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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,320 Member
    @Caerfinon , hilarious , great :D
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
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    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    edited December 2023
    @Ellupelluellu, page 1297
    Thank you!
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    CaerfinonCaerfinon Posts: 836 Member
    @Ellupelluellu many thanks
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    Ersa_MiddletonErsa_Middleton Posts: 697 Member
    Ersa: "According to the ancient texts, being immune to the Sun has always been the sole goal for vampires. All other weaknesses we have were treated as secondary. Indeed, the Sun can kill us, but it is not the only thing that can kill us. I believe that true immortality doesn't begin with the negation of the Sun's damaging effects, no, this can be obtained elsewhere. It is part of our nature to feed upon the living, for that is also needed to sustain us, but I respect the humans and the guilt that grapples my mind every few days that I feed on one gets heavier and heavier. Even plasma, in all of its forms, has to come from a human source. Those trees absorbs the spiritual essence of the humans, making way for the bearing of plasma fruit. No, I want to bring the thirst under my control, and I will find the way to do it."
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,320 Member
    I was testing something related to fairs in Henford. I had household of Lewis the butler and his master what was at start menu, saying Lewis misses me :D (better him than Nancy)
    Same to me with what save I do my test, loaded it up, travelled to Henford, to the pub.
    Got curious what is his fav drink, ordered it and Sara gave him weird look :D
    I was sure it was the pet drink, but no..

    His favorite drink was glass of milk :p
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
    My Story:Villa Catarina
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    edited December 2023
    Pity Reese lost his Sportsmanship with his friend. Guess he was a bit perturbed they weren't working on the project. But, then again, who was responsible for that? Fun update.

    Thank you for my Morning Chuckle, that bit about the milk. Great update.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    @Becky17fan Hope I have your name correct. Sweet update. Kids are indeed little mess-makers. Glad Adonis was on top of things making them clean up their mess. :)
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves, yeah it was truly a nightmare. After losing three devices in just a couple of days at the end of last week, I thought I was coasting. Nope, the battery had to die. And like the stubborn person I can sometimes be, I tried to keep doing what I was doing, instead of getting up and running out to the pharmacy to get more AA batteries. I have a nice large pack of them now. I got fed up with a wired mouse, which is why I made the changeover. If I could go wireless entirely, I would be very happy. I generally have plenty of batteries on hand, of many sorts. The TV remote requires AA, too. So do my old-fashioned clocks, the ones with the arms. It was only after my main save files got lost that prompted me to get up off of my duff and get what I needed. Phew! I was already plotting how best to restart that save --- Now, if I can just learn more about the whole cloud thing . . .
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    Lenny_OggLenny_Ogg Posts: 3,696 Member

    The whole desaster in the light of the dawning day. Oh my...
    The Boys started to explore their new home.
    Jack: "A houseboat!? A HOUSEBOAT!!!"
    Jack entered tho boat: "Sai - Mal, Vlad and I will live here! Look at the sight!"

    Saiwa: "It's really awesome!"

    Sai stepped out again. In front of the next building.
    'Little Hoof Daycare'...
    Jeb: "Vlad! You have to see this!"

    Vlad: "Adriano?"
    Adriano: 'Vlad?'

    Vlad and Jeb quickly cleaned the trash out.
    Jeb: "We can keep the goats here! I was so worried. We couldn't have them runing around here as long as its so dangerous with all the junk around."
    Vlad: "Aouw! Who is the best llama in the worlds?"
    Adriano: 'That's me!'
    Vlad: "Yes you are!"
    Jeb: ^^'

    Saiwa: "Haha that's so sweet! Look at them! And Adriano takes care of them :3 "

    They also found a garage...
    Jack: "Oh Jeb! This is so amazing! A garage for us! And there's even a Tuk Tuk inside! We can make this our workshop!" (Jack and Jeb are Team Home Improvement ^^')
    Vlad: "It's a lot of work but I can really see the potential here, Sai."
    Saiwa: "I really hope you are right."

    ...and a potions shop. It's really as if other Jack and Jeb had set this up for them!
    Jeb: "We can work here, Vanië. Sell potions and stuff for our living!"

    Jeb: "And upstairs is a little room for us! We can live here together and I can make sure nothing happens to you!"
    Saiwa: "Jeb. Let's not freak out again, ok? I love you more than anything but you won't watch me 25/7. We will be fine, hm?"
    Jeb: "Vanië..."
    But Vanië shuts Jeb's mouth...
    Story thread with this episode is 👉 here at the forum.

