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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @AlwaysAsking Yep, Elle's dad is Zane Haskins.

    I'm not going to generation 10 in this challenge. I'm probably going to end up with about 7 generations and that will get me to 100 Babies. I turn on aging during pregnancy so it takes me longer than most (most people probably end up with 100 Babies in 4 generations) . I feel like it's weird they don't age while pregnant, but that's just me. I use MCC to turn on aging during pregnancy. All my other challenges will be 10 generations :)
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    Update on Legacy 2.0 Ben and Amy Generation 7


    Our final baby is born. We're just having four kids this generation. This is the fourth.

    Her name is Ellen named after Ellen Page that plays Vanya in Umbrella Academy.


    The twins have birthdays.







    Ellen became a toddler.

    @AlwaysAsking Your babies with Eliot!!

    I didn't write down their names :( Sorry.



    A little bummed none of them got your eyes. I can't wait to see what they look like as teens

    These are the babies Parker and Hardison made. (sim versions of the characters from the tv show Leverage)




    Amy's grades.


    Ben graduated.


    His career.

    Naming Theme
    The Umbrella Academy

    Klaus, Grace, and Luther are characters in the show. Ellen is the name of the actress that plays Vanya
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    @mingusssss It does have two bedrooms, FYI. It was made for a grandma and granddaughter. It's by AvelineYT on the gallery.

    @O-meezy Thank you! 😊
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    Alyse is an entertainer at heart and likes to play the violin. She's not great at it though and pains her own ears sometimes.


    A guy called Chad Torres rang Alyse's doorbell and they ended up playing on her swing set together.


    Alyse's house is filled with memories from her past and these cards created by her daughter were something she treasured very much. She hung them in her living room and reminisced on them often.


    When nights were beautiful and warm out, Alyse went out and wrote in her own journal about her day and what went on in her mind. It was her form of meditation.


    The day ended with some late night garden salad. After the passing of her husband, Alyse had been devastated but it was ten years ago now and she found a way to move on with her life. It included creating a whole new rhythm but having no particular routine and being able to do whatever she wanted gave her a certain freedom. Making her own dinner at 11 PM was no problem when there was no one else around to worry about.

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    @BlueSeaWaves I think Adonis isn't completely wrong about Sylvia, but I still didn't enjoy him screaming at her. I feel for her, though, and hope she has more success with Owen. Owen keeps making big mistake (or rather the game seems to have it out for him by making him disappear at his child's birth). I hope he has better luck in the future.

    Thanks for your comments! I love the vampire pack even though I originally bought it for the build/buy items. The sunlight doesn't have to be a problem. Vampires can get a perk to become immune to the sun. There's also a drink sims can make that gives a temporary 4 hour immunity and there are mods that eliminate the sunlight problem all together.

    @GJGames I hope you get to member status soon that we can see your builds.

    @Kathrynna Sims are supposed to be able to knit and talk, so it seems like a bug.

    "Can't a guy just make breakfast for the most beautiful man he's ever had in his life?"
    Corny or not, I thought that line was super sweet. (The tots napping at the wedding was also super sweet.)

    I love the clothing choices for the wedding, especially the purple suit. Who needs white? But I'm concerned given the upcoming child?/loose end that Thorne hadn't thought about.
    I love how Deli's bro doesn't have the smile of being polite but the smile of a threat..."stay away from my sister dude, or else" lol, one day things will go better for her in that department.
    Haha. Thanks for the comments. I was shocked that he interfered, but Deli has so little luck with romance she may end up happily single. I don't know, though.

    @Lyrie Thanks for the comments! If my sim autonomously proposed in the bathroom, I would be annoyed, but I'd just have to go with it. Now, though, I'm going to try to keep couples out of the bathroom.

    @Alwaysasking Don is so gentle with Danni. It's cute how he showed so much concern for her in the water. I hope that he comes to trust in her abilities more as he gets to know her better. She seems like a very capable girl. I love the goofy photos they took together.

    But the shot of Don and Thorne under the moonlight is the best!

    Still, this Thorne feels like an exhausting partner to have because he constantly needs to be reassured that no one is seeking revenge on him. They're cute, but I kind of would like to see someone compete with Thorne for Don. Ironically, it might make Thorne feel more stable in the relationship if he sees Don actively pick him over someone else.
    That's too bad that the guy just walked away from her, because I'm not convinced that Cabe is the guy for her. What would make him act so differently each time she's with him?
    I dislike Cabe and currently want him to disappear. But Deli likes him and he lives near where she does her work, so he's often around. Cabe is super hot and cold. He picks on Deli when no one else is paying attention. 70% of the time he's actually nice and fun, but the other 30%, his bad personality traits are on full display. I'm hoping he will start something with Asher…

    Fier Legacy (Short :))
    Intro & Past Posts in Spoiler
    1. Fier Legacy Introduction
    2. Teenage Lifeguard (Delmarya)
    3. Living Her Best Life (Adelise)
    4. Night on the Town
    5. Day of Fier P1
    6. Day of Fier P2
    7. Happy Birthday P1 (Dawn)
    8. Happy Birthday P2 (Dawn)
    9. A First Kiss (Dawn)
    10. Conservationism and a Death Flower for Deli
    11. Vampire Population Control (Asher)
    12. Happy Birthday (Delmarya)
    13. Merry Winterfest
    14. Ambitious Dysis
    15. Gen 4 Enrolls in University
    16. Relaxation? Before University
    17. New Year's Eve
    18. Sulani Bonfire
    19. Midnight Encounter (Delmarya)
    20. Deli Strikes Out (Delmarya)
    21. One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)
    22. Lovestruck Procrastination Queen (Dysis)
    23. Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)
    24. Saying Goodbye P1
    25. Saying Goodbye P2
    26. Forcing Fun at Foxbury (Dysis)
    27. First Impression = Great, Second Impression = Trash (Deli)
    28. Asher's Incompetence (Asher)
    29. A Productive Day
    30. A Day for Love P1 (Dysis)
    31. A Day for Love P2 (Deli)

    The Fiers are a vampire family led by an arrogant and socially awkward megalomaniac named Asher who, among other things, hopes to have 100 children. As of now, he's had 16. The youngest five recently became young adults and are discovering the perks of university, so Asher's ready to move on from the life he's built with them in Sulani. Even though everyone is into pursuing an eco lifestyle and protecting the environment and even though Asher employed some draconian conservation policies while working as a top-level conservationist, he's done with that kind of tiny living stuff and is having a (gaudy flamboyant) palace built that may cost more than one million simoleons. When it's complete, he intends to move and raise the next generation of his children there. But there's no rush as he's immortal.

    When Delmarya (Deli) returned from surveying the ocean early that morning, her sister Dysis was already awake and dressed. Dysis embraced Deli because she was happy to see her and now that Dysis was no longer drowning in grief, she felt badly about the jealously she’d had towards Deli before.

    Deli wanted to ask Dysis for advice on where to go with Cabe, but before she could, their father appeared wanting to share his own wisdom. He still had thoughts about becoming a professor and was continuing his trial runs.

    Asher began his spiel by focusing on his credentials. He’d succeeded in writing, politics, business, and now was a chief sustainability officer who implemented environmental policies (like no electricity for a few hours after 8 p.m. and discounts on coconuts) at will.

    Asher targeted Dysis first because Deli looked less than receptive.

    Asher: I like money.

    Dysis/Deli: …

    The girls didn’t know how to react to that.

    Asher: Anyway, Dysis, since you intend to run a business, it’s important for you to understand how to generate so much money that you would be comfortable setting most of it aflame—{the girls wanted to know why this was advisable, much less necessary, but didn’t interrupt him}—which is something I have done effortlessly since before you existed. In the next week or so, I’ll be giving away almost 100,000 simoleons… Regardless, Dysis, you should play chess to improve your logic skills, pay attention in your business classes, and research stocks online. If you need help, let me know.

    Then, Asher turned to Deli.

    Asher: I can teach you how to become a better vampire by first instructing you in the most effective biting techniques.

    Biting tech as in techniques on how to extract blood from people with her teeth!? Deli, who was a vegan vampire living off plasma fruit and who had never bitten anyone, quickly rejected her father’s proposal, “No thanks. I’m okay.”

    Not wishing to offend him, she gracefully transitioned into talking about something else that interested him, their upcoming move to San Myshuno. Originally, Deli and her siblings had intended to stay behind in Sulani, but their parents convinced them to move as well.

