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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,467 Member

    @DaniRose2143 ,
    thanks :) Yes Nancy is always Nancy :s
    Can't wait to see the honeymoon update <3
    @BlueSeaWaves ,
    thank you :) I honestly hate playing with poses, but sometimes I had to :) Jennifer is daddy's girl so far, will see if that changes :p
    @GalacticGal ,
    thank you :) Yes Nancy Landgraab herself :s
    @simgirl1010 ,
    hehe, thanks :p And yes, she has bigger rel panel with Marcus than Jemina, clearly a daddy's girl :smiley:
    @Smellincoffee ,
    I have done combined ISBI and Asylum.. if was fun :) Ann doing great job!

    Not much today,

    Jemina really has a thing for knitting now.


    Then usual visit to ECO lot..
    Now better let Jemina to hold Jennifer.
    Not safe for babies around woodworks.

    Jennifer enjoyed watching juice fizzing tho :)

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
    My Story:Villa Catarina
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    SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 1,012 Member

    Another update, since otherwise I'm going to play too far ahead of remembering what happened. :D


    Ann flourished in Sulani, working with locals to help monitor and remove outside contaminants, and moderate tourist activity, keeping numbers slow and steady and never allowing crowds to overwhelm the islands’ resources. Mitch couldn’t adapt successfully to island life and would soon be asked to leave his job at a local diner, and eventually he and Angela would drift away. (They both got stuck and were going to die, so I removed them from the household.) Despite my only controlling Ann, the household plugged along pretty well. Kaori, Angela, and Mitch frequently passed out, but no one starved – and I discovered that the Parenting options from allowed Ann to manage Jerry to some degree, making him do his homework or develop skills. He actually graduated from high school early. Very little was happening, though. Ann stayed busy managing the house and then picking up trash around the islands. I gave the household a garden, but two seasons were enough to put me off of that. Spraying takes such a ridiculously long time that she couldn’t manage that when she was also the household’s nanny, cook, etc. Ann and Kaori both had babies from Mitchell, but since they’re not contenders for heir I just gave them the names the game rolled up randomly – Noah and Christopher.



    Ann was invited to San Myshuno to participate in the Geekathon, and she not only won the hacking contest, but she went on to nail the karaoke contest immediately afterwards. All that singing in the shower paid off!

    Yeah, payin' the bills with my mad programming skills
    Defraggin' my hard drive for thrills
    I got me a hundred gigabytes of RAM
    I never feed trolls and I don't read spam
    Installed a T1 line in my house
    Always at my PC, double-clickin' on my mizouse
    Upgrade my system at least twice a day
    I'm strictly plug-and-play, I ain't afraid of Y2K

    ("All About the Pentiums". Lyrics.)

    Meanwhile, Jerry was about to become an adult and begin his own story..
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    SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 1,012 Member

    @Smellincoffee ,
    I have done combined ISBI and Asylum.. if was fun :) Ann doing great job!

    I hadn't heard of the Asylum challenge before. WIll see if I can find some playthroughs!
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,680 Member
    edited November 2023
    @Ellupelluellu Aww shes definitely daddy's girl <3
    @Smellincoffee Well done Ann :)

    Catalina's day was going well, she did her daily routines of caring for Talladega 11-10-23-7-08-49-PM.png Her day was going well until her fiancée invited over a friend, Dani Davila. Should've known better to leave them on their own device. Dani caused a scene when she made a flirtatious joke with her fiancée. 11-10-23-7-22-37-PM.png It completely wiped their romantic relationship :( I'm not sure if the wedding is happening 11-10-23-7-49-14-PM.png
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Turns out Michelle's three traits are Genius, Romantic and Perfectionist :D I thought it might have been!
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    My screenshot of Nicola winning the Accolade was the featured photo in this week's Highlights! YAY! She didn't even get nominated, so it's definitely worth turning up anyway to see if you've won something!!
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Turns out Isaac isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He thought it'd be a great idea to stand RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of these duelling Spellcasters. *facepalm*

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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    A game of Don't wake the Llama, and Taco Casserole!
    Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish played Don't Wake the Llama with aunt Shelly:
    Later, Shelly made Taco Casserole:
    Then she and her nephews and niece ate:
    It was delicious! When the group had finished, Princess Roddy put the plates in the dishwasher. Then he went upstairs and gave his beloved kitten, Eachann, some attention:
    Then he brushed his kittens fur. Eachann purred happily.

