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    Hi! @JULES1111 :mrgreen: So true. I just wish he was young enough for an alien baby. His son isn't having any luck in 3 days trying to get abducted. :lol:

    Awe man, I hope you can get him abducted. I do love alien babies :blush: Post pics if you get one!!
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    Thanks, @JULES1111 I will. :mrgreen:

    Today I decided (because someone asked last month which made me start thinking about it) to finish an old Apocalypse- My Sweet Apocalypse. I started it in 2013 :lol:

    The problem is I have to jump back to week 17 which will change the whole last generation (it was up to week 19). The last line will be kinda different (besides not having the CC hair any more :( ).

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    Discovering that the large Ottomas family will soon be down to 3 adults and maybe a teen. Setting up work schedules so that child and toddler will be at home alone for at least an hour will bring the social worker in to take them away in short order. Will only get worse when Sammi pops the latest batch of rug rats. Bad planning, EA.
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    "What are you doing with that water balloon?"

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    I uninstall the sims 2. I can't make it stable with cc. :(
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    I've got too much CC, imo (4GB). I Want to clean it out but then I remember how I loose the good stuff when I do. I think I'm organized but I'm not. :lol:
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    Hello fellow simmers! I'm back again with a little update lol

    I went to Tank Grunts family after leaving Nervous' household. Olive did die and I put her grave at the cemetery I put all of the tombstones she had. Shes next to her latest husband. I didn't get pictures of her death but she did dies of old age. I'm sure Nerissa is happy about it because she no longer has to deal with her monster in law lol. Anyway, In The Grunt household, Tank and Naenae were expecting another baby again


    and ended up having another girl and named her Tiffany


    Both girls have aged up and I decided to move forward to Ripp Grunts Family.



    Also no Idea where the blond hair comes from haha maybe Tanks mom?

    Now in Ripps household, he still doesn't know that his brother Buck's first child is his, but he decides to finally end things with Jill anyway because he wants to do better for his wife, Adriana and his son RJ. So he calls Jill over



    When she Arrives he wastes no time to let her know what they had going on is done and over with. He explains that everything that's been going on could rob him of his life with his wife and son.



    She tries to bring up the fact that when she was "sick" (hinting at her pregnancy with is his child) she was trying to tell him why and he wasn't there. He thinks that irrelevant and tell her to leave anyway still not knowing that Biff is his son.




    Ripp doesn't want to telling Adriana right away and wants to wait for a better time. Instead, his shows his love to her with a little bit of woohoo lol




    From there I moved on to Buck Grunts household to see how Jill was holding up and well...



    besides her misery... She wants to fall back in love with Ripp (Its part of her wants. Yikes! :s ) So There may be more drama there later... (Insert evil laugh >:) ) But there's still good news lol the twins Max and Jax have finally aged up.



    I'm still planning on what I'm going to do next. Buck and Ripp have a strong relationship and I know finding out about an affair will tear them apart, but Jill is a woman scorned so she might decide to ruin it all (Her life and his) just out of spite to Ripp. Make him fall in love with her again and set him up. We will have to see what happens next time lol

    "Bada su the gorn bada su the brawn bada bady oda aba donk donk donk gerbits, gerbits, vo gerbits!!!"
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    Sort of long time no see again heh.
    @Rflong7 the girl with pigtails has the best expression lol.
    @MzPigglyPooh Oh I love the drama, can't wait to see how they deal with the affair and everything that comes with it.

