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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • HoveraelHoverael Posts: 886 Member
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    SimTrippy wrote: »
    Hoverael wrote: »
    Already got an idea for a family group of 11 sims, 8 in one and 3 in another but the second group is connected to the bloodline through marriage ties. Make them Japanese in origin, all of them. Creating a backstory there will be a little more time consuming because there are 11 to get through, not to mention names to come up with.

    Maybe Aiko Tamahashi and the Akahima son and father won't be alone anymore as the only other Japanese sims i have any more?

    Since there hasn't been any reply from the previous comment so far, i guess i will move onto this project.

    11 sims

    I know we can't actually put 11 in one household but the thought of managing 8 + another 3 actively in the same story... :scream:

    And here I already struggle to keep up with 8 sims (even if only one of them's a toddler).

    if you can manage 18 toddlers and 3 babies with 3 teenagers and 1 young adult? then 11 adults isn't much trouble.
    You can put them together under one roof with MCCC, set the household size and then manually move the last three sims with "Sim_move [first sim name] [last sim name] TO" and simply move them to your household. you will have all 11 under 1 roof.

    Although i didn't put all 11 under 1 roof, i do have 9 under 1 roof with the potential to go up to 12. the 9th addition is Morgan Fyres. at this point it is just a test through the family before putting any introductions in place, standard QA testing to make sure everything is within standards.
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    @DoloresGrey Aw hi!! It's great to see you. I missed it here. I am hoping to come back soon on a regular basis and get back to my old families. <3
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,761 Member
    edited August 2019
    Recently, Roddy Furystrykar went to the museum in Oasis Springs...amazingly, it did snow a bit. It's still autumn in my game:
    He had a look at the various boats on display:
    He went into Deadgrass Discoveries, in Brindleton Bay.
    Roddy looked at the paintings, taking in the brilliance:
    Later, he and Sophia went over to the library, Sophia's favourite place to be:
    Roddy sat down and read on his tablet, whilst Sophia got a book down from the shelves:
    They quietly and happily read for a few sim hours:
    After a few sim hours, Sophia had finished her book and put it back on the shelves. Roddy soon finished after:
    Roddy took a photo with Sophia, in their cold weather outfits:
    When they got back, Roddy went into his en-suite and had a mud bath:
    He then brushed his teeth:
    Outside, Benjamin felt the need explore space, so he went on a trip in his favourite rocket...I'd better stop.:
    Roddy watched the space launch. Oh yeah, that's Carol Brinson in the photo:
    Benjamin came back with a whale...
    I then decided to expand the collection room, which was in the basement of the media studio:
    I gave Shine and Benjamin's bedroom an en-suite bathroom:
    The roofing was the trickiest:

    More in the morning, when I get the chance.
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    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
  • fluffykinsfluffykins Posts: 36 Member
    My sim woohooed with Santa ;)
  • ccarrig_95ccarrig_95 Posts: 503 Member
    No sim update but after the plum day I had trying to get school taken care of I am in much need of a little SFH (simming for hours lol). I will have an update in a couple hours and will be playing my simself which includes me and my entire family. I will post pics too.
    (Top left to bottom right)Edur Zahrah, Cinderella, Tiana, Pocahantas, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Emerson, Nicole, Traci, Addisyn
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 456 Member
    Hey Y'all! I haven't been able to read everybody's stories yet since I've been last on here but I'll finish reading them tomorrow! Life has been crazy ugh!
    @Morkovka I'm with you on CC. I have mods but no CC. I like the clothes and building elements that come with the packs I purchase. I don't have the gerbil pack or luxury party. I wasn't overly interested in either. Mods are cool as they add interesting game play elements but I limit them to a small number.
    @AlwaysAsking Yeah, my group of 4 Strangerville heroes is rapidly growing lol!! Griffin and pals are still looking for evidence to finish their dossier lol. They have been getting into too many other shenanigans. The stolen refrigerator finally happened for me too. I thought it was hilarious. In all honesty, I had to have Bjorn change out of his pjs when he went to the library. Dude likes to get comfy lol. I was so upset about the miscarriage for Agnes, I managed to track down that add on and deleted it. Unfortunately Griffin never knew. But no worries, Agnes and her family are back on their feet. I am definitely using the Save Draft option just in case I lose it again lol!
    Vlad's son, Marcus Crow is a vampire! He is the only daywalker out of the bunch. I don't have his mom in the game, hmm. I imagine her kicking him out. I may have to incorporate her later in the story... He may look intimidating but I really like Marcus. You can download him with Miss Hell and Kat Cave under Rebellious Vampires in the Gallery. I never saw him as evil though. He doesn't have that trait. Vlad's wife is one of the premade sirens/mermaids in Island Living, Kalama-ainu or whatever the spelling is. I think she is based on the siren myth. I married them in CAS and used the genetics feature to give them children. They have two daughters. Laila is a vampire, and Isla is a mermaid. The game randomly generated their names too. I thought they were perfect. Laila apparently means dark beauty, or beauty of the night, and of course Isla means Island. Vlad can be terrifying but, Kally definitely rules the roost lol

    @Daephene Thanks about the Pancakes comment lol!! Mistress Hell likes them for whatever reason lol!! .
    @DoloresGrey At first I was a bit miffed I deleted my post but I am definitely laughing about it now lol!! Its been a fun play through with The Vlad and his kitten. When I had Vlad travel to Catarina's house and he arrived with all those cats outside, I was laughing so hard. She has definitely become a crazy cat lady. 7 cats! Cleo and Bittlebunn were busy apparently. Always a good idea to Save Draft before lol!
    @Becka28 I like Bjorn too! He gets a bad rap but he does have a quirky fun personality. I like playing him. I'm not a huge fan of his wife but I hate to break them up. I always give The Vlad a makeover. He makes such ugly babies in my game, and its so weird when you have realistic looking sims and then he shows up lol. My problem is no matter how scary or vampire-y I try to make him look, he always looks like a little boy to me lol. I imagine his wife Kallie calls him Squishie or something.
    @Tixyen Thanks! I'm having fun playing Strangerville. I'm hoping I can get Vincent to meet that pretty NPC sim. I think they might just get along
  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,158 Member
    Update on my main family: I played more, from the oldest's childhood years until he turned into a young adult. I have a ton of pics, but I decided to just show the two important ones and explain what has happened.
    The one standing up is the oldest, Kai. He's incredibly serious, studious and responsible. He cares deeply for Sulani culture and honoring traditions, to the point where he summoned some Elementals and they immediately approved of him. He has the good Responsibility, Emotional Control and Manners traits.

    He grew up and became a Fisherman. He does odd jobs to save up money to buy and run the local restaurant.

    The girl is the middle child, Alani. (Originally Leilani, but she started dating a townie named Keemo and I didn't want to rip off Urban Sims.) She's less studious and stern than her brother, but she's a brilliant and charismatic kid. She doesn't have her life or goals storted out yet, so she clings to other people for comfort. Is set to get the good Responsibility trait.

    The other boy is the youngest, Keoni. He's a mischevious goofball, but became a force for good after his mom spent hours and hours and hours lecturing him in Full Parent Mode. Bookish, squeamish and with a knack for finding trouble, he sadly died by electrocution shortly after becoming a teenager. His family is still mourning him.

    Meet Makayla Ohan'ali, a lifeguard who caught Kai when he fell into the water. And the thing about Kai is, he's a hopeless romantic. HE's stern, cautious and thoughtful when it comes to everything except romance. So he and Makayla immediately hooked up, and she became pregnant. They're married now, though Makayla worries that they got married too soon. Even worse, she's a sim with wander-lust, while her husband will never leave Sulani.

