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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,308 Member
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    I have two updates tonight, then I'm going to answer mentions and make comments!

    I made a bundle pack last night of Island Living, Realm of Magic, and Perfect Patio. Wow! Was it cheap!! Great deal.

    Here's the first update.

    This one comes about because I never got the memo that children can't learn magic in Realm of Magic! LOL

    (Please let me know if you can figure out who these children are. You would only know them as adults, and they are not Maxis pre-mades.)

    One day a little girl came down from her bedroom and was sad.


    "Daddy, you said we could go to Glimmerbrook this summer. And now school starts tomorrow, and we haven't gone yet. I'm very sad."


    Daddy took charge. He told her little brother to finish the homework that his summer tutor had assigned, so they could spend the day in Glimmerbrook.


    Her little brother finished it quickly.


    Then he and his sister ran outside to play, while they waited for their mommy and daddy to come out.


    The little ones had a secret reason to go to Glimmerbrook. They had found a fascinating story book over the summer that talked about a Secret Realm you can only get to through Glimmerbrook.


    "This is it Sissy!" the little boy said to his sister. "We found it!"


    His sister said, "Do you really think this is the place?"

    And her brother said, "I hope so, because Daddy is going in!"


    The little ones followed their daddy. They had definitely found the Secret Realm!


    They quickly went inside the big building to look around and see what they could see.


    This was a magical world! Who could imagine what they would find here!


    There was a big man, and the sister wanted to know if he was magic. The man didn't tell her, and he also did not want to tell her if he was a mermaid or not.


    The little brother got tired of sitting around not being able to touch anything, and just looking at people reading books.


    So he went outside to do his favorite activity!





    His big sister came out to find him, she was worried that he had gotten lost.


    He wasn't lost! But he’d found another secret portal!


    They went through.


    Then the little girl told her little brother, "We probably shouldn't have come through to this place. How are Mommy and Daddy going to find us?"


    "You worry too much Sissy" said the little boy. "Here they are right now."


    Their mommy and daddy spent time talking to things that appeared to be ghosts.



    It was very strange to the little boy. So he ran to find his sister.


    In the meantime his big sister was listening to a ghost that was talking to her daddy.


    Then the ghost turned to her, and told her that her mommy and daddy did not belong in this world. They were not magical, and when they went home they would not even remember they had been here.

    "But you and your brother are different," he said. "You must wait until you are both older, and then come back again. There are important things here that you must learn so that you and your brother will be the special people you are meant to be. Do not bring your little brother back too soon. Remember what I've told you."


    The family had to go home, because school was starting the next morning.


    And the ghost had been right. By the time they got home their mommy and daddy did not remember the Secret Realm.


    The little ones begged their parents to remember it, but they did not.


    Mommy tried to comfort them, and tell them it must have been a dream.


    But the little ones knew it was real.


    And they promised each other they would go back.


    They both went up to their rooms, to remember where they'd been, and think about going back.



    This update comes about because I needed the perfect couple to try out Sulani.


    And nobody could be more perfect then the power couple, Jasper Sweet and Laney Lewis.












    There isn't very much more to say, the pictures say it all.


    What I do know is, I believe that Jasper is going to stop listening to his agent.


    I see a wedding in the near future. :heart:


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    This is a comment page that I started yesterday morning.

    I'm just going to post it quick so that I can start on all the new stuff from realm of magic.


    Ohhh, Isabelle is a brand new daughter! Ahhh, ok.

    Yes, that will be very interesting with his other daughter Betsy.

    Expect a Lot of smashed doll houses. 🙄

    And Fernando has negative Empathy and conflict resolution? Oh Lord, he's going to be the next Vlad 😂

    @SiliClone (comments on an older post)

    Oh! I didn't know you had story progression off.

    I guess I was thinking that if all the kids were teens now that the game was aging them up.

    You're doing it yourself though, I gather?

    I remember that Max got the squeamish trait. That seems so funny 😂

    And Billie is so sweet as a child. Wow! What happened? 😅

    And ok about the stalker. I was pretty sure you'd mentioned him earlier. You'd said someone ended up stalking Summer.

    @Morkovka (comments on an older post)

    Ok great! I'm glad you're fine 😊

    It does sound like you've been busy.

    It only gets worse now, right? Realm of Magic!!!

    Wanda is adorable ❤️

    I gather it's the aunt that is the human caretaker? That uncle looks a bit off 😅

    @Becka28 (comments on an older post)

    You aren't missing much at the Festivals in the game, (as far as I'm concerned)

    I wish you could make up your own festivals the way you can make up your own holidays in Seasons. I would make much better ones LOL

    Your real life ones sound really cool! We have a festival grounds here, (much closer than our Rennisanse Faire) and all summer long there are different festivals every weekend. We have German fest, Irish fest, Polish fest, Festa Italiana, Latino Carnival and Indian Summer. There might be others 🤔 but this area is much too cold to have Festivals outside unless it's summertime. So we've never had a Chinese New year festival. That sounds really fun!