    So I guess I got distracted I originally made this save some time ago when I was trying to test some mods to see if they still worked and completely forgot about it, I don't remember all their names but I also made some new sims to toss in anyhow. Also this was a much longer post than I intended.
    So made Allia and her daughter Jaina, this is their roommate Aaron and the cat is named Nani.
    Nani is cute, aside from that as Allia is a lonely she's a little pushy but Aaron doesn't mind so much.
    Then Latoya moves in, I toned some of her features down just a bit but she came out like this and with a new outfit she was good I don't know I think she's pretty.
    So here is where I remembered I had a mod to test, I had to make her look up Aaron because she lives in her little place and wants to get cozy with someone with money. Then I had her visit him the two mods seem to work just fine, she was basically made a temporary member of the house so I could control all of them but I couldn't add to the house in build mode which I didn't need to anyways. So I had her talk up everyone and be friendly.
    As far as she knows that is his wife and daughter and she completely plans to steal him away she just knows he likes her too.
    Later I had her email them she's sure Jaina will one day be her stepdaughter.
    Random thought I've never seen the little freezer bunnies here, cute.
    So rotated and this is the Bellview house I know this save was barely touched they were in the same place for months I think since the last pic I had. Anyhoo I moved out his sister and niece, his son headed to school and his wife went to work, he went later. I imagine they are over using a few terms 'young man...teach...this dohicky' lol. After this pic Lillia came over she's another single mom and since her daughter could use friends she needs to get to know their parents.
    She really got along with....the aunt and cousin see I just don't know all their names.
    She went and made lunch for them while her mom was focused on her new friend.

    "Thank's hun."

    "Sure mom." keeping insults to herself I imagine.
    Then I found another thing I hadn't tested these automatic buffet counters I saw in a let's play, they work fine, also this is Lillia's lovely daughter Kelly. I had her look up the other teens to have someone to talk to.
    So I had her get.....ermmmm her name is on the tip of my bleh I don't know I'll have to look.

    "Aren't you a doll! I'm Lexa's mom." imagine that her daughter's name came back to me....hehe.

    "Oh yeah she mentioned you, nice to meet you ma'am."

    "What's this ma'am business you use my name."

    Right I'm sure deep down she knows what I don't.
    They get along pretty well... :smiley:
    Finally changed my words here again...nothing fun, moving on.
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    I don't have any pictures as I'm in game but I saw that the Bella Goth character in Strangetown could cause corruption with some of who she knows or whatever. I don't know if that was ever fixed but I just made a new sim to play with Belladonna Wellington and am pairing her up with Nervous, though Loki keeps trying to be affectionate with her when she's around she might have to barter with him to get Nervous free he's real jumpy with flirting lol.

    Also for fun I gave her a dog named Damon and a cat next Maxi, Damon likes to dig up her yard and destroy her couch while Maxi just stays out of trouble I guess they somewhat represent sims that inspired them :smiley:
    Finally changed my words here again...nothing fun, moving on.
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    @Rflong7 LOL! I love the expression! :D

    @MzPigglyPooh Oooh nice update. Filled with drama. For a second I was convinced I was reading one of Red's updates. :D Speaking of which..

    @RedDestiny92 Ahh what kind of update would it be without a man stealing sim on the horizon. LOL I love how you can't remember half their names. :D
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    Yay! I was thinking I was the only one play TS2 now. :cold_sweat:

    @MzPigglyPooh OMGoodness! :lol: I play way too boring. You have such drama. Love it (but can't play it). :cry:

    @RedDestiny92 I love the Sims. They're so adorable looking and the clothes, too. :heart:

    I don't know if Bella causes corruption in Strangetown. She should be just a normal townie without any extra memories. :(

    @JULES1111 :mrgreen: Thanks :cookie:

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    @JULES1111 right? I mean this is a new hood you just have to have at least one Don Lothario type sim mmhmm it's an unspoken rule, it's not my fault I have barely gotten time with them....I mean they are totally not in the forgettable sim stage lol. Then that means the hood is pretty clean so I can use it for a while at least.
    @Rflong7 I'm glad to hear it! I have all that cc that just looked nice and forgot about it, I enjoy looking for clothes too much but I think I need to check the must be destroyed site for creators with male cc that is hard to find which is funny because of how much is there. As for Bella I know the wiki might be off but it says that that Bella knows the grim reaper, hula zombie and therapist and knows a lot of dead sims I don't know if just playing with her causes corruption or if you have to try and contact these sims but I'd rather avoid her.

    nevermind got it heh, gotta be more patient now I need to try and get a werewolf never had one of those :D
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    Well don't want to spam but I did have a little something from this run of Strangetown.

    Circe and Loki join Nervous to meet this Belladonna he seemed so fond of, they hadn't known their odd...house guest to take much interest in anyone.
    He runs in to grab Belladonna leaving them outside preparing to play 'caring parents' of course they aren't really his parents but then Olive has cut him out. Circe decided that he could live with her if she'd take him.

