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New Goth Manor by Petalbot

petalbotpetalbot Posts: 1,423 Member
edited May 2016 in The Sims 3 Builders
It's been a while! Here is my newest home for The Sims 3. It's a gothic home inspired by & built for the Goth Family! This old, new home features, 3 beds, 3 baths, living, family, dining, cellar, study, lab, alchemy room, greenhouse, gazebo, pond & private cemetary. Built on 261 Valley View Dr., Moonlight Falls. Also fits in well on the Goth lot in Sunset Valley. Gothique Library and Midnight Hollow highly recommended. The home is playtested and contains NO CC or CAP. Now on with the tour. Hope you like it. :)

Download: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8900983


Starting with the property entry, we will first tour the outside of the home.










Now going inside.










A hidden spiral staircase leads from the kitchen to the nectar cellar.


From here we will continue on with the basement.







Now up the spiral staircase, which leads back to the living room, we will tour the rest of the 1st floor.





Now we will head up the stairs an tour the 2nd floor.
















And that concludes the tour.




Haunted by the Goth family ghosts.



Also fits in well on the Goth lot in Sunset Valley.




Thank you for taking the tour and I hope you enjoyed it! Have a pleasant evening. :)

Download: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8900983

Major Eps & SPs used: Supernatural, Showtime, Island Paradise, World Adventures, Late Night, Generations, University, Pets, Ambitions,
Minor Eps & SPs: Seasons = dining table, Into the Future = 1 bush & glass tiles, Outdoor Living = lemonade pitcher

Store Items:
Everything is listed on the exchange is correct except that it left out a few items.

Midnight Hollow World: Sitting pretty gothic dining chair, Voluminous valance, Left voluminous curtain, Right voluminous curtain, Windowed Victorian doubled doors, Pretty porch fencing, Gothic ingle (fireplace), Mural modern wide (painting), Mural modern (painting), Haunted pansies, Wrought iron spiral staircase, Draped demise statue, Steel roof ridge, a couple of wallpapers.

Gothique Library: Traceried window, protected column

Now and Then Century Manor: Manor stairs, Hang left curved colonial stair rail, Hang right curved colonial stair rail, Colonial mansion railing, Spider web work 1

Gothique Living & Sleeping: Gothique sofa, Gothique living chair, Gothique flower vase, Reynard the raven, Oval gothique painting, Gothique dining chair

Club Vaindenburger: President’s desk, Fraud laug

Once Upon a Time Cottage: Quaint kitchen hood lamp, Porridge prep wall shelf

Brunch at the Old Mill: Upper right untamed wall ivy, Upper left untamed wall ivy

Steampunk Kitchen: Teaquinology enjoyulator, Spring locked in a lantern terrarium

Edwardian Expressions Kitchen: Haute high hanging wall shelf, Lush bloom lily vase

Provence: Rustic hanging basket, Rustic loaf box, country carved dining chair

Palace of Versailles: Fin table, Quelle heure clock

Jazz Age Living Room: The big cheese coat rack, He’s a live wire radio

Storybook: In the park by awalck painting, Octagonal end table

Dragon Valley World: Ornate Arch
Indulgent Living: Feathered table sculpture
Regal Living: Cutkelvin’s loveseat
Buccaneer’s Bounty: Mother brassbeard’s birdbath
Mediterranean Life Kitchen: Vineyard Vittles Shelf
Tutor of Tudors: Castle window
Mother of Russia: Mother of Russia fence
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery: Handy cookie jar
Bayside Kitchen: Practical Al’s Kitchen Cart
Bayside Laundry (loads of laundry): Bayside Hamper
Hacienda Luxury: Pedro estate arch II
Haute Haciends Dining: Cantina candelabra
Ultra Lounge Teens: Double frame photo
Zen Again: Spa Necessities
Weba Yayfoo! (under holidays and gifts): Olde Simogany desk (free item)

In the dawn of Sims (holidays and gifts –>the sims celebrations): Golden woman of prosperity painting, Ironic clown by Angelo painting (both are free items)