    Later after Deli showered and Dysis studied, Deli was able to ask about her upcoming outing with Cabe.

    Dysis’ advice was simple: Don’t overthink it. Since you want to eat, go to a dessert cafe where the food is delicious and have fun.

    Asher's office in their new home (where they haven't moved yet).
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    Ok, I think I caught everything from page 748, but I'll have to be much more brief on the next two pages so I can hit my mentions!

    (Sorry, I didn't get to all my mentions either, but I need to go get dinner together!)


    Geez! What a nightmare of a date! Were you in Del Sol valley on the date?

    I never got Get Famous because I hear about stuff like this and say, "no thank you!" Lol

    I love the evil merfolk club though. Sounds like good retaliation for all the trouble other people caused your Sims 😄

    No, I have get famous, but I created the lot in Sulani. I uploaded the lot to my gallery, but I think the celebrities showed up because the lot was popular.

    I don't usually do evil things with my mersims, and even give some of them the good trait which prevents them from doing evil things. However, a LOT of sims wanted to be a part of the date regardless if I knew them or wanted them there.

    As for my last pay through,

    I overcame hysterical moodlets and successfully had twin boys with the Sulani Mana Trait as Mermen. So, now I have sims that can summon monsoons and rain fire from the sky if I so choose.

    I've been having issues with my game crashing, and after losing 4 hours of raising twins I didn't plan for, I cheated them to adulthood and gave them the positive character value traits. I want them to be good for the most part.

    I wanted to create a super sim, and I may give it a second go. I'm hoping to complete the childhood aspirations too. I'll leave the pair I cheated to adulthood in my gallery.

    An interesting detail, I got the twins by adding the Lay-line lot trait during the pregnancy. It resulted in fraternal twins with very funky genetics.

    I did edit them to make them more identical. However, I made sure to maintain as much of their original appearance as I could. The father had lighter skin with a white ethnicity, and the mother, the island elemental, was Asian. The genetics mix and matched the ethnicity. It gave the first son eyes closer to the mother but less Asian in appearance. The second one had the father's eyes shaped closer to the fathers. The first one had the father's skin color while the second one had a skin color darker than both the parents. Their eyes were a demonic solid black like the mother's (Look up the show Supernatural to see where I'm coming from). The game completely randomized the nose and other facial features.

    The way the game split the genetics was exceptionally random, so I did edit their appearances. To an extent, Sulani Mana is a hidden trait, so you can't create a sim with that trait in CAS.

    As for Physical features, I made changes based on the father, the original skin color for the second twin, and I changed the eye color because they are merfolk. The eye color is very similar to, if not the same as the games built in merman. The eye shape was an attempt to find a middle ground for the games attempt at the eyes. In fact, the eyes were the funkiest part of the genetics.

    One twin is creative while the other took after the mother and is a genius. While attemptimg to raise the toddlers, the genius twin was a very fast learner, and he hit level 3 in almost all his skills before the game crashed.

    I am nervous about whether or not I did a good job with the edits while honoring how they really were when they were born.
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    @AlwaysAsking Re: my inability to close the game with the screen stuck.

    I found that my recent Windows 10 upgrade needed an NVidia GTX1060 video driver update. I only found this out as the screen kept refreshing itself out of the game for me as well as a lot of other OS users. Got the answer via the Microsoft help site. I updated via the Device Manager.

    It pays to keep your video drivers completely up to date with Windows 10.
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    @AlwaysAsking One thing that child Spellcasters can do is acquire a familiar, which is something.


    As could be told by her outfit, Artemis loved cats (and animals in general). Sometimes she would imitate either Heidi or Coco, who didn't seem to mind.


    Peter made breakfast that morning, and sat down on one of the living chairs to eat. He enjoyed a lively chat with little Artemis, who had a lot to say. (I love how Xanthe and Apollo are sitting on the chairs matching their colours, and that Peter also blends in with his chair :D )


    It was a lovely day, and the penthouse boasted a pool on the balcony. Peter floated on his back, feeling peaceful and content. The weather would only get better - it would be Summer Fest next week, which was apparently forecast to be a scorcher of a day.


    Peter visited the Magic Realm yet again to purchase some potion ingredients. After obtaining some turquoise, which was needed to make the Potion of Good Fortune, he headed back to HQ and met a few spellcasters, including Minerva Charm.


    Crafting potions at home was all very well, but crafting them at Magic HQ had a particular attraction. This cauldron was a lot fancier, for one thing. The surroundings, too, were beautiful. As he raised his wand, the large wooden spoon began to stir, which Peter always found fascinating.


    Caroline decided to set up a club exclusively for Spellcasters, and invited Peter, Simeon Silversweater and another woman called Jerrica to join (I think she lives in Willow Creek). Where else to meet but the Magic Realm?


    Caroline had a friendly duel with Jerrica...


    ... Peter, of course, experimented at a cauldron...


    ... and I have no idea what Simeon was doing. Perhaps he was fulfilling his role of Practical Sage.
    One of the activities is Spellcasting, and I noticed that they would autonomously cast the Scruberoo spell on themselves. Without me noticing, Caroline had entered a Charged state. I know that that's not immediately dangerous, but given that it had happened without me realising, it was a relief to remember that Caroline had the "Discharge" perk.


    Caroline won her duel, and decided to learn a few more spells that she could use in future duels. Whilst deciding on which type of magic to use, she remembered that she could summon her familiar, Coco. Their relationship was still at acquaintance level, and Caroline reasoned that spending time with Coco would help the relationship.


    Back at home, Peter realised that he'd been spending rather a long time on his potion-making, and hadn't spent much time on his career as a budding musician. His boss had recommended that Peter improve his guitar skill, which he duly did.


    But he didn't stay away from magic for long! He also fancied learning some mischief spells, and decided to call Heidi over in her capacity as his familiar. It didn't take him long to discover a new spell (I can't remember exactly which one it was, might have been Burgliate).
    I love it when you learn a new spell!
    "Huh?" Peter wondered, turning to see who'd spoken. Then, to his utter astonishment, he realised that it was Heidi who had somehow communicated with him! He didn't normally understand her meowing, so this was entirely new to him. Perhaps specifically summoning her to use as his familiar allowed them to communicate on some level, which disappeared once he dismissed her from her duties.


    The older twins' birthday was drawing ever closer. It would be a great relief in many ways, but Peter also realised that he wouldn't be able to pick them up to playfully throw them in the air so easily once they were older. Erytheia wasn't quite sure what to make of being upside down, but playing with Daddy was always fun.


    With all their various responsibilities resulting in Peter and Caroline not being able to spend much time together, Love Day was the perfect opportunity for a little romance. Although they were unable to go out on a date, they were still able to have a lovely time at home.


    The day after Love Day was the one they'd been waiting for... birthday time! Caroline managed to whip up two cakes before heading off to her latest gig. Erytheia and Xanthe leaned forward excitedly to blow out their candles.


    Erytheia picked out a pretty red dress with a bow at the waist to wear, along with some white leggings and red ballet pumps. Naturally, Xanthe picked a similar outfit in yellow. Both of them chose the same hairstyle.


    With Caroline at work, Peter knew that there was one place that he really wanted the girls to see.
    "Now, you two, I'm going to be taking you somewhere really special, OK?"
    The girls were curious, having never been outside of San Myshuno. They followed their dad to an arch, which was filled with swirling light.
    "Just follow me," Peter said. "It'll feel a little weird, but trust me."
    The girls watched in alarm as their father disappeared, literally, through the arch.


    "Wow! What is this place?" Erytheia asked, glancing around.
    "This is the Magic Realm," Peter explained.
    "Why did you bring us here?" asked Xanthe.
    "Because... Mummy and I are Spellcasters, which means you and Erytheia are, too. And Artemis and Apollo. We can perform spells and make potions."
    "Cool!" exclaimed Erytheia. "That sounds so much fun!"
    "Unfortunately, you aren't old enough to perform magic yet," explained Peter gently. "Magic is an incredibly powerful tool that can go badly wrong, even to the best Spellcasters. I know it's disappointing. What you can do, though, is work hard at school and earn good grades. Becoming a Virtuoso is a long and sometimes difficult process, so it'll be easier if you do well at school. One thing you can do, though, is acquire a familiar..."


    As an aside, when I was in CAS, the girls started experimenting with their powers, and looked utterly terrified when they realised what they could do.


