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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • becks1112becks1112 Posts: 555 Member
    Somebody's found their soulmate!

  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,685 Member
    Back with Cameron and Mary I think, they need more attention for me to remember them here Nutmeg was "squeaking" at Silas who was kind of tolerating her as he meowed quite a bit.

    'Go away go away go away go away.'

    'And I was like Lily you don't roll around in puddles outside and she was all but puddles be the best and I was like so not okay with her not listening.'


    Or maybe he was trying to be polite...

    'So anyway about what I was saying earlier..'

    'Get away from me you foolish woman I don't want to be your friend!'

    'Oh that's okay I don't need you to like me for me to like you, so I was just with Oscar and you know sometimes he's hard to understand when he gets excited but then we ran around for a bit and it was just the best.'


    'Don't be jealous you can so totally come with us next time.'

    Hehe...yeah humor me, actually Oscar does like to dart around the house quite and energetic fox he is.
    Then I had Cameron check pockets as I usually forget and he found this fish that I named, the fish I found in laundry, he's a keeper.
    I haven't lived on the island in a while I guess I forgot the path when you send sims jogging.
    And we end with Nutmeg just done with play in the best way she can be, this was mostly pets being cute and such yes but I have ideas it depends on things..mmhmm.
    So while it meant some sleepless nights I put Akira in the freelance programmer branch or agency whatever, his first job of encrypting files eventually went well but he failed several times because his skill was so low.
    He was eager to make it up to her the following morning though he was still tired, it was kind of fast but I missed a pic don't be fooled Akira was pretending to be charming and blew an airhorn in poor Moni's face, I didn't know they could do that but it was prank day and if you have free will on sims can do that apparently.
    He gets tense when she's not in the same room he's in, already fairly possessive of her, she got a call from their landlord he wanted her to go out with him it was the opposites attract call...she's gonna keep that to herself he gets tense even when he's too tired to go be with her. Though that's just how he is.
    Now that was the whole weekend so I switched fairly early that morning, Richard is just thinking still not entirely sure how he's meant to approach Terrance he hadn't called thought maybe he should cool off...just see it was no big deal. Though as he told himself that he was soon wondering if it didn't bother him if he should make some sort of move or allow Terrance's pride to heal and just stick to being friends. How he hated it he hadn't been this confused since he was Danny's age.

    He thought he understood and would have to buy him a laptop to apologize for not understanding immediately.
    Danny watched him as he hadn't seen much change Rich was back to normal not so spacey so he assumed things were fine but at the same time he was curious..and had to pick on his little brother.

    "So dad about that thing that Tyler can't know about?"

    "Hey, I'm right here and I can hear you."

    "Danny honestly...Tyler it's nothing."

    "Lies isn't he getting a new..toy?" Rich huffed as he grinned at him rethinking his own gift for Danny soon enough but then he was still undone by Tyler's excited expression he hardly asked for anything he was a good kid but still a kid and sometimes that's all it took to distract him.


    "OH really? I want voidcritter cards."

    He shook his head thinking toy had a different meaning, it wasn't like Terrance was going to be their other parent or anything...though maybe they could have coffee.

    "Sure, now how about you tell me why you two are even up this early the bus doesn't come for another couple of hours."

    "To bother you." they said in unison, he sighed but then what would he do without them?

    "Go back to bed..the both of you."
    He got a jog in too to clear his head as he often suggested to Danny when he was less than the mature that Rich knew he could be.
    About time to leave Tyler was up just barely after his brother assuming Rich would be getting ready for work.

    "Hey Danny don't leave without me again!"

    "Too late twerp!"



    "Boys! For the love of all that is good in the world stop yelling! I'm trying to get an extra hour!"

    "Sorry!" they called together as he groaned.
    So not sure you remember but as I said I cheated him up just a tiny bit to get over those basic beginner days with's lots of coffee and mopping, his first patient Izumi was in decent spirits despite his fever.

    "Are you going to treat me with my own spit?"

    "No it doesn't work like that buddy, got to test this."

    " then you'll know how to make me better?"

    "Of course."

    "Can it wait till Friday?"

    "Test you're trying to get out of?"

    "How'd you know? Are you some kind of..some kind of magic wizard or something?"

    He chuckled.

    "Let's say that, and I'll lose my powers if I leave you sick that long."


    He thought they were done till he asked if he would show him how to fry girls with cooties.
    "No..don't want it."

    "You can't stay sick."

    "Yes I can."

    "It's just one shot, it won't hurt at all."

    "Yes it will! I hate shots!"

    "It said you'd say that."

    "Pfft you can't talk to medicine."

    "Sure I can, remember I"m a wizard, it promises not to hurt you if you're a big boy can you do that?"


    Worked like a charm.
    After he was off Rich was told he had some confidential samples to test he did as he was asked but wondered who was trying to hide they were sick, who could with the marks that popped up on most sims. I also put in the cheat to change a couple things here and there as you can probably tell.
    The next a little girl, he felt a little bad having her walk but unsure of what to do he got her to go.

    "Say do you know what sound a bee makes?"

    "'s uh...bzzzzzzzz."

    "That's so good, can you do it again? That's how long this will take, nothing to be afraid of at all."

    "Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." he cut her off, and actually she did giggle after the test finished, we'll say he has a way with kids :smiley:

    "Great job let's get you back to bed."
    One cup of medicine later she was all better and cheerfully making her way out.
    He needed a nap before his shift was over really should get more sleep.
    In the end he was glad to get home the boys usually took some sort of nap before doing their homework he just wondered...after dropping the grilled cheese I might to talk to Terrance.
    Didn't really complete the rotation but I ended with the Masters and Jillian did get pregnant I age up babies immediately in played houses so this little guy Is Grey Masters. So Cadence gets to keep her own room while the boys get to share for now.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    Hundred baby reached ten

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    @Tixyen Ok, I’m shook (as my teenage daughter would say – lol) Gemma’s past was before my entrance to the show here, I had no idea that she did those things! And wow, the kids saw this happen?! Your explanations of their reactions in the pictures is great!
    The second spoiler is great. They are coping, and I think perhaps this might keep McKenna away from trouble, she seems more focused now.