    Your update is so funny! I can't believe Supriya did that 😂

    And then the whole situation with Malcolm! So he autonomously tried to steal Cassandra? Wow! But the fact that he repaired and cleaned everything before he sat down is hilarious.😅

    And Bjorn and Jessica are so cute together! Idk how you're managing to keep them apart in your Alana save. Especially considering how they look at each other! 😮

    Brock and Alana are adorable ❤️ Zachary is so cute. The wild toddlers are really something 😂

    But the fact that the paparazzi don't photograph them because of their PDAs is the best piece of info anyone with Get Famous should know 😁

    The pose is amazing 😍 And knowing that the mod makers are having trouble with the side by side walking makes me less mad at Maxis for not doing it. I still really wish they would, as I am afraid of mods lol

    Strangely I don't know anything about Discworld. I know a bunch of you discuss the series a lot, but I don't even know if it's a book series or a television series 😅 So hopefully I can follow the stories without knowing about them. You did a great job introducing them, so that should help.

    I love your high fashion family! Particularly Johnny Rose. Did you make their children from genetics?

    Lol, Moira needs to figure out her thinking. Get models like me! But not me. Lmao

    @GGSimmerGG (comments on an older post)

    Lol, I don't even play with aging on, so I'm not worried about them dying. I'm just tired of how long it takes to get promoted.

    I had one of my top scientists quit his job for a while, and now he's back, and way down the ladder again 🙄 Why? 🤔 That's so dumb.

    His husband is the chief of police in their save, but in the stories I write about them he's supposed to be in the military. When I created him Strangerville wasn't out yet. Now that it is, I'd like to put him into the military career track, but I need to promote him quickly. They need that income. I know you don't follow them to work, but all of your info about how to get them ready, and clicking "work hard" should really help. 😊

    In addition, I'd love to get my Sim that I got from @RedDestiny92 (who posted here all the time until her computer crashed) up to the top of the doctor career. His backstory from RedDestiny is that he's a doctor. But I got him from her gallery, and he was barely started in the career at that point. So thanks for telling me that telling the other staff to go away is fine. 😁

    When I did the police career I discovered that if I just sent my Sim back into town (I can't remember if I put them on patrol or sent them back to the crime site) all of those stupid jobs like fingerprinting, running on the treadmill, and taking police reports go away. Then you could go back to the station, and the crime related tasks were back again.

    A million years ago I read that all that matters is getting the criminals into jail and getting the confessions. Then your Sim gets promoted much faster. Plus my fingerprinting area was the most buggy part of that career. That worked great for me.

    That's really sad that Samantha died 😔

    If the game doesn't like you to transfer Sims from one save to another I'm in big trouble 😂 because I do it constantly.

    I don't have Seasons, and this is one of the big reasons. People die so often from weather! Although I've been told you can turn that off. I'm just really careful about what packs I buy, as I'm running out of computer space. Point being, that I'm not familiar with how often they die of lightning strikes.

    Anyway, thanks again for all of your help 😊

    @AngeliqueAdelaide (comments on an older post)

    Ha! That is really ironic that Caleb has his moods when you aren't playing him. 😅 What a drama queen.

    I totally agree about the hair for toddlers 🙄 I can't ever make toddlers that look like their rl counterparts, because of the lack of hair styles.

    You have most of the packs, expansions and stuff packs, right? And if you still feel that way I am totally scr * wed.

    Has Lilith bulked out yet? The first time I put my new gym into a save all of the Sims bulked up so much that I took them into CAS and made the females normal again. Seeing a female looking like the most bulked up guys was creepy, lol.

    I really missed a lot somewhere. The story about Vlad walking around despite Lilith killing him is awesome. But I must've missed it when she did it.

    I also don't remember them taking the cure. 🤔 Maybe I would if something jogged my memory, but I've been so sleep deprived that my memory is kind of shot.

    You aren't playing Paka'a at all, right? Because if you were you could use satisfaction points to get him that trait of never getting tense. I'm getting it for Hunter (AKA J) because I removed the noncommital trait from him, but he still gets tense about being with Leo, and I'm not dealing with that 😅

    Poor Lilith with all those toddlers. It's a good thing Paka'a cleans up when he gets there. He's not trying to care for them 24/7.

    And yeah, that plate thing drives me crazy!! They are always hungry. I finally started filling their inventories with fruit. It doesn't fill them much, but it keeps them out of the red until you can get food for them so they can try again. 🙄

    They are so good looking as children! And the boy with a mermaid icon, human in CAS and hissing the whole time is nuts.

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    @AlwaysAsking Thanks for your comments. Jessica and Bjorn did get together briefly and had a baby in Alana's save but besides me messing up their lives by saving them in other households , Bjorn went and died randomly before I could move them in together - I have no idea why he died. They adore each other in their own save and all the kids are very sweet.

    Discworld is a long series of novels by Terry Pratchett a British author. On the surface they are comedic fantasy novels and can be enjoyed just fine if you take them at their very funny face value. But they are very sophisticated social commentaries, allegories and parodies of science, religion, philosophy, politics, the fantasy genre and lots of other TV, books and movies. SOme novels are a lot more serious and deal with darker themes and reflect how the author matured across the years he wrote (unfortunately he has passed away so no more books :'( ) The witches first appear in a parody of Shakespeare's plays (there are telemovies (one is animated) and a play of this novel also published).

