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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1,572 Member
    edited March 2023
    Sakkara is one of the most brutal vampires around, but lately, she's trying to be less bitey. Here she's fighting the urge to bite Lucius' neck so much it's driving her to drink! Look at how she's dual-wielding those Plasma Janes! Lucius thinks it's hilarious and is probably going to regret it.

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,958 Member
    Scarlet had lots of fun playing dolls with her daddy!


    Then, a few days later, she played with Clementine!


    I've had some "self-discovery" moments with William and Barbara, both now have the Cheerful and Self-Assured traits in addition to the ones they previously had. I think they each have another "self-discovery" added trait, but I forget which.
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,794 Member
    You have got to be kidding me!!!! Seriously? WonderfulWhims?!?!!?! EA?!?!?! What the heck are you doing to my game? Yesterday this was Liberty and Matteo. Madly in love as always.


    I don't know whether to let out a primal scream of rage or curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out. I exited without saving. Matteo and Liberty, Summer and Darian, all suddenly went from feeling like the other one was very attractive or extremely attractive to very unattractive. I am so mad I can't see straight. I have all the dialogue written for the next Tartosan Sun. All I need are screenshots and now two of my three couples instantly went from madly in love to not being able to tolerate even the sight of one another. Their friendship and romance bars are still maxed out, but any romantic social is met with a forceful rejection. Thank god Danielle and Londyn are still madly in love or I really would be distraught.

    I'm going to roll back to a previous save point, and a previous version of WonderfulWhims where everybody was still devoted to each other. If that doesn't work I'm deleting WonderfulWhims all together! I just want to bawl my eyes out. Everything I've worked for in their relationships burned to the ground in an instant. I set Liberty's preferences so that she found Matteo the most attractive sim alive, just like before, and now she hates his guts. Same thing with Summer and Darian. They absolutely can not stand each other. Everything was fine until now. Is the universe trying to tell me something?
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,958 Member
    Phew, Scarlet is finally a toddler! Although Barbara is pregnant again so... :D Scarlet got Top Notch Infant and is level 2 Movement already, so she can walk up and down the stairs which is useful. And help herself to food.

  • ShiveriaShiveria Posts: 1 New Member
    For some reason one of my YA sims goes to work and her parents do not take care of their infant so when the YA sim comes back the poor infant is in a bad state! However, she did become valedictorian so theres that XD
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,065 Member
    Its not often i see all my family member sitting and talking in one room like the Bheeda's are doing here. Little Stephanie looked very comfortable in her chair!

    Sienna starts researching her family genealogy but so far no results and no one has come do the front door just yet:

    This NPC caught my attention, Stacey Houts. I immediately thought she could be my sim self's next partner so i had Margaret Bheeda introduce herself to Stacey. Once Margaret and Stacey were acquainted, Margaret invited my sim self over and introduced Stacey to my sim self. They seemed to like each other and this thought bubble told me she enjoyed his company:

    Later on, My sim self's eldest daughter Sienna Bheeda introduced herself to Stacey and Sienna seemed to get along with Stacey that they autonomously stargazed out the front together!

  • Dust_Bunny2010Dust_Bunny2010 Posts: 163 Member
    Wow it's been over two years since I played this game after I got swamped with work, school, and health problems. I wasn't even actually going to come back until I found a really old save of my legacy founder, Luise, in a USB drive of all things. If anyone remembers her, she's basically the character I had who was actually a "spare" of an older legacy challenge I used to play in TS2. She was what I describe to be an active protagonist that was bordering on Mary-Sue-ism but had one personality flaw, a big one at that: she's very prejudiced. Particularly against anyone and anything French.

    For those who remember that story (though I doubt they're still here), I decided to play her casually on pseudo-legacy challenge rules (as in, no cheats and money down), and guess who turned up in the bar kicking the trash can on Guys Night like the first time around? And with "Good Compatibility" too. Luise, how could you do this to me? :s:D

    Anyway, I don't know if I'll ever restart her and her family's story ever again, just, posting this weird little coincidental tidbit for those who liked my stories before.

