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Challenge Mash-Up by EuphorialQueen

EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
Challenge Mash-Up presented by @EuphorialQueen
Challenge Mash-Up
Mash-Up: Something created by combining elements from two or more sources–up
Most Sim game play challenges focus on making money, finding a mate and creating a family to carry forward the household legacy. Wondering what would happen if several challenges were combined I present to you the Challenge Mash-Up. You may want to combine other challenges but I decided to use elements from the following challenges.
Sims 4 Room Challenge by @katoregama Building a Fortune
Lonely Hearts by @EuphorialQueen and @Buttonsginger Finding a Mate
Rosebud Challenge by @EuphorialQueen Another Fortune Goal
Highlander Crest by @Buttonsginger Living a long life via Youth Potion
The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge by @Pinstar1161 A nod to the Legacy aspect
There may be elements of other challenges as well but these are the foundation of this challenge.

General Rules for the entire challenge:
Normal Lifespan
Aging On
No Money Cheats
Aspiration Reward Potions and Traits are allowed as long as the points are earned to buy them.
Moving to a different lot is allowed after the completion of each stage of the challenge.
My personal choice is to remain free of CC and / or Mods.
CC is allowed per the players choice. Remember to credit the creator when sharing.
Mods are limited to those that help resolve game issues.

Note 27Dec2018: Challenge and comment threads by @EuphorialQueen {Me} are checked on a regular basis.
Rules for challenges are reviewed for potential updates each time new content is added to the game.
Please feel free to comment if you have questions.
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