    She's a good sim - she even has the Good trait. But as much as she wants a family, she isn't ready for one, and she isn't ready for this relationship. I'm planning on having her divorcing her husband and running away from Sulani once the baby is born. Kai's going to get full custody, but she'll still write to her child and visit them when she can. It's going a messy situation that will take a long time to resolve.
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    I almost lost Cassandra to the sun because Caleb had to bring her out in the middle of the day to woohoo in a leaves pile... I can't leave them alone one minute... Apparently he really likes to woohoo in leaves piles and also, he really likes to kill her.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 456 Member
    Hey Ya'll
    Here's what happened in my game today. I'll try to keep it short!

    Fun Adventures with Captain Eddie in Sulani. Our loveable beach bumming Vampire

    Winter is almost over and its starting to warm up at Casa Shipwreck
    Its gonna be a good day.
    Eddie's neighbor Rachel was on her own for the next few weeks. Her husband Clint was in Strangerville on a mission so Eddie decides to make a huge breakfast for her family
    Then this happened
    Eddie finished the eggs and toast and cleaned himself up. He dropped off breakfast and caught up with Rachel
    Rachel was busy with chores so Captain Eddie helps take care of her growing baby. Eddie had one estranged son he no longer spoke to and several grandchildren. It was nice to borrow a baby to cuddle once in a while, even if they are strange and blue looking
    Rachel decided she was going to do laundry but forgot to clean the lint tray
    Fortunately the neighbors were able to help put it out
    Hey Rachel, look on the bright side, you're still alive!!

    Griffin and Pals in Strangerville
    The guys enjoy chilling out at Vincent's house (home base for our Strangerville Mystery) doing absolutely nothing
    Griffin calls his new girlfriend Agnes back in Windenberg. He's been missing her lately
    Clint (an alien and former pollination technician) the astronaut watching the news
    Bjorn the counteragent in covert operations out skating (Little Ms Sam's Skate Anywhere Mod)
    Vincent, Griffin's kid brother playing darts. He's getting better!
    Griffin and Bjorn decide to get down to business. They just need a few more pieces of evidence before they have a complete dossier on the case.
    Bjorn heard that the town mayer Ted Roswell has a secret room in his home with surveillance equipment. They will have to infiltrate the house to investigate. No prob says Griffin
    Griffin recharges with dark meditation before they leave
    They arrive at the mayor's house. Its imperative they enter quietly without drawing attention so Griffin mesmorizes Ted before opening the locked door.
    Griffin and Bjorn infiltrate the house. Griffin casts a sleep spell on Mrs. Roswell and one of their kids while Bjorn slips into the hidden room
    to look for clues
    They find what the need. Time to leave
    Run Bjorn!
    Griffin gets around as a bat. Bjorn wouldn't mind learning this trick!!
    Meanwhile back in Windenberg, Griffin's girlfriend Agnes has recovered from her miscarriage. Unfortunately she was not able to tell Griffin about their pregnancy in time. She feels she may keep this information to herself for the time being
    Her father Neil and her son Skylar are doing well
    Agnes decides to surprise Griffin and join their adventure. Somebody needs to keep these guys in check!!
    Griffin is ecstatic to see her

