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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • AlexcielAlexciel Posts: 94 Member
    I've decided to reset my legacy gameplay and play it at a later date. If I'm going to play legacy, then I want to do it right by having the pre-mades have the relationships they're supposed to have according to Maxis, like Ollie being married to Babs, Johnny actually being related to the Landgraabs, etc. So I need to modify a lot of things with cheats and MCCC, and yes, that means Malcolm, that little twerp, is going to be alive again. Meanwhile I'm going to play casually until I feel comfortable.

    Did you know that johny is the older borther of Malcom? Its not obvious but he has had many babies on my game and you can see Nancy and Geoffrey genes, I supose is the secret reason Nancy and Geoffrey are adults and not young adults, you know because they have a young adult son.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,308 Member
    Ok, so, my youngest child is leaving for college on Friday. She’s driving (with an adult) but it’s a 27 hour drive.

    We are trying to get her ready to go, and I’ve been busy.

    That said, I don’t think I can catch up on this thread this week. I’m going to answer the mentions I’ve gotten, but that might be as far as I get. 🤔

    Sorry to the rest of you, I’ll try to read everything and check awesomes to everyone. Hopefully things will be normal again by Friday afternoon or Saturday. 😊

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  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,761 Member
    edited August 2019
    No worries.

    I have news! We've got two new hens. One's a Speckledy that we named Prudence, and the other is an ISA Brown we called Sadie. We already have a Bluebell named Tosca, so, will be interesting tonight. The other thing is, seems Prudence is at the bottom of the pecking order.
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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,782 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Oh thats great, take your time we the peeps know you'll be back :p

    So even though I just had a detour here is another as I took out my mods first.
    this is Alana she was made when we first got style influencer, she's a rather happy go lucky sort of vampire, she was torn between Caleb, Patchy, and her eventual husband. While watching over Spiderman and dogs lol. She was perfect for this and this time she has an assistant.
    Tyler is a mermaid, he's fascinated by the beautiful vampiress and eager to help her achieve her dreams.
    He's happy to meet some new neighbors...till Akira put his arm around hiss boss... heh..
    I like these new frames
    got this one so Alana could paint her portrait.
    She's smiling but got a moodlet for depressing decor....guess I could add more.
    no matter how he feels about her he doesn't appreciate being a front of outsiders.
    though the little smile says otherwise.
    Its just part of his job description.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    Needed a new pic..

  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 806 Member
    Katrina Caliente died of old age today. She spent her last moments with her granddaughters.

    Katrina saying her goodbyes to Lucy. She's Dina's daughter.

    Here's Katrina with her other granddaughter Mysteria. She's an alien (Dina's husband Matt was kidnapped and became pregnant).

    Katrina took care of her granddaughters every day when their parents were working and she developed a wonderful relationship with them. It was difficult to let her go, but she had already drank a youth potion once. I never knew I would get attached to her so much. :'(
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 665 Member
    Just a short update because....I have not played much.

    Gunnar tickles the ivories of this grand piano. But what to do when he gets tired of playing the piano?
    Play the guitar of course! Anything that keeps him away from the sunlight.
    Meanwhile Luz warms herself up at the fireplace.
    Even though as you can see by the thermostat, it's cranked up to the warmest is can be without giving them a heat stroke!
    Later that day, Anastasia came over to visit.
    And then Gunnar immediately reminded her of an embarrassing childhood memory.
    Guess what? WINTERFEST AT THE BAILEY MANSION!....In the sweltering heat of Strangerville.
    Abraham: "Nice, now that I'm the only one still alive from the fight with Mother Plant I'll get all the attention now!"
    Rainn: "Can we continue the party inside? SOME of us are dying out here!"
    Gunnar: "This tree hasn't even been decorated! I'll have to fix that!"
    And while everyone's distracted, Luz sneaks a present. You little rascal.
    Oh and here's Grandpa Igor in his partywear that makes him look more lively than he really is because he'll break your legs.
    Oh hey, not only does Gunnar get to see his Ghost!Grandma again, he also gets to meet his son, Rico Goth (not the name I would've picked but that's the price for just kind of tossing him at someone else to take care of) for the first time.
    Gunnar: "Ah yes, these two women that I've CLEARLY never met before wink wink."
    Santa Claus: "Move aside, discount Santa coming through!"
    At least Rico got something nice.
    Abraham: "Aw man I can't wait to see what I got!"
    Abraham: "It's.....what is it?"
    Discount Santa: "It's a 'Get the hell over it already' award. We get it, you saved Strangerville, that was over 20 years ago. Get over it already."
    Gunnar: "Oh boy what did I get?"
    Discount Santa: "It's exactly what you deserve after dating all these ladies, I fished it out of my toilet this morning."
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,490 Member
    edited August 2019
    As you can tell from my new avi, Mason has a love interest! If I get the Moschino pack, miss Sara Richards- daughter of Gavin Richards and Dina Caliente- may be a fashion photographer.

