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Mods Query

@igazor or anyone else, maybe you can help me. Do I need any additional modules for Master Controller if all I need to do is completely flush an entire towns personal inventories? Can I flush an entire group or do I have to do it individually?

Thanks for any help!
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,727 Member
    edited April 2016
    Now there's something I've never tried. Technically you should be able to click on City Hall or an in-game computer, hit NRaas > MC > Town > Object Stats > Inventory, and start flushing items from there, no extra modules needed. (Edit: Apparently the MC Cheats module is needed as @TreyNutz reports below; we'll have to adjust our documentation on that bit.) Not near enough to my game to see if that would include family inventory items as well as personal inventory, though. You're going to have the opportunity to flush some things that way that probably shouldn't be, like medical career pagers and kids' homework assignments, maybe even Smart Phones. And note that the flushing is all or nothing. If 2,560 apples (or books, etc.) show up, you can flush all of them or none of them, regardless of whom they belong to.

    (Further Edit: Yeah, Sim > Household > Object Stats makes more sense than the way I described. Bookcases, for example, are objects that hold an inventory. Therefore books in the bookcases could be counted as inventory items even though they are not personal inventory items.)

    Of course do a Save (As) first, especially since with too many things to flush all at once the game may rebel on you. But I would probably feel much safer doing something like this on the Household level one at a time, tedious though that sounds.

    Maybe I should ask, what are you trying to accomplish here? :)
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  • TreyNutzTreyNutz Posts: 5,780 Member
    edited April 2016
    Yes, you need the Cheats module for MC.

    Click on City Hall (or a computer)>NRaas>MasterController

    Then you have 2 options:

    1. Town>Object Stats

    From there you can choose which types of objects to flush. For personal inventories I think "Sim" is the correct choice. "Inventory" seems to include bookcases, toy chests, family inventory. The next screen will give you a list of objects to flush. I wouldn't click "All" because the sims themselves are listed (in a new game in Sunset Valley I got 72 sims in the list), as are the smart phones and beepers. Select what you want to flush then click the check mark, and confirm on the next screen.

    I think this option will include active sim inventories too.

    2. Sim>Household>Object Stats

    From there you'll get a filter to sub-select from all sims in town. To bypass the filters click the X. The mod will probably list every sim in the world. Select the ones you are interested in and proceed as above to view their inventories and flush items.

    After I flush some items though, MC no longer gives me the option to select individual sims from the list. It just asks if you want to run Object Stat on all sims (I was told 125). Then on the next screen I can choose the type of objects (same as above). Select "sim" as above. (I got 53 sims listed on the next list for some reason. I don't know the selection difference between this method and the one above.) Select the objects to flush, and confirm as above. Saving and reloading the game got the mod to display a list of sim to choose from instead of assuming I wanted to do them all. Dunno why it works that way.

    If you want to do just a group of sims, then on the filter screen select the filters you wish to use. There's a Not Active filter, you can filter by age group or gender, "Type of Sim (And)" will give you groups of sim to pick from, "Household" will let you select by household. You'll either get a list of sims to further choose from, or the mod will ask if you want to do the whole group depending on what the mod wants to do.

    edit: I didn't see any Object Stats entry under Town without the Cheats module.
  • MiyuEmiMiyuEmi Posts: 2,404 Member
    @igazor and @TreyNutz Thanks very much for the information. @igazor What's happened is I used Porter to relocate my family from Appaloosa Plains to Hidden Springs and they've ended up with inventory items that I can't do anything with (houseplants, etc). I'm concerned that individuals other than the ones that I moved also have inventory items stuck in their inventories that will be continually passed down to their next generation when they pass on! In my active family's case, the items were in the inventory of a family pet and when that pet died, they were immediately transferred to my main sim and I can't delete them.

    I'll try to get the cheats module, but for the moment, going into the Inventory and deleting certain items did work, I think, but I didn't see any odd objects in inventories other than my own sim. I don't know if that's good news or not!
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