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Tribe Dahae - An Amazon Challenge - Updated July 20 (Becoming)

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Hi everyone! I am celebrating my status as a new member by trying out writing a story. I have been reading the Amazon stories of @Marialein, @pammiechick and @roseinblack69 that have inspired me to try this challenge, as I love the different rules of this one.

Thanks to @lovejess2‌ for creating the Sims 4 version of the challenge, adapted from a Sims 3 version. For details, click here: The Amazon Challenge.

For a quick description of the challenge, this is a legacy challenge set in a world where women rule and men are slaves. There are strict guidelines about the relations between men and women and the place of sons in a society where all men are slaves, including those born to the rulers.

To start off, I would like to introduce you to my tribe members and their backstories:

The Amazons


Creator - Alina Dahae
Alina is a younger daughter of the creator of Tribe Colaxis and was not destined to be a creator. As she grew, it was clear to all that she would be a strong creator. She had many accomplishments in raids and contests, while her older sister was weak of body (although strong in spirit). Many encouraged her to fight for the leadership of Tribe Colaxis, but Alina knew that her sister would not do well anywhere but her home tribe, and that she would be a wise and just creator of a strong and established tribe, with loyal Amazons and slaves around her.

When new lands were acquired by treaty, Alina petitioned the Queen to start a new tribe there as creator. Her petition was granted and she is ready to begin building her tribe, named Dahae after the name of her new lands.


Gatherer - Aleah Dahae

Aleah is the daughter of the Scholar of Tribe Colaxis. She grew up with Alina and they have been close friends since girlhood. She did not want to be a Scholar like her mother, and there was not room for another gatherer in Colaxis, so Aleah has come with Alina to be the Gatherer of Tribe Dahae. Alina is grateful to have a close friend with her, as all of the other tribe members are new to her.


Scholar - Ani Dahae

Ani was not born an Amazon. She was born into Clan Zamora, the clan of nomadic herders that once populated the Dahae lands. Their tribe was dying out and so, a treaty was struck that traded the fertile lands of Dahae for wandering and grazing rights on barren lands that the Amazons did not use, as well as protection from hostile raiders and certain other agreements (which will come clear through the story). As part of this treaty, Ani has stayed in Dahae to be scholar for this new tribe. She has studied the Amazon ways and will continue to study them and help provide diplomacy between the nomad clans and the Amazon Tribes.


Shaman - Shanna Dahae
Shanna was born with the markings of a child sacred to the Moon Goddess - fair skin, pale hair and gray eyes. As such, she was raised by the Hermit deep within the mountains, learning the ways of herbalism, healing, interpreting visions and communing with the Goddess. She received a vision from the Goddess that connected her to this new tribe, and has come to serve as their shaman. She has not not been a part of society since she was too young to remember, so returning to normal life may be an adjustment for her.

The Slaves


Master Slave - Ahmad Slave

Ahmad is a gift of Alina's mother, in thanks for her decision not to fight her sister for control of the tribe and in pride for her accomplishments and strength. He is the best of slaves, strong of body and loyal of spirit. His breeding has resulted in the best of traits for a slave and he is ready to serve his new Creator and her tribe to the best of his abilities.


Breeding Slave - Zayden Slave

Zayden is a gift of Alina's sister, in thanks for Alina's great gift to her of not disputing her right to rule Tribe Colaxis and as a measure of her love for her sister. Zayden is the perfect breeder, with excellent health and strong body, a handsome face and a gentle and loving spirit. He was chosen for all of these qualities and for his violet eyes, which set him apart from other slaves and marks him as courageous in spirit among Amazon lore. Alina hopes to breed this into her line, although she only gets one chance!

Now you've met the Amazons, stay tuned as Alina will greet her tribemates and explain the rules of her tribe, and everyone settles into their new roles.
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    Love the background and how you're setting up your story with nomadic clans intermingling with Amazons. Should be interesting! Bookmarked and good luck!
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    @pammiechick Thank you so much! I'm very excited to get started, I haven't tried a Sims story since Sims 3 but I've been itching to try again!
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    Super keen too see where you take this. I really enjoyed your introduction!!
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    Thanks for mentioning me @Frantika <3 your start is amazing and I am looking forward to more of your young tribe ;)
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    On her first day as creator, Alina was feeling nervous, but she also felt quite confident. She had been a raid leader and assisted the Queen's explorer with the negotiations that had led to this treaty. Surely she could lead three Amazons and two slaves. Right?