    My story is going to be original so you will follow it as well as I can tell and explain it. The books only hint at how both ladies became the powerful and respected witches and elders they are in the book present day. Plus I like to make my sims happy and they may want to strike out in directions I haven't planned. They just have such strong and distinct personalities I thought they would be good contrasts to play (and learn the aspects of the pack) with. I have tried to avoid youtube and threads that explain jow everything works so I can discover it myself (if I ever get Strangerville it will not be a surprise - so I am enjoying the novelty of this pack.)

    Also thankyou for your comment on Johnny Rose. He is one of my favourite TV characters because of his good heart (even if he never follows through in a practical or sensible fashion). Moira is a real character in game self absorbed, snob and self assured are her traits and each magnifies the other. The children I made myself as genetics didn't get me close enough to how they look - I am not that good or patient at CAS for real people, normally I download other people's. The children suffer because its their mannerisms that make their characters come alive and there aren't traits that will make them act like they do in the show David needs to be more camp and I am not sure how to describe Alexis.
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,238 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Great story about the children in the magic realm! Now I'm inspired to take my young family for a visit!
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  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,308 Member
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    I’m always hoping I can get through all the updates at one sitting, but … it’s 5 am here, so, I’m off to bed.

    This is what I’ve gotten through so far …

    Wow @Becka28

    That situation with your computer sounded like a total nightmare I can imagine there would be a temper tantrum and two sobbing sessions, holy cow! How could it have used the same file number? That is crazy.

    And I am so glad you were able to find it! that would have caused a total meltdown.

    I never thought about doing a factory reset, I don't know if there's anything too terribly wrong with my game except the fact that I can't connect Sims as family members anymore.

    Maybe it would be worth it for that. But I don't even have the slightest idea of how to do it LOL

    I love your two new characters. They're so different from each other!

    But they both seem like they're going to have amazing personalities.

    My jaw dropped when I saw J there in his realm of magic clothes. Can you even believe that man? Exchanging numbers in five interactions?

    Although I'm thinking that it might be very much Gytha's doing this time

    That was very funny that Mason asked her to go on a date to paddywhack’s emporium. What can you even do there?

    I don't blame Esme for going out of the house when they were there at home together. But that was amazing that J called while she had Mason over. I really laughed at your remark about asking Gunner for advice on juggling multiple partners.

    It's really helpful for me to be looking through your pictures and reading your update, because I don't have the slightest idea what's going on in the realm of magic and now I don't have anybody that I had planned to go there.

    Oh and by the way, J looks even better in that second outfit. I might need to go dress him in that in one of my stories, either J or Hunter LOL

    I was wondering if you saw my update. I did get RoM and Island Living. 😊

    But I’m thinking there may not be many people who would be able to recognize the children in the story. You might though 🤔

    Ps. I saw your comment explaining Disc World etc. I do know that author, my son reads his books.

    I’m just too tired to respond now, lol


    I just read what you said to Becka28 about the urns in the apartment across the hall. The only thing that I am confused about is that they were not there just a few days before! The last time he had been there. It is a really really odd thing for the game to do

    Creepy – lol


    Alysha and Juliana are both very pretty! Are they young adults now?

    LOL I just found your second update and found out that they were teenagers when they got there. So that answers that question.

    That's good advice to them, "be careful with magic" It looks like they were already finding that out with their dueling


    Did you put the family into a home that is already in Glimmerbrook?

    You've been talking about how fancy and pretty and full of antiques is, but I don't think I ever heard where it came from.

    Luna gave her little twins very cute names!

    I guess it is time for them to figure out that magic is real. You say that it had been passed on from distant ancestors. But Discord is not part of their family, so is he supernatural or just learning magic himself?

    That's very bad news that Tirek gained a significant amount of magical power as soon as he got to the magic Realm

    Okay now I have seen the update where Celestia meats Aidan Holloway. He's quite handsome! I wonder what's going to happen with them?

    I kind of feel sorry for Zelda being so shy and not having any friends. I can kind of relate, I was shy, but luckily a very overly friendly person befriended me in first grade and I was fine after that LOL.


    That's a really cool story about Rowan Spellman! It's very lucky that he was able to defeat his father and get him arrested.

    I thought it was interesting that you said Rowan's wife Scarlett is better at combat when it involved a sword and a shield. Is that real? I've never seen that option anywhere.

    It's pretty funny she wants to open a restaurant instead of being a witch LOL


    I have had many questions like that! But yours is a very good one, with all of these vacation worlds, there should probably be hammocks


    Wyatt Colchester is a handsome fellow! It looks like he caught onto a lot of things very quickly. I was very jealous that the best townies showed up in your game, until I remembered that I was testing RoM in my oldest Save, which is the one where I erased every Maxis pre-made LOL.