    Last Christmas 🎄 after Ji Ho and Jack returned with their stuff, they cleaned up, brewed the disgusting mixture for Vlad and Ji Ho and had breakfast. And: The magic cube told Vlad that his romantic future is not-so-bright. Who could have imagined that...
    Full episode 👉 here at the forum.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    edited December 2023
    @Ellupelluellu The odd thing is, I have Road To Fame in my game, which Sacrificial, among his other mods, says is fine. (The people on his Discord disagree.) The game loads perfectly fine with that one in and I took Erik on a live concert (where the player gets to watch and conduct the concert) and even the drop-down menu of goals to achieve, plus the counter are all working fine. What kept throwing the loading of the game off, oddly enough, was SNB and SNB-BILLS. I'll have to double-check with the SimRealist Discord again, to see if my versions are the ones that are 'compatible'. If not, I will surely change those out. I will have to roll back a bit to get Jamison's Simoleons back, though. Poor kid has worked his hind-end off and now has absolutely nothing to show for it. Erik's household funds are as high as the game will allow. He absolutely cannot earn anything more. So, he's not getting paid but then Jamison isn't either. Erik's going to be doing far more than merely giving one thousand Simoleons when asked, since those are too few and far between. I sense a Charity Event in his future.

    I have already replaced the NO Fears mod I had with one from Curseforge. I have to check on the Longer Starlight Accolades mod I have. I am hoping the small override mod still works to send the awards straight into the personal inventory, which also allows for the award to be removed again. Over the way the game mechanics has it. A very kind soul at his site created it for me, since I lost all of Erik's awards when he moved. :open_mouth: Yeah, I can purchase them again, but why should he have to, you know? I was also able to find a mod, again through curseforge, that will allow for No Cool Down Between Licensing, which is very helpful.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    @Caerfinon Loved your update. Great humor. :)
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    CaerfinonCaerfinon Posts: 836 Member
    @GalacticGal Thank you . it's just a snippet of the quirky internal monologue I experience while playing the game.
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,259 Member
    I just made a fascinating discovery. I'm almost done with my mod folder cleaning and since I'm working on the next chapter of Tartosan Sun I've been testing with that save. I wanted to check out an outfit for Mimi in Schemes so I switched and started getting exceptions again. Before I started cleaning my mods folder I was getting them in both saves, now I seem to only be getting them in Schemes with files that didn't trigger exceptions in Tartosan Sun. To make it that much more interesting TwistedMexi's Better Exceptions says that the trigger isn't mod related and says there's a 10% chance the cause is something to do with SetAgeProgress. I thought what's so different about Schemes and Dreams? Then it occurred to me, Venessa Jeong. In Tartosan Sun I gave the original Venessa from that save a makeover, but in Schemes I used a version I had saved to my library. I deleted her and went back in and lo and behold the exceptions stopped.🙌

    The exceptions I had been getting in Tartosan Sun were different than the ones I've been getting in Schemes apparently. Anyway I should be back to work on the new chapter of Tartosan Sun later today. I still have a few files to go through but the end is in sight, and even though I haven't really thinned out my mods folder that much the game is loading much, much faster with those bad files deleted. So I may get to keep most of CC after all, minus the really old low quality stuff!😁

    I'm going to go back and get caught up on this thread too.😁
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    BeckyI7FanBeckyI7Fan Posts: 123 Member
    A series of mishaps

    It seemed like the house was falling apart. Showers, sinks, and toilets broke in one week. Otherwise, the week went somewhat smoothly. Adonis and Bryon both completed aspirations and started new ones.
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    @Ellupelluellu couldn't help myself hehe.

    That is a really nice pic there.
    @BlueSeaWaves the kids are so cute, gosh it was like he was shaming her for honing in on their time, shame shame I guess?

    In ts2 it's a cheat but you need a tutorial to set it up in sims 3 so I didn't get to make a custom one it's pretty confusing, as they are they work fine if that's what you have but after comparing I just like how sims 4 handles apartments. Oh sure thing, I haven't seen the horses eat from trees but then I haven't had a big farm because I saw that plant glitch but it would be nice if they could but who knows ha. Yeah they do a wiggle when you select it in cas and it suits him mmhmm. Yeah she wanted him to know she was watching him, maybe I'll pair them up and one day they can tell their kids, yeah mama was watching papa but not like a stalker so it's okay and we love each that's how I met your mother.


