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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,394 Member
    @Koteyka OMG! Welcome back!🤗
    I was just thinking about Tony this past week. Now here he is and he's officially a Mitchell!🥰 I'm so happy for him! He deserved a forever home and now he has the best possible one. Alicia is such a cutie. She is absolutely adorable!❤️
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    SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,235 Member
    I've updated some of my sims families in my different timeline game saves & resaved them in the Gallery under my username SEREFRAS.
    Please feel free to check them out & please let me know if anyone likes them. Thank you.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    @Koteyka woo! Glad things are going well for Tony!
    I'm happy that even Tristan and Kassie seem to have a better opinion of Tony. They may not end up best friends for life, but hopefully they can at least be polite/civil towards each other.
    Alicia is the cutest!
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Some screenshots of Michelle at graduation. I've only had one high school graduation so far, namely Erytheia and Xanthe Masterson. Erytheia was valedictorian and her speech wasn't great... I had no idea there was an option on the mirror to practise your speech! :# Michelle's was a lot better.



    Selfie! Michelle still seems to have a little acne on her face. Ah well, it's kinda realistic since acne can affect you beyond adolescence. Besides, I think it makes her quite cute. <3


    At both graduations I've played through, there's been a random infant outside, parents nowhere to be seen. It happened to be freezing cold that night. I used MCCC to dress him in his cold weather gear, then he fell asleep. But I have zero idea why an infant's even there in the first place!

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    Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,178 Member
    @Brd709 , Congrats for getting to 21st century :smiley:

    Thank you! It took a while but i'm so happy i'm in the 21st century now.

    I started this save in February 2021 and if i hadn't had needed to send my then new laptop back in April 2021 without a five month sim-less break in between could have got to the Noughties a lot quicker.

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    Lenny_OggLenny_Ogg Posts: 3,696 Member

    Francine went to Moonwood Mill

    Where Greg revealed the secret behind Jack's name...

    and they went down to the War Room of the Bunker... 📡

    Full episode 👉 here at the forum.
    d70aead6bd57d9113e587b03ecffce84b09267d0.jpgThe Boys 2 - Therapy Game 🛺 A Dramedy 🚶🏼🚶🏻🚶🏽🚶🏽 The Boys 🥇 Their first year - A Dramedy 🚀 Lost In Space - A Space Opera 🐎 The Stables - A Horse Drama
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    MelanieScribblesMelanieScribbles Posts: 161 Member
    So I was back at with the vampire royals (the Ambrosia family) again; I do have to say that the Infant gameplay is challenging the first time around! It is realistic in terms of the Sims spending most of their time taking care of the nooboo, and my mom DEFINITELY recognized having to feed the nooboo in the middle of the night when I told her about my Sims doing that. :D I did wish there were Infant-specific skills like on Toddlers, and sadly; only Nifty Knitting has a clothing item integrated on this life stage. I did hear those Infant skills are included in the Growig Together pack, though. Darned shame that I can't properly dress Katherine like a baby vampire, but that sure didn't stop me from dressing her in black and red. :smiley: But I do have to say that the in-game Infants are definitely cuter than real-life babies; so many d'aww moments today!

    Rose actually did the first bottle feeding, but Hunter also introduced little Katherine to her first bit of baby food; that's the fun thing about my Sims co-parenting... they both get to live through milestones wit the child! :smiley: Turns out that she loves ice cream, and likes mango. She's not a fan of veggies, but who is at that age, right?
    Also, good thing that neither parent is scared of a dirty diaper... And as their Watcher, I'm just glad that smell-o-vision isn't invented yet. :D Sure, I wish it was a thing already if I see my Sims using the Baking skill, but I always say that such a function should have a mute button on it, similar to TV and PC sound, just for the bad smells... :#
    Hunter had also upgraded both the at-home crib and the travel crib with a mobile; it's been a real lifesaver so far, since Katherine generally tends to get a little fussy around nap time. And goodnight kisses are definitely a part of the sleepytime routine. But that mobile plus a goodnight kiss usually has her sleeping like a log within seconds. I guess she's already developing that nocturnal cicardian rythm, though; she's mostly sleeping through the daytime, and is mostly awake during the night. I do have her parents take care of their needs and participate in either some work tasks or skill up a little while Katherine's asleep, since she doesn't tend to wake up before her Sleep need is filled all that often.

