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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • karizzleskarizzles Posts: 262 Member
    Just redownloaded it on my new laptop. Just made two sims, Aileah and Mateo. They just went on a first date and they are now together. Next, let the drama begin.

  • March306March306 Posts: 988 Member
    I'm doing my 100 baby challenge and just kicked out two more adult children!


    Antony fathered by Marcus Flex.


    Jessie fathered by Gavin Richards


    Amy Dinklage the mother, created by combining the genetics of Emma Stone and Peter Dinklage.
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    edited September 2019
    I'm so overwhelmed by RoM I didn't know where to start, I tried to do everything at once yesterday and wow, that's so much awesomeness.
    Today I calmed down a bit and decided Hella will be my first Spellcaster and she'll learn Untamed Magic to be able to Decursify and Deadeathify my other casters in case something goes terribly wrong.
    She's been waiting for it too long too.

    I started with adding new stuff to their home, keeping in mind that it's still Ezra's home in Forgotten Hollow, so must be both Vampiric and Witchy + keep it in the household's color code :)

    Ezra has a lovely basement all to himself, I'm particulartly fond and proud of all the fake windows there.

    First floor is kind of skethy so far, I like how the little kitchen turned out, but the living room needs a couple more iterations.

    The upper floor has Hella's and Wanda's bedrooms.

    I love all the art nouveau windows, doors and other stuff immensely but it'll have to wait till Wanda becomes a Spellcaster and builds her own house in Glimmerbrook :)

    Ezra, no! That's not how you get the kid away from your laptop!
    He has no experience with parenting yet :/
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  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 665 Member
    Luz was promoted to....Reality Show Star? How do you get to be a Reality Show Star from a Social Media career? Needless to say, the Pilot Episode of 'Living Life Luz' is going to be pretty eventful. Man gets hit by random car on a skyscraper in front of their apartment. Draaaama.
    Also in that same episode, after Gunnar's second murd-I mean that freak accident. The Mailwoman came over to deliver MORE than just mail. Mail, and a Draaaama Bomb.
    Well we'll be saying goodbye to Ol' Abraham soon, so might as well have one of those morbid going away parties! Also, it'll make good material for Luz's reality show. Also, this is the moment Gunnar found out Rosa is a genius after she shared some of her 'genius ideas' to him. Finally, one of his kids has a future!
    Bruce: "Mom, don't you think you're a little overdressed?"
    Luz: "Well unfortunately, we're on TV now. Gotta look nice for this."
    Oh look, Gunnar's daughter from the Crazy Cat Lady is a teenager now. Crazy how Gunnar and Crazy Cat Lady's genes mix so well together.
    Oh and there's Gunnar's Aunt Maggie, looking like she's taking advantage of the fact that she's MUCH younger than Abraham so can still have babies.
    Kala: "Ah yes, you'll make a fine vampire young Rosalie."
    Gunnar: "Don't feel so special kid, she said the same thing to me when I was your age and look how much I've wasted my vampire power."
    Hey look, before Abraham dies he gets to see his mother again. How sweet, at least HE got to live his life to its natural end.
    Unlike Zelda over there.
    And ESPECIALLY his father, Chadwick. RIP Never forget.
    The Ghost of Zelda Bailey comes to play every party these days but man does she still get a great reception each and every time.
    Oh and there's Gunnar's OTHER teenage daughter, Jaylah. Somehow she makes the accessories work with her dress.
    Well since Abraham's life is coming to an end he might as well get a few final FANTASTIC moments with his forever young wife!
    Abraham: "Alright so, I wrote out this long memoir of how much I love you so you can always remember me hundreds of years from now."
    Kala: "That's wonderful-."
    Abraham: "Hey don't cut me off, I just wanted to warn you that there WERE some things I wrote about you when we were going through that rough patch in our marriage about 20 years ago. Not the best things....but it's best that you remember me....warts and all."
    Kala: "....I'll take that into consideration."
    And then of course, why WOULDN'T you do this if you knew you had very little time left in your life?
    Abraham: "Well I lived a nice long life everyone, I loved, I fought for the safety of this world and have raised some fine children. Permission to enter the gates of heaven?"
    Gunnar: "Permission granted, Grand Marshall."
    Abraham: "Wait, these aren't the gates of heaven at all!"
    Abraham: "I've been tricked! Oh god it burns!!!!"
    And no one even noticed Abraham getting 🌺🌺🌺🌺 into the pits of hell?
    Sounds awful to say, but at least they didn't have to pay for a cremation.
    Anastasia: "I can't believe dad's dead!"
    Jax: "Yeah but on the bright side, at least we're immortal."
    Anastasia: "Oh yeah, that makes me feel great!"
    So since Kala didn't see that we all tell her that Abraham entered the gates of heaven, capiche?
    Rico: "Man, it's pretty awful knowing that Grandpa's dead."
    Jaylah: "Big deal, we didn't even know the guy. Heck, we barely even know who our dad is."
    Man that girl has some pent up issues.
    Well it's time to age Gabby up.
    Also, it's Bruce's birthday. At least we had this cake already baked for him.
    And now Luz's show has a new character, the attractive brooding teenage boy who'll bring in the teenage girl demographic.

