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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    BeckyI7FanBeckyI7Fan Posts: 123 Member
    I'm playing a random household with a sim, 1 cat, and 1 dog. I'll restart my ABC challenge once I get For Rent downloaded.
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    CaerfinonCaerfinon Posts: 736 Member
    Jon and Jac discuss the existential angst of occupying the limbo between the stale and the patched...

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    BeckyI7FanBeckyI7Fan Posts: 123 Member
    Caerfinon wrote: »
    Jon and Jac discuss the existential angst of occupying the limbo between the stale and the patched...


    lol made me giggle
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,133 Member
    @Caerfinon , your comics are great :smiley:

    I have update of my own,



    Thank you :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
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    CaerfinonCaerfinon Posts: 736 Member
    BeckyI7Fan wrote: »
    lol made me giggle
    @BeckyI7Fan My work here is done
    @Caerfinon , your comics are great :smiley:
    @Ellupelluellu I quite like your screenshots as well

    Traits: 🐶Dog Lover, 🎨Creative, 😑Loner
    My Stories: 🤷🏻🐕 Simmer Tales a comic look at Sims 4 | 🌐A Sim's Life - Comic observations | 🌌Galaxy Far Away - Adventures on Batuu | 🌃Dark Matters - Crime stories
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    Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 1,555 Member
    So this happened in my game today...


    It's come a little sooner than I'd hoped but here's the chance to bring the Landgraab Corporation down in Sim 66. Do I run with this or does Jeremy lose the files so I can keep the undercover mole plotline going?
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,548 Member
    P1294 Oooof Rip Sienna, The girls pulled through, great work🙂
    P.1294 Lol at the thought go them siting on the floor😆 Needs more seats. Haha really great grades, despite failing the presentation
    I imagined the Avatar intro with Liberty doing all the element animations, thats awesome that someone created those poses
    P.1294 Wow, they’re still in highschool from that save😵‍💫 Have you thought having getting a USB to have backups saved there. I’m very scared my laptop will give way soon so I’m saving backups on the usb just in case.
    Omg that pizza oven is a fire hazard😭
    P.1295 Congrats on the win Kayleigh and Jamison I just realized theres 3 award winners in their household🙌
    P1295 Cornelius is very unamused P.1296 😵‍💫😵‍💫 When the game gets ahead of itself, decisions decisions
    P.1295 I love horses going inside buildings, but lmao his face😂
    P.1295 Wow, what view 🤩
    P.1295 Glad you enjoyed the look into her past. I thought about how Colette would handle it, and thought she would be out of character to blow it out of proportion. Haha Cooking does bring people together, even hating it😆 They’ll definitely stay in contact, Alexis was actually texting her often, more than their brother Aaron. Maybe cause they’re both in the same age bracket 🤔 I’m glad for it though 🙂 Catalina was heartbroken but focusing on Talladega helped her through it. Father Winter was asking for that😅
    P.1295 They should return often, thats one of the nest neighborhoods in San Myshuno
    @Caerfinon P.1295 Jac’s warning 🤣
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,092 Member
    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg I'd say have him lose the files and keep the mole plot going unless you feel it's close to running its course. From your comment it doesn't sound like it's close to done. It would have been interesting if the game had given you a third option for Jeremy to make copies of the information to hold on to and use later. This being set in 1966 I'm not sure what sort options he would have had for making copies, unlike today.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,992 Member
    Here's the screenshot of Nicola. The outfit is actually very similar to what her friend Rebecca wears, so I might change Rebecca's clothes a bit. I added a bit of subtle makeup to Nicola and gave her a necklace and a watch.

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    CaerfinonCaerfinon Posts: 736 Member
    @Caerfinon P.1295 Jac’s warning 🤣

    @BlueSeaWaves Jac is very territorial when treats are at stake. It's a dog thing. ;)

    Traits: 🐶Dog Lover, 🎨Creative, 😑Loner
    My Stories: 🤷🏻🐕 Simmer Tales a comic look at Sims 4 | 🌐A Sim's Life - Comic observations | 🌌Galaxy Far Away - Adventures on Batuu | 🌃Dark Matters - Crime stories
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,092 Member
    edited December 2023
    @BlueSeaWaves The three Avatar pose packs, were Fire, Air, and Earth with 12 poses each. I took over 100 screenshots from those 30 poses. I did most of them from multiple angles. When I get a chance I'll post a bunch in the Screenshot Spammers thread.