    Soothe to Sleep is also quite a potent interaction on that one; turning on the lullaby and/or Soothing to Sleep is guaranteed to work every time on a Calm Infant like Katherine. I specifically gave her that trait to make it a little easier on myself, since this is actually the first time I tried the Infant gameplay. And since she generally has Happy moodlets and seems to get so attached to her parents that she actually misses being held, I at least seem to be doing a decent job at this. :) I do know how important an infant's bond with their parents is in-game; Sure, there were some sad moodlets since the game sometimes either just deleted my queued interactions to take care of Katherine, or my Sims would just refuse to do it until I used reset object :| But those were quickly cleared up when my Sims actually did the interactions, so it shouldn't negatively affect Katherine all that much on the age-up.

    A few days later, it was Night on the Town, so Rose and Hunter decided to introduce Katherine to the daycare in order to participate. The daycare knew it was Katherine's first time there, and nanny promised that the little noboo would be fine.
    They went to San Myshuno to learn some new recipes. I kind of want them throwing some fancy dinner parties at some point, since the dining room they have lies horribly unused now. So those two knowing some City Living recipes for that sure couldn't hurt.
    Despite his Withered Stomach weakness, Hunter bravely made his his way though some Mapo Pork, and he actually managed to hold it down! I'm honestly impressed, the vampire king is already tougher than he looks at the Prime Vampire rank. Also, Rose struggled a bit with the chopsticks. And she actually ended up working on a cross-stitch while there. Really, Rose, at dinner? :|
    But when they got back from Night on the Town, the daycare had dropped Katherine off AT THE WRONG HOUSE! There are two mansions in that whole neighborhood, and they somehow got the wrong one instead of dropping the spooky baby off at the clearly spooky mansion. Wait, let me rephrase that; they let a VAMPIRE'S INFANT OUT IN THE SUN, AT THE WRONG HOUSE. Que parental panic; Rose instantly turned into a bat since she moves faster that way, flew her way over, and braved the sun to scoop her up ASAP!
    She might keep it together in the moment in the presence of the nooboo, but the look in Rose's eyes... I'm telling you, that nanny is going to be found the next day, mysteriously drained of plasma, with two 'insect bites' on her neck! :# Katherine was promptly checked for burn marks upon making it home safely; luckily, she hadn't developed her Vampire powers yet, and thus wasn't weak to sunlight yet. Hunter took care of the nooboo while Rose decided to look up where that nanny lives.
    After that, she decided to finish the cross-stitch that she was working on; ironically, the phrase she was doing was 'You are more then who you were'... :D

