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Thread for Beck1590 Statue pieces issue

rosemowrosemow Posts: 148,968 Member
I am opening this thread for @Beck1590 who is unable to open a new thread.
I will quote here her issue.
So basically it's more of a gameplay question that I can't find an answer to.. My sim has 2 dogs who have mastered the hunting skill. Among the other things they find they regularly bring back pieces of statues. I read in one of Carl's guides that the dogs can put these statues together and that when put together they sell for more than the pieces individually. In the guide he said something about the dog being able to do it him or herself.. just command to do so. Well I've tried everything imaginable.. I've tried clicking on both dogs, looking through all their interactions with the pieces both in the dogs' inventories and laid out on my sims's lot.. and I've tried clicking on the pieces while active as the dogs.. I cannot find any option that allows me to put the pieces together and they're starting to take over a whole corner of the yard LOL if anyone could give me some help or guidance on how to get the dogs to put these statues together so I can sell them that'd be amazing.


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