    I laughed at your remark about Nalani not running one of the stands. I'm thinking that it's good that she wasn't in any of the stands there, because the ones I visited were being run by ghosts.

    I don't have anybody ready to go to Glimmerbrook yet, because I thought kids could go. So I didn't get to try anything! LOL but the broom looks really fun

    @BMSO Wow! that's really creepy that the skull sits there looking at your dog LOL


    I'm seeing the Sim that you just made to test out the realm of magic. She looks really pretty, and like she's going to fit in well.


    LOL! What makes you think that your 2 new Sims are going to cause so much drama?

    Are they just big troublemakers?


    Oh I saw your earlier update that introduced the mother of your hundred baby challenge. It seems pretty fun the way you're doing it with all the different premades. But what are you going to do when you run out? I don't know that there are 100 premades are there?


    I think that Hella and Ezra's home is gorgeous! Where did you get the fake windows? Is that custom content? Or did I just miss it in the new items? Because boy would I love it if they were there LOL.

    OMG I just laughed out loud when I saw Ezra squirting Wanda with the cleaning solution!

    What a guy!

    LOL now I just saw the update with Hella learning the zip zap spell

    Poor poor Monty

    Now I am seeing the update where Hella is making slow but steady progress. She looks like she's really gotten herself together. Those are super fantastic pictures.

    And yes sadly I found out that the children can't do anything with the magical Realm, but at least Wanda is an adorable dancer. And it looks as though Ezra is getting better at this parenting thing.... maybe? He and Hella are really so cute together! I love them too


    Hey! That was a really great idea to use Maaike and Ulrike for your Glimmerbrook story!

    I'd never played them until recently. I used them for something and they are kind of quirky.

    Which I guess is obvious considering she decided to use a cauldron to cook mac and cheese.

    But of course the best for me is that Gunther Munch decided to join the crew! Yay!

    Okay I am finding more updates and they are so adorable I can hardly stand it. It's so cute that she disappeared for a couple of days and then they didn't even believe where she'd gone.

    Well I guess they believe her now, right? And oh my goodness! poor poor Gunther. Apparently she likes him, but she is actually dating that other weird guy. By the way, Gunther looks really good, great makeover!

    It's pretty great that he's actually being encouraged to do something because he has a crush on someone. And the other sage really lit a fire under him, didn't she?

    I don't know if the untamed magic is the best choice for him, but what are you going to do? They were already friendly.

    And that's a great comment "this is worse than Wolfgang being a vampire"


    LOL, father winter as a spellcaster. Wasn't he already magical enough? It sounds very fun though.

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    Lilith isn't too bulky yet, thankfully.
    You can't have read about the stuff with Vlad and the cure, because it took place before I started posting about my game. I have mentioned it once or twice, but it's totally understandable gor you to not recall it. The main reason Caleb took the cure was that feeding took too much time away from his favorite activities - drinking fancy coctails, admiring his posessions and romancing his wife. So it had to go.
    I don't play Paka'a, it'a more interesting that way when I don't know what is going on with him.
    I now have everything but RoM, luxury party, backyards fun, cool kitchen, laundry and bowling. I am going to get RoM soon, not sure about other stuff.
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    @AlwaysAsking I was unsure about untamed magic but.. I was sure I wanted Mischief for Ulrike and Practical for Maaike and I'm still exploring the pack... I kinda want to see what messes he's capable to do with it, too... Maybe he's going more on potion making though, since his brother is a pretty good gardener.. we'll see
  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,626 Member
    Love to read everyones updates.

    @AlwaysAsking Alysha is still a teenager, but Juliana is a young adult. Moved out Alysha because I wanted to explore The realms of magic with Juliana. Will play her more later.


    It's winter in Glimmerbrook.

    Juliana study magic books to learn new spells.

    Excited to craft a new potion.

    She can now us a spell to get a plate of food whenever she wants.

    Max & Juliana celebrate that they are both young adults.

    It startet to snow on their romantic date. They decided to get married in the romantic scene.

    I love this photo of Juliana.
    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Elina & Don.

  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 511 Member
    @sarabeth2984 Thanks! I only missed two days of pool time, though, so it could have been worse!

    Samira Rashid, the family explorer, couldn’t help but be intrigued by her latest discovery, at the end of a brookside path.



    Yer a wizard, Samira! I was divided as to who I should explore Realm of Magic with: should I re-create my Makin’ Magic experience and send Bella into the portal? What about Claire Charming? I could give her a dog familiar and name it Luna! Or what if I made a Snape and made him go for the Potions Master aspiration?

    I wound up going with Samira, who has already achieved Adept status. She hasn’t cast any spells, though. I’m going to see how far she can go just by the Hermione approach. Mostly she pesters the three masters for teaching, talks to them about magic, and experiments with pot. I mean, experiments with her cauldron.


    Although I'm tempted to have her move to Glimmerbrook, I like her odd house in Newcrest. It has a big foyer for welcoming and talking to guests, and then an open path out into the backyard and pool. The bedrooms and attached baths accessible from the path are locked to visitors, but the kitchen and its attached bathrooms are open. The weird Secret Hallway that is used as study is also closed to visitors. The 'courtyard', that green area that's now used as a workout area, is open, but no visitors ever care to go in there.

