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    This is Alyse Riggins. She lives on her own in a tiny, cozy house in Willow Creek. Her husband was a boating captain and he passed away in a shipwreck many moons ago. Alyse has a daughter who already has a kid of her own.


    I downloaded this beautiful house from the gallery and it was everything I envisioned for Alyse.


    Alyse spends her time reading books, gardening and sometimes secretly using the swing her daughter used back in the day.


    Alyse can't help but relive fond memories of her husband and daughter. She wishes she saw her daughter more often, and was closer with her granddaughter, but they live in Windenburg which isn't anywhere close to Willow Creek.

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    My sim is running a luxury restaurant which only sells chicken nuggets and we're currently trying to get it to a 5 star rating
    Sulani ooh na na, half of my heart is in Sulani ooh na na
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    In a corner of the Bay sits a mysterious walled house, one that ages ago was used by the town father, Tobias Winslow, for purposes unknown. Those who are brave enough to scale its walls sometimes report the strange sight of a ghostly woman, sitting by the pool, knitting.


    The sentimental say that she was a devoted knitter who perhaps drowned, and so now she persists in her two greatest attachments even after death. Some more mystical say that she is Arachne, and that her knitting is some perpetual punishment. Or perhaps she's one of the fates...


    Whoever she is....people have noticed a strange amount of activity at the strange home's gates. A strange is in the wind.


    Margaret to Charlie...hmm. Well, Margaret's mother Anne was cousins to Charlie's mom Lillian. So I suppose they're second cousins? Margaret got to live in the Big House despite her lineage technically belonging in The Tower (Anne's kid's central hub) because she was a special favorite of mine -- and Lillian liked her, too. I did have to bring her back to life from freezing at the gym a few times, though.

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    @AlwaysAsking @O-meezy
    O-meezy wrote: »
    @Daravi Can't wait to see that poor living quarter when it's all finished! I might have to steal that idea from you 😆

    Feel free to steal the idea:). I have uploaded both parts under the Name altstadt (1+2) with the hashtag decadechallenge. I did make some floorplans in the houses, but I didn't decorate it, because I don't want to use them at the moment. Maybe I will use both lots to fill them with townies sooner or later, because the game right now is a little bit unbalanced for my needs.

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    Update on 100 Babies Angela Generation 4

    @Duvelina That little pink house looks amazing.

    @AlwaysAsking yep you can just click practice magic practical, mischief, or untamed and you'll eventually learn all the spells by doing that. They just stand there casting spells it kinda gets boring to watch after a while.


    Elle has a birthday and becomes a teen.


    Teen Elle.


    Geri dies thus the title Angela Generation 4.


    Our matriarch, Angela, has a birthday to become a teen.


    I was worried her eyes were too small for the rest of her face but it worked out. Especially with the added eye makeup.


    Elle has another birthday to become a young adult.


    She'll move out soon. I haven't moved her out just yet.


    Angela becomes a young adult!


    She looks fine. I was worried, but you know I think she grew up very pretty.


    And our first pregnancy! She announces to Kaleigh Datta she's pregnant with her baby!

    We're back to baby making.
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    @AlwaysAsking i know but its sad i needed help but couldnt get it but im okay now i think i cant do what i wanted. so bassically the bridge is a foundation raised up with those pilar like foundation. therefor i had to use 2 pools because i cant indeed get it exactly over the pool maybe when i use a mod. i heard a slight thing about T.O.O.L. mod or so. but i got to look into that.

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    btw when im able to show you my house in a picture here ill do it. cuz then you can get a good look t it and hope you leave some feedback.
    its also my first real build in the sims i did never realy make a bautyfull house due to the lack of money. i made 1 before but it was long ago on a WII. im not sure if that was sims2 or 3. i know you could drive a nice car and could kitesurf and there was a money glitch with a fish and a freezer. i liked that game sadly we cant drive around in this game and is the world not as big as that was. but we offcoursee got a lot back for that.

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    i allmost forgot but i changed the floorplan and am done with sadly only the ground floor. im no decideing how to setup the 1st floor plan and i need a basement but i think ill get ready just before the event ends

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    My forth generation was born

    I am going to make her marry someone from the 2nd generation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Click on the spoiler ⬇️
    HaHa I made you click on the spoiler :tongue:
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    Thorne and Don Chapter 37A – Goodbye for now

    An index to other chapters is in this spoiler:

    Chapter 37 B - Goodbye for Now continued

    Chapter 37 A - Goodbye for Now

    Chapter 36 More time with Danni!

    Chapter 35 Danni at last

    Chapter 34 Thorne Doesn’t Get It

    Chapter 33. Thorne hasn’t changed …

    Chapter 32. Don Stakes his Claim

    Chapter 31: A trip to Europe

    Chapter 30: A conversation between Kalila Aria and Baba (Thorne)

    Chapter 29: Time for the hospital – In true Sims form

    Chapter 28: Thorne explains things to Don

    Chapter 27: Don explains things to Thorne

    Chapter 26: Checking in With Dash and Diego

    Chapter 25: A Memory is shared

    Chapter 24: Trust is broken

    Chapter 23: A relationship grows

    Chapter 22: A memory is recalled

    Chapter 21: A surprise is revealed

    Chapter 20: Don says some magic words

    Chapter 19: Don leaves

    Chapter 18: Thorne takes Don to Hawaii and then Really messes up

    Chapter 17: Thorne is home and Hawaii is discussed

    Chapter 16B: Dash and Diego go to the Romance Festival

    Chapter 16A: Diego really messes up

    Chapter 15: Thorne leaves Town and returns to hear big news

    Chapter 14: We continue Diego and Dash and Diego’s story - Taking it slow

    Chapter 13: Don is sad to hear Thorne is going away

    Chapter 12: Thorne is thrilled that his plan for Don is working

    Chapter 11: We begin Diego Lobo’s storyline

    Chapter 10: Thorne does a favor for Don

    Chapter 9: Don is in terrible distress, and Katrina Caliente tries to help him

    Chapter 8: Dash unknowingly causes a great deal of drama

    Chapter 7: Don begins to worry about Dash, and Thorne “Don-naps Don for a weekend

    Chapter 6: Thorne tries to steal Don from Dash, including a stressful trip to a restaurant.