    "Are you certain about this? He's been a useful servant."

    "Loki please, we have no use for him he's dried up we could use his space for another child anyways."

    "Yes I suppose."
    He seems quite happy to see his lady love different now from when he used to reject her once in a while he's odd but not all that bad.

    "Bella I want you to meet my parents."

    "I met one remember?"

    "That didn't count he was in a bad mood."

    "His moods can't be that bad."

    "Trust me, they are that bad."
    "So you're the mystery woman, hello I'm Circe, and this my husband Loki."

    "Hello again Bella."

    "Yes hello, won't you come in?"

    "We won't be long, we just had a few questions were you thinking of a long term set up with Nervous?"

    "Well of course, I love him."

    "Excellent he's yours."

    "So eager to get rid of him?" Belladonna asked amused.

    "Hardly we're very close, but sometimes you have to let your little ones fly free." that is she knows she'll lose the house when Loki finds what she's been doing with her days while away from him.

    Deep down she likes Nervous he's too skittish to be an issue she wants to make sure he has somewhere to go without Loki hanging over him.

    "Right...he does get jumpy sometimes but I think he's happy here..I already have the space."
    "We will be checking in of course I hope you don't mind."

    "Not at all, even with my pets it gets a little lonely here, you'll have to join us for dinner."

    "Mmmm yes....dinner."

    He had a way about him it made her nervous but she was good with people at least to this point.

    "For now I should collect Nervous but he'll be back later."

    He didn't leave much room for conversation after but it didn't matter to her.
    Everytime he comes over he is glued to her pool so he got into shape this way I missed a screenshot it was just funny to me, he's just saying good bye before he gets Loki and Circe out of her house.

    "Wait up for me, I'll take care of dinner."

    "Can you cook?"

    "I have the finest pizza dialing skills you've ever seen."

    "All packed?" he hadn't spoken to him since they returned no reason to distract him, he could say he lost interest in him in the end he was glad to see him go for now.

    "Yeah, just double checking."

    "Good, you know you've been like a son to me Nervous."

    "Oh?" he highly doubted that, but he wasn't about to pick a fight with him.

    "Yes so take my advice if she gets tired of you just accept you're not enough for her okay? It'll make the lonely nights better." there it was.

    "...right, anything else?"

    "We could use a female subject to study if you get bored of her first."
    "Stay away from her."

    "My...you've finally developed some backbone have you? Cute, like a hissing kitten, good luck with that."

    "I mean it."

    Not that Loki cared.
    "We're going to miss you Nervous."

    "You can visit.."

    "Yes on the off days I suppose, make sure you treat her well, she's awfully pretty she could pick anyone else."

    Somehow her way of suggesting he wasn't good enough was still the softer choice, at least to someone who thought like him.

    "I know....believe me I know."