    And yay!!! for spoiler 3, it’s all so sweet, from McKenna being nicer to Lilith than normal, to realizing that Gianna and Javesh had stayed friends, on their own, from toddlerhood.

    Nanny is a good way to wrap up, finally, some stability in an insane world.

    @Beardedgeek All seems good in your growing household! And isn’t that funny? “- Lena "Saw a strange light". Thru two feet of concrete? -“ Well of course! That’s not strange at all, lol. And how delightful, checking twitter while your wife gives birth. I suppose it’s good she’s not live streaming it! And Rey and Leia are precious

    @Gordy All too true, sadly

    @Rouenpucelle lol, the same thing happened to one of my Sims, at that same time, by that same door (at least I’m pretty sure it was that door :wink: )

    @RedDestiny92 I didn’t know that about how the premades acted differently from save to save! That’s pretty wild. I never used to play the premades in The Original Sims or Sims 2, (except the scientist family. I liked playing as Nervous Subject, lol, he was so funny) I always deleted them. I’ve played a few now, just to try them out, but mostly prefer my own.

    That’s a funny line – the one that ends with “hold on tight” That’s pretty true of some real life relationships too though.

    And, you’re not going to believe this, but I didn’t know the dogs could go in the pools! So thanks for the picture of Lucy! You learn something new every day!

    It’s so wonderful that Lara is enjoying the camera (another name we have in common, I named one of Cenna’s friends Lara lol) and I can definitely see little Kelly’s smile all framed up there! So darling!!

    I like how Terrance’s story flowed naturally into Richard’s. Though I do feel sorry for Terrance, and it seems like Richard did too. Your line “that is also one of my sims and I know about her what Terrance doesn't” made me lol. You are the "All Knowing" in this world

    Richard’s conversation with his boys is fabulous! “Just don’t get back too late” I was rotflmao, and Danny’s intuitive “..A guy?” with Richard’s “Good Night son” was just the best! Their whole conversation was amazing! I’m going to love this new save!

    @Demery27 Goodness! That's a houseful of kids! And Johnny still hasn't figured out that they aren't all his kids? lol

    @Mindofy Is Erwin still wearing his awesome hat and running his little store? :smiley:

    @Beardedgeek So, the toddlers that you'd already had are gone now? You have little clones instead ? :smile:

    So … continuing [a brief recap - Ian and Lawrence are a married couple, Lawrence's sister Rose had recently had a baby, and it made Lawrence realize that he wanted a baby of his own. However, Ian already had a 17 year old daughter from his previous marriage, and in the past he'd said that he didn't want to start all over again with another baby. He and Lawrence had not discussed it since his sister’s baby's birth, because neither one knew what to say/do. But, earlier this evening Ian had gone to his friend Kary's house to talk about having babies for the sake of their loved ones, despite the fact that Ian and Kary are both much older than their spouses. Kary had been able to make Ian rethink his decision]

    When Ian got home from Kary’s house he looked for Lawrence. He found him in their room, just sitting on the bed. He sat down, pulled Lawrence to him and held him close. Then he kissed him softly and asked, “Are you ok Sweetheart? Why are you sitting in here without a book, or your tablet?”


    Lawrence murmured something about not being able to get himself to do anything, and then Ian said, “We need to talk about that Lawrence. Why are you so sad? I really need to know, I don’t want to guess. I think I know why you’re sad, but I’d like you to tell me yourself, ok?”


    Lawrence looked him in the eyes, and said, “You don’t want to hear this Ian, I know you don’t, so I’m not going to say it to you. I’ll stop being sad someday, I’m sure.”


    “I’m not sure if you’ll ever stop being sad,” Ian said. “I need you to tell me. Please tell me. I don’t want to guess wrong. You’re so smart, and you’re so sweet, that I know I can’t read your mind. And you’re so conciliatory that I’m afraid you don’t always get what you want. I need to know why you’re sad Sweetheart. You have to tell me.”


    “I don’t want to lose you Ian, so I don’t want to talk about this,” Lawrence said.

    “You will never lose me Lawrence – never,” Ian said, “but you have to tell me, I don’t want to guess, and be wrong.”

    Lawrence was so afraid to say it that he couldn’t look at Ian. He was terrified, and he knew that this would forever damage their relationship, but Ian kept insisting, and Lawrence would never lie to him, so he couldn’t just make something up. He made sure that Ian was holding him close, and then softly he said, “I want a baby Ian, I want us to have a baby.”


    And then he started crying. He couldn’t take it back now, it was out there, and he knew that Ian didn’t want to have another baby, and nothing would ever be the same again, because there were no winners in this situation, just martyrs.

    Ian kissed him, on the forehead.


    He tried to get Lawrence to look at him, but Lawrence wouldn’t. Lawrence’s world was crashing around him, he was going to lose Ian; he knew it.

    But Ian spoke, and he said, “I want to have a baby with you too Sweetheart. Don’t cry, I want a baby too.”


    Lawrence looked up in disbelief, and he said, “Ian, I know you don’t want another baby. I can tell. I know you. I know your feelings better than you do, because you don’t know the right words half the time. And I know for a fact that you don’t want to have another baby.”


    Ian said, “Didn’t, I didn’t want to have another baby. Now I do. Honestly, I do. I love you Lawrence, and we will be the best parents ever, and our baby will be perfect, because you are perfect, and the baby will be a part of you.”

    Lawrence stopped crying. He looked at Ian, and he could tell Ian wasn’t lying, because Lawrence did know Ian better than Ian knew himself. Lawrence could see the sincerity in Ian's face, and he started to smile.


    Ian wanted a baby too!

