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We're missing something


  • LarLynJLarLynJ Posts: 353 Member
    Didn't read everyone's responses, but maybe it's at :50 seconds where the girl is feeding her boyfriend/husband some of her food?!
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,298 Member
    edited May 2016
    I wish that SimGuruPizza would come on here, and tell us if one of us has guessed correctly. Because one of us could have guessed correctly by now.
  • Dreagen1Dreagen1 Posts: 570 Member
    edited May 2016
    It's the shadows, in game now the light from the Windows is just a smudge of light on the ground. No shadow of the window at all!
    (Unless they put a hole in the roof)
  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 32,160 Member
    LarLynJ wrote: »
    Didn't read everyone's responses, but maybe it's at :50 seconds where the girl is feeding her boyfriend/husband some of her food?!

    Nope since it's not Gameplay it's a visual
  • simspirationssimspirations Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm not sure if this counts as gameplay or visual, and I'm not sure if some of these glasses/cups were already in the game, but I've noticed three different types of drink glasses I personally haven't seen before.There's a designed cup with the girl in the 50s diner type restaurant, a sparkling water looking cup later on with the same girl and the nectar glasses too. The desgined cup also has something colored in it (maybe a milkshake or smoothie). Personally, I think it'd be awesome if one of the gameplay objects was a blender/juicer so we could make smoothies, milkshakes or healthy juices. I don't really know if that's significant or relevant, but just wanted to offer up something I noticed. :)
  • JCsS1MSJCsS1MS Posts: 1,148 Member
    Can you please clarify which visual? It would be great to have some confirmation on this!
  • StilleWaterStilleWater Posts: 1,566 Member
    haven't been on forum...don't know what has been fish tank? that thing that has been called a bear, toddler. or what ever looks like an imp to me.
  • StilleWaterStilleWater Posts: 1,566 Member
    room divider?
  • StilleWaterStilleWater Posts: 1,566 Member
    edited May 2016
    big bug zappers,is that window and open order out window on patio scene?
  • Cabelle1863Cabelle1863 Posts: 2,191 Member
    Perhaps it's the nice sunlight streaming through the windows. I hope so and that they've been able to improve that in our game, it looks great in the photos.
  • midnightpearlmidnightpearl Posts: 6,578 Member
    edited May 2016
    It's the teddy bear that's the secret-or I could be wrong!:
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  • sof2106sof2106 Posts: 133 Member
    Pretty sure that's not the thing we are searching, but quick observation: doesn't the manager from the diner (at 0:40) look a little like Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad? Hmmm...time for "Los Polos Hermanos" in Oasis Springs! :D
  • SkobeeSkobee Posts: 2,864 Member
    Well, if it's the lighting i'm really freaking excited!! I've wanted this since the beginning of the game, I always have a hole in my roof so I can get some natural lighting in :D
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  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 18,057 Member
    I agree.
  • MagicalZiaMagicalZia Posts: 32 Member
    Uhh better and more real life lightning would be great!
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  • kanivarakanivara Posts: 41 Member
    That light looks -nice-.
  • IngeJonesIngeJones Posts: 3,230 Member
    It's the teddy bear and it confirms toddlers are coming in the next major EP or GP. Hints in one pack are always in regard to the *next* one due, not the same pack.
  • halimali1980halimali1980 Posts: 8,246 Member
    People are looking at the big picture most of the time. At game play.
    Even if someone notices a new deco or something he is not going to go WOW

    We need a WOW for game play not decoration or small visuals.
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  • SlawfishSlawfish Posts: 431 Member

    There are a few more screenshots that show lightning coming through
    At 0:04 behind the group raising their glasses for a toast

    At 0:12 behind the group waiting to be seated (look to the side of both women)

    At 0:16 behind the dining family, on the walls

    At 0:44 the same restaurant as in the tweet

    Pictures are from
  • PSIPSI Posts: 55 Member
    It is the sunlight coming through the windows, guys! There's at least 2 hints in this pack for a Seasons EP, but we shall see. If that's the case, my faith in The Sims 4 will be restored to an extent.
  • IngeJonesIngeJones Posts: 3,230 Member
    How do we know it's not just cos they took out a roof or wall section? That makes the light come through the window mesh properly
  • I8PIKACHUI8PIKACHU Posts: 571 Member
    I noticed the lighting subconsciously, but thought I didn't remember it in the base game. It's really fantastic.
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  • SlawfishSlawfish Posts: 431 Member
    IngeJones wrote: »
    How do we know it's not just cos they took out a roof or wall section? That makes the light come through the window mesh properly

    Technically, we don't.
    But I doubt they did that because:

    A. Overall there is at least three individual restaurant buildings in trailers that show the light coming through. All of these do not specifically try and show much attention to the light coming through, so what would be the point of deleting a wall to enable it in all of them?

    B. In the screenshot that was also included in the tweet, if there was a wall missing anywhere on the outer walls of that restaurant, we would see the light coming through from said gap in the wall. (There is also a zoom in of same layout but with different color scheme on that restaurant that shows the walls around the table at the very top, no gaps as far as I can see).

    C. Why draw so much attention to something "visually" different in the trailer? If this lighting with removing walls was indeed a thing they do to make their trailers look visually better, why have they not been consistently removing single walls or rooftiles in all previous trailers to let the light through?
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