    Not much happened today in my game today. I keep getting a game failed to load error message when I try to go into live mode. I googled the error code and it's related to an unspecified event mod. So I'm going through the sub folders one by one trying to find the culprit. It's not without it's benefits though since I'm having to go through each sub-folder one at a time I'm finding and deleting lots of old, unused cc too.🙂
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    StarfreeStarfree Posts: 1,464 Member
    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg I'd have to agree with @DaniRose2143, lose the files & continue being a mole. You can simply create the same situation when the time is right, minus the perks.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,030 Member
    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg I say run with it! The game is trying to cooperate with your plot device :)

    Since I just got Growing Together, I started building my RL church <3<3
    (well, not exactly, since the floorplan doesn't quite make sense in TS4, but it's based on my RL church)
    It is going to be a rec center with a kitchen and food pantry. Our food pantry is very important to the community in RL, especially nowadays

    Church basements might be considered the original rec center XD we have all kinds of nonsense down there


    The upper floor will still be the sanctuary even though sims can't exactly have worship services


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    KoteykaKoteyka Posts: 537 Member
    A beautifully written entry. That's got to be a huge weight off Tony's shoulders. Also awesome that Graham and Allyson are supportive of Tony!
    Thank you so much! Allyson and Graham are the best parents Tony could wish for <3

    Awesome, , I was weeping here :’(<3<3
    Thank you so much! <3

    Wonderful for Tony!!!! That takes some deep courage to admit especially when it was such a deep rooted fear for so long within himself, love his parents reactions, and love his little sisters innocent guidance, also feel so sorry for Lucas, but it is understandable too life is like that.
    Thank you for commenting on my story! Yup, considering it’s the late 80s in my story, Tony is incredibly brave here <3

    Sooner or later, you will have to admit that your family really does love you <3 I wonder if his and Lucas' paths will cross again in the future?
    Thank you for commenting on my story <3 Tony will keep in touch with Lucas, but just as friends :relieved:

    Ahhh they grow up so fast! No doubt he would accepted into unversity! That simlish Frosted Flakes really caught my eye😆 I’m very happy his relationship with Kassie and Tristan got better, I was worried they were about to do something to him, thats a relief😅 Ah Lucas😔 Honestly his situation hit very close to home, him saying his parents deserve better really made me shed tears. Their hug❤️ For a toddler, Ali is very astute. Ah I love Graham and Allyson,
    «Oh thank goodness, we thought you were in a gang or something.»
    Perfect, love their sense of humor. Beautiful update
    Thank you so much! <3 Oh yes, even though I’ve played for over half a year with this family I still can’t believe Tony is all grown up🥺 Astute Is a perfectly way to describe Ali, she’s definitely going places, haha. Glad you liked the update!

    That was beautifully written.❤️ I really love how you used the screenshots of Tony growing up as he came out to Allyson and Graham. Leave it to Ali to see things so clearly. Love is love❤️ Good luck Tony, hopefully being open and honest with Lucas will have a happy ending.🙂
    Thank you so much <3 Ah yes, showing off the family photo walls, my favourite trope I take way too often :D Glad you liked the update!

    Welcome back! I loved the updates. Tony, Graham, Allyson, and Alicia all seem to be doing well, despite having some unfortunate moments with strangers. Yay for Tony being officially adopted. But poor Tony is going through so much as a teenager (and Lucas' struggles with which career to pursue make me feel for him too). I wonder if Tony's parents should have done more to reassure him that being gay is normal and totally fine while he was growing up, so that he would never be in a place where he thought they might disapprove of or hate him because of it—Even if he weren’t gay, it’s still important to teach children about people who may be a little different so that they don’t grow up thinking that being gay is wrong, etc.
    Thank you so much for such a lovely comment on my story, I’m glad you enjoyed the updates! <3 I agree 100%, Allyson and Graham definitely could’ve done more, but since it’s the 80s heading into the 90s in my game, they weren’t really educated on the topic themselves. Nevertheless, growing up in a mixed-race family did help Tony open up, because he saw the struggles they themselves went through with being accepted in Del Sol Valley.