    Time for some self care!
    Screenshot only section!

    Roasting marshmallows and going to Plumbite Pier!
    Princess Roddy and Shelly Heart went to Little Falls National Park in Plumbite Cove, Copperdale. There, they roasted marshmallows:
    Afterwards, the princess extinguished the fire:
    Then he and his beloved aunt went to Plumbite Pier, where they rode on the Ferris Wheel:
    Then they went into the 'haunted' house:
    After looking around, Princess Roddy and Shelly returned to the national park for some lunch.

    Affection from Aunt Shelly and camping!
    After lunch, Princess Roddy and Shelly explored Plumbite Cove. They looked at the sea of flowers that was in one part of the woods:
    'It's so pretty isn't it, my adorable little cutie pie?' Shelly said. 'Indeed it is, auntie Shelly!' Princess Roddy replied, cheerfully. Shelly chuckled and gave her adorable nephew a great, big, loving hug:
    She then smiled sweetly, batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at the princess, which made him giggle:
    Shelly gave Princess Roddy a very great, big, loving smooch on his left cheek:
    His right cheek:
    And his forehead:
    She then gave him a very great, big, loving hug:
    Princess Roddy giggled. Afterwards, Shelly gave him a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    After chatting, Princess Roddy and Shelly went back to the national park. 'Auntie Shelly? Is it ok if I stay here for a while?' The princess asked. 'Of course you can, my adorable little cutie pie!' Shelly replied. She helped her eldest nephew to set up his camping gear. When that was done, Shelly knelt down in front of Princess Roddy. 'Have fun, Roddy!' she said, warmly:
    'I will, auntie Shelly! Look after Eachann and Tammy for me!' the princess replied. 'Don't you worry, I'll make sure to give your kitten and your Clydesdale mare plenty of attention!' Shelly said. After saying goodbye, she went back home to Dianthus Hall. Princess Roddy got ready for bed in the meantime:
    Then he climbed into bed and fell fast asleep, entering the dream world:
    When he reached his palace, the princess did some gardening in his royal gardens. Then he explored another part of the forest that was behind his palace. Princess Roddy found a very large and very old oak tree. He sat beneath it and did some reading. He felt happy.

    Peace and Quiet!
    Princess Roddy woke up after a few sim hours, feeling refreshed:
    He changed into one of his masculine hot weather outfits. It was still night time, but that didn't bother the princess. He headed out of the cabin and did some star gazing:
    Princess Roddy smiled. A bit later, he did some knitting:
    Once that was done, the princess had a shower:
    After warming up, he headed to the lake and had a swim:
    After his enjoyable swim, Princess Roddy dried off and changed back into his masculine hot weather outfit. Then he had breakfast scramble for...well, breakfast!
    After washing the empty plate in the sink, the princess headed for the summer food and drink stall at Plumbite Pier, and ordered an iced coffee, which he drank:
    Princess Roddy headed back to the Little Falls National Park. After looking around, the princess called his dad, Benjamin Furystrykar, and let him know that he was going to go back home:
    'Have a safe trip back home, Roddy!' Benjamin said from the other end. 'I will, dad!' Princess Roddy replied. 'That's our boy!' Benjamin said, chuckling. After ending the call, the princess packed up and set off back home to Dianthus Hall. He had enjoyed spending time in Plumbite Cove!

    Safely home!
    Princess Roddy arrived safely back at Dianthus Hall. Benjamin smiled as his firstborn son came in. He gave the princess a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    'Welcome home, my boy! Did you have fun?' Benjamin asked:
    'I had fun, dad! Little Falls National Park is very beautiful!' Princess Roddy replied:
    'That's good to hear, Roddy!' Benjamin said, warmly. Shine came over and gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    'Bet it was very peaceful at the national park! she said:
    'It was, mummy! I could hear the sounds of the night very clearly!' Princess Roddy replied:
    Shine smiled sweetly, batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at her adorable firstborn, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave him a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    And a very great, big, loving hug:
    After chatting to his mum and his dad, Princess Roddy went outside and gave Tammy, his Clydesdale mare, a loving hug:
    Then he talked to his beloved horse:
    The princess went inside and into his bedroom where he gave Eachann, his beloved kitten, some attention:
    Then he spent time brushing his kitten's fur. Afterwards, Princess Roddy watered his plants. He loved his plants and his pets!