The Sims 3 Generations Registration Gifts (under holidays and gifts –> Registration Rewards): Rotary phone (free item)

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  • petalbotpetalbot Posts: 1,423 Member

  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    Oh WOW, that is gorgeous and spooky. I will have it in for myself. I was just thinking of having a Sims 3 game and create a few Ghosts and this house will be perfect. Glad to see you still building in the wonderful Sims 3. It is always such fun ;) Hope all is well
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,980 Member
    It's perfect, it's gorgeous, it's mysterious! A true petalbot! And I just have to say that I love how the pattern you picked for the top of you Gazebo works so well with how you did the wall heights and roof!
  • napoleonwrassenapoleonwrasse Posts: 310 Member
    What an amazing house! I cannot wait to download and play it!
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,131 Member
    The New Goth Manor looks so very nice! :) It captures the Goth/gothic theme so very well! The exterior of the main home building, the green house and the gazebo looks so very much very great! The roofing on each of these buildings looks so very great! The front steps entrance to the home looks very nice! The greenhouse is very nice! The type of and placement of the windows in the greenhouse and main home building looks very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior! The textures used for the walls and the furnishings look great and create a very great atmospheric feel and look to the home! It is a very detailed home! Each of the rooms looks very nice. The dining table chairs look great! Very nice stove and nectar rack alcove in the kitchen. It is great that there is a hidden spiral staircase down to the nectar cellar and basement ! The arched nectar racks look very great! It is nice that there is a labarotory and an alchemy room in the basement. Very nice funishing of the bedrooms!
    It was very nice going on a tour of the home through the pictures and it will be great for our sims to enjoy living there themselves! :)
  • meuamourmeuamour Posts: 117 Member
    I always love the different takes on the Goth Manor.
    Yours is incredibly detailed.
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 5,195 Member

    Another fantastic build from you. So great to see you still creating in Sims 3. Totally love this house.... and your presentation is so great. Wonderful how each screenshot is so special. Off to rec and download to check this out in detail! <3
  • HeledrielHeledriel Posts: 462 Member
    It is nice to see you are still creating these extraordinary building for Sims 3. This one is a real piece of art, I love the presentation, the exterior looks so fascinating and eerie at once. The building itself is remarkable detailed decorated and furnished, just magnificent, a real beauty!
    I have to agree, I definitely need to have a closer look at this in game!
    I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
  • luvalphvleluvalphvle Posts: 1,545 Member
    I'm amazed! Seriously. I have to pick my jaw up off the floor.
  • grallonspheregrallonsphere Posts: 140 Member
    Fantastic creation. You're an artist!
  • Suz0oSuz0o Posts: 1 New Member
    Let's take a few minutes to see how beautiful is this goth Manor. I truly appreciate how everything is done. The fog makes the house looks so creepier !! It is impressive how you have made this house very scary just by adding dark colors. Everything is so beautiful: the way you have coloured the walls make the house looks creepy without making it too dark. The way you work on the light is so fine: the whole house looks darks and scray but we can see well. The basement is a little bit lighter and that looks so good, if it were darker, we wouln't see anything!! I really love the nectar cellar and the whole basement. Oh and if you wanna know I stayed 5 minutes watching pictures of the living room because IT IS PERFEEECT !! The master bedroom is just so beautiful, I really love how you've made it. It looks creepy without being horrifiying ! I truly love the stairs and the 2nd floor foyer. There is enough decoration to make your house incredibly beautiful. Oh and the greenhouse... It's the BEST you've ever made!! And the gazebo, wow, I've never seen a gazebo this beautiful in my life!! And I could talk about the windows, the trees, the dining room, the kitchen... But I won't talk about how everything is so perfect beacause my comment would be too long lol ! Petalbot, you won one more time! You're the best house builder in ALL the sims community don't forget that!! You're an icon
  • Nora_675Nora_675 Posts: 65 Member
    Wow, this lot is fantastic; brilliantly atmospheric. In fact I think Suz0o has summed it up perfectly. You've brilliantly CAS'ted this whole build to give a gothic but not pantomime effect. It's elegant, entrieging and just the right amount of creepy. I shall be looking over the screenshots again and again! :)
  • ShadowLabrysShadowLabrys Posts: 281 Member
    That looks so amazing you Did a Fantastic Job!!!!!!
  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,342 Member
    Rec'd, fav'd and downloaded I love exploring your builds. So amazing!!!
  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,342 Member
    Are you building in TS4???
  • adamhayden123adamhayden123 Posts: 87 Member
    This looks amazing! I love how... dead everything looks :D
  • petalbotpetalbot Posts: 1,423 Member
    Sorry for the very late replies. Real life has been too busy lately. I hope to have more for ts3 soon and be a more regular visitor to this section of the forum. :)