    Ahh, look who grew up!
    More under the cut:
    Welcome Alicia Mitchell a.k.a the coolest kid on the block.

    Still Momma’s little girl though.

    And Dad’s favourite playmate!

    These two love her to bits.

    Seriously, they will spend all their free time hanging out in her room.

    And Tony too, obviously! Oh, and speaking about Tony…

    «So… You’re gonna leave forever?»
    «Just till Christmas. I’ll be back for the summer holidays too.»
    «Ugh. I thought I could take over your room.»

    «Doofus. I was only kidding.»

    «I’m gonna miss you when you’re in college, Tony.»

    «I’ll miss you too.»
    Tony is just a couple of days away from beginning a new journey.

    And that obviously means it’s time for one last game of soccer in the living room!

    «I scored!»
    «Did not!»
    «Did too, Tony!»


    «What exactly have I told you about playing soccer? Outside only!»

    «But it’s too cold outside, Mom!»
    «Yeah, what if I catch a cold right before college?»
    «Wouldn’t that be lovely, our baby boy staying with us forever!»

    Tony sighed at Allyson’s chuckle. As much as he was excited for college, he was a bit frightened of what was ahead of him.

    «Hey,» Allyson noticed his reluctance. «It’s just college. You can drop out at any moment if you feel like it’s too much.»

    «Yeah, we can still plan out that bank heist and never have to work again.»

    «I’m in, Dad!» yelled Alicia. Tony smiled. Dad’s jokes were something he’ll definitely miss.

    And so, it was time to say goodbye.
    «Ohh I’m going to miss you so much! Graham look at our baby all grown up, I feel like I’m going to cry!»

    «Hey, it’s just college,» Tony chuckled. «You said it yourself.»
    «Oh I know, I know, let me have my moment…»

    «We are so proud of you, son. Oh, I think I’m going to tear up too…»

    «Thanks, Dad.»

    «Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not planning on weeping like those two,» said Alicia.

    «I’ll miss you too, Ali.»

    College! My first time playing, Tony’s first time attending. Very very exciting.

    This is it, Tony thought. He was in a new country, a new city and one of the best universities out there. Barely any kids from the foster system of Del Sol Valley managed to get into college - especially in a university like this one. He was so, so lucky. Not to say he didn’t work hard to get here - oh, he studied like crazy, he was chosen over hundreds of applicants! And yet still it felt like an impossible dream come true. And just behind this door was the room he would call him home for the next few years…

    When Tony opened the door, he, a quiet introverted kid, was suddenly greeted with the loudest, heaviest, most metal music he ever heard in his life.

    A kid with the craziest hair he’d ever seen was banging his head to the music he played on his electric guitar.

    Posters, rock posters, metal posters everywhere.

    Tony suddenly realised his university life will be nothing like he imagined.

    It will be one word - crazy.


    «Hey!» the kid greeted him with the widest kind of grin. «I’m Eddie. Eddie Munson.»
    (…Because I couldn’t not include my favourite characters from Stranger Things!)
    «Nice to meet you, I’m uh… I’m Tony.»

    «So you’re like my roommate or whatever? I kind of rearranged this place a bit, made you a spot over there, behind the closet. You know, just in case all of this is…» Eddie nodded at pretty much everything that belonged to him, from the posters to the guitar, and Tony suddenly realised that he, this crazy metalhead, was just as shy and nervous as Tony himself was. «Too much for you, y’know.»

    «No worries. I used to live with a very loud sister.»

    «Ah, awesome! You seem pretty cool, Tony,» Eddie smiled. Tony thought Eddie seemed pretty cool too.