    Fishing at Grims Quarry, Evergreen Harbour!
    Another screenshot only section!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Lenny_OggLenny_Ogg Posts: 3,696 Member


    There was no way to find out more about Professor Callahan and his research online. It was too long ago and the prediction (of an impact of a meteorite pair in the far future made by an unknown professor without any evidence) too insignificant.

    So Rubyn went over to Foxbury. To the archives. Where all the pre-internet astronomical data are kept - on paper.
    The Librarian wasn't of much help...
    rest of the post under the spoiler below
    So Rubyn spent her night in the archives. Searching through card indexes...

    Consultating catalogues...

    And finally a trace lead her to the personnel file of a Professor J.Callahan. Who had been a lecturer for astronomy at the Britechester University a hundred years ago. Long before Foxbury Institute had been built.

    The reason why any information about him was so hard to find is, that he only taught for a few days. Published his article about the ...

    ... Tepesz-Woo meteorite pair (???)

    What? A Professor -> J. Callahan (and only him) predicted the impact of Ji Ho and Vlad's meteorites and named them after them - a hundred years ago?
    (Ji Ho's last name is 'Woo' and Vlad's 'Tepesz'. And Jack's -> Callahan...)

    Unfortunately Professor Callahan lost his professorship due to his, then unprooved, weird theories. The last entry in his file is, that the University of Britechester wishes him good luck for his further research in Selvadorada...
    TMI: This episode is inspired of a real life experience where I was lucky to spend hours and hours in the Library of our University and in the endless Archives. It was stunning.

    The Boys' first year together thread is 👉 here
    We are now in their second year. It starts 👉 here
    d70aead6bd57d9113e587b03ecffce84b09267d0.jpgThe Boys 2 - Therapy Game 🛺 A Dramedy 🚶🏼🚶🏻🚶🏽🚶🏽 The Boys 🥇 Their first year - A Dramedy 🚀 Lost In Space - A Space Opera 🐎 The Stables - A Horse Drama
    🎁 Best of Buydebug ☃️ Short trips to the Oggiverse - Short Clips 🎬 My Builds: Houses 🏘 Rooms 🛋 SciFi 👾 creatively edited Screenshots 🎨
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,395 Member
    I'm still working on the next chapter.😁 I said I wasn't going to get carried away and then I went and let myself get carried away again.🤣

    I'm giving myself a pass on this one. It's not everyday a main character and their partner have a honeymoon so it should be special.🙂
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,851 Member
    edited November 2023
    Mmkay awesomes out and such I was focusing on my short legacy and have decided to give a little pre-building a try haven't built too much in a bit. Anyways I had some extra pics I don't need and one that I am gonna use to show you.

    I got rid of Vlad and the Vatores to replace them with my made over set, now I uploaded them seperately but I will re-upload them like this, the baby is also a Vlad so Vlad there is holding himself, don't ask why I still don't know but he seems to like taking care of him the most in the whole coven. :D I forgot I had her in red since I didn't change their outfits when I put them back in game so it's funny how the pairs ended up matching. Also the extra on on the (edit: I meant on the right lol!) the left is Caleb in the white pants will be a vampire but he hasn't changed yet which is when I'll upload them. That is Morgyn Ember he has forsaken his magic to be a vampire instead and naturally he's gonna be with Caleb.

    They have different powers and such for the most part.
    I built this house a while back and I've changed it a couple times they really seemed to be celebrating this current update, the house I already put up.

    Ever have your sim meet themself after a heavy makeover, Vladislaus (Vlad I) is cute with Vladislaus(II) but Morgyn looked especially flabbergasted.

    K bye.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    edited November 2023
    @Smellincoffee Loved the update!
    Enjoyed the second one, too. I'm finding I have to write things up almost right away, lest I forget. In the past, I have discovered I forgot to write up when Erik won a Best Song accolade. I even had to rearrange my already posted updates to fit the 'missing' one in sequence. I'm trying not to do that anymore. LOL

    @Lucy_Henley Bet he won't do that again. No accounting for brains. . .