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    @AlwaysAsking well it took some for the forum to proces me but im here as member.
    so let me show all of you my house remember its my first house and i see already somethings i want to change.
    this was it like yesterday i think cant remember. offcourse this doesnt show anything so allow me to make a better ss

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    well here are 10 pictures of my house i dont know if i can show them here or if this aint possible with tumblr










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    Ok, I'm commenting on the post that's just above this one right now, and responding to a few mentions that I have more than a "thanks" response to, and then I'm going to post my update.

    @GJGAMES Ooh, I like the pool with the bar in the middle. Neat design.

    @AlwaysAsking I think that's just Maaike that Wolfgang was dueling. Her dark form is very green. You'll see her a little closer below.
    I did not make the park - it's a Myshuno Meadows remodel that separates the park into four sections, one with kid and toddler playground areas, one with the pool, one with a dog park, and one with flowers and fountains and a wedding arch. Though to be honest I can't remember now if I had to add the toddler playground or if it came with it. And I really don't remember the name, but if you're interested I can try to remember to look when I'm in the game again.
    I don't think Victor had a chance to interact with Viktoria autonomously this round, because whenever he was both home from work and awake the vampires were mostly sleeping so he had my undivided attention and didn't get a lot of free will. :)
    Adorable Don and Danni update! She's so cute. Has she met her little sister yet?

    @sunblond Thanks! I like funny club names, some are punny and some are just references. My favorite recently was calling my spellcaster club the Castaways.

    @March306 I loved the Umbrella Academy first season. I think we'll probably start watching the second season this week. Anyway, I thought your Ben still showed some Cumberbatch genetics around the eyes. I love that you throw in so many recognizable celebrity sims because it makes it even more fun to watch the genetics.

    So this week I went to Oasis Springs to play with Billie Jang and family. As some of you may recall, Billie was married to Erick Andreas, and then he cheated on her with Brytani Cho. Brytani told Billie about the affair and the daughter she and Erick had, and then Billie and Brytani got together and left Erick for each other and he got the baby. So Billie and her two sons (Esau and Jacob) moved in with Brytani for a while. I moved them all into a house in Oasis Springs together based on my plans for the family before Eco Lifestyle came out, so I just left them there to start out.

    Spoiler for faster loading.
    I worried that all the changes would upset the boys, and as it turned out they were woken up by a monster their first night.
    (That's Jacob)

    Mom's new girlfriend was pretty nice about coming to spray it though.

    It turned into a bonding moment.
    Both boys gave her a hug but I only captured the second one.
    The next day they bought a night light and it wasn't a problem again.

    They miss their Dad, but he did call every other day, and in the meantime they had their Voidcritters as a distraction.
    This is Esau training one of his.

    And Jacob doing the same.

    And a few battles.

    SO! The plan was to have Brytani either die or break up with Billie part way through the week and Billie and the kids would move to Evergreen Harbor and start a new life (again). But first I spent some days while the kids were at school and Billie at work to see what Brytani was like alone. She went out and met some fans.

    And I did play with a few of the paparazzi interactions but didn't take pics. None of my celebrities have hit four stars yet, so she had a lot of options I've never tried before and it was kind of fun. She has some annoying habits but I definitely don't hate her as much when I'm playing her as when she shows up on community lots while I'm playing someone else.

    I also spent some time sending Billie and the boys to club meetings. First Billie joined the Avant Gardes, which I altered to a music, art and drama focused club. They met at an art center in Newcrest where Billie painted a statue outside.

    Since I do have another club that meets at art centers, with Athena and her grandkids, when the boys got off school they joined Billie and I had two club outings going at once.

    The downside to this was that neither Maaike (seen here in her green vampire form) nor Khaled have any skill points in Piano.

    But the kids had fun, and Esau was able to make progress on making friends with three of his cousins so he could complete the Social Butterfly aspiration by the end of the week. To make that happen, I had another outing of the Grandma and Kids club, which met in Sulani (because that would totally happen on a school night).

    Meanwhile Jacob called an outing of the After School Book Club so he could play chess and max out his mental skill for the Whiz Kid aspiration. He managed to play with his future girlfriend, who as it turns out cheats at chess.

    And Billie called a Culture Club outing at the museum in Willow Creek. I didn't realize until I took this picture that she was the only woman in the club.
    But those are pretty awesome men so she was fine.

    She did some more painting.

    You might not think a museum club would be much fun, but some of them get very passionate about things.

    And then Brytani showed up and they were not shy in front of the photographers.

    Then I spent two days trying to get Brytani to die of laughter since she has the goofball trait. They really have toned the chances of that down, which is good news for my goofball Gillian in another household, but annoying today. Eventually I gave up.
    And then the week was pretty close to done, and she went off to work so I couldn't force a breakup... so I guess Billie and the boys will move next rotation.

    Meanwhile the boys had a birthday, which their father autonomously showed up for.

    So here's teen Jacob.
    He's going to be the first real eco- conscious sim in this save, and live in Evergreen Harbor. Due to his complicated views on love caused by his parents' messy relationships, he took the Soulmate aspiration and the Jealous trait.

    (That's a teen aspiration... I never give them the longterm aspiration I want for them when they age to teen. They always get that when they age to YA)

    And teen Esau.
    Esau's a future business owner. At the moment I'm leaning towards a lawn and garden shop so he can use his Maker trait to make gardening pots and sculptures, as well as fizzy drinks out of the fresh produce that he'll also sell seeds for. He's going to take the Noncomittal trait as a YA, as his own response to his upbringing. He also took Serial Romantic as his teen aspiration.

    I'm hoping to make the community space in the neighborhood they move into a community garden so both boys can start training the gardening skill, even though I'm going to put them in one of the new apartments. In a week or two I'll be playing their father and he'll be sure to have them over for Harvestfest, because it's important to me to keep the noncustodial parents involved. Plus they need to get to know their little sister.

    BTW I did finally get Eco Lifestyle, even if I didn't play it with this family this rotation. I got some money I was waiting on at the same time as they had the last sale so it seemed the perfect time. I got Laundry Day also, so I can flesh out my Off the Grid story ideas.
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    Excerpts from the Journal of Hector Monte**gro

    -I finally managed to ask Roxie on a date, before she asked me, a little while ago she kind of started doing the asking, instead if it always being me to plan what we do. I’m totally cool with that, I know Roxie’s not the kind of girl that will let a guy boss her around, she’s a lot like my mami in that respect. She asked me to a museum, which I was not thrilled about. But, in all fairness, I had dragged her to a high school soccer game, and well I kind of think you have to make compromises in a relationship. So I agreed and didn’t make a big deal out of how I can’t tell a Monet from a Matisse. Dios mio, Roxie gets really turned on looking at Art, she was all over me and was aggressive about it, it was totally hot. I mean, up till then I was always the quarterback calling the plays, but she literally couldn’t keep her hands off me. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.
    Which brings me back to why I wanted to ask her on our next date, I want to take her to the breaks in Windenburg, its secluded, we can swim in that old overgrown pool, its kind of romantic, and I’m going to ask her to go away with me for the weekend. I want to take her to Granite Falls and rent a cabin and spend the whole weekend with her and take our relationship to the next level, if you get what I mean? I’m way past ready for our relationship to include that, way past the point where I think it is time. It’s just we both live at home and it’s not like I can stroll to her room past her dad for the night, you know. And we’re both too old to sneak around like a couple of high school kids.-

    -Well it was a good plan, in my head, what I hadn’t considered is how Roxie would look in a wet bikini, and I got totally distracted. We swam a bit and talked, then we kissed and made out, and well, it was kind of uncomfortable for me because I couldn’t find my board shorts anywhere, and had to wear my green swimming trunks that are like a lot smaller and tighter. So there was kind of a problem with me feeling exposed a bit, if you get my meaning. If Roxie noticed, she didn’t say anything, thankfully. Anyway, I kind of didn’t get around to asking until it was kind of late, but I knew it was time to try for the field goal, so I asked her about going away with me for the weekend. She said yes. I had a big speech all planed, but she put her hand on my mouth and just said “yes”. Now to tell mami and papi, which I kind of dread.
    Ok, so my parents sometimes surprise me, after dinner, once Victor had wandered off, I told them about what I had planned. The both looked at each other then looked back at me and at the exact same time they said, “about time”. Ok, seriously, I was all stressed out about it and that happened? I’m not always this clueless about my parents am I?-

    Some swimming.

    Some showing off.

    And some making out under the moonlight.