    Forgotton Hollow
    Straud Mansion
    Countess Kalama-ainu the siren is not pleased. In fact, she's furious.
    Her husband, Count Vladislaus Straud IV had a slight sunlight accident and is currently hibernating for the next few days while he recovers.
    Mistress Hell, one of Vlad's vampiric offspring has crossed the line. She has been pushing boundaries lately. It had been snowing heavily and Mistress Hell did not feel like facing the blizzard. She was famished and decided to feed on the Kalama-ainu's youngest teen daughter, who is also a siren
    Mistress Hell may think she got away with it but somebody was watching
    The Countess sets a plan in motion. It begins with an important phone call.
    Isla complains to her mother about the feeding
    Don't worry dear, Your mother has a cunning plan
    Laila, Isla's older vampire sister is engrossed in her favorite novel
    The Countess meets with her stepson Marcus. Marcus Crow is Vlad's oldest child and only son. His mother had kicked him out of the house when he began transforming into a vampire as a teen. Vlad took him in, helped him during the last stages of the transformation and had been training him. Her two daughters were barely children when he moved in and he was very protective of them.
    The Countess explains the situation. They agree. Both despise Mistress Hell and Mistress Kat
    "I'm sending Isla with you. She will be safe with him. Do you understand my instructions? Follow them to the letter."
    Marcus replies
    "But, I thought he died a long time ago?!"
    Just go! Tonite!
    Of course, why didn't the Countess confront Mistress Hell directly? Well, She has a precious and growing secret.
    They had been trying for years after Isla was born without success. But now Kallie could finally feel the next Straud's slight movements within. She was well into her first trimester. Vlad will be very pleased when he wakes from his hibernation

    Finally after a long day of travel by train and boat, Marcus and Isla arrive at their destination. It was not an easy place to find.
    Isla is skeptical. "Are you sure this is the right place?!"
    According to your mom's instructions this is it!
    Marcus knocks on the door.
    Its unlocked and they go in
    They are amazed to find a more or less comfortable home!
    "Are you Edmund Straud?"
    "Kiddo, I haven't heard that name in nigh on 2 centuries. Folks around here call me Captain Eddie
    Your mom called me earlier. She updated me on the situation
    So I guess you two can call me Grandpa Eddie
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,559 Member
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    @sarabeth2984 yeah well you won't guess what happened to me right after I read your post about you losing your post and then my hard laugh. I started my game. I played for days and days (in game). I had a couple of birthdays. Then I went in CAS for some makeovers. My game crashed. I didn't save it! OMG! :D:D:D Karma is for free. You don't pay for it. You just get it in return. Geez. I swear to you I won't ever laugh at anyone's Sims "misfortunes".

    At least I can grin at all of the fire your sims had! :D
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,761 Member
    Here goes some more screenshots! Recently, Benjamin was making something:
    Can you tell what it is?
    In the oven for a few minutes:
    Fruitcake. Yep. It was time for me to find out if the Furystrykar Household liked the stuff:

    The results of this little experiment:

    Likes Fruitcake

    Dislikes Fruitcake

    Back on track! The entire family went over to Club Calico, where Roddy played piano for them:
    Afterwards, he signed up for Drama Club along with Sophia:
    Roddy continued to practice dramatics back at home:
    Sophia started to practice dramatics herself:
    Lucy Bliss came round for a visit. She hugged Benjamin:
    'How've you been, my nephew?' Lucy asked. 'I've been fine. Sophia and Roddy have signed up for Drama Club' Benjamin replied, smiling.
    Around the back, Wendy and Tiffany decided to woohoo in the hot tub:
    Shine tested out the new en-suite bathroom:
    Benjamin and Roddy try out the Dragon's breath ice cream:
    'Yargh, hot hot hot!' Roddy exclaimed. 'I'm not comfortable! I'M NOT COMFORTABLE!' Benjamin shouted in pain.
    After his tastebuds had stopped screaming, Roddy got a big hug from Wendy:
    And she gave Roddy several big smooches on his face:
    Roddy went bright red. Wendy had covered his face in big bright shiny pink lipstick smooches:
    'Awww, that's so cute!' Wendy said, smiling sweetly and batting her eyelashes at Roddy. Roddy giggled and wiped the lipstick smooches off his face:
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
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    With 700 hours recorded and being ignored again, i'm gonna move along to another game for a bit just so i can enjoy being apart of something good which i'm not getting here despite one or two people responding (Thank you to those who did :smile:).

    Been a hell of a wild ride the last 500 hours. I guess i will see what happens but i'm not done with this game, not by a long shot. i'm likely to show up at some point in the future.