    That weekend, Rose and Jack decided to finally go to a Romance Festival that didn’t involve making a baby, or having a baby. And with Lawrence willing to watch Willis at the drop of a hat, they asked him to come over, and they headed to the festival.


    They had a wonderful time! As per tradition, they had to start with a cup of tea. “Wow, do you remember it being this strong the last time we were here?”


    Tea drinking inevitably turns to petal throwing, which absolutely delighted Rose. Who doesn’t want to be showered with flowers?


    Jack was prepared with the real thing too. He wanted Rose to feel wonderful tonight, so, a rose for his Rose! The most amazing woman ever.


    As gifts of flowers often do, some kissing followed.


    And Jack is an expert.


    Certainly Rose thinks he is, and I have no reason to doubt her.


    They did a little bit of slow dancing.


    Which somehow prompted Jack to do his best impersonation of a teenager trying to seduce someone.


    Rose said, “Step aside and I’ll show you how that’s really done.” And Jack had to admit she was good …


    They enjoyed their time together.


    Knowing that Lawrence was watching Willis made it a completely carefree night for them


    And it was beautiful.


    Back at their house, Lawrence was having the best time he’d had since Willis had been born.


    There was no dark shadow looming over him, no sadness on the horizon. Just him, with his beautiful nephew, and his knowledge that Ian wanted a baby!


    His mind was whirling in a million different directions, thinking about baby names, and baby furniture, and baby strollers, and baby car seats.


    He was planning for his time off of work, to be with his baby, and thinking that maybe he didn’t need to work anymore, at least not until the baby was old enough to go to school.


    They hadn’t told anyone else about their decision yet, so he was thinking about Rose and Cenna, and how they would take the news, and remembering the baby shower they’d had for Rose, and looking forward to a shower for their baby.


    And then he heard a voice behind him, and it was Ian! “Will the baby’s parents be mad if you let your boyfriend babysit with you?” he joked.

    Lawrence laughed, and said, “I don’t know … I didn’t ask for permission for you to be here…”


    Ian laughed, and as he went into the kitchen to wash his hands he said, “Well, we won’t tell them then, because I’m staying.”

    Lawrence was incredibly happy.


    Ian was so thrilled to have his darling Lawrence back, that he couldn’t help smiling, ear to ear. Lawrence hadn’t smiled or joked in weeks and weeks, but now he could again!


    Ian knew he’d made the right decision. Anything that made Lawrence this joyful was the right thing to do. And the two of them spent the rest of the evening delighted to have each other.


    I love your story telling! Also, Erwin has given up his shop to join the programmer career, but nothing will make him give up his hat!😂
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    @HillyBeth Hey cool! That’s good news. Also …. I had no idea that you could move a sim from one game into the next one, lol. Good to know

    @Sharonia I’m glad I helped. I was so happy the day I figured out that if you just change the name there, that it actually changed in the game, I was leaping for joy, lol. I’d thought it would be way more complicated than that

    @Kristina Hey, thanks for the compliment. They are the sweetest couple I know, lol
    Your update is great! I notice that Gerard’s children are human, or are they in disguise?
    Geralt is amazing. Your banter with him and everyone else is truly hysterical :smiley:
    And I agree, after all the work that goes into making someone a player? Yeah, go ahead and use it! I made Penny Pizzazz a player, and she had her husband, and her child’s father both living with her. They were totally cool with it. And if one of them ticked her off… well, there’s the other one.
    The issue with Orange and boundaries had me lmao
    The whole bed thing is super funny. I can’t tell what Gerard left in Geralt’s room though.

    @Jase Ahhh, ok. I haven’t done it at all, so I don’t know the rules, but I think I like the sound of your way better. Why have more than one kid if the others are just shuffled out of the way right away?

    @OhMyHemsworth Oh, your update is so cute! Chris and Jess are so cute together. I love their parenting style! “Chris just stayed out of it and kept on walking” lol!
    #spoiled is awesome. Pretty realistic with today’s kids too. Spookyfest looked great. Super costumes, I loved seeing Yoda there, playing games Lol
    Lucy is still such a cutie muffin! And Beatrice seems like she’s going to be fun to deal with, or maybe not, lol

    @Tixyen Wow! Super sweet of your friend to do that! Especially as a surprise!
    And ok, I’ll be patient, but something better happen to Yuki at some point, lol. Even if you just make it up and tell it to me :wink: I hope you can get your DNA plot twist to work for Gianna, that’ll be nice.
    Ummm, and my goodness, with two super crazy parents, I’d say it’s lucky that Max and McKenna aren’t in terrible shape! There must’ve been some decent genes in there somewhere.
    And ok, I totally understand how a story that gets going like this would outshine a challenge. You can do that anytime right? Because how often do you come across a mess like this one? This is a story that must be told!
    Thanks for your observations on the guys. I did want to highlight how absolutely adorable Lawrence is, because he really is, when he smiles! And don’t worry, Lawrence will never ever try to do without Ian, trust me, lol With all the problems in his past, he’s hanging on for dear life.

    @SereneMoss That’s cool, I’m glad you got up the courage to upload something, and people like it! There’s a super thread somewhere (I’d have to look for the name of it, lol) but people post their stuff there to show it to other builders, it’s a fun thread.

    @GroovyTurtlez Oh my god, I’m lmao. What a day! Hopefully the dead repairman won’t haunt the place now

    @freindlylol I heard that if you wait a few days the mod creators will update their mods and you can put them back in.