    Well, the parents both had to work after that, so it was time to give that daycare a second chance. I mean, once is an incident, right?
    Don't ask me how Rose managed to pretend to be surprised at the disappearance of that nanny on the drop-off today... :D Beforehand, the parents were of course, a little worried after that last experience. But Rose reassured Hunter about it: 'I know it's difficult, but we can do this! It'll be fine, she'll be fine, her fangs haven't even grown in yet. We might not be able to be in the sun anymore, but she still is.'
    Meanwhile, Katherine was sleeping like a log upstairs; Rose did check up on her before leaving for work. Hunter had to leave for work at 7 AM , but Rose only had to leave at 1 PM. The nooboo's needs were actually quite high by the time she woke up, so I guess that mother knows best in this case. :D Katherine was a little sad when waking up, but Rose knew exactly what would cheer her up; bubbles!
    Well, that sure did the trick. But you know how long nooboo's tend to stay clean: It was time for breakfast, so Katherine had to get her face cleaned pretty quickly.
    Turns out she dislikes applesauce for some reason, but she loves yoghurt. But she did make less of a fuss around nap time this time around; turns out the Happy moodlets matter a little more on that area than the game makes you think, because she had 3 of them when she fell asleep. And luckily, Hunter was home just as Rose had to leave for work; a little correction from the last post... his job is part-time; Sorry, I get Backhoe Operator and Gardener confused sometimes since they're both outdoors. :s The career is technically called Manual Labor, though. Might have him switch careers to an actual Gardener once Katherine is old enough to go to school, though.
    Good thing he was there, though: Rose barely had enough time for a quick Plasma Pack before work! A few friends actually came over while she was gone; Joaquin showed up, as did another family friend, a townie named Austin Tipton. And as a dad... Hunter couldn't help but brag about his little girl a little.
    Austin is actually the first regular Sim that Katherine has ever met, so she's just like 'Wait- there are Sims who DON'T drink Plasma?'. After that, it was about dinner time, so time for a bottle. The little nooboo was slightly fussy around sleepy time, but Soothe to Sleep... Works like a charm.
    Katherine was out like a light by the time Rose got home, and mommy dearest does seem happy that she doesn't have to do this whole parenting thing alone. Also, funny story; Hunter reached Parenting level 2 before Rose did!
    Aaaand while the couple was out feeding on some Evil and Mean Sims (Rose always has too much guilt over that, they kind of have it coming), the daycare left Katherine IN THE WOODS THIS TIME.
    ...Yup, time to switch daycares. And judging by Hunter's face, he's going 'You know what; let's not bug your mother with this. But let's just say that I'll be, er... 'putting this nanny in detention' as well.'
    Turns out her hunger and sleep needs were low as well, so they didn't even properly feed her or gave her any nap time. Well, Hunter decided to take care of that while he was minding her anyways. Geez, what does this daycare have against Vampires? :#

    Well, with the daycare messing with the little princess TWICE, I had better age Katherine up; the game somehow tends to do better with Toddlers on that area.
    Even though Katherine is a little young for big birthday parties, I did decorate the dining room for the occasion. I did have to give her a little makeover, of course; still a challenge to make her match the rest of the family, since she's still too young for that Vampire pack children's dress I've been eyeing for her. Well, I'll just save that one for the next age-up.
    She was in her pajamas for the whole thing, but she did net a bonus trait on aging up; Top-notch Infant. I already was hoping that I did well enough for the positive result, but I was lowkey expecting the neutral result, so this was a pleasant surprise. Ad an actual trait plus a new moodlet around family sure was the cherry on top :) I haven't really seen that mentioned anywhere, but it's definitely a nice bonus and I'm kind of curious now about its effects later in that Sim's life now. Like, does it stack with Top-notch Toddler? Does it lead to easier skill gains throughout a Sim's life like the Child life stage bonus traits? I guess I'll have to test what effect Top-notch Infant has. Either way, looks like I'm setting Katherine up for success right off the bat.
    At this age, Katherine still has to eat regular Sim food; Vampire powers tend to lay dormant until they're Teens. Don't get me wrong, Rose and Hunter do try to set an example of what she'll grow into, but for now, she still has regular Sim needs. Hunter is a surprisingly good chef despite not being able to eat well himself, though. Meanwhile, Rose taught Katherine to use the potty or the first time; she actually got it on the first try, so this kid is smarter than she looks.
    Accidents did happen later, but if these Sim parents have survived dirty diapers, then they can handle this. :D Coparenting had that mess completely cleaned up and a toddler comforted in a flash. That sad Moodlet was nothing that a bubble bath and some time at the toybox couldn't fix.
    Katherine also learned all of the Toddler skills today; Movement, Imagination, Potty, Thinking, and Communication.

