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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    Having eight Sims in the house doesn’t mean you can’t have pets. The Parkers have eight Sims, as well as their two cats. Unless you’re talking about space? Sorry, just a little bit confused by that comment!
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,428 Member
    Having eight Sims in the house doesn’t mean you can’t have pets. The Parkers have eight Sims, as well as their two cats. Unless you’re talking about space? Sorry, just a little bit confused by that comment!


    You can have up to 10 Sims + Pets in the house with the max number of Sims being 8 and I think the max pets being 6. Don't quote me on the max number of pets, though.
  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,914 Member
    @Lucy_Henley @Seera1024 Yes, sorry, should of been clearer. I do know that, it is purely a space and gameplay issue for me. It's just too much for me to track. Obviously, I'm not a big family player, I always move them out haha It's 100% my problem and the way I've set this Legacy and it's rules. It's fine lol I adapt :tongue:
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,914 Member
    Great Uncle Aeolus has been getting to know the twins :smile:
    Which was a good thing because an hour before his 83rd day, Grim came a calling for Aeolus :cry: Aderyn was crying so hard, she was the first to immediately bolt into the room when it happened :confounded:
    Blodwen and Phaedra try to spend equal time with each twin.
    Birthday time! Phaedra was at work, so Aunty Branwen helped out with bringing Capucine to the cake. Aderyn just scowls randomly at people now after her brothers death :disappointed:
    They are actually way more identical than I first thought! Especially compared to Blodwen and Branwen. Capucine seems to just have a bit more fuller cheeks, like Blodwen did.
    They are being potty trained but that takes forever! In the meantime, they have mastered walking!

    Miss hearing from you, @Demery27 Really hope you're doing okay :heart:
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    I just played again, for a little bit, and recreated the scenario when the game crashed (Garden club membership). The game works! I deleted the cache files, and a few CC hairs. Still no idea why it crashed, but it may have been the cache files. I've never actually deleted them before; I know about deleting them for Sims 3 but didn't know for Sims 2.

    Now to install Bon Voyage...
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 174 Member
    @hushfirefly Thanks for checking up on me I'm doing ok hopefully I'll be able to play my game soon so I can update you guys I have to catch up on the stories on here glad to see you guys still posting your Sims♥️
  • MA7xGEMA7xGE Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi guys!

    Sorry for bothering, I registered to seek help. After many years of not playing my favorite game, I re-downloaded the Ultimate collection. I have been building my own neighborhood from scratch for a couple of weeks now. My CC-folder is starting to get quite huge, so I decided to get rid of some unused articles. Unfortunately, I went and deleted most of the swatches for my "New Gear City" -matched door, and I can't find it online. :(

    There are no creator credits on the item, the description says just "www.thesims2-studio.de" (404), and the item name is just "loft". It looks like the Maxis' New Gear City -window and has a smaller window on top of it. NGC-sets seem to be quite popular amongst builders, so I was wondering if someone could help re-downloading the said item.

    Many thanks, love you all. <3
  • ErinErin Posts: 640 Member
    After 3+ years without playing Sims 2 I got a new laptop and it only took me 3 months to get UC to work and I am finally able to play my favorite game again!

    I’ve started in Pleasantview and I’m going around to all the families and giving them makeovers and playing each a little bit.

    I started with the Pleasants, I was going to split Daniel and Mary-Sue up but they were autonomously being really sweet to each other. I’m leaving them together as they’re both so close to Elder anyways. I started working on everyone’s relationship with Lilith and working on her grades. I don’t like how badly she’s been treated.

    Don Lothario invited over first Nina, then Dina, and finally Kaylynn and spent a steamy afternoon with each.

    At the Goths, Don left Cassandra at the alter and being heartbroken she fell into the arms of her best friend Darren Dreamer.

    The Caliente sisters are both vying for Dons affection however he just doesn’t have the money that Morty does. Dina swooped up Mortimer in a day and they were married on the Goth lot where she promptly moved into her new digs.

    Brandi has been spending more time with Dustin and helping him with his grades. She had her boy and named him after her late husband, Skip. I’m thinking of having her marry because I want her to have a daughter.

    I haven’t gone into the Dreamers household yet but I want Cass and Darren to be married soon!

    I so missed this game!!
    "Because now it's the fans out there that are entertaining us, the developers, with their creations!" - Will Wright
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    I primarily played with the Clarks in Cosyville yesterday.

    Chris owns a gym. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an atrociously evil witch appeared!

    Chris really fancied booking a holiday.

    They're off to Twikkii Island!

    They stayed in a fancy hotel.

    Swimming in the sea is so much fun!

    Ahhh... this is the life, sunbathing on the beach.

    Oh dear, Karen got sunburnt.

    Chris, by contrast, got tanned.

    Mmm... breakfast on the balcony.

    Helicopter tour! It was rather loud, but they all enjoyed it. Thankfully no-one was afraid of heights!

    Chris wanted to learn the fire dance.

    Karen really wanted to dig for treasure, but ended up hitting a water pipe instead. Oh dear!

    Chris, funnily enough, was more successful. He found TWO secret maps, one to the Hidden Burrow and one to the Mysterious Hut! Now I really fancy sending them to Three Lakes so that they can meet Bigfoot!

