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** lisi_ja Showcase **

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Hello everyone!

I am relatively new to this forum, but you are all so welcoming, that I already feel as if I've always been part of the community <3

So I decided to take a step forward and show you some of my creations as I would like to have your sincere feedback on them.

You can find me in the gallery under lisi_ja

Thanks for coming by and please feel free to comment here or send me a message as you like!! <3 :smile:


Starter Homes

Starter for 4
Solid Starter Renovated
Nordic Starter
Brazilian Beach Starter
Brazilian Modest Starter
Spacious Family Starter
Purple Starter under 8k
Squirrel Home 5k
10k Starter
Nature Starter

Small Houses

Japanese Tiny House
Freddie's Retreat
Gingerbread House
Small Family Home

Bigger Houses

Modern Living
Big Family on a Budget
Modern Mansion
Modern Family Home
Small Edgy Mansion
In the Forest
Modern Green
Nici's Paradies

Crazy Stuff ;)

Island Paradise
Rio Olympics
Homeless Hideout
The Beach Kiosk
Daycare Just for Kids
Tiny Island
Villa Cora by Lisi


Men's Apartment
Little Playground
Teenie Bedroom
Kids Paradise
Industrial Starter Loft
Orange Tunes
Selling Art


Competitions and Features

QC Create a Room no 35 by @Cbear13 - Intermediate Winner (Witch-Craft Room)

Starter Showoff! - Challenge no. 1 by @pronterus (Brazilian Modest Starter) - featured in The Pronteran Builder

Judge's Award "Fantastic Interior" in the QC Challenge no 27 - Kiddy Care by @Cbear13 - Daycare Just for Kids - featured in the 13th issue of Lisas Magical Land on SIMCOM

QC Create a Room no 38 by @Cbear13 - Winner (Orange Tunes)

Tiny Island was featured in Simsvip by the amazing @Lissykin

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