    Boy, crazy first episode of "Living Life Luz."

    But alas, it's time to say goodbye to our good friend, Grand Marshall Abraham Bailey.
    Man, just think. Any other baby takes one Woohoo session with mom and dad, but Abraham? Man did it take a while for Zelda to get pregnant with that kid.
    And ever since he was a young toddler.....his future definitely wasn't set in stone because Strangerville wasn't released yet.
    Was just going to have the guy become an actor like his mom.
    After all, he had to deal with know, being a demanding diva all his life. Thought that kind of personality would've rubbed off on him at some point.
    But of course one day, he would answer The Call of Duty, AKA, I found out there's an actual Military Career now.
    And ever since that day he trained hard to become the perfect soldier.
    And when the time came to solve the Strangerville mystery Abraham was the man to step up to the plate.
    However there were a few missteps.
    But of course Abraham saved Strangerville and destroyed the Mother Plant. However again, there were a few missteps. RIP Zelda and Bruce Willis.
    Don't know how any of that got him a one way ticket to hell.....But regardless, Rest in Peace Grand Marshall Bailey.
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    Finally managed to load my main save after modding out some major annoyances I had, and I just found my fav premade in the pack
    she's so cute.... she's engaged to this thing...
    I'm so stealing her from you....
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 456 Member
    OMG! I am loving Realm of Magic! Will post screen shots later...
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,204 Member
    @DoodlyDoofus RIP Abraham - I really enjoyed your story except your constant mourning for Bruce!
    @karizzles Liove that drama - bring it on :D>:)
    @Morkovka I agree with what you said about the RoM. The art Nouveau, so much to see and do Love it.
    @SiliClone I am definetely enjoying the challenge of working out what to do with spellcasting (but just enjoying taking my time too) I think the pretty blonde premade is lovely , but she wouldn't speak to my sims. He looks like a good candidate for an extensive makeover but I can see promise there.
    @AlwaysAsking did you get your RoM birthday gift? Did your computer survive, mine did thankfully although lag is getting a little worse.

    So... what happened in my game today......... my best sims day to date. I got RoM and totally enjoyed getting started with the pack.

    The link above is my introduction to the girls Esme and Gytha (and Mason - the baby's father)

    Gytha couldn't wait to let Esme know she was pregnant. Esme was excited but worried that it would affect their plans to travel to Glimmerbrook. Gytha assured her that she was still 1000% interested in becoming a spellcaster.


    In Glimmerbrook, their personalities shone through. Esme ran ahead eager to explore and Gytha sashayed along doing her sexy style walk (even though no one was there to see her. I am not sure even celebrities go this slowly - come on Gytha!!!

    so pretty and exciting!!

    Gytha charges in while Esme was checking everything was safe to procede.

    The rest in the spoilers:
    Through the portal to a magical and different world


    The first person they met (he looks great in his RoM clothes)

    3 friendly interactions from Gytha and this happened.

    two romantic interactions later and they had exchanged numbers. Bye J I really have to learn how to be a spellcaster - I'll call you when I have given birth. (Looks like Gytha has babydaddy no. 2)

    Meanwhile, Esme was on the road to becoming a spellcaster

    She was't particularly impressed at the mote collecting task.

    And taaaadah instant spellcaster (Gytha had an expectant mother emergency so changed outfits).

