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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Th3_H0wling_Ch1ldTh3_H0wling_Ch1ld Posts: 144 Member
    Didn't screenshot anything this time but...playing with my new vampire sim family and left it unpaused for around 5-10 minutes came back to one of the female sims needing to go toilet so i click on it and what do i see...??? "Take Pregnancy Test"

    I know exactly who the father of these unborn babies are since it's the only one in the household who IS NOT related to her :D
    Will he stay and help raise his kids or will he leave...? Who knows.

    I forgot to save it!!! :|
    My Legacy Family & Story Family are in one Save. Much easier...
  • blaq797blaq797 Posts: 145 Member
    Ouch. I know the feeling there... "derp... forgot to save... whoops."
    Sorry, Avatar is merely my favorite Sims 4 sim.
  • Th3_H0wling_Ch1ldTh3_H0wling_Ch1ld Posts: 144 Member
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    "I am watching you, my Child- I don't like how short your shirt is. Change it."

    "Uh- Dad.....personal space?"

    I don't think Cameron understands what 'Personal space' is.
    Dakota is there just like 'Please...give. me. my. personal space!'

    Cameron has favored her over his other two kids while the mother prefers Dakota's other siblings more
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    My Legacy Family & Story Family are in one Save. Much easier...
  • AlleyKat213AlleyKat213 Posts: 58 Member
    i didnt have enough time to actually start gameplay, but i did build my sims a 3-story 3 bed 2 bath house.... unfortunately i dont have a picture of it on my chromebook... its on my pc
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,387 Member
    Great updates everyone! Some comments below:
    P.1136 Thank you, we’ll see how it goes for Colette. I just want Reese to reach new milestones but he just doesn’t like tummy time😆
    P.1136 Wow! Chester is his mothers doppelgänger. Both look great! Haha Demetrius face after Vlad bit him😆 P.1139 Haha Give her some space Cameron😭
    P.1136 Welcome Scarlett! It’ll definitely take some time to get used to the new baby textures. She’s adorable as an infant. P.1137 Aww infants can wiggle to music? Scarlett looks adorable doing so! Ooo Scarletts a big sister now! Exciting, hopefully 2 infants at once won’t be too difficult. Clementine looks adorable sleeping in her mothers arm🥰
    P.1136 Aw Jay looks really happy with Morgyn, wishing them well. P.1137 Haha Christopher looks great with the hairstyle. Woah Minerva exploded😵 P.1138 Shauna is lovely.
    P.1136 Thank you, it was a different sim who ruined Colette's career but she was good friends with Benjamin at the time. He ended up not believing her at the end and their friendship was lost. We’ll see if Colette wins this case😉
    P.1137 Wow, the accessories and hats getting Londyns hair texture sounds like a nightmare! It really is difficult to let go of their hairstyles when it suits them so well! Best of luck on the search for Londyns hairstyle! P.1138 Woah! What did the game do to Matteo and Liberty!😳 Thank goodness you were able to fix their relation! That must’ve been scary! Great work on the 2nd floor layout!
    P.1136 Aw looks like everyone had a fun time P.1137 They grow up so fast. Nice way to end the day before become teenagers.
    P.1137 Aimee’s adventure in El Savadorada sound really cool, must’ve been interesting to hear stories about her father. Wow her garden is looking great! Hope she’ll be able to achieve what she wants, having a supportive family is great.
    P.1137 Haha she looks so much like Meredith! They had twins, congratulations!
    P.1137 Babs is adorable, love how her parents look at her all supportive!
    P.1138 Aw Stephanie looks adorable sitting with the family. Ooof Frankie’s dad flirting with his wife😵
  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1,572 Member
    "...who the heck is that kid?? Am I at the wrong house?"

    Kerrigan tends to focus on mechanical details and may have forgotten they have a child now.

  • Th3_H0wling_Ch1ldTh3_H0wling_Ch1ld Posts: 144 Member
    edited March 2023
    Father (Cameron) Mentoring His daughter (Dakota) <3

    While the mother(Jennifer) does this again... :|
    Sibling Bonding....? This is the first time the girls (Dakota & Valentina) aren't arguing...