    @DreamPrincess Another delightful outing for Princess Roddy. :)
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    edited November 2023
    This line ( To prepare the devices for Vlad's and Ji Ho's meteorites, Rubyn neglected their discovery from the telescope the other day: the asteroid pairs!) brought me back to an Original Star Trek movie, in which for expediency, Captain Kirk's son, used a questionable substance, (very unstable substance) in creating the Genesis Device. :open_mouth: Bad stuff happened, as a result. Oi.

    Ah, yes, hours in the Archives. I spend hours looking up source records, so I get it. :) Liked this bit of information. Interesting that J. Callahan used surnames from the future. Wondering about a psychic connection? Or just precognitive, perhaps.
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,467 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves ,
    oh no , Dani , not good!!! She looks really angry :( I hope they can make it!
    @Lucy_Henley ,
    Congrats for the highlights!
    @DreamPrincess ,
    I like the calmness of the yogaroom! :)

    Oh and almost forgot... Eachan is cute :p
    @Lenny_Ogg ,
    I don't know why , but libraries like that make me think of Indiana Jones, hmm need to watch the movies again..
    @DaniRose2143 ,
    You take your time and hurry o:)o:)
    @RedDestiny92 ,
    hahaaa, Morgyns look is priceless :D

    I have been lazy couch potato today

    Aaaanyway... Home they got from ECO lot.
    Marcus giving Jennifer a bath..
    Jemina knitting, again.
    Later she played with Jennifer.
    She was dreaming that one pretty day she would reach to those toys.

    I wondered where Marcus had gone... I should've guessed..
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
    My Story:Villa Catarina
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    First custom apartment nearing completion.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    edited November 2023
    He's been almost everywhere!

    Thank you!
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    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    My screenshot of Nicola winning the Accolade was the featured photo in this week's Highlights! YAY! She didn't even get nominated, so it's definitely worth turning up anyway to see if you've won something!!

    Congratulations on making this week's Highlights! It's a great feeling. As for winning without being nominated, just showing up doesn't always mean your Sim will win. You got very lucky. I've only had it happen maybe twice. Congratulations all the same.
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,395 Member
    @Ellupelluellu I'm pedaling as fast as I can!😁 As soon as I'm done with Liberty and Matteo's honeymoon I get to see these ladies again...


    I haven't seen Mimi since September or early October. I haven't seen Ray or Anna since August. August! God I miss these three so much!🤗
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    Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,185 Member
    @Brd709 ,
    that wedding looked awesome! Great that your sim self did the job well in his girl's wedding :)

    @Ellupelluellu Thank you! Everyone had a good time and enjoyed doing the cowpoke dance until the end of the event.
    @Brd709 What a fun update. I can't even imagine trying to hideout while attempting to find someone, only to walk into a room and --- Presto! There they are! And wow, Jessica and Kirk better figure out what causes the population explosion, unless they mean to have lots of kids. How sweet. You've got your hands full. Really full. LOL Congratulations!

    @GalacticGal I was wondering if someone would put two and two together from the previous two updates featuring Jessica as Ryan and Jessica have the exact same hair colouring and shade of blue.
    P.1278 Lmao Jessica leaping into his arms with the cake in her hands😆 Aw your sim self officiated👏 Fantastic wedding😁 P.1279 Granddad😳What a twist! Looks like the reunion went well🙂Welcome Sasha🙌

    @BlueSeaWaves I was yelling at Jessica to put the cake down as i watched the proposal but started laughing out loud as well. This game has me chuckling for a good 15 minutes or more when random unexpected stuff happens.

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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Isaac also became a Virtuoso Spellcaster. He’s learnt all the Untamed spells, which is why he was in the Magic Realm - so he could learn the Ultimate Untamed Spell.
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    Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,185 Member
    edited November 2023
    They say 2000, zero-zero, party over, oops, out of time

    And in this update, we enter the new millennium with the McBoss family (as created by Jack Septiceye in his Sims 4 playthrough)

    A re-cap of how they ended up in Newcrest: The McBoss family arrived in Newcrest in the Spring of 1998. They bought the house across the road from my sim self which was occupied then by the Holguin family. The McBoss family paid an undisclosed sum for the Holguin house and moved in right away.

    Not long after moving in, Steve McBoss already manages to make an enemy with my sim self's wife Emily. They both work in the entertainer career and before they had even met, Emily was already a work rival to Steve. Steve despised Emily and vowed to his wife Betty that he keeps his friends close and his enemies closer!