    All those sims stories and the like will continue to be filled out and after that put somewhere safe until i do play again. Sorry i'm not able to deliver the rest of the Matthews family for those who were waiting on it.
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,761 Member
    More screenshots, because, why not?

    The club house is finished! 2nd Floor:
    1st Floor:
    Ground Floor:

    Roddy and Carol went to the Art Gallery in San Myshuno:
    Vivaan is also out and about:
    Ok, now this is interesting. I didn't know that there were multiple areas in the Art Gallery. I think this is the Music floor:
    The art studio floor:
    At the very top floor, Roddy and Carol had a cuddle:
    'The club house has been built!' Roddy said, cheerfully:
    'That's wonderful news, dearie! We'll be able to meet there!' Carol said, beaming:
    Later, Roddy took Carol to Hound's Head to meet the rest of his family:
    Benjamin gave her a residence key. 'Any friend of Roddy is a friend of ours. Come around, any time!' he said. 'Why thank you dearie!' Carol said, smiling. She checked her phone. 'Time I went home. See you at the next gathering, Roddy!' Carol said, waving goodbye. 'See you, Carol!' Roddy waved back:
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    edited August 2019
    Not everyone here comments on everyone else's posts, at least not every one of them, just saying, those little "Like" and "Awesome" buttons are really handy, I use them a lot...
  • SimsLlinaSimsLlina Posts: 28 Member
    nothing.... yet! i will play later!
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,761 Member
    edited August 2019
    You guessed it...more screenshots.
    After going up a rank in Drama Club, Roddy and Sophia practice their lines:
    Berry Bliss visited:
    Benjamin went over to Sixam and collected a few items:
    He then analysed his findings:
    Roddy went bowling:
    He then competed against an angry Lilly Feng:
    I think she lost because she scarpered afterwards. Meh. More fun for Roddy!
    He got home and raked the leaves:
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
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    (Anyone else has this problem when you go to imgur to upload pictures and 15 minutes later find yourself browsing through those funny gifs and wondering what you were doing there in the first palce?)

    Noel doesn't like the changes in his sister Freya.
    They used to play together and now she's boring.
    When she's not making out with her boyfriend (gross!), she's in all sorts of 🌺🌺🌺🌺 moods and complains about it all the time.

    So the boy prefers to spend more time outdoors, mostly fishing.
    That's where he met Muddy.
    She looked really sick so he took her to the clinic.
    He couldn't get her examned by a vet, but he could buy her a special treat that seemed to help.

    Next day he met her in the park.
    She surely needed a bath, but Noel still thought she was the best dog ever.

    So of course he asked his mom if they could adopt her.
    "Sure thing, sweetheart, this household is a crazy circus anyway, there's only so much chaos one Huge, Loud, Playful dog can add!"

    So now Muddy is part of the family.

  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,559 Member
    @Morkovka aww, Muddy is so cute <3 She is lucky Noel managed to adopt her!
  • SimsLlinaSimsLlina Posts: 28 Member
    I love reading small stories @Morkovka !
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,559 Member
    @SimsLlina I love your avatar!
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,559 Member
    edited August 2019
    Adam is a teenager. He grew up like this. I only changed his hairstyle because the original one was a disaster. I am pretty aware of his eyebrows but I decided I am going to go with it :D

    This is his future baby mama Klára

    And this, dear fellow simmers, is Jacques Villareal. He is mean and rich and he lives on the biggest lot in Windenburg. Either he is doing a social experiment or pretends to be a homeless just for fun
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
    @DoloresGrey Well, the family info says he's eccentric :D Rich people can be weird.
  • Dust_Bunny2010Dust_Bunny2010 Posts: 124 Member
    I've decided to reset my legacy gameplay and play it at a later date. If I'm going to play legacy, then I want to do it right by having the pre-mades have the relationships they're supposed to have according to Maxis, like Ollie being married to Babs, Johnny actually being related to the Landgraabs, etc. So I need to modify a lot of things with cheats and MCCC, and yes, that means Malcolm, that little twerp, is going to be alive again. Meanwhile I'm going to play casually until I feel comfortable.
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 389 Member
    I sure didn´t see Captain Eddie´s family ties coming, good job! I like how all of your storylines are somehow connected to each other. Now I am curious - just how old is Captain Eddie, since Vladislaus is implied to be really old?