    Just as Eddie promised, Tony had a private nook that was separated from the rest of the room. Pretty soon everything was set.

    And so - college years full of microwaved food and terrifying deadlines have begun!

    Tony took his education incredibly seriously. No classes missed, no subjects overlooked.

    Eddie, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care less about his grades.
    «Hey look, I found this cute little guy back in the hallway!»

    «That’s awesome… Ugh, this part doesn’t look right.»

    «Hey man, maybe you, uh, need to rest? You’ve been working on that presentation for three hours now.»

    «Five more minutes, mom,» Tony chuckled.

    Even though they seemed entirely different on the surface, Tony felt a strange connection with Eddie. He didn’t know much about his life, but enough to understand that his loud and obnoxious behaviour was just a mask.ZerGirc.jpg

    Eddie never knew his biological parents, just like Tony. He was raised by his uncle and spent a bit more years in high school than he should’ve, where he was bullied for his love for metal and Dungeons and Dragons. He was very private, so only his closest friends were able to see the true him. Tony understood that.

    Even though he wasn’t a part of that close friend group, they still got along nicely.

    They could spend hours just talking about nonsense during studying, laughing at their professors and classmates.

    During the holiday season, Tony even got Eddie a boombox he knew Eddie always wanted.

    Their dorm room immediately became so, so much louder, but Eddie’s grin made it all worth it.

    Speaking of the holiday season, for the first time in his life Tony saw snow.

    What an incredible experience!

    Eddie would often hang outside and play holiday music on his metal guitar.

    He was always up to all sorts of mischief.

    He had a whole thing about ruining Britechester’s statue in all sorts of different ways.

    Each month it got a new look.

    And each month Tony knew: this was Eddie’s doing.

    He had a ton of singles and albums and although he was as broke as a rat on the street, he always found ways to fill up his collection.

    He even got Tony on board with some of his music taste and lended him some posters.

    As for studying… well…

    «Hey, do you uh mind if I copy your homework?»

    Tony’s homework was always spectacular. He was the only reason Eddie got this far through the semester. Although that was a great help, Eddie found it ridiculous how much time Tony spends on studying.

    «Mr. Greenfield’s next exam is so terrifying, I don’t know how the hell am I supposed to pass it…»
    «You should relax, Tony! Get out there, show yourself off in the clubs. Come on, when’s the last time you hooked up with someone?»

    «Uh… Not sure that’s a good idea during exams.»
    «What do you mean, it’s always a good idea!.. Oh, oh, look - there he is.»

    There was a particular someone Eddie was always gushing about.

    Steeeeve Harrington. That’s what Eddie called him. He also called him the absolute dumbest kind of jock who only cared about sports and happened to be as heterosexual as a man could be, but Eddie's die-hard crush was as obvious to Tony as it could be. Eddie never hid the fact that he was gay - to Tony that was astonishingly brave.

    Eventually, the stress because of the upcoming exams got so frustrating that Tony gave in and agreed to go to a bar with Eddie.

    He… still didn’t get it though.
    «So we’re supposed to just sit here and get drinks? What’s the point?»
    «The point is to have fun, Tony! Have! Fun! Do you understand the concept of having fun?»
    «I guess…»

    They sat there and chatted, joking about the horrible pop music the bar had and figuring out was orientation did the people around them have.
    «Okay, that dude is definitely bi. Like, look at him. He’s as bisexual as a dude can be.»
    «Yeah, looks like it…»

    In Tony’s opinion, Eddie got way too much drinks.

    Especially when he noticed that Steve’s also here, nibbling on some chips and hanging out with some girls, as always.

    Apparently that made Eddie jealous, because it resolved into him suddenly giving Tony a kiss.

    Oh boy.

    «Woah… Uhm… Hey, Eddie, you’re really nice, but just because you’re, well, gay, and I’m, uh, also gay… That doesn’t mean I’m gonna fall in love with you, you know?»

    «So you like, never just hang out with guys for fun?»
    Eddie’s idea of hooking up was very different to Tony’s idea of having a relationship.