    @RedDestiny92 I have to lol at your observation “Ha she's not so bad I mean she could be worse at least.”
    That’s a good way to look at it. And who knows, maybe Terrance and Richard aren’t meant to be? Although I hope they are, because having those two households together would be cute.
    And I agree, these little Sims have the most expressive faces ever. You never know what you’re going to catch. And when you do catch something fun, and it sparks a thought in your head, a thought or dialogue that it looks like, that’s so fun.
    Yeah, Lawrence and Ian both had their bumps and bruises for sure. It’s good they found each other, but yeah, looking back at tough times makes happy times even better!
    I love today’s update!! The pet banter was tip top. Silas does do a great job of being quite snooty, lol Nutmeg is adorable, my gosh, she’s got a lot to say :smiley: “Oh that's okay I don't need you to like me for me to like you”
    I’m sure Silas was thrilled to hear that.
    “The Fish that I Found in the Laundry” is definitely a keeper! Such a magnificent fish! Lmao
    I can’t believe Akira did that to Moni! But, I suppose, prank day. I hope she gets him back. But probably not by dating her landlord, I’m glad she declined.
    And oh my gosh, I’m so in love with Richard and his boys. Danny is really something, but he’s not naughty, just spunky. I love how he got his dad to buy Tyler a present. And Richard’s fretting about Terrance is just so cute.
    He’s a wonderful doctor, really great with kids, as you said. Their conversations are so funny, you do such a great job! And oh my, I hope he can figure out how to talk to Terrance.
    Grey looks like a real cutie! The toddlers with glasses are so fun.

    @Mindofy Thanks for the compliment. I love telling their story, they are the cutest. And it’s great to know Erwin won’t give up his hat! You never know when you’re going to need protection from – umm – whatever, lol. Programmer seems like a very good choice as a career for him. He can learn how to tap into the CIA or something :wink:

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    Ok so, I'm putting part of yesterday's update in with today's, as a spoiler - simply because the two actually belonged together, but I ran out of time to finish it. So, now the two parts are together, but most of you probably saw the part in the spoiler already. Gosh, I hope that made the slightest bit of sense :smiley:

    The next morning, Lawrence got up early, so he could visit Willis on his way to work.


    Maybe he was overtired, but for some reason, his mind was going to dark places.


    He was remembering what life was like before he’d met Ian.


    Because it hadn’t been a very happy time for him.


    He remembered talking to Rose about all of his sorrow, and heartbreak, and loneliness


    But he didn’t know why he was thinking these thoughts.


    He remembered that even when he and Ian started dating, he’d still been in that dark place for a long time.


    Basically, he hadn’t believed that Ian would stay with him, because no one else ever had.


    He remembered how hard Ian had tried to convince him that he’d never leave him.


    And he remembered that he hadn’t believed him.


    Lawrence cried so many tears back then, it was very surprising that Ian had stuck it out.


    But he had.


    Lawrence remembered what it was like when he finally started believing Ian loved him, and wouldn’t leave him.


    He remembered thinking, as long as I have Ian, I’ll be fine.


    So the question that was nagging him now was … if he didn’t have Ian, would he be ok?


    Lawrence wandered into the kitchen. Rose was in there making breakfast.

    ”Is Willis asleep?” She asked him.

    Lawrence answered, “Yeah, he zonked right out again.”

    ”Oh good,” Rose said. “He was cranky overnight.”


    ”Rose...” Lawrence said. “I need to talk to you.”

    ”Ok, what’s up?” she said.

    ”On Friday Ion told me that he wants to have a baby with me,” Lawrence told her.

    ”What???” Rose was incredulous. “You’re kidding! Oh gosh Lawrence, I’m so happy for you! We were all sure he would never agree to that.”

    “Yeah, me too,” Lawrence admitted.


    ”What is the plan?” Rose asked. “Adoption? Artificial insemination?”

    ”It sounds to me like he wants artificial insemination, and he wants me to be the father.” Lawrence told her. “He said the baby would be perfect, because it would be part of me.”

    ”Awwww, isn’t that just like him? He’s so in love with you Lawrence,” Rose agreed, “I would think that’s what he means too.”

    “Rose ....” Lawrence said, “I’m not perfect, and Ian has never been able to admit that. It would be much better for him to be the father.”


    ”He already has a biological child,” she reminded him. “I’m sure he’d really prefer that you were the father of this one.”

    “I’m scared Rose,” Lawrence said.

    ”What do you mean? What are you afraid of?” Rose asked him.

    “I’m not entirely emotionally stable Rose. We both know that. You remember how I was in high school, and college, and grad school. You remember what I was like before Ian. You remember what I was like when I couldn’t see him often enough. I’m not very strong, mental health wise,” Lawrence said.

    “You’re fine now,” Rose said.

    ”I’m better,” Lawrence said, “but I’m not going to deny how dark it got when I held Willis, and knew I’d never have my own little one, unless I chose to leave Ian. There were days when Willis was the only thing keeping me alive.”


    “Oh, my,” Rose said. “I didn’t know it had gotten so bad again. I’m sorry I didn’t see it Lawrence. I would have helped you.”

    ”No, I did my absolute best to hide it from all of you,” Lawrence told her. “Particularly you. I wasn’t going to spoil your first months with your first child,” he said. “That’s part of what I mean when I say he kept me alive.”

    ”Lawrence, Dear, it wouldn’t have spoiled it,” she said. “I don’t want you to hurt like that. At the very least I could have told Ian how bad it had gotten.”

    ”I definitely didn’t want him to know,” Lawrence said. “I didn’t want him to agree to a baby, because he felt like that was the only way to keep me alive. That’s no way to start a family.”

    ”Oh,” she said. “I see your point, but you can’t let it get that dangerous again Lawrence. You guys are going to have a baby! You have to be here for your child!”


    “I don’t think I should have a child, Rose,” Lawrence said, sadly. “If something happened to Ian, I don’t think I’ll make it. And if I do make it, do I want to put a child through that darkness?”

    “I don’t know Honey,” Rose said. “It’s likely that if something happened to Ian, your own baby would keep you alive, and keep you from falling that far. I know that I would be stronger, because of Willis, if something happened to Jack, but I don’t have your mental health history. This isn’t a question I can answer for you.”

    ”I can’t seem to answer it for myself either,” Lawrence said. “And without that answer, I’m afraid to have a baby.”


    ”Will you talk to Ian about it?” Rose asked him.

