fdd0-f6cc-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The next day was Remembrance Day, something was changing on the islands. Everyday, he could feel it, and the fog on Mua Pel'am was growing thinner. On the second floor of the Eco Center, Reef felt drawn to the urn. He approached the urn and sat on his knees and concentrated. A white and gray light sparked from the Urn and Zephyr's Spirit developed a stronger connection to the physical world, a stronger presence on the islands.

    [img][/img]50343054673_2304931f2e_b.jpg95b26840-f6cc-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef felt worn out after the long night. He went down into the Eco Center Main Hall and encountered a young man that dressed a little oddly.

    Reef: "I feel like I've seen someone that looked kinda like you."

    Calum: "I don't understand? You saw someone that looked like me?"

    [img][/img]50343054393_23e382e126_b.jpg814717b0-f6cd-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef: "Yeah, he said a bunch of stuff about books and returning his urn to a shrine."

    Reef thought about his research and not finding anything about a temple or shrine.

    Calum thought about the books he wrote.

    Calum thought: "Is he looking for the boys' tomes? Can I trust him? I'm not sure."

    [img][/img]50343735081_7fc1f784ab_b.jpg8b698b60-f6cd-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Before returning home, Reef stopped by the waterfall and tried to catch some frogs. Regardless of everything happening, his life goal was to fill the Eco Center with all kinds of things found everywhere. He hoped that his descendants would continue to add to the collection.

    Reef thought: "Just Imagine, I'll be the Curator of the Eco Center and that empty place covered in dust will be a treasure to the islands."

    [img][/img]50343054638_21ff5db580_b.jpg71365cc0-f6d0-11ea-9fe9-029c91a3edee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The frogs always seemed to expertly evade him, but he also always felt tired after work. He still managed to clear out more trash dumped in the waterfall. He cursed his clumsy nature.

    [img][/img]50343054633_4672c61091_h.jpg83075df0-f6d0-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The next day, he met Sara at the Eco Center. She was a Green Fiend determined to get rid of the fog mucking up the islands. Reef often listened to Hip hop at work, and he got in the mood to dance. Sara caught his eye, and he invited her to dance.

    Reef: "And that's how you perform that dance move. Pretend you're the frog. Be the frog."

    Sara: "That might be a great way to become infamous on the dance floor."

    [img][/img]50343054723_3926444714_b.jpg50b41b80-f6d1-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Sara tried to look away from Reef's awkward Dance moves. She couldn't help, but think he was a geek. Still, he intrigued her.

    [img][/img]50343054708_0a4cf9dd26_b.jpg59e9be30-f6d1-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef had a burst of confidence and walked up behind Sara. When she turned around, he gave her his boldest pick up line. She fell for it instantly.

    [img][/img]50343734791_a13492cdf5_b.jpgee5929c0-f6d1-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    As Reef gained momentum, some of the women that frequented the Eco Center interjected them. Reef didn't know who they were, but the sight of him flirty with someone else triggered some jealousy. The two women were unusually angry.

    [img][/img]50343893207_44d7ef9838_b.jpg1b4c9430-f6d2-11ea-ade1-0a470cdddf20 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef ignored them and continued to socialize with Sara. Out of all the other people he encountered, she was the only one that didn't engage in the frequent fights tearing apart the island culture. One of the women left, but the other wanted to see Sara leave. Some of the islanders must've been enjoying the misery everyone experienced from the "curse" and fog. They couldn't leave two people alone to be happy.

    [img][/img]50343054778_acf25407b7_b.jpg2e2cbb70-f6d2-11ea-a2c3-0609d188dc84 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50343893502_99be08a3d1_h.jpg3d2a5150-f6d2-11ea-ade1-0a470cdddf20 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Still, it didn't matter what others did. The island was changing. Reef cared about the Eco Center and completed remodels around work. For now, the fog lifted from Mua Pel'am. The light started to shine bright.

    [img][/img]50343054353_3f4771acc5_h.jpgd16bf620-f6d2-11ea-9fe9-029c91a3edee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The next day. Reef returned to the Eco Center and completed more surveys and picked up all the books in the study.

    [img][/img]50343054748_087cd4913e_h.jpg5f283c70-f6d9-11ea-a2c3-0609d188dc84 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Tane Ngata, an acquaintance of Zephyr, remembered him and mourned his passing. As Zephyr's connection to the islands grew stronger, the islanders seemed to remember and mourn his passing more often.

    [img][/img]50343735176_5954f0669b_h.jpg00a02f30-f6db-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef spent the night collecting samples from the ocean. In the middle of the night, Zephyr returned. He burned with the rage he died with and couldn't escape the emotion. Zephyr and Reef were becoming good friends, and seeing him upset bothered Reef.

    Reef: "Why are you so angry? Everyone is remembering you, and your connection to the islands is growing. Mua Pel'am is recovering from the fog."

    Zephyr: "That's fine, but I feel my brother's spirit growing weaker. As I wait to leave the urn, I can feel his spiritual energy in the spirit plane. He's fading away."

    [img][/img]50343893252_9940886a8a_h.jpged4ff620-f6dc-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef left Zephyr to play his games. Fortunately, the meteor showers in the game didn't result in another eruption. When Zephyr calmed down, he started cleaning up the study.

    [img][/img]50343893512_2f3f70d89f_h.jpg3ac29f20-f6dd-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr thought: "If Dylan enjoyed Reading, he would enjoy this book about the Violin. I miss listening to him play music. His music would lift the darkest emotions. If only we could go camping again, we were so close to our next trip..."

    Zephyr disappeared as the sun rose.

    [img][/img]50343893172_6fade8f367_h.jpg56ac7710-f6dd-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef went to the Triton Beach Karaoke Bar with Sara. Sar moved to this island because it was the most pristine of the three. Now, everything looked sick. Near the water, as if in the perfect spot to watch the sea grow sicker, Reef found an identical unnamed Urn to Zephyr's. A faint energy drew him to it. He felt it in his heart. Anger was fading to sadness. Dylan's spirit was very distant. He had to strengthen its connection to the island. he had to give him the strength to hold on.

    [img][/img]50343734781_35a20e393c_c.jpgef98ed00-f6e2-11ea-b436-02b1b53df25a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef got on his knees and lectured: "Now, Dylan, I know your ready to give up and fade away. It must break your heart to see things like this. You can't give up on us. Zephyr is always thinking of you."

    The urn flashed with a bright white light. Reef could feel the fires of rage burning bright, but he knew that deep inside that fire was the spark of hope renewed.

    When Reef got up he thought: "I've been followed by music that moves my soul in spite of how down I feel. I don't think he was giving up. He just needed a little help to hold on."

    [img][/img]50343893582_884f2d086f_h.jpg0f153a80-f6e3-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef took Sara on a date to the Wayfarer's Atoll. The beach had a beautiful sunset. A sight made possible by the fogs absence. Reef handed Sara a rose.

    Reef thought: "Who cares about curses? We still have too much in this world that is worth holding onto."

    [img][/img]50343893187_99de7bb42f_b.jpg6accc900-f6e9-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef felt inexplicably drawn to the Beach Cave again. Inside that cave, he faced bats, fell into an underground river, saw a light in the dark, and escaped a sinister mermaid's siren song. After spending so much time growing closer to what could only be described as magic, he wasn't in the mood to question where his instincts took him.

    [img][/img]50343054693_37e787553a_b.jpg80e43100-f6ea-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    When he left the cave, he had 10 strange pieces of kelp. Instinctively, he took a bite of the kelp and swallowed all of it. The kelp energized him and he felt drawn to the water. Sara was waiting for him at the Wayfarer's Atoll and he had to cross a body of water to get to her.

    [img][/img]50343734861_7778e19ddf_h.jpgba410700-f6ec-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef lost the feeling of his legs once he entered deeper water. Instead he felt a single powerful limb.

    Reef thought: "This feels strange, but at the same time, it feels so natural like I've always been like this. The ocean is so beautiful too."

    Reef swam around before falling asleep in the water. He felt so tired, but he felt so awake at the same time. Was his life before moving to Sulani a dream.

    [img][/img]50343054573_cd777b4bab_z.jpga4e84930-f6ed-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50343054478_6bdf8f167d_c.jpgf4ffd370-f6ed-11ea-85ca-027ec55895e0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef's Dreams were met with the song that followed him everywhere.

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    A list of songs that have regularly played when I've played as Dylan

    The Pavilion is getting a little bigger if not still glitched.

    [img][/img]50343893417_7b6a4af5d5_k.jpg627ba2a0-f6d8-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef's Looks

    I didn't want to say anything, but Reef, Calum, Dylan, and Zephyr all share very similar design elements. They just have different hair styles, eyes, and little details that make them slightly different. They pretty much get the same reaction from townies except some of them will out right cry and call the sadness help line next to one of them. My sims Do Not Know these Sims. They aren't even introduced. Can he get a girlfriend in peace? By the way, these are Adults and Reef is a Young Adult. Early on, I had Calum start a thunderstorm after a date because Sims kept interrupting the dates... Now you have an idea of what the Townie's were doing.