    Gytha wasn't far behind.
    The next day Mason asked Gytha out on another date - lets switch aspirations back to the serial romantic track. He asked her to Paddywhack's emporium - is that a date location? Its pretty poor if you ask me- its a good thing Mason is very cute (and already her baby daddy or this relationship would be over!)


    She looks like the "glowing" expectant mother.

    Get a room you two!

    They came home to do just that.

    Esme decides its a good time to get out of the house and garden.

    While the date continued upstairs in the master bedroom - Gytha got this phone call....

    It would probably be poor form to teleport out on a second date while in the middle of woohooing your first date so Gytha had to refuse.
    Poor J.
    Gytha may need to write to Doodlydoofus's Gunnar for advice on juggling multiple partners.
    Back through the portal and try to convince someone to teach us spellcasting. No one is interested yet. They want to get to know us.

    Show them your baby - that always helps.

    Esme found some tomes but doesn't have the skills to understand them yet.

    Lets use the book as a silly puppet instead.

    Awesome decor - I think I feel a new build coming on soon - Esme will not want to live with all Gytha's many (future) children forver.

    And the club system has been updated for RoM - cast spells, use cauldron and spellcaster (in traits) have all been added. So the Lancre covern has been formed. (cool hat by Nolan sims - I can't believe they didn't give our witches a hat, which is a basic part of their parsonality).




    Gytha manages to make feel the baby an enticing interaction.

    I think there will be a new covern member soon

    or two (I love him in this outfit)

    or 3 (I couldn't get a shot of Johnny Zest wearing magic robes and reading glasses while casting spells but it was even better than it sounds.)

  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    @SiliClone Do they actually have engaged status or only in the household info?
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    Morkovka wrote: »
    @SiliClone Do they actually have engaged status or only in the household info?

    Dunno but when they are together they're more than friendly... so they have at least a romance bar.
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    Hella learned her first spell which is ZipZap.
    She started practicing it in the backyard with a "training dummy".
    Meet Monty...
    Monty successfully derstroyed.
    Another try.
    That was awkward.
    Hope nobody saw it.
  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,898 Member
    Looking at all these screenshots I can't wait to get RoM!
    Gallery ID: xvvLN0Nl.png
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    edited September 2019
    The temptation to just jump in and turn Cass into a witch is strong, but... I want to stick to my story and I'm still in fall of the past year, so... I choosed someone else to explore the new GP...
    I never played them so they're like maxis made them, still.... Maaike had a hint for a story to write for her blog and was sure it would grant her a promotion...
    next morning, she convinced her roommate to accompany her to Glimmerbrook to take a look around...
    Ulrike decided to go, because she wasn't really inspired to paint lately...
    So they arrived to... a very ugly bar...
    and... people there didn't seem so happy to have strangers snooping around...
    they spent some time chatting with the locals, but everything looked pretty normal...
    then decided to camp nearby...
    and they're not really used to camping...
    Maaike decided to share the scoop with a friend and coworker...
    and he was curious so he came to take a look...
    just to leave right away to go to work...
    Maaike had to go to work, too..
    so Ulrike was left alone...
    and she was still not very inspired, so she decided to go and take a walk in the beautiful nature...
    she came across this guy she had met the day before at the bar.... who didn't want to stop to chat...
    so... she followed him...
    just to see him disappear inside a strange portal...
    and she decided to follow him through...
    now... that's an inspiring view...
    no sign of the guy, though... so she went ahead and entered the building...
    and decided that the best thing to do with this...
    was to cook mac and cheese

    "Oh, ehi! How is your mac and cheese coming?!"
    "yeeeeah... maybe you're not... really cooking mac and cheese...."

    she went looking around and found the woman she had befriended the day before...
    asked her some questions and.... she cast a spell on her...
    and told her to retrieve something....
    and she did...
    so now she knows that she can do something better with this than to cook mac and cheese!
  • RealTeacherPlaysRealTeacherPlays Posts: 40 Member
    I made Father Winter a spellcaster. :D
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,420 Member
    From time to time, Luna, Discord, and Celestia visited the magical realm. They had gotten a bit of a makeover. They chose different familiars. Luna preferred the starry owl, Discord has a raven, and Celestia got a phoenix.


