What's the weather like where you are?


    Rains coming
  • Another sunny but cool morning. This weather disgusts me in February. :D

    IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HOT! I want the warmth back.
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,325 Member
    We have had several straight days of above freezing temps now here. So that foot/foot and half of snow that's been covering the ground where I live has melted down to about 4 to 5 inches tops now.
    Weather here is: 29 degrees with clear skies.
  • February11February11 Posts: 11,538 Member
    Hot, humid and sunny after a misty grey start.

  • PennyDreadPriestessPennyDreadPriestess Posts: 267 Member
    Mild, sunny, 26C. Very meh, in my book.
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,325 Member
    Cloudy skies and 39 degrees.
  • February11February11 Posts: 11,538 Member
    Nicer now than this morning. It was cool dull and windy earlier, and now warm and sunny - as the sun goes down!

  • winterdaywinterday Posts: 16 Member
    66 degrees and the sun is shining! Perfect weather for February and perfect weather for me :,)
  • PennyDreadPriestessPennyDreadPriestess Posts: 267 Member
    Once again, sunny and forecast for mid 20s celsius. That kind of day that everyone calls lovely, but I think is too cold due to the breeze as well as the fact that the morning was cold (and it's not lunch time yet). If we reach the actual mid 20s and the afternoon remains breeze-free, it will be a nice afternoon.
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,325 Member
    The weather here today was quite pleasant with clear skies and a high temp near 60 degrees. Now it's cool at 35 degrees. But the sky is still clear.
  • PennyDreadPriestessPennyDreadPriestess Posts: 267 Member
    Once again, it's mid 20s but it's nice today - no cool breeze. So when the sun is out, it's really perfect.
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,325 Member
    It wasn't as warm today as it was yesterday here, but the weather today was still clear and beautiful.
    The weather here right now is clear and cold at 26 degrees.
  • Maxsteel2018Maxsteel2018 Posts: 1 New Member
    Currently cold and miserable in the UK, but it is getting a bit warmer.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 941 Member
    Raining as is usual in this country! I’m hoping for some warm weather soon...
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  • PennyDreadPriestessPennyDreadPriestess Posts: 267 Member
    Heading for 28C, sunny. Lovely. :) We're off to a backyard get-together at a friend's place, so it's perfect weather.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,873 Member
    It's 5C . I can't believe we're getting spring weather in Northern Canada. :p
  • PennyDreadPriestessPennyDreadPriestess Posts: 267 Member
    Pleasant, sunny, mid 20s celsius. I can't really get out and enjoy it though, because crowds annoy me (and I'm immunosuppressed). I live in a bit of a touristy spot, and it's a long weekend. :) Not complaining, people come here to get away for a few days. Just because I live here doesn't mean I own the landscape, so I accept their presence.
  • olivetree000olivetree000 Posts: 18 Member
    The weather in my city is terrible. It rains all day. Outside the window is damp and unpleasant. It's only 4 degrees C warm there. I decided to stay home for work today because I had no desire to go outside. And the saddest thing is that such weather should last at least a week. And I have already planned a trip to nature for the weekend. Now I'm worried that I'll spend my weekend under a blanket. In any case, I hope for the best.
  • Charla97Charla97 Posts: 66 Member
    It's cloudy here about 6 degrees. I'm very cold so staying inside and wrapping up warm. Not a lot of sunshine.
  • February11February11 Posts: 11,538 Member
    We had a deluge here for the past 24 hours. It was absolutely insane outside! Thankfully it's calmed down here, but there has been major flooding, the dam is overflowing and people are having to go to centers for safety, and we have friends trapped in the Blue Mountains due to torrential rain and flooding. They can't get back to Sydney.
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 8,401 Member
    Bit Cloudy with a bit of sun cracking through the cloud layer.

    I see people walking around with parkas. The Wimps.
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  • MRSMLOGMRSMLOG Posts: 21,056 Member
    Beautiful, sunny but kinda cold!
  • LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 131 Member
    Sunny and 68 degrees (20C). A bit windy though.

    It was really cold this past weekend (freezing and below) and its supposed to rain this weekend :[
  • Jasonschick80Jasonschick80 Posts: 673 Member
    edited April 2021
    Sunny and 80°, had all the windows in the house to let in some fresh air until about noon and turned on the AC for hubby when he got home an hour later.🙂

    About 3-4 days ago we had snow flurries flying everywhere and there was still snow under the trees on Easter morning, lol
  • arlielarliel Posts: 1,458 Member
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    It's 5C . I can't believe we're getting spring weather in Northern Canada. :p
    As in Territories.....?

    12C (54F) and cloudy. Step up from Sunday which was windy and chilly. Don't remember the temperature.
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