    Mason and Sara's first kiss!
    (someone on the gallery converted sims 3 restaurants to sims 4. They're at Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner)
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  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 156 Member
    So I didn't play a ton today, but since I bought Moschino stuff I decided to have a photo shoot with my family.

    First off, though, I gave Astrid this hair I downloaded last time I went CC shopping. It's a conversion of that new adult hair we got last month for children and I thought it looked really cute on her.

    I tried taking some pictures in the house but the lighting was really weird

    So they headed to Myshuno meadows because it was thunderstorming really bad in Willow Creek. I took a ton of pictures so I'm not gonna post all of them, but here's a few highlights. I also moved Beatrice back in to help take some of the pictures, and I might let her stay to help Parker with the kids for now.

    Parker and Salem

    The triplets


    Parker and Aiden

    Parker and Alexander (or at least I think that's Alexander. I keep forgetting which one is Adrian and which is Alexander)

    Parker and Astrid

    Just Parker


    Astrid and Alexander(?)

    And that's all for today. Hopefully I get to play more soon but since I'm heading back to college on Thursday I might not have much time. I have a sim that I might want to use to test out the photography career, or if I don't end up using him I might wait until Astrid is a young adult and have her do it.
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,204 Member
    So many posts - enjoying everyones stories but only have limited time so no comments today.

    Bondi continued to work hard – she finished nearly all her goals before her youngest children became teens.

    A quiet family moment – Bondi spends time with Clovelly preparing her for the future and they are best friends.

    The incense I used to try and get the kids focused for school and homework set the table on fire. This random stranger came in the house and sat in the burning chair.

    He wouldn’t stop eating even when the bowl of food turned to ash! Thankfully Clovelly saved his worthless life.

    Bondi is feeling good.

    She has worked hard on her fitness.

    A rare shot of the family all together

    When you call the repairman but your sim insists on fixing it herself.

    Clovelly is nervous about having to carry on the drifter legacy. Bondi reassures her.

    Mother / daughter heir survival training.

    Clovelly autonomously developed some good skills for the future.

    Cabarita and Camden aged up to teens and both had a surprisingly good sense of style gifted to them by the game so I didn’t edit them.

    Aged up but not grown up…..

    Bondi has finished her house

    But she is sad because Clovelly will be leaving soon – and the others maybe will go too…. Stefan tries to cheer her up

    What to do when you have finished your tasks and aspirations ….
    Go to the spice festival (not sure she liked it!)

    ….. Date your husband

    I have enjoyed playing Bondi so much and Stefan is such a sweet sim. I will miss them heaps.

    The finished rooftop has a hottub – Bondi was somewhat ambivalent at first

    The teens lived 70% of their lives in the hot tub (enjoy it while you can Clovelly!!)

    And eventually Bondi decided that she loved it too
    She also loved the private love seat nook she and Stefan built.

    But all too soon it was Clovelly and Coogee’s Young adult age up.

    Have you really aged up if you haven’t passed out at your own coming of age party?

    Coogee moved to San Myshuno with a friend from high school. Clovelly has to go to start her challenge at Riverside Roost in Willow Creek, Bondi tells her she will love it – she remembers her own wonderful childhood there.

    Clovelly is one of the best at this – she earned a bed and a toilet on her first day. She started with gardening, handiness, logic and fishing at level 2 (and dancing level 4, but she is a dance machine trait sim) – not bad for an autonomous unplayed sim.
  • CzartyCzarty Posts: 21 Member
    I've been creating a challenge where you roll each day for an 'extreme whim.' First day my sim rolled for pregnancy, so she got a boyfriend and settled down with a child. Half a week alter, she rolls to 'marry the first non-controllable sim you see,' It just so happens Caleb Valtore was busy breaking into my house and cleaning my dishes. So I guess he was the lucky guy!
  • AlexcielAlexciel Posts: 94 Member
    JustJak15 wrote: »
    I've been creating a challenge where you roll each day for an 'extreme whim.' First day my sim rolled for pregnancy, so she got a boyfriend and settled down with a child. Half a week alter, she rolls to 'marry the first non-controllable sim you see,' It just so happens Caleb Valtore was busy breaking into my house and cleaning my dishes. So I guess he was the lucky guy!