    [img][/img]50343893207_44d7ef9838_b.jpg1b4c9430-f6d2-11ea-ade1-0a470cdddf20 by Metior Ice, on Flickr
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    They seem to be a cute couple in love <3 .
    Seems like they had a great time out and about.
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    Cyrus decided to throw a party in his apartment. Only the gangsters were invited, as it was a club-exclusive gathering. Elissa hurried around, doing chores, and trying her best to keep everyone satisfied. If it was what being a housewife or Stepford lady was like, then she was fine with it. It wasn't anything to complain about, so far. She could just endure the pain in order to survive. She didn't want to speak up or to tell anyone anyways, as she could get attacked for that.


    "The drink is too lukewarm, Elissa! Put more ice in it!" Tristan bellowed.

    "I thought only Cyrus could order me around?" Elissa replied.

    Cyrus smiled. "Part of being the wife of an evil overlord is the willingness to listen to his minions. If they request something, fulfill it."

    Elissa sighed as she tossed more ice into the drink. "Fine. At least I'm carrying a boy."

    "I promise things will get easier once you give me a son."

    "I don't believe you."

    "Quiet, woman!" Cyrus raised his voice, scaring Elissa into silence. "Don't complain about your situation! You could have been worse off. But I spared you, okay?"


    Cyrus played the haunting tune, which drew everyone's attention. "Record this and put it on the internet. People will know who they're messing with. I am their official king now."

    "We will," Stark said as he nursed a glass of nectar.

    "Do it. Now!"


    Elissa couldn't hold it in anymore. Cyrus' voice caused her to relieve her bladder. Everyone watched it happen and proceeded to make fun of her. She snatched the dishes, then hurried to the bathroom instead of the kitchen. The large man was terrifying, as he had a huge physique and a vicious personality.

    "She is a wimp!" One of the gangsters said.

    "I know. Her reaction is priceless!" A woman replied.

    "In a fairy tale, she would be the damsel, and Cyrus would be the wizard who imprisons the cowardly princess."

    "Totally. But no one will save her. Not even her unborn child."


    Elissa scrubbed the dishes, sniffling. She could have gone with her family, but Cyrus told her to stay. She was an official captive in her own home, unable to leave the apartment. Yet she hadn't said this to anyone. Cyrus had made sure of that. It seemed that no one would stand up to the gang or its menacing leader. The door swung open behind her, and Cyrus let out an enraged scream.

    "You can't wash them in the bathroom sink! Wash them in the kitchen! This is your first offense, you little rebel!" Cyrus shouted.

    Elissa whirled around, her heart pounding against her ribs as she watched Cyrus closely. His fists were clenched, and his muscles appeared bigger. There was no escape. The only thing she did was whimper helplessly.

    "Yes, cry! This won't convince me to give you a reprieve!" Cyrus cracked his knuckles. "Now kneel."


    "This isn't how relationships-" Elissa began, but Cyrus interrupted her with a spell.

    "Don't say it! Shut up and kneel!" Cyrus interrupted, and Elissa threw herself forward in a submissive position. "Kiss my shoes. It's a way to show respect."

    Elissa smooched Cyrus' shoes, and the large man snickered. He snapped his fingers. As a result, she stopped. She looked up at him, and he told her to go back to making drinks. She complied as soon as he finished speaking. The woman hadn't said another word, which satisfied Cyrus greatly. He returned to the main area.
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    @Alwaysasking Congrats to Ian for being accepted to so many distinguished degree programs. Very impressive. Does he have many skills?

    Both he and Lawrence look great.

    @RedDestiny92 Laurel's comment about the brain-looking food on Batuu made me laugh. Maybe she should join the scoundrels if she's after money. I'm glad she's at least enjoying the alien planet.

    @sunblond It's heart-warming how concerned Felipe is about being a good parent and about if Roxie also feels stress regarding her ability to juggle all the things. Good luck to Miranda being a single mom. I just hope Felipe is able to properly work out his feelings about Victor.

    My heart also goes out to Kaden because losing a parent isn't something you just get over.

    I also love all the pictures you've shared. Thanks for your comments - I don't like Cabe for my Sim, Deli, either, but she likes him.

    @Koteyka I've loved Rhi since she was born, but I don't know what to make of Ianto. His commentary feels so ominous.
    My parents were... interesting human beings, to say the least. I don't think I was ever able to truly see them as parents, seeing how childish and irresponsible their behaviour was.

    I worry about what's to come and wonder if his expectations were too high. Parents are often childish and irresponsible. Sometimes, that's how they ended up parents in the first place. :#

    Just thinking of Bridge to Terabithia makes me sad, but it's interesting to see Tony's interview and think about how talented he must have been to do a role like that.

    Poor Ianto looks so miserable at the beach, though. Thanks for your comments on my post.

    @sarahbeth2984 Myron's new home is coming together so well, it's just too bad about that fire, though. Did they only lose the stove or was everything okay?

    Myron's conversation with his brother may be inappropriate and embarrassing but it made me laugh. I'm glad Delaney salvaged things, though. Myron looks good as a space ranger.

    (p771) Love how a regular Wednesday evening for Amelia includes throwing a party with lots of friends and lots of juice and then Thursday includes going out again. It makes me wonder about what it would take for a party to be considered special to her. The double date is sweet. The sand castle building was adorable -- Vanessa and Beck are very wholesome indeed. It's so nice that Vanessa can feel at peace while with Beck and not stressed out by a ton of responsibilities.

    It's so cute to hear about Matt's crush on Hazel since he was 7. He's been devoted to her for a third of his life it seems. :D

    I wonder about Declan replacing Hammy. Will she really not notice? I hope he improves and gets to his therapist.

    I suppose that sometimes you just have to propose and if you're in the bathroom at the time, so be it. Congrats to them!

    @BlueSeaWaves (p772) Owen has a really interesting? disappointing thought process. He's going out with Jade to make Sylvia jealous, but then he realizes (or maybe finally admits to himself) that's he going out with Jade because he likes Jade? I can't believe he refused to hug Claudio because of Jade. Even my "evil" sim doesn't reject hugs from his kids. Owen's lucky Claudio didn't hold any grudges throughout his birthday. I'm curious to see what Owen's going to do next. I hope he gets a job and doesn't hurt Sylvia again. Regardless, I'm glad he fixed her sink. It was the least he could do.

    (p772) Juno enjoying her popcorn made me laugh. She looks so happy to be eating it. Did she manage to throw a piece in her mouth or did she miss? She also seemed really into the movie. I think the receptionist at her work doesn't realize that she's missing out on dates with a fun person.

    Oh no at Walker accidentally making married men appear to flirt. Glad things seem patched up though.
    Once there I realized it was kind of weird to fly from Sulani to Windenberg for an evening, especially if it was going to be freezing there, but oh well.
    Haha. I think it's fine, but I'm a lot more careless about my Sims traveling between worlds than most. Maybe it reflects my real life attitude towards traveling? I know more than one person who (before the pandemic) lived on the west coast of the United States in California and commuted to New York by plane every week for work.

    Fier Legacy
    Intro & Past Posts in Spoiler

    The Fiers are a vampire family led by an arrogant and socially awkward megalomaniac named Asher who, among other things, hopes to have 100 children. As of now, he's had 16. The youngest five recently became young adults and are discovering the perks of university, so Asher's ready to move on from the life he's built with them in Sulani. Even though everyone is into pursuing an eco lifestyle and protecting the environment and even though Asher employed some draconian conservation policies while working as a top-level conservationist, he's done with that kind of tiny living stuff and is having a (gaudy flamboyant) palace built that may cost more than one million simoleons. When it's complete, he intends to move and raise the next generation of his children there. But there's no rush as he's immortal.

    1. Fier Legacy Introduction
    2. Teenage Lifeguard (Delmarya)
    3. Living Her Best Life (Adelise)
    4. Night on the Town
    5. Day of Fier P1
    6. Day of Fier P2
    7. Happy Birthday P1 (Dawn)
    8. Happy Birthday P2 (Dawn)
    9. A First Kiss (Dawn)
    10. Conservationism and a Death Flower for Deli
    11. Vampire Population Control (Asher)
    12. Happy Birthday (Delmarya)
    13. Merry Winterfest
    14. Ambitious Dysis
    15. Gen 4 Enrolls in University
    16. Relaxation? Before University
    17. New Year's Eve
    18. Sulani Bonfire
    19. Midnight Encounter (Delmarya)
    20. Deli Strikes Out (Delmarya)
    21. One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)
    22. Lovestruck Procrastination Queen (Dysis)
    23. Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)
    24. Saying Goodbye P1
    25. Saying Goodbye P2
    26. Forcing Fun at Foxbury (Dysis)
    27. First Impression = Great, Second Impression = Trash (Deli)
    28. Asher's Incompetence (Asher)
    29. A Productive Day
    30. A Day for Love P1 (Dysis)
    31. A Day for Love P2 (Deli)
    32. Asher's Advice and Planning a Date
    33. Only the Ice Cream Was Pure Perfection? (Deli)
    34. Debating Firsts (Darius)
    35. Limited Romance at the Romance Festival (Deli)

    Delmarya Fier's love life was far from a roaring success as she didn't even know what it was like to have a crush reciprocated, but her academic life was nearly perfect. Her second term grades came in ...