    -Ok, we did a bit of fishing, played some horseshoes and hiked a bit the first day, then we ate dinner and literally and figuratively spent our first night sleeping together. I guess, if I’m honest, we were both kind of nervous and inhibited maybe that night. I had been thinking about it all day, who am I kidding, for weeks. And when the time came, I think both of us were feeling the pressure or whatever. It wasn’t bad or anything, but I would have like to have been way more relaxed about it, I guess.
    The next morning, after some breakfast, Roxie came over to me at the sink, where I was washing up the dishes, she took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. And we stayed naked the whole day and night, not just in the bedroom, but on the dining table and couch, all over that cabin. It was everything I had dreamed of and hoped for. We really just let ourselves go and went all out showing each other how much we loved and desired each other for the rest of our time there. I think I only went outside once to grill us some dinner. Why the deuces did I wait so long?-

    Some fishing.

    Some dinner and conversation.

    Some kissing.

    Some minor fireworks.

    -So I had a plan, and I needed some help, I wanted Miranda’s help specifically. I got stuck on a conference call with the West Coast till kind of late, and when I finally left work, I drove to Miranda’s house. I’d never been there, I’d been meaning to have Roxie take me, but just hadn’t gotten around to it, I guess. I kind of felt weird going over there all by myself, like, it could start gossip or something, you know how people are, but I was willing to risk it for this.
    She was surprised to see me when she answered the door, I could tell. But I apologized and told her that I needed to ask her something important. We went inside and I asked her if she was willing to keep a secret for me and help me, that it was not anything bad or wrong. She said, she was pretty good at keeping secrets and agreed to listen. I told her I wanted to ask Roxie to marry me, but that I wanted to get a ring for her first and I didn’t know her ring size and I didn’t want them to have to resize it. And that I figured maybe Miranda could find out or could swipe a ring of her’s for me or something. Miranda just got up and walked off to the bedroom, I guess, and when she came back she handed me a ring, she said, this will fit her ring finger. Take it to the jeweler and he can get the size from it. I took the ring and thanked her. We talked a bit and when I got up to leave, Miranda said, you know you had her at hello, in that suit, and I can see why now. I’m sorry, I said, I wasn’t getting what she was saying at all. Roxie was hooked on you the minute you showed up in that tailored suit is what I meant. Well, Miranda, you weren’t even there, I said a bit confused. Tucker told me, the thing is Felipe, that sibling rivalry thing they had growing up, well, that’s what both of them called it, but really, it’s that they can sometimes read each other like a book. And to be honest that’s not always a good thing, it can be pretty irritating. And Tucker knew that Roxie was looking at you way differently the minute you walked in that night and ever since. Oh, she added, welcome to the family. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves Miranda, I said. Oh, Trust me I’m not, she answered. And I left without saying anything else.-

    Felipe asks Miranda a favor.

    -My boss, Lily Feng, she passed away in her office, her assistant found her earlier, the police and coroner and everything came. Eventually, they hauled her out. Everyone always said that they would have to carry her out of here on a stretcher and they were right.
    Now there’s a big scramble here for the top dog position, it’s not like she ever groomed anyone to take her place. Looks like the two top contenders are Siobhan Hackett (Fryes) and Jasper Shoemaker, they’ve both been here the longest and are the most experienced. Of course, there’s a chance the board will bring in an outsider for the position too. I know one thing, I would hate to be the one to try to replace Lily Feng, whatever else you can say about her, and there’s a lot I grant you, she was a business pioneer. She clawed her way to the top, and she had to overcome racial and sexual bias to do it, and she did it and kept her cultural heritage and remained a classy sophisticated lady to boot. Women like my mom owe a lot to women like her, and I’ve heard mami say that a bunch of times.
    When the mortuary brought her out and rolled her to the elevator, we all came out to look and Siobhan saluted, Jasper saw her and nodded and said, line up ladies and gentlemen and show Ms. Feng your respects. So every employee in her department lined the hall and saluted as they rolled her by. We sent her off with the respect she deserved, I had kind of a hard time not getting teary eyed, it being at work and all, but some women did cry and more that a couple guys too.-

    I was playing around with Roxie’s TrendSetter career and did the “Make Trends” options. The next day Jesminder Bheeda showed up at Dina’s Upper Crust club meeting wearing the female one, I thought that was kind of cool.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 476 Member
    I didn’t get many screenshots today. I decided to quickly go to Create a Household to make another family, so the kid could become friends with the twins, but when I moved them into their house the game had that weird glitch where the loading screen music keeps playing (in Live Mode), and going into Buy Mode meant the two tracks were playing over each other... sigh. But everything seems to have saved OK. The family consists of Anastasia and Nicholas Paraskevas, with their children Alexander and Helen. Paraskevas derives from the Greek word for Friday, and is the surname of my half-Greek second cousin which is where I got the inspiration from. I didn’t use her name on the family, though. They live in Willow Creek. I’ll get one of the twins to set up a kids’ club and invite Alexander to join. And yes, I am planning for Alexander to eventually have a romantic relationship with one of the twins when they’re old enough... always planning ahead, me. I don’t think I’ve ever had one of my teen Sims in Sims 4 have a relationship, but I have in Sims 3.
  • GJGAMESGJGAMES Posts: 41 Member
    @Daephene thanks. @Daephene & @AlwaysAsking how you like my new build?
    its a chapel/church only to get maried. i beleave i build it by only using basegame items so that everyone who cant afford packs can still have a nice chapel to play with
    i thought that i had more pics but it seems that was only in the gallary. but yet again its 04:00 so im signing off again. latteerrzzzz zzz z zzz



  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,309 Member
    Hi all! I got a few of you done! But I was off babysitting for much of the day, and busy with some other stuff, so I'll finish tomorrow!


    Lol, ok good! I’m glad the butler is gone! Lmao!

    I do wonder if perhaps you were mistaken about the bills you owed. I’m trying to remember what has happened as I’ve gone into households in my older saves. It seems like there has been some sort of “Past due” bill, and then under that the new ones were listed, all separated out, like they are now.

    So maybe those were the last bills from the old system. I’m definitely not positive though! Lol I do love your solution! Let’s just steal death flowers! Lol!

    Anyway, it sounds like it’s all good now! And don’t worry about your quotes not working. It’s because you’d only made 10 or so posts at that time, and you need 20 before the forum works correctly for you!!


    Ah yes, I have my saves like that too. Just really fun to play! And ahhh, ok. Mccc does some wondrous things! Lol

    This update with Sophia and Hugo’s son Duke is quite intriguing. Geez! He really looks nothing like Hugo. I wonder if his mom lied about it? Although, I don’t know why anyone would.

    It was nice of Sophia to volunteer to tell Hugo for him. This should be interesting!

    Oh my! I wouldn’t mind if Chad Torres showed up on my front porch! Lol He’s a cutie! And yeah, being able to do what you want, when you want, is a nice thing.


    Goodness! What a shocker to see Don all over there! Lol! This is great:
    Don realized that Gia was falling into his trap so he decided to finish it off gifting her a red rose, knowing that if she accepted it, she'd be all over him.
    So many people remark on the way he turns his head as he does that. It does seem to do people in! lol

    Not Gia though. Ha. They both looked plenty mad. Ha

    Congrats to Moe, and his dad. I’m sure he’s so proud, and I hope Moe fixes the broken health care system! Can he please become real? :wink:

    I’m glad Gia graduated and didn’t waste her parent’s money! Ahhh, all actors have enormous egos. And they all tantrum like they have short tempers, lol. She’ll fit right in.

    Belle’s story is great. And she’s really pretty! Thank God she didn’t take after Geoffrey! Lol. He and Melissa are really funny together! Can’t even look at each other lol!


    Ahhh, ok.

    In ones that you have labeled as Legacy challenges, how many generations do they go? Sometimes I forget that the one’s sole purpose is the 100 babies.

    Ben and Amy’s kids are turning out cute, and unique! Klause and Grace both have those striking blue eyes! So pretty! And they are shaped a little different than most eyes. So that will be cool to see in teens! Ellen is absolutely adorable!

    And I love “my” kids! Lol They aren’t triplets are they? If so, poor me! Lmao.

    And Idk, those might be my eye color. I’m trying to compare them to myself and my baby with Thorne, Zephan. But, I have cataracts, so it’s hard for me to see subtle shade differences, because everything is darker to me than it is to other people.


    The other three are soooo cute too!

    And I laughed at Ben’s career name! Processors of Processors! Lol!