    «…Not really, no. Call me old-fashioned»

    «Oh. Sorry. I just thought- Nevermind. You really are old-fashioned. A shame, really. You’re kinda cute.»

    «Yeah, alright,» Tony gently chuckled. «But you know you actually like someone else. Maybe you should talk to that certain someone else.»

    «You know he’s not gay…»
    «You can’t know for sure. Worth a shot.»

    The rest of the night Eddie spent hanging out with Steve.

    Tony watched them from afar, finishing up his homework.

    By the end of the night, it happened.

    And Steve seemed surprisingly chill about it.

    It’s because he’s a dumb jock, Eddie later told Tony. He probably thought it was a joke or something. Jokes on Eddie though - they began officially dating in a few days. Everything was perfect.

    A few months later Tony suddenly returned to a seemingly more empty room. Oh no.

    «You’re leaving!?»

    «Flunked my term paper, yeah,» Eddie grinned softly.
    «But I helped you with that!»
    «Yeah, that’s what they figured. Caught me cheating.»

    «But…» Tony sighed. He really liked having Eddie around. He felt a sudden rage of annoyance: if Eddie only studied just a little harder and partied a little less!
    «Hey, don’t feel bad for me,» Eddie chuckled. «Studying really isn’t my cup of tea, and I already got out of this college everything I need. The best friend ever and the best boyfriend ever. You’re the best friend, by the way.»
    Although Tony was mad, he couldn’t help but smile.
    They hugged and promised to keep in touch.

    And just like that, Tony’s photo wall got a little bigger, but his room got a little quieter.

    Remembering Eddie, Tony began to give himself a bit of time to slack off and have some fun.

    He attended various university events and parties.

    Tried out crazy stuff he never thought of doing before.

    Made friends, some of them he could even call pretty close.

    But although most of them were nice, Tony still haven’t found anyone who made his stomach fill up with butterflies the way Lucas did.

    And some nights, when everyone went out on dates while he was stuck in his empty dorm room with his microwaved meal, he felt a bit lonely.

    But after all, he was still very young. He finished university with all A+’s and had a bright future ahead of him. Let’s see where it takes him next!
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    manicpot8tomanicpot8to Posts: 224 Member
    "You know what, this noisy wriggly thing isn't so bad after all"

    Nilay has finally warmed up to his baby sister.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,992 Member
    Well done Tony! He’s so smart. I’ve not managed to have a Sim earn all A+s, three have managed eleven A+s and one A. Pretty frustrating but still… I’ve not had a Sim do a drama degree. Maybe I should try it one day…
    Graham and Tony look so alike, considering they aren’t genetically related.
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    Lenny_OggLenny_Ogg Posts: 3,696 Member
    edited December 2023

    The meteorites teleported the ship into another cave...

    Saiwa: "Are you ok? Where are we?"
    10 or so pics below the spoiler o.o'
    Jeb: "It's the Otherworld. We are save here."
    Jack: "Thank the maker - I guess?"

    Malfoy was quiet and Jack changed back. The rooster would warn him should Vlad freak out again.
    Jeb: "Other you and me did well, Jack! No one can touch us in the Otherworld."

    There was an envelope and keys at the pedestal:
    'Welcome home. Do your best. We love you. Jeb and Jack."

    Jeb was almost crying again but he held back because he didn't want to worry Saiwa.
    Saiwa: "We are going to have a home? In the Otherworld? Oh Jeb."
    Now Saiwa was holding back his tears... This was too good to be true. Since they left for Mount Komorebi over a year ago and moved out of the Space Bar a little later they didn't have had a home anymore. Always on the run and fighting the Council. No time to breathe and no place to hide.

    They were searching the cave for an exit to finally see their new home!

    Jack: "Here is a ladder! *already climbs up* And a portal!"
    Saiwa: "Omg Jack! Wait! We need to stay together!"

    The portal lead to the sewers...
    Saiwa: "..."

    Jeb: "Don't worry. Other me surely picked an awesome home for us!"

    Jack: "Over there is an exit!" Jack is always so excited, like the little puppy he is ^^'
    Saiwa: "Wait at the top of the ladder. Don't go anywhere alone!"