    Samira's use of magic has many applications. She's already mastered Bambinolevitato.

    Alas, this update is not all happy times. Samira lives with a descendant of her sister (Samira is functionally immortal at the moment, with a large supply of youth potions) named Rachel. Rachel, as you might remember, is the daughter of an alien, and is herself a mermaid. She’s had three kids: Jamie, who was so unsinpiring I reduced him to NPC status immediately; and then the twins, one of whom is blue and the other of whom is not. During their teenage birthday party, their uncle Frodo – who has the Child of the Oceans trait – couldn't resist an opportunity to swim.


    It being the day before Christmas, it was cold, and he died. Grim showed up with a “Ho ho ..ohh.” and ignored Samira’s cries for the life of her young cousin. She is determined to restore Frodo to life, but lacks the knowledge right now.

    Frodo, as you may remember, left home as a teenager and moved in with his teenage girlfriend Esperanza, and together they lived in a hut on Sulani and paid their bills with youtube. They grew up to be the island’s favorites: Frodo was a conservationist/marine scientist, and Esperanza is an extremely popular politician. Frodo’s death leaves Esperanza as a single mother to their toddler, Sulani.


    But not for long. Samwise, Frodo's younger brother, has immediately volunteered to help Esperanza with the baby. And Frodo's untimely death does allow for other....possibilities.


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    @AlwaysAsking Discord is learning magic by himself. The antiques part is just a result of how I view the build/buy items. And the Victorian build is mine, not an EA build.
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    I got lucky and the game gifted me a couple of townies I could work on...
    she was pretty cool already with that hairstyle so I built the rest around it...

    In case you're wondering, Gunther is actually doing something...
    but then... it was halloween!! and we all love halloween!!
    and everyone wanted a piece of Morgyn...
    he didn't like it...
    I do like tormenting you, my dear... 'cause you look so serious!
    Ulrike enjoys taking duels... Morgyn was not really interested in it.. he came to see just because he had to...
    "You.. did good, I guess.... it's not like... I wasn't paying any attention..."

    Gunther though... he got someone attentions...

    but now, I got bothered by the HQ look and I'll be making over the lot for the next 20 years...
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    Carlos Veleta lived alone in the former Caliente house in Oasis Springs. Quite fitting as Nina Caliente (deceased) is his grandmother. He has also inherited the ginger hair.

    His traits are loves outdoors, perfectionist and romantic, so I've made him a gardener with the musical genius aspiration because he enjoyed the piano while growing up and maximised the skill.

    I've purchased all the flowers from the gallery so now he just needs to nurture a nice garden.

    He's moved in Cataleya Field, his romantic interest. However, not is all it seems with her. She has the mean trait and is an Oracle! And she's also the leader of the Chiefs of Mischief which features Carlos' uncle Cornelius Landgraab and his cousin's husband Jordan. They gather at the Rattlesnake Juice bar in Oasis Springs to cause mayhem and also to rival the Evil Empire, lead by Fernando Veleta.

    Is the Veleta family about to implode? And will Cataleya trick Carlos into creating flower arrangements scented with death so she can destroy her enemies?
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Fake windows are just double walls with a window on the inner one and wall lamps behind it.
    Without windows the basement was too creepy :)
    And Ezra is the sweetest vampire ever, just not used to kids, but he's getting better at it really fast :D
    I love Vampire + Witch couple thing so much, especially that he's a good vampire who occasionally eats souls of Mean and Evil sims, and she's practically a necromancer :love:
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,420 Member
    Over time, their magical prowess had improved, and they were now powerful. They mastered every spell and every potion. Even though living in this small town had been peaceful so far, Luna and Celestia couldn’t help but feel as though something was about to happen. The neighbors had moved to another town, which wasn’t a big deal. At least they could see the former neighbors from time to time in the magic realm.


    During daybreak, Luna and Discord collected the harvestables that were scattered across Glimmerbrook. There were some occasional dig spots. Autumn was their favorite time of the year, and Glimmerbrook was gorgeous during this time of year. In the meantime, Celestia still met with investigators. However, the non-magical Sims were unable to stop Tirek. They had eventually given up, much to her chagrin.


    Eventually, Luna and Celestia went to the magic realm. Discord was practicing his dueling skills at the dueling grounds. Luna followed Celestia outside the magic headquarters.

    “Let’s practice some dueling,” Celestia suggested.

    “Okay,” Luna said.


    They began testing out their dueling skills. Luna thought her magic was just as powerful as Celestia, so she put in the effort. Surprisingly, Celestia overpowered her.

    “My magic is stronger than yours,” Celestia reminded Luna.

    “Speaking of which, how dangerous do you think Tirek will be with his powers?” Luna asked.

    “Powerful enough to mess with the sages. It’s not a good idea. I’m sure it will come back to bite him.”



    With a snap of the fingers, Celestia won the duel. “Still needs a bit more practice, sis.”

    “I’m not that weak,” Luna said.

