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Challenge Mash-Up by EuphorialQueen


  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
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    @EuphorialQueen Thankyou I will. :)


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  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
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    Superspeed for sleeping is not working in my tiny home. Is anyone else having this trouble?

    Tip: Bonding with bees helps fill social need.
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  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    SimCave wrote: »
    Superspeed for sleeping is not working in my tiny home. Is anyone else having this trouble?

    Tip: Bonding with bees helps fill social need.

    Superspeed has been working in my recent saves (using micro /32 tile lot).
    My most recent save was okay but for some reason (?) suddenly my Sim decided he was not going to sleep more than a few minutes. Deleting all cache files and repairing game fixed it.

    Good to know about the bees. I knew talking to plants was good social. But had not noticed that about bees.
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    @SimCave Congrats to Amie for maxed writing skill! She is a pretty Sim. <3:smiley:

    I went to documents and deleted the cache folder for TS4. It did not solve the problem. I'll have to try and repair the game later.

    Amie Keys is progressing. 1st week was busy writing books.

    She's a B-Lister now because of her book writing.
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
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    If repairing does not help you might want to try some other troubleshooting tips.
    Do you have mods or CC?
    Try removing (not disabling) mods / cc and delete the localthumbcache.package and any other cache files.
    Test the game to see if the issues are still there.
    Instructions are in the link below:
    Troubleshooting tips
    Reference: Compiled list of bug reports:
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,253 Member
    @MayaRose1138 W0W ! What a ride. :wink: I do miss the circus performers and Genie. A genie/witch hybrid baby would be so cool. Congrats on the new baby. Hopefully that will not be a bad thing for her career. Will there another performer in the family?

    I got Klarissa to level 10 Acrobat before allowing her to TFB with the genie, who she will free and then he will join the Magician career. Juliette was at level 9 Singer before getting pregnant. She’s just given birth to twins Aspen and Astrid, but I haven’t played long enough after that to see whether the career gets glitched or not. And Lilliana is pregnant to her one-night-stand Robin Banks :). She has the Commitment Issues trait, so I don’t feel guilty in letting him get away. So very soon there will be at least 7 toddlers running around the caravan park because Klarissa wished for a big family and that means she’s getting quads!!
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,253 Member
    This is my aim for my Showtime Challenge:

    - start with three Sims. They preferably need to live in a trailer/caravan park for the entire challenge (as real circus performers would), however if you make enough money, you could buy a mansion when they all reach the top of their careers. If you’re using a trailer park for the whole challenge, give each sim their own ‘caravan’, plus one as a kitchen/dining area. Also, make sure you have enough room to add another caravan onto the site if any of the sims have too many children to fit into their own place.

    - choose three careers out of singer, Acrobat, magician and fortune teller. I chose singer, Acrobat and fortune teller.

    - Have each sim in a Showtime career perform at a SimFest and a Big Show Venue.

    - Buy a show venue (such as a circus) - optional

    - Be a DJ during a party

    - Throw a bachelorette/bachelor party

    - Find a genie lamp (or buy it if you have no luck finding one) and summon a genie

    - Have one sim have a baby with the genie - after wishing for a big family!!

    - Have one sim marry the genie, or at least free them and make them join the fourth career (I chose magician because a genie should be good at that!).

    - Top all four careers.

    - The singer should have at least one of the diva/natural performer/star quality traits.
    The Acrobat should have at least one of the athletic/natural performer/star quality traits.
    The magician should have at least one of the natural performer/star quality traits
    The fortune teller should have at least one of the charismatic/supernatural fan traits

    - if you have it and want to deal with it, turn the celebrity system on and see if any of your sims can reach level 5
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,253 Member
    Good news - neither Juliette or Klarissa got glitches after having babies, so Juliette has topped the singing career. Lilliana is up to level 6 mystic, and Klarissa’s genie husband Ezekiel is up to level 4 magician. And I’ve decided it was really silly to have seven toddlers all at once, despite having done it with the Toddler Mayhem challenge, because they are taking up so much time!

    Juliette had a second set of twins, Birch and Iris, after her husband Cory flirted with Klarissa IN FRONT OF JULIETTE AND EZEKIEL!!! Now she has a betrayed moodlet and it is annoying because she won’t sleep in the same bed as Cory and there is only three double beds on the lot! Cory is very remorseful but Juliette isn’t having any of it! Interestingly, Cory is so family-orientated and he doesn’t even have the trait! Nearly all his wishes are for his kids, and every time he reads a pregnancy book, he wishes to read it again!