    Thanks for your comments! It's always nice to hear your thoughts! I don’t think that Don has spent a lot of time with kids before this, at least that’s how I’m writing it. So yeah, no idea what a little girl is capable of. And she continues to surprise him. He’ll figure it out, lol

    And thanks about that moon shot. I was just figuring out how to take those at that point and those were the best ones I got. Those were taken many many months ago! Lol. I’m behind on my story as compared to gameplay too :wink:

    Anyway, I’ve discovered better angles now, lol!

    My teen spellcaster Laney with Darrel Charm (who is a teen now! No worries! Lol):


    And an aged up Wolfgang that got along Very well with Penny Pizzazz, lol


    Yes, Thorne is getting worse! Lol, I was reading back a few chapters and he wasn’t this bad then. Hmmm…. Exhausting seems like a good word.

    Oh geez! I laughed out loud for sure at this:
    I dislike Cabe and currently want him to disappear. …. I'm hoping he will start something with Asher…
    Wouldn’t that be interesting? But no, Asher picks now to start being caring and considerate! Lol

    This was a fun little update! Seeing all the thought bubbles was great. I was reading through your explanations of what Asher was telling them and wondered if you were referring to other thought bubbles he was having. It kind of sounded like it, but I wasn’t sure, because I can’t think of a thought bubble representing paying attention in class or researching stocks online! Lol.

    I love how Deli skirted the biting and went with moving. :D

    The cupcakes were the best though! LOL, Deli looks more into the cupcake aspect than Cabe! (Fine by me!)

    And wow! Yeah! That’s an office alright, it sure is an office … :wink: It is actually very beautiful, just a bit ostentatious! I love the columns, and curtains. It all works so well together!


    Ahhh, yes, I have that in my game, as far as a game without Get Famous can have! Lol, Once in a while Diego Lobo and/or Salim Benali will show up at one of the nightclubs I made out in Brindleton Bay, because it’s very popular. They never show up at the game made ones in any of the other worlds.

    So, that’s the problem with building such a great nightclub, hey? Darn Super Stars come and ruin all the fun, lol

    I never play with bad mermaids. I still think your use of them was fine in that case though! And wow! I never heard of that Sulani Mana trait. That sounds seriously cool! I think it was good to save that “cheated” pair in your gallery though, with the game crashing issues you’re having.

    The genetics of the twins do sound very interesting! Yikes. How random. Although, I had a very pale skinned, blond Sim have 3 kids each with 7 premades in the game. And it randomized his kids with Penny Pizzazz, Siobhan Fyers, and Nalani pretty randomly too. Like tan skin with blond hair, black curly hair with pale skin, even pale skin with blond hair, which really shouldn’t happen. So I don’t know how well the game is at doing those genetic mixes.

    I also think it’s fine that you edit them to look more alike. If the game made them that weird it seems like you should probably make them more the way you want them. I’m sure you honored their original looks very well, it sounds like you were cautious

    It is interesting how the toddler traits influence their learning. I’ve noticed that too. What toddler trait do you consider to be a creative one? I think inquisitive leads to the genius type of child. And they learn thinking faster too.


    Hey! That’s wonderful news! A video driver update. Hmmmm, I should probably check if I need one. Thankfully I have a son that can do that for me, because I don’t even really know what it means! Lol But I’m very glad it fixed your game’s problem.


    Oh my! Now you’ve made me want to age spellcaster toddlers to children! Lol! The CAS thing is adorable! And that’s very cool that they can get familiars.

    The girls look very cute as children too. And I’m glad Peter realized he needed to have a bit more fun with them before they aged up.

    Is that normal/real that familiars can communicate with their owners? Or just part of your story? I haven’t played with familiars yet.

    Anyway, this is such a great update. All of their magic is really getting better, and the club is great! The fact that she could discharge from her charged state was Very helpful.


    Ahhhh, immediately I see what you meant about the bridge! That is really cool looking!

    The whole house is very nice! And you say it’s the first one you’ve built? Or the first Fancy one you built?

    I’m so amazed! I need to figure out how you did that sunken area in the middle of the backyard pool! And the big boulders all around the edges are really cool looking.

    I love that sunroom with all the windows! I have a house like that too. It looks nice! I just love all of the outside, the flowers and hedges and bushes go perfectly together. That must've been a lot of work.

    The rooms inside look very nice too. I like how they are color coordinated. And wow! That fancy car in the garage is awesome. I like how there’s a workshop behind it!

    It’s very nice, and I love the truck outside. Like they just moved in. :sweat_smile:

    This little chapel is darling! Wow! All those pink trees outside! :blush: That’s such a great idea, it looks very sweet, just like a wedding place should! I see all links of pink flowers. It’s very nice. And the tower/ steeple looks super good like that. It really looks like a nice place to get married.

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    edited August 2
    Hello forumfriends - finally I am back again. It is niceto feel normal enough to post in a meaningful way.

    @sarabeth2984 thank you for your lovely comment in the wedding thread. I will spend days and many sim game hours planing a wedding and then its a mad dash to get the screenshots and capture the moments the sims make for themselves as well as those I plan. :) I am sorry I haven't been commenting lately as I love all your sim stories.

    @AlwaysAsking Your comment about Simeon made me smile. I really love his original form and all the really nice variations people here have come up with. I imagine he has a bit of a tragic backstory because he does look so sad most of the time plus combined with the broken look of the magic realm . All 3 sages seem a bit like there is much more to know than we are told. Gotta love a good "Dad" sim and there are quite a few in the game ;)

    wow you wrote me a post that I didn't reply to that lives up to your forum name ;) Will have to try and answer all the questions. In a spoiler LOL
    Re: Caleb & Mina: Yes Caleb just started acting autonomously weird. I left the children with him as
    a. he has always been their primary caregiver - Mina has worked very hard and long hours away from the home so they are more bonded to Caleb than her.
    b. Plus you were right - it was incredibly out of character for him to lose it at a child - I think it was a case of wrong place, wrong time and he would not normally let on to the kids he was upset let alone take it out on them. I couldn't imagine he would really do anything to his kids. I think he lost it because he saw his family threatened and will be regretting what he did and trying to make everything as calm and normal as possible again.
    c. I don't think Caleb would stand for her taking them. Mina spars with Caleb and she has never managed to beat him yet and he made her as a vampire so there is a power inequality there too. Mina's guilt sort of hampers her ability to act firmly or take the kids too.

    I couldn't see Vlad taking in 3 kids - one young woman to annoy Caleb - yes, but he doesn't seem the daddy daycare type. Mina's other friends are Dina Calliente - can't really move in there - Oasis Springs is pretty much vampire certain death plus her house is too crowded already (and we don't need Don trouble on top of everything LOL), Malcolm, same reasons as for DIna and for Vlad, and Judith - who I wouldn't even bother to ask about moving in. Mina has a few more friends but they are "not in world" sims. Morgyn wasout of the question - it would have ended their marriage for good.

    As for Quin - he has a job - he is in the social media career and does the work from home option. It is soo easy - take a few selfies, update a few social media posts and money earned for the day. Plus the garden is now almost 80% perfect plants and earns soooooo much money. He has benefited from all the work of the previous generations. I give away nearly 100 000 simoleons each time a child moves out as gardening over earns money. You asked about the evil child: he is one of Alika's boys (I randomly generate all their traits) and the girl with the bad makeup was Mark Eggleston's daughter (Mark is my new sim crush - he is unbelievably hot - I can't believe he doesn't get more love from all the simmers out there). I think because I have the completist bug I will get all the premades I have even if it pushes me slightly past 100 babies - it wont be much. Poor Rowan will just have to wait.