    “You know what? I think we’ll be effective mentors to the younger ones in our family once the girls come of age.”


    Luna nodded. Although she was still not too keen on self-defense, she is confident with her magic. A thought came to her mind. Would the battle against Tirek happen in the magic realm?
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
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    Monty needs a break, so I switched to another household, where Ivy became an Alchemist.
    It perfectly complements her being a Gardener and Herballist.
    Potion of Plentiful Needs is truly lifechanging!
    Ivy now has time for her family, her garden and most importantly - fixing her personal life!
    Her romantic involvement with Father Winter was fruitful (three kids!), but didn't last long - he stopped taking any interest in her or the kids pretty soon :/
    And I've been waiting for a suitable candidate patiently.
    But now there's Sage Simeon! Look at him!
    Not only he's a bit older than her and wears green head to toe...
    ...but he also has this soft round tummy :D
    You can see Ivy is lovestruck :love:

    Anyway after a few days of brewing potions together he asked her out!
    He wasn't wearing green this time, but things went well.
    Ivy looks so happy! <3
    Guess we can expect magical babies soon ;)
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    @DeafSimmer Luna and Celestia look like they were meant for magic all along :)
  • DarkwingzDarkwingz Posts: 45 Member
    Was sitting here building a beach/magic resort before I get the magic pack, and here I am wondering why we don't have a tiki totem pole music player. Have yet to complete a new build, but progress on the magical beach resort is going fine and scenic.
    Got a Request or question about my packs or plots? Tweet @MasterDarkwingz
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    Bee has made it to the max level of sorcery mostly dealing with mischief magic and potions. She is still working on the art of mischief magic.
    I sent her to the magic realm looking for new recipes and more knowledge and decided to have her challenge the sages to duels for knowledge. She defeated Morygan with ease but Uranus...

    In the beginning it was going pretty well. Having her Familiar Ryder with her she never lost a duel yet...

    But Uranus had other plans as she was dueling another master of mischief.

    Unfortunately Uranus had the upper hand and wasn't about to give up what Bee needed to complete her Mischief mastery. Immediately Bee was swept off her feet and flung in the air.. Time to get back to studying...

    @AlwaysAsking Haha I know. BTW Love the story with the kids exploring the magic realm with their parents. :smiley:

    @SiliClone That's when you have to ask, "Why so Serious?" xD
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    @AlwaysAsking thank you!😊

    @Daephene thank you! <3

    As time went by summer vacation began and all of Peters schools were coming to an end. I decided to make three mini updates on all of them - you can see them all below:

    Last day of preschool!
    More under the cut:
    The children were having their last lesson.

    "Today you will all present the projects you've been working on these last couple of months!" said the teacher. "All of them will be placed on display for your parents to see. The creator of the best project will give an interview to the "Celebrity Schooling" magazine!"

    "I bet your project will be the best," cheerfully whispered Peter to Ellie.

    Ellie only smiled.

    She was the first to show her project. What an amazing castle!

    In fact, all of the projects happened to be amazing.

    Perhaps too amazing.

    Some of them were so amazing Peter couldn't believe his eyes.

    How could any of them create something like that on their own, without adults?

    "I chose to create a rocket science project!" arrogantly said Orange, showing off an amazing rocket that looked like it was made by a proffesiononal. "It's super cool, It can fly a bunch of miles per second! I'll show you later when we go outside."

    "Wow!" the children gasped.
    "That must've costed a ton of money!" whispered the ginger boy. "Your parents are super cool for getting you that!"
    Peter felt confused. Money? What money? Aren't they supposed to make these projects?

    "I think we definetly have a winner here," the teacher chuckled. "But the "Celebrity Schooling" magazine will be very interested in how you created it..."
    "Don't worry, my dad filled me in," Orange giggled.

    He placed his rockets next to the other projects.

    Peters turn!
    "I made a robot," he proudly said. "It has a glowing antenna!"

    The kids went silent. Someone started quietly giggling.

    "Very... erm... nice."

    "Does it do anything?"
    "Yes! If you press this button it will twirl its head and arms..."

    "Looks like you actually made that!" shouted Orange.

    Everyone started laughing.

    "Stupid robot."

    "Stupid, stupid robot."

    "I think you did a good job! And so does Daddy."

    "No I didn't!" Peter shouted, tearing up. "The teacher didn't even let me put him with the other projects! He's stupid! Nobody made projects anyway, their parents bought all of those cool rockets and castles and volcanos for them. Ellie told me. They all cheated!"

    "And is that what you want to be? A cheater?"

    Well at least their's looked good and mine didn't!"
    "Come on," Steve smiled. "Let me show yours is as good as anyone else's"

    He scooped Peter up, took his robot and headed upstairs. There Steve placed the robot on his desk.
    "That robot is gonna stay on my desk forever. It's so awesome and cool I want to look at it everyday!" he told Peter.
    Peter gave a shy smile.
    "You really mean that Papa?"

    Peter smiled wider.
    "I bet Oranges dad didn't put his project on his desk," he said proudly. Steve laughed.
    "Oh, I bet so too."