    So I got a new computer my other one was flickering and I did everything I could to fix it and replaced what I could but it just got worse and worse every few seconds until it started the path to blue screen. It was always supposed to be temporary because it was a cheap refurbish but I didn't think it would start dying so hard. This one is probably still a temp I am testing a mini pc but it was good to at least move my stuff for when my old one was completely inaccessible. It handles really well so I was able to mess around in a temp save then go back to what I was doing.

    I still don't know if not getting rent is a bug or if it is running as expected and we just have to wait for the time at the week as we were told so I am just hanging out with one of my landlords.
    Speaking of handling well, she was at her property talking to tenants when the pet adoption event showed up, you need to pet five visiting pets it takes 11 hours and you can't cancel it, however, you can just leave and move on unless you want to spend all the time there. After resting one of her tenants, Akira, invited her to hang out and I don't always go to the celeb events but I went. I was admiring how Bryani's dress looks, while reminding Akira just being nice would not get her to lower the rent :)
    When they were done I took her to the bar in Tomarang and though she has no skill some of them came to listen to her anyways, now Arturo there(the guy in blue) is a new premade and he has a husband but Ruby is insane so instead of talking to herself or the furniture she took it as he was interested and she's gonna be messing around there.
    She was using one of the new interactions, truth about Tomarang or whatever it was called and he was very interested...gossip for them maybe? For some reason I liked the guy behind them with the long hair and thought maybe she could have a normal relationship too. So I went looking and found he was just a townie so I aged him down and gave him a little touch up.
    Like really, I barely did anything isn't he just so pretty? Can he will her away from her nonsense or not I don't know but we'll see, he certainly liked her and added her on social bunny immediately so he could stay in contact.
    That cute little side smile of hers says maybe he's not so bad, at least I think so.

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,613 Member
    I was glad it fit so well there 😁
    Haha Lewis is a very simple man, thought a bit more sophisticated than my sims. I forgot who but one of them ordered their favorite drink and got water😆
    Enjoying your comics, great duo those 2
    I wasn’t expecting him to react like that, definitely gonna have to punish the kid.
    Understandable with the stock of batteries, hope you’re able to figure out the cloud, it confuses me still from time to time🫣
    Niceee! I need to figure whats causing my last exception but I don’t get it as often. Glad you found the root cause😃
    Yeah he’s definitely getting punished for doing that.
    So much work to get them to work in ts3. Oo hope you’re able to find the permanent system.
    Lol Akira wanted to lower the rent with kindness, not how it works Akira. Oh Ruby😆 Wow that guy does look cute👀 Give him a shot Ruby!
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,613 Member
    Dominic's warming up to Pico ☺️ One part update today