    Well, given the skill gains of today, that next age-up might not be as far off as I think... At the end of my gaming session, I had gotten a few of Katherine's Toddler skills up to level 2 already. I had better start planning some new activities for Hunter and Rose already once the youngest bat is old enough to go to school, because Rose is at a career level where she's working less hours, and they're starting to max some skills (Rose maxed Writing, while Hunter maxed Pipe Organ). And Rose is about 4 levels off from maxing Flower Arranging. Yeah, they're going to need something new to do pretty soon...
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,675 Member
    edited November 2023
    P.1280 Thats very good to know your sim went and won when she wasn’t nominated! I’ll keep that in mind😁 Oh Isaac🤦‍♀️ P.1281 Congrats Michelle! You saved that infant! Why is there always an infant spawning there😭
    P.1280 Wow the lake swim looked calm and peaceful!
    P.1280 Lol, agreed. Their honeymoon should be special😁 It’s been a while since we seen these ladies! Looking forward to their return😃
    P.1280 Lmao Vlad’s holding himself😆 Vlad knows very well, you have to love yourself😆 Morgyn's face in seeing himself 😭
    P.1280 I was disappointed in Dani😔 Also about them👉👈 …
    Aw enjoyed the update. Jemina’s smile, and the way Marcus holds his daughter says a lot of their family☺️ Jennifer’s adorable🥰 lol of course thats where Marcus went 😆
    P.1280 Wow! Looks amazing! Hope we get a look on the inside when its complete😃
    P.1280 Lol I’m cracking up🤣 I looked at the peaceful photo of the outside of the house covered in snow and when I read “clothes dryer catches fire” I then notice the fire. Not so peaceful after all🤣 Oh my goodness! The inside! I’m glad Steve had a change of heart😵‍💫 That was a roller coaster of emotions. Niceee the 2000s are here😁 Oh my Bitty, great makeover after! Oof, laid off. Aw I love the moodlet of ‘Promising Pizza’. I enjoyed this update greatly😁
    P.1280 Hey! Welcome back! I was thinking about Tony and his family earlier this week, what a great surprise! Great to see the family again😁 Alicia’s adorable! Good on Graham catching that Tony needed glasses. Lmao Alicia and Theo always playing in Tony’s room😆 WOW "I was just concerned!" the woman hissed. "There's no need to be rude!” Um, Lady you were incredibly rude first😡
    Glad Lucas managed to turn the sleepover around. Lucas being worried Tony will tell anyone even Tristan is sad but can’t blame him. The pair are definitely friends now🙂
    Lmao Rose preferring to cross-stitch😆 Daycare leaving the baby at the wrong house! Nightmare for any parents especially vampires having to brave the sun! Great job Rose! Fun update😁
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Thank you!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,546 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves just wanted to give you and all the other WHIYG responders a shout out for commenting on other simmer's gameplay. It's much appreciated and shows you're not just posting but you're also interested in what your fellow forum members are doing. I know we all have time restraints and can't always respond but it's nice when you can. :)
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,851 Member
    @Ellupelluellu mmhmm and I bet it has something to do with the short shorts I put him in...hehe. Their daughter is so cute, Markus may love his family but the exercise machines will always be his first love..I guess. Oh I bet that is why my mccc always puts him with Judith she can't stand to be around him for too long lol!
    @DaniRose2143 I don't know how you have self control sometimes I see my other sims walking around and I just pull off of what I'm doing cause they need me, but they don't and they do ha.
    @BlueSeaWaves In fact it's a whole new level of love yourself :D I repeat I blame the shorts, sorry original Morgyn you don't have the legs for them. :p

    Anyone only having some lag on posting or giving awesomes lately, I know my net is working it's just the wait time is weird there.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    @CK213 Wow! Looks amazing! Hope we get a look on the inside when its complete😃

    I'll just copy it over.

    It is complete and ready for conversion.
    This version will be for a sim that owns the complex. I will also make a 30x40 version with six units and no owner living there.
    I added the third floor after I found out we can have six units in a building.
    This is the third floor and is a single unit with three bedrooms. The owner will live here.

    My finishing stage was making each apartment unique.




    I will need more game play information before I can decided what to do with this space.
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,394 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves I'm getting antsy to get this one done. I've missed Anna and Ray so much!🥰

    I'm getting close to finishing up.🙂 I popped in to see what the honeymooners were up and I found Liberty doing a workout. Girl, it's your honeymoon! Enjoy it! The workouts can wait.😁

    Matteo seems to be enjoying her workout, so go for it then...

    I love how the butterfly photobombed this one...