    Ooh, a hot spring. So relaxing!

    They visited the Mysterious Hut. Karen's hobby is Tinkering, and she has a few mechanical points, so she set about fixing the broken stuff.

    Oh no! Karen got electrocuted!!

    She didn't let that stop her, though.

    They came back home, having really enjoyed their trip. Zoe had learned the hula dance out there, and Chris learnt it off her!!

  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 174 Member
    Hi Guys! I was able to play for a few minutes before I started feeling bad I sent Dustin Broke to college and started playing the Dreamer household. I had Dirk to resurrect Darleen her and Darren got remarried. While getting them remarried Cassandra Goth automatically showed up while they were exchanging vows Dirk had invited Lilith and Angela and Mary-Sue so they were wedding guests for Darleen and Dirk. As soon as Dirk gets his grades up and what not he'll be sent to college as well. More updates coming soon
  • rh2006fanrh2006fan Posts: 29 Member
    First time playing in Pleasantview and made my own sim and I was fast forwarding on double speed so she could level up cooking and when I turned it off I found Mortimer yelling at my sim.

    He barely knows my sim and I'm thinking, if this is the way he treats an acquaintance- no wonder he had a horrible relationship with Bella.
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,428 Member
    rh2006fan wrote: »
    First time playing in Pleasantview and made my own sim and I was fast forwarding on double speed so she could level up cooking and when I turned it off I found Mortimer yelling at my sim.

    He barely knows my sim and I'm thinking, if this is the way he treats an acquaintance- no wonder he had a horrible relationship with Bella.

    Sounds like your Sim was Looking in the telescope.

    When you do that the first Sim created in the game that's not in the Sim Bin will come over and yell at your Sim.

    In Pleasantview, that's Mortimer.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,451 Member
    @Seera1024 Oh... that explains a lot. The first sim I created for my custom neighborhood keeps shoving everyone who uses the telescope. Almost everyone in town hates her!
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    Cosyville currently has four families: the Clarks, the Walkers, the Greens and the Sanchezes. The Sanchezes are the family I was playing with when the game crashed that time. I haven't had any crashing issues since, thankfully. I wanted to challenge myself (ahem) by having quads. Yeah... thank you cheats and Sim Blender for keeping everyone's needs up. They're girls, and their names are Alejandra, Beatriz, Carmen and Dorotea. I did take some photos of them, but with the in-game camera rather than Fraps. The parents are Miguel and Maria; Miguel is into Nature and Maria is into Cuisine.
    Here's Maria:


    And Miguel with their cats, Nieve (snow) and Sombra (shadow). Confusingly, Sombra is a boy (Nieve is a girl). I don't speak Spanish, so I had to look the names up, and I believe shadow is feminine in Spanish.


    Funnily enough, after having the babies, Maria rolled the "Have Ten Babies" want. Hahahaha nope. You'll drive yourself (and me) insane.
  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 135 Member

    After Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant broke up, she kicked him out of the house and invited her parents (The Oldies) to help her manage the household and kids, while she had to work. Needless to say, things aren't going so well.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    The Walker Family

    Jennifer and Michael live in an apartment at 40 Exeter Street. Both of them are into Arts and Crafts.


    Michael wanted a kitten, but the apartment is fairly small and I thought there wasn't enough space.


    Jennifer met Karen Clark.


    The Greens, Melissa and David, live in the other apartment at 40 Exeter Street. Jennifer thought it'd be a great idea to befriend her neighbour!


    Michael's lifetime wish is to graduate 3 children from college. He needs an income, though, so he got a job as a dishwasher.


    Despite a chance card going wrong, Michael actually came home with a promotion!!


    Knowing that they wanted three kids for Michael's lifetime wish to be fulfilled, they got going in bed. It was successful!


    It's so useful having a landlady who will do the gardening for you!


    Jennifer burnt pancakes *sad trombone noise* She still ate them, though.


    Jennifer had TWINS! A boy and a girl!
    I went onto the Social Security website and looked up 90s names. The top boys' name of the 90s was still Michael, so I went with Matthew, which was at #3. As for the girl name, I chose Ashley, which was #2.


    OK, I freaking LOVE the baby clothes mod. When you have multiples, it's so useful!


    Everyone loves baby snuggles! This is Ashley.