    ”I don’t know,” Lawrence said. “Ian is very comforting, and patient, and sweet when I’m not well. But he doesn’t understand how it feels. Even in his darkest times, after his wife left, he never felt that way. He told me that. So I’m not sure if he’d take the danger seriously enough. Not because he’d think I was faking or anything, but simply because he can’t understand it.”

    ”Yes, I suppose that’s true,” Rose said. “I’ve had flashes of that feeling, so I have an inkling how it feels, but I won’t pretend to understand how it feels to you.”


    ”And there’s so much more to it too,” Lawrence said. “This is such a dangerous world. Cenna was 14 when Ian and I started dating, and I know I worried about her safety, but it wasn’t overwhelming. Then, when she first started to drive on her own, my anxiety went sky high. I had some panic attacks, but Ian was steady. Somehow, he was steady. And I look at Willis, and horrible sights flash in my mind. I won’t tell you what they are, they are so awful, but they are a reality. Terrible things happen to children, every day. I’m already worried for him, and then I add my own child to the picture? I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle that level of anxiety, constantly.”

    ”Yes, it’s very difficult,” Rose said. “And I don’t have a panic disorder, like you do.”

    ”Plus,” Lawrence said, “depending on how long it takes to get the whole pregnancy process completed, Ian could be in his 60’s when our baby is a teenager. Think what we put our parents through, Rose. We put them through hell. Ian and I will never in a million years luck out again like we did with Cenna. I’ve never heard of anything like her experience before. So Ian and I would be going through what our parents went through, and Ian will be much older than they were.”


    ”Yes, that’s very true,” Rose agreed. “Cenna’s high school years were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Ian is probably not prepared for what our folks went through.”

    “And think how we felt when Mom and Dad died, and we were young, me – still in college, and you – not quite married.” Lawrence said. “I don’t know how long Ian will live. What if our baby has to go through that loss too?”

    ”Lawrence,” Rose said, “You need to go to work Honey. But first, promise me that you aren’t in danger of harming yourself anymore. We’ve been through this before; this is a vow Lawrence, that you’ll call me before you do anything to harm yourself.”

    “I’m not in danger anymore Rose.” Lawrence said. “Since Ian said that he’d like to have a baby with me, I’ve been much better. I don’t feel like it’s a no-win situation anymore; a baby, or Ian. I’m ok now, but I do promise to call if the thoughts come back.”

    “Ok,” Rose said. “Then put this out of your mind for now, so you’ll drive safely, and not distracted. But clearly you have more thinking to do. You were so sad that you wanted to die if you couldn’t have a baby. Now that you can, it’s scaring you. I will try to help as much as I can, but ultimately it’s your decision.”

    ”I know,” he said. “I know.”


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    I renamed Venessa Jeong's boyfriend Pranav (Weirdlastname) to Max Bennett.
    They celebrated this change in the closet. :D
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,844 Member
    I think the closet Woo-hoo is the raunchiest of them all, animation wise. I love the passion AND the humor when they come back out.
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
  • GracieO312GracieO312 Posts: 359 Member
    The saddest just-been-proposed-to face ever...
    Can't believe she said no!
    THE SUPERNATURAL SAGA - cartoon Sims!
    Origin ID: GracieFace312

  • FurSimsOfficialFurSimsOfficial Posts: 2,285 Member
    @Kristina Yes! I would have never thought about this truly stun of a guy i once made and placed in the game. When her brother and he became friends, there was a good chance, Zen would hit it off with him xD
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,130 Member
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    @RedDestiny92 Thank you! <3 Yes, Chris was determined, he wanted that Sim Globe Award. :D

    @AlwaysAsking Thank you! <3 I just love them so much. Haha, Jess doesn't appreciate it too much, she's like, "Would you get over here and help me talk some sense into your child!" :D Beatrice is more trouble than you know. She gets into quite a pickle. :#

    Robby aged into a teenager, he is the spitting image of Jess.
    Beatrice has had her eye on Jace Eggleton since like the 4th grade but he was untouchable in her eyes. She finally got close to him and became friends. They really hit it off.
    He invited her up to the lighthouse, "I hear its really pretty at nighttime. "Sssure." Beatrice said, she had never had a boy affect her like this.
    When they got up there things, took a major turn, they kissed and ended up fooling around in the lighthouse... twice! What a night to remember, Beatrice went home with a smile on her face that lasted days.
    Beatrice's smile faded when she started to suspect something was wrong with her, she wasn't feeling well and things were off. One night after everyone went to bed she snuck into her bathroom and pulled out a pregnancy test, she was shaking, it came back positive! She really felt sick after that.
    She had to tell Jess and Jess thought she misheard but when she heard clearly, she really let her have it.
    She invited over Jace because Chris and Jessica wanted to meet her the father. They laid down some rules for them and Jace was allowed to come over and he came over a lot, it really helped Beatrice adjust having around and spending time with him.
    Robby was just focusing on his schooling, he wanted to get into business when he graduated.
    Chris and Jess went out to lunch while the kids were at school, they needed to escape the crazies and focus on themselves and discuss Beatrice.
    It was Christmas Eve and they all opened some presents.
    Christmas arrived and Father Winter was very generous!
    Beatrice was given a major present, that night she gave birth to a baby boy named, Jayden.
    Chris and Jess were very pleased with their grandson.
    And then, Chris smiles and it's all ok.
    -Tom Hiddleston
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    @Daephene glad I could entertain you! :joy:

    @RedDestiny92 this is actually my first time playing with Don... at least since TS2 days! I don't really play pre-mades much but when Fia came across him in a club I just had to jump on the opportunity to introduce them! Although I didn't anticipate it going like this.
    That cat reminds me of one of my own. I swear she only tolerates me, unless I've food, toys, or am petting someone else. Oh god I didn't know that was a prank either, sounds hilarious! Love the dialogue with the patients - especially the bit about cooties! :joy:

    @AlwaysAsking Gerard's children are human. It disappointed me that the green skin wasn't passed on. :( As for Gerard's gift to Geralt, he painted a portrait of Orange Bailey-Moon and put it above his brother's bed!
    God that update was deep. I'm blaming the glass of wine I'm about to pour on you. I want Ian to be happy and to see a cute baby. :disappointed:

    @Sharonia a much easier name to remember! I'm stealing that trick for next time my Sim marries someone with a name I can't spell. :joy:

    @OhMyHemsworth what a cute gift! :heart:

    When Ruth went into labour, she was hit with a sense of déjà vu when she laid eyes upon Dr Lilith Vatore.