    Jack: "Doesn't look we can go anywhere at all... Locked in by trash..."

    Saiwa: "Ach I knew this was to good to be true!"
    Jack: "Hey. It's not that bad. We can clean up and make it really nice here! Right, Vlad? ...Vlad?" *nudges him*
    Vlad: "Ah... right. Sure..."

    Jack: "See? Let's keep a little optimism here."
    Full episode and all the others in our Story Thread from their second year 👉 here at the forum
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,133 Member
    @mightysprite ,
    uploading that church when ready?? :)
    @manicpot8to ,
    so lovely colorful pic! <3
    (Congrats Tony!!!!! :) , awesome update!
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
    My Story:Villa Catarina
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,859 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves Is a USB drive the same as a Flash drive? Hubby has ordered a new external hard drive for me. I need that more for my genealogical research than anything else. I lost a very valuable copy of the hand-written Deed from my 7th great grandfather who left his land, et al to my other 7th great-grandfather along with the explanation. Originally, it was a wedding gift, but this deed explanation nullified all other promises, yet Joseph Hawkins was still the recipient. I was totally shocked. But it's gone (was on my original gaming rig) and I can't find it again. :open_mouth: Nor did I print it out. A hard copy would give me solace, at least.

    As for my game save, I'm very thankful that a person on these boards asked the question, do you backup your games? (It was a sign, if you will). With all of the trouble I was having, I backed my entire Sims 4 game folder that very day. Phew! Yes, the kids are still in high school, and Cadence was just days off of becoming a teen, but that's only seventeen game days from where I left off. I am very grateful for that. I will try to be more diligent in backing things up, given my track record, but this is a new device, at the same time.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,859 Member
    Caerfinon wrote: »
    @Caerfinon P.1295 Jac’s warning 🤣

    @BlueSeaWaves Jac is very territorial when treats are at stake. It's a dog thing. ;)

    Oh, yeah it is. LOL I have a pair of Beagles in RL, Trinkett will gobble up her 'treat', and follow her sister to try to eat what's left of hers! Yes, I get after her for that. Belle has the right to eat hers more slowly, if she wishes. LOL
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,859 Member
    @mightysprite Fantastic. I tried to recreate the 100-year-old dwelling that is our church, but the game mechanics are, indeed, tricky. The we walk in at street level and go upstairs to the sanctuary, and from there we go up again to the choir loft. Street level entry also goes down a few steps to the Hospitality Room. The bathrooms are in this corridor as are the offices. Double doors leads into the large room, with a kitchen at the back end. I was never very happy with it, but I did throw a wedding there, once. I do wish we had the opportunity to send our Sims there for a 'service'. I even created a Paster (Father James) to do the honors. Who knows, I may try again. Kudos to you tackling this task. It's a lovely church.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,859 Member
    I really enjoyed how you gave us Eddie's background, little bits at a time, without it being an 'information dump'. That's really good writing. The story just unfolded as we read along. I'm also very appreciative of the fact you used the word should've instead of should of. That's a particular gripe of mine, a Pet Peeve, if you will, so again I thank you for the use of the proper term. :) Again, a great piece of writing. The story is very interesting, and I look forward to seeing what's next for Tony.
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    Lenny_OggLenny_Ogg Posts: 3,696 Member
    edited December 2023
    🛺 Ahh! We are finally in Tomarang! 🩴

    Greetings from Tomarang!
    (17 pics in total in this post, I'm so excited! But I used spoilers.)
    They pushed the trash aside and stepped out.
    Saiwa: "This is a junkyard!"
    Jack: "Do you remember? You always said that about the Space Bar too! Haha - and then you cried when we moved out."
    Saiwa: "Ach!"

    Jack followed his nose: "There must be a market! A Night Market! We can deal with this junkyard tomorrow. Let's take a look around and eat something!"
    Jeb: "Let's go and check out our neighborhood. Vanië, don't be upset. Living in the Otherworld is the best that could possibly have happened to us. We're save here. And you'll see - after a few days of work it will be amazing here."
    Saiwa sighs: "Let's go then..."
    Jack: "That's my boy! Oh I'm so hungry! We haven't eaten since we left the Meteorite Crash Scene!"