    All the Dad's in order:
    Kathlyn Boules (matriarch 1): Viktor Feng (CL), Akira Kibo (CL), Vlad Straud (Vamp), Geoffrey Landgraab (base), J. Huntington 111 (base), Bjorn Bjergsen (GT), Dirk Dreamer (GF), Marcus Flex (GT), bob Pancakes (base), Mortimer Goth (base), Caleb Vatore (vamp), Travis Scott (base), JAcques Villareal (GT), Paolo Rocca (GT), Ekram Elderberry (DU), Tomax Collette (ROM), Darrell Charm (ROM), Brant Hecking (C&D), Baako Jang (CL), Domonic Fyres (GT), Simeon SIlversweater (ROM) & Thomas Jabari (DU)
    Venetian Jabari (matriarch 2): Don Lothario (base), Dennis Kim (base), Diego Lobo (CL), Eric Lewis (base), Mitchell Kilani (base), Izzy Fabulous (GF), Joaquin Chien (GT), Raj Rasoya (CL), Thorne Bailey (GF), Gunther Munch (GT), Justin Delgato (C&D), Ted Roswell (SV), Salim Benali (CL), Brent Hecking (C&D), Jing Fen (DU), Arun Bheeda (CL), Alexander Goth (base), Dustin Broke (GF), Hugo Villareal (GT), Makoa Kealoha (IL) and Malcolm Landgraab (base).
    Quinacridone Landgraab (matriarch - or patriarch 3): Wolfgang Munch (GT), Paka'a Uhaa (IL), ALika Kahananui (IL), Mark Eggleston (SV),Morgyn Ember (ROM), Gavin Richards (base), Johnny Zest (base), Erwin Pries (SV), George Cahill (SV), Sergio Romeo (GT), Dylan Sigworth (SV), Ukupanipo Hekekia (IL), Cameron Fletcher (DU), Duane Talla (IL) - plus we have a few to go: Max Villareal (GT), Lucas Munch (GT), Pierce Delgato (C&D), Orange Bailey-Moon (GF), Tane Ngata (IL), Grim (base), Psyded (gost in DU), Bernard Shallott (ghost in GT) and maybe Night Wraith (Ghost ROM from curse of night wraith - MCC doesn't seem able to nonghost him so I am not sure this one will work) and the Rohan Elderberry.

    . UPDATE:
    Quin - my current 100 babies matriarch is pregnant with baby number 93 (Duane Talla is the Dad). He is such a sweet sim - they are lining up to romance him. Next genetic donor is Max Villareal - look at how enchanted he seems with Quin - Max is never that nice on a date. I don't think he will cope when Quin moves on - I may have to match him up with someone to help him cope (yes - I worry too much about my "not real" people - I can't help it.

    Poor Rohan continues to wait........

    My one of my most attractive male children so far - surprisingly Erwin Pries was the Dad

    I had this glitch - I am sure he is not supposed to walk around all day in mermaid form, but I am not complaining. I enjoyed every second.

    I am nearly at 100 (I want to complete my set of premades so I may go 3 or 4 past 100) - will post when I finish.

    The rest of this post is about Caleb Vatore and his wife Mina: In my last post Caleb - who had know Mina was having an affair with Morgyn Ember - lost his cool slapped his wife and threw her out of the house. She left Caleb and her 3 children behind and moved in temporarily with Vlad. Mina had stopped her affair with Morgyn before marrying Caleb and having their 3rd child - but Caleb seems to have delayed reactions. Plus Morgyn visits their house regularly and flirts equally with both of them - so maybe Caleb is feeling confused about his feelings for other reasons?


    Mina came home the next morning to see if Caleb had calmed down..
    He wasn't ready to make nice ...

    Caleb can't get over feeling betrayed and wants Mina to only visit on the weekends when he will allow her to see the children.

    Mina is not happy but doesn't want to make a scene in front of the children...

    She breaks the news to the boys (I can't bear how Caleb is looking at her - I would die if someone I loved looked at me that way)

    - the oldestchild, Marquis understood but little Baron wasn't so happy.
    What NO! I didn't know kids could reject the show love interaction .. I swear I saw Mina's heart break along with mine.

    Mina spent her days (or actually nights - she is a vampire) reading vampire lorea nd maxing out her vampire skills and training Malcolm and Judith - the sims she had turned. Dina was a big support and asked to be made a vampire too. Mina was happy to oblige.

    Mina had promised not to live with Morgyn but said nothing about talking with him.

    Morgyn was horrified to hear what had happened - he liked to stir up mischief but Caleb hadn't seemed that worried about the affair while it was happening.

    He offered to have Mina move in but she held true to her promise (well mostly) - a bit of comfort was just too tempting.

    A few days later Dina turned
    Interesting dark form choices Dina

    Morgyn doesn't give up easily - a date was offered
    You really have to look your best when you are dating someone who looks better than you do in heels, dress and makeup - Mina went all out to keep up with Morgyn.
    But she stuck to her promises and came home alone.
    She couldn't sleep - she wanted Caleb

    He actually came
    Mina tried to reason with him about letting her come home
    When reason doesn't work - turn on the charm
    Mina went to change and it gave Caleb time to think.
    He says he made a mistake and has to go
    Mina begs
    He comes to her room but Caleb doesn't feel right about things - he just can't while things aren't right between them
    Mina unloads to Vlad. Vlad has plans and is very happy at what is taking place. Ancient vampires have endless patience and things aren't quite right just yet. However, Vatore is helping the plans unknowingly.

    Another of Mina's friends turns - at a breakfast meeting of their little vampire club (is a group of vampires a coven??)

    I love how barely any sims react - ho hum another vampire being created - boring! Siobhan and Sergio were in the middle of an intense lovers tiff and didn't even miss a beat to glance at them.

    Saturday again - Baron was happier to see his mother this time.

    Wow - little Duchess had got stuck between her bed and the wall and Mina rescued her from starving and a social services adoption. Poor parenting Caleb!

    It was still a no to coming home (or any romance)

  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,204 Member
    @AlwaysAsking that shot of Darrel and Laney is gorgeous <3
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 68 Member
    Hi all! I got a few of you done! But I was off babysitting for much of the day, and busy with some other stuff, so I'll finish tomorrow!


    Ahhh, yes, I have that in my game, as far as a game without Get Famous can have! Lol, Once in a while Diego Lobo and/or Salim Benali will show up at one of the nightclubs I made out in Brindleton Bay, because it’s very popular. They never show up at the game made ones in any of the other worlds.

    So, that’s the problem with building such a great nightclub, hey? Darn Super Stars come and ruin all the fun, lol

    I never play with bad mermaids. I still think your use of them was fine in that case though! And wow! I never heard of that Sulani Mana trait. That sounds seriously cool! I think it was good to save that “cheated” pair in your gallery though, with the game crashing issues you’re having.

    The genetics of the twins do sound very interesting! Yikes. How random. Although, I had a very pale skinned, blond Sim have 3 kids each with 7 premades in the game. And it randomized his kids with Penny Pizzazz, Siobhan Fyers, and Nalani pretty randomly too. Like tan skin with blond hair, black curly hair with pale skin, even pale skin with blond hair, which really shouldn’t happen. So I don’t know how well the game is at doing those genetic mixes.

    I also think it’s fine that you edit them to look more alike. If the game made them that weird it seems like you should probably make them more the way you want them. I’m sure you honored their original looks very well, it sounds like you were cautious

    It is interesting how the toddler traits influence their learning. I’ve noticed that too. What toddler trait do you consider to be a creative one? I think inquisitive leads to the genius type of child. And they learn thinking faster too.

    The Sulani Mana trait comes from the Island Elementals. Only sims with the Child of the Islands trait can summon them, and you can only "ask to join household" after building a high relationship. It took me 5 and a half sim weeks to build a suitable house and raise the relationship because the Elementals can only be summoned every 12 sim hours. It was enough of a headache keeping both parents alive after making the elemental mortal because the Sulani's Breeze Moodlet for the Father kept making the father Hysterical and the mother became Mortal with the Hysterical Moodlet.

    The father's (Calum Zalrian)(Scottish Gaelic Origin)(Commemorates the Latin word for Dove that represents purity, peace, and the Holy Spirit) traits were:

    Child of the Ocean
    Child of the Islands
    Loves Outdoors

    The mother's traits (Arithi Lilo) were:
    Child of the Ocean

    The game randomly gave me:
    Angelic for the first twin (Dylan Zalrian) (Son of the Wave and Sea Strength) (Zalrian was made up from Zale)(Welsh, Greek Origin) (Water Element)
    Charmer for the second twin (Zephyr Zalrian) (West Wind and Sea Strength) (Zalrian was made up from Zale)(Greek Origin) (Wind Element)

    As a young adult
    Dylan Zalrian was given the traits
    Child of the Ocean
    Music Lover

    Zephyr Zalrian was given the traits
    Child of the Ocean

    The name Dylan Zalrian and the traits are also meant to represent me to an extent. Dylan Zalrian comes from my mersona name, and I chose the traits based on the two sides of the brain, Creative and Logical. The names also have a relation to the elements because they are the children of an elemental. By the time I finished editing their appearance, my brain was fried from all the thought I put into them.