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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,394 Member
    @RedDestiny92 Self control isn't one of my strengths.🤣 Well, occasionally it is, but not as often as I would like. I know how you feel and that's a reason why I have so many group scenes in Tartosan Sun. I love having all of them in one place so I don't have to choose who to be with.🙂
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    edited November 2023
    @Lucy_Henley Congratulations on your Sim's graduation. I've yet to experience the actual ceremony. Previously, I've let my high schoolers graduate early. So far, only Jamison has had that privilege. But thank goodness for the Drama Club to keep him busy, since he couldn't just join the Acting Career. All of his siblings, so far, have been offered the chance to graduate early, but I'm truly hoping for a ceremony or two, you know? Plus, I need these kids to stay out of trouble, if you will. Spending the day in classes is a good thing.
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,675 Member
    @simgirl1010 Thank you, it’s fun to see what’s going on in other’s gameplay. Shoutout to the others and you as well for all you do in the forums😁
    With time constraints and other priorities its very understandable why everyone can’t respond so thats completely fine 🙂
    @RedDestiny92 I’ve been getting that lag too from time to time! I have to reload the page sometimes to make sure my click’s go through
    @CK213 Wow! It’s beautiful! They’re all looking unique, can really tell many personalities will be living in there. Great idea to include a laundry room and gym area.
    @DaniRose2143 🤣 Liberty working out on her honeymoon. She’s taking ‘never skip gym day’ seriously. Matteo’s watching for support🙂 Really great shot with the butterfly.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    @MelanieScribbles I thoroughly enjoyed your update. I'm not into Occults, but I really enjoyed the humor you brought into your story. As for that Daycare . . . I have no clue if this is the way Vampires are treated or not. My Sims' children were never dropped off in strange places. Huh, might be something to ask other Occult players, though. You've got me curious.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    @GalacticGal I agree. All three Wilson kids have had the opportunity to graduate early, but I haven't had them do so. I may do an early graduation with one of my Sims, but I'm not sure who or when.

    I'm kind of tempted by For Rent. I wasn't someone who desperately wanted the concept of building apartments etc, but it does sound intriguing. Many of my Sims like gardening, so I'll have to figure out how to balance a decent-sized apartment complex with the space to build a garden. I know you can grow some plants indoors, but they grow faster outside.
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    I'm still here. Haven't done much playing lately. I have a chance to get my branch of the family into the Family History book that is going to be updated and so I've had to make certain I have the source records to back up my information, understandably. We're seeking to correct some errors that made it into the book in 1961. Nobody is ever mistake-free, but we can try. And we now have computers, etc. to make it all the easier to get our hands on records, if you will. I will be getting back to my Cantrell family soon. Please, bear with me.
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,394 Member
    I love the expressions Liberty has going on here...😁

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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,463 Member
    edited November 2023
    Been only messing around in my main save this time...

    I know here they are supposed to paind all these fruit bowls and pots...
    ...but this shall do.
    Little visit to Henford too.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
    My Story:Villa Catarina
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    edited November 2023
    Weeding and Watering!
    Screenshot only section!

    Riding through Myshuno Meadows!
    Princess Roddy went up to his Clydesdale mare, Tammy. 'Hello lass! would you like to go for a ride?' he said, stroking his horse's neck. Tammy neighed happily. The princess smiled and mounted her:
    Then the pair set off for Myshuno Meadows. When they arrived, Princess Roddy had an enjoyable ride:
    After the ride, Princess Roddy dismounted Tammy and stroked her neck:
    Then he talked to his beloved horse:
    After another ride around, Princess Roddy and Tammy went back home.

    An experimental dish for breakfast!
    Princess Roddy went into the kitchen. He was feeling hungry. Benjamin, his dad, came in. 'Dad, I feel like eating something unusual for breakfast. Could you whip something up for me, please?' the princess asked, politely. 'Of course, my boy! I'll get it ready in a few minutes!' Benjamin replied, smiling. 'Yay! I cannot wait!' Princess Roddy said, excitedly. Benjamin chuckled and got to work:
    It smelled incredible. At last, Benjamin finished cooking and put it in a bowl. 'Here we are, this is Tiger Shrimp in Smoked Dewdrop Broth! Hope you like it!' He said, putting the bowl in front of his firstborn son. 'Thank you, dad!' Princess Roddy said, warmly. He ate the delicious dish and savoured every spoonful:
    The princess was happy. After he finished, he put the empty bowl in one of the dishwashers:
    Then Princess Roddy went over to Benjamin and gave him a loving hug:
    'That was delicious, thank you dad!' the princess said, cheerfully:
    'You're welcome, Roddy!' Benjamin replied, smiling:
    The pair then chatted to each other:
    Princess Roddy then went up to his bedroom and wrote in his diary about the recent happenings in his life:
    He smiled and put his diary away. The princess then sat down and did some knitting:
    He loved knitting!