    Of course, she only received A+s. She'd never seen anything else. A? A-? Never! The thought of such grades defacing something of hers was horrific enough.

    At any rate, it was the Lunar New Year, so all ten of Asher's living children gathered at the family's second home in Windenburg to greet their parents, socialize with one another, and hopefully enjoy the beautiful Windenburg outdoors.
    But the weather was awful.

    Regardless, Asher called all five of his youngest children together for a photo.

    That turned out well, but when he tried to use the tripod to get everyone together, the results were less promising. As photogenic as the Fiers were, the camera didn't function as well as one would like and it was hard for them to tell when it would actually take a picture. Only Asher was ever prepared. The idea of a massive family photo was abandoned as no one wanted to continue wasting time posing.
    For the curious, from left to right: Delmarya (13th child), Dawn (12th child), Barin (8th child), Cora (11th child), Asher, Darius (15th child), Adelise, Dyna (16th child), Calanthe (9th child), Chelsea (10th child), Dysis (14th child) and Aster (1st child).

    Later, Barin caught one of his kid sisters, Deli, with homework in hand and had a playful go at her.

    Barin: Hey, what are you doing? Let's chat. Aren't your grades high enough already? It's nuts to be that into homework.

    At first, Deli ignored him.

    But when he pushed the issue, Deli snapped, slightly.

    Deli: Please—Hmm, please consider leaving me alone and minding your own business.

    Deli took a seat at the bar in the kitchen, intending to do homework, but she was conflicted. Why did her actions often seem to put others off? If she did well in school, she'd get an offer for a great job, which she already had, but still... It was good to be hardworking and wasn't Dysis also working?

    Darius, who watched the exchange between her and Barin, took a seat beside her.

    Darius: Are you okay?

    Deli: Yes, why?

    Darius: I don't get why you snapped at him. He wasn't wrong. We don't see him often and if you're having some trouble with something, which it kind of seems like you are, he might be able to help you more than the rest of us can. Barin's a vampire like you.

    Deli knew that Darius wasn't wrong, but she often felt uncomfortable at gatherings like this. She loved her family, but seeing so many vampires and acknowledging that she was a vampire too always made her feel slightly out of control. Her existence wasn't normal. Most weren't vampires. It meant things for the future that she didn't want to think about. She'd already promised herself that she didn't need to deal with being a vampire until after she graduated.

    Homework was oddly comforting because her grades were easy to control. All she had to do was put a little studying in, then perfect marks (and usually praise) came out. School was something she understood; it was simple; it felt safe. Talking to Barin about life and being a vampire—no thanks, not now. She wished they would leave her alone to do what she did well. Plus, Dysis was doing work too and no one asked her to stop.

    They only encouraged Dysis, but Deli had to admit that there was a difference between her grades and Dysis' and there was a difference between what good grades would do for Deli's career (not that much, but learning more was interesting) and Dysis'. Dysis hadn't even started her career yet.

    When Dysis finished her presentation, she felt accomplished (never again would she nearly get a failing grade for not presenting).

    But she was also exhausted and had to sit down for a nap.

    That's it for now, but I've seen a lot of people using Artbreeder, so I thought I'd use it (and Photoshop) to make realistic images of my Sims. I'll share them maybe one at a time. First is Deli. She's not the stunner some of her sisters are (as you may see later), but she looks super sweet.

    I was also playing around with poses, but I'm far too impatient to put that into my actual gameplay. I'm also not interested in using my imagination that much :), but Aster and Barin did do their New Year's bows. The Sims is very American so there aren't any animations for this kind of holiday.

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    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -I got a haircut, I was supposed to be going to that support group for, well, people like me that Aunt Jade told me about, “Surviving Spouses”, but when I walked past one of those fancy hair salons on the way, I went in it instead. And, I asked the stylist, a gay guy with green hair, to give me a new look, he showed me photos in a book, but ultimately, well, I just said something not too old looking and he gave me a shorter style. When I got home the twins just stared and Kaden asked me why I had gotten my hair cut like Victor Monte**gro, and by the way, it looks a lot better on him. Ouch. So not a hit, I’m guessing. I looked up a photo on Zayne’s phone later, one with Victor in it and, yeah, I have hair like his now.-

    -Kaden asked Christine over, but he just spoke to her on the porch then came back in. OK, so that’s not normal. So I asked him what’s up? Christine and I are just friends now, he said. I asked and so did the twins, by the way, what happened, but Kaden just went upstairs. So, later on I called Alexander and asked him if he knew what happened. He did, apparently, Kaden, out of the blue and all, gave Christine the let’s just be friends speech. I told Alexander I was sorry, that Kaden was acting out I guess, that since the funeral, well, he’s been different. Alexander said that he understood, even Christine was thinking it was not really about her, that it was probably more fallout from Becca’s passing away. Christine is a smart girl.
    Then I went to the kitchen to get a casserole out of the freezer, that’s all we eat. People bring us stuff and we freeze it and eat that, I can’t remember the last time I cooked. Then it hit me, kind of like an epiphany, I guess, that it made no sense for me to rely on other people to feed my family. Becca, bless her heart, was a horrible cook, so its not like I’m one of those guys who doesn’t know how to do any housework or cook anything. I’m a really good cook, I can make all kinds of dishes, so why am I not doing it?-

    Kaden has the “let’s just be friends” speech with Christine.

    Kaden refuses to answer any questions.

    -I took Samyr to get new athletic shoes, he’s been having a growth spurt and nothing fits him, his pants and sleeves are too short and his feet, well, they’re bigger than mine now. Anyway, the clerk in the shoe store thought I was Samyr’s brother. And for some reason it really bugged me, I don’t know why, but I got kind of snippy about it, Samyr was embarrassed and told me to chill out, I don’t know why it got to me, to be honest. I don’t know why or how I act or feel a lot lately, I guess.
    Afterwards, I went to a barber shop, just a normal sort of men’s haircut place and told the guy to cut my hair short. Samyr’s eyes got as big as saucers. But now I have short hair, dad hair, I guess. It’s just short and easy care and I don’t know, I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror now though.
    When I got home, I dug out a business card for a child psychologist, a Dr. Childress, Aunt Jade gave it to me after the funeral, so I called him, and I made an appointment for the boys, for me too I guess, we all have to go together apparently.-

    Omar’s dad hair.

    -The first two sessions, I did most of the talking, the boys just sat there and only answered when directly asked something. Kaden sat the whole time with his arms crossed and his face showing how much he didn’t want to be there. Then on the third session Dr. Childress talked to me alone afterwards, he’s a 40ish balding guy with a beard, he totally looks like a head shrink, he told me that he wanted to work with each boy on an individual basis from now on. Great, I have to manage three separate appointments a week now, yeah, that’s not an imposition. But, honestly, I have to do something, Kaden, well, I think he’s in trouble, and if I’m right, then the twins need help too, because I don’t think I’m doing very well now myself. I’m all over the place and I know I need to do better somehow. And, well, I told Dr. Childress that. Then he said, Omar, no person can ever be prepared for what you’ve been through and you’re doing the best you can right now and seeking help is a step in the right direction, so give yourself a break. That did totally make me feel better, to be honest. Then he asked about the haircuts, what did I think that was all about. Ok, so I figured he had an idea, right? So I just said, you’re the expert, what do you think it’s about? He laughed, is he supposed to laugh at patients? Then he said, what I do is not an exact science, like mechanical engineering, unfortunately. The answers are not mine, they’re in my patients heads, my job is to help them find them for themselves, Omar. So you’ve had the same hairstyle for most of your life and suddenly you get two different ones. Don’t you find that significant? I guess, I said, the first time, well, I suppose I was just avoiding going to that support group thing, Ok? Dr. Childress clapped. The second time I was angry or something, I don’t know, I just, well, I wanted to look like I was Samyr’s dad, like I was a father, I guess. And why do you think that is Omar? He asked. I don’t know, I guess maybe I feel like I need to look and act more like a dad, I kind of feel like I’ve been on auto-pilot since, well, since the funeral. There you go, he said, “fake it till you make it” is a slogan in a lot of self-help groups. Looking more dad-like is you trying to take some control or some decisive step towards being there for your sons. Then next best step you could take is, I suspect, something you already know you need to do, he said. I guess I really should go to that support group, I said. He clapped again.-

    -I was at bowling practice and was complaining about having to schedule appointments for all three boys to see the therapist and, well, Lucas whistled then called all the guys over. And they all downloaded an app on their phones and set up scheduling themselves and their families to take the boys to see Dr. Childress. So it’s all covered now with back-ups in case someone can’t do it and everything. Max said, we told you that we would do anything to help Omar, all you have to do is ask. Seriously, dude, we were not just saying that, OK? I got kind of choked up. And the guys saw and started talking about sports.-

    Pinny Lane rallies the forces.