    I'm not sure if the site will let me share a picture of them, but I will share them if I can later today. I did share them publicly in the gallery. If you look up #merman #mermen #merfolk #merboy #merboys, or my username MetiorIce you can find them.
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    *slides in several days late* Hi guys got eaten by a novel. If you like walking disasters with a penchant for pretty girls, swords, sunglasses, and sarcasm, spooky bone witches that take 'goth' to a whole new level, murder mysteries in spooky haunted castles, and having your heart punched out of your chest, go read Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Sequel comes out in three days!!

    Just to keep it vaguely on-topic, here are the main characters, narrator Gideon Nav, former indentured servant to the Ninth House, later slightly unwilling cavalier, and Gay Disaster #1, and her nemesis/love interest Harrowhark 'Harrow' Nonagesimus, Reverand Daughter of the Ninth House, terrifyingly skilled necromancer, and Gay Disaster #2! Harrow keeps her skull paint on at all times, as much as she can; when it's off, it's a rare occasion. Gideon doesn't care much for the skull paint, but she's totally keeping her sweet sunnies.


    Harrow would like to state for the absolute record that she is not staring at Nav's abs, what are you talking about, she can't stand her, there is absolutely no way her reaction to Nav in a bikini is *gay whimpering* in the slightest.

    Also yeah I used the height slider on Harrow. She smol.

    @Lyrie they're totally trying to impress Lilith XD Will put that as a vote for both the second and third styles! (And yes, kitten!! <3 )

    @Duvelina Baby Beard and Baby Hatcher are amazing names oh my god. I like Alyse! Her house is so cute, and I'd totally use the swing too ;) I'm glad she's worked out a good rhythm. If she wants companionship, maybe she could get a pet?

    Man, teenage hookups can be life-changing, quite literally :-\ I guess Duke doesn't know Sofia and Hugo broke up? Oh right, he doesn't. Yeah, it might be good for Sofia to break the news, and it'd give her and Hugo some much-needed time to just... talk. Lifechanging news... oh man, this'll be interesting!

    @Koteyka honestly, I do also see him being on the autistic spectrum as well. I mentioned this when he was younger, IIRC, and he still pings my A-dar, so to speak.

    Petya and his parents are cuties but those pigeons are so, so cursed XD Heh, selfies with kittens are not easy! Aww, I love his li'l black foot! Ooh, potential friend! (Side note, I did like that Nintendo/Vans crossover XD I have the Princess Peach ones!) I love her she's as much a dork as Peter is. Oh, she's Gwen!! Bonding over Cats cats :D Peter so has a crush oh my goodness XD SWEATERCAT. And Toffee being manhandled XD Cathandled? Gosh they're so awkwardly cute together. Welcome to the cast, Gwen!

    @DarkAngel1994 ooh, that's another vote for both second and third styles!

    Hi, Gwen and Noah! I hope things go well for all four of them, I really do. (Also your Caleb is still the cutest thing!)

    @sunblond man, that's a pretty big baby boom! Congrats to Than, I bet he'll do great there. Heh, oh dear, Pinny Lane are a bit out of practice! They'll get there. Oh jeez, Than :-\ I mean, I guess if they're all consenting adults...?

    And cool, first vote for style 1!

    Aw, no shame in living at home! Wow, Tucker's going for law? That's full on! I can understand wanting to rewrite old memories, yeah. Sadie seems cute, and it's good that Miranda is getting more friends!

    Heh, I love seeing the museum date from Hector's POV too. Heh, sounds like they had fun at Granite Falls! Oh wow, that's a bit of a surprise about Lily! I can definitely see Siobhan taking her role, she's Ambitious.

    @AlwaysAsking Caleb does Not Like them - they're the only two Sims he's in the reds with. Miss Hell was the one who turned him, yeah - he was not willing, it was very traumatic, and she treated him awfully until Lilith was able to find him. The vast majority of his PTSD is due to her. He's not as messed up over Vlad, but is still quite afraid of him and would rather he stayed far away. Although, he does also know that Inna has known them for much longer than she's known Caleb and Lilith, so he'd grudgingly understand if she trusted them over him.

    XD Lilith is ridiculously buff. If I ever can't find her, I just need to check her weight machine. And cool, we're on one vote for the first style, three for the second style, and two for the third! HEY JAMIE :D That outfit is weirdly fun, too, even with the eyeball ring XD

    Pfft, Don is so overprotective. I started swimming lessons when I was five. (I mean I'm not fast, but I'm good in the water.) SPLASH WARS. Sounds like Danni's getting really used to Don!

    @DoodlyDoofus "How was work, honey?" "Great! Someone died!" Grom is stylin'. Aww, I like how Grim Jr inherited Octavia's gap! Oh my, what a... productive day at work XD;;

    @O-meezy XD;; Yeah, Don can be... a bit Like That, yes. And man, Geoffrey and Melissa need to chill, their daughter is graduating!

    @Becka28 welcome back! Man, everything with Mina and Caleb is so messy :-\ Thing is, I do understand where Caleb is coming from. Mina may not be living with Morgyn, but dating and kissing isn't exactly ending the affair. If all three of them sat down and discussed a relationship that was genuinely open and willing and kept communication lines open for all three of them, then sure, it could work out. But Mina going behind Caleb's back is pretty bad, and while I think he's overreacting, I definitely see why he's feeling hurt. And the poor kids are stuck in the middle!
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 1,150 Member
    @ryttu3k I have some things in store for Alyse! She won't be alone for much longer which will be a real change for her.

    Yeah, because of Hugo's and Sofia's relationship right now, it's up in the air how Hugo will react to this shocking news exactly.
  • GJGAMESGJGAMES Posts: 41 Member
    edited August 2
    @AlwaysAsking thanks for the nice words.yeah it took some time but luckly all those bushes are on the grid so it went a bit faster. i mean in the chapel i had to do some freely placed decoration 20x that took more time but ill post some more pictures of that. also yes this is my first house that i build i mean offcourse i builded some houses before but i mostly lived in preset houses.

    correction i did build a tiny house before this one i forgot about that.

    you can do that by using the terain tool that lowers it to a certain level which you can adjust your self i believe its 2 deep

    edit: pictures added






  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 476 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Genetics in Sims 4 does seem to be odd. For example, Nicholas Paraskevas has black hair and Anastasia has red hair, and both their kids have red hair! In Sims 2 those kids would definitely have black hair since red hair is recessive.
    I’ve had the cats “bound” as familiars for a while but not actually “summoned” them to be used until recently. The “I love it when you learn a new spell” was a notification that popped up when Peter had learned the spell. There are different sorts of familiars you can have, including “familiar orbs” of different varieties but you can also use pets, dogs as well as cats.
    I didn’t actually play that long yesterday, so Erytheia and Xanthe haven’t yet got familiars, but I’ll grab them soon.


    I’ve not actually played as a mermaid yet. I’ve used them a couple of times in Sims 3, but not in Sims 4.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,782 Member
    Okay can't do much commenting am fixing my glasses but good thing I got to read a little of stuff, that said I do have an update for you as well but I only had some simple stuff planned so that I can at least type without straining my eyes.

    So awesomes out.
    @hanuel heh nothing wrong with corniness if it fits and Thorne shares that thought mmhmm, the kids are dolls most of the time, glad you liked them I like to have fun with weddings occasionally in fact another wedding is in this post lol. She may be better off just being happy single.

    @Becka28 welcome back :) sorry I really can't say more I'm just typing and hoping everything looks right and that Grammarly is fixing the right things.

    Okay so @AlwaysAsking you were asking about the first born in the uglacy and I forgot she still wasn't married so she's in this one. oh and I played a bit with "my " coven as well, now I hope I don't end up tagging you again but I'll be busy for the next three days so yay I guess.
    @Silverofdreams30 @mercuryfoam @Lyrie and I know you're busy girl but I'm dragging you down to hang out with us anyways kay'?

    There isn't much story that's why I remember it but you know...the pics are fun, I think.

    Lacey and Cletus married, see with Knox I only looked at a few premades the girls and his mom and her girl so I didn't know when I snagged him who he was but he came so easily it was done. He was pretty down hearing his ex wife passed, I guess because they had a family and grandkids but again he came so quick I consider that highly fake he's good at putting on an act but he loves Lacey....I think.
    At first I thought we didn't invite Johnny as he's her birth father he had to be there, but I found him and yes that's the same Don that is struggling. He's her half-sister Abby's father, he's not sure why he was invited he had a babysitter for the night he was worried about negatively effecting his youngest having a hard time getting back up to himself.
    Fatima giving him a hard time considering Abby doesn't really know him but he had the nerve to show up, she's Knox's daughter I think I got that right..
    Lacey shooed her sister away to go have something to eat and gave him a much needed hug he almost forgot what those felt like just coming from...he wasn't sure what to call her. As the first born she's known him and the other dads a lot longer than their daughters so he's family to her.