    Klarissa had four girls - Winter, Ivy, Luna and Clover. Luna and Clover aren’t clones of their mother, and therefore are in line for heirship, along with Astrid, Juliette’s oldest girl. Winter is a Klarissa clone and Ivy rolled genius, which automatically discounts her as I’m thinking about the Trailer Park Legacy for the next gen and a genius wouldn’t be suitable. Klarissa is now pregnant again - she and Ezekiel snuck in a TFB when I wasn’t looking!

    Lilliana had a boy, Orion, and is pregnant again to Robin Banks. So as the seven toddlers I already have grow into children, there will be a few more to take their place. Then no more pregnancies - there will be no more room to put anyone!
  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
    The reason why Amie could not super-speed her sleep was because the welcome wagon was stuck peeing themselves and starving on the corner of the lot at the walkway. Once unstuck and gone, it was fixed. :smile:
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    SimCave wrote: »
    The reason why Amie could not super-speed her sleep was because the welcome wagon was stuck peeing themselves and starving on the corner of the lot at the walkway. Once unstuck and gone, it was fixed. :smile:

    Ohhhh.... that crazy Welcome Wagon.
    Glad you figured it out.
  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
    Amie is working on keeping her social and fitness up.

  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    @SimCave I love using plants and the erratic trait for keeping social high <3
    Plants are best because they boost social and are a nice resource for fresh food :smiley:
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 520 Member
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    Hi @EuphorialQueen!

    I'd like to do my first challenge as a mash up of different challenges as well. But while I can complete Stage 2 and Stage 3 of this Mash up challenge, I can't complete the First stage. Namely because I'd like to combine elements from these challenges:

    1. Accidental Time Traveler Legacy (5 generations)
    2. Rosebud Challenge
    3. Build NewCrest Legacy Challenge
    4. The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

    Backstory: My progressive 21st century sim is visited by the Moon goddess Chang'E who sends her back to 101AD Han Dynasty period.

    Hence my sim can't complete Stage 1's room challenge. She needs to go out there and be outraged by the cultural norms of that period lol. (Btw this challenge is my appreciation towards ancient east asian culture. In no way am I making fun of it when I love it a lot.)

    I thought I'd inform you still because you gave me the idea of combining different challenge elements to make gameplay fun so I wanted to make sure I'm crediting the right people. But if you think it's okay, I'd still like to tag it under mash up since this is where I got the idea. Thanks for reading! :)
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    @mercuryfoam I fully encourage you to make a mashup of any challenges you want. Those are some really great challenges and will mesh together well.
    Please do tag and keep me posted on your progress.
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,253 Member
    @MayaRose1138 How is your circus family getting along?

    Driving me up the wall! I was getting a lot of glitches, so I moved them back to Starlight Shores, where there’s less glitches and NPC sims are finally getting pregnant again without my help!

    Juliette and Cory divorced, then they both wished to remarry! Currently, they have four teenagers, twins Aspen and Astrid, and twins Birch and Iris, and have had post-adult-birthday oops babies, Magnolia and Remus. I really need to remember to turn off pregnancies in my sims once they’ve had enough children!!

    Klarissa and Ezekiel (who has maxed the magician career) had a set of twins, Scout and Snow, both of whom are pretty much clones of their father. The quads (Winter, Ivy, Luna, Clover) have aged into teenagers, although it took three tries to get Luna aged up because she kept glitching :(. She will definitely be heir, and will be tackling the Trailer Park Challenge and the LTW where she has to have 10 boy/girlfriends. Clover will be along for the ride in case Luna doesn’t give me a pink-haired child 😏. She will do the LTW Jack of All Trades. Might do a bit of an ISBI/Wishacy as well, letting the kids grow up without commands but if Luna wishes anything to do with them, like teach them to walk, then it has to be done.

    Lilliana is nowhere close to topping the mystic career - I think she’s still at level 7. She won’t get there before Luna takes over. Her son Orion is a teen, and twin girls (identical except for eye colour) Honeydew and Moonstone are children.