    -I went to Surviving Spouses, I just sat there, I didn’t speak except at first when they asked about newcomers, I told them my first name and that I was recently a widower and had 3 teenage boys and that was it. The chairs were in a circle in two rows and there was a mix of all ages of adults, elders, men and women about 2 dozen people I counted. I honestly can’t remember much, I was really nervous, I’m not sure why, I mean it’s just a bunch of people I don’t know prying into my personal life, right? Anyway, afterwards, a short little man, 50ish, came over and introduced himself, Otto Schnapp, he had an accent. He shook my hand then held it and said, Please come back Omar, I came once, then not again for many months, and it was a mistake. I was in a great deal of pain, and I suffered with it for a long time. But this group, believe it or not can and will help if you will just give it a chance. There is nothing you are feeling right now that someone here has not also felt, so please give us a chance, Ok? He was still holding my hand and his other hand was on my elbow now and I had the feeling I would have to say yes or he was not going to let me go. So I told him I would come back.-

    -I was at bowling practice and Felipe got to talking about Tucker Denney and his husband Darsh. Darsh is working for Uncle Kyle, he’s being groomed to take over the restaurant so Uncle Kyle can finally retire, which all of us, meaning his family, are all happy about. Apparently, Tucker and Darsh have opposite work schedules and it’s been hard on Tucker, he’s lonely, he’s finding it hard to fill up the time, I guess. Anyway, afterwards I called Tucker and invited him to join the bowling team, I figured that would give him something to do. He jumped at the chance to join, so I guess he thought it would help fill up some time too.-

    Tucker is on the bowling team now.

    -I was in the city for a meeting, a work thing my boss begged off on me, and I called Alex Mapoli and went over to visit. I hadn’t seen him much over these past years, but he and Violet were both over after the funeral. I could not believe how big Brodie was, I know, he’s almost the same age as my boys and all, but still, in my head he was still a little child. He seems like a nice boy too, he looks like his mom mostly but sometimes when he talked, well, he reminded me of Alex too. He’s a nice looking boy, good genes there, no doubt. It was really nice to talk to Alex and Violet, to just talk to people who I knew a long time and talk about old times and reminisce a bit. I can’t remember the last time I visited anyone just for fun.-

    Omar visits some old friends.

    -Dr. Childress had me come to his office to let me know how things were going with the boys, I assumed it was a progress report. Yeah, right, well what it turned out to be was that he gave me homework. I’m supposed to hug the boys and say I love you, and I am not to qualify it or add a reason, just hug them and tell them I love them. Ok, I kind of get that, that was Becca’s thing, petting on the boys, they hated it as they got older but she did it anyway. The other thing is that I’m to get people to come over to the house when I go to work, see the boys come home from school as I leave for work. And Dr. Childress wants me to try to have the house not empty when they get home from school. That I get too, when the boys leave for school, well, the house is so empty all the time, I have a hard time finding things to do too, if I don’t have work I brought home or bowling practice. He did say that the twins were doing surprisingly well, that in his opinion, Kaden was having the most difficulty in dealing with his feelings and emotions around his mother's death. Yeah, that was kind of what I had figured out too. I asked him why Kaden, being the oldest was having more difficulty than his younger brothers. Dr. Childress leaned forward and said, well, to be honest, it’s a twin thing, we see it with twins sometimes, even though they have wildly different interests and personalities. Ultimately they form a built in support system for one another, and it’s a strong bond that we don’t often see in regular siblings that occurs more frequently with twins. Yeah, the twins were always close, even though they don’t seem to have much in common and all. Unfortunately, that bond, well, it is something that Kaden is not a part of, which in this case has left him feeling even more distanced from his brothers and you. But, Kaden is smart and more mature for his age than most and he is making some progress. He is not the most willing patient, but, well, that’s all to be expected under the circumstances. What circumstances, I asked? Oh, his being the oldest and feeling the burden to be strong and mature and to set an example for his younger brothers, then, there is his deep-seated desire not to disappoint you and the other adults in his life. What, I said, Dr. I never ever put any pressure on him to act like some paragon of virtue, neither me or his mother ever did that. Well, Omar, children often develop feelings or desires quite apart from whatever family dynamics are present. All of us place expectations on ourselves don’t we, quite independent of outside influences? Well, I said, there were a lot of expectations placed on me growing up, but it was real, a lot of family and friends had really high standards for me to live up to, it was not some out of the blue thing Dr. Childress. Indeed, and I might suggest that this dynamic you were brought up with is not unknown to Kaden, that he is fully aware of those expectations and has taken them on himself as a result. And that his birth, being unplanned has figured quite prominently in his development to the extent that he feels responsible for your failing to live up to those expectations. Cra*, so my son inherited it unfairly is what you’re saying? Fairness is not something we often reference in psychology, life is often unfair, Omar, isn’t it? This is awful, what can I do? I asked. Tell him you love him and hug him, praise his accomplishments when you can, and continue to do what you have always done, be his father and love him unconditionally, he said.-

    Omar, all alone in the house.

    Hugging my boy and saying “I love you”.

    Filling the house with friends and family.

    Getting in another hug etc.

    @CheesySimsLover I love that you have the offspring of the premades in your story, I'm trying to do that too in my game.

    @Smellincoffee I marry Cassandra and Malcolm in a lot of my games too, in this save MCCC beat me to it and married them off to random townies though, lol.

    @sarabeth2984 Yes, the patch broke the CC doors and windows, sigh.

    @Metior_Ice I'm trying to balance the effects of Becca's death in my game, I want it to have an impact, but at the same time I don't want to overdo it so that it's a depressing read all the time though, sigh.

    @Koteyka I am always amazed by how you tell a story through photos, they are always so good, I tend to be text heavy myself, but posters like you have inspired me to try to capture screenshots that help to "sell" my posts a bit more.

    @Lyrie I played the DU pack for the first time in this game with Omar, I don't know if you saw any of my earlier posts, but I did a whole series of posts with him in college. It was a lot of fun, but it's very intense.

    @haneul Yes, for some of my sims, I do let them choose a partner too, with others I play god and do it myself. But I do like to let them decide whenever I can, it adds a nice random element to the game that makes it a lot more fun for me.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    hello everyone

    I will write my comments and answers tomorrow, because it's a little bit late and should go to bed.

    After playing with the genes in the other save, I went back to my history game.


    Otto is now an young adult and was sent immediately to the front. Lusida is now alone with two toddlers, but sometimes her mother-in-law visited her.


    A picture which leads always to cringe later in the life of a child.


    The two toddlers Anna and Elfriede are playing together. Her mom took the moment to rest a litttle bit.

    One day Wilhelm came back to home for a holiday.


    And met his two daughters.


    They like him and both gave him a hug. :)



    Wilhelm was with his thoughts still at the lazaret and could barely enjoy the family life.


    Luisa has tried to comfort him but it failed utterly.


    She has gotten nightmares ...


    and craving attacks at 4am.


    It turns out that Wilhelmmake made her pregnant again during his holiday.


    But life has to go on, the hunger is growing stronger and winter is coming (the child book reading and the season aswell).

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    I'd like to explain a few things before I dive in (though, probably not in detail).

    1. I age sims up the day before their birthday
    2. Once a sim becomes a teen, i hook them up with someone. Once they're both young adults, i marry 'em and move 'em in together ASAP. I get the female pregnant, and then continue with my main family. Since I have MCC, I do this once for every couple. I have a weird obsession with seeing the family tree get massive...Originally, as children move out I was going to try for more children with the current MC Jess, but I've decided I don't want to do that. I'm going to use the second youngest, Charlotte, as my next character to play.

    On to the update...

    The eldest child, daughter Samantha (the female in the photo the plumbob is not hovering over) aged up. She got a job as an actress (fame is at full stars), got married to an erratic man (orange haired dude), moved to a nice house, and is now pregnant for grandbaby #1. In this photo, the mother (female the plumbob is hovering over) is visiting the new couple's home with her ex-husband (who is Samantha's father). The father is not in the photo.

    The mother, Jess, is a global star. She's an actress, and many believe these desires are why she dumped her husband and married someone else!? one can be sure xD She's been a hoot to play as though! I've had a lot of fun making stuff up and working with it!


    Sabine (photo above) aged up. Apparently this game is okay with step siblings dating (they're not related tho), so I paired her up with Orange because I'm too lazy to get someone off the gallery. Or I was at the same. Orange is the son of Sabine's step-dad. She is currently working in retail, and my plan is for her to move into the athletic career when she's an adult (due to her active trait). She is not a celebrity. Her father is Jess' ex-husband,


    Oliver is Sabine's twin. He's dating a female I grabbed off the gallery because I couldn't find anyone I liked for him. Like Sabine, he isn't a celebrity. But he's my designated musical genius. His violin skills are at the max. I plan for him to walk in the steps of his steo-father and pursue music when he ages up to an adult. For now, he's part time at a barista and attending high school. His father is Jess' ex-husband.