    Chapter 5: Thorne finally “gets together” with Don

    Chapter 4: Don appeases Dash, and Thorne spies one last time

    Chapter 3: Don jeopardizes his “relationship” with Dash

    Chapter 2: Don declares that “Deep Water is Still”


    Chapter 1: Thorne meets Don and observes “The Master”

    Don and Thorne Chapter 37 A

    “Now, you’re positive you can swim, right?” Don asked Danni. “Should I go get you some floaties? It’s ok if you need them, don’t be embarrassed.”


    “Or maybe you can use Uncle Thorne as a floatie. I think that would work, don’t you?” Don was joking around with Danni, but he was actually worried. Danni didn’t look strong enough to swim by herself.


    “Papa!” Dannie laughed, “I don’t need floaties, and I don’t need to sit on Uncle Thorne. I can swim really good.”


    She slipped into the water, and began to swim away.


    The rest of 37A in a spoiler
    Don was glad to see that. He was still a little worried, but if he stayed close to her he was sure he could keep her safe.


    “Should we splash Uncle Thorne?” Don asked her.


    “We can if you want to,” Danni said. “As long as you tell him it was your idea,” she laughed.


    “It’s a deal!” Don said. “It’s my idea, go for it.”


    Danni turned around to splash Thorne.


    But when she turned back around to watch Don do it, she was surprised to see him aiming for her.


    But of course he didn’t actually do it, and they both laughed.


    By this time Thorne had put his head up. He’d gotten splashed, and heard lots of laughing.


    Don took his turn at Thorne.


    "Oh, you're ganging up on me?" he asked them. "I see how it is." He laughed too.


    He "tried" to splash Don back, but he may have intentionally missed him completely.


    Thorne was glad that Danni had already figured out that they were boyfriends.


    Because, as usual, Thorne couldn’t keep his hands to himself.


    And if he'd splashed Don in the face, Don might not be so willing to do what Thorne was desperate to do.


    Danni teased Don about it. “See?" she said. "You’re really bad at keeping a secret about Uncle Thorne being your boyfriend.” and she said boyfriend in a sing song voice.


    “Ok, you’re right,” Don said. “Uncle Thorne is very bad at keeping secrets.”


    Danni laughed at him. “Papa! You can’t keep a secret either.”


    Don laughed with her. Danni was the cutest little girl, and Don honestly couldn't believe that she was actually a part of him. He swore to himself that Kalila would grow up the same way. Kalila would be just as happy, and just as self-assured as Danni was.


    They gave her a very nutritious lunch!


    Thorne had discovered that the resort’s kitchen, that could be used by it’s guests, had an ice cream maker. He was having a great time trying out all the recipes and ingredients that they had for it. This time it was homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream!


    Thorne found that out the hard way that the ice cream was extremely cold, and Danni and Don both laughed at him.


    The day passed pleasantly, and in the late afternoon, the guys took Danni down to the playground.


    “Papa, you’re going to be the sea monster right?” Danni asked Don.


    Thorne answered for Don, “You bet he is!”


    Don winked and said, “Sure, I’ll play sea monster, but Uncle Thorne, you owe me for this.” Danni wasn’t quite sure what that was all about, but as long as Don played Sea Monster, they could wink as much as they wanted too.


    Don was actually very enthusiastic about playing as the sea monster.


    Especially when he saw how dramatic Danni was.


    She was delightful.


    Don had a plan for that evening, but they had to wait for Mary-Alice and Philip to return before they could do it.


    So they sat and waited for them to get back.


    Mary-Alice had purchased a dress for Danni while they were out, because Don wanted some cute pictures of himself with Danni.


    And the dress that she bought for Danni was the cutest little dress ever.


    At least that was Don’s opinion.


    They had to get silly pictures too, because Danni was a silly little girl.



    And then Danni asked, “Can Uncle Thorne be in some of the pictures too?”


    She knew that Uncle Thorne was a famous rock star.


    And now, Uncle Thorne wasn’t just her mama’s friend. He was also her papa’s boyfriend!


    “Papa, can we take a couple of pictures of just you and Uncle Thorne?” Danni requested.


    “I want a picture of my ‘kissy boys’,” she said, and she giggled. She’d started calling them her “kissy boys,” and everyone thought it was cute.


    After taking pictures they celebrated with more homemade ice cream. “Papa, why does Uncle Thorne make so much ice cream?” Danni asked.


    “I don’t know,” Don answered. “I think he likes to torture people.”


    Danni laughed, and then she said, “It’s not totally torture, because it’s really good.”


    "Don't say that to Uncle Thorne," Don told her. "Or he'll just make more."


    After Danni went to bed, the guys decided to live up to their reputation. It was a beautiful night, and it was fun to look out at the lights of the city.


    Don was very happy to be a “kissy boy” with Thorne. Don was in the best mood.


    He was feeling so loving, and grateful to Thorne that he wanted to express that to Thorne somehow. But lately Thorne had been making that difficult.


    Don still wanted to try. “I love you,” Don said to Thorne. “And don’t freak out about me saying it. I’m not trying to make you love and trust me, so I can leave you to hurt you.”


    Thorne had promised Don that he’d stop worrying that Don would do that to him, because Don was afraid that the constant stress that Thorne felt about it would make Thorne physically ill.


    And Thorne did try very hard to stop thinking about it. When Don was in his arms Thorne usually felt safer.


