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Worlds You Can't Live Without



  • tallcoolonetallcoolone Posts: 6,875 Member
    edited April 4
    Sleepstar wrote: »
    Since I last commented I have added another new World: Hidden Springs, however, I haven't played in that World yet (I will do once I finish the Oakley Legacy and the Saves in Riverview and Twinbrook: the two Saves in Riverview and Twinbrook are Saves I play on when I want to give the Oakley Legacy a break), so to summarise:
    You're going to love having that Hidden Springs fountain in ANY world. I always add it to a community lot because it helps me straighten out the ages of any sims I may need to or couples that have too much of a gap in their ages. It also gives them a 12 hour positive moodlet. It's in decor for public lots and about or exactly $450K. For that fountain alone, it's a world I wouldn't want to live without.
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 503 Member
    @tallcoolone I plan to put the Fountain of Youth on one lot in Sunset Valley once my Legacy reaches the next Generation.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy
    No to European Super League
  • waterywatermelonwaterywatermelon Posts: 256 Member
    edited April 11
    Sunset Valley - I love this world, because I got this with my base game and by now, know where everything is.
    Riverview - It's free, and I love free stuff. I also like the rural, rustic aesthetic.
    Barnacle Bay - I got this one for free too, and like I said, I love free stuff.
    Midnight Hollow - The Savvy Sellers collection is awesome, and I really like the grim and dark Victorian setting. As a matter of fact, I have made a Cinderella story and published it on YouTube here:
    Dragon Valley - I can use this world again and again and again for my fairy-tale gameplays.
    Monte Vista - The premium content is awesome. The world looks traditional, and I love traditional architecture from all over the world. The Monty family lives here, and it would be kind of cool to do a Romeo and Juliet story in this setting, dressing up the Sims as those characters from Veronaville.
    Roaring Heights - I love the premium content (fixable car) and the world itself. It looks very lovely. I can definitely use it to do a 1920s story or just play with the Capp family.
    Expansion Pack Worlds - I love each and every EA world from the expansion packs. They just look so cool! I can definitely make my own stories in them. Maybe start a zombie apocalypse in Adventureland because of the emptiness and pretend that all the walking Sims are actually zombies. For a challenge, my controllable Sims can't interact with inactive Sims at all, and if they do, they will be "infected" and die of the zombie virus.


    Simsville created by CTNutmegger (just 2 requirements - half-wall mod and World Adventures expansion pack, much superior than the other Simsville world which contains decrapped Store content and a lot of CC)
    Pleasantview created by PleasantSims (very faithful replica of Sims 2 Pleasantview, much superior to the one I found on MTS)
    Gyeongbok Palace created by Hanogi (based on the real 景福宮 in South Korea, and OMG, I love this world, because aside from the Western-looking rabbitholes in the corner, it really looks like pre-modern Korea. No CC.)

    Praaven created by these people (I really like the level of detail and realism in this world, but the hidden subways can really break the immersion. Also, it requires CC and mods to work properly.)
    Boroughsburg created by potato-ballad-sims & team (Again, I really like the level of detail and realism, but the CC/mods get to me. I prefer to cut down on the number of package files I use, and I usually prefer using legitimately purchased Store content, not decrapped ones. The Store content is likely decrapped, because it would show up as CC instead of as Store content.)
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