    Werewolf boy (Kolby) Befriending the Ghost (Guidry)
    My Legacy Family & Story Family are in one Save. Much easier...
  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1,572 Member
    I played a long while today and Shauna aged up to teenager! She's headstrong and mentally gifted on top of being a neat perfectionist.

    Kerrigan: "Wow! It's your birthday??? It’s not that I forgot your birthday, it’s just that I simply don’t believe you ever age...I'm sorry I missed the day!"

    Shauna: "it's ok! Mom made me a cake and Servo sang to me!"

  • Th3_H0wling_Ch1ldTh3_H0wling_Ch1ld Posts: 144 Member
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    Nobody knows why the water turned red...

    It's currently night time and winter in my sims so it looks extra creepy ;)
    Do you dare to go swimming in the water?

    "Kolby! Hey-"
    *Kolby screams at him*
    He got spooked by a......Slenderman-like monster?? :DyiOJj3E.png
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    My Legacy Family & Story Family are in one Save. Much easier...
  • NimieNimie Posts: 206 Member
    When you are cheating and don't want to be discovered

    why eat on the table if I can have my meal here:

    Diva life never ends
  • AlleyKat213AlleyKat213 Posts: 58 Member
    Welp, my first generation on a legacy challenge just had its first casualty.... luckily she was done having children....
  • _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves Thank you! And you're absolutely right... though I fear Aimee might support even things that she really shouldn't... just sayin'. ;D

    @Th3_H0wling_Ch1ld Wow! Your sims are really cool. Also the water. I never tried to put a fountain in CC waters... dunno why! Will have to try. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,057 Member
    edited March 2023
    Summer Pranks, Bheeda Birthdays and Midlife Crisis!

    Dan and Frankie are catching some rays mid summer:

    I click on Frankie while playing as Dan and 'ruin tan" or something similar comes up and this was the result:

    The first of Frankie and Margaret's daughters Stephanie aged up first:

    I guess she had a pretty active day, this was the first thing Stephanie did after aging up:

    I was surprised to see how much she looks like her mother, here is Stephanie on her first day at school:

    When returning home, Stephanie brings home her first school project with assistance from her mother Margaret, Aunt Nicola and Aunt Beatrix:

    Ashley ages up two days later:

    Ashley on her first day at school:

    During Ashley's birthday party, her grandmother Sienna started showing signs of early mid-life crisis coming home from work bored and tense. Three days later Sienna entered a full mid-life crisis:

    It turns out Sienna wants to take on a new path in her life to be more creative. One of her desires was to "tend a garden 30 times" Not easy to do in the space of 6 days i thought so i purchased as many plants as i could and of course each one she watered counted as part of the thirty times:

    Next up Sienna wanted to publish a book. She ended up publishing her first screen play:

    She also wanted to mould five of these plants:

    Also on her midlife crisis tasks she wanted to complete two gigs in the Freelancer Career as a Crafter. Now Sienna has been in the education career since 1982, it's now 1995 so this was a big change for her after being in the same career for thirteen years with a whopping 35 vacation days!

    During her midlife crisis she wanted to visit a lot of museums and appreciate art which i also took her to. It was during this point i thought it was best if Frankie and his family moved out while she was completing these tasks so he took them on a Summer holiday while Sienna was getting through this.

    One other task was to view the Tragic Clown painting and of course the clown did turn up!

    As each task completed, her midlife crisis duration was shortened and after tending the garden once more, Sienna eventually came out of her mid-life crisis.

    Quick Edit: Remember the NPC Stacey Houts my sim self was attracted to? He got a surprise just now!

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  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,778 Member
    I'm working on the next chapter of S&D and trying to work out how Judith and Rayvn make their escape from Forgotten Hollow. I'm also thinking about Liberty and Matteo's upcoming nuptials in Under The Tartosan Sun. Liberty is sure Matteo's song to her is Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours'. It is so sweet and such a Matteo song, but he has a surprise in store for Liberty. All I will say is two words, Andrea Bocelli.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,101 Member
    I'm working on the Gameplay for my next update, and while I was sending Ember to the Rescue, I saw this. I completely cracked up when I saw it. Yeah, he's very busy with his "plans" for revenge against the thief that stole from him. :D I just can't... He's a full-time villain, but because he doesn't actually have a job in game... this is what the game decided to do with him...