    While her slaves prepared the compound, Alina called the first meeting of her tribe.


    "Welcome, Amazons of Tribe Dahae. May the Goddess bless our first meeting and may the moon shine bright on the first days of Dahae."

    Alina was glad Aleah was at her side. She had a steady presence that made Alina feel calmer.

    "We must first discuss the rules of this tribe, as our members come from far and wide, and we have a somewhat unique situation. As you know, male tribe members are slaves only. Ahmad is our master slave and he will not breed. Zayden is our breeding slave, and he will breed only with me. Once he gives me a child, he will leave here to join another tribe. If it is a boy, I must breed again until my heiress is born. If it is a girl, then one of you may breed with our next slave, as determined by who wishes it, and who is compatible with the slave."


    Shanna considered this. She had learned all of these rules as part of her training, but she had never really thought about it being something real, that would involve her. She imagined holding a baby in her arms and realized that she longed for this. But strangely, the thought of breeding with a man did not excite her. Still, she decided, she would do this thing if she could have a daughter of her very own.

    Meanwhile, Alina continued. "Sons that you bear will remain with the tribe as slaves, or, if we cannot support them, will go to other tribes as slaves. Sons that I bear are a different matter. They will stay with us until young adulthood and then they may mate once. After that, there will be a judgment."


    The others leaned in. This was new -- normally Creator's sons who had bred were summarily executed.

    "The tribal son will be judged by the Amazon council. If he is judged to be gentle and obedient with no tendency towards violence or troublemaking, he may go to Clan Zamora. The nomad clans are peaceful people who will not raise a hand in violence. Because of this, their boys are often stolen as slaves and the tribes dwindle without enough men to mate or share the work. They will take in our Creator's sons so long as those sons can abide by their ways and will not make war or trouble. In this way, we may avoid needless executions.

    However, if the son is judged to have any traits that make him unworthy to go to our cousins in the clans, he will be executed as dictated by tradition."


    The others nodded in agreeable silence, but Ani spoke up.

    "Creator, if I may?"

    "Yes, Ani, please speak your mind."

    "What about the Creator's daughters?"

    Alina stared in puzzlement. "What about them?"

    "Will they also be judged when they come of age?"

    Alina still didn't understand. "Why should they?"

    "But ... if a Creator's daughter has violent or troubling traits ... should she be accepted as Creator?"

    Alina knit her brow. "Unless she has a sister who could challenge her for leadership, then yes, she must be accepted. A daughter is not the same as a son."

    Ani nodded to show her acceptance, but she was troubled. In her clan, women were the leaders for it was known that women were quicker to gain wisdom and more balanced in judgement, but men were not judged as less because of that. Men had their own council which could present petitions to the clan leadership and men and women alike must come before the chief for judgment. It was going to be difficult to accept some of this tribe's ways, but she was glad their agreement with her clan meant less death, and that some slaves would be freed. The nomadic clans valued freedom and took no slaves, but she knew she must accept the Amazon's ways if she were to live among them.

    She snapped out of her reverie to see that the meeting was being adjourned.

    "Please," said Alina, "Take this day to explore the compound and settle into your roles. The slaves are there to attend to any needs you should have. If you have any problems or concerns please don't hesitate to come to me. May the Goddess watch over you this day and the spirits of the wind carry you along with ease. As I extinguish the fires, so shall we extinguish any disagreements in our hearts, and walk away in peace. Shalame

    And with the Ancient Amazon word of dismissal, the first tribal meeting was over.