    Jack: "Look how beautiful it is! We will be so happy here!"

    Jeb: "There are the food stands!"

    Jack: "Ahh the smell! And it looks amazing too! Jeb, do you think you can learn to cook this?"
    Jeb: "Sure :3 "
    Vlad: "It really is so beautiful here."

    Saiwa: "Can I have this?"
    Jeb: "You can have anything you want from me, Vanië."
    Saiwa: "Aowww Jeb!"
    Jack: "Too bad you can't taste this. It's so delicious."

    Saiwa: "Hey! They even sell outfits here! Oh - I can't wait to get rid of these clothes! And we're going to find a loose outfit for you which doesn't worsen your pain, Jack."

    Jack: "Awesome! This cloth is amazing! It's cool and I really like the feeling of this skirt! Nothing pinches!"
    Saiwa: "You do wear boxers, do you?"
    Jack: "Hm?"
    Saiwa: "Omg Jack!"
    They took a walk along the river.
    Saiwa: "It really is so beautiful."
    Jeb: "You really are so beautiful. I love you."

    Jeb: "We will be happy here."

    Vlad: "Let's go home. You hurt."

    Saiwa: "I'm sorry I was so upset, Jeb. Other Jeb and Jack sacrificed a lot to give us a safe place. Forgive me."
    Jeb: "Ah don't worry, Vanië. It was a bit of a shock for all of us ^^' We are going to make the best out of it, hm?"
    (screenshots are not edited! Amazing lighting in Tomarang!)
    (And we did well with the timing!)
    Post edited by Lenny_Ogg on
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    LyrieLyrie Posts: 881 Member
    First comments!

    @GalacticGal Thank you! I thought it was interesting those two events lined up together but it does give a good insight :) As for slips, if the girls do, they have a great system of support to get them back on track!

    @BlueSeaWaves Thanks for the comment lol Rod does not prefer cake, he rather have some type of pie or tart heh, I know the horror! When I did a test save birth, Rainbow reacted so well to being big sis fingers crossed it will be the same, heh and Treasure is a true find~ I second that, it is just too precious of a mod~.

    @DaniRose2143 Aww yeah, Beck is the sweetest and has patience of a saint to wait on Vanessa when she was struggling, now that things are ironing out, I can see a future for them finally! And the cuddle mod and Treasure are precious~ <3

    Hello simmers, I have another update, however while these feature our main characters, Hazel and Rainbow, the focus is also minimal on them, I rotate between their two houses mainly yet when I want a passage of time or to play a different household, I call that: Inbetween Stoler aka Stone and Adler family.

    For the next few updates, we will be doing that.

    With that said, this update is a three lady baby shower and a wedding! :)

    A Brief Baby Showers

    We start off this post with a bang, Amelia, Juliana and Nayeli threw a triple baby shower since they have gotten to know each other over the years, well Juli and Ame really were the two that needed to get acquainted. Anywho, they did the gender reveal cakes but JULI picked the wrong one, she is having a boy, but we will forgive her, she was craving cake.
    They got a cute little moodlet from the cake slice they choose how sweet!

    Friends and family were able to celebrate this joy and catch up with each other, I just loved watching the party in full swing!

    Bellies were felt to see if the little ones were shifting, Vanessa was so thrilled and surprised how much the baby was moving around for Nayeli what a trooper to come to the party!

    The gals sat down and joked and complained about the ups and downs of their pregnancies.

    Then Amelia being the sim that she is, decided they needed to have the biggest bump challenge, whoever won, got the first pick of the flower arrangements that Vanessa was handing out.

    They were all in the final trimester but it was clear that Juliana won this little belly war lol.

    The three got a lovely photo to further remember this moment and they would each get a copy.

    Juliana did claim the right to choose first and picked a lovely yellow and blue flowers.

    After that was done, everyone enjoyed the company and danced to some music before going home.