    While Luna and Celestia preferred practical magic and making potions, Discord was biased toward the untamed and mischief magic. And he had a specific reason behind his bias… and he would retaliate if he were to encounter his enemies in the future.


    “We’ll go to Caster’s Alley for a bit,” Luna said. “By the way, there is a cute spellcaster upstairs.”

    Celestia smiled. “There is? I’m not sure if I can get into another romance. You’ve seen what happened several years ago.”

    “It doesn’t hurt to know him. He seems nice.” Luna grabbed Discord’s hand and walked toward the stairs.

    Celestia sighed, rolling her eyes as she followed them to the main floor. It wasn’t like the hot guys were common. Most of them didn’t arrive on her doorstep, even if a few had stopped at the bar after driving for hours. She would rather be single.


    Once Celestia entered one of the rooms, a man with messy hair and dark clothes sat by the window. Was this the man that Luna mentioned? She occupied a chair next to him. He was handsome. Also, he might be new, as she hadn’t seen him before.

    “What’s your name?” Celestia asked.

    “Aiden Halloway,” the man said.

    “Are you new here?”

    “I don’t come here often. No need to misjudge me based on how often I come here.”

    “Oh, okay. So you’re a seasoned spellcaster, then?”

    “Yes.” Aiden leaned back in his chair. “You’re kind of cute.”

    Celestia’s heart fluttered. “Thanks.”


    Luna was practicing her spells outside the magic headquarters when a sage approached her. They had a duel for knowledge, and she learned some important spells. Later, she went home, and so did Discord and Celestia.


    Zelda had just told the nanny good-bye, and she went into her younger sisters’ room. School was not her favorite place to go during the week, as it was almost an hour away, and she was very shy. One benefit of shyness, though, was the extra time to do her homework and her studies without interruptions. If she was ever told to go out and make new friends, she would quickly say no. Her only friends were Aurora, Twilight, and Starlight anyways.


    Even outside the magic realm, Luna, Discord, and Celestia would practice new spells. Because they took the time to learn, their magical skills had improved over time.
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    Hella is making slow but steady progress.
    Also got herself a cool broom B)
    She brought an orb with Dragon familiar for Wanda, but the girl can't use it yet :/
    Wanda is adorable and a great dancer.
    Poor Monty tho.
    I think romantic cuddles by a burning toilet should be an option.
    These two are crazy and I love them <3
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 388 Member
    I find it easier to name girls than boys. With Cedric, I completely ran out of ideas, so I just kept randomizing until I got something that felt fitting. Out of babies born when I am not playing their mother, Noelle was the only one to keep the name the game gave her, because the random names the game picks are so not my taste. How do you name your sims?

    That´s a lot of urns. Were the neighbours serial killers - because that would explain some of the noise? And what happened to Abraham - because it looked awesome. Was it a mod? I may need something like it in my game.

    I needed a break from childrearing, so I played Isobel who doesn´t have any and has zero intention to pop out any either.
    She lives at San Myshuno, next to Cassandra, Darren and Helena.
    Darren stopped by to say hi and took a nap at the hot tube EDlwICh.png
    I love Isobel´s bedroom n8qzMzs.png
    Nina came to stay with her for few days to get away from her family (the distant phase can be plum) and focus on her studies without being distracted by her siblings. Nina intended to graduate as an A-student, so she needed to work hard eCU8PX3.png
    She also made a new friend geTC7FB.png
    Spoiled little rich girls learning how to cook jwdc0KO.png
    Nina ran into her most tolerable parent at nightclub, hREsUkW.png
    while Isobel hung out with her sister CatarinawqyVR8f.png (I have no clue why the lightning is so weird)

    How to say hi to your dad, study by Isobel Vatore wDi4LgP.png
    That´s exactly how both she and Catarina love to welcome Caleb almost every time he visits either of them. It´s a good thing that he finds it just as funny as his daughters do.
    Celebrating the first day of summer oRzceQC.png
    (Cassandra thinks that they are weird, but she still likes Isobel and Nina more than she liked Diego, because at least they do not run around picking fights with her)
    The girls went to the beach, but it was too cloudy for sunbathing. Isobel still went to swim, though 0XQwQ1c.png
    Afterwards, they ran into Orange, who was wearing his formalwear for beach ekE68nt.png
    He took a liking at Nina... but he wasn´t the only one WiEMOgU.png
    (autonomous first kiss mod)
    Poor guy was really offended by the display, he yelled at Nina for kissing Isobel back and stomped away. Orange really has no luck when it comes to romance - the first girl he likes picks her brother over him and the second kisses another girl right in front of him.