    Ember's probably like: 'You just turned my boyfriend into Sea Foam and teleported me to dry land... and now, you're suddenly running a food stall?!'

  • _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
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    Hey everyone! Guess who's back! ;D And sweet exalted plumbob do I have things to tell you this time. You know how I promised I'd go back to Selva and clean up the probably-artefact I found? I did that.

    Nice, right? But that was just the start of everything.
    I went back to the jungle after and I found things. First, they were places. Absolutely beautiful places that I fell in love with. Can you believe me if I tell you the ancient Omiscans had a pool? Hard to say if it was a public pool but... look. Just look, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it, either.
    And then this:

    That photo doesn't really catch the whole beauty of it... but I could have sat there on the cliffs and stared to the other side for hours. I didn't, though, I had things to do and places to get! You know, the Temple.

    It took me a while to get through that place and I got covered in something I think might have been bone dust... (ewww!) but I managed to get to the treasury alive!

    Let me tell you, I was a mess when I got home, but it was so worth it!
    Honestly, here? When I first noticed the plumbob above my head, I didn't know what to think. I mean, discovering some super powerful being can now control your life? It's super scary, okay? But... I guess I gotta thank the Watcher for this. It's - you could say I just made the discovery of a century.
    See all this? Isn't that more than the Museum's whole collection? The tiny things in the back there are golden frogs, too. One of them alone was worth about 10k simoleons. Of course, I don't really want to become famous or anything. Don't want anybody poking into my background, figuring out I have no business even living on my own, right? So I'm gonna sell all of it, to people that don't ask any questions. I say I'm gonna, because I did sell some already, but there's a good few still waiting for me to clean them up first.

    Oh yeah, and what I'm NOT gonna do, under any circumstances ever, is activate another relic.
    That was a mistake. Thinking back about it, it could have been worse, but...
    Just imagine having to deal with a bored skeleton for half a day. They cracked bad jokes, startled me when I was trying to work, and constantly tried to eat. So all of my food ended up on the floor of course. I like to think I'm pretty good at rolling with silliness, but I do draw the line at messing up my snacks!

    Luckily, the spell broke just in time so I could actually leave the house and go to my second romance festival. This one was much better than the last!
    Aurelio seems to have forgiven me for not letting him live with me.
    I even got to paint him! I loved the idea, but I think he might have thought it was a bit weird? I kept the painting anyway.
    And he wasn't too upset, either, because he didn't go away this time. Actually, he stuck with me even after the festival. Like, stayed the night, you know? >:)

    So that was big, but then when I managed to get someone to buy a few of the artefacts, stuff got seriously huge. I haven't realized before then just how much money I could make off this and... well. You know how I said I wanted to have the house expanded? Well, I suddenly could afford that.
    It might be getting a bit chunky, but hey! I need space. And I think the veranda looks awesome. Hope I don't sound too full of myself, half of these weren't my ideas. The folks at the decorator business sure know what they're doing.
    This is the inside of the top floor. Is it weird I couldn't keep myself from making most of it into a little nursery already? Not that I care even if it is. I'm already doing the adult thing anyway. That came out wrong. But you know what I mean. Living on my own, getting money for the bills, just taking care of myself, basically.
    Anyway! I even had money for a makeover for the ground floor, too! I left the layout as it was, it is pretty good, but the furniture? It needed switched.
    How cute and cozy? All the cute and cozy. I had to clean up a lot when they were done, there was dust literally everywhere... but I was done in time to have Reagan over for a Sunday visit. Oh! I never mentioned Reagan, have I? She's the one who bought my golden frogs, bet she's gonna sell them to some collectors all hush-hush like and make huge money off it. That's fine, though. I have the things, she has the contacts, we both get rich. I like it. Reagan is a strong woman, too. She knows how the world works and doesn't take anyone's nonsense. I really don't know how everything works, I can admit that - but I know the world's not fair and it will eat you if you let it. I think she can appreciate that. Well, anyway, we're getting along pretty well.