    Winter 1999

    Betty is pregnant again with twins this time. She names them after the "kids that got taken away" Billy and Abbie. Here is Betty letting my sim self's wife Emily feel her baby bump:

    Betty later gives birth to twins Billy and Abbie. Here are their with their sister Bitty. Billy and Abbie are the infants rocking the cool glasses:

    Betty suggests to Steve that they have a dinner party to get re-acquainted with their Neighbours and cook up a four course meal! Yes Steve, this includes my sim self and his wife Emily!

    Steve was enjoying himself until Emily started bragging about the famous celebrities she's worked with at the dinner table. The following day he decides to sabotage his work rival once and for all but gets caught and gets fired. Steve and his wife Betty join the Astronaut career and Steve progresses well in this but is behind his Rocket Science skill than Betty.

    To try and destroy Emily once and for all, Steve invites her round to help put up a new shed in his back garden. Emily is confused as to why it is so small but agrees to help him anyway.

    In the middle of the night, the McBoss' clothes dryer catches fire:

    It spreads out to the back garden:

    But who's that in Steve's new shed?

    It's Emily!

    While Steve and Betty watch their house burn with their kids outside, Steve runs round to the side gate. He see's the flames almost touching the shed and has a "change of heart" so he kicks down the shed door and carries Emily out to safety. To explain Emily's appearance here, he tells Betty that Emily saw the fire before they did and locked herself in the shed (or did she?)

    It's now Millennium eve and the McBoss's decide to throw a New Years Eve party. Betty want's to invite Emily over as a thank you for trying to put out the fire but Steve doesn't say anything.

    Emily and my sim self arrive and the first thing i see Emily do is go straight to the infant's room and autonomously bottle feed Abbie:

    See Steve, Emily isn't so bad!

    The Millennial moment has arrived! Everyone is gathered in the lounge room to say goodbye to the 90's and bring in the Noughties!

    Spring 2000
    A few days before her birthday, Bitty wants to have a slumber party with her school pals. Here she is telling a rather interesting story that seems to be grabbing her friend's interest:

    While the kids are having their slumber party, Steve and Betty are performing their daily work task. Steve seems distracted by something though or is that Betty cheating at chess again?

    Meanwhile, the kids appear to be having a dance party in the McBoss's newly converted gym (which was their garage)

    At 6am the following morning, Steve serves breakfast for Bitty and all her friends:

    And a few days later, Bitty ages up to a teenager:

    Bitty after i gave her a make over. She now looks like as she did in Jack Septiceye's Sims 4 playthrough as a teen, well she's in her winterwear here:

    And to bring us completely up to date. My sim self's mother got laid off at work:

    Her granddaughter Ayla calls her up to tell her she's sending her over a pizza!

    The pizza actually turns up! Along with my sim self and his mother's brother Jimmy:

    Everyone gathers round and eats the pizza Ayla sent over (they eventually drop my sim self's father's meal for Ayla's pizza)

    My sim self's mother gets this moodlet after eating the pizza Ayla sent over:

    So that's it so far. I wonder what else the year 2000 will bring?

    Also, some additional images of Bitty McBoss:
    Bitty on the monkey bars:

    And Betty teaching Bitty how to ride a bike:
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    KoteykaKoteyka Posts: 537 Member
    edited November 2023
    Responding to comments on pages 1230-1231 (whew, that was 50 pages ago!)

    Oh no...not Nick Fury. He already ruined one Tony's life, and now he's travelled through the multiverse to ruin another! gulp

    No worries! That was Nick Fury's only appearance in Tony's life in this universe :wink: Or so I hope...

    awesome update <3 Oh yeah I remember Nick so well. :s Aww, poor Tony, I understand why it sounded so tempting.
    Late thank you for the lovely comment <3 It surely was tempting, but Tony definitely made the right decision!