    Nina got an A, so it was time for her to age up. Goodbye, mood swings! 1TF2vIm.png
    Despite having just gained the noncommittal trait, her first whim as a young adult was to get engaged to Aedion, aka her second love interest and the guy she´s been meant to marry since childhood 2LgJSsH.png
    Aedion... was not feeling it. He kicked the ring away and called her crazy jTKP0M2.png
    Must´ve been cute crazy though, because Aedion was still very much into her, just not into the idea of marriage. At least not yet, because as it turned out, they hadn´t even had their first kiss yet (I have a mod that allows to propose without completing the previous steps) TB89NAF.png
    Aedion agreed to be her boyfriend, so it´s not a total loss
    Nina´s brother Nicolas though, has been following the family tradition, too, because without my knowledge, he has started a romantic relationship with Noelle, their older half-sister. Noelle and Joaquin really need to officially break up at last.
    Darren and Catarina argued about vampires (he is not a fan), but agreed to disagree and went back to cracking jokes at each other.
    Andrey managed to not publically hit on Cassandra (whom he is lowkey having an affair with), thus avoiding making it super awkward to Nina and Darren, who used to date each other before Darren fell in love with Lucas Munch and Nina broke things off with him.

    As Nina was now a young adult, it was time for her to rent an appartment of her own Qbh2t1c.png
    (I really adore how it turned out, it´s very Nina-sque)
    Angelique came to visit. Nina is a good girl, she doesn´t electrocute her parents BcWHcZi.png
    What Nina does is to continue picking up love interests left and right, she really is Andrey´s daughter through and through zYXYTIq.png
    At the moment, Nina has three lovers:
    1. Isobel, who is also in a relationship with Morgan Fyres (who before her, had a fling with both Isobel´s half-brother and half-sister. She has a type)
    2. Aedion, who is also romantically involved with Luna Villareal and Elsa Bjergsen (Elsa is into vampires and has been head over heels in love with him since she saw him feeding off Nicolas)
    3. Salim, who is not sure how he is supposed to tell his son that he has been sleeping with Darren´s ex-girlfriend, a girl half his age.

    Finally, a picture Nina took of her eternally young, totally- not- a -witch grandmother. mcqTcLN.png
    Sadly for Antoniette, I am not getting RoM before October, so she won´t be returning to Glimmerbrook, to someone who has been waiting for her to come home... and to someone who put out a bounty for her head for few more weeks.
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    I don't seem to be able to just relax and enjoy the game, anyway...
    Ulrike was just... chilling out in the magic realm...
    Learning what to do with her new powers...
    and she... lost sight of the time.... she was missing for two days and her friends were very worried...
    they decided to go to the bar to ask around...
    the old witch tried to hit on Gunther, of course....
    and... I edited the mischief sage because plum, I wanted the trailer sim...
    and she didn't hit on Gunther...
    they solved nothing and I took them back to the camp because they were exausted...
    next morning, Ulrike realized that she had lost the sight of time and came back...
    her friends were sleeping, but no problem because she was charged, and finally inspired!
    when they woke up and found her there, Maaike had to ask for an explanation...
    but didn't really believed the one that Ulrike gave...
    so Ulrike took them to see it...
    and Maaike is not one that steps back...
    at this point, she had to take a day off because you don't go to work when you discover a magic realm...
    Gunther was.. not so happy to be there ...
    and Maaike didn't have breakfast...
    perfect occasion for Ulrike to show off the only pratical spell she knows...
    and after that..... Maaike had to ask to learn it too!!
    so Ulrike took them to see the sage...
    since his friends were going crazy with magic, Gunther decided to go and look at the library...
    and he was happy to find books he didn't know!
    he also introduced himself to the girl that was reading there too...
    and since they made friends so fast and were getting along.... I scoped the surroundings...
    indeed he likes her, so he dropped the question...
    plum... it's true!
  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,626 Member
    When you duel with a sage.

    When you duel a spellcaster.

    A good duel.

    Getting better at this.

