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Lot Building Contest for Give-away!!

Alright, I have some points to toss around again, so here goes another contest! What I'd like to see is your best effort at a novelty lot. Residential or community, but something with a "wow" factor. Finally replaced my desktop, and can actually PLAY again, without all the lag, and would love to see some cool new lots. Same sort of ideas as before; something unusual, with the lot theme tied to the appearance. The movie theater someone entered before, that looked like an old-style movie camera, is a good example. Use your imagination!!

I'll let this run a couple of weeks, so say entries due by April 17'th. Prizes from me are as follows -

First place - one venue, valued about 1900sp
Second place - 500sp worth of content
Third place - 300sp worth of content

If anyone else wants to sponsor a prize, we can add to that! Or, if I am able to get more points, the prizes could improve.

In any case, hope to see some cool entries! Post a few pics, please, and a good lot description, and also a link to the exchange download for your lot, so that I can try them out. Custom content is alright, as long as it's from a trusted source. I use a bit of that myself, and it can be pretty cool! So, player discretion there.

Happy building!


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