    And that's about it for this week. I'd say things are looking up! I should probably be careful not to get too used to it, but it sure feels awesome while it lasts!
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  • LonelyWolfTalesLonelyWolfTales Posts: 44 Member
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    Ahhhh. I have no idea whether it was worth it, but I finally did it. I finally headed back in time and created a backstory update! This is the ultimate story of my game (this generation, at least) and it will be a two-parter because wayyyy too many screenshots. Obviously I wasn't able to show all of the shenanigans my sims were up to because that would weigh over 1000 screenshots, but I tried to keep the main bits in. It was fun. Definitely never doing anything so story-heavy again :joy:

    Here are some replies to the lovely comments I received on p1124-p1125. I realised it will be too stressful to comment through 15 pages of updates but I hope that now I'll post more frequently and that won't be a problem :)

    Thank you for the comment and very interesting question! Since Mikkel is a mixed breed, his powers work differently then with the aliens. They can read minds—he reads emotions. Because emotions is what separates the sim race from his species race :)

    Thank you! The next part is here <3

    Thanks for commenting on my story! Mikkel sure understands style :D

    Thank you! <3

    Thank you for such a sweet comment <3 Yes, Mikkel believes in the best in everyone, even Owen. After all, he can feel his emotions. Also glad you liked baby Mikkel :)

    Thank you for the comments on my update and on infant Mikkel <3 Yup, Owen may not admit it to himself, but he did miss Mikkel.

    "So you want to know the whole story, huh?"

    "Exactly. Mikkel needs to know."

    "Well kid, this is going to be a long one. Now where do I start... childhood days, eh?"
    "I know barely anything about Jack's childhood. I know he's immortal—I know he wasn't always. I know he used to work at a time agency, mess with timelines or whatever—guess that explains how he ended up here. Because Jack, well, he’s from the 51st century. Some kind of utopia world with beaches and oceans where you can love anyone, anything in any way possible. No boundaries, no jealousy, no regrets, and everyone’s got these special pheromones that make you attractive for everyone around. The perfect world…"

    "Or so you’d think. I know he had a younger brother, Grey. I know Jack lost him and thinks it's his fault. We never see Jack cry, but when he's on the verge it's usually about Grey. And I can’t help but wonder, if it was sooo great out there, how come he decided to get stuck with us?"

    "But as little as I know about Jack, I know about Ianto even less. He is the ultimate closed book for us. Never speaks of it. Like he just wants his whole past... washed away."

    "I assume he didn't have great parents, probably didn't know about him being on the spectrum—probably didn't even want to know. Definitely got bullied a lot. Definitely lived in the slum. Dunno how I know that, but... guess I got the feeling we're of the same sort."

    "And then there's me. Living in a shabby townhouse with my mom."

    "And honestly, there isn't much for me to tell about myself."

    "I was a very cranky toddler, always unhappy, always whining about something. Ma couldn't stand it."

    "Of course I love you, you're my son, she once said. Doesn't mean I have to like you. She was always very honest."

    "I sort of feel for her now—I wouldn't want to parent myself. The older I got, the worse it was."

    "I got into fights a lot—helped with the anger and rage filling me up."

    "I always lost them too. Got beaten down every time. Crankly, mean, annoying—that was me."

    "What changed when Owen grew up?"

    "Well nothing changed much, but I..."

    "I fell in love."

    "Her name was Katie and she... she was brilliant. We went to medical school together. We wanted to help people. If you save at least one life, your life becomes worth something, we thought."

    "She was the first person in my life I actually loved. Like, actual, maddening love. We were so perfect together it was almost too good to be true, but... it was. We were. Young, engaged and ready to start a family."

    "And then she began to forget things."

    "The youngest alzheimer's patient in the world. The doctors said there was something in her brain, something that looked like a tumour... She had to go through surgery. And already then something in me felt this wasn't right. Sometimes I wonder if I'd— if I wouldn't trust the other doctors, if I did something myself—"

    "Maybe I could've saved her."

    "I remember how I found her when I got tired of waiting in the hallway. This big green slime coming out of her mouth... All of the doctors—dead."