    Proud of herself on her last day as a teenager.

    Morgyn: Be careful with magic.

    Juliana understand what that means.
    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Elina & Don.

  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    So... Ulrike saw it all and decided to give Gunther a little help...
    after this, though, Emilia went home, and I found out that Gunther doesn't go around bothering everyone only at home...
    at least Morgyn enjoys talking about books with him...
    they were all tired, so Ulrike made some potions...
    that Gunther refused to drink...
    with the help of the potions they could keep going...
    Maaike won despite being a lesser rank...
    and Gunther was even less sure about this all...
    but... Emilia was back and he went talking to her some more...
    then, the Mischief sage had to intrude the conversation and make it all awkward because... she's a mischief sage after all...
    and she intruded... over and over again...
    "are you sure you want to flirt with this one, Emilia? You're engaged, with a mage..."
    "...and this guy's hasn't even asked about magic in two days he's been here... even refused a perfectly fine potion from his friend..."
    she enjoyed it very much, too...
    so they decided to move away from her, in the garden...
    were Emilia arrived like this!
    did I say that I already love her?! I got a thing for clumsy sims... (Cass is clumsy, too)
    they went on flirting pretty bad...
    when she went home, he decided that the sage was probably right... he should at least ask.. and since he had made friend with Morgyn talking about books...
    why not ask him?!
    Emilia's fiance saw it all.. i don't know how he got stuck there but I had to teleport him out of it...

    .... untamed magic in the hands of a clumsy sim... don't do it Morgyn...
    he did it.. this is worse than Wolfgang being a vampire!!

    yep, they're living on potions because I don't feel like taking care of their needs...
  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 575 Member

    Sim years later...

    Aged up into a young adult and ready to live on his own, Curtis moved out of Brindleton Bay to live at his now deceased grandparents' house in Windenburg.


    Renovation of the inside
    Living Room



    Curtis still had the picture of him and his childhood friend, Andromeda. He hadn't heard from her since they've been separated because of her mother.

    Where is she now?
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,238 Member
    I'll return to the magical realm at some point, but for now, it's homework. Fortunately the winter term is only two days, however, that means for one night they have to double down on their studies & get their term projects done.




    "We did it! Thanks mom!"


    While the kids were at school, Leo & Kira put up the holiday decorations.


    With schoolwork off their minds, everyone slept well that night.


    They opened presents first thing in the morning, then headed to the park for wintertime fun.




    While the kids played, Leo enjoyed his new tablet that was under the tree for him.


    Later that evening, Alvin practiced the piano, but Hallie & Killian just wanted to monkey around


    Gallery ID: LDM2
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 456 Member
    Hey Everybody! I hope you are all having a great week! I didn’t have time to comment on everyone’s posts but I love what I’m seeing! I’ll catch up on comments tomorrow! I’ve been too distracted by Realm of Magic!!
    Just responding to replies to my comments for now
    @alwaysasking Oh I love the name Nelson too! I may have to steal it;) Thank you for the url for saving the base saves!!
    I actually do my story writing in Google Chrome Docs because it saves it automatically without taking up computer space. The screenshots are a different story. They are all saved on the same laptop so I will have to go through and delete a bunch I don’t use to help save space.
    I had saved up for this laptop but I got a great July 4 deal on it! Its been like 10 years since I had a new computer!
    Well I realized I kinda goofed at the very end of the Villareal Mystery. My plot had Griffin handing over a fainted Jacques to Kat Cave. Kat would take Jacques on her own to Forgotten Hollow. She and Vlad have made up their differences and are friends again since she was using Jacques as a “peace offering.” I thought I had a couple of good screenshots but it turned out they didn’t save. :(

    Thank you for liking my ending to the Villareal Mystery! I have always liked Luna but you are right, she is definitely a bit awkward and likes to attach herself to friends. She has a teen foster sister now whom she follows everywhere. I’m hoping she will come out of her shell.
    And OMG I am loving your Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax!! or the early versions! I can’t wait to see what antics your Nanny Ogg gets into lol!! Those two are such characters. I have just made mine too and posted them on the Gallery. I can’t wait to play them. I approve anything Discworld lol.
    I can definitely see where EA was inspired by Discworld with the floating worlds! I’m loving it. I’m currently recreating all my favorite characters in CAS that use magic. :)