    The twins have recently become toddlers.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,451 Member
    @Lucy_Henley Just out of curiosity, why do all of your CAS couples always have the same hair color? Like, the Walkers both have red hair, and the Sanchezes both have brown hair, for example.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    Hmm... yeah, the couples do always tend to have the same hair. It’s the same with the Green family, they’re both blonde! I never really thought about it, to be honest! I am planning for one of the Walker kids to end up with a Green kid, so there will be some difference there. There are only four couples there right now, so maybe I’ll create a couple where they look different! Usually when I create a redhead, their partner usually also has the same colour, because red is a recessive gene and if you pair a redhead with, say, a brunette then their kids will usually all be brunette. I might find a genetics mod, though. I do remember a time when I had a Sim couple who were both pale redheads, and one of their daughters married someone who was a tan blond. It made for some interesting results when it came to their kids! In a good way. I should probably think outside the box a little more!
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,451 Member
    edited May 25
    I see! I’m usually the opposite. I try to make couples look as different as possible in order to have a genetic variety. There is a mod to remove trait dominance, but I don’t have it because the genetics system is actually one of my favorite parts of the game! It’s interesting when, for example, two brown-eyed sims have a green-eyed child due to the kid’s grandmother having green eyes.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    That’s understandable, @Simtown15 . Like I said, I am planning for some of the kids of these couples to marry each other, so there’ll be more genetic variation there. And since there are only four families right now, when I add some more I’ll make them a little more genetically diverse! Now I’ve just got to think of names...
  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,914 Member
    @Lucy_Henley Hooray for your game working!!! I am super jealous of how much progress you get done with each of your rotations. Time goes so fast!
    @Demery27 So good to hear from you :heart: Though I'm sorry you still don't feel well! Aw, that's really sweet resurrecting Darleen. I don't think I've brought anyone back to life. I'm not a fan of Cassandra and Darren, I never thought to rez Darleen. I think I always pair him with Brandi or Mary-Sue.
    @MA7xGE I tried looking everywhere for you but I'm afraid I couldn't find anything, sorry :disappointed: Maybe retrace what you were searching for when you found it first?
    @Erin Always fun to start right back at Pleasantview! There really is something about that neighbourhood, isn't there? With reading everyone getting back into Sims 2 and playing Pleasantview first, really makes me want to join in! I have a story I want to do around Dina, Don and Nina but I am not doing that until my Legacy challenged is finished. Your signature with Will Wright's quote gave me such feels :blush:
    @rh2006fan I think of him lashing out as grieving for Bella and ya know, being spied on ain't cool :wink: Buuuuut he does fall in love with Dina pretty quick sooo :confused:
    @SimmerGeorge I bet the Oldies love having them there! They always seem so sweet with everyone. Plus, Mary-Sue needs some support!
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,914 Member
    It's a really good thing that toy box has duplicate toys for twins :tongue:
    Both twins have all the milestones done! Granny Aderyn actually had Wants to help achieve it with them. Never did for her own children :neutral: She does seem to favour Capucine out of the two.
    It is law that if you have two toddlers, they must Huggle!!!
    Birthday time x 2! I chose whoever they had the highest relationship with to help them with the cake.
    I've never used the Lemonade Stand and Cyprian seemed like the kind of kid who would have fun using it. Good look at kid Cyprian. He has decided to grow his hair long :wink:
    Capucine noticed her brother had no customers for many hours and decided to buy a pity cup, she has a lot of Nice points lol Close up of kid Capucine!
    Capucine took a liking to the ballet barre.
    Aunty Branwen's interactions with the kids seem to only consist of throwing the kids around :lol:
    Ghost Aeolus finally decided to haunt and... He is the worst!!! Constantly waking up all my sims, even the kids. I caught the end of him scaring his sister Aderyn and totally forgot that some scares can make sims pee themselves! Kinda thought Aderyn deserved it since she was always pranking/fighting/teasing him while living :tongue:
    Though I did not approve him doing it to Branwen :angry: She was trying to win some friends over the phone to get her to Mayor.
    Phaedra was completely unfazed at him floating around haha
    Then he started to possess the microwave and then the toilet. Then waking up the household, again. Didn't leave until 7am!!! Does having high Playful points make ghosts more mischievous(annoying!)? Because Ghost Zuriel and Brenda never do anything but float around outside and I know they were pretty low on points compared to Aeolus.
    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    @hushfirefly wow, you were right when you said that Cyprian and Capucine look really identical! I have one set of boy/girl twins in my game and they don’t really look alike. Ashley looks like her mom and Matthew looks quite like his dad!
    I haven’t played in Pleasantview for a while. Aisha and Lakshmi are teens now. They look fairly alike, although there are some subtle differences. I really should create some Sim couples who don’t look so similar... :D
  • playermarko456playermarko456 Posts: 4,939 Member
    edited May 28
    Found this little gem.


    Sims 2 Riverside was the original neighborhood that was to ship with The Sims 2 base game, but was removed during development. It is believed that the Sims that appeared in various video previews for the game may have been the inhabitants of Riverside.

    If anyone is interested in the hood.

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 387 Member
    The Green Family

    Yep, yet another couple who look very similar! :D:D

    Whilst playing another family, I noticed that Melissa kept getting into fights with Kennedy Cox. So, no surprises when I played the Greens and noticed that Melissa wanted to see Kennedy's ghost... :D


    David had attempted to cook dinner, but sadly there was a fire! Melissa ordered pizza instead.


    The couple went on a date to a bowling alley.


    Both the Greens love Science! You'll notice as well that Melissa is expecting a baby!


    Visiting the Walkers! Melissa and Jennifer are BFFs!


    Melissa gave birth to baby Joshua.


    Not long after, it was time for Joshua to grow up!


    Joshua was a sweet little kid.



    Hopefully, Joshua and Ashley Walker (who are both now children) can become friends, and maybe a little more when they're older... :p
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