    But sometimes it had the opposite effect. Thorne would think about all of the people who’d been seduced by Don, (and that number was substantial) and wonder why Don would possibly settle for someone who’d purposely hurt him.


    Thorne was not very confident in his ability to stop worrying that Don was going to leave him, but for the moment all other thoughts were pushed from his mind.


    Tagging @RedDestiny92 @Lyrie @Silverofdreams30 @mercuryfoam as requested!

    The second half of Charter 37 - Goodbye for now is Here
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    Oh my gosh, that’s just crazy. I wonder what pack is prompting names like that? My game has never recovered from City Living. Almost every last name is Asian. But I don’t want Seasons or Get Famous, and those might have helped add more names to the pool.

    Anyway, “Baby” as a first name, two times, is pretty wild.

    Also, as far as my game goes, I’ve never had a game generated Sim join a club that I made. In fact, I don’t think that my save that made all new clubs used anyone but my own Sims, and the pre-mades I added back in. Which the AI probably sees as my Sims anyway.

    So please let me know if that works, because it would be really interesting if it does!

    I love your new Sim too. Alyse. She has such a peaceful life. Although I do feel bad that she’s pretty alone there in Willow Creek. With her husband gone and daughter and granddaughter so far away, I think she needs some good friends. And yes! That house is adorable!


    Oh my, good luck with that!! I hope they are some top of the line chicken nuggets? Do you at least have a drink available? Lol


    Hmmm, a mystery is afoot ?? What could be happening at Tobias’s old house? And that ghost seems to do more than sit at the pool edge knitting. Just sayin’

    And ok, she’s a second cousin, but a special favorite. It all makes sense now! Lol She must be special if you’ve brought he back to life a few times :smiley:


    Oh, cool! Ok, I’ll check them out on your page. I’m not sure if I have a place to use them right now, but I’ll think about it. Maybe in San Myshuno?


    Lmao, just stand there casting spells. I’m probably capable of doing that!

    Hey! I like Elle, she’s pretty, but I’m not sure how much Zane I see in her. (Is this the right challenge? Lol, I think it is? :sweat_smile:

    Farewell to Geri :heart:

    And welcome to Angela Generation 4. You’re going for 10 generation, right? I think she turned out pretty. I was wondering too, because her eyes were not the best as a child.

    And off she goes! First baby on the way!


    Oh! I thought you were using the bridge from the debug section in the build/buy mode. You’re actually building a bridge? That’s super cool.

    And yes, a lot of people around here like that TOOL mode. I don’t use them, so I can’t help you.

    When you say you didn’t build a beautiful house because of lack of money, do you mean that your Sim didn’t have the money to build big houses? Because you can build on lots that don’t have Sims living there. Or you can cheat to give them money if you want to build it where they are.

    I never had Sims3, but what you’re describing sounds like 3 to me. And sure! I’ll leave feedback when you can post pictures!

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    @AlwaysAsking - haha yes, I sacked the butler on the spot and didn't rehire one. I visited another household in my neighbourhood that house tons of death flowers (because they are worth so much money) - I harvested the lot. And sold them (and planted some) as well as selling the restaurant, and I cleared the debt. Then I sold more death flowers and re-bought my restaurant back - now I have to start from scratch and build my rating back up and retrain all the staff! Argh.

    I am wondering if I got confused about where the debt came from - it seemed to be a comment from the butler, but I'm wondering if I was mistaken about that and the unpaid bills had something to do with my restaurant, which I'm still relatively new at?
  • PriestessBizarrePriestessBizarre Posts: 27 Member
    > @AlwaysAsking said:
    > @PriestessBizarre
    > That is unbelievably weird! Honestly. You never paid the butler? Dang, I think I’d fire him and hire a new one! Lol, see if the debt goes away. Or is he considering himself paid now?
    > I know they redid the whole bills system so it finally makes sense (most of the time!) so maybe this is a glitch because of the new system? Idk.
    > (Quote)

    haha yes, I sacked the butler on the spot and didn't rehire one. I visited another household in my neighbourhood that house tons of death flowers (because they are worth so much money) - I harvested the lot. And sold them (and planted some) as well as selling the restaurant, and I cleared the debt. Then I sold more death flowers and re-bought my restaurant back - now I have to start from scratch and build my rating back up and retrain all the staff! Argh.

    I am wondering if I got confused about where the debt came from - it seemed to be a comment from the butler, but I'm wondering if I was mistaken about that and the unpaid bills had something to do with my restaurant, which I'm still relatively new at?
  • PriestessBizarrePriestessBizarre Posts: 27 Member
    Okay, clearly I don't know how to use the functions of a forum properly, sorry folks. It has been so, so long since I last used a forum.
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    So I'll have to break this up cause I'm on mobile and cant save. Anyhoo...
    @AlwaysAsking lol now I started something but I was too tired to post and had work my last shift on these hours before they move me. Moving on, I'll give you the beginning that wasnt pictured Don met my sim Avery online she was looking for a roommate specifically to get help to upgrade her house. Don had a trust fund that was running out but was good enough for her.
    While chatting she became a gentle voice of reason for him and he started taking her advice which was rare for him so he admired it. So that's all the set up the actual story I'll share later.
    Now you know how I am about babies, those are always nice even if the situation isnt the best I just like babies. That version of him may or may not be happy. It's not all her fault but now I know and he loves her to pieces.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    Needed a new pic..