    Dominic was surprised when he saw Alexis was not alone when she returned from the vet. Pico took his place on the couch. While she went to her room Dominic sat beside Pico. They both had a little standoff xsUCAm0.png
    He caved when Pico raised his head to sniff him. “You’re not so bad” 3YAXm3E.png He heard footsteps reaching the living room and stopped. Before Alexis could enter the room, he moved to the other couch. “Now will you tell me how it went in Del Sol?” He asked with a smile. “Yeah, ask away Dad.” GRgEA0D.png First he asked about her teen brother, Aaron. She thought he was funny, and out of all 3 he seemed laidback. She just had trouble keeping up with his slang. They’re coming up with new terms every year. 6TJdBaX.png Next up was Colette. Alexis admitted meeting her turned out better than expected. Even though they had their differences she did enjoy the time they spent together. With no big age gap between them, they were both glad to have someone new to talk to. 3h10pJe.png “I also met her kids” Alexis added. That lit her fathers face. “Your mother’s a grandmother already? When am I going to be a grandpa?” He asked. nOSIqZ4.png “I don’t know if you can handle grandkids, kids have no filter.” She recalled when she was on her way to their home, she found Colette at a nearby park with her kids. When she explained to them who Alexis was, Reese was cheeky and asked her if she was a mermaid. She had to admit that made her laugh. “I don’t qualify as a sim, huh?” 6HhCalC.png Alexis wasn’t sure what to expect from Warner, but after a conversation with him she thought he was pretty cool. AR9sB4G.png Their youngest, Matt was on standby near Warner. She thought for sure Matt was going to do something to her, it was something about his smile. “Don’t worry. He just likes staying close to his father.” Her mother told her. Still, she sensed he was up to something. Y0Gpk4K.png Dominic was happy to hear it all went well. He was relieved about it in fact. However he just had the 1 question to ask again. “When am I going to be a grandfather? There are options you know, like adopting or through IVF.” jVQkwKd.png Alexis nodded her head nervously, she was just about to tell him she wasn’t ready for that when she was saved by the alarm. The smoke alarm to be exact. Thankfully she was had it under control, thought the house would burn down there esnimUG.png
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,320 Member
    @GalacticGal ,
    heh thanks , milk is great .. cats love it :p I do actually too :D
    Yes, sometimes the mod causing the culprit is something you (general you) would never guess. Once a cc dress caused doors not working well. Sim who had the dress could only use arches, not doors..
    @DaniRose2143 ,
    I am glad you can keep most of your cc :) this is exactly the reason I do not get build mode cc until game is done. :D
    Again take your time with the update, but hurry :D:p
    @RedDestiny92 ,
    ooh yes that smile in last pic tells all :p
    @BlueSeaWaves ,
    hihi, I kinda like cold milk too, but not enough to order it at bar :p hey maybe your sim was driving.. water makes sense then too :p
    Pico and Dominic get along, yaaaaay! He takes his ex wife's situation greatly, btw.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    edited December 2023
    Oh, this is getting laughable. I discovered that SNB and SNB-BILLS aren't compatible as I first thought when I checked on them. The list has changed and there is a notice about 5-6 of their mods, the two above included, aren't at all compatible and it might take a little time to fix them. However, I rolled back my game deciding to manually keep track of how much Jamison earns. This also gave Erik back his albums, etc. I had Kayleigh get her book published again, and she got a nomination straight up. Phew! Erik made and released his 40th album and is currently nominated for another Best Song, this one is his 36th. So, I went back a little further than I was. I had him throw a Charity Benefit and his family kept donating batches of 500 Simoleons apiece to help their father reach the goal of 10,000. He got the gold and won a nice crystal trophy for his efforts. Awarded by the guests, seemingly. I went to put it on the mantle in his music room from the household inventory, but when I clicked on it, it went nowhere. :open_mouth: I even opened up buy/build to purchase it. Couldn't find it even though I had set it to show hidden objects. I saw a whole lot of other stuff, so I know the cheat worked. Still, that trophy was curiously missing. I did the next logical thing. I quit without saving. I decided to do a save recovery, so that I might play a slightly earlier save from the batch under this Save As (is that in any way clear?). That's when I ran into some very bizarre stuff, I'll tell you. I had a grid of pack icons below the prospective save to recover. Just above the line, was Get to Work. I selected one that was a few minutes before the award went missing. I got a message I needed to purchase 59 packs and it gave me a choice to play anyway but suggested it would corrupt my save. What the heck is going on here? I did mention it on the feedback. I can never find the thread for bugs that used to be available on this forum. At any rate, I checked the EA App, under Add-Ons, and yes, I do have Get to Work. It lists that I have 65 packs. What do I do now?

    Got a reply on my query. Seems EA's servers are down at the moment. This person also got the same notice. I'm not alone! So, I will continue play at another time. Keep good thoughts, if you will. :)
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    cricketsmooncricketsmoon Posts: 6 New Member
    Today in my game I used MCCC to skip three days ahead because I hate winter and almost all of my sims died of hypothermia. I had to bring them back one by one.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,131 Member
    edited December 2023
    Finished the church :) time to playtest it for awhile before putting on gallery
    It isn't an exact copy, but.... yeah, if you go to church with me in RL, now you know it ;)





    There's a wedding aisle in the sanctuary, and if you want to set it up for a wedding, all you have to do is drag the wedding arch down from the attic ;)




    Sacristy/flower room

    Many of the actual church chores don't exist in TS4, but I tucked a candlemaking station away in the room with the attic ladder, to create candles for the communion table.

    Church basement! the original rec center






    Food pantry. I decided the best way to make a functional food pantry was to have sims contribute harvestables, plus any other nonperishables I can think of. I left room on the shelves for that.
    (As a person who knows this food pantry well, I find it hilarious that the most obvious nonperishable item for sims to leave out on shelves for a long time is harvestable fresh produce! if only it were that easy in rl)

    Library, also the quietest room for sleepy/cranky tiny people


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    BeckyI7FanBeckyI7Fan Posts: 123 Member
    Bryon has maxed out his skills. I'll age him up to a teenager early
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    SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 1,001 Member

    Okay, a few updates coming up. I’ve been playing but have also been working on two huge assignments. Now I have a few weeks before the class grind starts again.

    Ann > Jerry > Isaac > Hypatia > Galileo > Louisa

    See the guy in the back? Kiyoshi? Yeah, remember him for later.