    Ruth: "Wait... aren't you the vampire who broke into my house and bit me the other night?"
    Lilith: "I have no idea what you're talking about. Here, have some gas."


    Lilith: "Drat. It'll look suspicious if she dies on the operating table. Now how do you put a heart back in the body!?"

    While Ruth was being murdered by Geralt's great-aunt, the panicked daddy-to-be snuck away to the hospital gym.


    Geralt: "Must run faster. Must exceed light speed. Must go back in time. Must never woohoo again."


    Geralt: "Plum, he noticed."

    Welcome to the family Herc Vatore. Yes, named after Hercules. No, Gerard does not approve - of the name choice nor of the thought of Geralt & Ruth raising a child together.


    So, of course, he ended up doing most of the work with the kids.
    (L-R: Gabriella, Hamish, Henry, and Herc).


    A day in the life of the Vatore Family involves Geralt and Masami going off to work to earn the big bucks, while Gerard and Ruth stay home to work on their own passions. Gerard is an artist. Ruth is a children's author.


    Gerard: "You know, there's another PC in the house, you don't need to work right beside me."
    Ruth: "But it's important to spend quality time with family!"
    Gerard: "You can take my computer and put it in your room. Think of it as a gift."

    Ruth is right, family is important, which is why after school on a hot sunny day Gerard, Geralt, and Ruth took the older kids out to the park to enjoy the hot weather. Where Geralt learned that he can't even go into a bathroom without summoning a crowd. Hope he doesn't get bladder shy!



    The following Friday, Geralt had plans to spent the night wining and dining Orange Bailey-Moon at the Romance Festival. However, Orange didn't come that night. He had passed away and no one had thought to tell poor Geralt. So he drowned his sorrows in bowl after bowl of ramen noodles and then sought guidance from the Love Guru.




    Herc (Geralt's son; blonde) and Henry (Gerard's son; black hair) both became children. And Gabriella became a teenager.



    Herc: "Daaad! There's a scary space monster outside the rocket ship!"
    Geralt: "That's not a nice thing to say about your aunt!"

    Now that the children were getting older, Gerard decided to take up an offer he received to enter the artist career track at level five. It had absolutely nothing to do with being able to escape Ruth, nope, no way.


    Ruth: "I'm going to miss this."
    Gerard: "Yeah, me too..."

    Hamish aged up to a teen (and dyed his hair black because the blonde confused me) and I realised that the household was starting to become a little crowded. I feel like I barely know the kids because I'm stretching myself so thin to cater to all their needs. Not to mention the physical lack of space.


    Masami: "When are we going to get a bigger dining table?"
    Gerard: "Whatever do you mean?"
    Herc: "My mum and dad don't fit!"


    Geralt: "Don't mind us, we'll just sit out here; alone and hungry."
    Ruth: "He fed us."
    Geralt: "ALONE AND HUNGRY."

    Before I stopped playing for the night I divided the household into two. Gerard, Masami, Hamish, and Henry remained behind in the family home they had inherited from Don Lothario. Meanwhile Geralt, Ruth, Gabriella, and Herc have moved to a new home in Willow Creek. Geralt & Ruth's household will be the 'main' one that I will focus on from now on. :)
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    Elder Claudia Buffy moved to Newcrest.

    33761594698_d665edbf52.jpgElder Claudia Buffy moved to Newcrest. by Simmy McSimmerson, on Flickr

    She is a freelance programmer who is cheerful, active, self-assured, and has a high metabolism. She made a new friend, Gilbert Hulin, who invited her to a dance party. This Elder danced all night and was still going at 8am the next morning. I had a hard time getting her to go home and get some rest.

    Here she is teaching Gilbert one of her cool dance moves:

    40672488663_9cfc8569d0.jpgClaudia taught Gilbert her cool dance move. by Simmy McSimmerson, on Flickr
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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    Trixie Belden, Diana Lynch, and Honey Wheeler moved together to Newcrest. They've known each other since they were children. They're Young Adults now.

    33761754058_8a6cb3a4c2.jpgTrixie Belden, Diana Lynch, and Honey Wheeler moved to Newcrest. by Simmy McSimmerson, on Flickr

    46723487805_f1050ff574.jpgTrixie Belden, Diana Lynch, and Honey Wheeler moved to Newcrest. by Simmy McSimmerson, on Flickr

    33761754348_e9671480c4.jpgTrixie Belden, Diana Lynch, and Honey Wheeler moved to Newcrest. by Simmy McSimmerson, on Flickr

    Trixie is very curious about what she has heard is going on in Strangerville. She wants her friends to help her investigate.
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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    @AlwaysAsking Thanks for appreciating my attempts at humor! I do love seeing my guys out and about without me. Especially when they're being flirty and adorable. I haven't heard or seen anything about sunburn in Seasons... though I think there's a heat related death that I've never experienced. Usually as long as my sims are in hot weather outfits or swimwear they seem immune.
    You're certainly upping the emotional stakes here. Keeping us guessing as to whether there will be a baby or not... keep it up!

    @RedDestiny92 Thanks! Right now they're my favorite couple.

    @Kristina My families tend to get too big to handle also. That's why I went with spreading out into a bunch of households on rotation this time, so I have my huge original family but in a bunch of small households with only one or two kids at a time. I feel like I get to know them all better this way.