    Levi was the first born to Jess new husband. He was born before his mother re-married, but he should age up today at some point. He's 2 days away, so...I'll probably edit another photo of him as a teenager. I am wondering what he'll look like since his parents are from different cultural backgrounds. I have no plans for him right now, but I hope to figure that out at some point.


    Charlotte is my next MC. I don't have any ideas for her future, but right now, I'm hoping she'll aim for a career where she goes to work...and comes home! I've noticed a couple of new careers I haven't tried out yet. Maybe I'll try fashion? Who knows! Since she's a genius, I may aim for something she can fly through. She is the second youngest. Of all the family members, and siblings, she is my favorite!!


    Since I decided that Jess and her husband were done with toddlers and babies, and I had to start focusing on their children's futures, Elijah is the last child. Often the actress career requires emotion research. I get a lot of research angry emotions prep...and since it's easier to focus on interactions, I had to pick someone for Jess to focus on when she's researching angry emotions. Sadly, that's where Elijah comes in. It sucks. But I figure in the future, it'll create a interesting background story for him and a different relationship dynamic. I have no idea what I'm going to do with him but it's going to be good.


    Originally, I moved Jess into a pre-built house with her husband James, and their three children (Samantha, Sabine and Oliver). Then this hunka guy shows up as a neighborhood greet event and I was like OMIGOSH!! So they started an affair, dumped their significant others, got married and had children...WHOOOOPPPS. I don't regret it. It adds an interesting dynamic to the family's story, and he gets along with Jess significantly well! I can't say the same for their children, because I don't keep track of things...

    That's all I have for now :3
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 798 Member
    @DarkAngel1994 I love Mortimer and Vanessa's looks. Your sims looks like he's having a great time on Batuu.

    @Lyrie In retrospect it has some entertainment value but it was very frustrating at the time! At least Bruce wasn't there so I don't have to repair their marriage too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Declan, he seems to be making progress! Hazel's winter outfit is cute. I'm enjoying the introductions to other sims in that save.

    @MissClairely Did Kylo have an alien afterwards?

    @AlwaysAsking I love Lawrence's celebratory moments! He looks so happy. Hope they have a great time!
    I'm glad you appreciate Boxing Day. It always gives me a chuckle when it comes around on the calendar. Fighting is also a tradition, but with most of my sims they only need to either fight or exercise to have a great holiday, so a lot of the time it's the punching bags.
    Klaatu and Juno never met before Juno started an alien club. His stepmother is her half-brother's half sister on the other side, so they're not really related. They have no romantic interest because they both prefer women and only one of them fits that description. :)
    Thanks for all the advice! I have heard that the plants have been difficult since they changed gardening when Seasons came out. So far I've been lucky and she only had one task that involved them that wasn't doable, and I was able to get the bar filled because she always had three tasks at a time and I just did the other two over and over until she was done.
    Athena finished the detective career. I never had any bugs there, just an issue where the clues always described the everyday outfits of the crook and if the weather was hot or cold they'd be in those outfits instead. I think generally it may be the easiest one. Scientist seems the most fun, because it has the most variety.
    Klaatu is a criminal because his father is. Being an alien, though, he's going up the Oracle branch that will do a lot of computer hacking, because he thinks he's superior with technology to vampires. Also he has a little bit of a hang up about his whole family being super strong due to their occult powers, so he has the bodybuilder aspiration but also he didn't want to work directly with his father and possibly look weak by comparison when things got physical on the job. The criminal career requires mischief and mean interactions as their work tasks sometimes, so I have him use the alien ones.

    @Metior_Ice Reef is a cutie! That's weird that the townies react so strongly when they don't even know him. Nice to see both his family and his understanding of the island coming along.

    @Koteyka Thanks for your comments! Brent's glasses are basically his Adult makeover. Brant got some gray in his hair and Brent got glasses and that was it. I do think they suit him. Family night watching Tony's old movies is soooooooooo sweet I love it!

    @haneul I think Juno caught the popcorn while I was watching anyway. She did seem to have a good time on that outing, which was good because it was the alternative to the date that the receptionist declined. I'm thinking maybe blue isn't her color? I hope some good things, besides grades, will happen for Deli soon.

    @victoriae350 Nice to meet your sims! You've set them up for some varied stories. That should be fun.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 177 Member
    edited September 16
    sunblond wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice I'm trying to balance the effects of Becca's death in my game, I want it to have an impact, but at the same time I don't want to overdo it so that it's a depressing read all the time though, sigh.

    An important character like an an important person should have a major impact on others when they pass. It shouldn't be a small thing. It's also important to celebrate the life that was lived just like it's important to mourn. The important thing is that the stuff people feel shouldn't consume them. There need to be a way forward for those left behind. That's how balance is achieved.
    Daephene wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice Reef is a cutie! That's weird that the townies react so strongly when they don't even know him. Nice to see both his family and his understanding of the island coming along.

    Reef has gotten much closer to what his family left behind. Unfortunately my update tonight won't cover his initial reaction to waking up with a tail. He sorta got caught up in the moment, so I don't think he though everything through. He just did it.

    So, after a member of the Legacy completes their part of the quest to resurrect Dylan and Zephyr, I'll include a little moment with them.

    Reef achieved his Aspiration to become the Curator of the Caldera Eco Center. He continues to add treasures to that museum while he works hard to protect Mua Pel'Am's Eco System. He's moving up slowly as a conservationist. His quest to free Zephyr's Spirit was time consuming, and he was into his Adulthood when he finally collected every type of shell and finished his aspiration. Oh, it seems the Islands blessed him with Twins. Unlike Dylan and Zephyr, Kylen and Rylan are so rambunctious that they practically run the household. I feel bad for Sara while Reef finished freeing Zephyr's Spirit. Kylen is the first born twin and the next heir. He'll be setting free Dylan's Spirit. Should Kylen fail to raise a heir, Rylan will be able to produce a heir. Anyways, by a 50/50 chance, the twins are merboys. I can't wait for another set of super powered twins. Lol. I'm treating Sulani Mana differently with the household. It's the marker for the next heir and what makes the family equipped to help the Elemental Twins. Still, Kylen and Rylan have all the same innate abilities. I may need to save them when they become young adults. If this legacy gives me twins for every heir, I might lose my mind.

    Anyways, Zephyr is free.

    Zephyr: "Thank you for bringing me home. I hope your descendants can finish what you started."

    Reef: "It was a pleasure."

    Zephyr: "When your time comes, please know that you will have a place here to rest in peace."

    Reef: "I'm not an elder yet."

    Zephyr l: “That’s true.”

    [img][/img]50347739171_65b50c6840_b.jpg2bdaf3a0-f7cc-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr's Spirit began to burn red hot: "I still can't believe that cowardice monster is still hiding in shadows. I'll stay close to the temple. Even though my current state leaves me vulnerable, I'll watch over things here. Be careful with that monster, if he finds everything he's looking for in one place it would be like handing the islands over to him. He seems blind to the shrines location though."

    [img][/img]50347045573_4711890035_h.jpga1a55ab0-f7d3-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    When Reef left, Zephyr went to work restoring the temple. It would take a little while to clean up the mess the demon left behind. Regardless, the constant fighting on the islands needed to end. Zephyr would have one last fight before restoring order.

    Zephyr started his clean up by calling a rain storm to water the plants dying from thirst.

    [img][/img]50347896487_48e62a07af_h.jpg332e79c0-f7d5-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50347739116_c05d09e2b7_k.jpga2f6cf00-f7d5-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr tried to relax in the temple alone, but it wasn't the same without his brother. He decided. There was only one thing left to do that would help pass the time. In spite of his instincts, he knew Damion had this coming.

    [img][/img]50347739151_b4df8b715d_c.jpg33c9d9f0-f7d6-11ea-85ca-027ec55895e0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Upon visiting the lot, Damion met him with his evil laughter.

    Zephyr thought: "Does he think my visit is a joke?"

    Zephyr blew on a conch and called forth a thunderstorm.

    [img][/img]50347739086_a123b72369_b.jpgab34fce0-f7d6-11ea-85ca-027ec55895e0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr corned Damion against his foe's hut.

    Zephyr faded in and out of the physical world before giving Damion a healthy fright.

    Zephyr: "I bet you didn't expect to see me again."

    Damion: “I expected you to stay in your Urn.”

    [img][/img]50347739046_32d207a45c_b.jpgec3352f0-f7d6-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr Sang a Siren's Lullaby woven with a petrifying tune. Damion listened and felt too tense to do anything else.

    [img][/img]50347896497_f9c83519b5_b.jpg0091b5c0-f7d7-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr vanished into the air. Damion thought this was silly. His metal roof protected him from the more terrifying eruptions. What could a little ghost do to an Ancient Master Vampire.