    @angeliqueadelaide Ah poor Caleb. He does have a lot of feelings lol! Seriously, I hope they have fixed that vampire weakness glitch. I wind up turning them back into vampires because of it. I have never played him with eternal sadness though lol! I do know he hates being rejected. He had a crush on one sim I have but she settled down with another. He comes over everyday and tries to flirt with her. Then he mopes when she rejects him.
    Oh poor Lilith. She finally got the baby she wanted then it turns out she had triplets! I’m glad Paka has been able to help her out. I also saw that Lilith’s Cedric may be a true hybrid! I have a few in my game too. They can be very buggy but its cool playing with them. I had to cure one of them of vampirism though because her dark form glitched and she was walking around with a fish tail.

    @Daephene Thank you for liking my Villareal Mystery!!

    @smellincoffee Oh no! That sucks that you were sick on your vacation! I hope you had a good time anyway though! Realm of Magic has been a lot of fun playing so far!! Totally worth buying it

    Well I have been experimenting a bit with Realm of Magic, not in my main save
    I downloaded my sim Rachel again into a new save. She moved into Garliclauter House in Forgotten Hollow. I’m converting it into my new witch house. She decided she wanted to become a spellcaster:) Random images
    Rachel visits the bar in Glimmerbrook and meets an odd guy name Morgyn. She entranced him with an Omiscan folktale
    Random images
    She meets up with Morgyn in the Realm of Magic and finds out he is a wizard. He gives her the spellcasting ability. I love the animations!!
    She brews some potions and duels another spellcaster

    They have a kid together now. Morgyn doesn’t know how to make ugly babies!
    He is still a sage over in the Realm of Magic but he does like to come over mooch a meal or two. He comes over to hang out every evening.

    I also recreated a couple of Discworld characters. Sir Terry Pratchett wrote this series. I highly recommend it!!
    The Witch Coven
    After a strange magical accident that teleported our 3 heroines to Willow Creek on Sim Planet, the Coven decides to settle in Willow Creek.
    Intelligent, prudish, and austere Esmerelda Weatherwax is undisputed head witch in her community.
    She is known as Granny Weatherwax or Mistress Weatherwax when she’s extra scary. Granny is very powerful. She has never been in a relationship because she wanted to focus on her witching career. She acts as a midwife and healer in her part of the community. She fills the “Crone” part of the coven, but never say that word in front of her lol. Its the “maiden, the mother, and the….well, the other one (Pratchett quote:) Her familiar is a white cat she has named “You”

    Granny’s best friend is Gytha Ogg, aka Nanny Ogg.
    Nanny is the mother of 15 children and countless grandkids and great grandkids. She is the matriarch of the massive Ogg clan and the “undisputed tyrant of the Ramtops (their country). Nanny Ogg is a cheerful character who loves her family and friends. She is also very romantic at heart. Scratch that, Nanny is downright raunchy lol. She loves a good ale and food and is up for singing inappriopriate songs at the local bar. Terry described her as having a “the mind of buzz saw behind the face of an elderly apple!” She’s very spry. She also acts as a midwife and healer. She’s the “Mother” of the coven. Nanny Ogg has cat as a familar named Greebo. Nanny thinks of him as a cute fluffy little kitten.
    In reality, he is a huge, foul smelling, evil entity of a cat that terrifies the neighborhood. He is popular with all the lady cats however. He has fathered most of the cats in the kingdom of Lancre lol. Nothing gets away from Greebo. He has personally eaten a Vampire in the form of a bat.

    The youngest member of their coven is Magrat Garlick.
    Poor awkward and gawky Magrat. She never really filled out after puberty and her hair is always a mess no matter how much she brushes it. Her mom meant to name her Margaret but didn’t know how to spell it lol. She was stuck with Magrat. Magrat is a sweetie. Magrat is all about herbology, crystals, and occult jewelry. She is a vegetarian and well tell you all about the dangers of eating meat, in her words, “if you could see the inside of your colon, you’d be horrified!” I made her character as good, squeamish, and vegetarian. Obviously she fills the maiden role in their coven.
    Poor Magrat is constantly having to intervene between the two older witches. They are polar opposites in terms of their personalities but they have been best friends for decades. Another Pratchett quote: 3 witches make a coven, two witches make an argument.
    Nanny and Granny are supposed to be elders but they are very spry. I decided to make them into as older adults instead.
    The ladies share breakfast together

    Later on in the series, Magrat gets married and settles down (she becomes Queen lol) so they have to recruit a new “Maiden” witch and that is
    Agnes Nitt
    Agnes is very pretty but doesn’t realize it, she has always been a tad heavier than other girls and is very self conscious about it. Every one always describes her as having a “wonderful personality” and having “great hair.” Agnes doesn’t realize that she has the makings of a powerful witch which is why Nanny and Granny have been encouraging her to take up the craft.