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    Excerpts from the Diary of Roxanne Denney

    -Miranda got a job with Peter’s dad, you know, as in Tuckers ex. He runs his own Tech Start Up. Miranda says he worked for a big international tech company but came up with an app that had business applications, RouteSeller, it’s called, it helps people schedule appointments by tracking traffic, shopping habits, stuff like that. Anyway a pharmaceutical company and some company that makes products people sell door to door in rural areas bought it. So he took the money and started his own company and the house they live in. The company was just him and a couple of college students, but now he has a couple of other business apps and he offered Miranda a job too. She does contract work, like, she just gets jobs from people through Levi’s company. She can work from home, she does computer programming stuff like spreadsheets and encryption, I guess.
    And she told mom and dad she was moving out, She got a house on the outskirts of town, which worried mom and dad, but she told them Ryder and Lilith were her neighbors and Nana lives close by too. And that did make them feel better about it. Of course, mom called Ryder and begged him to keep an eye on her, and of course, Ryder promised he and Lilith both would. It makes me look bad though since I still live at home and all.-

    -As soon as mom and dad went to work, Micah showed up, that Tucker, well I told him he had to be careful because he is technically an adult and Micah is defiantly not. He just rolled his eyes at me. Anyway both Miranda and me watched them. But we got a break when our cousin Bobby showed up, he’s on break, him and Than just finished their first term. So he was hanging out with Tucker and Micah all afternoon. Tucker will be at Ubrite with Bobby and Than, he’s going for a Distinguished Degree in Language and Literature, and it’s a special program for pre-law. Yeah, Tucker wants to be an attorney. No one saw that coming. He had a family party for graduation, well I guess it was a graduation/off to college party. This house will be practically empty, what will mom and dad do with just Austin and me?-

    Tucker and Micah still managed to get in a kiss or two.

    Tuckers party.

    -After Micah left, I talked to Bobby a bit, I asked him about Uni, how it was going and all. And he kind of hesitated a bit at one point, like he didn’t want to tell me something. Then he asked me, if I thought you could keep a big secret, like just have the family be in on it. I told him in my experience, no, stuff gets out eventually. Yeah, he said, ‘cause, well, there is something. It’s supposed to be a big secret, but if the whole Benali family knows, then, well, won’t people find out anyway. I told him that they tried to keep the big family feud thing a secret, the stuff that happened before Than’s Recital, but that a lot of that it got out, what with Tucker figuring out he was in love with Than at it and all. Well, eventually a bunch of stuff that happened kind of ended up being part of that whole story. Yeah, he said, our family drama is public knowledge too now.
    The thing is, he said, there’s a big family get together today at the Jeffries, the whole family’s there, like all the Benalis. I remembered mom mentioning something about that earlier this week. Bobby continued, the real reason for it is so everyone can meet Than’s lady friend. He’s been seeing an older woman for a while, like Ryder was with Lilith, but in Than’s case, well, she’s way older, like twice his age. I tried to imagine Uncle Kyle and Uncle Salim throwing a party for Than’s inappropriately aged girlfriend and couldn’t even picture it in my head. What I said was, and I take it you were somehow caught up in it too? Oh, well, I covered for Than, Bobby said, because he’s my friend and all, but Omar found out somehow. He and Than kept my name out of it for some reason though, so I’m in the clear. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his part in it would probably get out too eventually, and when his mom and dad found out, well, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.-

    -So I asked Felipe out, since we first started dating, I’ve kind of let him take the lead. Maybe too much, he was the one who asked me out, and then to be his girlfriend and said I love you first, I said it right back though. And he plans all the dates, bowling, dinners, and high school soccer, yeah, he wanted to see Ryland Decker play, Nanny Prescott’s foster son that he had mentored. So, I actually didn’t mind, it was kind of sweet. The thing is, I hadn’t seen the Prescotts in a long time and, well, boy did they get old. It was kind of a shock.
    Anyway, I decided to be a little more aggressive or take the lead some too, the thing is, I wanted to take him to the art museum. Yeah, that art museum, the one where me and Ranbir started dating. I hadn’t been back since and I wanted to overwrite my old memories with new ones, if that makes sense. Boy did I, I flirted, kissed and made out with Felipe all over that place, since it was pretty empty, and I’m weird, I guess, art gets me going, all that emotion and everything in the paintings and sculptures does it for me somehow. Not that I need help with being hot for Felipe. Not since he came over and asked me out and kissed me when I said yes. Before that I had kind of thought he was nice looking sure, but I thought Omar and Than both were too. I mean I noticed them all and thought it was kind of the same thing till then, maybe it was. But that kiss changed everything, I was totally into Felipe after that. Not that I’d ever tell him that, a girl needs to keep some things secret from a guy, after all.-

    A little flirting at the museum.

    And some kissing.

    -Miranda loves being on her own, honestly, the house is kind of dull and bland if you ask me. But she likes it. She likes that it’s kind of secluded and all, I guess. A little while after she moved in, her roommate from college Sadie Flynn came to visit and stayed over a couple nights, she was job hunting. Sadie was Miranda’s second roommate, the first term she had a guy, but he graduated. Sadie’s a lesbian, she’s black and cute, and her and Miranda have literally nothing in common personality-wise, but got along with each other and eventually became close friends. We were all kind of happy to see Miranda make a friend at Uni, she doesn’t make friends easily and is mostly just close to family. She’s been going over to Ryder’s a lot and seems to be kind of friendly now with Lilith, so that’s something. And she’s actually friendly with her boss and the whole Mayfield-James family. So, I’m not as concerned about her living all alone as much now.-