    [img][/img]50347739026_158e1951bb_b.jpg1fde67c0-f7d7-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr reappeared as a bolt of electricity from the sky zapped the vampire: "Metal conducts electricity. Haven't you heard of lightning rods? "

    [img][/img]50347045728_cc5e5e0c90_b.jpg2f755770-f7d7-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Damion: "Now that's playing dirty."

    Zephyr: "Whoa, you’re one to talk. I didn't murder anyone with power over nature."

    [img][/img]50347045583_ff988cca1a_b.jpg418165d0-f7d7-11ea-ade1-0a470cdddf20 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr met Damion on the shore. The vampire was dazed, sparking with electricity, and overcome with tension from the storm and siren song. Damion threw an insult before fighting the spectral merman. Their fight sent shockwaves across the shore again. Zephyr managed to gain the upper hand for a moment when he got Damion in head lock.

    [img][/img]50347045643_11c3200700_z.jpgd3fdb3f0-f7d7-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50347896392_a6ea2f4db1_b.jpge82af4a0-f7d7-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Damion got Zephyr by the neck and pulled his spirit into the air: "I will not tolerate this annoyance any more. Tell me where the tomes are. How did you escape your prison?”

    Zephyr: "Or what, you'll kill me."

    Zephyr chuckled before disappearing into the air.

    Zephyr's voice whispered on the wind: "I could easily take your life like you took mine, but that wouldn't be worth my time. I'm not done with this fight."

    [img][/img]50347896312_629c519e4d_b.jpgf370d9b0-f7d7-11ea-b436-02b1b53df25a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    A chill flowed through Damion and Zephyr appeared behind him.

    Zephyr: "Villains like you always get exactly what they seek. Just keep waiting for immortality in paradise."

    [img][/img]50347896367_882cc63504_b.jpg0f42e3e0-f7d8-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Damion shook in fear. The very idea of controlling the Elements and living in paradise sent chills though his bones. Could he be afraid of wielding the power? He felt his shriveled heart thump in his chest. Could he really be afraid of this pest?

    Damion lunged at the ghost. He would settle this with another fight, a fight that he lost.

    [img][/img]50347896337_296a4b6acc_c.jpg41c249f0-f7d8-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr thought: "Why is he so mean? How can he not see the harm that comes from people so divided in their anger that they are coming to blows against each other? They are cheering for their champions while the islands they love collapse into ruins. No one is winning this fight, and something tells me that he didn't learn his lesson."

    [img][/img]50347739156_b7f2568ce2_b.jpg4babfa60-f7d8-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Zephyr disappeared in a gust of wind. Damion opened his umbrella as the sun rose and it immediately broke. His umbrella braking every single day was slowing him down. He needed help. Someone was helping his prey, and he had a taste of the sky's power. He wanted it.

    [img][/img]50347045678_b236e21c72_b.jpga50eab20-f7d8-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

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    Well Grim felt like he was confident enough to go take on Rey and destroy the Resistance. But Kylo Ren is all like "Ey yo, you're not ready for that." but Grim's like "nah dogg." Yeah I know, crazy sentence to start this all off with.
    Minutes later at the Resistance base.
    Grim: "Wanna have an epic battle?"
    Rey: "Nah fam."
    Kylo Ren: "And then she Jedi Mind Tricked you? See what I mean about how you weren't ready for this. Maybe you should listen to me next time."
    Even though Grim was smiling, on the inside he was feeling weak and powerless for not beating Rey. When suddenly....a voice called out to him.
    Luke Skywalker: "Hey sorry it took me so long, another person wanted my guidance."
    Luke Skywalker: "Anyways, I am Luke Skywalker and I sense that you are strong with the Force young Grim. With my help you can take full advantage of your power and destroy the First Order and the Sith and bring balance to the Force."
    Grim: "Eh, you got here too late. Already a Sith Lord. Planning on destroying the Resistance already."
    Luke: "But.....The Dark Side is the bad side! They have literally destroyed countless planets and killed Billions with their Genocidal Space Stations! You can't honestly tell me that you want to join THAT!"
    Grim: "Yeah I found out they were pretty bad after I joined them. It's too late to turn back now, I'd look pretty darn silly to go join the Resistance after killing so many of their people....I mean man.....I killed a lot of them already."
    Luke: "Well I won't let another Jedi fall to the Dark Side."
    Luke: "Now I'll have you know, I am one of the most powerful Jedi to ever li-"
    Luke: "Oh come on!"
    Well, Grim just beat THE Luke Skywalker in a Lightsaber duel. So I think he's ready to take on Rey. But of course he must recruit Darth Vader for this epic battle.
    Darth Vader: "Yeah I'll join you, just let me finish this Blue Milk first."
    Grim: "Now that you mention it, I'm parched myself, I'll enjoy a nice glass of Green Milk."
    Also it's pretty late, who wants to go have a final battle at this time of night? So The Boys just got together for a little get together before this battle....Oh and Luke was there....hoping to sway Grim back to the light.
    Grim: "Okay so I know a lot of the aspects of the Star Wars movies were highly exaggerated considering your Dad's still alive and you're dead....So did you die like you did in the movie?"
    Darth Vader: "No actually it was kind of a funny story. Now let's rewind about 30 years or so...."
    Darth Vader: "You see, it was when Luke and I were having our epic battle at the end of 'Return of the Jedi'."
    Darth Vader: "And uh....Yeah I lost that duel."
    Emperor: "Good, now fulfill your destiny and take your father's place at my side!"
    Luke: "Never, I'll never turn to the Dark Side. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."
    Luke: "Isn't that right, Dad?"
    Darth Vader: "Yeah I'm still evil."
    Grim: "This is not how I remembered the movie ending."
    Well time to start the dance party.
    Now Grom has the right idea.
    Oh snap, Luke Skywalker is a dancing machine.
    So before Grim headed off on what could be his final battle (Lol we know it won't be.) he of course decided to get some lovey dovey from his Space Girlfriend.
    Space Girlfriend: "Wait, I thought you were dating someone else."
    Grim: "Baby, you should see all the girlfriends I left back on Earth. You'll get used to being the 13th."
    Alright, back at the Resistance base, just gotta repair Sparky.
    Luke: "Hey just letting you know, some Sith from the First Order is going to try and kill Rey today."
    Resistance chick: "Wow Luke, you're so helpful."
    Luke: "At least someone appreciates my guidance from beyond the Grave."
    Rey: "Is that why this Stormtrooper is here?"
    Grom: "Actually, I'm the distraction!"
    Grim: "Ah ha, I have infiltrated the base thanks to my Brother's distraction!"
    Rey: "He's not really distracting anything, he's just throwing money around and no one is paying any attention to him."
    Grim: "Oh well, I will destroy you and end your reign of terror!"
    Rey: "MY Reign of Terror? You literally work for the group that blows up the planets of people who don't agree with them!"
    Rey: "No matter, I will battle you. Just be warned, I am a master Jedi!"
    Luke: "You've literally had three lessons."
    Thus, the final battle for the Galaxy began!
    Grim: "Having fun?"
    Rey: "Of course!"
    Resistance chick: "You're not watching the battle?"
    Luke: "Meh, see one Lightsaber Duel you've seen 'em All."
    Grim: "You almost hit my Droid! I'll destroy you for that!"
    Grom: "And you'll destroy her for almost hitting me too, right?"
    After a long battle, Grim was finally able to tire Rey out.
    And there goes her lightsaber.
    Rey: "Alright, you win. I will serve the First Order."
    Grim: "No you won't."
    Grom: "Ah nice, now that Grim has won the fight, we will all live together in perfect harmony!"
    Lightsaber Slice
    Grom: "Uhh...except Rey."
    Luke: "Great, she WAS the Last Jedi."
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 177 Member
    Looking at my update after a little sleep, I guess Zephyr’s advice is more do as I say and not as I do. Still, playing as a ghost was kinda fun.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,554 Member
    The days shifted into months, and eventually a year. The teenagers had turned seventeen. Laurent had chosen to stay with them, but sometimes he would do music videos from the safety of a guest room. Each couple grew closer. Luna and Zelda had improved their magical prowess, and they were virtuosos. The same applied to Shawn, Rhydian, and Saoirse. The young spellcasters felt as though they could take on the forces of evil. Due to the current state of the world under Cyrus' iron fist, it would take quite a while to stop Cyrus and his minions.


    Luna rested her face on Shawn's shoulder. "You're the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. I love you."

    "And you're an amazing girlfriend," Shawn replied.

    "Thanks. Well, we're going to the magic realm. About the recent events..."

    "What is it?"

    "Eventually, we'll have to face Cyrus and his gang."

    "I'll stand by you. I bet Jojo has never heard of the 'inferniate' spell."

    Luna giggled. "Soon, he'll be in for a surprise."

    Shawn nodded. "He deserves that for what he did."


    Laurent and Saoirse were discussing his latest album. He said, "You should listen to it. Oh, and it has gone viral."

