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How to Improve Gallery Pictures


  • anonymous3kanonymous3k Posts: 22 Member
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    An option to edit
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  • JestTruJestTru Posts: 1,744 Member
    I'd like a way to take my own showcase photo. Sometimes the angles of the auto loaded photo doesn't present the build the way you wanted. Example a lot might load with the side of the house being focused bot the front of the property.
  • everyfan3417everyfan3417 Posts: 8 New Member
    I see this is a dead thread, but I really hope they add more of a Sims 2 (not 3) style Story Album - being able to store screenshots in an album for each family and each Neighborhood (I think per each family and each save game in TS4 would be more appropriate) with descriptive text. This feature was also in The Sims 1, because it was a great way to keep track of the stories you would create with your Sims. Who married who, who's kids got into what trouble. Being able to record these things, to me, added a lot to the Gameplay. I *guess* you could do that with the "Bio" feature in TS4, but it's just not as good for that purpose as the Albums. The current screenshot system doesn't work for this purpose, because it's global for all save games, and you can't change the order of pictures.

    Honestly, ever since the toddlers update, The Sims 4 has gotten better and better. This one missing feature is really the one thing that still bugs me about it.
  • GildedDiscourseGildedDiscourse Posts: 60 Member
    I completely agree with this concept. Its incredibly frustrating to spend so much time and effort on making your build absolutely perfect only for the gallery images to make it look utterly terrible. I know there are some amazing simmers out there who seem to make their builds look fantastic no matter what. They know all the tricks I suppose. But most of us just want to build great lots and don't know the sneaky hacks to make the gallery presentation more eye catching. I know I try. But theres always something screwing it up somewhere. Doesn't help that distance from the build seems to change randomly for no reason and without control. And outside objects often get in the way, again without control. Being able to take our own images would be a HUGE advantage. Especially for us newer builders or ones who just don't really know all the specifics of gallery presentation mechanics. It woud, in my opinion, help broaden exposure for underappreciated or unknown simmers as well, giving their creations a higher chance to be seen and enjoyed. And I think that set of fairplay is something we should always strive for in this game and community.
  • EldircoraEldircora Posts: 40 Member
    My biggest issue with posting builds to the gallery is that most of the lots are not facing the sunrise, meaning they are not properly lit for screenshots and I have noticed that most popular builds are usually lit from the front of the house and thanks to that they recieve the best colouring. So I guess my idea of solution to that would be separating lighting that occurs during taking screenshots by the gallery from the lighting that already exists on specific lot.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,547 Member
    I'm still waiting for the option to take pics from inside houses and community buildings so we can tell much better with what the indoors looks like.
  • PocketSizePocketSize Posts: 1 New Member
    Still waiting on the options to use our own picture for the gallery. :)
  • DreamraiderDreamraider Posts: 2 New Member
    It took me three hours to figure out that Sims 4 doesn't have the ability to freely give you the option to use gallery photos that are taken. My question is why? When are they going to get it together and allow this just like it was done in TS3??
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,798 Member
    I have to check out a lot by "Saving" first before I build at all so that I put the house the right way round. One of the unbuilt lots in Island Living looks like the wrong way round to me. I want to show what the frontage onto the sea looks like rather than the back view.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,486 Member
    For me the big things are:

    Always full daylight on the main shots regardless of time lot is saved
    One exterior night shot
    Remove obstacles covering the shot (aka remove everything not on the lot, at least, from the picture)
    Select 1 of 4 possible angles manually to further avoid objects hiding the important parts of the build
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  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 2,031 Member
    100% Agree. I tried to use a Mod for that today and my Lot was listed as having CC which made me sad and no one downloaded. Within seconds of changing to the stock shots and removing the CC Icon, the downloads started.

