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Anyone played the Sims 1?



  • ginger170ginger170 Posts: 147 Member
    Do you think that's my account with Sims 1 on it or just wishful thinking ? lol.
  • ginger170ginger170 Posts: 147 Member
    @Simsister2004 and @xXAngelicEvilXx I've now successfully got "The Sims 1: Complete Collection".
    Every Single Expansion Pack looks amazing.
  • ViennaVienna Posts: 2 New Member
    I’ve never played the sims 1 or the sims 2 I really really REALLY want to they don’t do the free codes anymore I just missed the deadline and didn’t know about it :( it’s extremely annoying it should be a game that can be used on origin (AT LEAST) I’m 15 so the earliest I played was the sims 3. I love the sims and would pay good money to be able to have the sims 1 and sims 2 on origin. I own a complete sims 4 collection and honestly kinda getting bored and want to try the sims 2 or 1 it makes me so sad that you have to go through all this trouble to play a classic especially that everyone’s always talking about. EA needs to look into this maybe do a permanent code for the sims 1 or just so we can register the games on the platform or updating the game in a way that it can be played on all computers, if they did this when announcing the sims 5 it would give a excitement boost and maybe improve profits which sometimes it seems that ALL they care about.
  • DedudamolDedudamol Posts: 17 Member
    Recently i bought The Sims 1 and almost all expansion pack except Makin Magic. I hope i'll buy it later. Its amazing. Funny. diffucult, interesting. I start play on The Sims seires from The Sims 2. Its my first game. I have short history about The Sims 1. I was visiting my friend. He had this game. I asked for install the game on his computer. After this, i did it. Okay... i make my Sim, and because i havent building skill, i just buy different objects for comfortable existence of my sim. My sim started cook. Fire! And my sim died of fire. Then i just closed the game. Its was terrible for me! Horrible music, and i dont used to graphic. I seemed graphics was horrible. Oh. For me then The Sims 2 was more friendly(?), not very horrible. I dont know how its explain... but i hope you understand me. Anyway, now i play The Sims 1 and enjoy it. Its not horrible, but its difficult. You need be hardworking (your sim xD) or you will cant to earn simoleons. My Sim now working on Journalist career. He earn about 1200 simoleons. Its cool. I bought house witm swimming pool and bought after expensive items. But if you will buy expensive items, its dont make your need down slow. Needs down very fast. Your sim only take a bath, and he already need toilet or fun, or sleep... Crazy! But i like this :)
  • HejixHejix Posts: 1,051 Member
    I haven't played for ages... I miss it. ;) I was so fascinated by hot dates, because, you could, wow, go out! And weird townies started invading your game (some walked in pj or dressed as Cleopatra because you didn't have outfit categories...). I found Unleashed so cute because your town expanded. And I was fascinated by Makin' Magic. The music... Wow! Once upon a time, you only lived in one neighborhood with the Goth, the Newbie and the Sims in the bin and you couldn't get out of your house! I want that neighborhood again! (with only a few interactions and objects, lol). Good memories. Simplicity at its best! Yet, it was already so fascinating...
    I want to play ALL the premade families! One day...
  • LeosimsLeosims Posts: 19 New Member
    I will have. If my PC is good to run...
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