    "That's so cool," Saoirse said as she pumped her fist in the air.

    "It is. Well, I'm being pressured to return to either San Myshuno or Del Sol Valley. A singer around my age has requested a collab."

    "Collab? What gender is the singer?"

    "Does it matter? She's talented."

    "A lady, then. Don't fall for her. You have me."


    Zelda and Rhydian gazed at the river. Rhydian pulled her into an embrace, and she could feel the strength in his arms. While the other two couples were chatting by the house, she and her boyfriend were close to the portal. She had a feeling that Cyrus would search everywhere for the tome. What if someone had discovered Sylvan Glade? It wouldn't be good. It was used as a safe haven for her mother for a period of time, back when Ganondorf was around. As far as she could tell, Cyrus was imitating Ganondorf's actions.


    Zelda and Rhydian waited for the others. Since Laurent was a human, he would stay at the house. She was vaguely aware that there were teenagers in the dark coven, who would gladly obey Cyrus' orders. Oh, and there were spellcasters who weren't born with magic. Other gangsters in San Myshuno chose not to have magical powers.

    "Luna, check the Sylvan Glade. The sages-in-training may come with me," Zelda said.

    "Where's the entrance to the glade?" Luna asked. "Can't we create a copy of the entrance?"

    "It doesn't seem to be a bad idea. Actually, it's a perfect alternative."


    Zelda stepped through the portal. Luna considered going after the sages-in-training, yet she had to think about the Tome of the Fourth Sage. At the same time, she didn't have a good feeling about this. If Cyrus' minions were powerful enough to bypass an invisible barrier surrounding Glimmerbrook, then he could invade the secret area. She shuddered at the notion. After a minute of lingering by the portal, she set off to form another path to the Sylvan Glade.
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    I don't know if anyone remembers me but it seems some of the older posters here are gone? A lot happened, I got sick (not with the virus, just really bad genes) for a long time, and my laptop broke and I lost my all my saves, even the ones in my USB back-up because my dog bit down on it. I wish I could get it back, but I can't, and I was so despondent and sick I didn't play the game for months. But, I'm back now, so, yay!

    For anyone who still remembered about my old play, I actually made it as far as the sixth generation, so it really is sad. I'd like to post a fleshed-out backstory of Luise someday, but the basic gist of it is she came from the original timeline (TS2), some 300-400 years in the future, and was a 14th (or 15th) generation spare of a militaristic family who participated in notable wars from other games (such as the Tiberium Wars from the C&C games, and the First Contact War of ME). It was why the story mentioned such characters like "Commander Parker" and "The Shepard". She was investigating the disappearance certain famous sims as part of her graduation thesis from Sim State, and went to Strangetown with her knowledge-aspiration professor and her late fiancé, when the professor did something he shouldn't have that killed them all and threw her body to an alternate existence (TS4).

    I'd rather not dwell on it right now though, since losing all those saves made me so upset as much as this crisis is. SO I thought to start a new beginning with a new sim. I'm really sorry to those who were somewhat interested in Luise's story as well as the Keller family.

    Anyway, this is my new start. Allow me to present:

    May Convallaria

    Her last name was derived from lily-of-the-valley.

    Some love to hate her, while others would love to be her. Her in-game description is:
    "An unconventional beauty, May lived her whole youth in awe of the couturiers of Champs Les Sims and the words of Anna Simtour, and was literally 'not like the other girls' in her school years. While others faked individuality and thrived on social media outrage, May enhanced her image by walking the path of fashion, beauty, and class. She despises the pretentiousness of the everyday, and prefers to celebrate life emulating the greats of the fashion industry, with plans to trail blaze her own fashion line."

    A snob through and through despite her humble beginnings, she's said a lot of things that would enrage her peers of the current generation. Some of her more scathing and unforgiving words have been:

    "If a woman says she's 'not like the other girls', she's definitely like the other girls."

    "'La Petite Robe Noire' will always be a staple in a woman's wardrobe. Those of our sex who don't have one is not a woman, only a girl who is clearly out of her depth and should step aside for people like me."

    "Do whatever it takes to be beautiful, even if it means exposing how ugly others are behind their masks and lace."

    "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing trends instead of classics. That is why I don't wear H&M, Diesel, Moschino, or entry-level luxury."

    "Do you know what actual beauty is? Whoever said it's in the eye of the beholder is a liar. A woman is beautiful with only three things: when she is in love, when she is groomed well from head to toe, and when she escapes the confines of her peers to celebrate her own freedom while laughing at those left behind. There's motherhood too, but I don't know yet if that's for me."

    Harsh, right?

    While I was making her, I had to do so much during CAS. I had to conform her body to not be as ideal. It was hard avoiding same face syndrome, but I didn't want to give in ad make her fat just to pander to the "body positivity" crowd, since her personality would hate people like that. However, she does have wider hips than a Barbie doll or a Kardashian. She's fair-skinned, but is not button-nosed, has no butt like Nicki Minaj/J.Lo, wears her hair short, and has a reasonably sized face that didn't go under the knife. I was watching a lot of Chanel videos on Youtube just to keep myself focused on who I want her to be. It's all there, short hair, tanned caucasian skin, masculine styles that actually enhanced the femininity of the wearer, and of course, the red lip. Jewelry was trickier. It was hard finding anything similar to Chanel's "Les Cometes" because everything was just too flashy and bulky. "What counts is not the carats but the illusion," after all.

    I might not play as often as I used to, but I will at least be able to play more than I have these past few months.

    Anyway, I placed her on the largest lot in Brindleton Bay, because I want to try the Legacy Challenge again.

    May begins her journey as a couturiere by getting scammed out of 20k after moving and getting an empty lot as a home.
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    I created Big Bang Theory characters. And I didn't put them in my game. It was just for fun. I saved them in my gallery. Well, they are amongst my NPCs. And funny thing, my sims went out to eat and Penny was bartending. Every so often I see them wandering around the neighborhoods. And of course, every time my sims run into sheldon he acts weird.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 177 Member
    While I was making her, I had to do so much during CAS. I had to conform her body to not be as ideal. It was hard avoiding same face syndrome

    I think this might be my biggest struggle with sim design. I think it has a lot to do with different details I’m almost always happy with. After finding the detail editor, each sim that looks similar is getting slightly different edits. I keep changing little details here and there. I’m thinking of making edits to my current legacy’s heir appearance to gradually change the way my sims look. I’m trying to avoid some of the more dramatic edits that, to me, look kinda strange. Anyways, I get so many twins in my game with little effort, and I’ve gotten very good at working with designs I would replicate for both identical twins.

    I guess that might be why Calum and Reef, my two non-twins look so alike. Kylen and Rylan are the latest editions, the only thing I did to manipulate the game was give both my sims the fertile trait after I knew Sara was pregnant before showing. I’m honestly starting to lose my mind with all the twins. Sara and Reef weren’t prepared. I still haven’t gotten the Triple Play achievement.
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 890 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -Yousef is getting married, he’s marring a Yimenez, that’s a big family. The father was like me, he was a widower with kids who remarried and had more kids, most of whom are grown now, so, yeah, with the spouses and kids, there’s a lot of people in that family.
    So, I volunteered to host the wedding reception at my house. And, yeah, I know, it’s not like me, but I’ve been trying to be more open to things now. It cost a small fortune, but, well, the thing is, I’m OK for money now, I’m not rich, but I have money to send the boys to college and have some left over for my old age, all thanks to the insurance from Becca’s death. I’ve had to adjust my cheapskate ways a bit, I mean, I’ve really kind of stopped worrying about financial things so much. I was initially a bit worried about Kareem though, knowing how he is about the whole ethnic thing, Katy’s mixed race, black and white, but she seems to have won Kareem over and that’s a really good sign.
    I think it went pretty well, Katy’s a nice girl, plus she’s pretty and all. But mostly she treats Yousef well from what I saw, and I can tell that they’re both crazy in love with each other, and that’s the main thing for a young couple starting out.-

    Eating in shifts at the reception.

    Chatting amongst the families.

    -Alex come over the other day with Brodie, they visited a while and Brodie met and got to know the boys a bit, he’s younger than they are, he basically just started high school. But he seemed to get along with them and they were on their best behavior, thank goodness, no mood swings that day, whew!
    Anyway, eventually Alex asked me if there was any possibility of having Brodie get on the bowling team Kaden runs. Alex said he was worried, now that Brodie was in high school, well, he was around a lot of teens that Alex is not that thrilled about, and having my boys and the other nice ‘Burb teens to hang out with would really help. I told Alex that it wasn’t my call, that I “tried” not to horn in on Kaden’s managing the team unless he asks, yeah, OK, I know, but I do try. Alex then flat out asked Kaden if he had an opening on the bowling team for Brodie, poor Brodie looked blind-sided by it too. Kaden told Alex that it was a long way from the city, that practice and all would be time consuming and require a lot of commuting. But Alex said he had it covered and then he literally begged Kaden, Brodie looked for all the world like a deer caught in headlights, his face turned bright red. Kaden did have an open position and he asked Brodie himself if he was interested in joining Ten Pin Teens. Brodie looked at his dad, then he cleared his throat and politely accepted Kaden’s offer to join. I have an idea he was afraid to say no. I was kind of glad though, a part of me likes the idea of our boys hanging out and maybe becoming friends and all. And, I have missed Alex, he’s like a burr in your shoe sometimes, kind of like Max. But then, well, he’s as loyal as a dog when you need him to be too, so Brodie being on the bowling team might mean I get to see more of Alex, and that’s a good thing.-

    Kaden mentors Brodie himself at bowling practice.