    "Good you always were.....aware of yourself."
    Some time after he left like the next day I think..she found out she was pregnant, Loki is excited but then he doesn't know this is Vidcund's baby and not his.
    Loki...that's not the right way she's expecting, I missed the screenshot speeding up as she went to bed but she got up and Vidcund ran in then I noticed she was upset with him I don't know what happened but I had her call him and cool her jets a bit.
    Their son Thor was born.
    I moved over to the Curious household and saw that he wasn't upset so I think she rejected him somewhere or something....didn't notice anything off and the game is fine so whatever. Vidcund here is giving his nephew De7some attention he's Pascal's son.
    And Lazlo is dealing with Vidcund's daughter Plumbee while his son.......Jeso I think it was is content in the crib, Vidcund is thinking of moving out soon so he can have Circe and Thor move in with him he's not letting that madman raise his child.
    And here is an out of order picture of Pascal, he's the only one that doesn't have a love interest he wants to leave to but I'll have to make someone for him.
    He's taking the dad mobile out to try and pick up ladies...didn't work that's why I must make someone for him heh.
    Finally changed my words here again...nothing fun, moving on.
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    These updates are hilarious. I don't have much to post because I haven't had much playing time recently. This 8 week online class is really cutting into my playing time with the massive amounts of homework due each week plus physical therapy. Hopefully after Christmas I will be able to post more updates. By the way I have an Origin question. The other day (Saturday) I played for at least 10 (maybe 12) hours but it's not showing up. I have restarted both Origin and my laptop. Is there a problem with Origin???
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    trying a newer mod...or hack that I just saw you can have sims treat one another as family I guess it's better when they are further apart but I made a new sim in Riverblossom Hills and have her as the long-lost half sister from her late father works fine so far. I don't know what it is but I finally decided there wasn't enough time and went looking for a mod for that...found one and one that updates ages that works fine thought I'd test it in a hood I didn't mind throwing out. My sims need more time.
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    Love the Strangetown update - @RedDestiny92 :mrgreen:
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    @Rflong7 glad to hear it! Didn't want to get until I knew my mod was working I've got alien babies to take care of :smiley:
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    A couple of these I realize might be out of order but whatever same group.
    Lazlo looks at me like it's my fault that Crystal turned down his proposal, I have no control over that.
    She apologized as she simply wasn't ready just yet and needed more space to be comfortable, he could come with her or not it was up to him and she would let this one decision slide. He felt like he should go with her while she was open to any relationship with him at all.
    "Bye son, I'm going to get a mother for you and then I'll be back." he was sure, as an alien, Jeso understood him, although he wouldn't get a chance to come back.
    Pascal helped with cooking but he wasn't able to control the blaze that broke out, and you know how simple these sims are they will run and gasp at the fire and not go where you tell them to, eventually Vidcund and Pascal died in the fire. Luckily for Circe Loki isn't after her while assuming Thor is his child so she has a place to stay.
    Getting the news before they have settled and their house is taken care of Crystal can only assure him that things will be okay and they will get the kids the back, though he wasn't allowed to even plead for them even though the fire wasn't his fault.
    That night another fire broke out but this one was taken care of.
    One by one they got all three kids back and spent some proper time together it took a good at her savings to do it but she did it.
    She eventually accepted his proposal he loves her so he was all on his own he never would have gotten the children back and he knew she'd do anything she could for him while that was proof enough for her they needed to be together. Though with three tots they settled on eloping instead of trying to track down her friends for a ceremony.
    With Bella and Nervous things are going well, he's gotten a job in the military and proposed though she's unsure she usually leads them as he doesn't have his name for nothing, he's as Nervous as he is innocent she doesn't want to take advantage, he assures she never could.
    Noticed these two getting along for once.
    And they seem to like their beds more out here I'm not sure they ever used them in the old room.
    Lastly I forgot they just got married and the house loaded up like this, this is Ophelia and Johnny.
    The other day she went to work, as did he, and got a promotion but that doesn't mean anything until the baby is born, ha.

    Well that's it for now.
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    @RedDestiny92 Love the updates! Especially the alien babies! I love alien babies :blush:
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    @JULES1111 I'm glad heh, I know you do so when I have some I always have to get pics and toss um here unless I really took too many. :)

    Can't seem to find, I'm trying to get Mortimer a blind date and I keep getting the good witch I made her leave don't think I've had an issue.
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    Hi :mrgreen:

    Today I'm playing my Hopeless family. They're raising the 4th generation. :)


    *Can't spam but little Harden grew to toddler. He's so cute in his little tux (wish I could change it though). :mrgreen:

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    @Rflong7 Ahhh little Harden is cute! Could have been worse then a tuxedo he aged into, so maybe you should feel lucky. :joy:
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    @Rflong7 he's adorable :)
    Finally changed my words here again...nothing fun, moving on.
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    Picture Time...

    My Sweet family, now named Evanson, are on their last lift of the Apocalypse (Law Enforcement).

    Jill and Jamie will see which will lift the restriction first- after they grow up.

    They had dinner with their dad, Xavier.

    This is what they did first thing on Saturday.

    ... they finally grew up and while they don't need husbands, I have some time in game. :)
    Did they win the jackpot for dates or what? :lol:
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    @Rflong7 Yay for being on your last lift for the challenge! :smiley: LOL oh my... those are very interesting dates. :joy: It might be a good thing they don't have to get married LOL!
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