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  • FrantikaFrantika Posts: 159 Member
    @Kamio and @Marialein Thanks so much for reading! I hope that I will make this entertaining ... at the point to which I've played, I've already had the game make up it's own mind about something ... that's the fun of Sims stories!
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,878 Member
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,522 Member
    I loved how you gave everyone a unique backstory, it's so intriguing :) The question, whether daughters should also be judged is indeed interesting! Great start :)
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,097 Member
    Great Chapter @Frantika your tribe is fantastic. I really enjoyed the chance to meet some of the tribes women. The judgement on the nature of the creator's sons is so unique!!!

    I am excited for more!
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    Love this! The tribe members are all very interesting :blush:
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    Firstly thanks for mentioning my story @Frantika :) I like your creator, she is so archaic, reminds me ancient Egypt <3 Yeah, Alina's laws are really strict, I was surprised that even women will be judged, but it's really great when all stories I've read and still reading are very different and has different atmosphere although still you can find there something similar. Your start is really great :) Waiting for the new chapters, bookmarking your story <3
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    Day 1, Continued

    After the meeting, Alina was happy to see everyone settle into their roles. To her relief, the rest of the day went very smoothly, with everyone performing their work in peace.


    Alina surveyed her flock, and was very proud. Aleah planted the garden with staple fruits and vegetables, then went exploring in a nearby ruins, where she found an old relic of people who had lived in this land long ago. That would fetch a nice price at market.


    Ani created her first painting, then spent the rest of the day studying Queen Ammabi's Code, the great book of laws that governed all Amazons. Alina sat with her, reading the records of Clan Zamora. They had many useful things to say about the landscape and nature of the area.


    Shanna retreated to her shaman's hut to begin her herb garden, then sat down to commune with the ancestors to see if they would reveal visions of the future of the tribe. But she saw nothing except the darkness and heard nothing but the whisper of the wind through the leaves. The future was yet unknown even to the spirits. She felt them watching, though. The spirits waited to see the fate of the tribe, just as she did.


    Ahmad saw that the meeting was finished and began to prepare food for everyone from the fresh roots, leaves and vegetables that Aleah had foraged from the surrounding forest.


    Alina, Ani and Aleah sat down to dine together. Both were very interested to learn about the ways of Ani's tribe. They couldn't imagine men and women sharing the work equally. It was just as hard for Ani to understand the Amazon way.

    "In my tribe," Ani explained, "it is an old granny who cooks, for her food is the best in all of the clans. It wouldn't make sense to eat worse food, just to have it cooked by a man. Likewise, my uncle Kashkuli is what you would call the "Provider" - he cares for the children because he is the gentlest of men and has a way with the little ones. My mother says it is because he is still a child himself in many ways."

    "That may be," Alina replied, "but how do you keep a man who may choose his work from thinking he can lead a clan? If he can do anything a woman does, why could he not take charge of the clan?"

    "If a man was ever wise and balanced enough to lead a tribe, we would consider it. I have never heard of a tribe with a man more qualified to lead than a woman, though. But our men are peaceful. We do not have the troubles that led to Amazon law. I see the need for your laws, but shouldn't you try to make to things better, so there is no longer need for this?"

    "We know this way works," Aleah responded, "Why should we change it?"


    As the sun went down and the spirited discussion over dinner went on, Shanna took her meal outside, by the fire. She was not yet used to being around many people at once (four was many people, to her). She preferred to be alone and feel the breeze in her hair and kiss of warmth along her arms from the fire. She hoped to get to know her tribal sisters, but it would take her a while.

    When dinner was over, Alina stood up and sighed. It was time to do the thing she had been putting off all day. She hesitated for a moment. Then she cleared her throat. She took a few steps, then stopped. Finally, she gathered herself, stood tall and said, "Ahmad, please tell Zayden I will meet him in the breeding chamber."
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    @roseinblack69 Thank you so much!

    Alina doesn't want the daughters to be judged, but Ani believes they should. It is Alina's decision, but it will be interesting to see what happens with a different opinion in the tribe. Ani will always be challenging the others, she is very opinionated!