    -Kaden came home from school today and told me he had made the soccer team. I was floored, I know he loves soccer, but he always resisted joining the team, he didn’t feel like he was good enough he said. Then he said, and dad I’m just going to be warming the bench, I know I’ll never be any good not like Felipe and, well, I just thought it would be fun and I’d maybe make some new friends, that’s all. So you don’t have to go to all the games just to watch me sitting on the bench, OK? Absolutely not, I will go to every game and watch my son sit on the bench hoping that the coach puts him in and I get to see him play, young man. I absolutely will not miss seeing that, not on your life, so you’ll just have to su*k it up and deal with it. Daaad, that’s exactly what I was afraid of--- you making a big deal out of it, Kaden whined. Whenever a child of mine does anything, it’s a big deal, at least to me, and to very parent I know Kaden. That’s just how parenting works, I said.-

    -I had another visit with Dr. Childress. I fully expected more homework, not what actually happened. The Dr. told me that he thought my boys were done with therapy. I honestly thought they would have to go forever, I guess. So I was more than a bit taken aback and said so. Dr. Childress laughed again, it still bugs me he does that. Well, we therapists have a reputation I know, but in actuality, we set goals for our patients and when those goals are accomplished, well, our job is done. In this case, the goal was to help your sons navigate the grief process, and I think we’ve accomplished that. And if I may say so, I see a marked improvement in you as well, Omar. I take it the support group has been of some benefit? It has, I answered, at first, well, I went to one meeting and pretty much made up my mind not to go back, but a man there, well, he made me promise to come back so I did. Eventually, I started to “share” and talk about things and honestly, it did help, it was nice to talk to people who had been through the same thing as me and to hear about the feelings they struggled with, a lot of feelings I was having too, I guess. Plus, well, the thing with hugging the boys and saying I love you and having people over to the house, well, that helped me, I’m not sure how, but over time I started to feel better, more like my old self, I guess. Good, he said, of course, there could be other issues in the future that come up and as you know life can throw us a curve sometimes, so should the need arise, well, you can have any of your sons come back. The thing is, just between you and I, well, telling the boys that they are done with therapy is probably the best thing for them right now. The feeling they get from knowing that they are OK and normal, well, that can be in itself more beneficial than continuing therapy.-

    -Zayn had a friend over after school today, the friend was Lacie Bachelor, the daughter of my old buddy Thomas Bachelor. And I go the distinct impression that this friend was not like the others the boys brought home, if you get my meaning. Zayn begged me to order pizza for dinner even though we had a lot of food in the fridge and all. And, well, I can’t even remember the last time we ordered pizza, so I said OK. Lacie is a nice girl, and yeah, she’s pretty. She’s older that Zayn though, she’s Kaden’s age and all. But I remembered that Than dated Caludia Jang in high school, who was older and she was a nice girl and really liked him, they shared interests, so well, I’m not going to say anything about it. Kaden was a little over attentive towards her during dinner, but after a few dirty looks from Zayn and Samyr jumping in with conversation to deflect Kaden’s flirts, well, eventually, Kaden excused himself and went to use the punching bag. I liked that the boys were handling things among themselves and that it came into play over Lacie. She stayed late, her and Zayn talked in the dining room afterwards alone for a good while then I joined them later on to get to know her a bit more. She seems like a nice girl and, well, she did seem to laugh at all of Zayn’s jokes and stories, he pulled out his best ones I noticed. So, I don’t know, we’ll see, I guess.

    Lacie and Zayn chat after dinner.

    Zayn tells one of his best stories.

    -The guys and I had a night out, can’t remember the last time we all got together outside bowling, but we went to “The Ruins” in Windenburg and built a bonfire and just talked, you know, guy talk, it was really good to do that. I had a good time. It gave us a chance to catch up on each other, and for the first time I had stuff besides, well, besides depressing widower stuff to talk with them about. That felt really good.-

    Guy’s night out.

    -It was like waiting for the other shoe to drop, finally on Saturday Zayn asked me if he could go to the museum in Oasis Springs. OK, I knew that there was way more to it than that, and I said so. Look dad, he said, Lacie asked me to go, she has a thing for school about pirates or something and they have a new exhibit on it, Ok? Ah, of course, I immediately asked Zayn if this was a school thing or if it was a “date”. He was not happy about it but, parenting is not a popularity sport. Sheesh, dad, I, well, I’m not sure, OK, but well, if it is a date or whatever, well, that would be really cool with me. Like, Lacie is really pretty and nice and she laughs at all my jokes and stuff and I kind of like her and all, OK, I mean, maybe it’s a date right, that’s totally possible? It’s possible son, but you know, it’s a really good idea to know this stuff going in, right? Ok, yeah, I guess, he said. But, well, maybe it’s not officially a date, but it could turn into one this way, see? Sigh, was I ever that young?
    When Zayn got home from the museum, well, he had the biggest silly grin on his face, not his usual one, this one was all together different, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out why. This meant it was my cue to have a “talk” with him. I gave him time to come down out of the clouds and went up to his room later where he was just laying on his bed, no doubt going over everything that happened at the museum over and over in his head.
    We need to have a talk son, I said. What? Now, like can it wait, dad, I’m kind of not into talking right now OK? he said. Well, I realize that Zayn, but it’s really important, see I have a feeling that the museum trip was a date after all. Um, OK, well, yeah, it kind of was totally a date. I mean, OK, dad, I, well, I mean we, um, we kissed and stuff. Like a lot, I totally lost count even. Lacie totally likes me and I like her, I guess, and well, I want to ask her out on a date and like take her out to eat or something, he blurted out.
    So I had the “respect and responsibility” talk with him, just like the one I had with Kaden, was it really that long ago? He’s a lot harder to talk to about serious things, Zayn tends to joke and uses humor to try to deflect serious conversations, but I muddled through somehow. And he eventually promised that he had heard me and he understood what I was saying. And I have one more son to go, Samyr will come home one day and I will have to repeat this whole responsibility and respect yourself and girls talk all over again, can’t wait for that day.-

    Zayn’s first kiss.

    More kissing.

    An awkward moment.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    This is a comment post!!!

    I will update something tomorrow!~

    @sarabeth2984 I love Ame and Beck too! I hope you enjoy their second date I did playing it 😊 Aww I really have a lot of love for Myron and Delaney too! I loved watching their Halloween together, it was really lax and chill!

    @Daephene Oh that is good for your sims to not have to repair a marriage! Thank you for the compliment! I am enjoying sharing their stories I am going to keep it to a minimum of Amelia& Beck, Terence& Nayeli and Pinky& Nickolas, then my two main families. I am hoping for Dec too, he does seem to be getting better! Thank you for liking the outfit!

    @sunblond Thank you for that information! I appreciate it, I am deff gonna take a test sim or two before my actual sims go 😊 I look forward to it, it seems very fun but yes intense! I loved your recent update on Omar and loved that Zayn got that first kiss, you have an excellent character voice for all ages but I love the typical commentary on parents xD

    @haneul Thank you for your comment I really enjoyed it!
    I think I can answer what will make a party special for Amelia either a weeding or a baby shower xD but yes, she sure is a party girl for sure!

    I love the moments where Vanessa gets a break from it all, she deserve so much, and I think Beck provides that or at lest a piece of it.

    Surprisingly (wondering if it is a mod?) Hazel did not notice AND the hamster was named Hammy still! I think Matt is a cutie, I think they might even date for a while but beak up somewhat mutually.

    Wow! I really, really love all he siblings! Soooo many also the poses was great! Aww I understand where Deli is coming from but I also love how Darius kind of helped her see the point. I vibe with having something to control deffo.

    Wow! I am loving Deli’s realistic pic! She does look so soft and sweet, I love her face shape and lips and nose and eye shape! <3

    @Dust_Bunny2010 I remember you! Sorry for all your health issues and losses! But on a brighter note, I very much enjoy the dynamic of your new sim! Please update if you want feel like it about her! 😊

    @Metior_Ice Wow excellent job on how Reef found his merman roots and I really enjoy Sara! I like how Reef had to give Dylan a pep talk to not give up! I also love all of Zephyr dialogue including on snarky remarks about how Dylan would do things!

    I loved the battle or fight between Zephyr VS. Damion I was cheering at how well Zeph was doing from that dark evil man, but now that evil sim is going after more power or wants even more! I am happy to see things moving along! 😊
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