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Anyone played the Sims 1?



  • ginger170ginger170 Posts: 146 Member
    Do you think that's my account with Sims 1 on it or just wishful thinking ? lol.
  • ginger170ginger170 Posts: 146 Member
    @Simsister2004 and @xXAngelicEvilXx I've now successfully got "The Sims 1: Complete Collection".
    Every Single Expansion Pack looks amazing.
  • ViennaVienna Posts: 2 New Member
    I’ve never played the sims 1 or the sims 2 I really really REALLY want to they don’t do the free codes anymore I just missed the deadline and didn’t know about it :( it’s extremely annoying it should be a game that can be used on origin (AT LEAST) I’m 15 so the earliest I played was the sims 3. I love the sims and would pay good money to be able to have the sims 1 and sims 2 on origin. I own a complete sims 4 collection and honestly kinda getting bored and want to try the sims 2 or 1 it makes me so sad that you have to go through all this trouble to play a classic especially that everyone’s always talking about. EA needs to look into this maybe do a permanent code for the sims 1 or just so we can register the games on the platform or updating the game in a way that it can be played on all computers, if they did this when announcing the sims 5 it would give a excitement boost and maybe improve profits which sometimes it seems that ALL they care about.
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