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I can't install the sims 2

ThomasThomas Posts: 2 New Member
I wanted to install the sims 2 on my laptop, but the installing disc number 1 has a big crack on one side. Now it's actually impossible to install the game with the discs.Then I've heard that you can enter the product code in origin to get the game and it didn't work.
Is there any other way to install it or did I do something wrong?


  • thesimsisepicthesimsisepic Posts: 102 Member
    edited April 2016
    If it's just the base game cracked then maybe you can find another one for a cheap price at a local thrift shop. Origin won't take TS2 product codes and I'm not sure if they ever have. You could ask EA customer service for the ultimate collection and use your product code as proof of owning the game. It may take a few trys. Goodluck
  • ThomasThomas Posts: 2 New Member
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