    @Glenkarri Thank you so much and I'm glad to see that you are still making such beautiful creations. Will be catching up on your creations soon.

    @romagi1 Thanks Romagi! :) I love the way the yard looks in the golden sunset in moonlight falls. It really added to the atmosphere.

    @napoleonwrasse Thanks!! :)

    @rosemow Thank you so much for the comments. I'm so glad it captures the Goth and gothic theme! I read through the goth family wiki before building to get background on the family since I had not played sims1 or 2 before.

    @meuamour Thanks! I also like looking at Goth Manor remodels/rebuilds. I'm kind of thinking about building for the Altos or the landgraabs some time down the road.

    @soocoolsim Thank you so much! I need to catch up on your builds as well.

    @heledriel Thanks! Those wallpaper from midnight hollow were indispensable in making this house.

    @luvalphvle Thanks! I will be catching up on your builds soon ! :)

    @grallonsphere Thanks! That is very sweet of you. :)

    @Suz0o Thank you so much for the comments! Glad you like the fog! I really love how it looks in the golden sunset of moonlight falls. I'm also glad to hear that it has a creepy feel. :)

    @Nora_675 Thanks!! CASting took ages to get right when first starting out, so I'm glad to hear that you like it.

    @ShadowLabrys Thanks! :)

    @MeaganJo Thank you so much! Yes, I build in TS4. I will have a TS4 house up soon. It's not quite as fun as building in TS3 though. TS3 has the great tools and less frustration.

    @adamhayden123 Thanks!


  • Bluebeard45Bluebeard45 Posts: 3,889 Member
    It's amazing.You have talent.
  • Allison18Allison18 Posts: 396 Member
    This is one of the most beautiful lots I have seen! I would love to have it in my game but I know it don't have all of the store items and I don't want it to generate something that will ruin the house. I've been considering getting the rest of TS3 store content and this house definitely makes me want to at least get what you used. Again, so beautiful! So glad I decided to stop by the creative corner today.
  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,342 Member
    petalbot wrote: »

    @MeaganJo Thank you so much! Yes, I build in TS4. I will have a TS4 house up soon. It's not quite as fun as building in TS3 though. TS3 has the great tools and less frustration.

    I really hope they bring some of the tools over from TS3 because I must agree it just doesn't have the same luster, it's different but getting a little more used to the differences. I like to go back and forth like today I'll be in TS3 for a bit.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,759 Member
    This is really beautiful. I mostly play Sims 4 at the moment but am almost pursuaded to start up 3 to try it out.

    I will be downloading it anyway. Well done.
  • StorietimeStorietime Posts: 249 Member
    This is amazing - I have to totally agree with all the compliments I have read, you really are a talented builder / designer. I love all the attention to the garden and greenhouse, but the decor is really well selected and suits the house.
  • EchoTSimmerEchoTSimmer Posts: 20 New Member
    Ooh very nice Goth manor! Love the vintage/gothic theme, looks very nice!
  • MarleyTheWizardMarleyTheWizard Posts: 954 Member
    I need someone to make this into a LP on youtube, so beautiful :'(
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