    "I couldn't breathe. Couldn't move. I just— just stood there, staring at her. Whatever was left of her. And then, well..."

    "Jack came in."

    "He told me it wasn't a tumour in her brain—it was an alien seed. He told me to get away from her, said he needs to collect what was left of it and I tried to fight back, so he knocked me out. I woke up on the couch in the waiting area, and the doctors told me she was gone. Of course, no one believed me about Jack. And all of the CCTV—wiped clean. Imagine that?"

    "I grieved. I mourned. And I was obsessed about finding him, as if somehow he was responsible for what happened. I needed some proof that I wasn't going mad, I didn't make it all up..."

    "I did, eventually. When he wanted me to."

    "Standing there on the graveyard, I saw that darn coat and I knew immediately it was him."

    "I ran up to him, yelling. I screamed at him, I begged him to bring her back, and he told me over and over that he can't."

    "It ended with me sobbing in his arms. Him inviting me to work for him. He told me that Brindleton Bay is built on a rift through time and space—some kind of a hotspot for aliens, whatever. Katie was only one of the many. She couldn't be saved, but other people still had a chance. I could be a part of that. And I..."

    "I agreed. Because I've got nothing else in my life. Nothing to hold on to."

    "So that became my life—working in a secret organisation called Torchwood, trying to outrun death for as many people as I could."

    "Burying the one's I couldn't in our personal storage graveyard".

    "Capturing alien life forms. Examining them. Letting the harmless ones back in the rift and keeping the ones that pose a threat."

    "Now lets get one thing straight: normal people don't do this sort of job. Ever. Everyone who works in Torchwood got their secrets and trauma's they're running away from. Besides me and Jack there was also Suzie, she was second-in-command—she's, uh, she's gone now, so I won't talk about her much, but basically she was very messed up even before Jack recruited her, and our job was too much."

    And then there was Tosh. Poor Toshiko Sato, our computer genius. If it wasn't for Jack, she would spend her entire life in prison for a crime she had to commit for the sake of her family. See? Messed up. Also she... she liked me, for some reason."

    "Sometimes she tried to flirt with me. It never went well. I was pretty mean to her. It's not that I didn't like her, I just...

    Katie was the relationship for me. I believed I'll never be able to love anyone else."

    "And then Ianto came along."

    "Ianto Jones. The same face in the same suit. I'd see him hanging out on the docks near our base every single time I checked the cameras."

    "Jack looked him up—he was part of our main base located in Britechester. "Was" in the sense of it being destroyed by vampires. Nearly everyone who worked there—turned or dead. While they existed, they were different then us, more strict, more military-like... Jack despised them. So, naturally, Ianto was the last person on the planet he'd ever take in."

    "But he was soooo determined to get the job, he tried to impress Jack every chance he got..."



    "And then he'd smile, and he'd flirt, and he'd promise to be anyone, make us coffee, clean the hub, stay out of everyone's way and just always be there to help out."

    "And eventually, Jack gave in. Fell for his perfect little charm."

    "He was perfect. Always quick, always quiet, always there to save the day with his amazing coffee. He seemed like the only sane person in the building. None of us suspected him. But sometimes I had this strange thought, that something is off. Something isn't right."

    "I mean, how can you be sooo perfect and polite all the time and not want anything in return? Where's the catch?"

    "We lost Suzie shortly after and she was replaced with Gwen, a cop that was trying to declassify us and somehow captured Jack's heart just enough to join the team. Me and her had a short fling, but honestly, the only thing I'm grateful for is that her pal Andy somehow merged himself into my life."

    "So I was occupied with her, Tosh was quietly getting on with work, Jack was all over his new plaything or whatever Ianto was to him. And we hunted aliens. The perfect, weird, broken secret agency, don't you think? What would possibly go wrong?"

    "None of us thought Ianto might've kept a VAMPIRE in the basement."