    My Sims have had extreme whims in normal gameplay, like having a baby with an especific Sim without being married, How can you have one everyday?
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 3,404 Member
    @AlwaysAsking I’ve never downloaded another save before so I don’t really know what to do. I’m also confused by what a “base save” is, so unfortunately I’m of very little help. Good luck, with your daughter! Hopefully everything goes well!
    @Daephene nice views! I only made it to a few. Haven’t really visited JA world much, but maybe I will now. Nice shots with the spiders, I agree they do move fast! Sad that Mariko passed during the trip though!

    @Morkovka Darn! I was hoping that I didn’t have to greet customers personally, last time I did that in retail, my game lagged horribly because the relationship tab was really filled up. Took my about 15 minutes to load my household😖. Awh, Muddy looks adorable! The garden in the background looks very nice! Very nice colors!
    @Gordy very cute family!Love that Makayla saved Kai and now they’re married, oh just read that she thinks they married too soon! That’s a very interesting story you’re going to play out , can’t wait to see it!
    @sarabeth2984 poor Eddie, just trying to make a family breakfast and he gets caught on fire. Wow, a lot of fires😅, haven’t had a laundry fire yet.good thing the neighbors came to help.
    @Becka28 really like Bondi’s house! Very nice detail, and nice use of those windows with the railing!
  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,158 Member
    @Gordy very cute family!Love that Makayla saved Kai and now they’re married, oh just read that she thinks they married too soon! That’s a very interesting story you’re going to play out , can’t wait to see it!
    I, uh, got cold feet and ended up walking back on it. (Read: deleting Makayla + the babies and pretending like nothing happened.) Instead, I'm taking it slow and having him build up a relationship with a local woman, because I was really enjoying the comfy family vibe and wanted to keep it going.
    Her name is Iona, and she's a gardener and painter. Kai's sister's husband runs a convenience store in Sulani, and Iano happened to be working at his in-law's convenience store when Kai and his mother went to buy groceries.

    She's also part of the Sulani Community club. I'm thinking that I might make a school in Sulani and have her be the teacher.
  • r0b0tman5r0b0tman5 Posts: 105 Member
    Fire started on my lot and my sim wouldnt put the fire out, just panicked the whole time lol.
    Been playing The Sims since The Sims 1! B)
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,490 Member
    Laila, Chloe, and Taryn Burkett aged up! Laila and Chloe are kids and Taryn is a teenager. I'm not too fussed about Taryn's genes since she was adopted as an infant.
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  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,568 Member
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    My new photographer sim has been busy trying to find new clients. His dream is to eventually only photograph sims and their pets, but for now he's building a name for himself and earning money.


    He developed a bit of a crush on Laura Reed - but she's already married to his best friend, and quite faithful. So Marcus has been feeling a bit lonely.


    She's been too busy to notice on her part, just trying to make it as an actress while also being a successful mother to her kids. She's a .. terrible cook though, she's set the kitchen on fire three times already (in a matter of two sim weeks).


    But finally, after 4 failed auditions, she landed a gig. And got GOLD right away. Guess working hard does eventually pay off (and let me tell you, she was pretty exhausted from the kids waking her up at like 6am)


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  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 730 Member
    I've been working on writing a backstory for my sim Athena, to post in the story section of the boards. And I bought the Moschino pack. So here's a few photos of teenage Athena and her high school best friend Yolanda posing in front of an old movie set.


    I'm making an old movie set park lot, like a tourist attraction where sims can go have their pictures taken in period backgrounds and costumes. I'm going to have to get the hang of the photography skill to make it work. I didn't get these cropped right when I took them and had to re-crop them on imgur afterwards. So Athena and her friend made good progress. And that's all I accomplished in game today.
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,204 Member
    edited August 2019
    @Daephene I am hoping to buy the pack this weekend. Your shots look great already and the period clothing idea sounds fun.

    @SimTrippy I love your pet photography idea and have been watching you on the other threads too. I hope it goes well. I like the pose of the woman holding her pet. Lol at the bad cook flaming up the kitchen. My sim would be reduced to salad cook until her skills got better.

    @HillyBeth I think Taryn is lovely especially with that sweet short cut to her hair.

    @Gordy You are brave going back and trying a whole new idea. I often play with a what happens happens attitude and then make myself miserable because I don't like what happens. I love the sound of his new love interest and it sounds like they will build a strong relationship this time around.
  • ccarrig_95ccarrig_95 Posts: 503 Member
    Finally a chance to quickly post about my simself and her family. I am in the process of moving. Moving day is Friday! Almost everything is packed, which is rare for me haha. This is my last chance to post about/play the sims until Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Anyways I made my immediate family, which has 7 members plus my cat. My parents have a cat too but she will be adopted later since I ran out of room.