    Also @Sterretjeee welcome to the thread! I am quite a fan of your stories!
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,878 Member
    Could it be that we have soon a nooboo? ;)
    I really love the sight of Ani's tribe but in Amazon she has luck to have such a gentle creator whom let her speak free about this topic
  • FrantikaFrantika Posts: 159 Member
    @Marialein She is very lucky! Alina is very confident so she is not threatened by disagreement, as long as everyone obeys her in the end. It is my idea that the first generation will be a bit of a "golden age," since I picked everyone's traits. Future generations will be random, so things will probably not always be so nice. ;)
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,522 Member
    Exciting times a nooboo will come soon! It was interesting learning about ani's tribe :) and now that she explained it to Alina maybe sometime Alina will consider what she said
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    I love the peace that dominates in this tribe, everything is discussable and that's such a nice thing :blush:
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 3,980 Member
    I like Ani's tribe, it resembles me the Blessing Moon tribe a bit in some meaning ;) Sure, it's hard to understand Ani's view to other Amazons and she's really lucky that they are tolerant enough, otherwise she may get into troubles.
    It seems Alina will become mother soon ;)
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    In the Breeding Chamber

    In the breeding chamber, Zayden couldn't keep still. He couldn't believe he was finally going to do this. He was so nervous! And beyond excited. He had always hoped to be a breeding slave. He was a romantic at heart and, although he knew he couldn't raise his children, he wanted more than anything else to have them, especially a girl. The chance to leave behind a piece of himself that would live on and be free was his greatest wish.


    When Alina came in, she suddenly realized that she had no idea what to do. She had always known that if she was a creator she would have to breed, but she had never been much interested in it. It's not that she didn't like men, it's just that she liked all the other things in life more. She liked to hunt and fight. She liked to work. She just couldn't imagine setting that aside for a man.

    She looked at Zayden. "I need your help, slave. I ... I have no experience in this."

    Zayden's eyes widened just momentarily, and then he stood. "Not to worry, Creator. I am at your service. I have been trained in this since boyhood. Please, let me show you."


    He stepped close to her and gently took her in his arms. She stiffened a bit, but then relaxed when nothing else happened.

    "Let me just hold you for a bit, Creator, so you can get used to my touch."

    They stood there for a while and she slowly got used to it. This actually wasn't so bad, he was very warm and there was something comforting about his solid chest and arms. "Okay, what now?" she asked.

    "Will you trust me, Creator, in what I do next?" Zayden asked

    "I'm ready to move on, please do what you must."


    Zayden gently pulled away from her, then, without touching her leaned forward and touched his lips to hers, softly at first, then more firm. Alina started in surprise. Was this really necessary? She knew the mechanics of breeding and lips weren't a part of it.

    "Please," she ordered, "let's just go to the bed."

    Zayden quieted his disappointment. He had wanted to show her some romance. He knew that a true love wasn't in his future, but he liked the idea of it, and wanted to share a little of that with women, even if it couldn't last. But he was a slave and his Creator's wishes were his command.


    The two of them went to the bed and he showed her the ways of woohoo. He had been trained well, and by the end, Alina had to admit she kind of understood why people did this, other than having babies. But what was really on her mind was whether she was with child or not. Leaving Zayden in bed, she ran to Shanna.


    "Shaman, can you determine whether I'm with child?"

    Shanna placed her hands on Alina's belly, closed her eyes, and delved within.

    "I'm sorry, Creator, there is no new life within."

    Alina slammed her fist on the table and sat down heavily.

    "Creator," Shanna said gently, "It is very rare to get a baby on the very first try. Please be patient, it may take several moons of trying."

    "I don't want it to take several moons. I have so much to do, I want to get this part over with."

    Shanna wanted to laugh, but she sensed her Creator's frustration was real. Without another word, Alina rushed back to the breeding chamber to try again.


    While Alina went back to the breeding chamber, Shanna attempted to commune with the moon goddess. She raised her arms to the night sky, closed her eyes and focused her inner eye. Very quickly, she felt a presence around her. There were no words, but somehow she understood the message.


    A while later Alina returned and Shanna delved her womb again.

    "I am so sorry, Creator. There is still no new life."