    For now, I'm just building houses in the game and messing with the townies. >:)
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,794 Member
    I was able to mend broken relationships. whew! Harmony has been restored to the universe. Summer and Darian's relationship is fixed as well

    I've had to reset attractions after a new version of WonderfulWhims before and it always restored their perceptions of each other. Sometimes I never had to do anything, it recognized the old settings. This time it didn't, not Matteo and Liberty anyway. Even though I set up Matteo and Liberty to see each other as the most beautiful sim in the world they still saw each other as very unattractive. I had merged all three couples into one household so that I could control everyone and get screenshots and all I can figure is it broke something. It overwrote one of Liberty's main traits. Her romantic trait was replaced by bookworm. The only thing I haven't been able to fix was Matteo and Liberty's soulmate status. They're now lovers and I can't raise it back to soulmate. The other thing I wonder about, this was the first time I've played any household other than Londyn and Danielle since the update and the pack and they were the only ones I had gone in and set up likes and dislikes for. Maybe you have to set those up for relationships to work now. Maybe having no likes or dislikes at all makes them totally incompatible now where it didn't matter before?
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,839 Member
    Glad your couples are into one another again @DaniRose2143 :)
    That's a good question. What happens with social compatibility when the sims have 0 likes or dislikes? Maybe someone knows or can test it?
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,794 Member
    Glad your couples are into one another again @DaniRose2143 :)
    That's a good question. What happens with social compatibility when the sims have 0 likes or dislikes? Maybe someone knows or can test it?

    I’m curious too. That seems like that is a likely culprit. The fact that the two couples that had no likes or dislikes went wonky and the one I set them for didn’t. It would have been good information to have. It would have spared me the shock of seeing Matteo put his hands on Liberty and not in a loving way.😲
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 6,863 Member
    @Dust_Bunny2010 , I remember Luise :) And indeed you often pictured her from behind? If not always :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..

    My Story:Villa Catarina
  • _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    @DaniRose2143 I can only tell you that having no likes or dislikes doesn't mess up a vanilla sim, nor is it a problem for MC Command. I do not have wonderful whims, though, so no idea if it breaks something in that particular mod. :o
  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1,572 Member
    edited March 2023
    Kerrigan is ready to make more babies and Chris is both flattered and a little huffy about it

    "I literally just got back into shape! Why do you do this to me?"


    ...Kerrigan still wants nothing to do with the kids and isn't above having someone, or something else raise them.

    "...resistance is futile, Servo! You will engage the Nanny Protocol!"

  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,794 Member
    _Gina wrote: »
    @DaniRose2143 I can only tell you that having no likes or dislikes doesn't mess up a vanilla sim, nor is it a problem for MC Command. I do not have wonderful whims, though, so no idea if it breaks something in that particular mod. :o

    Thanks for sharing the insight. My game was probably just having a bad day, but at least everything is back to normal in Tartosa again.😁
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,794 Member
    The next chapter of Under The Tartosan Sun is ready! Danielle and Londyn get to see the progress on the renovations. Danielle has her meeting with Blake. The girls started planning for Liberty and Matteo's wedding. And Summer gets a surprise phone call.

    Under The Tartosan Sun Chapter Thirty Eight
  • Dust_Bunny2010Dust_Bunny2010 Posts: 163 Member
    @Dust_Bunny2010 , I remember Luise :) And indeed you often pictured her from behind? If not always :)

    :D I was actually planning an indirect face-reveal later down the line.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    Well, this was a long chapter to write, but I think it was great practice for writing the length of chapters I want to write for a book. I'm feeling very close to revisiting the chapters I've already written for my personal story. I almost have all the details for my writing process worked out. I think I just need to reinforce the behaviors I used to write this chapter.

    Chapter 9: A Leap of faith

  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,065 Member
    I just spent the last 10 minutes laughing my head off at this little scenario the game threw at me. Dan Bheeda, Dan's son Frankie and Frankie's wife Margaret were all sat around the dining table talking as normal. I was busy watching Dan's wife Sienna fix the cooker in the kitchen and all of a sudden Frankie shows this moodlet:

    It turned out Frankie's father decided to flirt with Frankie's wife right in front of him! Frankie's father has this moodlet after the event!