    Here is myself, Caitlin.

    My mother, Cheree.

    My step-dad Ernie.

    My little brother Keagan. My brother in real life is 18 years younger than me lol

    My little sister Emily

    Her fiance soon to be husband Steven. They are married in the game and getting married in real life next week!

    Their son Declan. My sister is pregnant right now so I got her sim pregnant too and she ended up having a boy in game. His name is Shelby. It will be changed lol

    My kitten, now a cat in game, Oliver.

    Myself, parents and brother live in Sulani. They live with me until I can afford to put them on their own lot. My sister and her family live in San Myshuno. I am in the process of updating my house to fit my everyone. I originally had my parents in Windenburg but my mom was upset that they didn't live in Sulani. Once it is updated I will show before and after.
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  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,158 Member
    Alright, last update on my Sulani family because I'm sure you're all sick of them.
    Kai's still loved by the ghosts.

    Speaking of ghosts, his brother is one. Kai usually mourns at his brother's urn every day, though it's hard for me to care because Keoni's ghost is active every 🌺🌺🌺🌺 night. He keeps playing on the computer and stealing food from the fridge, it's like he never left.

    But at least he can finally give his father closure. Since Keoni was struck by lightning, his family didn't get to say goodbye (except for Kai, who ran to him as he was dying.)

    Kai has been dating Iona for five days. I'm counting that as five sim years. Despite the service being terrible, they sometimes head to the Boardwalk restaurant for a romantic dinner. Kai's hoping to buy it and turn the place around. It'd be better for Sulani's community, and keeping it stable would save a lot of jobs.

    Iona has a strange dynamic with the family. She's friends with Kai's sister and her husband. But ever since Iona moved in, mama Nalani's Jealousy trait keeps going off. It never used to before. Now, Iona can't even be in the same room with Heath without Nalani getting mad at her husband.

    She's a painter by nature, but she's also a good cook. Not as good as Nalani, but good enough to handle Harvestfest dinner by herself.

    Good thing, too. She's meeting Kai's entire family: his grandparents, Ray and Dawn; his aunt, Summer; his sister, Alani; his brother-in-law, Keemo; and his niece, Olivia.

    She gets along well with Olivia. Which is good, because Nalani babysits her granddaughter a couple of times a week.

    Even Kai likes the kid. But even while playing, he remains pretty serious.

    No one but Alani is close to Keemo, but they all like and respect him. He's a good man to Alani, he's a good father to Olivia, and he's a good businessman, running a successful convenience store that gives Sulani citizens items they normally wouldn't be able to get. Mostly collectibles, but they also sell produce, trinkets, notebooks, and Voidcritter cards.

    The day after Harvestfest, Kai brings Iona to the Boardwalk - where they had their second date. Unfortunately, no one showed up to work for several hours, so the date was ruined. But he still got to propose to her.

    Here's this really awkward picture. Her mouth was open, and his lips were puckered up. He ended up kissing the inside of her mouth.

    They decided to get married the next day, outside their home. The scenery was beautiful, so they decided to go simple and let nature be their wedding planner.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you believe in superstition), it started raining. Olivia showed up on the lot with an umbrella. I didn't even know toddlers could hold umbrellas.

    At first, no one wanted to come outside. But Kai and Iona refused to marry until everyone joined them

    Kai's entire family, the Sulani community club, all of the mermaids, and Marco Grimm (a distant vampire relative) showed up. I didn't account for how many sims would actually stay and watch, so some of them had to watch the wedding from inside the house. Whoops.

    Kai and Iona are always rolling whims to talk to each other. Kai works two part-time jobs and does odd jobs on the side, but he and his wife always have time for each other. She also supports his dream of owning the Boardwalk.

    As I said, she's also an amateur painter. When she's not painting in her office, she heads out to the outdoor easels and paints the landscape. She sells her paintings and saves the money for Kai's restaurant.

    Here's her office. It's also the laundry room and, once upon a time, used to be Kai and Keoni's room. Keoni's pet frog and some of his old junk are still in the room. Not pictured: the shelf that holds Keoni's old superhero toy, and the Kampos Voidcritter card Kai gave him when they were kids.

    Heath and Nalani still WooHoo every night. They both completed the Soulmate aspiration.

    Kai and Iona are part of a Sulani community group, which works to care for Sulani. Thanks to some hard work fundraising (and getting donations from the Kahananui family), they were able to transform the Admiral's Wreckage into a boat-shaped school, Kahananui School. Iona is pregnant right now. But once her child is old enough, she might start working as an art teacher at the school.