    Alina broke into tears of frustration. "How many times will I have to do this, Shanna? This slave is very handsome and kind, but I have no feeling for him. He's practically a stranger to me."

    "Do not rush it, Creator. I have communed with the goddess and she has told me that you will not be with child until the right spirit is created. Tribe Dahae has a destiny and each child of the tribe, son or daughter will have their part to play. Only those capable of playing their part will be born.

    Once a moon has passed, I will know your body's rhythms and I can tell you when is the best time to breed. Then you won't have to try so many times. Maybe you should take a break and wait until I can advise you on this matter?"


    The two women hugged. "Your words comfort me, shaman. I think you will be a good shaman to my tribe. I will try one more time tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, I will do as you say."

    "Very well, Creator," Shanna said softly, blushing from the compliment. "Come to me tomorrow before you go to the breeding chamber and I will give you a massage that may help, goddess willing."

  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,097 Member
    Aww so sweet! I love the friendship between the Alina and Shanna! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a little girl in Alina's future!!!!

    I have an Amazon Save going (I am up to my 3rd Generation) and my first creator had 3 boys before a girl came along!
    Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax

  • FrantikaFrantika Posts: 159 Member
    @Kamio I am afraid of that happening! Poor Alina, I don't think she could take it! But I'm leaving it up to fate so we will see ...
  • roseinblack69roseinblack69 Posts: 3,980 Member
    I hope third time will be lucky... ;) Shanna is really great shaman, I like her ;)
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    Two times nothing! I feel bad for her, I really hope that the shaman will help her well :)
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    A Visit

    The next day dawned bright and warm and Alina thought it a good omen for this evening's breeding. Goddess willing, she would try one more time and be successful. She was just heading over to the exercise area for her morning workout when a thundering voice rang out.

    "Alina Mandana Colaxis Dahae, is this how guests are received in your home, creator?" Alina stopped dead. She had faced the fiercest warriors, male and female. She had faced the queen herself in the fullest of her anger without flinching. And yet this voice made her cower like a frightened rabbit. This was the voice of Jaleena Amitis Colaxis, Creator of the mighty Colaxis tribe and Alina's mother.


    "Mother!" Alina rushed over, making the proper bows and ritual greetings of a most honored guest. "I humbly apologize, we expected no visitors so soon after we arrived here."

    "Then you have learned your first lesson as a Creator. You must always be prepared for the unexpected and you must always run your tribe as if the Queen herself is watching. You never know when her eye will turn upon you."

    "Yes, mother. Please, come and take your rest and refreshment."

    "First, I'm going to inspect your compound and talk to your slaves, just to make sure everything is in order. Then we'll have a quick bite and be off. We are merely passing through on our way to a trade negotiation with the Amerchians. Your sister is here too, why don't you go find her while I take a look around?"


    Nervous about her mother, Alina rushed off to find her sister. She found Yazmeen standing near the slave quarters, admiring Zayden as cleared away the remains of breakfast. Yazmeen was practically the opposite of Alina. She was curvaceous and lush, with a face and figure that attracted men's eye like a magnet, and she was just as appreciative of the men as they were of her. She had no strength or battle prowess at all, but Alina envied her for the ease with which she made people like her.

    Alina invited her sister to sit down and they began to catch up. Yazmeen whispered, as Zayden passed by, "How do you like my choice, sister? Have you put him through his paces yet? Is he as good as he looks?"

    Alina scowled, "That is not your business! What a creator does in her breeding chamber is for her alone to know."

    "I can see all the answers from the blush on your face and the spark in your eye, anyway," Yazmeen teased. "Let's talk about being Creator, it's a terrible burden sometimes, is it not?"

    The next hour passed by as if it were a minute, as the two sisters compared experiences and Creator. In a flash, Jaleena returned, gave her daughter a quick embrace, pronounced herself pleased with the Dahae lands, and swept back out of the village, dragging Yazmeen with her. Alina felt like she had been caught in a storm, and she calmed herself by completing the workout she had abandoned before.