    "Lisa. His girlfriend. She was turned during the fall of Britechester's Torchwood and Ianto managed to get her all across sea in hope of finding a cure at our base. When Jack found out, he was furious. Ianto... Of course, Ianto hated him for putting her down. He screamed that he loved her, he yelled and he cried, and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Because I've been through this with Katie. And I accepted it. I didn't stash her body anywhere in hope that I'll be able to get that alien parasite out of her brain..."

    "And god I wish I did. I hated him for having the guts to do something I would never be able to. And I feel like Jack understood that too. Because just like us, he's lost people. So many dear to him people."

    "And Ianto stayed?"

    "Well. We had this rule. You can't just leave Torchwood. You get a choice: either you die, either you have your memory wiped. Ianto chose death. Every single time, his answer was the same—he refused to live without the memories about the person he lost. And Jack just couldn't have it."

    "I mean... It was obvious that Ianto played us all. He didn't have any feelings for Jack, all of the googley eyes he made at Jack were in hope of getting the job and saving the girl he loved. But Jack... apparently, Jack had feelings for him. And we always thought that's impossible, he's just this massive big flirt that plays around with everyone, but... not the case, apparently."

    "So after a few weeks of Jack figuring out what to do, Ianto just... went on with his work. It was awkward at first."

    "But eventually we all started coming around. Gwen and Tosh, mostly. I just observed. And sometimes picked on him."

    "Then one day I walked in on him kissing Jack."

    "And I don't know what it was, but... I felt strange about it. Almost jealous? I didn't know of who exactly."

    "Did Owen love Jack and Ianto already then?"
    "Well, I mean..."

    "I was attracted to them, I understand that now, but I didn't understand it back then because my mind was a complete mess. First off, all three of us—we lost someone dear, and we lost them to the same cause. Aliens. None of us moved on entirely, and that... that somehow felt as if the only people we could try to move on with, were us three. Second—I wasn't nice to anyone after Katie died, especially not to those two, but... they were always nice to me. We could fight, but in the end of the day, Ianto would shove sandwiches in my pockets and Jack would give me a hug. It was the little things. They cared for me. I felt the need to connect with them on a deeper level, but I didn't think they'd want that. And when they got together, I guess... That's when I realised, I'm out. Out of the picture. I won't ever have anything with either of them..."

    "And then Jack disappeared."
    "Yeah. For an entire year. He ran off with some kind of Doctor guy. Later we found out this Doctor is the reason he became immortal. Jack hoped he'd get fixed, so he could spend his life with us as a regular human, but... apparently that's unfixable. Imagine that?"

    "It hit Ianto the hardest, of course."

    "He has this thing of absorbing himself entirely in another person. First it was Lisa, his obsession with her, now Jack. And although on the outside he looked perfectly fine, I could feel him zoning out of reality without Jack more and more."

    "And I didn't know what to do."

    "I remember when it all started. It was late at night, a couple of weeks since Jack left. Ianto was cleaning up, as he always does for us."

    "I was there, looking at him. Then at one point he looked at me, and..."

    "We kissed."

    "It was terrifying. My heart was pounding right out of my chest and I was nearly going to brush it all off as a joke. But then he looked at me, and there was something in that look."

    "Like he understood."

    "Owen was happy."
    "Oh yeah. Anyway, then Jack came back, and the question arose... now what."
    "And how the question was solved?"

    "It wasn't. We just... went on. Together."

    "We had a few years after that. Hard, stressful. Our planet got invaded like a hundred times. We fought, we betrayed, we messed up. We recruited team members. We lost them. We nearly died multiple times. That's what our job is—trying to save as much people as possible, but it's never enough. The same thing we've been doing for years—but now we had each other."

    "Jack couldn't care less about me and Ianto being together. He saw it all as simple as: he loves everything about Ianto, so if Ianto loves me, he loves me too. Ianto was just happy to have us both. Me... I thought it'd be a problem, but it wasn't for them, it was fine for me too. I just rolled with it."

    "We never had the strength to call it anything. Not even a relationship. But neither could I call a relationship whatever I had with Ianto. Neither could Ianto call a relationship whatever he had with Jack. Our ability to be in a relationship ended with Katie, with Lisa, for Jack is must've been someone a long time ago as well, and now all we had was... this."

    "This thing."

    "Just something where we all felt safe. Belonged to each other."

