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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • featherlullabyfeatherlullaby Posts: 3 New Member
    angela and lilith pleasant grew up, had kids, and moved out. bah, wish i could attach photos--their daughters both ended up being good looking! eh, i might make pages of them on the sims wiki later.

    angela's daughter is named arcadia and lilith's is blaze. dustin's genes won out--arcadia has blonde hair and blue eyes, while blaze has lilith's red hair and dirk's blue eyes. arcadia is a bit of a hippie, loves nature and animals, the whole bit. she loves her family and all, but she feels civilization isn't for her and wants to run away to greener pastures (literally). blaze meanwhile has zero nice points. you'd be best not to look within 5 feet of her. she looks alot like lilith, mostly the gothic punk look with a dash of avril lavigne wannabe. :D oh, and the cousins can barely stand each other. i guess petty rivalry runs in the family.

    also, meadow thayer graduated from college and adopted a teen named rachel!
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,283 Member
    Hi :)

    Thanks! @octobersimmer :mrgreen:

    @featherlullaby Cool! I've never gotten far in playing the Pleasantview Sims. I've always wanted to do it. :lol:

    In my Basic Apocalypse, Junior has had his own little Sim. I named him Pollan. :)

    Pollan with his brother, Bradon (son of Junior and Brandi LeTourneau). :)
  • Olivesplum06Olivesplum06 Posts: 1,007 Member
    @Rflong7 you crack me up lol. I’m the same way though, I have dozens of saves across the three different games and they’re all around the same, so you can tell where I start getting bored lol.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,283 Member
    @Rflong7 you crack me up lol. I’m the same way though, I have dozens of saves across the three different games and they’re all around the same, so you can tell where I start getting bored lol.

    Yay! I'm not very alone in this. :lol:
    If I make it to generation 5 I did good. :mrgreen:
  • JULES1111JULES1111 Posts: 4,477 Member
    @Rflong7 Ahh the kids are cuties! Are you still looking to have generations of plantsims in this one? Here's hoping you make it to generation 5! :D
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,283 Member
    @JULES1111 wrote: »
    @Rflong7 Ahh the kids are cuties! Are you still looking to have generations of plantsims in this one? Here's hoping you make it to generation 5! :D

    Thanks! :mrgreen:
    No, this isn't that family. I keep telling myself, "Finish one before you start another," and then I start another. :lol:
  • HejixHejix Posts: 586 Member
    @JULES1111 Thanks. ;) Managed to salvage all the screenshots (some were corrupted, but not much). Got the backup of the neighborhood as well. Will install sims 2 eventually on the other computer. Will see if everything works!
    Played Sims 1 when I was a teen... Still playing Sims...

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  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,427 Member
    I miss University and a proper OfB EP so I started TS2 (new game). I re-created some of my favorite TS 4 Sims and played the for a bit. Not everything turns out to be the same, but hey didn't developers say TS4 was an alternate universe?
    However, some Pleasantview Sims went to university and I got Dirk Dreamer into the frat and Sofia Bjergsen into the sorority. I loved the challenge to get in!
  • r0b0tman5r0b0tman5 Posts: 83 Member
    My sim was spraying trees and he accidentally sprayed himself. he became a plantsim !
    Been playing The Sims since the early 2000's!!!
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  • JULES1111JULES1111 Posts: 4,477 Member
    @Hejix Good Luck!

    @Erja888 Congrats! It is challenging to get into those. Hope you enjoy playing them!

    @r0b0tman5 Awesome! Hope you have a bunch of cute plantsim kids!
  • NyxAxelNyxAxel Posts: 6 New Member
    Been a while since I've taken a shot at Sims 2, especially a generation play, but felt like it so am now in the process of making a family.

    Ophilia Lunar will be a lively, outgoing neat Sim with the Popularity Aspiration. She'll be a future stay-at-home mom, so she'll have plenty of time to go out and meet a lot of Sims. She'll also throw many parties.
    Her husband, Nicolas Lunar, will be a shy, bookwormy slobby Sim with the Knowledge Aspiration. He'll be in the Science career, and he'll be very interested in stargazing.
    They'll have a cat named Sasha, and she'll be in Showbiz because she's such a pretty fur diva.

    I hope for 1 kid with them. Typically I do this for all my start-out families, to get into the hang of family building again. Have the 1 kid the focus for growing up, then when they marry later on they'll have/adopt 2 or 3 kids.
    The exception is if they have a kid, but the aliens decide Nicolas is the perfect vessel for an alien baby, then I guess I would have 2 kids. Oof.

    Will be building them a messy start-out house to begin with, then graduating them to a slightly-better built house later on, likely after they have a kid.
    I say slightly-better built because it'll basically be just as messy looking, but a bit bigger.
    I'm not a good building in any Sims game ._.
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 195 Member
    Circe Beaker had the wish to inheritage money from Loki... He is adult, not even close to death. I have never seen that wish before, and it was even worse when I saw that Loki had the fear that Circle would die... She is a straight up gold digger!
    English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!
    Female, 23 y/o from the Netherlands.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,283 Member
    Hi :mrgreen:

    @Hejix Did you install and get it working? :)

    @Erja888 It is an Alternate Universe. I miss Uni until I play them for a few Sim weeks. :lol:

    @r0b0tman5 Congrats on the PlantSims. :smile:

    @NyxAxel Sounds like you have it all planned out. How's it going? :mrgreen:

    @garapoes Lol! Awesome~ I've not seen it before. Sounds fun. :lol:

    A new Sim today needed a pet. I picked a cat for her. Named the cat Panda. :cookie:


    Sallie's favorite color is pink.

    Panda looks like a pink panda... a bit. XD

  • SeloBeeSeloBee Posts: 6 New Member
    Right now I'm working on a Harry Potter alphabet legacy and doing a trailer park challenge on the side. :lol:
    The alphabet legacy isn't very far right now, Gen B are still kids and babies :blush:
    The trailer park challenge I'm doing isn't very far either, but most of the first gen kids are teens now (arrghhhh uncontrollable teens are hilarious torture :lol:) I've been trying to focus mostly on the HP family cause I had to restart them due to the Fiery Explosion Seen From Space that corrupted the last neighborhood...oops :lol:
    I'm loving reading everyone's stories and sims drama, I hope to be able to post pictures before too much longer so I can join in the fun too! :blush:
    Happy Simming everyone!! I'll be seeing y'all around! :smile: :heart:
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