    Wow, that was excellent. I'm so very glad Tony's prospective adoptive parents stepped in. They may well have just saved Tony's young life. That 'agent' was up to no good. Seedy. He gave me a bad feeling from the moment he stepped into the scene. Yikes. Tough topic and you handled it like a Pro. Good job, good writing. I look forward to the next update.
    Very late thank you for the lovely comment and kind words! <3 Sorry I couldn't get to replying earlier. Allyson and Graham definitely saved Tony from a lot of trouble :relieved:

    P.1230 You’re back🙂 Hope sims is able too help you destress.
    Omg that instructor, it may be drama class but they’re all still kids😭 He’s back😵‍💫 I like how proud Mr. Wilson is that Nick is interested in one of his students. I agree with Allyson, somethings fishy👀 Haven’t heard that book title in so long. This is off topic but knowing what happens to the girl, how’d the author and teachers think that was good for kids to read😭🥲 That said, get him Allyson! She caught him off guard. I love Grahams face through it, just smiles while his wife tears into the guy😭 Love Graham. That wasn’t an easy convrsation but she made all good points. Graham and his bank robbing idea😭 This one made me laugh, he's not wrong😉
    "Why not? No one's gonna lose anything, it's all insured.”
    I do hope Nick doesn’t do anything to make them regret it, but its Nick😥

    A late thank you very much for the wonderful comment! <3 Oh, the sims are definitely helping a lot, haha. The drama instructor is heavily based off the one I had in school, she was a very fierce woman :lol: But it made all the things more interesting. Glad you enjoyed reading! :)

    Welcome back!🙂 I've missed Tony, Allyson, and Graham. Congratulations to Tony on making the drama club! Good on you mom for sensing something was wrong! There will be other opportunities eventually Tony!🙂

    Late thank you for the lovely comment! <3 You are very correct, Tony will definitely get opportunities later in life when he's more prepared for them :relieved:

    I definitely think Tony’s guardians made the right decision!

    Late thank you for the comment! <3

    nice to see you back! And yes Tony, stay well away from Nick Fury! You might be upset now, but it really is for the best.

    Late thank you for the lovely comment! <3 It really is for the best for Tony :)

    Nick better not take advantage of Tony being a foster child! I’m so worried about Tony now. I’m hoping for the best!

    Late thank you for the lovely comment! <3 No worries, Nick won't be able to get his hands on Tony. Allyson and Graham handled the situation :)

    Hey all! Nope, this isn't Christmas in November, it's a screenshot from a month ago because I've played soooo much I actually went through an entire season cycle in the sims, haha. Haven't got the energy to actually sift through the millions of screenshots I took and form into updates, but here I am now :) Tony has been living with Graham and Allyson for a couple of years now and as you might notice, a few changes happened!
    First up - baby Alicia isn't a baby anymore. She's a whole toddler now!

    I love her to bits I have like a million screenshots I'd like to share.

    But I'll stick to the posed ones I made for the family pictures wall, because as you know, for me there cannot be enough family photos in the sims :D

    I randomized Alicia's trait and she got the angelic one, which makes total sense seeing as Graham and Alicia are basically parenting goals. A well taken care of baby grows up to be a cheerful easy-going tot!

    Tony had some uh... mild changes done to his hair. Basically Graham and Alicia just allowed it to grow out and Tony, who never got a say in his fashion before, loved it. Also - glasses! Another problem he never complained about (someone give this kiddo a hug). Good thing Graham noticed how he was struggling through homework and recognised the pain he himself went through as a kid.

    Speaking of Graham - parent of the year, hands down. Always spending quality time with his kids.

    And even if there is one person who might snatch that parenting award from him, it's probably Allyson.

    The connection she has with those two guarantees that they will never drift away from her during their teenage troubles phase.

    Oh, and another change! Mr Gordon has went from a chunky little pup to a gorgeous majestic doggo!

    Tony may not be particularly an animal-lover, but even he can't resist Gordon's cuteness.

    And he still sleeps in Alicia's bedroom at all nights! True best friends <3

    Speaking of other best friends - Alicia befriended Theo, the kid next door. For some reason the two of them always hang out in Tony's room.
    "Hi Tony!"

    "Guuuys, I'm kinda studying..."

    "Oh come on, stop doing your booooring homework and play with us!"
    "Yeah, we could be best friends!"

    "Okay fine. But only for ten minutes!"

    So Tony gotten older. But one thing never changes for him: loose teeth are the worst.

    He also still gets a lot of nightmares (probably about that other universe where he signed the contract for Nick :tongue:) during the night. Poor kiddo.

    But on the upside, he's showing more and more of his genius mind, beating Graham in every single game out there.

