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I found the original sims website!!



  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 28,580 Member
    Yeah, just look at what all they gave us to make the game our own and new content that added new gameplay!

    Get Cool Spotlight

    Meet the Artist
    Charles London's team created the look and character of The Sims. In this chat, get the inside story on how The Sims come to life!
    Download Transcript (7 Kb)
    An Hour with Will Wright
    This chat with Will Wright, creator of The Sims, was full of interesting info. Download it here!
    Download Transcript (14.4 Kb)

    Expansion Pack Chat Transcript
    Get the lowdown on what's in the new Expansion Pack! The developers told all - well, almost all - in this chat session.
    Download Transcript (9.95 Kb)

    Will Wright Chat
    Missed our May 25 chat with Will Wright? No problem! Download the complete transcript here!
    Download Transcript (5.56 Kb)

    "Sim-Hilarities" by Electric Funstuff
    New York City-based band Electric Funstuff has released "Sim-Hilarities", a song by a player of The Sims™ finding odd parallels between his life and the lives of his Sims. Sound familiar? Download it from Beatz 4 Geekz! Warning: it just might get stuck in your head.
    Go to

    The Rack Skin on
    KNAC.COM's DJ, The Rack, is so hooked on The Sims that she's in the game! Head on over and download The Rack skin.

    Special Guest Chat

    Game Patches

    The Game Patch is Here!
    This program will update The Sims to version 1.1. Download the patch to your desktop and double-click on it to install.
    Go to Game Patches
    Game Patches

    Downloads for Your Game

    Game Downloads!
    Check out this section for new downloads to add to your game!
    New Plate of Cookies!
    Also: Turkey, Jack-O-Lantern, Clown Catchers, Telecom Upgrade, Flamingo Light, Trash Pack, Topiaries, MTV Skin Pack, Party Balloons, Plants, Guinea Pig, Moose Head, Cuckoo Clock, Wall Lights & Slot Machine ...
    Downloads for your Game
    Game Downloads

    Make Cool Stuff

    The Sims Character Makeover (beta)
    Now you can choose a new skin and clothing for your Sims without running the game! Select your Sim's new look from among all the skins you've installed and downloaded.
    Download The Sims Character Makeover (beta) (1.67 Mb)
    The Sims Character Studio

    The Sims File Cop
    This utility will go through your data files for The Sims and clean up any damaged or incomplete files. So after you download that new skin, just have the File Cop check things out for you!
    Download The Sims File Cop (1.10 Mb)
    File Cop

    Art Studio!
    You can now create new wall paintings out of your favorite bitmaps and jpegs, then have your Sims actually buy them and hang them on their walls! Just download this file to your desktop and double-click it to install The Sims Art Studio.
    Download The Sims Art Studio (3.68 Mb)
    Art Studio

    FaceLift &
    FaceLift Gold
    A tool to create faces and heads, from the beautiful to the bizarre -- then place them on your own Sims.
    Go to FaceLift

    Create your own Wallpaper & Floor patterns for your Sims' homes, then preview them in HomeCrafter.
    Go to HomeCrafter

    SimShow Skins
    SimShow is a cool new download that previews and imports new Skins for your Sims! (Skins let you change the appearance of your Sims from head to toe

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 29,726 Member
  • lexylongcatlexylongcat Posts: 72 Member
    this is adorable...
  • zagbooruleszagboorules Posts: 398 Member
    edited April 2016
    That's so cool! I really like using the wayback machine, you inspired me to find the old TS2 website:
  • CiarassimsCiarassims Posts: 3,517 Member
    That's so cool! I really like using the wayback machine, you inspired me to find the old TS2 website:

    I love looking at the old sims, its so nostalgic!
  • ClassicalSimClassicalSim Posts: 1,371 Member
    Brings back so many good memories!
  • CiarassimsCiarassims Posts: 3,517 Member
    They should make the actual sims website like that for the next sims birthday or something!
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 3,902 Member
    Thanks for posting these links as I recently got UC after only playing sims 2 once or twice in the past and I just bought the sims complete collection so I play the first series :)
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 34,877 Member
    Aw... The Strangerhood! Such fun.. XD
  • james64468james64468 Posts: 1,181 Member
    Awwww, they said "BBS" :D

    <-- learned to code on punch cards

    My mom coded on punch cards when she was going to university.

    Very neat website.
  • ShearsyShearsy Posts: 727 Member
    That's so cool! I really like using the wayback machine, you inspired me to find the old TS2 website:

    Wow!! I spent so much time on that site. I loved reading player stories. I remember this site so much more than TS1. The TS1 website is back in the day when we still had dial up Internet and I was never allowed on because it cost too much money. Ha!
  • Finbar659Finbar659 Posts: 929 Member
    I really do miss that Sims 2 website especially with all those logos on the bottom linking you to other sim games :(
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 2,733 Member
    edited May 2016
    Some of the old "The Sims" websites still exist and my advice is to always keep a backup of all of your bookmarks as you can use them on the Wayback Machine. It likes .html entries.

    I found 2001+ bookmarks on an old usb stick the other day and found a lot of stuff still available.

    Anybody remember all old dungeon stuff?
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,370 Member
    Thank's a bunch for the web site's, I did not have them , much appreciated.
  • clp07171clp07171 Posts: 6 New Member
    Aww that's making me nostalgic! Does anyone remember the dollmaker stories? I used love those albums haha

    Thanks for sharing!
  • HeyHeyyHeyHeyy Posts: 394 Member
    Thank you! I LOVED this site!
    I used to love reading stories & downloading celebrity sims haha
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  • ShowMeYourKittiesShowMeYourKitties Posts: 1 New Member
    Oh my God I used to love the original Sims website. I've been very nostalgic lately and went searching for this site; only to find it no longer was around. Thank you so much for posting this!
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 933 Member
    Many thanks for posting this! Lots of fun, many of the buttons still take you places, and a reminder of what a The Sims site should be like. At least we still have the forums, but the rest of the current version is pretty much just company propaganda.
  • StutumStutum Posts: 102 Member
    It was nice to see that old site again. I remember I always looked forward to Thursdays to download whatever treat they'd put out there. Then "Livin' Large" came up, which contained most of the stuff we previously got for free. xD
  • ArmaniArmani Posts: 31 Member
    That's cool
  • GoldenBuffyGoldenBuffy Posts: 3,609 Member
    So many great memories!
    Negan is my happy place!
    My YouTube!

  • SimsayCDSimsayCD Posts: 49 Member
    Oh my.
  • DumbOllieDumbOllie Posts: 13 New Member
    Thanks! This is amazing
  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,310 Member
    And they "gave" us super annoying NPC's like ms. Crumblebottom and annoying mamsters to bite the kids. Woww, I "really" miss that.
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    clp07171 wrote: »
    Aww that's making me nostalgic! Does anyone remember the dollmaker stories? I used love those albums haha

    Thanks for sharing!

    The dollmaker stories can still be seen here:
    The Gingerbread Family, Snowflake Lodge, Black Valentine, and the others are there.

    Also, for anyone still playing Sims 1, dollmaker's Sims 1 Houses site is closing soon on yahoo groups.
    Dollmaker_Sim_ Digs :
    All the houses are well built and use Maxis objects only, no custom content. Lots of houses to choose from.
    Grab them while you can!

    *Edited to add that I made a new thread about this site closing so more people would see it.
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