    All of this was autonomous by the three of them.
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,794 Member
    @Brd709 That is hilarious. I really like Dan's concern about the affair going too fast instead of worrying about keeping it a secret.🤣
  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1,572 Member
    edited March 2023
    A Kerrigan is born. Shauna is a gorgeous baby Kerrigan who...well, she poops diapers and sleeps a lot...


    Nanny Protocol Engaged!

  • Th3_H0wling_Ch1ldTh3_H0wling_Ch1ld Posts: 144 Member
    edited March 2023
    Didn't screenshot anything this time but...playing with my new vampire sim family and left it unpaused for around 5-10 minutes came back to one of the female sims needing to go toilet so i click on it and what do i see...??? "Take Pregnancy Test"

    I know exactly who the father of these unborn babies are since it's the only one in the household who IS NOT related to her :D
    Will he stay and help raise his kids or will he leave...? Who knows.
    My Legacy Family & Story Family are in one Save. Much easier...
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,794 Member
    I didn't have much time this morning for building so I concentrated on the layout of the second floor of Danielle and Londyn's place. 8BdUfgc.png?1

    Two rooms on the left are Danielle's office and a hobby or exercise space. There's a half bath for guests and an ensuite for the girls. I hit a bit of a snag on the movie lot and I'm thinking about how I want to redesign the big space where the actual set will be. I'm probably going to make that portion smaller. That is this weekend's project, along with figuring out how Judith and Rayvn are going to escape their current predicament.🤔
  • blaq797blaq797 Posts: 145 Member
    So, the moment you realize a house you built is far too big...

    When Klauzwits decided to invite Briella Ito over on a day that did not have the best of weather conditions...

    The Blizzard; this hampered the poor child considerably in getting to the house entrance. This is that big 64x64 lot on that island in Windenburg where weird coding issues put the default entrance for said on the seaside portion of the island, opposite to where the sims actually spawn in...

    Yeah. So, Briella, finally makes it to the front door, but in a supreme feat of simlogic, decides that the best way to get to where the people is to swim using the pool that would get one where they intended to go eventually. HOWEVER, this was in the middle of winter, howling winds and snowing, and Briella was already halfway to bring a frozen treat by the time she got in the water. Outside the kitchen, between the corner kids area bedroom and not even past the first corner, Briella stopped suddenly in the water, and the Reaper appears IN the kitchen [pool goes that way right outside] and the game cant figure out what to do. By the time I actually intercede with Reseting the reaper and Briella [who is sunk in the pool at this point], she is quite dead from the combination of the cold and the water...

    Strangely, Klauswitz has no memory/milestone of her death, which is weird, as he had the want to be her friend [the picture had shifted to her ghost form after the death].

    Needless to say, I immediately decided I needed to relocate them, and spent most of earlier today building something.

    Not to mention, THE BILLS.

    Admittedly, I had the vault storage on the lot at the time, so this is likely factor, but...

    $162k in bills a week, and I had NO eco assist for anything at the time.


    That was the Thyme save 1

    So, the game also does not like hybrids, especially alien/vamp ones as opposed to Vamp/aliens. Yes, there is a difference, when you add the vampire trait to an alien, the game weirds out in the CAS area and its nigh horrendous trying to get things the way you want it due to the disguise stuff. Because, as original alien, the original look will almost certainly be present in CAS, DESPITE having attempted to fix the look many times. Its much easier adding the alien trait to a vampire... That was a save where the family I made was...lively, the sister wanted nothing to do with her brother and also was hostile to her mother. So I've had some success in duplicating the Pleasant family dynamic to a degree/extent...
    Sorry, Avatar is merely my favorite Sims 4 sim.
  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 1,572 Member
    Lilith Vatore is expanding her Vampire family and young Nancy Landgraab seems just the right fit!


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