    Sadie Flynn

    -So I want to take our relationship to the next level, me and Felipe, as in woohoo. We haven’t yet, he hasn’t even tried, which kind of bugs me. That’s kind of why I put the moves on him on our dates now sometimes, to kind of let him know I’m willing without saying it, I know, modern woman and all. Still, the logistics for us are not good, we both live with our parents, he even shares a room with Victor, and well, with dad, I can’t see us spending the night in my room. And going to some motel, well, that isn’t the memory I want for our first time. He’s like me, he’s saving up to buy a house, but although we both have some money put aside now, neither of us has made any attempt to move out. I think it’s because it would be kind of counter-productive if one of us got a house then me and Felipe got married, because the other one would want to have a say in where we lived. That’s how I see it. And yes, I’m thinking marriage, and have been for a while. But again, even though I consider myself a modern woman and all, I won’t pull the trigger on that. I want him to propose to me, what can I say, I can be kind of complicated and arbitrary about some things. I don’t know when the thought of marrying Felipe happened, just that I think about it a lot now. And I don’t think either of us is the kind who thinks you have to wait till marriage to woohoo. I know he has before, some things he said here and there kind of add up to the fact that he wasn’t a monk in college, although neither of us had been very forthcoming about our woohoo history, and I’m certainly not going to bring it up.-

    @AlwaysAsking About the questions you had concerning Tucker and Roxie's relationship issues, well, bear with me, I keep a post or two ahead, and I think things will be forthcoming that may answer your questions, at least I hope so. I can say that Tucker has the Nerd Brain aspiration, his traits: Active, Outdoorsy, Romantic. Roxie is Friend of the World aspiration, Traits: Self-Assured, Family Oriented, and Outgoing. After the next couple posts, if you want to revisit we can, as it will be a non-spoiler then, OK?

    The thing with Than and Nicolette Reardon, well, she was a homeless townie that autonomously showed up while Than was home alone, and one thing led to another and woohoo time. After that I came up with what I hope is a plausible explanation for it. And I moved her into an empty house, of course.

    Bowling, yeah, there's a lot now, so let me try to clarify that a bit. I try to populate all of them with premades, the spouses of premades or their children, with an occasional townie thrown in. I couldn't resist putting Cadence's little brother in the teen one. The adult ones age out when they get to be elders and the teen one, well, only teens in it.

    Cristian Denney is leader of a men's bowling team, The Bowling Stones, it's made up of mostly premades like Johnny Zest and Travis Scott. And the three friends, Kyle and Hector and Cristian

    Jade Monte**gro is leader of the women's team, The Rolling Pins, same deal in its club members, Dina Denney, Summer Holiday, Bella Goth, Raj Rasoya's wife is in it and so is Becca.

    The teen team is led by some unplayed sim now, can't remember who, it's called Ten Pin Teens, mostly now it's got the children of premades in it exclusively. Well aside from my played sims.

    Omar's new men's team is Pinny Lane, it's got younger members than Cristian's, all YA, made up of former teen bowling club guys. Lucas Munch, Alexander Goth, Max Villareal, Iggy Pancakes, Felipe and Ryder Frey, Nina Caliente's oldest son married to Lilith Pleasant.

    Felipe, psyched himself up for the visit, he channeled a bit of his sports training for that, it helped that he had on his favorite suit, I think. ;)

    And it's never too late for a second honeymoon, in my opinion.

    @Duvelina @AlwaysAsking I have a mod I've used for ages for naming my sims, it gives them kind of boring type American/English names, I guess, but I like those.

    @Duvelina I love that you have an elder in your post, so many players totally ignore that age, I always try to have inter-generational families in my games.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    @AlwaysAsking no i never builded houses because i never had the money for it and i guess never really cared. i mean i had houses that where functional and that was it. but its 03:55 and im finally done with my house its up on the gallary and its in the sparkd challange. i might need to make the garden walls a bit bigger but im not sure. so if any one wants to try them please go ahead. ill check what my name is.

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    so i changed my name to GJGAMESreal thats how you can find me. for some reason all other G-J GAMES names where taken. stop it leave my name alone. i probebly should consider taking a other youtube name.

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    @Duvelina ooh she is so adorable, I always get so attached to sims they rarely live apart but when they do that's when I make the most of the holidays instead of playing the whole family the whole sim year it's nice.
    @AlwaysAsking I was just reading through it was so precious, okay that's it.

    I'm kidding, but Danni is such a dear for all that has happened Don is lucky to have her and I think it would be nice if Mary let her spend a full week with her. Let him "take" her to school and prepare her meals go all out crazy being the dad he wants to be it would be nice for him, as for Thorne he brought it on himself and though I love this version too he brought it on himself. So he deserves that but rather than stressing he should hold his head high and be glad that Don gave him a chance at all though Don has his own faults he's not quite another Thorne. Though I don't know I don't think Don has the energy for revenge I think if they ended up breaking up he'd have some peace but for now it seems he really is happy with him so long as he has family to look forward to thanks to what good Thorne was capable of. It was a cozy read, though for Danni, clearly Thorne makes so much ice cream cause he made of it and when he melts he destroys good things....hehe.

    I can't help but picture how she'll grow up now that she has her father like yeah she has Mary's man but Don is trying really hard to make things better and she's so young I feel like it'll have a nice effect on her knowing who is out there that loves her. Just because he is at the point where he wouldn't want to mess up what is happening on his own whether Thorne is apart of that or not....we'll see.

    Yeah I thought of something else, I'm fried just got off work humor me? Yes okay good

    Also here is where I'll show you what else I"m doing with Don cause I have a problem.

    so if anyone is curious about how they met it's in my short response to AlwaysAsking on this page. I say that as what I prepared starts after that just sort of jumped right in.
    Don just arrived and he felt an extremely unnatural meekness come to him, he'd seen her pictures they video chatted before she agreed to be his roommate. Even if she wanted to touch up her house she couldn't have just anyone move in, he felt intimidated as there was a difference clearly the house helped her stand out, much like the Calientes place but she had her life together though she said she'd never had a boyfriend he doubted that she was stunning. He wondered...fearfully..if he had finally met someone that even he considered out of his league. He shook his head, he was grateful that's all he had a trustfund she had access to and though it wasn't much it was there.

    "Hope it was a safe trip." she said sweetly.

    "Of course, though I can't believe I'm staying in a house that looks like Crayola tossed it's cookies in it."

