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Reading Circles - For All Games!

CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 23,059 Member
Are you a SimLit writer who would benefit from having a dedicated group of readers? Are you a reading writer who loves to encourage, support, and inspire other writers?

Then a Reading Circle may be just the thing for you!

What's a Reading Circle?

A reading circle is a group of five to ten Sim writers who pledge to be each others' readers, reading the posts that each member of the circle makes that week. (Limits for the expectations can be set if there are especially prolific writers, so that the reading loads don't feel cumbersome.)

What do we gain through this?

Benefits include being guaranteed of having your work read by several readers. As you will also be reading their work, circles of inspiration, support, encouragement, and friendliness also grow. This creates a nice friendly sense of community and team-building, fostering collaboration and motivation.

Of course, this type of thing naturally happens already among many bloggers who read each others' stories. An advantage (as I see it) to making this a deliberate practice is providing guaranteed readers for some writers who may not yet have found their natural circle, while for those with steady readers, it fosters a sense of relaxation, because we don't have to worry if other readers come and go: we know our circle will be there for us!

Does it matter which version of Sims I use in my stories?
Of course not! Writers of SimLit using any version of Sims are welcome and invited!

Sounds cool! How do I become involved?

If you'd like to form a reading circle, post an announcement here!

If you'd like to join a reading circle, respond to one of the announcements.

Hope you join us as we share the joy of reading and writing with each other!


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