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I would love to see a sims freeplay 2

All the popular app games get more advanced sequel's and would love to see this done with freeplay :)

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  • Lauri_AntonLauri_Anton Posts: 48 Member
  • ataurusataurus Posts: 20 Member
    That would be cool but I thought the sims mobile was the sims freeplay's sequel?
  • PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
    I would love to 2 and 1 being the original problem is old coding leads to problemsbon Windows 10.

    Sometimes the blue screen will show up to join in on the gaming party.
  • MarvelousMarvelMarvelousMarvel Posts: 2 New Member
    Id also like it, or they could make the sims from the sims freeplay look prettier, kinda like the sims mobile, i ended up stping playing it cause i couldnt bear playing with them looking ugly like that, it seems like a reeeeally old and boring game, but it isnt!!
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