    Afterwards, she cleaned herself and met Shanna for her promised massage. As the shaman's capable hands kneaded her back, everything melted away. She felt a warm glow arise that started on her skin and melted into her center. She hoped that was the fertility power settling in to her. By the end, she was completely calm and relaxed. She was ready. As she prepared to have Zayden summoned to the breeding chamber, she was rudely interrupted.


    The slaves' oven had caught fire while Ahmad was preparing their dinner. Like the courageous master slave that he was, Ahmad did not hesitate, but grabbed the water and began to put out the fire. Alina joined him and soon they had extinguished the flames.

    "Creator, I am so sorry," Ahmad begged her forgiveness. "I will rebuild the oven as soon as possible and make sure this doesn't happen again."

    Alina really didn't care much. There had been many fires in her home village, it was just a hazard of cooking. But she was annoyed that her calm mood had been disturbed. She hoped the fertility power had not fled in the excitement. "See that you do," was all she said, "And tell Zayden to return to the breeding chamber." And she stalked away.


    Aleah was quick to swoop in as Alina left. "How could you be so clumsy as a master slave? Do you want to kill us all? If this happens again, I will see that you are sent away!"

    Ahmad kept his head down and said nothing. Aleah had no power to send him away; only the Creator could do that. He knew that Aleah was just angry that Shanna had become so close to Alina in the past days. Now she was trying to act powerful as a childhood friend of the Creator. A good Master Slave must be skilled at reading these hidden secrets in a person's soul. Failing to do so could lead to exile or worse, the Pit of Death.


    Meanwhile, in the breeding chamber, Alina was wasting no time. She grabbed Zayden and stared at him so intensely that he felt like a mouse who has attracted the attention of a falcon.

    "You will get me with child tonight, slave. I will have no further failures. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, my Creator. I will do my best."

    "Do better than that."


    Zayden pulled out all his tricks, thinking that the more he could please the Creator, the more likely that they would make a child. He didn't know how it worked, really, but it was as good a guess as any.

    And he certainly did please his creator. It took her a fair while to recover, but once she did, she ran straight to Shanna again.


    Shanna delved her womb once again, and then sat down with her at the table. Alina's hopes rose at the sight of Shanna's glowing face.

    "My Creator, it worked. You are with child."

    Alina almost cried tears of relief. "Oh, thank the goddess. Now let's pray this is a girl."

    Together, they made prayers of gratitude to the goddess and wishes for a daughter, then Alina grew thoughtful. Zayden must leave now, but her actions in these first days were important. She wanted to create good omens for her new tribe and here was one chance to create such an omen. She sent for Zayden.


    When he arrived, she told him the good news. She had to admit the joy on his face made her happy.

    Then, she moved closer and took his hands. "Zayden, you know you must leave the tribe now."

    "Yes, my lady, this is my duty as a breeding slave."

    "What if, instead of going to another tribe, you could be free?"

    He looked confused. "But lady ... where would I go? I have known no life but this. No male tribe would have me."

    "I could send you to Clan Zamora. It will be a while before we have a son to send them, but you have been a good slave. You have all of the qualities that they seek in new clan members. It may be that you can find a wife and have children that will be yours and stay with you."

    Zayden's eyes filled with tears. "My Lady, I don't even know what to say. This would be my heart's fondest wish if it came true. Would you really do such a thing for a slave?"

    "For my first slave, I will. I believe this will be a good omen for our tribe. Please understand that once you leave, you will become a man of Clan Zamora and you will forget you were ever an Amazon slave. They will know, for they can be trusted, but you must tell no one else. I do not intend to free any other slaves this way."

    "Anything you wish, Creator. I am forever indebted to you."

    "Then it's settled. You can leave tomorrow. I'm sorry it's so quick, but this is how it must be."


    Word had traveled fast that the Creator was pregnant and the whole village rejoiced. One person took advantage of everyone's distraction and snuck away to the breeding chamber.

    "Oh please, goddess, let this be a daughter. And please, let me be the next to be allowed into the breeding chamber."

    Aleah prayed this way until she fell asleep on the breeding chamber bed.
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    Her ways are so friendly! Does she have the good trait?
    And super excited for the upcoming nooboo!
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