    Vlad de Magpyr is a “young” vampire (like 200 years old) who is romantic-at-heart. They met each other after Agnes and the rest of the Coven defeated his family who were tormenting a small village. He used to be evil but he has since changed his ways and strives to become a good Vampire.
    Ever since roomies Agnes Nitt and Vlad de Magpyr were magically teleported to Sim World from Discworld, young witch Agnes has moved to the big city to start her singing career. Art critic Vlad de Magpyr has moved in with his young friend from old. A romantic soul, Vlad has had a huge crush on his friend ever since they met. She always said “he had what you could call an infectious smile, but, then again, so was measles.” Will he finally woo Agnes this time or will she resist his charms?

    You can download these folks on the Gallery. My EA ID is sarabeth6701d
    They are under “Discworld Witches” on my account and “Agnes Nitt and Vlad”
    Till next time!
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,204 Member
    @sarabeth2984 love love love your disc world people. They are so recognisable. I am hoping to do some of the other older witches as young adults and add them to the covern too. I wish wizards had a staff so nanny could sing her favourite song. Is there hedgehogs in my first pet? Perhaps her children need one haha. Gytha is more saucy than i hoped and giving esme lone wolf makes her tense and stand offish (its a powerful trait). Magrats traits should make her "fun" to play. Lol
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,933 Member
    edited September 2019
    I decided to see what random creations CAS might offer tonight. I don't know whether he is a premade who just showed up in CAS or a gift from the CAS gods, but I adore him. This is Claudius Sharp.

    I changed his shirt (though it is somewhat similar to the original) and the color of his shoes. I also changed his necklace, because the original wouldn't show up with his new shirt.

    I decided to create a sister for him who would also be a young adult. However, the game automatically presented me with a child before I could create an adult, and I fell in love with her. I changed her hair and the color of her skirt. The game always loves one particular hairstyle and I didn't want to see the same one again. This is Katrina Sharp. Their mother died, and their father had deserted them years before, so Claudius is now Katrina's caretaker.
    I'm sure everyone thinks her leg warmers with sandals are awesome. I gave her the socially awkward trait too.

    I also gave them a kitten. The kitten is mostly random, but I removed some of the orange coloring because I already have a cat in the game with similar coloring. This is Castor.

    I downloaded a custom career, One of the Faithful, a while ago, but I used it for the first time with Claudius. I've been playing a family lately that is very successful in their career, bringing home thousands every day, so it certainly took me by surprise that Claudius only earns $60 per day and only works four days per week! But Claudius is Good and his faith is more important to him than money anyway. He belongs to a make-believe Sim religion.

    They moved into a house with a closet. I've never played with a closet before. Katrina had lots of fun playing with it.

    So here is the reason I decided I should share what happened in my game tonight. There is a random townie who has been in my game for quite some time, but none of my Sims ever really got to know him. When Claudius went to work that night, the little girl and the kitten were left alone at home. I didn't realize the game would let them be left alone. The townie came to the door, and Katrina invited the adult stranger in. He made himself at home, wandered around, and then sat right next to her on the couch. When Claudius returned, Claudius became unhappy because he had been interacting with someone evil. So some strange evil man was alone with the child on the couch while Claudius was at work at night! I deleted the townie from the game and decided that Claudius had called the police on the creepy townie. I never knew before that this townie was evil. The whole thing seemed so weird, that a child should be left alone at night when the caretaker goes to work, and that an evil man would come into the house and sit right next to the child.

    But everything is okay in the end, because Claudius and Katrina love each other.

    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    Is the townie generator going crazy?! 'cause my game just throw out this:
    I'm giving him a makeover but the genetics were like this already, as well as his general look....
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