    Last day of modeling!
    More under the cut:
    "Alright you two, let's try another pose..."

    "I bet this will make the front page for the website. Okay, everyone prepare for the next scene!"
    Peter and Ellie usually made it the front page on any brands website. Even proffesional models were delighted by them. However, Ellie still avoided Peter. And Orange was quick to get all of the attention.

    It may be summer but the "CutieTots" brand was already heading up for winter clothes.

    "Give her a little hug... perfect!"


    "Good job everyone, that's a wrap! Gather up your parents for a last group photo and see you all in Autumn!"

    "See you after summer vacation, Ellie! You're really cool!"
    "Thank you, you're very sweet!"

    Although Peter didn't quite like modeling, he was still sad it was coming to an end. After all, it was the only place he really got to spend time with Ellie.

    Last day of ballet, the day the children were performing their dance on a huge contest to a big audience, including judges, celebrities and journalists of all sorts... but Peter doesn't seem to feel well.
    More under the cut:
    Steve was the first to notice something was wrong.
    "I don't feel so good Papa..."
    "Well no wonder, you're heating up!"

    "There's no way he's going to ballet. Not with that temperature."

    "Guess so..."

    "But I wanna go," Peter muttered. "I was gonna dance with Ellie!"

    Unfortunately for Peter, there was no way he was going.

    "No ms Greenfield, there's no way he's going. He's caught a very nasty cold, he should be getting rest!"

    "Look, I understand that you have no alternative. Yes, I am aware that this performance is very important for the press... but..."

    "Hey, Peter Rabbit. So you really want to go, huh."
    "Well good news - you can."
    "Yep! Got you a magical pill from your doctor - it'll make you feel much better!"

    "Yay!" Peter squealed in excitement. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

    "Just don't tell Papa, alright?"
    "Well... he might still want you to still stay in bed."
    So apparently Tony went and got a medicine pill for little kids that would temporarily suppress the symptoms. Something everyone used but Steve was always against.

    "So... you're saying it was a false alarm and he's really all better."
    "Yeah. Crazy, huh."

    Steve felt that something was off but he didn't say anything.
    After all, Tony would never lie to me, he thought. Especially about something so important.

    They arrived just in time! And it turned out everyone except for Peter was incredibly nervous. There really was no one who could perform instead of him.
    "It's actually not that terrifying," said the girl next to him, trying to calm everyone down. "It's just a show, that's all. And we'll get first place no matter what. And we've all been to the physciatrist just ten minutes ago- except for Peter because he's late..."
    "That physciatrist only made me more nervous!" someone shouted.
    "My tummy hurts..."
    "I want my mommy!"

    "I'm scared," whispered Ellie. "What if I forget something?"
    "Don't worry," proudly said Peter. "I'll help you out, I know the whole dance by heart!"
    "Really? You'd do that for me?"
    Peter nodded, feeling incredibly happily that despite his cold he still could attend

    It was time for the performance!

    And it went perfectly.

    A couple of times Peter did have to remind Ellie of certain elements, but nobody noticed.

    "Thank you!" even whispered Ellie once and that was enough for Peter felt happier than ever.

    The judges applauded as they finished and after a bit of discussion awarded them first place. Everyone agreed that their performance was by far the best!

    "You did so well!" Steve rushed to hug Peter as soon as the children left the stage. Most of them ran with their parents to give out interviews but not Peter.
    "You seem pretty tired and worn out." noticed Steve. "How about we skip the press and go home?"

    "I've just gotta do one more thing," Peter smiled. "You and Daddy wait in the next room!"

    Steve and Tony laughed but left. Peter quickly sat down next to Ellie who was still waiting for her parents.
    "I really like you, Ellie," he smiled friendly.

    "I'm not going to be your friend!" angrily said Ellie.

    "But you used to want to be my friend, I still remember."
    "Well I'm friends with Orange now and he doesn't like you!"
    "But Orange is a bully. Why would you like him?"

    "Is not! He's very sweet and my mommy said that he... he... he has a lot of potential!"
    "Po... tential? What's that?"

    "Something you don't have. He'll be a famous actor when he grows up and you probably wont be anyone. I'd rather be friends with an actor than with a nobody, so sorry, Peter, I'm not going to be friends with you!"

    Ellie left. Peter sighed. Now he really wished he stayed at home.

    "Papa... Papa wake up... Please wake up Papa!"

    "Peter?.. whats wrong- oh you poor little baby, your heating up again."

    "You never did get better, did you." softly sighed Steve. He had no idea how or why, but he knew one thing for sure.
    Tony did lie.
    |Beginning|Previous update|Next update|
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    I hated every single moment of this... anyway... there were things i liked about this lot like... the fairytale look, and... that's about it...
    internal duelling zone
    practical magic
    untamed magic, pretty much the same
    mischief zone
    I added 2 bedrooms
    a dinning zone
    two alchemy laboratories
    I got rid of one of the basements but kept this area just to mix with the vampires pack
    and I've yet to understand what the builder was supposed to be doing with the outside, but that's what I did...
    I buid a tower...
    accessible with a spiral staircase
    this lot had no logic, here is now:
  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,626 Member
    Rotated to Park family.
    While the other kids where at school, Dahye brought her youngest son Hritik to the beach.