    "Hmmm it is a touch eccentric I guess, well there is always the streets if you prefer."

    "That's not funny."

    She giggled.

    "I'm only teasing I picked some much more relaxed tones for your room oh but you can change it up if you want just thought you'd be ready to crash when you got here." she said giving him a slight look that reminded him of women he swore only existed on tv, the sweet one.

    "Thanks...I'm sure it's fine how much do I owe you?"

    She shook her head.

    "It's a welcome gift don't be silly."

    "I could do something...I don't know er..." the house seemed pretty spotless to him.

    "Hmm...I know how about you cook."
    He groaned.


    "I uh...don't have a single skill in that department, best I can do is burn water." he said sheepishly, mostly annoyed he couldn't get himself together just talking to her like they hadn't been chatting for months already.

    "So you don't want to try?" she asked, even pouting.
    He groaned...why was she so easy to listen to?


    "Of course I'll try..."
    Guess it didn't work out.

    lol..I'm kidding.
    He couldn't help but be annoyed it should be easy a salad with a few chopped up veggies but he was used to someone cooking or preparing meals for him he was more than a little embarassed. He huffed in aggravation.

    'Get yourself together Lothario she's one's just one meal.' though he felt he had to impress her and that was not the Lothario least not where he was concerned.
    When she joined him he wondered why he bothered seeing as she was making a grilled cheese, he offered it to her slowly seeing she wasn't eating.

    "It's not the best but..."

    "I'm sure it's great, now I've made your dinner see it's nice to trade."

    "But you..."

    "I wasn't going to ask you to make something I wasn't going to eat Don set it down."she said gently something about her tone.

    He liked it she wasn't pushy like Nina.
    "So have you thought about what you want to do?"

    "I could use a drink I think..."

    She chuckled.

    "Sure but I meant for work."

    "I have no skills remember?"

    "You handled yourself fine." she offered.
    "Oh I know you always talk about your conquests surely you learned something to impress one of them you'd be surprised what the world needs when you give it something in a fresh new way."

    He looked down, she gave him a look wondering if it was a little much for him he always came off so directionally challenged and rather than being done with life and just coasting it did seem to still be effecting him. She felt bad for him but she liked him to at least he wasn't a lost cause he just appeared to think he was.

    "Don't worry I'm sure something will catch your eye."

    "After all you don't want to depend on someone for anything forever sweetie, that gives the other person much too much power, it'll wear you down too." a firm warning but she spoke softly he found himself nodding knowing she was right.

    "I'll look around there must be something."

    "No rush, just make sure even if it's not your dream job it's still something you're willing to do, no point in starting just to quit." she said with a grin.

    He finally smiled then, he supposed not but what she said had made sense he had learned a lot just to impress women and it wasn't all just fluff either.

    "I'll uh...take care of the dishes." he said as they finished soon after.

    "Thank you sweetie, the salad was delicious."

    He smiled slightly a little proud even if it was...just a salad.

    It was still something he did all on his own and he knew the watcher above knew it had been a long time since he's even tried for something like that.
    While he was busy Muffin decided he was worth her time and she looks so smug here.

    'Yes clean up well servant 2'

    No but really she's like the cutest cat ever.
    n6oddHz.png old pic already used.
    She likes Don's room.
    Almost as much as she likes the stereo.
    The next morning Avery woke up to Don cooking breakfast....okay maybe that was too optimistic he was trying though so she'd give him the benefit of the doubt.
    He really seemed to hope she liked it, at least to me she saw him pouting and smiled he was adorable but she wouldn't say so he didn't need to hear that. Clearly that didn't help.

    "It's really good and here I thought you were getting into a turf war with the frying pan."

    Finally he chuckled and shook his head.

    "It started it."

    "Oh clearly."
    "You're really gorgeous, why are you here alone?"

    She laughed.

    "Not a chance, but nice try though."

    He chuckled, not much of a hit to his ego he could take that she wasn't into him like that, she was a friend, perhaps what he needed originally he cant say he's really had one before.

    "Can't blame me for trying."

    "Why don't we get out of the house and go to the gym?"'

    "Now you're talking my language."

    So we'll see how things go with Avery, Don and Muffin hehe
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    Needed a new pic..

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    @AlwaysAsking Thank you! I'm enjoying playing a different story for now without having the pressure of having to write about it on a blog (which I do enjoy!).

    I have MCCC which has a feature where it assigns sims into clubs, also ones I haven't played so that should be alright. 😊

    @sunblond Me too! Somehow the elder stage has been calling me. I tried playing a retirement home but wasn't attached to the sims in it, so now I'm trying to play this story I have in my mind with Alyse. It's been peaceful so far which is a nice change of pace.

