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How to Improve Gallery Pictures



  • EmersedCrownEmersedCrown Posts: 120 Member
    so many great suggestions here. I don't have anything to add, just wanted to express support. I hope some of them go through, even if it is the more simple ones. I'm so fed up of moving my builds from lot to lot, just to find one where the pictures will look sort of ok!
  • love4334love4334 Posts: 2 New Member
    Some ideas:
    vehicles//bunk beds// more different comforters beds for adults and kids(Paris theme, mermaids, unicorns, sports theme, beach, Disney, etc)//more shower curtain themes//kid and toddler bikes// water slides for pools//stuff to design closets and walk-in closets//tree houses//military career and military base expansion set//working garage doors//spiral stair cases//working gates for fences//shopping mall expansion set//RV stuff//more pets (birds snakes)//stuff to design garages (tools tool chest oil change stuff etc)//
  • LivingWithLifeLivingWithLife Posts: 20 Member
    here's my list:

    1. being able to choose your angle of your build using a 3d camara

    2. choose the exact time of day not just day night noon and midnight I want to be able to choose times more specific like 2:00 9:00 things like that.

    3. I want you to be able to choose your sims pose more specifically because sometimes I like one sims pose but then I hate the other sims pose

    I could go on and on but in tired so that's the end I guess
  • Andyzhang2896Andyzhang2896 Posts: 58 Member
    I think being able to choose our own angle of builds is the most common requested feature for the Gallery here, and yeah, we really need that. Some lot have rocks exactly in front of the lot and when saved to Gallery it's just a rock picture.

    Another thing that I'd like to see and might be not a popular opinion, is to create our own Folder. Let us sort our household, rooms, and lots. For example, here I'm creating my own save file and I'd like the household I created for my save file goes under the Save File folder. I don't want it to mix with other households. I do upload speed build videos to my Youtube channel and I want to put the building I create from speed builds into a separate folder, away from Save File Builds folder. Of course this is not only useful for people like me but anyone can sort their builds by any category they created themselves: modern, classic, suburban, gothic, etc.
  • minimouetteminimouette Posts: 75 Member
    This thread started in 2016, and yet in 2021 there is still no real change to the gallery on the issues people talked about? :/
  • MilutinMujovicMilutinMujovic Posts: 1,188 Member
    It's so depressing seeing this thread alive for years and nothing being implemented.
  • KiraGiggleZKiraGiggleZ Posts: 15 Member
    I think it would be super beneficial to have a list to select from for poses and galley pictures instead of having to repeatedly click the camera button to find pose or angle you like.
  • willprotwillprot Posts: 18 Member
    I definitely wish there was a way to choose poses for each individual character as well as how they appear, basically whether my alien displays in her disguise or not, and the same for mermaids etc
  • ProvidentiaProvidentia Posts: 13 New Member
    For better gallery images I prefer to use lighting variations to create mood in rooms. I wish that Simmers could change the colors and brightness of an individual light or room in build/buy mode. It stinks having to play live mode, and visit a lot just to change the saucer light color from the default to blue for a better gallery picture when I save the room.
  • RySBIRySBI Posts: 317 Member
    Custom photography in the gallery for lots and households would be fantastic, although I do see the need for a default automated pic to be included as well to ensure it is accurately depicted.
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