    It´s sad that you feel that way, I really hope that you find what you are looking for. Personally, I post here mostly to entertain myself - likes and comments are nice, but they are not that important to me. But I understand that there are people who feel differently.

    A new episode of young, dumb and very flirty:
    Nina may have miscalculated her friends´s morals while starting her club (not her own, she is her father´s daughter through and through and never posessed any to begin with). Because what was meant to be a place to chat, dance and play games together with little flirt to make things exiting has by now evolved into a full-blown swingers party.
    Nina hooked up with Elsa cvMbbMY.png
    Aedion made out with Morgan noDWaX7.png
    before making a move at Catarina, who was not feeling the same way. M57hbC1.png
    Having not seen Elsa with Nina, Catarina suggested him to try his luck with her. Aedion went to talk to her, just in time to see Elsa slap Nina for kissing Darren (who, when I last checked, was both Nina´s boyfriend and someone Elsa herself is occasionally messing around with.) prhnDmT.png Aedion let Catarina knew that he was not going to get in the middle of that love triangle? love square? (because Elsa, Nina and Darren are all also less or more involved with Lucas).
    Nina continued her guest to do all of her friends with sweet, airheaded Mortimer, RJitn2Y.png
    only to get jealous upon seeing him being romantic with Catarina (who remains his wife). 0EsM5bf.png
    Isobel sneaked into the closet with Cesare for a quick woohoo (she prefers to romance females, the only thing males are good for is woohoo) p0UvOw4.png
    Isobel later wandered off to hit on a bartender that she found - according to the mod that can´t be named - to be very attractive. As he wasn´t bad-looking, despite being about twice her age, I let her do it.
    I had downloaded a mod that allows teenage vampires to spar with adults and Catarina decided to try her luck with Cesare CbJMhZi.png
    Cesare lost, despite being of higher rank. He is yet to win a single sparring match.
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,761 Member
    Final lot of the day, I promise.
    Recently, Roddy went round to Carol's house. The pair became best friends:
    Once inside, Carol gave Roddy several big smooches on his face:
    Roddy went bright red and giggled. Carol had covered his face in big bright shiny pink lipstick smooches.
    Carol then gave Roddy a big hug:
    'That is for the trip to the art gallery and meeting your other family members, dearie! You've got such a kind and loving family!' Carol said, smiling sweetly and batting her eyelashes at Roddy. 'Thank you, Carol!' Roddy replied, smiling and wiping the lipstick smooches off his face:
    After a long chat, Roddy said goodbye to Carol and went home. Once he got home, Shine gave him a big loving hug:
    'Hello, my adorable son! How are you?' Shine asked. 'I'm fine! Carol says that you're such a kind and loving family!' Roddy said, cheerfully. 'Carol is a nice lady, isn't she?' Shine said, smiling. 'That she is. She's quite pretty, too' Roddy said, beaming. 'Awww, I just can't help it, you're so cute when you're behaving like a gentleman!' Shine said. She gave Roddy another big loving hug:
    Shine then gave Roddy several big smooches on his face:
    Roddy went bright red. Shine had covered his face in big bright shiny pink lipstick smooches:
    'I love you, mum!' Roddy said, still blushing, but smiling brightly. 'I love you too, my adorable son!' Shine said, smiling sweetly and batting her eyelashes at Roddy. Roddy wiped the lipstick smooches from his face:

    'Ouch. Did anyone see that?'
    Yikes, that one looked painful, too!

    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
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