    @RedDestiny92 I get that. In my other save I rotate frequently through all these sims that I'm attached to, but it's good to have a sim with less sims so I can focus on one story instead of five.
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    Grim came home from another hard day at the restaurant, happy to have taken a life in the process.
    Of course his wife was there to welcome him home.
    Octavia: "So question.....where are we gonna put this baby?"
    Grim: "I can probably make some room in the shed."
    Also, the Reaper triplets have aged up. Here's Grom and Raven....They both aged up with these outfits, and I just thought it was appropriate.
    Especially Grom here, who DOESN'T think a kid standing out in the desert in a snazzy suit with crocs is the greatest image you've ever seen?
    And finally there's Grim Jr, no fancy outfit. Just amazed that he has the same little gap in his tooth his mother had so many years ago.
    Guess it runs in the family now.
    That's when good Ol' Satan came to pay a visit.
    Satan: "Hey Grimmie boy, your death numbers are pretty low. You need to get them back up."
    Grim: "Just give me some time, Grim's Old Fashioned Eatery is just about to start paying off."
    Grim: "Hey kids, look who's here! It's your Uncle Satan!"
    Grim Jr: "Uncle Satan!"
    How cute, and awful.
    Grim went back to his Eatery....only to find out his employees left these dishes sitting here all night....Not cool.
    Looks like we got a good crowd that wants to die today!
    If our host doesn't go into labor that is.
    Grim: "Might I recommend the Pufferfish. It sure is a mouth watering dish."
    Grim: "More like, your mouth will be foaming when you die!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!"
    Patron: "You say something?"
    Grim: "Enjoy the meal."
    No one died, but Grim just couldn't be happier dancing in the rain out here.
    Octavia: "Kids get washed up, your Aunt Sophie is coming over."
    Raven: "Is she bringing Uncle Satan?"
    Octavia: "No."
    Raven: "Then I'm out, peace."
    Octavia: "Anyways, nice of you to come visit."
    Grom: "Forget this, let's go play in traffic!"
    Grim Jr: "Yeah! Maybe someone will get into an accident!"
    Octavia: "'re pregnant too."
    Sophie: "Yeah, surprisingly carrying the devil's child isn't as bad as I thought it would be."
    Speaking of children, Raven was actually excited to become a big sister....Well I mean she's older than Grom by a few minutes....but that doesn't count.
    How sweet.
    Now let's get back to Grim's Old Fashioned Eatery. Let's see if we can at least get one death here.
    Oh come on, you can't cut food with a pan. I guess this is the best I can get for 2 Simoleons an hour.
    Waiter: "You guys enjoying your meal?"
    Patron: "Of course we're not, this tastes awful!"
    Waiter: "Well at least you're not the guy at that table."
    Patron: "Why, what's wrong with that guy?"
    Waiter: "That's what's wrong."
    Grim: "Oh no.....someone died......Anyways, you going to pay for you meal right?"
    You know, this girl's still eating even after seeing her dad as an actual ghost sitting at the table.
    Oh boy, this got dark.
    Woman: "Huh, seeing my daughter die suddenly makes me remember that I too have been poisoned."
    Waiter: "Uh boss, was the whole family supposed to die?"
    Grim: "No of course not, the widow was supposed to pay first!.....Go find her purse. She doesn't need it anymore."
    Man: "This Restaurant is awful!"
    Woman: "Hey, coming here was YOUR idea!"
    Woman: "Serves you right."
    Host: "Hey Boss, my water just broke."
    Grim: "You know, I know when it's time to call it quits. Go home everyone."
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    Inviting Duke in was the only option. Sofia couldn’t let him walk away without at least discussing this shocking revelation first. Hugo had a son. He must have been barely a teen when that happened. Sofia offered Duke a cup of coffee so she could sort out her thoughts. She needed some more time to let the whole situation sink in.

    While the coffee was brewing, and even when it was done, Sofia was lost in though. Was she supposed to tell Hugo? Did he know already? Why did Duke come to her? It was a heavy burden to bear and Sofia hadn’t made up her mind yet. She shook herself out her contemplation and made her way over to the couch, two coffee mugs in hand.

    When Sofia sat down next to Duke, she launched into her first question. What was his story? She needed to know how this boy came to be. He started explaining himself easily. His mom became pregnant with him when she was a teen after a fool-around with, apparently, Hugo. She never ended up telling the dad and Duke was born and raised without one until his mom ended up marrying Duke’s stepdad. Duke had always known his dad was somewhere out there. His mom had been honest with him, but there had been no desire to know, until recently. Duke started to wonder about his dad and how he resembled him. Sofia listened closely, but she could already see that this boy looked nothing like Hugo. He must have gotten all of his coloring from his mom.

    After hearing him out, a silence fell while Sofia processed the story. She followed up with the most obvious question: What do you want to do now? Did Duke want to meet his father? Did he just want to hear about him and would that be enough?

    An unexpected question came in return. Was Hugo worth meeting? Sofia didn’t know why he asked her that since he was still under the impression that she was engaged to Hugo. Sofia came right out and told him she wasn’t together with Hugo anymore. They broke things off a while ago, but she could still tell him where Hugo lived. Sofia didn’t have any contact with him since the break-up but from Luna not mentioning anything, Sofia assumed Hugo still lived at the old apartment.

    Sofia hesitated before giving an actual answer to his question. She didn’t want to excite Duke too much. After all, she had no clue how Hugo would react to having a, possibly unexpected, teenage son. Sofia gave an honest answer none the less. Hugo was the best guy she ever had the chance of knowing. He was definitely worth meeting, although he might need some time to get used to the idea. She had no clue whether it would be the best idea, but Sofia offered to call Hugo and tell him the news herself, without Duke there. Hugo had done a lot for her in the past and she didn’t want to send a random son his way without any sort of warning. Duke agreed. He thought it was a great idea and it would probably make the transition easier when and even if they did end up meeting.

    The plan was made and the two strangers hugged each other goodbye. Duke gave Sofia his contact info so she could contact him about how everything went and to maybe give it to Hugo himself, if he wanted it. Sofia felt nervous, not just for Duke but also for Hugo. Both guys had stakes here and Sofia wasn’t used to dabbling in other people’s lives. It made her feel uneasy and uncomfortable. But she knew this was something she had to do. So, Sofia called Hugo to invite him over.

    All things considered, it was a miracle Hugo said yes to the invitation. He was surprised when Sofia called him but wasn’t uncivil towards her on the phone. Just distant. Sofia told him she had something important to talk to him about which she didn’t want to do over the phone. She knew it was Harvestfest and he probably had a million things to do, but if he could please come over, that’d be great. Hugo gave in and now, here he was. The initial greeting was awkward because they both had no clue what to do. They weren’t friends. At this point, they were barely acquaintances. Sofia started off with a simple ‘hi’ and Hugo responded in kind.