    @Rouenpucelle I read a ton of Trixie Belden books as a kid. They look awesome!
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    I introduced my son to the wonderful world of The Sims. Rather than recapping the story, there's a video!
    I can't post links here, but if you search on youtube for "Oliver and his dad", you'll see our channel with the Sims: StrangerVille upload.
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,364 Member
    Daephene wrote: »

    @Rouenpucelle I read a ton of Trixie Belden books as a kid. They look awesome!

    Thank you very much! I loved the books as a kid.

    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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    @Sharonia Much much better name lol

    @Beardedgeek – I actually love watching them go in too! :wink:

    @Gracie0312 – Well, if she made that face, I can’t say I’m surprised that she said no … I don’t remember ever having one of my Sims turned down for an engagement. For a kiss? Yes lol

    @FurSimsOfficial It is fun when stuff like that happens! :smile:

    @OhMyHemsworth Yes! I guess she does get in a bit of trouble, yikes!
    Robbie is very cute – a bit bluer eyes though
    Maybe Beatrice should have known better than to go to the lighthouse with a guy in those pants! Clearly he was going to be too slick for her, lol. It’s good he’s sticking around to help out, and that Chris and Jess are cool with their Christmas grandson :blush:

    @Kristina Lmao! Oh no! I take no responsibility for the wine. LOL And trust me, Ian will be happy either way. The only thing that makes him happy is Lawrence being happy :smile:
    And, oh, ok. I’ll have to look at that picture again. It looked like something had been laid on the bed, so I wasn’t looking at the picture, ha!
    It’s a good thing Dr Vatore figured out how to put that heart back in  and too bad for Mr Player – he didn’t turn back time LOL
    So sad about Orange :neutral: And oh, ok “Guidance” I was lmao
    Gabriella’s hair is so pretty! But “Scary Space Monster!” So funny.
    And perhaps it is best that the family splits apart, after all, you can’t leave Geralt “ALONE AND HUNGRY” all the time lmao

    @Rouenpucelle Wow! Claudia is the hippest elder ever! Nice dance moves. I wonder if Gilbert knows what he’s in for. An old lady that can dance all night? Sheesh
    Trixie, Diana and Honey should have fun solving StrangerVille together! They are pretty, and have very distinctive looks!

    @Daephene Ha! No problem, I love to laugh, your humor is greatly appreciated!
    And yeah, poor Lawrence, he’s had a tough life. He has some thinking to do. He might need to find some other people to talk too, I’m not sure at this point, lol

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    Ok, so, last night's installment bummed everyone out, lol. So I'd like to share the story of how Ian and Lawrence met, because it's much happier than last night's.

    The thing is, it's on a blog, and trying to move all the pictures to Imgur would be a nightmare, so I moved a few, so you could see how the story starts, and go read it if you're interested.

    Author's notes: This is actually how this story came to be. I'd just gotten Lawrence from the gallery, and I'd also just purchased City Living, so I was playing as him the first time that I saw the notice for the Romance Festival pop up. I took him there to see what it was. Then Ian, a sim that I made to be a background character, came walking by in this elegant suit, and I was like - huh? I would never have put him in that, he's a Marine for Gosh sakes. I didn't know that the game dresses people up for that festival. Anyway, I had Lawrence run after him and stop him because I wanted to find out how he'd ended up in this crazy suit. And then it went from there ... lol

    Also, the stories in the Blog are written from Jasper's father Jeremiah's point of view. So if the wording seems strange, that's why. :smile:

    Recently a beautiful story unfolded in the new part of town; Newcrest.
    Newcrest has become, “The” place to live if you are an up and coming executive type.
    A young man moved there, Lawrence Willis. He moved in with his sister, Rose, and her husband Jack. I know Rose, Jack, and Lawrence, because Rose is Jasper's girlfriend's best friend.


    Rose and Jack are well established in their fields, but Lawrence was fresh out of grad school. Jack had secured a position for Lawrence at the laboratory where he worked.


    They'd invited Lawrence to stay with them until he was more settled, and then he could find a place of his own.


    Anyway, young Lawrence seemed lonely one night.


    Rose was concerned about him. She could see that he was lonely. Lawrence assured her that he wasn’t, and that he was through with relationships for now.


    Rose just laughed at him. She’d known him his whole life, and when he didn’t have a love interest he withered pitifully.


    She told him about the “magical” Romance Festival in San Myshuno, and she told him to go to it and see what happened. Although Lawrence didn’t have faith in the “Magic” that Rose insisted he would find, he decided to go, because he was bored, and because she wasn’t going to drop it. "Ok, ok," he said. "I'm going."


    Admittedly, it did not start off well. Lawrence found himself bored, and thought that the whole “festival” was just cliché' and contrived.


    But he couldn’t have been more wrong about the Magic in the air. While Lawrence was sitting alone at a picnic table he saw a man in an elegant white suit walking past.


    He jumped up and followed the man, wanting to know where the suit came from. It was alluring and mysterious.


    When Ian, the man in the suit, turned to see who had tapped his shoulder, he was surprised to see a fresh faced young man, with floppy hair, and a quizzical expression on his face. For his part, Lawrence was extremely surprised to see a mature man, with leathered skin, and silvering hair cut in a precise military style, looking down at him. This was not at all whom he’d expected to find wearing that suit.


    Ian politely asked why Lawrence had stopped him, and Lawrence had to speak up to answer, "I was wondering about your suit, where did you get it?" Ian beckoned to him to sit down somewhere a bit quieter.


    They both introduced themselves, and then Ian told Lawrence the story behind the suit......


    (This is a slightly condensed version of the beginning of the first chapter, so if it's different in the blog, that's why)

    Chapter one

    Chapter two

    (One last note, I'm having a great deal of trouble with the blog, so these two chapters are on a test blog, not the real one)


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    Not much to tell. Just babysitting for a week, basically :D

    I have, on purpose, not picked the "easy" traits but rather what I think fit them in my head.
    Leia is Silly, Rey is Wild.

    Learning to Talk!


