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Phoenix Puffclaw Reading Circle

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Welcome to the thread for the Phoenix Puffclaw Reading Circle!

What are reading circles and how can you join one? Visit the Reading Circles Thread to find out!

The Phoenix Puffclaw Reading Circle Guidelines

***Our Intentions and Agreements***

We intend to...
  • have fun talking with each other and enjoy reading each others' stories!
  • share encouragement, friendliness, belonging, and enthusiasm about our Sim stories.
  • inspire and motivate each other, too!

We agree to...
  • keep up with each members' selected story on a weekly basis when we are able to, being flexible with each other when life asks us to attend to other priorities, like school, health, family, and our homes (and gardens!).
  • let each other know when we need to take breaks.


Yay, Puffclaws!

CURRENT MEMBERS and stories:

@bookloverblue - Blue's Sim Stories

@CathyTea - CathyTea's SimLit Anthology (Sporadic updates)

@elinsims - Elin's SimLit

@friendsfan367 - The Benders

@LadyTigress - The WWE: A Legacy

@MadameLee - [url="https://wwwswansonslegacy.blogspot.com/]Swanson Legacy[/url]

@Morningstar - Rebuilding Appalousa Springs

@msbeckycat - Aspen Mayer - a Sims 4 Story

@Pegasus143 (on hiatus) - After the Wedding
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