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How to Improve Gallery Pictures



  • EmersedCrownEmersedCrown Posts: 101 Member
    so many great suggestions here. I don't have anything to add, just wanted to express support. I hope some of them go through, even if it is the more simple ones. I'm so fed up of moving my builds from lot to lot, just to find one where the pictures will look sort of ok!
  • love4334love4334 Posts: 1 New Member
    Some ideas:
    vehicles//bunk beds// more different comforters beds for adults and kids(Paris theme, mermaids, unicorns, sports theme, beach, Disney, etc)//more shower curtain themes//kid and toddler bikes// water slides for pools//stuff to design closets and walk-in closets//tree houses//military career and military base expansion set//working garage doors//spiral stair cases//working gates for fences//shopping mall expansion set//RV stuff//more pets (birds snakes)//stuff to design garages (tools tool chest oil change stuff etc)//
  • LivingWithLifeLivingWithLife Posts: 20 Member
    here's my list:

    1. being able to choose your angle of your build using a 3d camara

    2. choose the exact time of day not just day night noon and midnight I want to be able to choose times more specific like 2:00 9:00 things like that.

    3. I want you to be able to choose your sims pose more specifically because sometimes I like one sims pose but then I hate the other sims pose

    I could go on and on but in tired so that's the end I guess
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