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Affordable Family Housing Challenge!


  • Sweet_ItalySweet_Italy Posts: 898 Member
    @vethesims oh my gosh! I was just on Twitter and saw that SimGuruHouts retweeted some house that I thought looked super familiar, and it's your 5bdroom for under 50k !!! Congrats on that! You really have done a great job on it i'm not surprised it got recognized!
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  • vethesimsvethesims Posts: 695 Member
    @rosemow Thank you for your comment, Rose! <3

    @Jesf8312 Thank you! I was really surprised and happy that he liked the house and retweeted it! :blush:
  • RepoRepo Posts: 336 Member
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    OK, let hope I get this right. I just started posting pictures yesterday. I just added several homes that meet the criteria. I did a modern home in two styles. One to fit in Newcrest and Willow Creek, and the other for Oasis Springs. They are the same house, just different colors and landscaping to suit each world.

    For Willow Creek and Newcrest
    And for Oasis Springs
    These two houses come in two sizes per style. Family Modern 1 and Family Modern 1 OS are both 3 bed two bath homes with a basement for future expansion. Both houses are similarly furnished with only small deviations
    This is Family Modern 1.
    and the basement (not much to see here)
    Modern Family 2 and Modern Family 2 OS has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathes
    Modern Family 2 OS looks like this
    and the basement

    If you are interested in these houses, my user name for Origin in Evilfeline. I have had a lot of fun doing these, and I've been able to down load some great affordable house in styles I don't build well. I really appreciate the thread. I have another house, but I'll post it separate. This post is long enough.

    Well, the post just got longer. I forgot to post the amounts for each home. (Sorry about that.)
    Family Modern 1 37,336
    Family Modern 1 OS 37,661
    Family Modern 2 44,496
    Family Modern 2 OS 46,011
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  • RepoRepo Posts: 336 Member
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    This next house I did has a little backstory. There are a large number of modest homes of simple construction near where I live. When I was thinking of this challenge, I looked carefully at these homes. Most of them are simple rectangles or L shapes, with small changes to make each seem unique. This next house is one of that sort. It is mostly rectangular, but like the houses near me, it has small details that make it its own place and not just a box.

    Medium Lot Family Home 1 (yeah, I need to work on may naming skills!), is the kind of house many of us move into just after we get married. It's the house that we can barely afford, but we really need the space so we stretch for it. I put this house on a 30x40 lot on purpose to give plenty of space for all those enormous things like rocket ships and observatories (they will have to earn those, of course).
    Medium Lot Family Home 1 3 bed 2 bath
    It has a basement, but it's more potential than usable space.
    From the back
    Medium Lot Family Home 2 6 bed 3 bath
    This is what the house can look like if you upgrade it. Here, Medium Lot Family 2 is now 129,665
    And now I will have to go back and find the cost of all my houses as I seem to have forgotten to post them. The all come in under 50,000 though.

    Medium Lot Family Home 1 36,059
    Medium Lot Family Home 2 46,596
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,388 Member
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    Each of your homes are very nice! @Repo :) Medium Lot Family 1 and 2, Family Modern 1 and 1 OS and Family Modern 2 and 2OS are very nice! Very nice design of the exterior of them, and the layout of the interiors and furnishing of them looks very nice. It is very great that you have designed different versions of each of the homes. They will suit the different needs of the sims family, at what stage of their sims life that they are at and also which world that the house is being placed in. It is great that there are basement levels in the builds. It was very nice reading the background details of your Medium Lot Family builds.
    The homes are very nice for our sims to live in :)
  • RepoRepo Posts: 336 Member
    Thank you very much, @rosemow.
  • Sweet_ItalySweet_Italy Posts: 898 Member
    @Repo nice house!! i love trying to build houses based on real homes. There are a lot of houses in my town that i'd love to recreate in the sims. You did a great job landscaping the upgraded version. I've been trying to better my landscaping skills, i'm not quite as good as i'd like to be yet, but hopefully soon!

    I've been working on a set of houses for this challenge that I'll be ready to post here soon. So stay tuned!! i'm really excited about these ones!
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  • RepoRepo Posts: 336 Member
    Thanks, @Jesf8312, I really enjoy making houses like this. I look forward to seeing more of yours, too. Every one here has a different approach, and it's inspiring. Some things would not have occurred to me, but work really well (those, I downloaded). The landscaping is a challenge. I see a lot of houses on the Gallery that are nice, but with no landscaping. I tried to start small with it on a small lot, placing tables, skill items, pools, then adding plants. I was trying to be cheap with the cheap houses, and being limited helped some, too. I didn't use MOO in anything I uploaded, but ALT is your friend almost as much.
  • MDianaSimsMDianaSims Posts: 4,130 Member
    I've made a couple of 3 bedroom family starters (under 20K) in Windenburg:

    2 Old Shipwright Court - 30x20; 3 bed; 2 bath; 17.970; GT; Play tested; NoCC; NoMOO.

    1 Old Shipwright Court - 30x20; 3 bed; 2 bath; 17.908; GT; NoCC, NoMOO, play tested.

    And I was taking some pictures of my older builds for my Simblr Showcase, when I ran into this home, it's a bit above budget, but it is so super awesome that I just want to share it.
    19 Bridge Road - 40x30; 4 Bed; 5 Bath; 57.040; basegame only; NoCC; NoMOO, play tested.
    If you sell the piano, one of the computers and maybe the dining room furniture, you'll bring the budget down quite a bit. You can always sell the hedge as well, that is sort of expensive too.
    Gallery ID: MDianaSims | Simblr
  • RepoRepo Posts: 336 Member
    Those are some really nice houses, @MDianaSanders . I had already downloaded 2 Shipwright Court before seeing it here. I like 19 Bridge Road, it's nice and spacious. You are right about eliminating items to get costs down. I do this sometimes by placing the lot, removing items, then resaving it. I do many of my own lots the same way. I have a cheap base model and a more expensive well decorated, landscaped model with lots of skill items. Sometimes, I make my Sims work for everything, other times, I want to focus on other things and want them to have a nice home strait off.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,388 Member
    Your 3 bedroom family starters are very nice! @MDianaSanders :) They suit Windenburg very well. I have posted about them on your showcase thread earlier. Very nice exterior design of 19 Bridge Road and the interior layout is very great! The water fountain is a nice touch in the front garden.
  • Sweet_ItalySweet_Italy Posts: 898 Member
    @MDianaSanders I love your Windenburg houses! I love that style! funnily enough, I have yet to try to build with the GT build items, lol you did a great job! I oughta start following you on the gallery, I love everything you do!
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  • UltraUltra Posts: 826 Member
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    Here is a house that i'd consider your "typical" Irish suburban home. The only difference being this house would usually be semidetached to an exact replica and as part of an estate of very similar houses. You see them all over Ireland typically in relatively new housing estates in the suburbs. Anyway love them or hate them theses style of houses are everywhere here and are usually home to an average income young family in Ireland.







    For reference here is an example of one of these houses

    It's a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house around 44k excluding the price of the lot but the unfurnished version is around 19k. You can find it here. I will also replace the upstair window over the door with something more centred. I just noticed it and its driving me crazy :P
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,388 Member
    Your home is very nice! @Ultra :) It reflects well the inspiration picture home. The exterior looks very nice. Nice exterior texture of the home and the windows look nice how they are placed in the build. Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior! The living room is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting resting on the sofas watching tv near the fire. The tv looks great angled into the corner nook. Very nice windows armchair sitting alcove for sims to enjoy resting there in the sunshine. Very nice dining area. It is nice that there are chairs at the ends as well as the sides of the table, for ail the sims to enjoy eating meals together. The leafy wall picture is a nice touch there. Very nice design of the kitchen. The cabinets look great how they are placed there, and the mugs rack and fruit bowl are nice kitchen touches on the counter. Sims will enjoy looking out through the kitchen windows whilst preparing meals. Very nice layout of the upper level bedrooms.
    The home is very nice :)
  • lisi_jalisi_ja Posts: 542 Member
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    I build this family home for a FB-friend with 7 children. So it can be used for the 100 Baby Challenge. As the original (Big Family on a Budget) is just under 50k without the lot price I adapted it a bit ;)

    Big Family on a Budget 2

    4 Bed (place for 8 Sims), 2 Bath
    Gallery Price: $46,964
    Cost with lot price: $48,464

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  • UltraUltra Posts: 826 Member
    @lisi_ja I thought you meant it was an 8 bedroom house, I was about to be really impressed :D Anyway it's a nice modern house for under 50k

  • lisi_jalisi_ja Posts: 542 Member
    @Ultra Sorry, I thought bed meant just bed and not bedroom... I will change it in the description. But maybe I could do a home with 8 bedrooms in it for under 50k... That sounds like a real challenge ;)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,388 Member
    The exterior design and layout of Big Family on a Budget 2 is very nice! @lisi_ja :) The front and back balconies look very nice.Child sims will have fun playing on the monkey bars. The plants and flowers look nice how they are placed in the outdoors areas. Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior of the home! The dining room area is very nice. It looks nice that different coloured chairs are placed on the edges of the dining table. Very nice kitchen nook. Sims will enjoy looking out through the kitchen windows at the outdoors views whilst preparing meals. The bottles and coffee bags are nice touches on the wall shelves. The postcards look great on the kitchen wall! The pink colour scheme of the girls bedroom looks pretty! It looks very nice the way the counters are placed together on the corner walls. The vanity table area looks very nice!
    It is a very nice home for a big family ! :)
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    Squirrel Run Farm is my entry for Build-n-Share Challenge #44. It is a family farm with four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. It is simple and affordable (build with lot is §49,999), but includes a barn for animals, a vegetable garden, a fishing hole and an apple orchard.


    You can see more pictures of the farm
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,388 Member
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    Squirrel Run Farm is a very nice family farm home! StSciurus :) The barn and outdoors areas are very nice. I have posted about the farm home on your showcase thread.
  • lisi_jalisi_ja Posts: 542 Member
    @rosemow Thank you for the feedback <3 I put a lot of work on it so it can fit all necessities of a big family. I hope I can make a lot of Sims families happy with this one ;)
  • Sweet_ItalySweet_Italy Posts: 898 Member
    @lisi_ja wow! That's so impressive! I've tried modern homes before but I've never been able to build like that! I absolutely love it!

    @StSciurus I love the squirrel run farm. You did an awesome job making it look realistic! I love the pond and the truck you've added to the yard. Great job!
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  • lisi_jalisi_ja Posts: 542 Member
    @Jesf8312 Thank you! I am not so good with the traditional roofs. So I try to avoid them by building modern houses ;)
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    @Jesf8312 , thank you! :smiley: The farm was fun to build.
  • Sweet_ItalySweet_Italy Posts: 898 Member
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    I have a new set of houses for this challenge. There are 3 that will fit the criteria for an affordable family house, there will be 2 more that will be a bit more expensive, so i won't share those here, but all 5 will be posted on my showcase thread!

    Anyway, here is the first one, it is also the cheapest!

    Frugal Family
    4 Bed, 2 Bath
    Cost: $39,879
    Cost with Lot price: $41,879


    it's a bit cramped, but there is room for expansion as a family grows and earns more money.
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