    As for acting - mr. Wilson is so pleased with him, that he even asked to come over to express his gratitude to Allyson in person!

    She found it funny but endearing.

    Tony's favourite activity currently is taking long walks with Mom. They both share a huge dislike for Del Sol Valley, but they try to find good things about it as much as possible.

    Tony especially likes the celebrity tiles.
    "Maybe one day my name could be on one of these plates".

    "You'd really want that?" Allyson gently asked.

    Tony nodded with a sigh.

    Suddenly a worried-looking lady approached them.
    "Hey there, sweetheart. I am so sorry to interrupt, but I'm a little worried for you, do you, um, know this woman?"

    "Uhm... Yes, she's my mom."
    "Oh!" the woman squeaked, clearly surprised. "Well that's rather strange. Sorry, I just thought-"

    "You thought that with kidnapping rates being so high in Del Sol Valley seeing a black woman with a white child is something worth investigating, didn't you?" Allyson said in a strange tone. "Can't help but wonder if you'd think the same thing about my white husband with our daughter!"

    "I was just concerned!" the woman hissed. "There's no need to be rude!"

    "Well be concerned somewhere else!" Tony suddenly shouted.

    "Oh geez! Well I can certainly see that this is your son indeed!" the woman shrieked. "No manners at all!"

    "Manners? Manners!? My mom-"

    "She's not worth it, darling," quickly said Allyson.
    "But Mom-"
    "Come on."

    They walked a couple of minutes in silence, leaving the woman to her rage.

    When they got far enough, Allyson sighed.
    "God I hate this city."

    Tony sighed. He knew they can't move because of him.

    "None of this is your fault, honey," Allyson somehow guessed his thoughts. "I just hope that as soon as you and Ali grow up, you'll be able to leave this place. Del Sol Valley is rotten to its core."
    "It has you though," quietly said Tony. "And Dad."
    That made Allyson chuckle.

    Anyway, not all walks were bad walks. Some were really pleasant.


    "Here you go, Gordon!"

    "Gordon, no!"

    Sibling hugs.

    A perfect screenshot to sum up the Mitchell family vibes. So things at home are going pretty good. As for school...

    "But Mooom! Why do they have to come over? This is the worst idea possible! Don't I get a say in this?"

    "Uh, no, sorry baby, but you don't. I'm already making brownies and you know my brownies can't go to waste."
    Since switching schools isn't an option, Allyson and Graham decided a truce must be organised between the children in the form of a sleepover.

    "But Mom! They'll just laugh at me and then they'll tell the whole school and embarrass me in front of everyone!"
    "Aren't they already doing that, hun?"
    "That doesn't matter! This will be a million times worse!"

    Too late - the guests have arrived.

    "Greetings, niblets!"

    "Just so you know, I missed out on my favourite TV program for this..."

    Anyway, the night went by pretty nicely. They watched a VHS action movie, played games and chatted.

    And even though Kassie miss goody-two-shoes kept an unimpressed face the entire time, even she had to admit that the brownies were wonderful. But Tony stayed quiet for most of the time, feeling a horrifying wave of fear rushing through his body. Not only two of his main rivals were in his house, but also his school crush!

    As they sat for a board game and Kassie was getting more and more impatient, Tony was getting more and more sure that this night will end up being a complete disaster.

    "Oh come on, Tristan, lets leave! This is lame, I only came because my mom told me to."

    "Yeah, me too..."

    "Hey, looks like Tristan is scared of losing," Lucas suddenly winked at Tony. That was weird. Lucas never spoke to Tony before.

    "AM NOT!" yelled Tristan.

    Tony caught himself on a nervous smile, feeling butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

    And so, the game begun.

    Lucas was great.

    So was Tristan.

    But no one could beat the moves that Tony calculated.
    "Ha! Take that!"

    "Think you can win this, eh?" Lucas chuckled, and it was surprisingly a nice kind of chuckle.

    Tony couldn't help but blush.

    "What are you staring at? It's your turn, dummy!"

    Tristan wasn't as nice.

    "Hey, give him some time. We're not on a schedule or anything."

    Lucas was very nice. Tony began to think tonight wasn't so bad after all.

    And obviously, to no ones surprise, he won.

    "Hey losers, finished yet? How about we do something more fun?"