    Mine were gooder though.
    it would be better if we could choose what pictures to be upload like that we could take screenshots and choose those screenshots to put on the gallery.
  • Cheyenne_Hubbard04Cheyenne_Hubbard04 Posts: 1 New Member
    I mean I think we should have service dogs, I have a service dog and I would like my sim to have one as well.
    Some features can include:
    -People faking service dogs
    -More traits like anxiety ect.
    -Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support animals, and Service dogs.
  • Aaron1995Aaron1995 Posts: 16 Member
    I would love to have more control over the pictures for the gallery. The OP's suggestions are great!
  • VicariousHumanVicariousHuman Posts: 19 Member
    I'd really just be happy with being able to zoom in on gallery images. But I fully agree about being able to use your own shots for lots.
  • Andyzhang2896Andyzhang2896 Posts: 58 Member
    Wow, I don't know this topic already existed. Just a few days ago I uploaded a 4 story contemporary house that I like so much. The thumbnail turned out so bad, front perspective can't catch its beauty and the download count below 50, far less than the other one that has 1000+ downloads.
    Yes, we should be able to use our own shot for the thumbnail!
  • iCarly_like_iShartyiCarly_like_iSharty Posts: 3 New Member
    You could make sims 4 mobile either free or like $3.99! People on mobile neeeeeeeeeeed to play sims 4 :angry (sims 4 is such a great game I hate watching people play it while I actually can’t) :disappointed
  • iCarly_like_iShartyiCarly_like_iSharty Posts: 3 New Member
    :angry: and :disappointed:
  • rubytinkerrubytinker Posts: 48 Member
    I totally agree, I end up moving the entire lot to another town sometimes just to get a better Gallery pictures.
  • MsShaShaMsShaSha Posts: 52 Member
    This is back on the first page, and still relevant and so desperately needed that I could cry, lol. So here's my 2 cents...

    When our sims take a cell phone selfie, we get very basic controls - up, down, left, right, zoom in/out. When we go to share builds to the gallery, we should be prompted with that same format of a "picture" of the lot, anything between the build and our POV should disappear out of the shot, this would be the "cover" or main photo. All other photos showcasing the interior/floors just a simple top down. (I say this as someone who knows nothing of video game programming in hopes that it would be the simplest enough option to be doable.)


    That would improve gallery photos immensely from the absolute random, blocked by every tree on the block, images we're literally stuck with as of now (still).

    I build things some times. Origin ID: MsShaSha
  • BohoFlowerBohoFlower Posts: 143 Member
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    A lot of Content Creators just use a software to Screenshot the game and in fact websites where you upload to want you to do this because you DO get everything in the frame you want to, the game camera has always been a bit weird and doesn't take the picture exactly where it looks like it is and then may look further back or too close in.

    I recommend IrfanView which also has a "special" paste option that lets you attach another picture to another. First i go into IrfanView where i press C, set the Hotkey just to F11 and press start, i press Esc just to exit out of the Test Selection then i go into my Sims game, I press Tab and then position the camera in the game where i want it and then i press F11 then i make a selection around the screen, i click at the top left corner in the game screen and then it lets me automatically quickly drag it out over the bottom right corner and position it then i click and i have my Screenshot :) then i Save As as Jpeg. It allows me to take a picture of the screen how i see it with the game camera and get it in as close or away as i need to. This is great if you upload them to other websites and not to The Gallery of course but it could help for our Gallery Screenshots too.

    Im seeing the game automatically makes the screenshots too i wondered why they looked awful when looking at The Gallery, i think it would be a good idea to let us add our own Screenshots from our computer instead, the 3D model is especially awful because you can't really tell what it's supposed to be, or they need to improve it if they don't trust people to over edit their screenshots which they do on some websites LOL it really is quite misleading, but the current uploads as soon as i looked at them i couldn't tell how it was supposed to look inside it exactly but i want to see that, a good example is how Mod The Sims gets their users to do their Screenshots which is the full screen. Plus they get people to take Screenshots of every Floor Level as close up as possible while being able to see everything that needs to be seen so... Maxis? you could get it to do that? rather than the front and then some weird 3D Model.
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  • JackOnYourBackJackOnYourBack Posts: 1,229 Member
    I would like an option to be able to search builds by the number of bedrooms there are (not a hashtag as that is not something everyone remembers to add) but to simply use the feature we already have: when we upload a lot we set how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are, so I think there should be a filter that utilise it. Just like the filter by lot Size or Price.
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  • SarahLou372SarahLou372 Posts: 112 Member
    I find it difficult to take nice screenshots during gmae play only.. no matter what technique I try :/
  • IcexrosrIcexrosr Posts: 1 New Member
    We should have an option for albums to separate our builds and sims. So like if you did any challenges you could create an album specific to that challenge in stead of it all being together.
  • GoseGose Posts: 40 Member
    Oh, I would love an update to the way gallery images work because it's often source to great frustration... I've ended up building based on the angle of the main shot, and while starting the build I often check how the main image will look as a go forth. The fixed angle and frame is really restricting, and for me it also affects which lots I choose to build on. I think I might cry the day they announce custom images for the gallery, because I would like to present my work from the best angle. I know it's possible to upload custom images somehow, but I'm not really into CC and mods.
    I build things.
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