    "Is it right? I don't know. Is it healthy? I don't know either. And I don't care, because things couldn't get worse than they were. And after all, it only impacted us three, right? We're all grown men. We know what we're doing. As long as no one else gets mixed in, it's all fine."


    "Yeah, kid. Then you came along."

    To be continued...
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,387 Member
    P.1139 Happy birthday Shauna! Didn’t know the serves could make cakes, TIL.
    P.1139 The fountain looks very ominous. Reminds me of a location in Skyrim.
    P.1139 Haha the ruined tan🤣 Happy birthday Stephanie, and oof. Happy birthday to Ashley as well😃 I’ve never seen the bar before that says mid life crisis in the aspirition tab. Is that from a mod? Good way to deal with tending 30 plants, would’ve done the same. She’s had a very productive week.
    P.1139 Judith and Ravyn are in quite the predicament. Can’t wait to see their escape.
    P.1139 Haha thats a great screenshot😆 Looks like Damion even needs a break from villainy sometimes
    P.1139 Good work Aimee, those temples are extremely dangerous . Woah! She collected a lot of artifacts! Well done. Love how the house is expanding.
    P.1139 I was beginning to miss these 4. What happened to Jacks little brother😟 Wow, sad what happened with Katie. Interesting backstory, explains the past appearance of Ianto’s girlfriend. They’ve all been through so much😔

    An update with Colette :
    Colette waited for the day of trial. She was ready. PHDEGwU.png
    When the morning of the day arrived, she was nervous. She knew Benjamin was a great lawyer. Reese noticed so he played peek a boo to cheer her up. bsU6aBc.png It worked😃 S8WADRE.png The Judge presiding over the trial was Senna. Missed seeing her in my local color save, and well she looks like she’d be perfect as a Judge. Court is now in session. ghyXAPA.png After hours it was not going as Colette had hoped. Benjamin easily made her witnesses look bad. Benjamins client was not well liked around his community, he made a convincing argument that everyone was just pointing the finger at his client out of some personal vendetta against him. adaVzgx.png Colette’s hope of winning this case were slowly diminishing as Benjamin cross examined her witnesses. Dy9BnSI.png She was paying close attention to Benjamin, but was distracted when she heard someone say “Psst” in a soft voice. She glanced over and saw the defendant turn to someone in the spectator seats. They both noticed her and faced forward. bED1VQ8.png After minutes of questioning the witness, Benjamin sat back down. He told his client it shouldn’t take too long now. G57RbJF.png Colette had one final witness for the day. She had all her hopes on him to save her case. According to his statement he saw the defendant committing the crime. She felt her hopes diminish completely when he said he wasn’t sure anymore if he was the right guy that he saw. dQxedjQ.png She became angry with him and tried to get him to stick to his statement but he kept insisting he wasn’t sure. zWlw0I8.png

    Back home Warner was stuck with Nora and Reese after he returned from work. Nora was still not used to her mother working, she kept asking her dad where she was. 0OReMJh.png
    Warner was a little curious as to where she was as well, it was already past her work shift yet she wasn’t home. He told Nora he’d call her right away. bo5R5yK.png Colette picked up and told him she’d be home in a few hours. For now she just wanted some time to think. Warner could tell from her tone, she was not well. He asked where she was so at least he’d know where she’d be. After an embarrassing day in court, Colette was not off the hook. She received a very serious call from her boss for not closing the case and letting it drag on more than it should’ve last. It left her feeling pathetic. She began to wonder if she made the right choice in waiting those 5 years to return to practicing law. r5OXAjz.pngShe got up her seat to return home when she saw Warner walking up to her. TfFB1OJ.png Colette didn’t go into full detail about what happened earlier, but she shared what she could with Warner. vD3Dx4l.png She asked him if she should’ve just did something else instead of returning to law. XRnYRxt.png Warner quickly told her she was just being too hard on herself, cause it wasn’t going as she had hoped. He had no doubt she was good at her job. 1F0l4iV.png Outside Colette admitted she was entirely truthful about her hire. She wasn’t hired just yet, this case was more of a test to see how well she does. CXXX7cC.png Warner told her not to worry about that. He knew she would find a way to win her case. uyjOVs9.png Arriving back home Colette checked on the kids in their room. Nora was still up, she ran to give her mom a hug. 4pdWmAy.png
  • DreamWolfDreamWolf Posts: 8 New Member
    Today I have a sim who needs to make a video for promotion in her journalistic job. SHe has no video camera and no way of buying one. How does she make a video?
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,821 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves I enjoyed seeing Colette's case play out in your courtroom!
    Sorry it didn't turn out the way she hoped... surely her agency knows that no lawyer wins 'em all.