    Somehow, board games broke the ice - the four children remembered they've got a school project due tomorrow and decided to make it together.

    The further they got, the less bored Kassie looked and the less bratty Tristan sounded.

    They must've realised that Tony isn't any worse than they are - just another kid.

    Kassie even smiled at him a couple of times.

    All done!

    They had another snack before heading to their sleeping bags, when suddenly Tony noticed Lucas missing. He found him in his room, staring at his posters.
    "Hey um- Want a brownie?" Tony blurted out, feeling redder than ever. Lucas shook his head and nodded at one of the posters.
    "I'm good, thanks. I uh... I also like that musician. He's cool."
    "Yeah," Tony whispered under his breath, still not quite believing that Lucas, Lucas is talking to him.

    They sat on the bed, feet dangling to the ground.
    "It's cool that you're allowed to hang up stuff," Lucas said. "My parents would never let me."
    "Yeah," Tony chuckled. He knew he was quite lucky. Then, afraid Lucas might find him stupid for constantly responding with "yeah", he added:
    "What are your parents like?"

    "They're, er..." Lucas sighed. "Well, we're from Selvadorada."
    "Oh," to his guilt, Tony didn't know much about Selvadorada. "So?.."
    "So I don't really see them much because they work all the time because we're here illegally," Lucas scoffed. "They hate all of that... that stuff. Acting, music, you know? They need me to go to college and get a stabile career because otherwise none of this was worth it. But I... I don't wanna be a doctor or anything. I wanna be an actor."

    "That's... that's messed up," Tony quietly said. He suddenly realised that he always saw Lucas as the new cool kid, but he never even questioned that things might be hard for him. Or for Tristan. Or Kassie. He didn't know a thing about them. What if they were only acting up because they've got it worse than him?

    "You're dead meat if you tell anyone about this, by the way. Especially Tristan."

    "Wasn't planning on..."

    "I mean it! Look, I know Tristan is mean to you and I'm friends with him, but I need him as my friend, alright!? If he'll find out... if you tell a single person, we'll get deported and my parents will kill me and-"

    "Hey, hey, really, I wasn't! Geez," Tony exhaled. "How long have you been holding all of that inside of you?"

    "You're the first person I told," Lucas grumbled.
    "And? How do you feel?.."
    "Better," Lucas said in the same menacing tone.

    And although the situation wasn't funny at all, for some reason they laughed. They laughed and laughed and couldn't stop. Must've been a real burden - keeping all of that a secret.

    "You're pretty cool, Tony," Lucas smiled, yet again flushing Tony's cheeks.

    "Yh... You too."

    They had a pillow fight later that night - to Tristan's and Kassie's annoyance.
    "Guys, we're trying to sleep here!"

    "Gotta win this first!"

    "Not if I get ya first!"



    "Woahh, woah! Alright, alright, I give up..."

    "Well alright then..."

    "Ha! Tricked ya!"

    Lots of laughter.

    Lots of smiles.

    The night was definitely a success.

    So Tony and Lucas are kinda friends now. Friends enough to go to a semi-improvised photo booth and get pictures taken.

    They're on Tony's photo wall now.

    Oh, and one more change. Happened just recently. Tony is finally adopted!

    "Eyy, who's ready to celebrate at McDonalds!"

    "Me, me!"

    Adopted. For real. Into the best home Tony could ever dream of.

    Just a couple of years in a loving family made Tony go from anxious and troublesome to a sweet, gentle and confident kid.

    "McDonalds here we come!"

    "Chicken nuggets, yayyy!"

    Tony's life isn't a wealthy life by no means. Not a life of fame. Perhaps if he'd take Nick's offer, he might've at his young age became the star actor he always dreamt to be. But he feels loved. He feels secure.

    And he knows: life is only about to get better.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    I enjoyed your latest entry a lot! And congrats on Tony being fully adopted!
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,467 Member
    @Brd709 , Congrats for getting to 21st century :smiley:
    @Koteyka , yaaaaay! <3 awesome for Tony! :)
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,395 Member
    @Koteyka OMG! Welcome back!🤗
    I was just thinking about Tony this past week. Now here he is and he's officially a Mitchell!🥰 I'm so happy for him! He deserved a forever home and now he has the best possible one. Alicia is such a cutie. She is absolutely adorable!❤️

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