    So it’s a busy household! I try to keep the kids skilling on weekends so I know where they are but on week nights, they often can do what they like! I give the adults a lot of free reign too, which explains Juliette’s extra pregnancy. Klarissa almost had one too - in fact, Ezekiel started the TFB action, left to go to work, then came back without me knowing and completed the action! Fortunately, it didn’t result in babies :).

    So only about 5-6 days until Luna takes over. Should be difficult not to actually make too much money - household funds are currently sitting at over $700,000! The trickiest part about her LTW is going to be finding people in the town she isn’t related to by blood or marriage!!! But with a lot of elders now dying off, we might get some new townies :)
  • SimmingKimSimmingKim Posts: 62 Member
    @MayaRose1138 I like your Sims' names. I should put MCCC in my mods folder for the fun-trouble you seem to be having. Is quad babies the most you can have at one time?

    @EuphorialQueen I have been lurking.
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,253 Member
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    SimmingKim wrote: »
    @MayaRose1138 I like your Sims' names. I should put MCCC in my mods folder for the fun-trouble you seem to be having. Is quad babies the most you can have at one time?.

    Thank you :). I try to have a different naming theme for each generation, and this one came from a hipster name generator. Next generation might be Kreatyve, ie. instead of Alexandra, use Alexxanddra. Yes, quads is the most you can have. You need to use some mods to create better odds of getting them, wish for a big family from a genie, have fertility treatment reward, or simply cheat :).

    Never ever have three sisters and their husbands in the same household, especially if one sister is flirty! Klarissa managed to break up Juliette and Cory once, and she’s tried flirting with Cory again, who is stupid enough to accept the flirts, and she’s also flirted with at least one other man in front of Ezekiel, her husband, which would have lead to a divorce if my game hadn’t crashed :). She just doesn’t learn!

    I also have a mod that allows for ‘escorts’, which has resulted in some divorces amongst the townies. The first female one actually ended up with six kids to three different men (that was back when the town needed to be filled up)!! The slight problem with the family tree being so big now, even with a lot left behind when moving towns, is that many of the sims are having relationships with cousins...
  • SimmingKimSimmingKim Posts: 62 Member
    @MayaRose1138 Wow, that really is crazy, isn't it? I just activated MCCC in my Mod folder.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 108 Member
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    Luka Treerock :)
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    "I can not become what I need to be by remaining what I am." - anonymous
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 108 Member
    "I can not become what I need to be by remaining what I am." - anonymous
  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,253 Member
    It has taken me one month to get through the last week of Luna’s teenage days!!!! With constant crashing, I could only get one day done, or even half a day, every time I played 🙁. I was so sick of the game, especially since it would take ages to load, then it could crash within minutes. Yesterday, I attempted to delete a lot of stuff from the hard drive and accidentally deleted most of my uploaded content! It took 4 hours to put back in as most of it are sim3packs! But the game was working better today - only crashed once! - and I actually got the quads aged up and heirship handed over to Luna.

    I got most of the stuff done on the Showtime Challenge that I set myself for gen 5, except Lilliana didn’t top the Mystic Career, nor did anyone get level-5 celebrity, although Ezekiel got close with 4-stars. So I’ve left them to it, and shifted Luna out into the trailer park home. I decided against taking Clover because although she has pink-hair and I want another pink-haired heir, she was best friends with Astrid, who was originally a contender for heir. And she’s so cute :). So Astrid has moved in as well, and will be doing the Jack of All Trades LTW, and will be the only person in the household allowed to work (although if she marries, I might let her husband get part-time work). She has a boyfriend, Ricardo, who is a third cousin or something (they’re related to most people in town), and after she invited him over to her new home, I left them on free will while I tried to get Luna’s LTW of 10 boy/girlfriends started. Bad decision. There was a TFB but I haven’t checked to see if it was successful yet. If it was, I’d better hope that Ricardo will bring in some money to build a second trailer because I cheated their money down to $1,000 😳.

    In the 100 baby challenge part of things, the last generation had 15 children between the three sister, bringing the total to 63. In this generation, Luna has to do risky woohoo with everyone she goes steady with, while Astrid will be allowed a couple of pregnancies, maybe more depending on how many Luna has.

    Hopefully the game will go quicker now that I’ve purged the hard drive. Fingers crossed!!
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