    @LonelyWolfTales That was a wonderful backstory!
    Currently doing no gaming and only minimal web browsing due to a hand injury. Hello to all and enjoying reading when I can. :)
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,057 Member
    P.1139 Haha the ruined tan🤣 Happy birthday Stephanie, and oof. Happy birthday to Ashley as well😃 I’ve never seen the bar before that says mid life crisis in the aspirition tab. Is that from a mod? Good way to deal with tending 30 plants, would’ve done the same. She’s had a very productive week.

    @BlueSeaWaves The mid life crisis comes with the new Growing Together pack. So far i'm liking this pack. We just had a family reunion which is also another new event in the pack.

  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,778 Member
    edited April 2023
    Garlic could be useful, but I have something else in mind. That storyline will have a happy ending, I promise, but it may get a tiny bit worse before they make their escape. I need to get caught up on your story too.

    Lilith has been getting a lot of love on here recently. I'm surprised Lilith looks so happy. I feel like Nancy would be an unusually bitter, nasty drink. When you're that busy trying to take over or destroy the world you can't be expected to remember all those little details like your offspring.

    Dads are the same everywhere. It seems like a couple of your sims haven't quite gotten the hang of this whole sitting thing.🤣 The red fountain water is creepy cool, and yeah I think I'd pass on having a swim in it.

    Being a proper diva is a 24/7/365 thing

    I wonder what payback Frankie has in store? Growing up takes a lot out of a kid.🤣 Sienna crossed off a lot things on her midlife crisis list. She almost didn’t have enough free time to actually have a midlife crisis.

    It was good to see Aimee again. I do get the feeling I missed a chapter though. I'll have to go back and check it out. It's good to see her having success already. Those artifacts sure can bring in a lot of simoleons. I love the house by the way!

    Your backstory is really detailed and so well written! You can really appreciate the turmoil and the emotions that shaped them and their relationship. Owen is right, it's hard to say if it's right or healthy but it is what they have.

    I love the courtroom scenes! You did great job of capturing the tension. Hopefully Colette's boss will go easy on her. Good for Warner being there to lend her support. Getting hugs from Nora too helped lift her spirits no doubt. Reese's peek a boo face is priceless. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,952 Member
    I just remembered something… in my Mastersons save, ages ago, I got Caroline to create a Spellcasters club. They have never met. Perhaps I could spin it as them wanting to meet but never quite having the time (eg jobs/kids/etc getting in the way), maybe they’ve got a group chat where they joke about it, that sort of thing. So in my next chapter I should have them hold a meeting!
    I do have a habit of setting up clubs and then holding just one meeting and then forgetting the club exists. I had Erytheia set up a teen club that hasn’t met yet, which is mostly a continuation of the kids’ club. The kids’ club did meet more than once actually.
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,778 Member
    I was playing around with some new poses for Judith and Rayvn's escape from Forgotten Hollow.
  • Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    @BlueSeaWaves Thanks for the comments. I hope you like the next update.

    Spellman (Sabrina the Teenage Witch): For fun, I decided to see if I could handle a solo teen.

    Sabrina came with her cat, Salem, and for some reason he's obsessed with the toilet.

    This is Gilda Goldstag (Monster High) who popped a kiss on her so I decided to get them together. And with science babies, I can satisfy my obsession with Sim genetics as well.

    Since this Sim wasn't made into a spellcaster, I had to go and make her one. Here's Sabrina casting her first spell.

    That horribly backfired.

    In today's edition of "Guess Who Got Naked?" it's Walt Disney.

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