    Louisa loved the ranch too much to be happy leaving it for some journey in the wilderness, although she was a little excited about seeing the mountains. She began her sojourn as her father had suggested, on Sulani, pitching a tent on the beach and exploring. She’d never had such easy access to swimming before, and was fascinated by the volcano spewing lava. After years of constant, rewarding work, Louisa didn’t know what to do with herself in the islands. She enjoyed the beach parties well enough, but then she discovered the fishing scene and didn’t look back. She visited the Conservation Station that her great-great-grandmother had brought to life. Her uncle Leonardo was about to retire from being its administrator, and she enjoyed spending time with her cousin La’an, who was to be his successor


    La’an told Louisa about some of the rare wildlife that could be seen at Granite Falls Preservation Park, so Louisa left Sulani behind and went adventuring there. She took her best friend from high school, Mirabel, but they tended to do their own thing once they arrived at the forest. Louisa immediately began fishing and hiking, collecting samples of unusual plants and insects. One day, she stumbled upon what looked like a cave entrance and investigated it. After some exploration, she stumbled on another exit or entrance and was amazed to find herself in a little clearing with a cabin. The cabin was surrounded by herb and other gardens, but appeared vacant. Louisa explored a bit, finding more interesting samples in the woods, and then fishing.

    She was approached by a woman who identified herself as the Hermit of the Deep Woods. Usually the Hermit avoided the rare intruders who found their way to her home, but she was convinced by Louisa’s deep study of the natural world that she’d witnessed in the last few hours that her latest visitor was a serious student. Louisa and the Hermit spent several days together talking and fishing. Louisa had never heard of herbalism before and resolved to study it more. The hermit suggested that San Salvorado had an abundance of useful herbs, including a tree with powerful emotional properties.

    Now a woman on a mission, Louisa headed there directly. She knew that her grandmother had been here extensively and was even adopted by one of the local communities, but preferred to experience the place on her own merits. She was soon deep in the jungle, collecting samples. After a few days spent fishing, an electrical storm sent her running toward an overgrown temple, which she explored at length. She’d read of her grandmother’s study of this temple and saw some of the old dig sites Hypatia had supervised, but was more interested in an area of the temple Hypatia had missed completely: the old Omiscian gardens, where a variety of fruits were still growing.


    Louisa collected samples, and was looking forward to studying them at length. She’d need to set up a lab at the ranch….maybe create a basement? Now itching to get home, Louisa knew she had one final stop to make: her dad wouldn’t be satisfied unless she’d gone to Korembi, so she paid her respects there. She saw the site where her grandmother had made an eco-friendly micro home, experienced the Festival of Snow, and discovered herbal tea. Restless from the lack of physical activity, she also went on day hikes. Although she enjoyed the stark, cold beauty of the mountains, such an environment offered little ground for more herbal research. Still, she explored, trying her hand at rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. She had to admit, snowboarding gave her a rush!


    "I believe the term is...yee haw? YEE HAW!"

    When she returned, she found that much had changed. Sloane and Hypatia II had moved out to an apartment in the big city, and Firefly had been boarded with a neighbor after Galileo met a woman, proposed to her, and had her move in along with her little dog. (The energetic Jack Russell terrier and Firefly did not get along.) Marie had taken the ranch in hand and done well by it, and when Louisa began trying to assume her old responsibilities she found she felt like an intruder. Worse, Galileo’s new wife Mara was pregnant! It felt like a betrayal. And then there was this new itch she had, this desire to seriously dive into herbalism, to study and compare the uses of the different plants she’d found in Sulani, San Salvador, and Granite Falls. She’d planned to do that while also handling the ranch, but with Mara so pregnant and the house so noisy with that yap-yap-yapping dog, she no longer felt at home there.

    What to do, what to do?

    (....sorry....I didn't take many pictures. Louisa went visiting the Forgotten Grotto and the Sylvan glade, did vacations in San Salvadorado, Korembi, and Granite Falls. Mostly she fished and talked to locals.)
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    Ersa_MiddletonErsa_Middleton Posts: 697 Member
    Today in my game I used MCCC to skip three days ahead because I hate winter and almost all of my sims died of hypothermia. I had to bring them back one by one.

    You can keep them inside, or in the case of having a pool, fence it off and set the gate to be locked from all of them, or just allow access to your main sim in the household. Make sure they properly change to winter clothing, they don't always do it, especially when they all gathering around outside and start talking.
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    BeckyI7FanBeckyI7Fan Posts: 123 Member
    Teenage Blues

    Bryon just started high school. He met several students and faculty. He even attended a career day.


    Christmas was a disaster. Adonis died from laughing too hard. Bryon is all alone and still in school.

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