    A visit to Plumbite Pier with Olivia Kim-Lewis goes horribly wrong.
    Hamish Furystrykar went to Plumbite Cove. He and his sweetheart, Olivia Kim-Lewis were going to spend some time together. Olivia was already there when Hamish arrived. She ran over and glomped him:
    'Hello Olivia.' Hamish said, slightly blushing:
    The two sweethearts chatted to each other:
    Then they walked along the pier:
    Olivia saw the Ferris Wheel. 'Hamish-wamish! Let's go on the Ferris Wheel together!' she said, excitedly. 'Woah, steady on, Olivia!' Hamish said in surprise as she took his hand and pulled him in the direction of the ride entrance:
    The pair got into an empty gondola and enjoyed the ride:
    Afterwards, they went to the 'haunted' house:
    During the ride, Hamish noticed something was wrong. 'That prop looks like it's going to fall...' he thought, a bit worried. Olivia noticed her sweetheart's worried look. 'Hamish, what's wrong?' she asked. 'Err, Olivia...I think we may want to exit the ride...that prop looks like...OH NO, LOOK OUT!' Hamish was about to finish his original sentence, but then the wires precariously holding the prop snapped. Without thinking, Hamish pushed Olivia out of the way. Olivia looked on in horror as the prop fell on top of Hamish. 'Hamish...HAMISH!' she sobbed as she scrambled to get her sweetheart out from under the broken prop. Then she saw that a piece of the ceiling was about to fall. She froze in terror.

    Just then a pier staff member came and got her safely out. ' best friend is still in there...he's trapped under the rubble...' Olivia sobbed, shaking uncontrollably. 'We'll do everything we can to save him, miss.' the staff member said, trying to comfort her. Meanwhile, back at Dianthus Hall, Princess Roddy Furystrykar sensed his little brother was in danger. 'Mum, Dad. Hamish is in danger at Plumbite Pier! We have to save him!' the princess said, telepathically. 'We hear you!' Benjamin replied. Once Shine had got her first aid bag ready, she, her husband and their firstborn son went outside. Shine and Princess Roddy's wings appeared, and Benjamin got out his broomstick. Soon, the trio were flying as fast as they could to Plumbite Cove.

    Back at the pier, Olivia Kim-Lewis watched in dismay as the firefighters that were supposed to be saving her sweetheart were panicking. Then she looked up and saw Princess Roddy, Benjamin and Shine arriving. As soon as the trio touched down, Princess Roddy ran over to Olivia. 'Don't worry lass, we'll get Hamish out, safe and sound!' he said, comforting his little brother's sweetheart. Olivia smiled slightly. Then the princess joined his mother and father.

    Once inside the damaged haunted house, the trio set to work. They soon discovered that something had started a fire. Time was now of the essence! 'Hamish!' Benjamin, Shine and Princess Roddy called out telepathically as they looked everywhere, whilst also being careful of their surroundings. Then the princess sensed something. Not only could he sense a faint bit of spellcaster energy, he could also sense a slow heartbeat. 'Follow me!' he said to his mother and father. 'Right behind you, Roddy!' Benjamin and Shine said in unison.

    Soon, Princess Roddy found where the spellcaster energy was coming from. 'Hang on little brother, we're getting you out of here!' the princess said. Benjamin came over and used a spell to lift some of the rubble off of his youngest son. Once Hamish was free, Shine checked his heartbeat. It was faint, and slow. 'Not good. He probably inhaled a lot of smoke when the fire broke out.' Shine said. She set to work, using her fae magic to heal her youngest son. Eventually, Hamish's life was no longer in danger. Princess Roddy focused his fae and spellcaster magic to help Benjamin put out the flames and clear a path to the exit.

