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*Thank You*

LynzSimmerLynzSimmer Posts: 198 Member
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Just a little Thank You to ALL those who spends their Simpoints to gift me (and others) stuff.
I just wanted to do a little thank you. :smiley: (Also, a tip to start a Thank you from a close friend)
All from The Sims 3 Store and Gift Gathering (Directory)

Thank You:

@HSmith2016 from The Sims 3 Store - Pullover Dress
@XxEquestrian95xX from The Sims 3 Store (Franny) - Beary Baby Bottom
@BrianAndree from The Sims 3 Store - Vintage Smock
@Teanias from The Sims 3 Store - Anna's Living Chair
@Okblondee7 from The Sims 3 Store - Wilderness Dreaming Set
@HSmith2016 from The Sims 3 Store - Porterman Glass Doors
@HSmith2016 from The Sims 3 Store - Clark Six Drawer Dresser
@HSmith2016 from The Sims 3 Store - Little Dipper Bedside Light
@HSmith2016 from The Sims 3 Store - Gallery Space Track Lighting
@XxEquestrian95xX from The Sims 3 Store (Franny) - Wily Wilderness Tower
@Okblondee7 from The Sims 3 Store for: Knock em out skirt and top,
Ruffles and bows swimsuit, Floral Updo, Super comfy loveseat, Braids and purple roses,
Braided, bundled and beaded, Bayside washer, and Back 2 back bunk beds :smile:
@Goofbilly for the Bayside Dryer (So close to completing that set for cheap, so thank you! + now I can upgrade my sims appliances.)
@Okblondee7 for the: World Of Wonder Carousel Collection, Showy Shelves, Patched Trousers, and Rough Rodeo Table Sculpture.
@Okblondee7 for the Everyday Kids Colllection
@Baybay_j / @SjappielovePaul for the Not Quite Wave Water Bed
@SjappielovePaul (and a few others:) : Perfect Place Shelf, Bearly On Time Clock, Branch Lighting, Sunshine Forever Wallpaper, and Little Lullaby Crib.
@SjappielovePaul ('s friend): Vineyard Vittles Dining Table, Chair Al Fresco, Sailing Painting by A. Ship
@Teanias : Dreaded Dresser
@Okblondee7 : Fraud Laug, Embellish More Skirt Set, and Scooter a glow glow.
@CottonCandyFaery (from here? and The Sims 3 Store) for completing The Sweet Escape Nursery set.
@debbycanty : Scalloped Lingerie
@HSmith2016 : Kady Shorts with button accents

Thank you all in advance as well! :smile:
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Have A Good Day
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Have a good day, and thank you! :)


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