    What happened to me?

    Dahye just got a nice tan.

    Hritik spent his first day as child at the library.

    The family had a wonderful winterfest.

    Dahye sent a love letter to her friend Fernando. They decided to go on a date.

    The date went well. Dahye will wait a little bit before she introduce her boyfriend to her children.
    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Elina & Don.

  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 2,493 Member
    During the thunderstorm by the volcano Turles got struck by lightning twice. So it was time to play.. (Can't throw lighting at other sims but it does make good pictures).

    "I have the POWA!" He's pretty singed.

    Bee gave him a magical cleaning before he decided to fight against the other saiyans with his new temp ability.

    "I thought normal Ki was fun but this is so much more fun!"

    Some where you can here the song, The Touch by Stan Bush while he launches the lighting in the sky.
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  • karizzleskarizzles Posts: 262 Member
    So Aileah got a boyfriend, Mateo, and they moved into an apartment. During the welcome wagon, she met a guy named Akira. They started hitting things off well since Akira is a romantic type due to his traits. So Mateo found out that she was cheating on him with Akira. Akira was a sweet dude with a job, and very loyal to Aileah. Aileah and Akira got together but she tried to make amends with Mateo, but he wasn't really into it. That's where she met Jesse, his new roommate. Aileah was fond of him but didn't want to do anything, due to her relationship. She didn't want to screw it up with Akira like she did with Mateo. Akira and Aileah were now expecting their first child. They were so happy, Aileah and Akira decided to get married and elope. Things were going well until Jesse started to hit up Aileah. Aileah decided to hang with him when Akira was at work or asleep. She would lie and go out and spend the day. Jesse then asked her out. Aileah secretly said yes, as Jesse didn't know they just got married. So, Aileah was conflicted. She kept seeing him while married to Akira. One day, I tried to confess to Akira, but as I got all three together, Akira comes up and kisses her on the cheek (NOT MY INTENTION) so my drama didn't go as planned. SO. Jesse got jealous and heartbroken and I tried to make it up. ( I actually tried to kill off Akira by electricity, but THIS MAN IS SMART and he is also very sweet.) It took it awhile because I tried make a baby with Jesse and try to confess to cheating but SIMS 4 DOES NOT HAVE THE OPTION YET. SAD. So I got her pregnant, right after having her son, Eli. Akira was at work when I made baby. He came home early and kissed Jesse infront of him. FINALLY. So, Akira got mad, jealous, and divorced her. Jesse is distraughted.

    Pretty much the past 2 days.

    I'm a terrible person creating this soap opera xD

  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 575 Member

    After settling down at his new home, Curtis went to the Shrieking Llama just down the street. I'm surprised his favorite drink is Plasma Jane, unbeknownst that his great-great grandparents are vampires.

    It was also Singles' Nights as well.
    There are only a couple of townies that are pretty cute, but Curtis wasn't interested with either of them.

    A new face appeared at the bar and spotted Curtis, who was just about to leave (due to being nauseous after having the plasma drink).

    "Long time no see, Captain Curt."
    Curtis haven't heard that nickname for so long, remembering his childhood memory of him and his friend playing pirates at the playground. Only one person calls him that.
    "Sorry, but do I know you?"

    "You goofball, it's me, Andromeda!"

    Curtis was surprised, and the two embraced, having seen or heard from each other for so long.

    Curtis: "You!"
    Andromeda: "And you look even more adorable than you were back then."

    The bar was getting crowded because of two celebrities (a random male townie and Saya Watanabe), so the two best friends went to Andromeda's secret place, the Ancient Ruins, where she would spend the night at when she was little. They caught up some old times, telling stories about their family, friends, and their lives.

    Andromeda: "You're lucky to have two parents that would care about you so much, unlike mine."
    Curtis: "Is your dad just like your mom?"
    Andromeda: "Fortunately, no. He's a good man and cares about others...but my mom is a different story. Now, I don't know where he go, so I ran away from home. Without my father, who else cares about me?"

    Curtis: "I care about you more than anybody else."
    Andromeda: "You're just saying that."
    Curtis: "It's true. I kinda...had a crush on you when we were kids."

    Their friendship turned into something more.

    With nowhere to go, Andromeda moved in with Curtis to their new home.
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    I tried to cast a "repairio" on the toilet, but it caught on fire instead. Unfortunately, the toilet was in this tiny bathroom and--since sims are incredibly dumb--everyone ran into the bathroom. It quickly got out of control and everybody caught on fire. In the end, one sim died.

    And that Sim was the wife of the spellcaster who cast the "repairio" in the first place. She killed her wife via catching the toilet on fire.

    I have never been more upset at something happening in the sims than I am now. Like, what a ridiculous way to die. I'm going to have to level her up as a spellcaster so she can bring her wife back, which--now that I think about it--might be a pretty interesting story to play out.
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