    Boy I love the Wardrobe Woo-hoo! Definitely the naughtiest of them, animation wise. AND cute.

    1. Ask.
    2. "HECK YESS!!"
    3. "Did anyone see us?"
    4. "You did good, hon! I didn't wear you out, did I?"





    Lucy is on a space walk thanks to Rey.


    Taking the time you need when you can. So painting at 1 am...




    For a birthday gift Lucy gave Lena a Potion of Youth(tm)!!
    (I have a feeling Lena's going to give Lucy one in three days when it's her birthday)

    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    Did the ability to give gifts come with Seasons? Because I don’t have Seasons. Or am I missing an interaction somewhere?

    I mean, I know I can transfer something from my inventory to another person’s if they are in the household, but I see lots of pictures of sims giving other sims wrapped gifts. 😊

    How much extra life will the potion of youth give them? I play with aging off, so I don’t ever worry about those potions. Lol

    Oh, editing- I picked wild for a toddler once too. She ran around naked a lot. Just warning you, lmao

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,844 Member

    Did the ability to give gifts come with Seasons? Because I don’t have Seasons. Or am I missing an interaction somewhere?

    I mean, I know I can transfer something from my inventory to another person’s if they are in the household, but I see lots of pictures of sims giving other sims wrapped gifts. 😊

    How much extra life will the potion of youth give them? I play with aging off, so I don’t ever worry about those potions. Lol

    Oh, editing- I picked wild for a toddler once too. She ran around naked a lot. Just warning you, lmao

    In this instance I just used Lucy's award points to buy the potion and dragged it to the counter. But yes, if you really want to properly give a gift, that option DID come in seasons. The interaction comes up most easily if you are having a holiday that involves gift giving, but it is now an option to give birthday gifts, as well as for example an Romantic Gift when feeling flirty.
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,259 Member

    Ok, cool, thanks for letting me know!

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    @AlwaysAsking Haha Bea is such a free spirit, she couldn't be tamed. :D He got those baby blues from Pa. ;) Haha! Yes, I feel Jace and Bea are made for each other. :D

    Beatrice aged up into a young adult, she and Jayden packed up and moved in with Jace over in Del Sol Valley. Jayden is now a toddler, he is always on the move.
    He's a tough little guy, he likes getting roughed up by dad.
    Things were going so good for Bea's little family. She got a job as a freelance programmer, had a cute, sweet baby boy, and the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Jace felt the same way and wanted to make their family official, so he asked Beatrice to marry him.
    It was Bea's wedding day and she was killing it in her dress and she knew it. She wasn't the slightest bit nervous, she was ready.
    Everyone came to celebrate. Bea has always been a daddy's girl and she melted knowing her daddy was there to walk her down the aisle.
    The wedding went perfect, Jace and Beatrice are married!
    And then, Chris smiles and it's all ok.
    -Tom Hiddleston
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    @AlwaysAsking oh yeah got to look at the bright side heh, I'd like them together but we'll see, it's nice to have those looks when you aren't sure where to go or if they have the life you intended. It's good they could heal together as they belong with one another clearly. Ha I probably enjoy giving the pets lines too much but I mean it's all in good fun and I mean they are characters too why not have fun witth it. Oh yeah, I mean he might hiss and such but we see him following her sometimes he runs hot and cold no matter how talkative the bubbly Nutmeg gets. It was a fine fish I'll have to keep checking pockets for sure. I wish I could find that interaction caught me by surprise I think I was doodling and missed it that way he's lucky she's so easy going. Though I don't think she'll be getting back at him with the landlord.

    Oh I am too, I've placed them before I think they were meant to be left with mccc but never really played them sometimes I like to look at sims I made just because as they'll give you a story when you least expect it. He is awfully good at spoiling his little brother loves him to pieces just much prefers his own space which I'd say is fair he's quite lively and will be more so when I pair him up with his chosen sweetheart. Rich is a good guy he is just the unlucky winner in being tossed into uncertainty..for the second time in his life essentially. Good thing he's not such an airhead with kids, love him though the poor dear does his best, I really like setting up those scenes and such hope it shows cause otherwise I just have long bits of spam ha. Grey is adorable and so far well we'll see how he is.

    Now the next update and I got the drift I feel really strongly for Lawerence it's hard for people to understand what the mind does if he was unable to feel the joy from Ian's acceptance and still want to have the baby then it could be said it was just baby fever. It could pass but it's different one really has to follow he clues and it's a lot of work but it's worth it with the right partner, I think it's nerves he needs to remember he's not alone more by spending time with the family and less out of his own head perhaps Ian would have to push that otherwise the dark comes back I can't wait to see how things go just a waiting and hoping for the best.

    Also it was very cute seeing how they came to meet this is just getting long I don't know much about blogs though I once thought about starting my own never know what will stick and grab attention.
    @OhMyHemsworth oh yeah sure thing that actor grind simply does not stop because a sim passes away during it the show must go on and all that lol. They are so sweet together she's lucky to have parents like that to help her and next time they might plan a little one a little better but for now how special to join the family for the holidays and he's adorable too. Now to the next update she looked so pretty on her wedding day and their little boy is of course adorable.
    @Kristina oh yeah he got a lot of mileage with me cause of ts2..too ha, that's usually fun, whether you have plans or not sims can still catch you by surprise if you just chill with them. I find a lot of cats are like that but there are some that can be a lot friendlier again on their own time. I didn't see it in the interactions so maybe it has to be unlocked with skill gain I wish I had a pic maybe next time. Kids you never know with them heh. Certainly not a great-aunt you invite over for dinner afterwards or maybe you could, his smile though he looks real proud of the collection behind him.
    @Daephene sure thing, :smile: I can see why.

    Now I do have an update but this is long so I'll break it in half.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    Hundred baby reached ten

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    @AlwaysAsking The oldest three look like Johnny Zest. The three younger ones look like Don. If I can find a way to upload pictures I will be glad to share pics of all the kids😊.
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