    Note: That is all for the baby shower, not a lot of pics but I got so wrapped up having fun, I forgot to take a lot lol.

    The Wedding Of Nayeli and Terrence

    Nayeli and Terrence tie the knot on this gorgeous Spring day! (I don't have My Wedding stories at the time but used a lot of means to get this shot lol, the struggle).
    The two were more then ready to say their vows and exchange the rings, not just because the little bun in that oven, but from the sheer love for each other.

    Terrence was not one for romantic words but today they rolled off his tongue with ease, he placed the ring on Nayeli's finger saying his I do's.

    Nayeli loved her romance novels, yet she spoke the best she could from the heart, through teary sniffles and a bright smile, a look of devotion, she place the ring on Terrence's finger saying her I do's.

    Then of course they were allowed to plant the kiss of unity on each others lips! Congratulations!

    The cake was cut, even Terrence was so excited he celebrated his own cake xD Max and Nia decided to sing the two in to being married lol lol.

    Dang! I missed the cake feeding but they both still look so cute~

    Everyone dug into the sweetness of red velvet cake. I love seeing where sims sit, here we have Pinky talking to Nick her old roomie. We also have Vanessa, Juliana and Terrance.

    Big sigh and LOL
    Only Nayeli had the sense to sit at the lovely table and eat her cake, everyone else stood! Oh well!

    And all those gorgeous flower arrangements were Vanessa's handy work! <3

    The two newly weds took their first dance together it was very sweet, (This slow dance is by Sacrificial).

    After the two shared that moment the other couples came to dance <3
    Max and Juli.
    Nick and Amelia.
    Beck and Vanessa.
    Poor Pinky in the background she is missing her husband Perry, but her son Gavin-Derick was sick, to Perry stayed home with him.

    Rainbow and Hazel wished to copy the grownups so they danced together as well heh look at that adorable look on Hazel's face <3.

    This precious mod was made by Mercuryfoam.

    Matt was getting down on the dance floor, he has a puppy crush on Hazel for the longest time, he hoped to get a dance in too, which he did, I just forgot the pics!

    Later everyone got some food from the buffets to eat and some were just done dancing yet.

    The food was delicious! The guest finished up eating and then all piled out to go home after hugs and final words.

    However as soon as Nayeli and Terrance reached their doorstep an emergency happened!

    Nayeli had to be brought in to the hospital or an emergency C-section, also Diego is a doctor now hmmmm, well, I'll take it.

    Poor Terrance was left out in the hall, but soon a little sweet baby girl named Myra was born, on their wedding day, wow!

    This was from pandasama's birth mod.

    That is all for now, thanks for reading and happy simming! :)
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    I have returned with fresh baked awesomes for all and a little bit from my holder save, Vlad and one of my new sims each have become landlords, and I've moved a my played family into one with some extras for Vlad. Right now I have some twins ready to explore Tomarang....if i remember right it's Tom-a-rang (Tah) I feel like I keep saying it wrong in my head. :D
    I didn't mean to make Sammy, I was just scrolling through assets and he just looked so cute, so I made his twin Nicole and my babies are working that new top. Nicole is nosy, typical of the younger sister type, she is not pleased some random woman is talking to her brother at least I think because immediately after this she spoke to them then went to snoop in his room, you can't find anything to blackmail your brother he was just being nice. Also, who are you gonna tell you're both right here. :*
    She made him come inside while she made some hot cocoa she begged him not to waste time with randos, meanwhile he was just excited he could get through a conversation I'll have to see if I can get that moodlet again to show you.
    Then he decided to show off his abs, I guess it is supposed to be cringy or whatever but he's just adorable, also I noticed he was overheating because of the temperature, perhaps because he was releasing steam from the rice cooker while the water was heating at the same time? Maaaaaybe, who knows.
    I was glad she actually did keep eating when her drink was done as they mentioned in the notes, now I'll have to test that in resturants.
    While she was snooping in his room again he talked to one of the neighbors and shared some of their poorly cooked rice but they'll probably be okay. :D
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day

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