    There was no relationship here anymore and Sofia didn’t want to drag this out unnecessarily so she asked if he wanted to come in because she might have some life-changing news.
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    @DoodlyDoofus I've been waiting forever to see someone run a Grim Reaper household LOL

    @Duvelina I'm glad things worked out for Duke and Sofia. I can't wait to see where the rest of that story goes!

    If you remember my last update, Gia met Don Lothario on campus one day and there was definitely sparks between them. But even though they're both incredibly flirtatious people, Gia already knew all about Don's reputation for being a player so when Don asked her to hang out at the park one day, Gia was very cautious. Everything started out pretty normal, they sat at the park bench and chatted about life for a few hours


    But as the conversations went on, Don tried to steer the topics into conversations about romance and dating so Gia had to make it clear to him that this wasn't a date, she wasn't interested in him in that way and that he needs to respect that boundary


    After that, the conversation went on as normal but after a few hours, Don started to give Gia that "look". The look that cause so many women before to fall deeply in love with Don right before he broke their hearts



    Gia locked eyes with him and despite trying her best to not catch feelings for him, the look in Don's eyes quickly began to make her heart flutter


    Don realized that Gia was falling into his trap so he decided to finish it off gifting her a red rose, knowing that if she accepted it, she'd be all over him.


    But when Gia reached for the rose, she looked away from Don briefly and just like that, she snapped out of the trance that his eyes had put her in and quickly came to her senses. Was Gia realized what had just happened she was MAD. Gia is very short-tempered and hot headed so she began screaming at Don at the top of her lungs right in the middle of the park


    Then she ended the day by tossing a drink right in his face


    Needless to say, no one left the park happy that day


    *Second part of the update is behind the spoiler tag!*
    Fast forward a few weeks (I quickly played through Moe, Belle and Gia's university semesters) and it was time for graduation! Moe, Belle and Gia's families came to the university to celebrate so I took some grad photos. I'm also gonna share a little more and each of their backstories

    Moe Howard finished at the top of his class and earned his communication degree and his going to use what he learned to become a top politician in order to do what he can to vastly improve the country's healthcare system. When Moe was a child, his mother died from sickness so his father Quinton was forced to drop out of school in order to raise Moe up as a single parent. Moe's the first person in his family to graduate university and his father couldn't be more proud :)



    Gia's parents, Guillermo and Penelope Casas immigrated from Selvadorada with absolutely no money to their name. They worked their butts off to earn enough money in order to get Gia and her younger brother through school. Despite Gia being more concerned with partying and basically cheating her way all the way through university, she got her degree in Drama and plans on becoming an actress but I feel like her massive eho and short temper might get in the way of her success lol


    And lastly Belle Landgraab. She earned her degree in Psychology and his a total bookworm and genius who plans on becoming a grade school teacher. A long time ago, Geoffrey Landgraab cheated on his wife Nancy with a co-worker named Melissa and that affair ended with Belle being born. Because of these circumstances, the entire Landgraab side of Belle's family (with the exception of Geoffrey) despise her, so she grew up living with her mom. But despite the rocky relationship with the rest of the family, he used his tremendous wealth to assist Belle throughout her life and they're on very good terms. Melissa and Geoffrey on the other hand, had a huge falling out and can't stand the sight of each other either.


    This was the first time Geoffrey and Melissa had seen each other in years and they can't even bear to look at each other, so it didn't take long for them to start arguing lol

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    @Duvelina do you remember by any chance the name of the house/creator? I absolutely love that house, it's perfect for a single cat-loving sim :)

    [Edit to add this: when I started this legacy I didn't really have a solid background story in mind, but recently I thought of one that I like a lot, I'm in the process of writing it now. I think I will make a separate thread, where I will tell the story from the beginning and only put major events of the family that contribute to the story line]

    The last couple of days in my game have been mostly chill family time, I have also had my new generation, now a kid and a teen, make friends.
    The heir, Alvaro, had been having a hard time making friends in school (had to rethink the story to have it fit the fact that in my game every sim had aged up and there were no children left to befriend lol - so i downloaded some families from the gallery and put them in empty houses). I enrolled him in a club for doing homework and sports and he has made some new friends.
    My heir and her husband aged up and are now elders. Brant, the husband, was getting so stressed out the moment he got to work, it was time for him to retire and he has been relaxing everyday when the kids are at school. Brant is also having a lot of trouble coping with the death of Lana, the dog. He still goes up to her grave every day.
    As for Maria, the founder, she reached the top level in the botanist career. And her reputation is so good that she gets job offers every day. These days she is working from home most days and she hired a gardener, which was a hard decision for her. She is quite worried about what will happen to the garden when she's gone, as none of her kids have learned how to take care of it and she didn't want to be the kind of parent to force any activity upon her kids, if it's not meant to be. She is hoping the gardener and Patchy keep up the garden in the near future.
    As for the heir's sister, Cristina, she is now a teen and she is very smart. She earned all the scouts medals, she fulfilled the sports and logic aspirations as a kid. She wants to go to uni for physics and become a scientist. Her curiosity led her to visit Strangerville, because she overheard rumors in school that there was something going on there. Thus far she has talked to some locals and has realised that some of the rumours seem to be true. But she seems to be having an unusual way of dealing with emotions, she seems to be the kind that represses emotions. Out of the whole family, she was the one closest to Lana, they were always together. But when Lana passed away, everybody in the family was sad for days, except for her. And she has never gone up to Lana's grave to pay respects or remember her. It's as if she was in denial of what happened.
    I think the next step is to have them go on vacation. Brant and Maria deserve it, after so many years of hard work. I don't know where they will go yet. If Granite Falls or Selvadorada. I remember some days ago, while stressed out at work, Brant had the whim to go to Granite Falls, and I like to have a gameplay somewhat lead by their whims. But I haven't fully decided yet. My absolute favourite location is Sulani, but you can't really vacation there.
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