    At last, the trio got out of the ride. Eric Lewis and Alice Spencer-Kim were with their daughter, Olivia, who wanted to see her sweetheart. 'Olivia, it's ok. We can visit Hamish in hospital when he's better.' Eric said, consoling his daughter. 'Ok dad...' Olivia said, quietly. An air ambulance took Hamish to Willow Creek Hospital. Benjamin, Shine and Princess Roddy followed them.

    When Hamish regained consciousness, he found himself in a hospital bed. 'What...what happened? Hang on...wait, where's Olivia?' Hamish said, starting to panic. Shine, who had been sitting by his bed came over. 'Good to see you're finally awake, Hamish! Don't worry, Olivia's safe. Your actions saved her life!' she said, reassuringly. A wave of relief washed over Hamish. Princess Roddy and Sophia entered the room, along with Shelly Heart. They showered him with lots of attention and affection. Hamish smiled.

    During his time in hospital, Hamish received many visitors, including his paternal and maternal relatives. The Spencer-Kim-Lewis household also visited him. Olivia was relieved to see that Hamish was getting better. She gave him a get well soon card and a box of his favourite sweets. After a brief chat, the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household went back home.

    A few days later, Hamish was out of hospital, having fully recovered from his ordeal. He visited Cypress Terrace. Vivian Lewis let him in. 'Olivia is in her bedroom, Hamish.' she said. 'Thank you Vivian.' Hamish said, smiling. He went upstairs. Olivia's eyes widened as her sweetheart entered her bedroom. 'Hamish-wamish!' she squealed happily. 'Hello, Olivia. Sorry our outing was ruined.' Hamish said, apologetically. 'It's not your fault, Hamish! Sometimes things like that happen!' Olivia said, smiling. 'And besides, you saved me! You're my hero!' she added. Before Hamish could reply, Olivia gave him a great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    'I love you, Hamish-wamish.' Olivia said, giving her sweetheart a great, big, loving hug:
    Hamish blushed. 'I love you too, Olivia.' he replied. After chatting, Hamish said goodbye and went back home to Dianthus Hall.

    An uneasy sleep.
    It had been a few days since Hamish's accident and hospital trip. Most of the Furystrykar Household had fallen asleep:
    However, poor Hamish Furystrykar found it difficult to sleep:
    He started to have a nightmare...a very frightening nightmare:
    In it, he was still trapped under the broken prop and the rubble that fell on him in the haunted house ride. He tried to call out for help, but his voice had gone. Hamish tossed and turned:
    He awoke with a start, screaming. He rocked back and forth and covered his ears, his eyes still closed:
    Princess Roddy woke up, having just come back from the dream world. He heard his little brother screaming like nothing he ever heard. 'Hold on, Hamish! Big brother's coming!' Princess Roddy said, running up the stairs and into Hamish's room. 'Roddy, I'm scared! Ever since the accident, I've had nightmares constantly, and they bring me back to that same haunted house ride! It's like something's purposefully trying to prevent me from having a decent sleep!' Hamish said, still trembling:
    'Could you tell me anything else about your nightmares?' Princess Roddy asked:
    Hamish thought for a moment. 'There was laughter. This was different from the laughter you usually hear on the haunted house ride. It was bone-chilling and downright malevolent.' he recalled. Another surge of fear hit Hamish and he cried. 'There there, I'll get to the bottom of this. For now, just breathe.' Princess Roddy said, comforting his little brother:
    Hamish took a deep breath. 'Better?' the princess asked. 'Better.' his little brother replied. Princess Roddy smiled and gave him a loving hug:
    And a loving smooch on his nose:
    Hamish smiled. 'Thank you, big brother.' he said, gratefully. 'Hey, that's what siblings are for!' the princess said, chuckling. He gave Hamish a great, big, loving hug:
    After chatting to his little brother some more, Princess Roddy went downstairs and into his own bedroom. He had a pretty good idea of what was causing Hamish's nightmares. He also knew how to deal with it. The worry was whether his little brother was going to be able to be brave enough.