    "Don't mind Fatima she's just being herself." she joked.

    He nodded quickly, almost ready to bolt she was lucky she caught him.
    Johnny talks her down while Don stands off to the side, little gen 3 caught him before he could just give up and go back to the safety of his new house he didn't even want to face Maranda.

    "you're Uncle Don right?" he asked.

    He nodded slowly, did she think of him like an uncle? Was he a failure in that category too?

    "I'm Elliot, you were hugging my mom."

    Yep he failed there too he smiled anyways.

    "Why are you sad?" he asked innocently.

    "It's just been...a rough couple of days."

    "Oh...well I saw on tv when you have bad days you should be with people who love you it was in a cartoon and mom said we love all our family so take a hint and stop hiding over here." he said cheerfully.

    Don couldn't believe both of them, he sighed wondering if he had just brought Salim over and joined them properly how things would feel he'd been alone with his grief and even if his little girl had been old enough he wouldn't have put it on her shoulders. Elliot didn't even need it he just made the effort. He sighed he guessed he needed to learn from a kid then.


    "Yeah let's go get some cake or something before it's all gone we have a big family!"
    Abby was not pleased to see him, Maranda gave Don an out early on only wanting another child so she didn't want to see Abby unhappy but she was glad he showed up for Lacey.
    She really hates him and though he knows he deserves it, doesn't mean it's easy to take, Makoa isn't sure what to say....yes he's a father too Ellie is his kid. He understands as Maranda gave him an out too since he was married and what not though for him it's different Ellie isn't mad at him she likes to see him whenever he comes by.
    Pretty sure he was on the verge of a breakdown Don ran upstairs but Lacey ended up tracking him down again I found them talking.

    "What's going on Uncle Don?"

    He shook his head.

    "I saw you talking to Elliot, can't you talk to me too?" she asked with a pout.

    He sighed.

    "I don't want to ruin you're special day sweetie I'm just tired."

    She shook her head.

    "Doesn't sound like family to me."

    He gave in eventually and she hugged him again.

    "Oh Uncle Don I'm so sorry..why didn't you say anything we would have taken you in like that." she said emphasizing with a snap.

    "I can't depend on you..."

    "I repeat my earlier statement."

    He tried not to smile but maybe he was too tired to just be down...or she was good at what she did either way.

    "Am I really family?"

    "In this one you are and I want to meet my little sister too."

    "Come and rejoin the party just take a little personal time beating yourself down will not make it feel better and you're not going to be alone now so you better get used to it." he could cry but he wouldn't he'd much rather the day was all about her.
    Downstairs Makoa and Johnny were giving Cletus a warning.

    "Don't you hurt our girl, you know like you hurt your ex, we'll take care of you if you do." he laughed it off but he'd never been generally afraid of an elder before.

    They also left him alone after that.
    Johnny tracked her down after she got a job offer to be in entertainment.he was thrilled.
    "I'm so proud of you pumpkin, working with your old man."

    "You're going to retire though.."

    "I am not I'll die an entertainer I love it and you'll love it too, you should come by the house and show your skills to Lydia."


    "Your little sister."

    She paused.

    " and mom.."

    "Yes just before Knox passed."

    "Guess that's how the family goes on...but you could have said something, I'd love to meet her do you have any pictures?"

    "You were busy we didn't want to bother you, but I do have a few on me."
    She could hit both her parents, probably with her clay.

    Anyways the happy occasion ended as they would all be getting together again for Elliot's birthday tomorrow, but it didn't go so smoothly.
    The girls left the party with a hug good bye to Elliot to put Makoa to rest I didn't even know ti was his time I just looked over and saw him doing the elder goodbye thing and down he goes...
    Johnny reminds her he's here for her and that approaching is Elliot almost all grown up to pay his respects.

    Okay I lied I had more to say there then I thought moving on to "my" coven.
    So conned the fiancee into visiting the rest of the coven, in preparation for the wedding, they are a somewhat affectionate group.
    Vlad doesn't care if they are welcoming to his lady and daughter but he really....really.....really hates being out of the house.
    And ohmerhavana I made a stray comment jokingly about the girls fighting over Ibrahim and just realized no the flip they wont that's his cousin! lol so yeah...he's all Franny's but he let's Marion know he loves her the normal way....hehe. I can't believe no one caught my mistake.
    Vlad is so cute pouting for some reason.

    'I hate you for this.'

    Yeah yeah love you too boo now hush don't speak to the camera.

    'grumbles in pixel speak'
    Arent they cute I gave them limited touch ups as well Vlad got the most attention I couldn't settle on a hair for him.
    "Here milady leet me play you the song of my people."

    "Don't we have the same people....?"

    "Shush and listen"
    Elisha finally joined them standing out like a beacon compared to the rest of them as usual.
    "Whatever will we do about this one sister?" Elisha started.

    "I know she still dresses so..human."

    "You guys are blah.. I like my clothes."

    "Oh but I have the perfect dress for you! Let's play dress up you'll love it." I rolled my eyes but I guess they win.

    "Vlad play nice while I'm gone."
    He didn't want to but he didn't say anything he wasn't bothered by his cover it was his, it's with so many of them was a little much for him.
    Just to break up my pics a tiny bit
    "And make sure it's vampire-y!" Lilith warned.

    "Quiet sister I'm in charge."
    "Do you hate it?" Elisha asked pouting.

    "Of course she does it's not vampire-y enough."

    "you're not even looking!"

    "I don't have to it's your dress."
    "No no the dress is lovely, I love it"

    "Good it looks nice on you mi'lady." Lilith said.

    "Thanks but you have to stop calling me that."

    "And let him catch me being disrespectful? No thanks he'd flip."

    Another eye roll here.

    "Besides you are head of the coven, I think you have to deal with it...mi'lady." Elisha added.

    "Okay now you're just making fun of me."

    They laughed while Elisha fussed with her glad that she liked her gift.

    "Now don't worry about the master he's a massive loner but he'll be alright." Elisha said, easy for her to say he wasn't her man.
    So while we were talking I paused for a bit and moved the camera and saw the saddest thing ever, I swear this girl is just like her father....anyways I took pity on my family and took them home...
    Break it up a tiny bit more..
    They cheered up at home, Franny wasn't hungry or tired and she didn't need to use the bathroom she just wanted what daddy wanted.
    "You were great out with your coven, next time they'll come here."

    "I didn't mind it...that much."

    "Yeah sure, then it's just the dress you hate."

    "I think you look ravishing actually.."

    andddd a third eyeroll.

    "Aren't you sweet/"
    He's pretty but....still a creep.

    Also after realizing my issue with the tots I let them try and have mccc and checked she's pregnant with a boy now so yay one for each of them.

    And that's all my nonsense.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    Needed a new pic..

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,304 Member

    That wedding looked really nice.
    the toddlers is so adorable too.
  • March306March306 Posts: 991 Member

    @AlwaysAsking In my legacies they go 10 generations the founder is counted as generation one and as soon as the 9th generation heir/spouse gives birth the challenge is over. I've completed two before and when the final child or twins (I had twins for the last generation of one of them) is born I cheat so I can age them up and take pics and save my file usually save the generation 10 young adult to my library. Once it's finished I usually don't go back into that file. I no longer have my GoT legacy save file but I still have my PLL save file.

    Your kids are not triplets but you do have one set of twins and a younger toddler.

    My husband is only 36 but was born with a little spot in his eye. It's only in one eye. It's a cataract that he was born with. My husband and I both wear glasses. My vision is terrible, but my husband's isn't as bad. My 5 year old has to have eye glasses :( but she's happy with them. I was hoping she wouldn't need them.

    @Daephene I love having people recognize the shows or references I'm using :) My 15 yr old daughter, my husband, and I like to watch it together. My 15 yr old rewatched the first season of the tv show before the second season started, but I did not. I have a bad memory so I have to either google my questions or ask them but they hate explaining shows to me. I really need to go rewatch the first season.

    I love using special characters in the games. I think it makes it more fun seeing the genetics from those people.
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