    Alani invited her family to San Myshuno for the Spice Festival. The stand that sold chopsticks-based food was closed, so we couldn't get that goal done.

    The whole family tried the spicy food challenge. Surprisingly, everyone failed. Except for Iona, who took home this t-shirt as a prize.

    By the way, Nalani and Kai both dress as pirates for Spookfest. Kai and Iona were just talking when in comes Nalani, interrupting to hug her son and show off her costume.

    Despite her eccentricities, Nalani's a great mom. She went back to selling seashells by the seashore to help her son raise enough money for the restaurant. She ended up completing the shell collection. (Or rather, Kai did - he happened to find the one shell she was missing.)

    And finally, Kai and Iona had a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Hana, and she's kind of ugly. But all Sims 4 babies are ugly, so no big deal.

    Iona is currently pregnant, hopefully with a boy. His name will be Keoni, after Kai's brother.

    Oh, one more thing: Kai keeps a picture his brother made when he was a kid. It's a nice reminder of the past, I think.

    Once everything's in order, I expect Kai to run the restaurant while his wife teaches and his parents look after the kids. When Hana and Keoni are old enough, they'll attend Kahananui School. And when the kids are attending school, Heath will retire, and he and Nalani will probably move to the retirement home in Willow Creek and enjoy their golden years with friends.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,422 Member
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    I started a second save, but I'll go back to my simself later if I wanted to. We have Luna and Discord again. It's one of my favorite MLP pairings, and they're starting off as young adults again. And a bit more drama in the first generation (you'll see later). It may end up as a ten-generation legacy. The game is set on a long lifespan.

    Luna and Discord had been friends for a long time, and there was a bit of romance back in their high school years. However, his actions as a teenager caused them to take a temporary break from the romance. Since they were done with high school and spending a brief amount of time in college, they decided to try the romance a second time. The park was the perfect place to rekindle the flame.

    "...and then, Celestia told me, 'Plays are not my cup of tea.' Movies may be commonplace, yet plays are timeless," Luna said.

    "Speaking of Tia, I bet she still disapproves of me," Discord responded.

    "You never know."

    "She doesn't trust me. I want to be with you, even if she were to say no."




    "That's something you told me in high school. Guess it still applies," Luna said, giggling.

    "Care for a kiss?" Discord asked.

    Luna shrugged. Before she knew it, they were kissing passionately... just like old times. The high school memories rushed back for a brief moment, then she pushed the memories aside. Even after all the teenage drama, she still loved him, after all. If the positive change in his personality was permanent, she didn't want things to change. But, could it be the calm before the storm?



  • Abc12Abc12 Posts: 11 New Member
    Uh wow, you guys have cool stories. While I’m here just playing with a family I got off the gallery :)
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,568 Member
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    Becka28 wrote: »
    @Daephene I am hoping to buy the pack this weekend. Your shots look great already and the period clothing idea sounds fun.

    @SimTrippy I love your pet photography idea and have been watching you on the other threads too. I hope it goes well. I like the pose of the woman holding her pet. Lol at the bad cook flaming up the kitchen. My sim would be reduced to salad cook until her skills got better.

    @HillyBeth I think Taryn is lovely especially with that sweet short cut to her hair.

    @Gordy You are brave going back and trying a whole new idea. I often play with a what happens happens attitude and then make myself miserable because I don't like what happens. I love the sound of his new love interest and it sounds like they will build a strong relationship this time around.

    Aw that's sweet! I hope it will work out too, I have to find a way to get him somewhere where there are a lot of pets so he can get to know them and their owners. Otherwise he can't really invite them over xD and of course he has to juggle this personal dream with his freelance jobs. I wonder if there will be any jobs including pets later on. Either way, planning on sending him to the BB park tonight when I'm home. I do kind of wish they had included a studio lot type similar to retail and restaurants, or that they will one day add more to these systems. It would be cool to have a place where sims actually came by to have their photos taken and would buy them. But well it's a SP 😅
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,559 Member
    Breed out the ugly
    Guess what! This young lady
    is pregnant with Adam's baby!
    Meet their baby girl
    Blaisdel Carrington
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
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    @mia_noelle97 Awesome photos! :love: What option did you use on the tripod to have Parker hold (likely) Alexander's hand? I never managed to get that with a kid :/

    @Becka28 Clovelly is pretty :blush: And I love Bondi's house, I saw it in your gallery, it's beautiful!

    @Daephene The idea with that tourist attraction is ingenious! :open_mouth:

    @Gordy Beautiful family! It's great that you manage to keep close ties between generations with so many members.

    @DoloresGrey She has... her mom's nose! It's a start :D
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