    Defeating a Nightmare Demon!
    Princess Roddy and his little brother, Hamish, went downstairs into the living room. Benjamin had already moved their beds downstairs. 'Are you ready for this, little brother?' Princess Roddy asked:
    'I'm nervous, Roddy. But If it gets rid of my nightmares, I'm ready.' Hamish replied:
    'Alright. Let's get into our beds.' the princess said. The two brothers climbed into their beds:
    No sooner had Hamish fallen asleep, he found himself in that same dreaded haunted house ride accident:
    He couldn't scream for help at all. Like in previous nightmares, his voice had gone, but he could still hear the bone-chilling laughter:
    Princess Roddy set to work, and entered Hamish's nightmare:
    The princess found himself outside the haunted house ride. The sky was an unsettling red. 'Hold on, little brother, I'm coming!' Princess Roddy called, entering the ride. He searched everywhere. Then the princess found the place where Hamish was under. Using all his strength, he dug through the broken props and rubble. Eventually, Hamish was free. Relieved, Hamish hugged his big brother. Princess Roddy smiled. Suddenly, his tiara started glowing. 'I thought that was the case.' the princess thought. 'Hamish, the path to the exit is clear. This is still a dangerous situation!' he said, turning to his little brother. Hamish nodded and made his escape. He still couldn't find his voice.

    Once Princess Roddy could sense that Hamish was safely out, his main focus was dealing with the source of the nightmare. However, he soon realized...that the whole haunted house was a nightmare demon! 'OCH BAUTHER!' the princess exclaimed, making a mad dash for the exit. He got out. 'Alright, ye malignant mansion! Ye made it personal!' Princess Roddy bellowed, touching his tiara. His armour and special greatswords materialized. 'Hahahahahaaaa! You stand no chance against the great Polto Skelle!' the nightmare demon boasted, laughing in the princess's face. 'Och, haud yer wheesht, ye deamhan gràineil! Ye harmed me wee brother, an' now ye're goin' to pay!' Princess Roddy angrily snapped. His greatswords glowed and burst into flames.

    Surprisingly, despite being a haunted house ride, Polto Skelle was quite agile. He sent out an onslaught of bricks, wood and doors and various other objects in an attempt to harm Princess Roddy. The princess gracefully deflected each flying object with his greatswords. Soon, he found an opening and rushed forwards. Polto Skelle tried to attack, but he soon discovered that he was covered in chains of light. 'AAAARGH! What are you doing to me?' he asked, angrily, as the chains burned him. 'Ye're experiencing the pain many a deamhan has experienced before they fall to me.' Princess Roddy replied.

    Polto Skelle soon realized that what he heard about Princess Roddy Furystrykar was true. 'Mercy! MERCY! Spare my life!' he grovelled and pleaded with the princess. 'Ye've tormented me wee brother for far too long. I'm not going to be merciful. NOW TURN TO ASHES!' Princess Roddy bellowed. He swung his greatswords and Polto Skelle was no more. Only a pile of ashes remained. 'Good riddance!' the princess said, glad it was over. The sky above Plumbite Pier went back to normal. The 'haunted' house ride was instantly repaired and Hamish found his voice!

    Both Princess Roddy and his little brother woke up. Hamish ran over to his big brother and bawled his eyes out:
    'I'm finally free of that nightmare...' he sobbed. 'There there, let it all out!' Princess Roddy said, comforting his little brother:
    Hamish soon felt better. 'Thank you for getting me out of there, big brother. That was terrifying.' he said, gratefully. 'You're welcome, little brother.' Princess Roddy replied, smiling. He gave Hamish a loving snuggle:
    Hamish felt content. Now he could get some sleep without having nightmares! And sleep he did:
    It was the best sleep he ever had!

    I can't believe I got inspiration from this:
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,463 Member
    Great story out of the popup! Nightmares fit in too! Good they are okay!
    ps. Eachan is cute. :)
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Thank you for your comment!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    Wow, that was some of the best writing I've seen from you. You had me nearly in tears with worry over Hamish and Olivia. I am in awe of Princess Roddy's abilities. I was hanging on every word you wrote. Well done. Good piece of drama. Loved it and so glad Hamish is now okay. Phew!

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